The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1935
Page 3
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Emergency Expenditures Will.End .Wheii Need Has Been Removed ' BY RODVEV DUTOIfER WASHINGTON.. — Early budget balancing has officially become n Joke. It «sas In President Roosevelt's 'i:ew office, where the president was carefully explaining his new budget to a hundred correspondents, as- a school teacher might give an arithmetic lesson. .He was flanked by young Budget Director Dan Bell and, more Importantly, .by . Secretary Henry Morgenthau, who is the real budget boss now, lii cose you hadn't heard. Roosevelt wise-cracked that they'd tried to get tlie budget so simple that even he could understand it and you'd probably have enjoyed being there, just to see the way everybody tossed the • billions around the room. Very blithely, the president said: "We will have to borrow only 53,- 188,OQO,00() next year." "Hope Springs Eternal" •Last year he had said we should plan to have a definitely balanced budget' by the fiscal year 1935-38 and now he was estimating a 1935- 3G. deficit of, $4,528,000,000, Some of-.the hoys seemed a bit disturbed about that. ."Alifybu now looking forward to a balanced budget at the end of same other year?" one questioned. "I hope so," came the answer with a merry laugh. "Hope springs eter- nall" After thai, It was everybody's cue to laugh when anybody tried . to pin (he president • (town as to when budget balancing might be hoped for. . He, estimated next year's deficit as smaller than this'one by about three hundred millions and hoped to keep on reducing them, but— He insisted what he had said last about balancing. . tlie,. budget (his year was merely'expression of "a very pious hope." • • Challene'es Big Business Finally, you began to get the point- that .this. gay' and grinning president -was really laughiri" at the bankers and businiss m»n \ ho Keep iellmg him to balance that budget in effect he was telling them Balance it yourselves He meant that private industrj could cut the deficit bj providing lor employment ami made the point that th6 budget reillj was belng"7-=foai4nced=Gxcepl for the four billion dollars he wants ap proprlated for relief work m 1935-36 The budget was so irranged as to tliro?, the challenge smack in the tdce of the loudest aihocil of budget balancing rjie only time he got seiious about it was uhen a correspondent persisted in wanting- lo know whether there wasnt any figure above which FDR fell u, e nadonai debt coiildn t safely go ill ask you a question 0 he re Plied if in 1917 we find five mil. . 1 ! on .,«°P> serving «hat «ould ,Fords Still Prefer Old-Time Fun $67,000 in oucem5tl (Well thats Elje ansucr Dream Goes Pfaooey Such inferential admissions that M!? dc ^ ssion '"» I- over vet coin cide »ith a repudiation of the hard- dying theory that recovers , s to coAie by some early boom m the J2, a 7 ° r c »Pltal goods industries That theory has been a persistent favorite with irany n ™ dealers !