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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 4

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 4

Cincinnati, Ohio
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STT.Se Can in no way be more perfectly demonstrated, than by making your remembrances Practical Gifts. Useful articles are enjoyed by everyone, are therefore a source of lasting pleasure'. Rugs, Nothing jdrls so much to the charm and cosine erf a home, as pretty floor coverings and attractive draperies. Their luxurious, soft colorings, enhance the warmth of the home spirit, which bespeaks a cordial welcome. Even though the furniture is nice, it does not appear to the best advantage without this necessary setting.

M.x R-J RniaeJ. MT x-s-s s.ra a-oiS-s SM.TS MlIU S4.TB 0-011-0 11-SllS- Axminster, 1.85 Axmihster, 3.35 Axminster, Axminster, Wilton Velvet, Curtains, $16.25 JS.7i-.Wilton Velvet, Ji, Tapestry 1.25 Tapestry 1 0.95 lH-m Tapestry Brussels, $1 1.55 CSHiv Tapestry Brussels, $15.95 Furnish something for everybody. Sh. Charm of fine ana arapenes Royal 6.00 EJE Royal Wilton, 2 Royal Body 135 Body $21.85 -fl n-vxiz-o Body Brussels, $29.95 Stating Qndicsls fiimjiumj 9m Stlot cJVattntun WHITTALL ANGLO PERSIAN Rugs, 4.50 2- 3x4-6 Rugs, 6.75 3- 0x5-3 Rugs $10.75 4- 6x7-6 Rugs $2100 64x9-0 Rugs $39.50 Rugs $58.00 9-0x12-0 Rugs $65.00 And all the ether sixes. THE HOOVER ELECTRIC SUCTION SWEEPER, The best cleaner made, $40.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $1 10.00 BISSELL'S CARPET 'SWEEPER, $1.85, $150, $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 BISSELL'S and other VACUUM SWEEPERS, $7.50 and $9.00 VERY LOW PRICES have been placed on some attractive Urns, Vases, Sand--.

wtch Trays, Baskets, 1 lower Pots, Umbrella Stands, Cedar Chests, Sewing Tables, Shirtwaist and Skirt Boxes, Screens, Cellarettes. LINOLEUM. $1.35 INLAID $1.08 Yd." laid. Short lengths and odd rolls JNLAID. 75c Yard.

75c. SURFACE. Yd. laid. Remnants and odd rolls SURFACE 37Vfc Yd" aupetu ithction ieuxpcriotjg axtldaA 6uitiU Jot Cftli.fmaA CAMPAIGN SOON TO CLOSE.

Officials Be port That 981,678 Has Been Collected Tor Charily. Workers In the campaign to ral VMO.UU In 10 days tor Cincinnati nodal service organisations reported thst 1 12, 2U was collected yesterday, making a total of IKl.UTa. Tlx oamiisigti" will close next Wednesdgy. Tbe Anti-Tuber culoels League's Christmas stamps will be on sale In the etores snd hotels, be ginning next Frldsy. The sale by mail at noon yesterdsy aggregated (2.TIM (HI.

The team record yesterday went to No. a. Robert Tsfl. Csptain, with gathered In one dsy. Philip Ruettlnger'n leam.

No. T. Is it i II In the lead, with a total of tH.Hftit U. The others are: No. I Robert Taft, Captain, SH.HK5 CJ; tiS.

rred W. Ualbraith, lh.M trj; No. t). A. W.

BohtlL 13; No. Ulis Alice tAal Ciff opjiea la tftoog oj tsjin4 fait. fiundxtd mnd seventeen fiaot Uouxtf, StxtA. E. Richard.

W.tBH ari; No. Mrs. Ben l.oewenstein, Stt.357 Wl; No. IT. K.

K. Horhler, 01 No. IO. William I. KonUr, 12; No.

18. Mrs. Ada 8. HtokM, 12; so. it.

Dr. Cwcsr Hlark. IV.liU No. 12, K. Jay Wohlg.

muUi. V2.HU 12; No. Htnry B. tti; No. William P.

Whlt-lo. Jia 12; No. 2, Paul K. Colnman. VJAM 12; No.

