The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MAY «, 1948 'Keep America Strong' Drive Started Among Nation's Cooks; Pocketbook Appeal Stressed By GAYNOR MADWO.Y NE * f<M * "^ Market* Edll«r ^^t f ^\K"£ ™'« MHO,,., few ^Uwtton. ™« Euiopean situation lias speed- keep UP Am rl Gtovenim ' c »t's drive lo book, <; x 9 Inches, contains 150 t P it- ed rec.pes that, save food, yet provide essential protein. Where the Lucknia,, Committee failed in' he drive lor food conservation by appealing to patriotism, this book i.-, Mix together the threat or Co-u- muniirn, ihe European Becove.-y Program with l(s drain on our wheat supplies, the expected meat shortage this fall and the rising cost o< food, and you get the flavor of this book's national purpose. (A one- cent postcard sent u> "Food Con- seryalion," Washington 35, D C cTi't °"tt 5 T' " ame a "" addres;; on it^wili get you the book.) It ivas prepared by the Bureau of *'''"•«! Nutrition and Home Eco, -s, Department of Agriculture --. Hazel K. Stiebeling. chief of Mm Bureau, and America's No 1 Housekeeper, leads the task force Dr. Day Monroe, nutritionist of the Office For Food and Feed Conservation, was a top assistant in the research for more proteins for less money, so were home economists from colleges and industries througaout the country. The book gives every reader the know-how of protein management Each of the main dishes provides four generous servings and suppll-s two ounces of protein, that beinr one-sixth of the amount needed * day ;f01 four persons. The rifeain- der of the three ounces of protein each man, woman or child must have every day for building and re. pairlni; body tissues will come from mil* as beverace, from cereals and bread and from other foods eaten M part of dinner and at other meals during the day. For example, with the recipe for Savory Bran stew go suggestions for other foods to complete the meal, appetizjngly, nutritionally and ecftnomically. All foods are chosen according to their seasonal abundance in the markets, it is claimed that the main dish re- £ps. and suggestions for foods to «F with them, will make it possible to get the same amount of protein in your diet us you are now getting for one-half the price you are now paying. The'book, also gi vea buying suggestion* and easily understood definition* of food grades. It has » good index, ia well printed and easy to follow. However, its recipes flo call for a little more kitchen time" than roasts, chops and steaks and other high priced foods, all won- the budget. To get the same amoun" of essential protein for one-half th» toil, fliost housewives will be ready h> cook a little longer This little book has an army»i»: Job. It must fight the threat to_democracy abroad, light high food price* at home, and also keep our iiutritionnl standards high. And at naif the price. Home Agent Against Storing CurW Meat in Food Lockers Miss Gertrude Bond, home demonstration agent for North Mississippi County, today advised homemakers against the storage of cured hams in locker plants. Miss Bond pointed out the cured pork ripens very slowly, if at all in cold storage, in order to better utilize the facilities of locker plan!* and have a more savory ham Miss Bomt suggests that hams and should be property wrapped and stored at, home, she advised that each p.ecc should be wrapped separately hi grease-resistant papW and placed in a woven cloth batr and hung in a dark, dry, well-ventilated room. Expert on Foods Uses Meat and Fruits in Pies A delightful new "experience tu ««ling is the crispy golden fried pie made with a meat or fruit fill, ing. To describe it wouM lie difficult, according to Reba Stascs food authority, for it come.s about' half way In between a turnover and a croquette. ' Fried pies are Individual affairs made with flaky, Isrd-temler pastry or rich biscuit dough, filled with fpiit or meat, and fried to P*»ecHon In deep, hot fat. If mode with biscuit/ dough, roll dough T, men (hick, then cut an even number of rounds with a fair-sized cookie cutler Dot half the rounds with a heaping tablespoon of the desired fruit or meat mixture, place the other rounds on top, and press the edges together. • ' Fry In deep hot' lard (360 degree's F.) unlll golden brown, then drain on, absorbent paper. Serve piping hot. ij you made with a meat fill- in*, you may wish to serve with a gravy., A tart-sweet applesauce f li-- If delicious, and a spicy anikui or mellow peach filling is just «., good ,i ,.