The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on September 4, 1894 · Page 5
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 5

Chicago, Illinois
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Tuesday, September 4, 1894
Page 5
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THE JJAItT INTEfi OGEAif, -TUESDAY ilOBNING, SEPTESLBEB "4, 1894. THE CITY IN BRIEF. Class Work Resumed Today in the Publio Schools. A BUSY YEAR PREDICTED. Large Accession ot Students to the Higher Grades. Distributor of Obscent Advertising Matter Are Arrested Minor Mention. I Labor Dor ni by ne means ft holiday In the office of the superintendent of publle schools. Every one wm at hU or her post. prenaratorv to the opening of the schools this morning. Superintendent Lane (looks Into the open ing school yesr with hopeful eyes. While many families have been driven from the city by the herd times, numbers of children will undoubtedly be placed In the schoolrooms who in more prosperous see- sons are at work. Nearly all the pupils who were enrolled last year will be in attends nee this year. allowing always for the natural decrease. The average dally attendance of last year was 149.6T7. which will probably be ln- . . creased some 6,000. Tne new buildings In nse this term are :- Carter School addition. Sixty-first street; 'v Chase School, Cornelia and Point streets Karrag-nt School, Spanldlnr end Twenty TBhird streets; Lincoln School addition. Kemper place and Larrabee street; . Mo-Pherson School, Walcott street ; Marshall i School, West Adams street; Peabody School, Augusta street; Seward School, Page and Forty-Sixth streets ; Sheridan and Garden Avenues School; Taylor School addition. One Hundredth street; LAnne , School, Thomas street,, near Belmont a venae Greeley School, Sheffield and Grace ave nues: Wood lawn bebool additions, near Sixty-Fourth street The MediU School, on Henry street, will also be ready for use - before the next school year. Other bnlld- ' inn have been authorized, bnl are not planned as yet. ' Twenty-five hundred pupils pass Into the high school today. With these promotions and other accessions the high school membership is increased 8,000. Out of the grammar schools about tbo same number have gone into various avocations. Of new teachers ISO have been appointed. There are still others upon the list anxiously j awaiting assignments.. The training school for cadets, in the Thomas Hoyne Building, corner of Cass and Illinois streets, also opens today. In it 225 graduates of the different high schools will until Feb. 1 receive instructions on methods of teaching. The cadet training school was first opened last year. Another new feature of Chicago school life is the ' college preparatory course, added to the curriculum of the Hyde Park High School, the Grant branch of the West ' Side High School, and the Blaine branch of " the Lake View High School. In this the seventh grade pupils whose parents desire them to take the classical course at college take up the study of Latin in addition to seventh grade work. . THEY MERIT SEVERE PUNISHMENT. .Metributors of Often! Advertising Hat-tor to Be Proas tnted. Officers from the Central Polios Station yesterday afternoon effected the arrest ot four persons who have been sought for - some time by order of Chief Brennan. Several days ago Chief Brennan . received notiee that advertising matter -of an indecent nature - was being distributed on railroads and cable trains throughout the city. - It was found that the pamphlets distributed were advertising an alleged medical institute on Clark street. They were arranged In the form of a song book such as Is sold on the streets, but the inside matter was found to be in violation of the law. Detectives were put to work to catch the ' distributors, and - yesterday Detective Storen, Murnane, and Fleming arrested four of them. Sam Collins and Gus Keller were caught in the neighborhood of Bricklayers' Hall 'on the West Side, and O. C Burgison, manager of the institute, was arrested in the . office on " Clark street. Another agent was arrested at Kensington. They were all locked up on two charges, one of violating the State law and the other of violating the city ordl-- ' nances. A large lot ot the advertising matter was found in the ontees, and It was seized, and will be presented in evidence at the police court trial this morning at the Armory. Chief Brennan states tnat be has had a number of complaints of the persons ar rested, and that he will push the against them . now that the? have been caught in the act of violating the law. ' DRIVER JAMES MALOMET DROWNED. . He Was Kagsfed at a Fire in the Lubtr ' DUtriet and reU Into the Brree. . j .While working at a fire in the lumber - yard of the Globe Lumber Company, at the i foot of Throop street, last evening. Driver James Maloney, of Engine Company No. i zo, accidentally ieii into oamson s sup ana was drowned. He had been following a lead of hose and had been - called , back to the engine. It was very dark and he stepped from the edge of the dock into the I slip. The firemen on the fire boat Geyser ! beard him fall and made search for him. Owing to the darkness it was some time be fore they found his body and he was then hast resuscitation. His body was taken to his late home, No. 2807 Hickory street. He was 50 years old and had been a fireman for twenty years. une nre was in a pile of shingles, which was Ignited in spite of the heavy rain then falling. In view of this fact, and also be- i cause there have been- several other mys- ! tenons mazes in too vicinity .recently, last I night's fire is thought to have been lncen- ; diary. The shingle pile was almost con sumed, and atone time the blaze assumed seek proportions, in spite of the rain which was falling and the water which was be- as SPRING RHINS Always come as a matter of course. The gentle summer rain," however, we knoir bj experience, didn't come at alL Bat the autumn downfall is here in force and is to the thirsty earth what advertising 'is to trade. Moisten up your business . with a little spirited advertising, Mr. Merchant, and see it jump. THE INTER ; OCEAN will help too. It can. Try and see.: It's time 1 NOM. 7 axtvsaaxsfsaX log poured upon the burnlnr hto,ey the firm detachment of engines, that aeo-end alarm ni seat to. The mated at $1,000, fully