«?," h ', may be <!l ' r<; Roosevelt fen t Lhenshm? it nm more He Im come to realize that there Mill b» 1 f. dcman(l Mr ne« skiscripors Ch a«rt <™ apartment houses. new storage to^ff*- and thinss 11ke S ° >°n* as those built in the 1927-28-29 Period are only half filled hC <IOi;511 ' t min( i this, but his accent ance of « seem, a n,w victorj ?or" the. realist \ e . approach. Warnin, <„ Veterans ~ l y k that occasionally t!ie president's face It just once during K . Talk- govcni- not ney by "' 1 - , on their honu.jjfc^ TCl ™'" Missouri District Bar Names Bayne s p res ja ent CARUTHER.SVILI.R x fn 9—Two Comthersvine "icn , named to offices of the 38th ,51° elal district Bnr AssoclaOoH ,'| dl ' tatiout held at New M,d??d Vn selected were' ™ e - * B ^es, New While preparini? to build hundreds of thousands of automobiles 1935, which he predict.? will be n "good, solid business vcnr " Henrv I " * Loans , Ford still finds it fun to vide in „ one-horse open sleigh. He', shown Here riding with his son Edsel through Greenneld, Ford Americana village near Detroit. The "coachman" of ine cutter fits well inlo the picture, reminiscent of older day's, muffled in his. heavy 'fur -coat Made Mississippi. Cpun ty Farmers lasl Year OSCEOLA, Ark.—Stockholders of )ie Planters production Credit ns- -oclallon. held Ihelr flfsl animal iieellng here January 1. V. P. Jacobs outlined the history of Die niuoclalloii. A slntemehl of he activities of Ilic- executive com- nlttfe was mailc by Miss Eriimn Cox. After the atmiiai report of tlie reasurer, made by Miss Cos, secre- afy niJd Ireasurer of the assocla- lon, the meeting was addressed by C. G. RodgiT.s, of the Production Credit Corporation of St. Louis. Mr. Rodgers explained tho corporate £ct-up of the Pnrm Credit Admln- slration of St. Ixjuls which serves this district. n c also pointed out the opportunity for service nvnll- able to farmers through the association and made a thorough explanation of the local association's financial statement. The board of directors of tlie association elected at the ;ncvtlng, Includes p. p. Jacobs, R. c. Bryan W. w. Hall, u R Nicholson mid T. P. Martin. ic officers for the coming year P. P. Jacobs, president; R. c Cox,- t*acViVlHe, E.-M, Terry Bly- thevllJe.-T, S.-Norton, Manila, J, W. siayton, Joiner, and Hugh Mills, Paul King Will Attend Meeting ol State Society Paul King, well known Detroit attorney and president of tho International society (or Crippled appeal the case to circuit court. of CimiUicrsvllle.' William Warren Ci-nmhis, of St. Louis, representative of the American Bar Associa-. , ull . c mln anolll lion, presented plans calling for same neighborhood rn-ni-f In^ilnn nf (>,o ..1^*^ ~.,-, .,„ -""'t- liUJBIIUorJlOOQ. . . , . . Bryan, vice president, and Miss Emma Cox. secretary and treasurer The association has matlc 1C5 loans for $61.050 to farmers or Mississippi county. The association makes loans for from 3 to 12 months [or almost any , annual mepllng of (he Aikansas Society for Crippled children til Ihe Hotel Murloh In l.lttle nock .January 17. • Several Iwnl women Inleresleil In wpplptl •chlldrni's «-ork will ut- iul HIP ninelliiR. Mr. King is « im t director ot oinry Inloninltoiiai and was chairman of tho hort. , committee nml o,?/, 0 '' 1 ' 0 '" 0 " 1 ' 1 ' 5 ° r lllc dip- Chilih-Pii's Assembly iHtcc of ll.c IO:H cinvention of notary liUcrnntkmal. [] ( . Is rec- «lary-trensiirer- of ih e Mlchlgiui fapc dy for crippldl clilldren nml linlriiiaii of (he International [>- elopiniMit Committoo or the Inler- mtloniii society f 0r cripuled Chll- iren, which Is resiwnslblp for the world conference on crlpptod dill- Irens work, the third of which Is to be held |;i ]j| H l«|x>si Hits year. Confesses Making and Passing Bogus Coins Blake. 