* meat fmln B use cooked meal " e "? v "'. canned, ready-to-serve) moistened with gravy, or cream or blown sauce, and flavored with onion and spices. Miss Bond Recommends Use of Plentiful Foods Increased use of foods in plentl ful supply, in ] illc wim tne vo|un tary food conservation program should save money for the homemaker. MLss Gertrude Bond, home demonstration agent for North Mississippi County said today. According to Miss Bond the m ub plentiful foods available at the present time are grapefruit oranges, celery and both <old and new potatoes. She pointed out tlvit onions and fresh apples combine with dressed poultry and eggs lo make other plentiful foods. Tomato Juice, dried iruits canned^ grapefruit juices and segments pumpsm fresh and frozen fish are also good buys for this time of the year Miss Bond said. Ss« Truman Says ERP Gets Off To Good Start ^WASHINGTON, May 6. tUp> _ . & G. Cuts Soap Prices CINCINNATI, O., M«>' 5 (UP) _ Procter and Gamble Co. yesterday announced a reduction of approximately six per cent i,, <i, e , )rlc( . of its soap. The reduction, which nffecU principal household cal:e and flake soap producls, reflects the price decline in the cost of fats used in so;i- manufacture. P and G officials sal' ReadCcHcrler News Want Ads iy that lhe »522 l ODO.Ooo e slop'.,.,, aid program made It pos-—- '°r ll >e European Recovery Program lo gel off on a sound Ma,?. He made the appraisal In his first 'port to Congress on the program lor which Congress was called back last Fall in special session. Mr Truman said [Imt without llils interim measure, the urauuecUi of would have been "Irreparably jeopardized." •The effectiveness o{ hiterln, aid ...J made it possible." he said "for (he European Recovery Program to build on sure foundations which iioivliwe are •undermined by. the net-liable ravages of Intolerable hunger and cold, No betlcr proof Ls needed of the wisdom of providing Uils interim aid. . . "A break In the flow of supplies during this period (the early part of IMS) could have irreparably Jeopardized .what the loiiB-raiue recover program Is expected to accomplish." Although the Interim aid program « now superseded by ERl> Hie report of the President covered only the first, two weeks of Us operations—from its approval on De<n, 1047, to the end-of that year. I lie law required a report at least once each calendar year. Strawberry Fete Starts HUMBOLDT, Term., May 6. (UP)j --Its Strawberry Festival (j mc ta-1 dny. The streets in this West Ten- ' ne.ssce town are bedecked In a car- ! nival spirit for the three-day fe->- livnl booming Tennessee's straw- \jtf\bntyring The flavors a pip- tie Twin-Treat breakf TIAVOR - NOURISHMENT The whiz-bang goodness of crispy Corn-Soya floes over big at breakfastl And its stays-by-you nourishment comes in handy throuflh the day. Corn-Soya's^an exciting cereal achievement—the result of 20 years of work and experiment by Kellogg's. It combines tastiness and food value in an inviting new way that's economical and easy to serve, fun to eal. The protein value of one ounce of Corn-Soya (% cup) with four ounces of milk equals that of one egg and three slices of bacon. Get some at your grocer's today. See how KROGER BRANDS will Cut your of Living J.ook for Ihe Kroner Mu< and while ialtel. Known for qualily because U is reserved for only <he very finest foods, anri best values. Look (o Kro K e r Store, —known for convenience, service and low prices—« s the place t<> buy kroger Brands and nationally advertised brands at prices. Avondale Peaches Packed in 1 No. 2J/ 2 Syrup 2 Cans Kroger Fruit Cocktail Five diced fruits n No J in syrup £ Cans Windsor .Club Kroger Blended Jui 220 CHEESE FOOD r 1 ", 93 MARSHMALLOWS • •• MM ••tan.™ ,, , ' Kroner— Il-Ox.. Package M11012II If IUC Kalmore «Ci- At* M **»••••._. ,,r>,,,.— Orange and grapefruit 46-01. can Grapefruit Juice Krcsh and Pure PRESERVES Kroger Strawlicrrv 35 CRACKERS S°Sf 23 C Fresh Ontlmms MARGATE TEA Kroger, quality. can 43= Kroger Corn Cream style No. 2 «>A j "Wte. ^Q£ can 40- CORNFLAKES V' k » 23' KROGER BREAD- 27 Kroger Peas . Tender sweet green 2 K Firm Pork & Beans Kroger. Tender •) No. 300 meaty. In Blytheville It's KROGER for Better Meat Vblues! Rib Roast U. S. graded good or choice. Ib. 59c Brisket o'Beef lb.39c U.S. Graded good or choice. SLAB BACON""""*'"" Not sliced HAMRHDAPD A P° undof «•«« wrtfc correct I IMI T IUUIvULl\ amount of lean and suet. J VARIEIY LUNCH MEATS WHITING , 19 CARP Dressed Fresh—Rough Swift'ning Swift's Bland Lard 3-lb. can 1.19 Top Quality Texas Seedless Spry Shortening 1.23 GRAPEFRUIT 2 8-Jb. Mesh . if f^ Ba9S OX Creamy Digestible 3-lb. can 2 ^ Flour «t m cost with pvfdmtt tf KROGER FLOUR ot reoAjlor low price Vst 2-tb. ttt. Pnier it to any all-purpOM Hour, or return •»• opened b»f aad |tc your totmtj beck. WlNESAP APPLES Wash. State, Crisp, Tart, R«d. NEW POTATOES California Washed, White NEW CABBAGE Mististippi Fresh Green. GREEN CORN Fresh, Texas, Sweet, Golden. 5 lb. Mesh Bag , f Ib. Mesh J Bag Pound 0 Fan M 25* WATERMELONS Guaranteed Ripe and 30-rb. Ib. 7k

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