core red by inauranee. I SKFTKKBKB OBAND JCBY KBPOaVr. Will Be Sworn In Toi a Vetera Inquisitor. The Hentember grand Jury reported at the Criminal Court yesterday for service. The members were told to come back to morrow morning, when tne jury wm be sworn in. Judge hleConneu will swear in the lurv. It will serve lour weeks. The grand Jury is made up as follows : PhUo Allen, No. eio Austin avenue. William Simons. No. 86 Walnut place. John Smith, No. 89 East Chicago avenue. . Jobs H. Bay, No. 60 Whipple street. J. W. Heraey, No. 841 West Adams street. Baptists Miller. New Trier. Peter F. Gardner. La Orange. W. D. Harris. WUmette. Thomas Dunning, Lake street and wHg av enue. ir. m. Kennedy, no. bos Michigan avenue. D. Gannon, No, tas West Taylor street. John Mahoney, No, 096 South Paulina street. L. P. Relnhart, No. 6630 Wentworth avenue, R. a Humphrey, No. M Whipple street, Hush Smith, No. S Park row. A. Robhtx. No. n Lawrence avenue. August Von der Kununer, No. 117 Thirty-First street D. A. Lyon, La Grange. John lasso. Boheumberg. Henrv Scholia. Bartlett. Thomas E. Sweeney, No. W East Huron street, Charles Spaagenberg, no, va well street. ' Considerable comment was made oa the fact that PhUo Allen was again on the rrand lurv. The court record shows that PhUo Allen was a. member of the grand lurv at the January term of the Criminal Court in 189& He was also a member of the December (1892) grand Jury. Judge Chetlala swore Allen in as a special grand Juror at the February term, 1894, and made mm lore man ol tne jury, MINISTERS BACK FROM VACATION. Clergymen af the Different PoaomlnatUma Basamo Their Weekly Conferences. The first meeting of the Methodist minsters of Chicago for two months was held yesterday at the First Methodist Church. President N. H. Axtell was in the chair and the paper of tbo meeting was read by Bev. Doles M. Tompkins, of Aurora, 111. The topis chosen was The Word of God Outside the Bible." The Presbyterian preachers held their weekly meeting In the Association Build ing yesterday. The subject under discussion was "Social Purity. a Darter beins? read bv Dr. Joseph F. Fly no, of Harvey, upon this topic The Baptist and Congregational preaeh era also met. At neither conference there a formal programme, the ministers simply exchanging vacation experiences. MINOR MENTION. Should Bo Welcome la Every Home. The "harvest home" number of Tk Inttrior, which has just been Issued, Is a most attractive publication and possesses all the essentials de manded In a nrst-class family paper. It numerous Illustrations of great beauty, among them being copies of some standard paintings which harmonize with the spirit and purpose of the general reading matter. Of this latter it must be said that it sustains beyond the pons I bill ty of peradventure the reputation for hitch literary excellence so long enjoyed by TK Interior. As might be expected at this season. when vacation days are among the things that have ' been, considerable space Is devoted to schools and educational work. The other de partments of the paper, however, have been neither forgotten nor neglected. Church auxiliary work Is especially weU cared for. Art and eeneral literature, too. are elves merited nrominenoe. This bolidav edition of Tk Inlsnor snouia nna a welcome in every uorisuan noma. Foreman Cnmmiags Not Discharged. Considerable talk was occasioned yesterday among the Pullman strikers over ths rumored discharge of Foreman Charles Cummlngs, of tne transfer tables, and the redaction of Inspectors Porter and Paulson. .Rumor about strike head quarters at Kensington bad it that the changes were tbe result ot as investigation commenced by Vice President Wickes during a visit oaia tne works last wees. Manager auo- dleton vis seen and doaied that Fore- Cummlags was discharged, but on the contrary that he had voluntarily resigned for causes foreign to any business relations hs had with the company. No contributions of provisions were received at relief headquarters yesterday and in eonsegneaoe the day's supplies were purcnaaea out of tee committee iu which are barely sufficient to enable the mlttee to furnish rations for tbe next three days. AMiennaa Maaaen s cooes iot u was tne only uguww receiToo yeaieraay. - Charged wlta EnabesslemenU William C Malany, of the firm of Malany A Co., commission merchants at No. 80 South Water street, was arrested yesterday locked up at tbe Central Station oa a charged of embezzlement, The complainant Is C VL H ax- ton, a farmer and sheep raiser la Madison County, Iowa, who claims to have sent 1,1 SO pounds of wool to Malanv SCO. last May. He also says that a neighbor named Hug sent 790 pounds of wool to ths same firm, and that neither had received any money in return. They both sent several letters of inquiry to the firm, but these, It is said, were totally ignored, and last Saturday Hazton came to Chicago and secures warrants for Malany's arrest. Officers Tracey and Sullivan were detailed on the case, and yesterday went to Revenswood, where the commission broker lives. They found Malany la his bouse end arrested him Hs will be arraigned in the Harrison Street Police Court this morning. Reviving an Old association. The dealers and manufacturers' in plumbing supplies are holding a meeting at tha Victoria Hotel for the purpose of reorganizing the old national asseciattoa, not on the trust line, bat more on a social plan, with a protective department againat bad debts as the business attachment. John Walker, ot Detroit, piesided over the ttrst two sessions held yesterday. Among those present were: James H. Bailey, PiUabueg; E. W. Fisher, Cleveland,' Ohio; S. O. Johnson, Detroit; William V. Iee, Detroit; J. D. Gibson and George B. Hawley, Cinclnnsti; George T. Macintosh, Cleveland. Ohio, and W. k. ai mouse, st. juls. New' Way of Collecting Debts. Evans J. Roberta, a grocer at No. 941 Vi Buren street, was held to the Criminal Court yesterday by Justice Scully for trying an unusual method to collect a debt from S. W. Hall, of Na ZS Oakley avenue. Mr. Hall told the court that Thursday evening be was making a purchase at wren s bakery, no. 933 van Buren street. He put a five-dollar bill on the counter, and Roberta came in, took the currency from the counter, and put it in his pocket. Mr. Hall owed the grocer Si SO. but Justice Scully held that the grocer