5, R. M. Ck lilltrne. fl.lllMCI; No. 1(1.

Dr. John Roberlsun. S1.4J3 12; No. IS, Ir. Herbert.

Brown. 27. COMMITTEES ABE NAMED. The following committees have been appointed by the Terrace Perk improvement Association: Railroad and Tradlon Transportation. Louis Brelllng, Samuel W.

Lloyd snd. I-ewl N. Oatch; Sanitation, D. B. Bhcrwood, F.

8. Riithenhoefer and Walter Boone; Publicity, F. B. Roth. enhoefer, A.

B. Cooney, Conkllng and Charles Oegncr. TI1E ENQUIltEll, CINCINNATI, SUNDAY, DECEM13KII 5, 1015 MAIN SHEKT Carpt Store fi Sinei fifty-four." RAILROADS Cfjrfetmns eptrit EnlargeTheir Earnings 1 Linoleums All our stocks are calculated to appeal to the varying and dia-criminatin taste of our patrons, in patterns, color effects and prices. The choicest products of the leading manufacturers of Rugs, in room or the small, all sixes, Anglo Persian, Roval Wilton, Wilton Velvet, Body and Tapestry Brussels, Ax-minster, Sec, the best assortment in the state, are at your option for selection; and our Drapery department shows the best curtains in the country for the money, in makes of popular demand. Any of the following, make desirable presents; and the PRICES ESPECIALLY REDUCED TO INDUCE EARLY HOLIDAY PURCHASING- Royal 2.75 SKIV.

Royal Wilton, 3.75 Hate Curtain: An especially selected assortment of $2.25 MARQUISETTES. ETAMINES and 1 CALEDON IANS, iLiO YdXS $3.00 FILET. SOUTACHE and CABLE NET. $1.85 Pair. A COLLECTION (Just received) REMARKABLY HANDSOME $3.50 ETAMINES, For $1.95 Pair! $4.00 Renaissance, rr IT.

phrycian ro nr POINT de PARIS Vf XS LACET ARABIAN $6.00 Curtains DUCHESSE IRISH POINT. Marie Antoinette $8.00 IRISH POINT POINT de CALAIS Marie Antoinette $12.00 POINT DE GENE PANELING. extraordinarily pretty and effective curtaining, $150. $4.50, $5, $640, $7.50 yard. JiSUNFAST PORTIERES, all.

popular colors, $3.95 Pair. 75c SUNFAST MADRASES 50c Yard. Cbc ca Qttc Co. 129 and 131 West Street. $5.85 isf 1 PLANS F0EEFATHEES DAY.

Following 4 meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cincinnati New England Society In the Business Men's Club yesterday It was announced that sneakers for the celebration of Forefathers' lay. LAceintier yi urfl Conroy, Prof. Clarence V. oiorna. mvcraiiy or Cincinnati; Rev Ixiuls Brujn, Indianapolis, and Mra.

Joaeph A. Hail, Cincinnati, who will reed an address written by Mrs. Fayette Smith. Grevnttald. MHu Th.

will be held la the Business Men's Club. HEAD B0TABIA1? TO SPEAK. "Forces that Make American Cities" la the subject of an address to be given next Thursday evening at the Hotel Slnton by Allen L. Albert, of Minneapolis, under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce. Mr.

Albert Is President of the International Aesoaiatiun of Rotary Clubs. Ine members of the Rotary Club have been invited to attend the dinner. Fifteen Per Cent Comparing -With a Year Ago. All Important Systems in the South Doing Well, Bit a Few la the West aid Saalh west Are Still la the Wsods. i Oross earnings of United Btsjtee ran-roads making weekly returns to Dun's Review continue to show Improvement, the total of all roads that have so far reported for three weeks In November amounting to en Increase ef 1S.6 per cent, as compared with the cor responding period a year ago.

Every Important system In the Bouth. notably Southern, Chesapeake and Ohio, Louisville and NashvlUs, Mobile and Ohio and Western Maryland makes a very sat isfactory statement, testifying to the re covery that has taken plaee of late In general business throughout that section. In the West and Southwest, however, one or two small roads still report some contraction, but the loas Is far more than offset by the gains on Missouri Pacific. Colorado and Southern. Denver and Rio Grand.