27, former resident ' C ! ty ' n , rreSLwl by " ollce " IK| deputies yesterday In the qunrtem here, ) m signed n conlcwlon admitting that ho maim appeal me case to circuit court. " om J lo '2 months for almost any The charge grew out of n disturb- agricultural production purpose ln- jfincc with another grocer In tiic eluding the production O f crops I same neighborhood. livestock, and livestock nrodiicls BEIFIITOIIEHI • |Porshee drew fines for «..,^ U .., B •public worship but fines were held up on'payment of officers' costs and court action. ; Isaac WHIiums, of the Leachvlllc section, was fined $50 on a charge of a concealed weapon. I Two men were fined $10 each for public drunkenness. James Perry, negro, was,arraigned on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon but trial was postponed after he had entered a plea of not guilty. Comedians Plan Special Show at Memphis to Help Mrs;'Hutcheon A, benefit performance will be singed hy olsen mid Johnson stage and radio comedians, and then comnanv it the Peabody ho•1 in Memphis tonight. Proceeds of the show will Br j io defins hosnital .cxnenses, ,-, 0 f Mis J A Hutcheon, widow, of the advance man foi the company »ho is in a senous condition at the Blyiheville hosoltal, and ex- nensps of Mi Hiilcheon's funeral Hutcheon was fatally injured and Mrs Hutcheon \\is seriously hurt in a highway accident iiem- Poit- r'-ulle Mo eiil> last week. •• ' Mis Hutcheon ivhb sustained 10 bioken ubs Is still in a serious condition Impi ovemeiu in -. her condition wib noted • for several dnvs iftci the accident bill Insf nieht her condition was worse morning she was suffering considerably Members'of the Ol- —; -.-. — •••"• ""A^,a t-um- sen and Johnson company 'asked muflit y. d 'ed ,dt. 2:30 o'clock yester- Dr F I Husbind. head of the l * ly after, a'.week's illness" of ma- hosmfU if n-s Hutcheon could laria -''"' ' '' Car Hits Gasoline Truck on Highway Near Burdette Occupants of a car, driven by Charles Smith,'are recovering from injuries.received.when the machine r an • into ,; a parked < g asoil ne • • tru ck near Burdette Monday night Mrs. B. N. ; Wilson was ciit about the face-:and badly bruised- and Jimmie Edwards, who : was recov- from'.'^ in juries , received • in -,.,, ,,F ,X t<:( ' denl r e ' c enily, was bruised and ;;slightly : cut. Miss toiilse', Tiirjier, -Miss Ruth Moreno and' Mr. Smith • were ; uninjured. ' .Vinson Bajjy Dies Pea'rlie.,Mae 'Virispn. four montlis old .daughter of Mr. and Mrs - Bel- toij. Vihsori of,the Luxora com- . • ^ *iitiviiL-oii coma sc iemo\C(! by ambulance lo Mem- nlns totia\ but Di. Husband said ner coiulilion was loo serious for ., ' «-"J-J -TC11VJ the trio to be undertaken Di band. Mrs. Husband and Hus- -iiiuwxjiu illiu lYVO members or the hospital's' storf of """" h «ve been Invited to attend Ihe show nt Memphis tonight. Engirt Yeriin director of the Memphis little rheatre will act as muster of ceiemonies at the Otncfit show Tlie vaudeville com- My team is now playing al the Orphcum theatre in Memphis, i he company's orchestra will start Paying i n the Peaiody ballroom at U oclock nnd (he show will begin at midnight. Funeral -services were to be held nt 2 o'clock this, afternoon at the family home with the Hcv. Mr. Horn •• made . tj. G. Moss Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. Spltlcr ' Ne,v Treasurer _ Jnd| ;e sterling u McCarthy, Caruthersvllle The banquet was ako'to honor tlie, puVgoing circuit Judge, j" hnr E. Duncan, of Hayti, and the In" jiidee, James M, Mrs. Amanda Phillips Dies at Cleveland, Tenn. Mrs. Amanda Elizabeth Phillips r ^ f Mrs ' Prnnk Thrasher, o lived here for a number of vears. died nt her home in Cleveland, Tenn., January 2. Tlie deceased, who was the widow of the laic Dr. Thomas P. Phillip.,, was a pioneer resident of that city Where Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thrasher nnrt family now reside. $50 Fine Assessed for Carrying Weapon , . c. Ijwler, Second street grower and former candidate for mayor, was fined S50 on a charge ol carrying a concealed weapon in municipal court yesterday afternoon. Lawlcr Indicated (hat he would . .