was not Justified in collecting his debts In this manner. . Looking for William Gordon lanes. The United States Express Company Issued a circular offering a reward for the arrest of William Gordon Innes, who was formerly n money order collector In this city for the paay. Innes mysteriously disappeared about Aug. IS, and his whereabouts have sinee been unknown. He was considered perfectly trust worthy and enloved the confidence of his pkjyers. When be was first missed it was not thought that he had stolen anything. - Subsequent Investigation, however, proved that he waa soors in nis sceousts to ins amount ot tween taoe and 3oq Accidentally 8ho 4 Killed. Frank. Elermaun, a machinist, residing at No. U risk street, while on a hunting and fishing expedition to Lake Calumet yesterday was In stantly killed by the accidental discharge of snotgun. tn company wiiu sis Brother and a party of friends he was engaged la taking the fishing taoklo sad guns out of n boat, and In so ooing tne weapon was in some manner dis charged, the shot penetrating nis breast. Taa body was removed to Kola ton's undertaking es- laousament as mma Geasnral David Clonriealn Dylag. Oensral David aendealn, ot Oneida, CL, is lying at his home dangerously ill. . Oensral Clendenlnwss colonel of ths Second Cavalry. TJ. S. A, and Is now retired. He attracted eon-siderable attention as a coatmaadsr in the chase after Assassin Booth, aad was a member af ths commission that sentenced Mra Surratt, His son. Surgeon Cleadenln, of the United States armv. has been summoned to his bedside, ss it is believed General Cleadeula, who is 64 years oio, cannot recover. "' Kewspaper Thieves Fined. Carl Lund berg and Oscar -Stroo were fined IU each by Jostles Kersten yesterday for stealing newspapers from doorsteps along Dearborn l nue. Henry Halle was held to the Criminal Court yesterday by Justice Olennoa oa charges of stealing newspapers from houses along Vernon s venue. Edwin MoFlelds was discharged from the same obargea. - Saadertoh Maa Bites a Folioemaa. Paul H. Denton, who keeps a sandwich car aad Uvea at Ma 123 State street, was arraigned before Jostiee BradweU yesterday on a charge of mayhem. Last Thursday, It la olelraedwneu I Omeer Williams end Tomeetsky.ot tbeHnrr- I m MUMI &unA MtannlMI ia IHMM Bin MMff I - arrest (or disorderly conduct, he bit Tomesxsky on the era, causing painful injuries. Justice BrMwtH yesterday morning held ua to ins Crlmtau Oourt U bonds of 1300, '' Win Fight Sunday Saloons. The vfllage of Grouse Point has begun a fight to suppress the sale of liquors on Sunday. A town ordinance forbidding the Sunday saloon has been oa the statute books sines tho village was organised, but it has not been enforced. Uffloial attention has been called to open viola tioa of this statute of late by disorderly parties, whoconsreeated in the village saloons Sunday and wolnnred their orxles and Quarrels all night Citizens have made ireaueui com plaints ot snob disturbances, umciai aouon wm preoipitaiea in ino mwr oj biuouj to have taken place In the saloon of Bullhorn A Bolt, west ot Grosse Point, Sunday nlht. it waa taa aiiermaia oz a memo citos b wrMv Point Sunday by one of the Chicago turner so- nintiM. la tha diaturbanea two brothers, joe and Frank ling lea. were DOdiy out oy an un known person. - .. . NewEvaastaa Sehoot Dedicated. . The North Evanaton now Central School build Ima waa dedicated at S o'clock yesterday after- aooa la the nreaeaea of a Catherine of tOO people. The first part ot the programme was an informal reception of books lor tne scnooi umvr. KBnmHtiulMit o rinnntv Kehnnla OrVille T. Brbrht adi tha ehiaf address. Rev. Mr. Nealey and Bev. Baakins and Alderman Aahms also spoke. The building was then formally delivered over by President Herbert, of the board. to a. J. Buvaer, tne principal ot tne aoao. The Columbia Quartet assisted In the exercises. The closing feature was given by the school boys, who raised "Old Glory" to the mast top while they aaag national airs. At night a musical and dramatic entertainment was held at Oakwood Hall. Case Against Tbompaow Continued. . The case beeun last May by the Humane Society against James E. Thompson, ot No. 1228 West Fifteenth street, on a charge of erueUy treating and beating his 11-year-old daughter Mary, was continued la J ratios Branweirs private court yesteraay afternoon, im um n the dafanaa la that althotwh Tbomoaoa chas tised his child for runnins away from home it i within the-bounda of reason and a parent s authority. Please Send "Baby Home. A Dlalntive appeal has been received at the office of THa Ihtkb Ocbab from a lady who lives at the Grand Palace Hotel and who mourns the loss of s net canary. The bird Is named -Rabv" and haa ben a araat eomion to an W valid lady. "Baby" has two white feathers oa one of lu wines. The return of "Baby." the appeal says, would greatly promote the health of the Invalid lady. Bogus Officer Sullivan. - The several charges against James Sullivan, the alleged polios ofiloer, were continued by Justice Foster yesterday until Sept. 7. The polloo claim that the man's real name Is Edward Oram. When arrested Saturday a bogus polio star, a revolver, a pair ot nandouas. and a trol box key were found on his person. He-Me Two Fl seat Strangers. Frank Winters, of Neono, CaL, was swindled out of Stir at The Fair grounds yesterday. He started on a tour of the ruins with two pleasant strangers. While they were waiting for a third a card game waa started, and Winters reported to the police that it cost mm nsi7. Terrorized West Madleon Street. Jus tioa Scully yesterday postponed his de cision in tbe ease of J. I Kemp, charged with flourishing a revolver Sunday afternoon about West Madison street saloons, until the man s claim tnat he is a deputy marshal can be In vestigated. Little Baea Kuaoey Missing. Boss Bunoey. a T-y ear-old girl of No. seot Ar mour avenue, disappeared from her home Sun day nig at and thus far her parents have been unable to locate her. Personal Men tioa. Rev. I. W. Elliott, of Qulncy. is at the Palmer uouse. Senator Marsh, of Warsaw. Is at ths Grand racino. Judgs Warwick Hough, ot St Louis, is at the Auditorium Annex. Mr. and Mrs. Aire Adams, ot Pueblo. Colo., are at we anuonan aian. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Ca reenter, of New Orleans. are at tbe ramer House. - t Mrs. C A. Willis and Miss Alios Hack man. of Jacksonville, m., are at tne Wellington. Mr. sad Mrs. R. T. BayUadL of Loedoc are the Richelieu. They have been spending the summer on tne uayiiss stocx urm at Montana. Henry Adams, of the supervising architect's office at Washington, arrived in the caty yesterday to arrange tor repairs to the government winning. Rev. Dr. Robert Oollrer. of New York, is at the Grand Pad no. Dr. CoUver will remain in tail- cago a week renewing the many acquaintances formed during nia pastorate of unity unurcn. General J. B. Doe. Assistant Secretary of War. aad Captain T..H. Barry, of the Unite! States army, are at the Shermaa House. General Doe wui leave tor Wisconsin toasy to spend several days at home and from there will make a tour of inspection of the posts in tne Northwest. AssesawawBta - H. and H- the uaeqoalel cleaner, lie cake:t t The Verkes eleetrlo fountain at Lincoln Park will play this evening from s to 9 o clock. Stevens Co., photog rsphers, MeVlckers Theater A meeting of the State Board of Agriculture will be held at the Sherman House today to make arrangements for the annual fat stock ezhtblt, which will be held at Tattersali's from Not.H to Dee. L inclusive. Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, of Philadelphia, the well-known evangelist, will begin the season's evangelistic work in Chicago Avesue (Moody's) Church next Wednesdar evening at 7:46 o'clock. He will lecture to tbe students of the Blbie Institute, No. S9 Institute place, on Thursday morning. These will be the only occasions oa which Dr. Chapman will sneak In Chicago for some time to come. He begins meetings in Jollet on Thursday evening. TILL DIO TEX LAXS AXD SKOWaTZO. WUUsb Tohpke, of attesilan City, Bis Life tm Chicago. 'William Lohpke, 33 years old, a stevedore of Michigan City, was drowned last even- inr at the loot of the Randolph street via duct. He expected to leave for his homo on the boat Soo City, but when he rot to the pier at tho foot of Randolph street the boat had started. He ran along near the edge of tne dock shouting- to the people An board when ne lost nis balance and fell into the lake. His body was recovered and taken to No. II Adams street. - SCuTTLnttAHAT COST TWO UTZS. Serious Accident In the Railroad Tarda at paavllle.' Djjrvnxa, HI., Sept. S. Special Telegram. This afternoon while scuffling on the pilot of a rapidly moving engine in tbo Chl- earo and astern Illinois yards W. C Lanrdon and William Lee, switchmen, ac cidentally fell In front of the locomotive. The former was cut all to pieces by the wheels and the latter waa badly hurt, onel limb being horribly mangled. He may die. Trouble In a Bottling Compstny.. Zahksviixb, Ohio, Sept X Noah Ksarns to day assigned to H. H. Bradford his stook fa ths Kearna-Oorsuoh BotUa Company, the Kearne-Oorsuch Glass Company, aad the United Glass Company, aggregating 1150,000, to avoid an as sessment or iu per cent- or tne Bmrns-uorsncn Botuinr Company in wlndinc no sts affairs pre paratory to turning its property to tne Kearns-Oorsuch Company. The works will be started a 1 as sooa as the trouble u settled. ; Sioux City Mmsle Dealers Fall. Sioux CrxT. Iowa, Sept l-Aeaoi Ttgram.- Tne Strattoa Musie Company, dealers In musical , Instruments, failed today, glviag chattel mort gages aggregating Hz.Ooa The John Church Company was in Srst with a tl.SOv mortrstre. ' The Security National Bank, of this city, ts ths pnaoipai creditor, holding a third chattel to secure o.soo. Other liabilities will swell Us total w-m,iw; aaseta, Ks,0UUi . Ths Caaae.' ' .. . LOUlXVille QommtreiOL: Two year in brick. layers received from S4 te HS0 ner day: now thsy receive from tz.3 ti as ...fn. tk. same worn, carpenters received from B2.M to KC. ""eyaro giaa to work for Sla w at r ay ana cause IS ObViOUS. "' o. a. a. To"prrTSBcrj. . ta the Lake Baerw Kowte. rer too annum meeuac or the O. A K. at PitUburg Sept te IS sxouraioa tickets will be on sale via the Lake Shore route Sept. te iu, gooa tor re vara untu too asta. aaa will admit of one stopover on ths return, which wiUaSord an opportunity tor those - who wish to visit the tomb of Garfield at Cleveland, or other points OC interest, ot waioa were are many along the ... . . . - . - Use of the Lake snore stoote. 4T. m. btroi, City Passenger and Ticks Agent. Ko. ee Clark street; O. K. Wous, : Western Psssengsr Agent, uaioago. IT TLlL : PA T ULnDAI O 1 i I MCl; jf I 11 LU HAL I - " ' - Mairiaee of Misa Marian Peteschl ; and SalTatore Tomaso WITH SIMPLE CEREMONY. First Subscription Dancing Party i at the Plaza, Reception at the Home of Mr. and Mrs. R.! P. Hogan on Jackson Avenue v, v , Pergonal Paragraph. s -. :. simple wedding took place last evening at the Cathedral of the Holy Name, on North State end Superior streets. The contracting parties were Alias hta- rian Petesch and Mr. Salvatoro Tomaae, both of this city and both well-known musicians. Mr. Tomase Is a native of Naples, Italy, but baa lived in America for twenty years, although he is persistently referred to as "the aignor." as a wtanaoiinist no is without a peer, and as a composer of light compositions, songs, sereuades.and marches be has been very sueeessrui. tin nas published about a dozen works for orchestra, vocal, or mandolin, and all have met with favor. " Miss Petesch is also recognized as a fine performer on the mandolin and guitar, and is a member of a well-known instrumental quartet. - - Bev. Father Uuidoon periormea tne cer emony in the presence of many friends, for tho bride and groom are extremely popular. The ceremony was performed at St o'clock. Music was provided by eighteen men from Tomaso's Orchestra. As tha bridal pair entered the "Lohengrin march was played and - during the ceremony Braga's "Angel Serenade" was heard. As the bridal party left the church a new composition, entitled "Marian March, was played for the first time. It was composed by tne groom and aeaicatea to tne nride. There was no reception, and the bridal couple left lata in the evening for Mackinac Island, wnere tney wui remain a montn. Upon their return they will live in Sheridan Park. TOG5Q FEOPIJE DANCE. First of a Series of Subeeriptieei Parties at The first of a series of dancing parties by young people was given last evening at tbo Plaza Hotel oa North Clark street and North avenue. The