The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Dramatic Sessions Preceded Final Congressiona Roll 1 Calls Aii Oddity in Aiviina! Acts (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL (i. WASHINGTON, April 0 (UP) — Final congressional action on the resolution declaring war on Germany came shortly after 3 A.M. on Gocd Friday, April 6—20.years ago. Through a dramatic night session tbe House of Representatives had sat under leadership pressure to put the resolution through before adjourning. Two days before the senate had approved the resolution after debate in which charges of "near treachery" were hurled at the handful of opponents Many of the .statements fluusr about during the dramatic hous< and senate In the light of lilstoo show ^ip the slight knowledge some of wh'at war with Germany meant Sen. Claude Swanson of Virginia— now secretary of navy—spoke hop- •inj that the United Slntes could EC ud up to 50.000 men abroad. Millions went. Shortly before 11 P.M. on April 4 the senate approved the war resolution. The vole was 82 to 6. Vardumau Led Opposition During that day of bitter debuts the opposition was led off by Sen. James K. Vardaman of Misslsslopl. "I only wish 1 could believe that the thing {he senate is about to do will redound to the interest of the American people, but for the life of me I cannot bring myself lo believe it will coutiibute lo the welfare .of the great mass of the American people and to the Irauplness of the Morld and elevate and render more permanent the civilization of man- kliiu," lie said. As the debate waged ou Sen. George \V. Norris—sole senate survivor of the six opponents, stood up. In the grave soft voice which •still carries to all pails of the 'chamber, he said that ho was "bitterly opposed to entering the ,war, but if. notwithstanding my opposition, we do enter it, nil of my energy and all of my power will be behind our nag in carrying it on to victory" . . At. "Command of Gold" "We ore going into the war upon the command of gold," said Norris. 'We are goino to run the risk of sacrificing millions of our countrymen's lives In order that other countrymen may coin their lifeblood into mousy" Prophetically he then said: "Upon the passage o'i this resolution \\e''wlll havei joined Europe iii'llie great catastrophe nnd taken America Into entanglement.'! will llof end vUHi'lhls w ar but will livejaiid bihig tlifV'evIl influences upon 1 many generations yH unborn " I" ,, .;"' '~, '- ! .''Y: ' Norris' assertion that : ho.fcH "we are about to put', the dollar sign upon the American flag," aroused •war supporters.' '. L Sen James A Reed of Missaurl said: "if that be not treason it lakes on a character mid guise that is so near treason that the enc. mies of America will gain from It rich consolation." . 1 ' "Grazes Edge of Treason" Sen. John Sharp Williams of Mississippi then added, "if, it be \. not treason it grazes the edge of treason " Similar scenes occurred in the house two days later. > An anti-resolution speech bj Coop;r of Wise, drew the rclorl jfrom Rep. pat Harrison. D.. Miss —now senator—that 'the spsect /'would have been most'appropriate if delivered >in the Reichstag." Rep. Fred Britten. R... 'in,, sou" 1 ' to amsnd the resolution in the house to present American soldier- being sent abroad except by nu thonzation of Congress. "I do not believe that the great masses 1 of our people are in favp of a. declaration of war." he said Applaure JVom Galleries Rep Carter Glass. D., va.. askei Britten how lie knew- the "peopl- do not want .war." Applause cam from the galleries at. the question a y& &Y)\: Plant Anchors Used To Balk Shrub Thieves NRW ORLEANS (UP) — City flower lovers aro reviving the use if "plant authors" to prevent val- uiblc .shrubs mid flowering bushes I'.'iiliisl thicks. Vandals have been aldinsf cardem In fashionable inijhborlicnds. stealing plants uml eiicllljirf them. The "[limit anchor" is no myth. it's an iron budget which when nKliK! under the ground ojiens up nd spreads muni's, defying any- nif so remove it. To the other tid vf the anchor is a chain with i ring Dial holts around the stalk. Thieves won't wrestle with] Trainc' In stolen plants has heroine enormous. Recently. Cien. Allison Owen, president of the New Orleans parkway commission, ice! a warning lo flnwcr buyers, •flnn't liny plants or flowers from uriMcrn.sed dealers." Dcsides taking steps for prevent- ui<4 plant ttieft In private gardens. Hie city has been compelled to place guards along the neutral fii'ounds wheiv inns Its new $350.- Uie n SCO Azalcii Trull, so widespread I have the night plant thieves been " • operating. Courier News w.uu Ms. _^tff J|__ _J// Max Griiber. debonair subjugator of strange wild animuls. presents his "AniiuiU Oddities" at cadi nei- ormance of the Tom Mix Chens. This'unimic combination of pe.forming miUimls-a cute baby 'elcphai-t an educated zebra mid Great Uane don perform unbelievable antics at the command of their notec ralner. Scores of new and novel nnimal acts, performing horses, ponies and canines will lie seen whcr Tom Mix brings his bis 3 ring chcus to Blylhevllle. Tuesday. April 13th. Tex I of War Dccktralion .WASHING-TON (UP)—The joint resolution which s:nt the United States into the* World War 20 years ago, read us follows: "Resolved by the Senate nml House of Representatives of the Uniled Stales of America In Congress assembled that the state of war between the United States and the Imperial German ijoveni- ment which has thus been thrust upon the Uillteil States is hereby -formally'declared; and that (he President be, mid he Is"" hereby rornially directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the United States and the resources of the government to carry on war against the Imperial German government, ami to bring the conflict to n successful determination all of the resources of the ,country are hereby pledged by the Congress of the United States." nnd the presiding olficer warned the spectators. Shortly after 3 A.M. tlm hoii'.a rollcnll was completed. The \als vas announced by Speaker Clinnip Oli'rk as 373 to 50. "•Same slight delay occurred dur- I ing ', Ihe lollcail us the. reading 1 cleik rtachtd the naiin or .lenn- te Rankln, only woman nu'iiiber at thnt time/ Her name jvgv cji.lled.lwlee. she (inally rtis'e, 1 .