•officiating. Burial will be at Sawyers' cemetery. The NASAL , LIRRITATIONJ MENTHOLATUM Cr», . COMFORT £>.. .', Helpfu] Copper Gets Thanks Via Paid Ad CAPE pIRARDBAU, Mo. (UP)— Dr. George Huff, with his wife and daughter, ran out of gas on Hi"h- way 61. A state patrolman helped to push the car to a filling station but went 0 (T before bein? thanked. Dr. Huff then published a notice in the paper thanking him publicly. Applications are handled by Miss Cox but local correspondents have been appointed throughout tlie county to'accept applications. The local correspondents are: Walter [mtiircd clicnlnUrt bogus TodayMarktts StOCk Bnnkruplcy Is Coming Unless Hales Arc IWslftl, Declares rent coins n K.IS innounccd luday by Eddie n. David, deputy sheriff Blake In his purported confession is said to have admitted that he mnmiinclurcd the coins by poiirlii" limild lead 1,1(0 a crude 'nokl which he hlei dcsliojcd OHIcm found one bogus coin on make, w ho admitted tlml he Mjccfssfii inssed off six ol tlio illcaal coins Peru exported most of her goods WASHINGTON, Jnn. fl IUP)— Amei-lca's rallroncls today rlitirgrd he New Di'iil with driving 1)1011, oward bankruptcy nml put squaic- y up In Ihe fulmlnlstrallon Hits ncMlon: "Wlml nre you f ,^ IR to do about. llnrvey PtclchiM-, couivsel for Dm A rlcnii 'Rnllraiul ussoclnllow, \v- si'iiiliiij KI-J u t Hie country':) nujor railways, iippi'iired in nnnl Hincia ljcfon> (lit! Interstate iuuerce caiiiniKslun on the rull- wnys' roqiu'sl. fur fri'Mit. rnio [n- iuii's cli'sliincd lo bt\ HII UK,,,, In $m,(iBD,000 pi'r ycnr. If Ihrsc 1 lncTOMsi's urc not erant- 'd, he Mild, tho cuiintry's railways this yr-nr will have u deticK. of more (linn $21)0,000,000. Pletcher chnixed (hut I'resldciit linosevcll and Transportation Co- unlliuuur J»n?|)li EnMiiian were res])oiiMI)le for llio 10 per cent rullwny wage, raslllution which lie suld will cost roads $156,000,000 u year, The fulmar petrel, feathery in- Imbilant of (In iiurthciii sens mid rarely .wen In this country failing south Uia» the coast of Mass:i- clinsctLs, defends its nest, [nmi eiiemlc.s by splLilug at them. l^r 20 years lifter Ihelr dlscov- 'ry the main mid female Wllllam- •:nii's .snimickcrs wove i-ecordod by uriiltlinlaglstfi us sepnrnlp species, NK'.Y VODK, Jan. g. Prices roacleil Oovvnwni'cl rrucllDiia i" iiioiv limn n (Mint, .|n today's stock market si'iinlon with volume smnll. A, T, nnd T IOD 1-1 Atinrandn'Copper ..,. n r,.a rieth. steel 3.1 Cities Korvlce ' Corn Coin ' Clen. Am. 'iMlik ....... Clen. Electric den. Motors '.', Int. Jhirvf.s-lrr McKessoii-lloliblns Mouljioiiioi'y \Vnrd N. Y. Central ....'.'.,'. Packard mumps pet Radio •;;..,; 8!n\inoti3 Beds Hiandnrd of N, J Ttexns Co .,...' U. S. Smellliii} ,.',..,. U. K. Slcel -10 l-fl . i i-a •a 12 1-1 •11 7-ft . » :i-» a!) 1-4 20 1-S . h 1-4 ir> I-H . !