participants are all young people. most of whom are still in their teens, and they are in a harry to inaugurate tho so cial season, in spite of the heat aad rain. It was an Informal affair, attended by many pretty girls In simple, attractive summer gowns. Tomaso's mandolins provided the accompaniment to the dance. Refreshments were not overlooked. Among those in attendance were the ' Helen Runnelta. Rdlth Dexter. Helen Runnion. atartoa HeUyer. Jeaaette Aver. Helen Barssosd. Meeera. . Ira Bo wen. Dura at Howard, John Bowen, Charles Uearo- Walter H imewi. Harry Peach. . Ua. Jr. ON JACKSON ATESOK. Reception tn Honor f a visitor fros Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hogan, ef No." 6634 Jackson avenue, held a reception in honor of ; Mrs. M. K. Armstrong, , of Tacoma, WasK, last Thursday evening. , . The house wae beautifully decorated with potted plants, amilax, and Jack roses. The guests were entertained with a delightful mefreshmenta were served at 11 o'clock. . - Among those present were: ' - Messrs. and ateodsmes ; :- Kbberta. W. H Began, Henry Jackson. Ambrose Vroom. J. T. Mora. ueorge BUDDaro. Besaamea D. O. Smith. Mulqneea. Oeorre Crane, M B. A fn strong. Albera, ef hew P. N. rraom, Jersey, Orange. " Oeviae, Mn, La l. s. numiey, Ra vena wood. Oeeevieve Cur- Clara Horaa. Omruda Boraa. UM. Ada Soiiih. Minnie AJbera. ilih. Sadie Jackson, statue ttuooaru. iiuie ursne. WUllaatProotn. L. D. Smith. Beasrs. Walter rroom. Mr. Louis C Wachsmuth has returned from the East. The Carleton Club win eiva a lawn nartv Wednesday evening. Sept, It. . Mr. and Mrs. John A Drake, of the Piaza. have returned from Caps Hay. Mr. and Mrs. H. C Orsv. of the Lexlnatou. have returned from Lake Geneva. Dr. Oeonte F. Boot, of Na e!01 Lake avenue. has returned from Bailey Island, Me. The management of the Hotel Wlndemere will give a cotillon Thursday evening at 9 o'clock. -The Progressive Club will hold Its oneclnr re ception at the Ashland Club Friday evening, Dept. za. . Miss Edna Smith has returned from her sum mer outing at Lake Cora, Mica., and is at ths nyaox-ars. ;-.... . . - . 3. Irvine- Pearee and family, af the Shermaa House, have returned to the hotel from their unmer home at Lake Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald L. Brass fnea West- worth) nave returned from their wedding trip in Europe, and are staying at the Matropole. . Mr. aad Mrs. John C Carroll and alias AUIa Mulligan, of No. 1M Pine street, wao have bees spending the snmmar at Lake Forest, returned to the euy yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Walsh, the Misses Kath arine aad Marlon Walsh have returned from Europe. Mr. Walsh met tho ladies in London, after their visit to Beyrouth- ' Miss Ksthrya Helen Durand. dsuzhter of Mr. snd Mrs. Joseph Barnes Durand. of Lake Forest, will be married to Alfred Farragut James, of Milwaukee, at the First Presbyterian Church, ia&f imn, neat tuesuay evening. -: IOWA STATX rATJa 0PSJS. Dr. Sanderson's Eacouragiax Serasos to the Crowd Assembled Smnday. -Das Monras, Iowa. Sept. S. Special Tl- oram. The 8Ute Fair received IU first in flux of visitors today,, and the attendance was satisfactory to the manarerc The fine shower of the nirht cooled the air and put tha grounds la rood condition,' though the traek wae made somewhat heavy. According to tbe custom of recent years Sunday was observed on tbe grounds by impressive religions services, attended by throngs of people. In. otber years Swing1, Thomas, and other noted divines have delivered dis courses here. Yesterday the sermon, waa by Bey.. Dr. H. F... Sanderson, a noted Methodist preacher recently called to Omaha. His text. Eoc viL. 10. "Say not thou what ia tho eanse that tbe former days were better than these, for thpn doet not inquire wisely concern inr - this. waa tha basis of an optimistic discourse fall of tne roepei oi nope and rood cheer. It was a brilliant arraignment and refutation of pessimistic theories. . STXTKS 0T OLASSWOUXBS AYXBTXB. Maanfaeturers aad Workers Agree Upon a 1-S Per Ceat Cut taWagws. : - : PrrrsBOBO, Pa., Sept. 8 pretal TAraJs. An agreement which precludes any strike In the win do w-r lass trade was reached today between the manufacturers' and workers' committees. The employes offered to re te work Immediately at the scale .signed by the Chambers Glass .Company, via,, 80 per cent below the rate paid before the summer shut-down. Tbe manufacturers refused to accept 20, and wanted 90 per cent. , A compromise was fin ally reached at 22X per cent. Secretary Loefler, af , the Manufac turers' Association, said 50 per cent of the trade could not . afford to operate at these figures. But they were agreed to ia tha spirit of compromise. At least 80 par cent reduction, be said, waa necessary io allow thejmanufacturers to compete with foreign niczxAxni mjot a nana Employe, of the Pnringtew-MbaibaU Cosa-' paay Celebrate la Their Own Way. The employes of Pnrington Kimbell brick company observed Labor Day and celebrated tbo holiday after their own fashion. Begardlessof a Labor Day parade arranged for in Blue Island the employes of the Parincton-KimheU company at tho Blue Island, Burr Oaks and Pnrington brickyards enjoyed the day among themselves rationally at a picnic where parading, speech-making and beer-drinking were eschewed. ' " - ' ' ' To the number of 1,000 men, women and children they assembled at Finley Grove, a prettv, weu-woodee grove aoout sen miies south' of Blue Island, where they put in the day Joyfully aad with all the gayety of a well-earned holiday. They went by special train, furnished by the company, to tbe picnl proands. The train of tea cars left tbe Vsn Buren Street Deoot over the Bock Island route at 8 o'clock In tho morning. At 8:80 o'clock it arrived -at Pnrington, and there a score of families, provided with well-lade a lunch baskets, were in. waiting. Boarding the train it steamed on to Burr Oaks aad then to Bine Island, where a large and Jolly crowd, laughing and shouting, took possession of the train and every seat in tbo cars. The clouds threatened rain and made tbe threat good as the picnic ground was reached, bat tho people took no account of the drizzle and sped away to a pavilion in tha woods, where dancing began as soon as tho fiddlers could resin their bows, and it was kept np all day. Gayly dressed in white and