The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Page 9
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i UESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1954 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE HIM OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ALL I HAVE L ! 70 SAV l& \ THERE'S A HPT \ :J1 1 THERE .A i 1 V METPSCIW6 ' r HAVE MOU EVER 0E£hJ SHOPP1N' WITH WIMMINJ AN' HAPPA EAT M A TEA AM' TOAS1 WITH ALL THI& JUST AROLMP TH' CORMER HATFUL OP 5UET AS PARLOE IWPOCTA ^ T ARTISTIC ASSIGN TOW HAS FOUtOD A 30S FOE? VOL) AS TlCVfcT FOR A cemc WITH LOOKS LIKE THE BOTTSES •HAVING TROUBLE WfTH THEIR TV OOMCS THAT SUPER OLD FL1P-MOUTH HANKS MY IDEA OF A UAR6E NOTHIM6/ WISH I To SEE HIM / Television — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel S 11:30 Tuesday Night, Oct. 2« 12:0 ° 6:00 Evening Serenade 12 '£? 6:15 News Reporter 12 '••?;} 6:30 Dinah Shore 1:0 " 6:45 News Caravan 1: * 5 -7:00 Martha Raye 1: ^ 8:00 Fireside Thentra 1:JU 8:30 Circle Theatre 9:09 Truth or 2-.00 Consequences 2:J5 9:30 The Falcon 2:30 10:00 I Married Joan 2:45 10:^0 News 10:40 Weather 3:00 10:45 Clete Roberts 3:15 11:00 Tonight 3:30 12:00 Sign Oil Wednesday, Oct. 27 3:45 6:50 Meditation 4:00 7:00 Today 4:30 7:25 Weather 5:00 7:30 Today 5:25 7:55 Today In Memphis 5:30 8:00 Today 5:40 8:25 News 8:30 Today 5:45 8:55 Exercises with 6:00 Cathy 6:15 9:00 Dlnp Dong School 6:30 9:30 story land 6:45 9:45 Shopping at Home 7:00 10:00 Home Show 7:30 Feather Your Ntst News Farm News Chanrvtl FIVe Club 3 Steps to Heaven Amy Vanderbilt Charm with C»thy Homemakers Program Greatest GUt Golden Wlndowi One Man's Family Concerning Mile Marlowe Hawkins Falls First Love World of Mr. Sweeney Modern Romance Pinky Lee Show Howdy Doody Time for Trent Weatherman Interesting Person Whit's on Channel 5 Armchair Adventure Evening Serenade News Reporter. Eddie Fisher News Caravan Cisco Kid Favorite Story 8:00 TV Theau* 9:00 This Is Your Lift 9:30 Mr, District Attorney 10:00 Dear Phoebe 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Rocky King; 11:15 Tonight 12:CO Sign Off OU|1B«I II Tuesday Night, Oct. 26 6:00 Western Theatre 0:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:30 Doug Edwards 6:45 JO Stafford 7:00 Strike It Rich 7:30 Halls of Ivy 8:00 Meet Millie 8:30 Stecle Theatre 9:30 Danny Thomas 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Danger 10:45 Late Show Wednesday, Oct. 2? 7 ;OQ Morning Show -8:55 News 9:00 Garry Moore 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 11.00 ValUnt Lady 11:15 Love of Llf* 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 Kitchen Magic 12-.25 News 12:30 Welcome Traveler 1:00 The Personal Touch 1:15 Robert Q, Lewli 1:30 House Party 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Lady of the House 2:45 Boh Crosby 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Portlft Faces Life 4:15 Early Show 5:30 Mara Patrol 6:00 Hartoon Time 6:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:30 Doug Edwards 6:45 Perry Como 7:00 Godfrey and Friends 8:00 Inner Sanctum 8:30 I've Got A Secret fl:QO Blue Ribbon Bouts 9:45 Do You Know Why 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Late Show Sheriff Is Prisoner HOPKINSVILLE. Ky. f/P)—Sheriff Dick Cowherd handcuffed himself to the prisoner, and gave the handcuff key to a deputy, who put it in a shirt pocket. Then the three left for a corn field to search for B. missing murder weapon, When they returned to jail, the deputy discovered the key was missing. He had dropped It while bend- ing over to search the Held. The cuffs hud to be cut off. Grease the cup lightly to prevent \vtiste when measuring syrup or molasses. TRUSSES EXPERTLY 1 FITTED I Prict KIRBY DRUGSTORES EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 $$$ SAVE $$$ SEEALVIN Before you buy new Furniture—Before you buy used furniture—Before you sell your used furniture for cash —For liberal allowance on trade-ins . . . You Will Be Glad You Did ! ! ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE CO. 113 E. Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone POplar 2-2302 'romp I DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. For Genuine Parts and Expert Service See Your Ford Tractor Dealer SNOW TRACTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark. Tel. POplar 3-8051 SUSPECT ' Hugh Lawrence Nelson XXV A C-VES ARGYLE'S eyes were cloudy with a review of the past, with a search for some point at which to begin. They brightened at last with decision. "You've seen the 'Carlson Conscience.' the framed relic. It wasn't in the j^Iass case when I was a child. Not when Father was alive. He believed in that creed inscribed now on the case, and he practiced it He was a tyrant whose word was irrevocable law And the slightest breach brought punishment." Agnes licked her thin dry lips as if tasting the bitterness. Her strong hands clenched and un- t clenched, yet the monotone of her voice did not change, as her words provided a commentary on her mental pictures of the past. "We had it well drummed Into us that the only law was the Carlson word. Everyone has something, some power they feel they must answer to. With us it was the Carlson law, represented by my father at this time. Nothing higher, and no appeal. "I started running away from home in my very early teens. Not with any hope of escape, but •with desperation. I wss caught and brought back. Father whipped me. I used to pray that he would die. Finally he did, and I thought things would be better. They were, in a way. Mother—Mrs. Oswald—never actually used the whip on us. She had it framed. We had been taught so well and the threat was enough. Most of the time. But when I was 17 I ran away again I had planned well and 1 had help. Toby. My husband. \Ve were married and I was pregnant by the time we were found. Mrs, Oswald washed her hands of me. But ,sh« told me I'd never break away completely, that I'd always remember rhy early 'training.' I remembered. "And then our little girl was born. Times were hard for us and Toby was sick. It wasn't his fault it wasn't mine." She looked up at Jim then. "We came to terms with Mrs. Oswald, turned our baby over to her." "Why?" Jim demanded. • • • ""A T ANY reasons," Agnes said. "They seemed to be good reasons then. I don't know I think perhaps I would do the same thing under the same circumstances. , Yet you're right, It isn't easy for a woman to give up her first child. But my brother Hilton had married by then, married with Mrs. Oswald's blessing. The baby, Angelica, was to be brought up as their own. She was to have all the benefits of the Carlson money. I thought my brother would be kind, thought he had suffered enough. And Toby needed an operation so desperately, Mri. Oswald was right on hand with the money—provided. The alternative? Nothing, Nothing. Maybe she didn't mean it. Maybe she would have helped. 1 don't think so., Arid Angelica would have everything I realized Toby and I were never going to be able to give. I—I made the deal. "I thought I was doing right at the time, and for a while, for almost 10 years, everything seemed to b« working out. I thought I had done right, that my love for Toby and, yes, my actual fear of the Carlsons, had led me into doing the right thing. But after that 10 years, Mrs. Hilton had a son. That's Peter. Before, Angelica had been brought up « • true child, made'over, maybe spoiled. Peter's birth made a difference." The simple statement brought up a vivid picture of heartbreak. "When did Angelica find out you were her mother?" Tears started running unheeded and unchecked down Sheriff Agnes' face. "She never knew. Somehow I