Texas and Pacific and other lead ing Unee, which Indicate generally pros porous conditions among the railroads la that part of the country. In the following table are given tbe gross earnings of all United States rail' roads reporting to date for three weeks In November, and the gain, as compared wth the earnings of the same roads for the corresponding period a year ago; also, for the reede that reported foe the same weeks In the two preceding months, to gether with the percentage of gains over last year: Wit. cm weeks. til. Isg Cleln.Hm.tsS 11 1 VMk.n. l.M SSS IS a st.Mt.ut mm 14 WtEEIESS TO BE USED. Wireless telegraph will be used Instead of the old poles and wire by the new Canadian Oovernment railway which Is to connect Hudson Bay with the Canadian Northern at La Pas, Manitoba. When put Into operation they will make a new era In railroad telegraphy, for no other road dependa solely on wireless over so long's stretch of territory. These now remains only 100 more miles of grading to be done to complete the roadbed from La Pas to Port Nekton. A bridge Is still to be constructed across the Nelson River, but this will be taksa hi "knockdown condition" snd will not take long to erect.

The railway between La Pas and Port Nelson will 57T.Ofa when completed and will be In op eration la time to handle some of the 1M7 crop. KATES TiTEEASONABLE. srenaL MariTca res svecissa. Washington, December 4. The Interstate Commerce Commission to-day de-elded In favor of the King Powder Company and the Charles Boldt Company, of Cincinnati, their complaint agalnet the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and other Carriers.

The complainants alleged that rates charged for tbe transportatloa of car'oad shipments on Imported nitrate of eoda from Baltimore and Philadelphia to Carrel Street Station. Cincinnati, and Kings Mills and Morrow, Ohio, was unreasonable and unduly prejudicial. The ratee complained of are special Import ratea on nitrate of soda and Involve Ini creasea over former rates. Tbe commis sion holds the Increases unjustified, but statea that the evidence does not Justify sn award for reparation. EECOED SOO TRAFFIC.

Bault Bte. Marie. December i Freight traffic through the St. Mary's River snd Canal last month, amounting to D.ieH.Ml tons, established a new high mark for the month of November, exceed ing by 771.112 tons the previous record, made In November. 1142.

Comnarad with November, 1014. the Increase was B.124.-I OH.1 tons. Vessel pasaagea numbered 2.456. as compared with 1.3511 the same month last yesr. Practically the entire Increase In was la the east bound movement.

which aggregated tons. Wheat showed the largest gain la shipments for the month, amounting to 74.MA.HH7 bushels, as compared with 32,770,258 bush els lsst November. HEADLIGHT TALES ENDED. Washington, December 4. Argument was completed to-day before the Inter state Commerce Commission on the pro posed rule of the commission to require railroads to Install high-power electric headlights In plaoa of acetylene or oil lights.

Most of the railroads ars opposed to the rule, which Is supported by the or ganisations of railway employeea as mak ing for ssfety. PACKAGE FREIGHT DLKEE. At the get-together meeting given by the M. snd at. Psckags rrelght Bureau to-morrow, tO p.

at the Business Men's Club, H. P. Hathaway, General Agent Kanawha Diepatch, will give an address en "The Practical flde of the Package Car Service and Ita Advan tagea," and John I Bhuff. Postmaster, will give a general talk on "Co-operation for Improvement and Prompt Delivery of Mall as an Aid To Business." TUIXIS GETS APPOINTMENT. E.

B. Tullls, formerly Chief Clerk la the general freight offices of the B. and O. W. and L.

and D. at Cincinnati, has been appointed Division freight Agent of the B. snd O. 8. W.

Railroad st Ctncin-nstl, effective December 1, succeeding O. Lewis, promoted to Assistsnt General Freight Agent of the B. and O. 8. W.

and C. H. and D. Mr. Tullls has been.

In the employ of the Baltimore and Ohio system for over 30 years. NEW HAVEN APPOINTMENTS. The New Tork. Mew Haven snd Hart ford Railroad Company, the Central New England Railway Company and the New England Steamahlp Company have ap pointed Howard 8. Palmar Auditor of Dlsbumemenls-ta succeed 8.