other summer colors, the girls seemed not afraid of spoiling their holiday gowns. - As one - said : M What's the differ-enne, they'll wash." Tho park is a pretty place, the entrance to which is through a wide gate, overhung with a sign of the turned-to-the-wall style; as "Finley Park" is lettered on the side confronting tho world, while the reverse side reads Cleveland Park." All sort of rames were provided for the amusement of the crowd, and lemonade in such quantities that one youngster, heaving- a sigh, exclaimed: "I believe I am going to pop wide open." The picnic was tbe fourth of its kind given by the company on Labor Day to its employes. . u. v. rnnngton, president; i, B. Vef Noy, W. J. Melick, George H. Drew, K. A. Gtockson. W. H. Sweet, and other officers and their families participated in the pleasures of the day. There was one very noticeable feature the number of children; and they bad a rollicking good time. "I do believe' observed Mr. Pnrington, 'that more children eome every year to these picnics. M "I know " . ejaculated a bystander, proudly, "that I have been bringing a new one every year." r Dinner waa eaten, and like it was enjoyed. promptly at 11 o'clock; and then followed a in te tie contests ana games xor wmcn prises were offered and awarded. Of course a gam of baseball figured in these contests and was hotly eon tested. The most fun happened when tbo sack race was run. and in these contests tne girls snared as well aa tbe bovs, the best woman waltzer getting a prize, and some of the girls proved as flat of foot as the boys. At 6 o'clock tbe special train steamed np to tbe park, and, "all aboard," it took the young f Mks and old folks speedily to their homes, tired, but full of a day's enjoyment tbe incidents of which will bo talked over at home for many a long day, or until next Labor .Day. lOUTIAXZV AT ATJB0KA IIUI TJIPAID. Prospect. However. That Satisfactory Ar- . ranginssnta W1U Be Made Today. 'AunoaA, CL, Sept. 3. Spteial Telegram. Considerable dissatisfaction has been .w- i caused la tbe two companies of National I of the five national banks to make any pro vision for the payment of their orders for services dnrinr tha strike. While the banks ef Moiine, Freeport, Bockford, Elfin, and other towns are cashier the orders, none of the Anrormbanks has aa yet tda any move in that direction. Many of tha men are In great need of tbo money j due them from tho State, some of them bavin? been compelled to throw up their tilaeea in order to resoond to tha call of the State. The local bankers bad a conference with General Welch this morning and ' it now seems orabable that arranrementa will be made lor paying' off tbe soldiers tomorrow. As this is tne headquarters of tho Third Brigade and tbo borne of two companies the amonnt needed ts much 1 larger than In otber cities and will exceed . . . ... S7.000L , - HIS AKACKTTK liHIB TO TOIL Thrilling Ad vea tare of aa Aeronaut at Fort Wayne, lad. ' Foirr WATaTn, Ind., Sept. S. Special TtU-gram. A most tbrillinr affair took place during tha Labor - Day exercises at Centi-lever Park this afternoon. H. ML Williams, of Sturres, Mich., was enraged to make a parachute descent. The balloon filled with hot air ascended to over 8,000 leet with Williams oa the trapeze. According' to program me be slid down a rope 900 feet before pulling the line to release tha parachute, when, to the horror of the Immense crowd, it failed to open. Williams could be seen attempting- to climb . band-over-hand np the rope to get at the parachute when the balloon bo-ran to descend rapidly aad landed in a heavy rrove. Williams was bruised soma but not seriously injured. The Una be came wrapped around tbo trapeze bar aad he could not loosen it. He says he experienced Intense arony until be landed on tho tree top, as ha feared the balloon, from his weight being- oa one side) of it, woald turn over and drop to the ground. this ma cauux kocx conziTKO. BTarrlace of a Teeuts; Wian Oaee . by aa Ared Rejected Soltor. . BaLTTMoaa, Md., Sept. S. Spsevol Tde-onira. Something more than mild surprise was caused among people about town when it leaked out this morning; that John Me-dairy, a prominent stationer, bad been quietly married oa Saturday nirht to Hiss Carrie Bock, the 16-year-old daughter of Bernard Bock, a restaurant keeper at Gay street and Central avenue. One year aro Hiss Book was the target for John Price, a man of 70, who shot the girl because she refused to marry him. " Price, who has killed several men in his day, boarded witb'tbe Bocks, and be and the girl, then 15 years Id. showed much affection for each other. Tbe Bock family said they regarded him in the : ligbt of a rrandfsther to the girl who reciprocated Nhu affectionate attentions. The old gentleman, who spent his money freely on tho family, took a different view, and la now serving' a seven-year sentence for shootinr her. DOTXL anr&BXS YXAK 9XC0RAH, IOWA John H. Cater Accused of Klllin- His Wife ; - aad George Weasaset. . DaooaAH, Iowa, 8ept A Special Telegram, ! John H. Cater was lodged in tha Winne shiek County Jail here today, suspected of - tho murder of his s wife. Alary Cater, and Oeorre Wemmett, at Burrak, a village twelve miles north of Deeorah, Sat-umay evening last. Early yesterday morning- the body of Mrs. Cater wae found in a barn under pile of hay. Her throat bad been cut In two- places, tbe bones tn her nose crushed by some blunt instrument aad a raa cuwunder --one eye. wemmett found with a bullet bole back of tbe ear and a revolver lying on his body. Wem mett had until recently been employed in eater's butcher shop. Cater claims that Wemmett murdered- bin. Cater and then committed suicide, but circumstantial evi dence before the coroner's Jury point to cater as tne double murderer. : Will Dto from nis Injuries. WabsaW, El, Sept i.SpeUi TtUgram. I While Matthew Godderts and Oscar Herteog, two prominent business men of thts city, were out driving yesterday evening their horse seek fright aad ran awsy, throwing them both on of the carriage aad injuring the latter so badly he cannot recover. v- - - VICTIMS OF A PLOT. Truth About the Lynching Negroes Coming Out of THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY Warrants for Persons Suspected of Belxig Implicated, . Sensational Evidence Brought to Light Makes It Look Bad for Da. - tectrve Richardson. Mnxraxg, Tenn.. Sept. S.