-ami"unwittingly vlo- Inlfd a house nil' trying- lo spjak during the rollcall. "Mr! speaker I nin opposed lo wai and favor peace. \ love my country." she said, and sat down. "How no you vote." colleagues shouted. She stood up n;jahi and said "No." Read Courier News'-Wnht'Adi Hi-lions Spend AToir on rood LONDON (UP)-Tlic first things — — psojile buy, when they go back 10 Postal Heads Finally i ™' k . a ™ fo< *' «»d •ciothinij, tu.. r,. , ,, ™ ioar<l of Trade's report on retail hnd Kansas lOWn] ladl "S "' January reveals. Mil" ons »wre were sjwnt last PECK. Kan.. (UP>—The postal " J ' llla " a >'<""' "SO guide from Washington finally has caught up with its oliice here, j The directory had listed the: pcstolflcc as located In Sedgwickj county, although since 1933 it has) .been in 'Sunnier. 'Hie February guide made certain there would be no mistake again by noting: "Peck, now In Simmer county, not Sedgwick county." The difficulty arises from the fact the main street of Peck divides the two counties. Location of the office has been changed frequently from one side of the street to the other, although it always has remained within a 300-foot radius of the cciil^r of the town. | Permission of Washington olll-j cials hii.s to be obtained before' the shifts are made, but they up- j jiarenlly were IntJ In notifying' TERRY ABSTRACT & 'REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. M. Terry, 1'res. and Mgr. rtone617 niytheville.Ark. D.P.L.-11 D. P. L-11 Have You Visited Our New Mfltlmi Service Station'.' While liosc Gasoline flooilyear Tires Willard Batteries Koad Service On - Gas - Tires - Wrecks 21 J10UK SliKVlCK Call C33 For I'roiniit Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. SEED CORN — COW FOR BEST PEDIGREES SEED , Second 0 V. PICAS — SOY I5KANS I -HICKS SEE 28!) C'ampiis Kililur I.s Chines? SAN JOSE, Cal. (UPi—CharUs Ijeoiit;. Walsonviile. Cat., Chinese youth, holds tin- honor of bcini! (he onU- Chinese editor of a college daily newspaper in the United States. He edited [lie Sp.ivLm Daily at the San Jose Stiitc College. Head'Courier :;ews want Acts. IN THE COUNTY AND PROBATE COURT FOR THE " CHICK A- SAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS III the Matter of the Estate ol J. M. Anderson. Deceased. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO A1TJ.Y FOR OHI>KH OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, us administrator of the, estate of J. M. Anderson.- deceased, will apply to the Mississippi County Probate Court on the 13th day of April, 1937 for authority to sell Ihe following lots and premises belonging to said estate, to-wit: The North 45 Feet of Lots Eleven and Twelve. Block Nliw- tecn (191. Blythe Addition to Blytheville. Ark., also Lot Nine (9). Block Eight (81. Chickasawba Addition to the City of Blytheville. Said sale is made for the purpose oi paying the debts of said estate. This March '23. 1037. W. M. WILLIAMS. Administrator. 23-30-0-13-20 H The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station at Holland, Mo. i is-now open and selling high grade gasoline for .13 per gallon, tax paid, as the opening special to convince 1 ' you that they have better gas at lower price Also Cigarettes at $1.15 per carton NEW &ue. INTERIOR ARRANGEMEN ALLOWS 9 DIFFERENT SHELF VARIATIONS! • You can plncc the utility baskets wherever you \\isli in the new Norgc— cliange the new insert shelf as your changing food supply demands. Large roasts, melons, tall bottles—fit easily into the new Norge. And to give you even greater dolhr-for-dollar value, operating costs arc down —over-all economy is up. See the new Norgc Rollator Refrigerator now I ONLY A DAY • • mmmmmmmm For A Large Family Size Xorgc Hardaway Appliance Co. J. \V. Adams, Mgr. Phone 2;« 2nd & Alain SLEEP OMABEWTYREST? AVhcn yoii go (o bed tonight will yo:i tli'op olT to .sleep naturally? Or v.iH yon/loss and turn" initH you give »]> anil tnkt "scnicthitiR 11 ? If you Iiavu trouble- sleeping look nl yeur mal- trcss firsl. The right mntlrcss is the grcatc.s! sleep iiitl in thn worhL A joort nmUress is the, host iircM-riptinn for a Rood night's sleep. fere's a SPECIAL OFFER on the So many pcniilc waul bclli'r sleep; and so many people use inferior nniUrcsses! We're going to miikc it possible for yon lo have the right mattress —the kind of mattress lhal will help yon get refreshing sleep. This . week \vc offer yon the famous Simmons Heaulyrest for only a small down payment, lialance can be paid weekly or monthly- in amounts so small you won't miss them. First come to our store and convince yourself that Ihe lieaulyresl is Ihe mattress you want (you can see (he interior, you can fry its Floating Action and Sag-proof Kclgp, yon can .judge its general quality). Then, if satisfied, instruct us lo deliver one to your home on these liberal terms.

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