C. Fleet wood, who. sfter 4S years of continuous service, will, at his own request, be assigned to other duties. Joha J. Ward.

haa been appointed Statistics! Account, ant, vice H. 8. Palmer, promoted. EXPORT GASOLINE ADVANCED. New York, December 4.

The Standard Oil Company of New York to-day announced an advance of 1 cent a gallon on all grades snd packages of gasoline for export. The advance, It waa said, would take effect at once. TT TE were sitting in the dark, my wife and S3 Th eoW Ksssein Prim itiiO WOMAN Is Accused of Forgeries Prisoner, Tis Said, Ad mid Signing Father's Name Te Tea Checks -Mu Alnt Held. A womsn, dressed stylishly snd wearing Jewelry, who savs aha is Mrs. Viols Johnson, 13 years old, wss taken to detective headquarters yesterdsy by Detectives Dsn Callahan and William Mahan to be questioned In regard to two charges of forgery.

B. Ear hart, manager of a garage at Ut East Seventh street, hsd sworn to war rant for Mrs. Johnson's arrest. 1 aea. u.

a. ore. sgJg thinking of the long ago. Do you remember that old song we used to sing. she asked suddenly.

I pressed her hand, and rising softly put -rive's. Old Sweet Sonar into mv rianola. I Shortly before she wss taken Into custody a man who' registered as Joaeph Bchmals, 11 years old, chauffeur, waa ar rested on two chsrges of securing money under fslse pretenses. Earbert also swore to a warrant for Bchmals's arrest. It la alleged that Mrs.

Johnson forged her father's name to two checka which amounted to lit H. Earhart, a friend of fichmalx, la said to havs honored them. They were made payable at the First iNa- tlonal Bank. Detective Sergeant Morlar-Ity saya the woman admitted that she made tbe checks payable to herself, and requested Schmals to cash them. Detectives ssy Bchmals admitted that he cashed the checks.

The women confessed, It Is said, that shs bad forged her father's nsme to 10 checks. Bchmals admitted, sccordlng to detectives, thst he cashed eight of them. Her father, ft. Langdale, Xoveland, Ohio, dM nut ssnu. lion the transactions.

It Is said. The woman said that she had been married three times and divorced twice. She stated that her husbsnd name Is Frsnk Johnson and that he is a ststion-sry engineer. Mrs. Johnson sdded thug played very softly as one can do simply by pressing gently on the pedals.

Then she began. Fuller and fuller her dear voice rose and, as it did so, I increased the pressure, holding the tones by a touch of the Sustaining Pedal. I was supporting-her by an exquisite 'sustained tone effect, which none but a master musician can accomplish upon the piano. As the notes came quicker I touched the wonderful Metrostyle lever which quickens or retards even the slightest phrase. When she' paused I pressed it to the side and paused too.

Every whispered inflection others I was able to follow by means of the wonderful patented devices of the Pianola. "There was a pause when she finished. Then she whispered, 'What wonderful accompaniment "It really was but the Pianola itself is wonderful. With a little pleasant application it enables you to reflect every phrase of a singer's feeling in the accompaniment every effect a practiced pianist can develop on a good piano. Every slightest pause, every lightest accent is brought out with the most delicate reflection of your mood.

You can linger on a passage or quicken it You can sink it away or swell it forth. And you can do all these things through but three simple levers which have placed the Pianola far above the performances of any mechanical player!" PIANOLA Enables you to play the piano well We want 70a to come to our tore and hear tbe genuine Pianola. The Aeolian Company, who make this wonderful Instrument, hsve developed it so thst everyone can play It well. Herein it differs front the host of player pianos which attempt to Imitate it We are the sole representatives in this city for the Pianola, and we handle no player planoa but the Pianola line that wonderful group of Instruments embracing the finest pianofortes in tbe world at their respective prices, combined with the genuine Pianola action. THE AEOLIAN COMPANY 25 West Fourth Street.

she does nut live with her huknand. "Dr. Charles Langdale, receiving physician at the General Hospital, and Dr. Hupert Langdale. Norlhaltfe dentist, are my brothers." the woman to detectives.