-SpS0al TtU- oram, There were more ' sensational de velopments in the Kemrllle lynching affair today, all pointing to Detective W. & Richardson as a party to the murderous con spiracy, and bench warrants have been issued for a half dozen other people besides tho five already arrested, who are believed to have been connected with the crime or to have knowledge concerning it. It is lieved that in a day or two soma one of the party will make a confession. C. P. J. Mooney. a newspaper man, whose word is absolutely reliable, states that Joe Thiers, a city official, told him on Thursday, the day before tbo lynching, that Will Cox, a policeman, had told Thiers that there was to be a lynching near Kerrrille in a day or two. - J. J. Hogan beard a sim ilar story on the day before tbe crime. Cox denied that be had told Thiers anything about it. Later Cox and Thiers held a con-saltation, and then Thiers said be waa probably mistaken ae to Cox having been his informant. - Atkinson, the young man who was driv ing tbe wagon when the shooting took place, was interviewed today. His story differs in some of its details from that of Richard son. Out at Kerrville the negroes declare that when Atkinson returned home after the crime had been committed be told that Richardson held the lantern while the shooting was in progress. Atkinson denies this now. Atkinson is a farmer of extensive property, and it is remarkable that for a dollar or two be should have taken a Job to drive a load of negro prison ers over -a dangerous road at night if he had no alterior object in view. Beeetattos mt tho County Coart. The County Court af Shelby County met today aad adopted resolutions as follows! Whtrtas. A great crime was committed la this county oa Aug. II, in which six persons under guard and shackled were rutoleasly slain by un known parties; tnereiore, MoltA. That wa areatlv deorecats this law lessness and crime and call upon the officers of the law and all good citizen to do all in their power to brins tbe guilty parties to punishment. ibnoivd. That we respectfully ask the Gov ernor of the State to offer as la nre a reward ha can under the law for the arrest and convic tion of each one of the guilty parties, aad to take such other steps as may seem proper to up hold the dignity of tne law. Judgw Cooper, of the Criminal Court bench, and Malcolm R. Patterson, prose- cnting attorney for this district, nave Joined in tho petition to tbo Governor to offer a reward. Judge Cooper left tonight for tho State Capitol to present this request in person. " There is talk of holding a mass meeting in Memphis to condemn the lynching, and it is about oecidea tnat tne citizens snail mate up a purse to ana to toe uvnrovr s i reward and to pay the expenses of a special I make np a purse to add to tbe Governor's Bichardson. Lax ton. Walker. Thompson, and Atkinson, who were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, were released today on $5,000 bond each. The sureties on all the bonds are persons who live near Kerrville. and have been identified with tbe faction opposed to that with which the lynched ne groes were associates. BleAardeos's Saspieloas Action. - It develops that there waa no excuse for Hie hard son's action la bringing overland by- waron at night ins tho train. He could, if he bad wanted to, have made tbo arrests ' long before train time. There was also a feeling at Kerr ville when tbe prisoners left that they would never reach Memphis. James Palmer, who has defended the negroes in all the recent trials for arson. went to Richardson before the start was made, and demanded to aee the warrant of arrest. This waa refused. He then de manded that the prisoners be held at Kerrville and riven preliminary trial in the district where they were arrested. This was refused. Then he pleaded that at least tk. na km. ikiuiM nut h m.w mlmA Ia f v phis by waron at nirht as proposed by Bichardson, and this also was declined. covets of mzcoxs. Hardware Firms Ask for Receiver for ' ' David Goldberg- Notes. Ths Gray Iron Cast lag Company, of Mount Joy, Pa., and tha W. H. Sweeney Manufacturing Company, of New York, have filed a bill la the Superior Court for a receiver for David Goldberg, a hardware dealer. It is charged that Goldberg has fraudulently disposed of property worm siio.wju. tusstocKin traae. seia to do worth aO.OOS, eomplainaats aver, was conveyed to Freak Brothers, at a pre leaded sale, for tlA- uao. ana it is ciatmea tnat tne oefeaoent ta conducting his business under the name of that Brm Property worth HQ. 008, and incumbered for $10,009, is declared to have been turned over to Oust Lavta for ar.gsa. aad another piece worth 3.000 is said to have beea delivered to Samuel L Levin for B5.&7S. Attorney General Moloney did not file the amended petition ia the Pullman Company quo warranto prooeeuisgs yesteraay. tne Attorney General was expected la the city st noon to review the document, which Is being prepared, but he did not arrive until 8 o'clock last night. Attorney Scbofield. his assistant, aad Judre Shops worked oa tbe petition, which comprises twentv- oae pages, all day, and it will probably be filed toasy. - Judge Kohlssnt yesterday sustained the will of Minnie J. Colby, who recently left her estate to atercy Hospital. Tne heirs took aa appeal. Charles Babcock. candidate for county superintendent of schools on the Democratic ticket, who was a witness, testified that the drawing of the testament was regular, as did Attorney Helmer, of Smith. Helmer A Moulton. who framed the will (or Miss Ooiby. The estate la worth about SI.WO. Tbe will of Margaret t. Engel was confirmed by Judge Kohlsaat yesterday and aa appeal prayed by Richard and William Engel. the sons Mrs. Easel, who lived at No. 78 FuUerton avenue. left aa estate worth about 2.000. The sons claim they got about $1,008 each, and ths rest went to the daughter. Mra Kate L. Hvmaa. - COURT CALLS FOR TODAY. JulgcTnthlll giueigeucy business. - Judre Blaoke Emergency basinets. Judxe Sealee Mo announcement. Jiulxe CheUalo Criminal court. A Swlmmlag Bssg . ' A Nocturnal " The tumbling wave Is softly swelling , And creeping to the sandy shorei It hoarsely roars, a vtklng telling Of grisly deeds ia nays of yore. It's fiery heart is fiercely throbbing, .