can't bear that. I thought I had all my emotions killed, every feeling so deeply buried I'd never let things touch me, not to show- I was even able to—do ,my official duties without it—showing." "Do you know who poisoned her?" "She says I did. I don't know. Maybe I did at that. Last night I brought her up a cup of chocolate, last thing. She likes it sweet. I put extra sugar in it from the bowl in the kitchen. She says that's where the arsenic came from." TVTRS. KIT was in her bedroom, *•"• pacing the floor while Sue elstrap overflowed a small dressing table chair, when Jim obeyed a called summons to "Come in." "How's Mrs. Oswald?" Mr«. Gelstrap asked. "She'll live," Jim said curtly. "But it's time now for som« facts." "What do you mean?" Mrs. Kit demand td. 'I think you know what I m«an. I want the truth about the relation«hip between you and Mrs. Gelstrap." "All right," Kit said defiantly. It's nothing to be ashamed ot We're sisters." "Stepsisters," Mrs. Gelstrap corrected whcezily. "And we're living proof that stepsisters do get along. Kit was always the pretty one." 'But you have the brains, Sue," Kit said. Mrs. Gelstrap accepted that as the equal truth to the fact that Mrs. Kit had the beauty. "I got fat in my teens," she went on. "Glands or something. But Kit and I always got along, we never fought like members of some families. We made plans. We decided on what we wanted in life. We made plant to get if (To Be Means Less Work . . . More Income Per Acr« "The Very Best Will Host You Less." Point Closeout Many Types and Colors i Price Hubbard Hardware FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Genn, repairman • All work guaranteed • Prompt Service ROSE SALES CO. 521 S. 2Ist WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co Robertson's Radio and T.V. Service 515 E. Main Wade Warehouse Bldg. Day Ph. 3-4257 Kite Ph. J-S704 TV and RADIO SERVICE Minor Repairs and Tube Replacement In home (Inside Blytheville city limits) Only S-|50 More Than 20 Vears Training and Experience. Factory Servfc* Guarantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mjrr. 109 E. Main Ph.3-3616 "You get into a row at every party! Why don't you argue politics at home where I'll always agree with you? I didn't hear you calling th« flrit two tim«$r suee YOU DIDKIT SNATCH IT our ^VOUNS FEUA,THAT COAT'S AS OF THAT FANCY CAK BACK THERE? JFAWUAR TO ME AS THE.CAK THAT NICE LOOKING COW SOU GOT THEeE.SENUIIC CASH- MEKE. EXPENSIVE 6OES WITH IT. COME CLEAN- THAT'S WHEKE VOU SOT I-SWHIM I TAKE IT.ttK, HENKSSY/ V3U TWINS TO SAY I I'LL SEE A LOT .MORE S VOU JUST WISH YOU COULD LOOK AT SIX STARS STARS'N THAT WHEN MY PA GETS AHOLD HEY HOLLYHOCK VEHICLE rejWTEP «. L&GAU.V FWfKEO IW FRONT OP ACS HOTBU. PKOC6EP THBZE WELL, YOU CAN'T HAVE JA50N! ITS TOO LATE. MO .TH&RE'S HOTHIN& VOU CAN DO ABOUT IT WOW! NOW VOlfKB EMflWEW WELL, I'M WARNIU6 TOUi HOPE ..THM WEM)5 NOTHING TO ME! I SAW KIMF|K5T,ANPI*Wr STEP AflPE FOR YOU! IM WOT THE SELF" SACRIFICING TYPE... EVEN FOR A TWIN 5ISTEK1 IF YOU MAKRV JA.&OM IT'LL BE OVER MY PEAD BODy! .p^Bj^f^YOU NEVER V /7TW WMJTBP RACH6L, I HW? HOPED YOUR LOWS TRIP NOULP HELP YOU FORSET JASON I'M SORRY IF YOU'RE UPSET TO LEAR.N THAT HE UWE5 WE ANP- rHING VERV BAP TILL YOU KWEW YOU COULPNT HAVE IT" RACHEL i NB ARE MMUUEPt ... SHE WAS 6ETTIN' HI UP TO KILI 1E, THAT'S WAT NO, BUT MOWS WE CH ALLS* •XfiOJE "KMT LIKE HE HOULDNT\ THAT, SHE'LL FIGGER H6 CONE BUT WATS WHY HE HAD US SEND HIM THERE... ABSOLUTELY CRAZY FOR HER! I TEU.WU WE JUST CAN'T LET DOC GET TIEP UP WITH THAT BRUNNEHILDE PERSON; BUGHOUSE; V'KNOW WHAT? I'M SOIN6. THIS YVHiV/...MADE ITI GOOD WAIT, CICERO .'DON'T TRY CROS5IN' , THINS VA DIDN'T TRY T' WAV.' ,1 WANTED CROSS THAT STREET TO SORROW A DIME FOR AN ICE CREAM CONBJ TH STREET TILL. I SET I DIDN'T INTEND TO!

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