"Schmals wss a good man when 1 met him and I don't blame him for what haa happened. I have wronged no one but my father. I will take the eonaequenees. My father will get me out of trouble. I am a graduate of the Conservatory of Music and can tickle the keys as well as the next." Whan ssked by detectives If she hsd been arrested before the woman said: "I was brought hers on a charge of drunkenness" Detectives sy other persons on whom Schmals Is alleged to have passed checks will prosecute, lioth the sreused woman and man registered as living at Wis Vine street.

ON EDUCATIONAL W0HX. D. C. Buell, of the Railway Education al Bureau, Omsha, was in ths city yesterdsy calling on local officials. The bureau la composed of most of the rail roads operstlng In the West.

Mr. Buell'i mission la to disburse Information re gaidlng western trsvel and to create confluence In the mind of the tourist He was the guest last night ef a number of menus who hsd him to dinner. Grand Prize, Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, 1915 Grand Prize, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Baiter's Brealrfast Cocoa The Food Drink Without a Fault Made of high-grade cocoa beam, skilfully blended and manufactured by a perfect mechanical process, without the use of chemicals; it is absolutely pure and wholesome, and its flavor is delicious, the natural flavor of the cocoa, bean. The genuine hears this trade-mark, and is made only ly Walter Baker Co. Ltd.

Established 1780 DORCHESTER, MASS, Important res saeWst wasleTesaas' fssf I aers hut ens JHoaoia; it it wmii tmlg if i- iff rat en (ass sals' eae If awe) It ee-feiaaHs in fas Wloewnf Tna Srsissar Piaaoia Tag Srxrs Pianota Tag Wswaiaca Piasola Tag SrvrvsaasT PiaaoLa Tag Sraocns Pianaaa Tna Fsawca Wgasa PiasoLs iVssssss $SiO reM, 1S1I, fas JesMea C. Tuberculosis Is Helped by what may be called the "natural'' treatment. This la based on plenty fresh air, a sufficiency of pure food snd as large a measure of rtit as can be had. While It should never be neglected. treatment Ines not alwas secure the results, nomatlnvie thine la nerd I medication In order to bring about miuuiUo body resistance.

In such cases kkikmtn'i Alterative been used with a Inrse measure ef -cess. Indeed, In many Instances tuberculosis apparently haa yielded to this ni-rallon. In any rase. It Is worth ma snd. since It eontama no opiates.

or habit-forming drugs, lis use i Sold by Dow's Eleven Stores snd lrannc drussiaU. Kehsaaa Laboratory. Fhlledelpbla. RETIRED BUSINESS MEN If you have given up active bulns life on account of failing health because you are a sufferer of Hardening of Arteries, High Blood l'r" Angina Pectoris, Heart Trouble, Difficult Breath, Dlasy, Kslnllng 'r Smothering Spells, you will be Interested, to know that the recent dlsov-ery of Mr. It.

von Waldsn. a German Sclsntist, will give you prompt permanent relief and prolong your I'f'. without tha use of drugs and madlcim under the positive guarantee to produce satisfactory results provided your ease is accented or refund yir money. If you are a business or profclonai man wa will forward to you, r'rr all expense. Booklet explslnlng covery, unquestionable reference' Sclsntlflo Consultstlon snd Exsmlns-tlon Chart, with opinion of speclali-t.

aa te your caae. If you will send a full inscription of your symptoms te The R. von Welden Institute, Mitchell Cincinnati, Ohio. A THOUSAND DEAF PEOPJ-E A thousand people beoeme deaf esrh rear, we are Informed, because of acting to overcome catarrh of the nostril passages snd throat. Always when one is letting over cold In tne nesn '-nger's Catarrh Balm ahould be userf it easts but fifty cents of any good drusisi.

and mar savs many dollars snd hearing sense, too. PorhspS the readers hearing Is not so acute, perhaps the ears Itch and thump sway Inside csnnot see wall, It's catarrhal dearne' coming on. and the war to absoluisir stop 11 Is by using this wonderful. curstive Dsim treieinger Balm. It is guaranteed satisfactory or dealers, snd a Pre sample may nT by addressing.

Inclosing sc stamp co" cost ef mailing. Preiglager'S) Cslsns new vo, uayum, uuio..

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