- And beats with enassuared desire. It grovels like some caitiff sobbing . Beneath soma sullsa satrap's ire. - Oh. to feel the water dinging ' - j Cools you to the very souL Poultices your body, bringing -Surcease from the frozen pole; . ' Fills you with delicious pleasure. Feeds you with a rich delight. Lulls you Into languorous leisure " Of a rare midsummer night. :.. Sweet the kiss of water stealing - Through the dusky, verdurous gloom, - A green crystal crest revealing Fraught with fragrance and perfume; And you seem to swoon la rapture. Buoyed upoa the billow's orest. And tbe rarest Joy you capture, , Borne upon the ocean's breast, Fres from cars and gsaU? floating. Lapped in a luxurious dream. All your sense and spirit gloating. 'Neath tha moon's poeue gleam. ' All the Ills of life will perish. And the fevered soul is free. For the starry spray will cherish Every vassal of ths sea. " James S. Kihsklla Psasotis who are afflicted with scrofula, salt rheeav bolls aad pi at plea, will find an absolute cure la Hood s baraaparilla. Be sure to get Hood's and only Hood's fearsaporiila. . for-Its Hood s that cures. ' BUBHTESS NOTICES. Is folded collars. . . . W. , . "Oconee. " "Nsovoo. - '-'.-,;' A New Perfuse. " Buck's J screes Extract. Suitable for presents . DEATHS, - -. rtTKXRaL TkAIsT Dally ea Chicago aad Greed '" miiwm, rota sweet uepot, io mount wreenwood and Mount Hope at 18 m. Oraeeland aad Ceirary funeral train Of the C blear p. Milwaukee and 8t. Paul Eailway leaves j. Biue mm tMaiiisoa aaa taaai streets) aauy as UaOp.m. . . DOrws-flept. t. at So. S80e Balsted street, Michael Dogglns. . FOKEMAM-oept. 1. William H. Foreman, be- ioTn Dusoana ot Bra. armlets roremaa eoa father of Mra. A J. Lannine. ared 63 years. fnaeral Tuesday. Sept. . at 1 o'clock p. na., from his lata Mmbl uv. In a ri .-., -a., by earriacea te Waldheim r mm BTDB-Sept. t. at Ko. 1611 Cornelia street, Oscar Krause. ared Ss years. wL,low-eo- si No. 18 Hall street. Charles "www, egwq yeere. GREATEST TROTTING AUD PACING UEET-IUG EVER GIVEN. , SEPT. IT TO 22. Foil programme will be given it ' this space in a day or two. ? C W. WILLIAMS ' Secretary. ; CHICAGO RACING ASS'N. CHICAGO RACING ASSOCIATION (Hawthorne Traek. I w SCMMES ASD FILL XIE1T50, 1891. . Fonrth Week-Sept. S to Sept. & Inclusive. . 5JTVZ OB MORE RACES EACH DAT C MAIM OR SHINE. , O . BOOKING ON FOREIGN RACES. Special race trains to traek la is minntaa. Illi nois Central trarae leave Randolph St. Depot at -0:45 a. m.. 12:01 p. as.. 12:2s p. av, 1:00 p. at., .. : 1 .20 p. m. , and 24)0 p. m. . slop pi nr at vaa Bores Station. Wabash av. and 16th el. 23d at.. Halsted . St., and at Ashland av. Begular trains 1 earing , 12th St. CeDOt st80 Am., etonwlthia two bkteka of traek. Returning trains at 4:40 p. m. and after - tee raeea. but train at :4U p. m. c, B. aae ( vaina leave tne union Depot at U:l p. m.. l.i p. a., iwp, at., ana z:iu p. m.. atopping at i stations. Keturalng trains at 12:45 n. m. and I tbe raees. Pare for the round trip, both ro Zieenta. Bacing begins at 2 o'clock. Adsvsiioa to Gretmei anf Grand Stand, 75c. MUSIC BT 2d BBam EST BAHD. MILWAUKEE KND RETURN $1 EVERYDAY Onths GOODRICH LINE Fast Tnsa Screw il rw rSZ iXTI A StowSlssawfctp V1KUI Leave CH1CAQO ate a. as SHARP ea Week Days And at 9:30 Am. on Sundays: srriTe In Milwaukee at 2 P- m. Beturning. leave Milwaukee at 5 p. m. sharp every day. arriving la Chi; Mo at 10 p. m. Staterooms and meals at moderate ratea. iBae. gage checked and wheels free. Office and Docka, foot of Michigan Av. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. WHALEBACK. . l - diriStODllCr avOlUsT1DUS To MTLWADXEn DAILY. Sunday, li 0:00 A mi av. Friday. Brmaay, Tuesday. Wednesday. Toured S-JMt a. m. Saturday (for t -com rooda tioa hali holldart. lM s. m. PAB.K. KOUVD T&IP. SXoo, oa aais : rter. loot of Btartolph elrsst, , CHICAGO OPERA-HOUSE. ME. D. HEsTOKBSOH. ...Sole Mgr. The Osuuu y's Maetei piece of Spectacular fleanttr. ALADDIN T 1 THSPAMOTJ9 4i ATX SMO.000 PBODUCTIOJf. fierrrml artmlaslfm 60c Matinees Wednesday ana nacuruay GRAND OPERA-HOUSE. HAEBT U HAM LOT. .Maaarer KSIC IIOYT'S- A Miik White Flag Every Night, MaU. Wed. ft Sat. Era ClinfflT TIIC nilMTCQ VIIUVI Illh WliwIkVl CHICAGO'S BR.FATF.ST ITTRlfiTing. ETEkf 1)11, including Sunday. to 10 -SJ s. OOTTAOB SBOVB At. AND 63 D ST. M0S10 AHD KSFBSHMST9. . Admission. including ride. SSe. Additional Ridea. 10c. M'VICKER'S THEATER-Tonight " Last Tuesday Evening ef Augustus 1MM WfONT VI IU NEW Ths Play of the Tear. Last Matinees Tomorrow aad Saturday. Monday, Sept 14. Wales A CKeefe Opera Co. In "Athenis: or. The Talae Prophet." . THE HAYMARKET WUI J. Davis. West Madison aad Balsted sta BLUE AND THE HANDSOME HEW THEATER ARE TOPICS OF THE HOUR. HaL Tsiaarrsw. JEANS Next Sunday---SHAFT VO. TWO.' THE COLUMBIA- earoe and Oearbera. IN OLD THIS WEEK ONLY. KENTUCKY. est Monday EDWARD HARBISAV. MASONIC TEMPLE ROOP GARDEN. Casern tor First appearance of the famous Am-. BMMS-Cleriee Trio ia their wonderful musical spedaltiea Fifth aad last week of Eckert and Berg ia operatic elections. Tne beautiful Electric Scenic Theaters. Grand Concert every evening. Admimion SS cents. ass Sceaie Theaters Opes Ire I OS. at. Mil a at. Msunees saturaay ana ! I Sunday at 8:90 p. m. L THE j North Clark MA. -aad Division BIO Streets IwiNNBR. INCOLNl AKOTKBB ORKAT SOOCKSS. - FROHMATTS PLATBRS tS - - Matinees Thursday tnd Satorday. BTeztWeek-Wm. Morrta la The Lost Paradise. Seats Now on Sale thS SCHILLER'S ATTRACTION tlanlon's Great SUPERBA. Comssendnr Sunday, Sept. 0. ' " HAVLIN'S Telephone South I2T. PUCES rmjedlane us to date-WAKD AKT . ise 1 VOKK3 1 Percy and Harold la Chaa . in I Blaney 's best oomedy. .oa Irto A Run ob thi Back. Next Sunday TEMPTATlOlf OF MOBTBT. - Si SAM T. JACK7S KM0PTRB. W . Madison et , near Balsted. Tel. Mala SM Two Blr Shows Every Day 1 sod A THA LONDON SAIKTY 81AXS. yJ Priees 10a. iWo. aon. - -. JACK'S OPERA HOCSB. b-v State sdd Dearborn. Tel. 9 Mr shows ever dav 9 and ft JACK'S EXTEA V AGASZA CO. Prices and ooc TOO LATE TO CLASSIFT. SITUATION WANTED BY RELIABLE MAN of eaperteeee as elevator man or Janitor; hava good refurenceA Addreas 81 . Clark SB. LADIZ3 WHO VALUC A refined cempkzioo must ass r)csonrs Powder. It pmduree a ifJl 4 K fT, . ne ' gX SAM T. .L' I Madison St., ITT7 iMiiln 910H. t i 8AM T.

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