< 1-11 ID I-I 43 1-1 121 ,'I-J :in i-i! MM ror/c Cotton NEW YORK, Jnn. D (UP) — Cotton closed u'arely .steady, open •: J.I n March May July Oft Dec Spot! 1271 mil 1285 I2(» 1270 closed (|ii low close I20a 125.1 1255 1271 1203 1203 1273 1270 1270 1285 1274 VM 12IS 12fiO 12M 1270 I2CH 12114 lcl nt I2fi, r ), oil 5. to Great Britain nml imported mo-st of her from the United Slates In the firs! six months of 1934. CHOUPY COUCH (ul ni(Ji< i,,| ,„, m, fillet, fl, I,: O-i SlirdJ. Neio Orleans Lofton r NEW ORLEANS. ,lnn. 0. <UI'»- Thc cottini market op!!iii'[l lilul on strong foreign markets today and held sleady during |ho first half of the session, in the afternoon, however, there was scattered selling and prices fell off [ 0 do-r unchanged to three point, slowv. . ii lilgli lav/ 'close.' MurrJ) I2V2 1272 Kd-t 1?85 M"V )270 127!l I2VO 1270 ''Illy 1282 I2H2 127C 127:lb Oct 120ii I2C(1 1258 1259 Hec. 1274 127-1 )2M 15C.1b slciuly ai. 12SO, un- Chicafio Wheat open hleh low closo May 101 1-2 102 1-8 101 m Inly m 7-B (14 3-fl m 1-4 !):i 1-4' Chicago Corn Mny July open 01 j-l tin i-a lilllli low cten Dl 1-2 DO 3-< 00 3-1 IHI 5-U B5 7-a 85 7-S lii a Klx-hnur period, the tide urines In us much water In the liny of Fumly us falls ..In Ihe form of ruin river the entire United Slutes In -i\ week. Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion Don t la Ilicm get a strangle hold. Klght them quickly. Oi-eomiil- slon combines 7 hel|>s lii one-. Powerful bin harmless'. Pleasant, lo take NO Unicodes Youi own diug- glsL is unllion'ml to refund your money on the siwl. If your coiiah 01- cold Is not relieved by Creomul- sion _ rtt ] v . 4 SHCDDANS SALVE NIIW Liicati-il al 101 North Refinnl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I10N EDWAKIlS, VroiirliiJor ill nukes, <if rebuilt Typewriters, tildlnc Miclilncianil Cnlcuhtors ' cis tve know tobacco was first med about 405 ago ^throughout the years what one thing has j so nlucli pleasure.. so much satisfaction ; MISERABLE, AILING? JP -your day be. gins with frayed nerves, backache, headache or periodic pains, you need a tonic Tike Dr. Pierce's pavorll'e Prescription. Mrs. S. B. Taylor of 214 ,- E. ht Ave., Cor—i -» sicana, Texas:—"I hail a sharp |>aln in my riptil si(!r. and was so vrMV il limes 'thai I just had to dray myself alwut Ihe hoih*. I used to have, frc- nuent heidaches and dirzy swH*. loo. Aflfr I. Ka.l usrf Dr. Iftrcc's Fivorilt PrMCrip- lion I. had no further Iroublc. The J>am in niy side disappeared, also the headaches ^nd [ havt Iclt Tint eVer since." New siie. lableti 50 cts., liquiil $1.00. f.arge s'nt. labs, or \\rui\&, $U5. All d Write r\r. r.'etct'l Clinic, nuHj for'free medical advice. CO-LEA-NO R THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERrOR COAL i MINING CO. Phone 700 They came looking for gold .. but tliey found tobacco Early Colonial planters shipped hundreds of pounds of tobacco lo England in return far goods and supplies. ... and Lohiicco lias hccn like gold ever since! The l.ol»u:co raised in Virginia and cxclinugcil for goods liclped Hie struggling colonists to gel. a foothold when they came to America. L'Uer on, it \v;is tobacco that helped lo clothe and feed Washington's brave ;inny al. Valley Forge. Today il is lobrteco thai helps—more than nny oilier commodity raised in this coiinlry—In pay (he expense of running our Government. In Ihfl ftxctil year J033-3.', Ilic Federal. Clarcnnncnl. collected $.'i^ij,0no,000 from tlw /«.!: oit tobuccu. Most of this rntnn Jrom cigarettes — six cents tax on ctcri/ pad-age of ticcnhj, Yes, tlie cigarette helps a lot—and it certainij? gives men-and women a lot of pleasure. Smokers have several reasons for liking Chesterfields. F.o'r one thing, Chesterfields are milder. For another thing, the;/ ta.ilo better. They Satisfy. f> I.9H, IIMITT • Mvm Torcco Co,

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