The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1956
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2T, 1W8 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWg PAGB THRE1 Industry Finds Box On Suggestions Pay By SAM DAWSON , i • By anal titinovei NEW YORK (AP) - Keepers of the suggestion box wish that cartoonists would :.i.. rm,;. _ij ..*—,iv.f oi,™,, 0 »»> hncc nnpnitin the box to find the suggestion. Birthday Party For the Dogs L06 ANGELES («-Cyrano, Cecil, Clem, Gillie, Harry, Mickey, Molly, Jaycee and Bockett got together for a birthday party yester- liossom, a basset hound, was 1 year old, and owner Ellen Weisman invited her pet's basset iriends NEW YORK (AP — Keepers 01 me suggestion UUA w«u ""., *rv"""~~ "r,-" get a new idea. The old standby shows the boss opening the box to find, the suggestion. "Drop dead". • Directors of industrial sugges-* tion systems say that oldie rarely turns up, but funnier ones do. They cite a recent instance when a company asked employes, What would you do if you got control of this firm tomorrow?" and received this tip: "Sell it." Suggestions, however, are a serious business for the companies and most employes. Million Tips The National Assn. of Suggestion Systems reports that within one year its 800 members received more than a million suggestions from employes, used 260,000, and paid seven million dollars for the ideas. The association makes no guess on how much money industry saves e.ich year by tips from employes but says it must run into the millions. Here are examples of the scope of a few individual suggestion systems: Bernard P. Anderson, vice president in charge of manufacturing 01 Remington Rand division of Eperry Rand, says employes' ideas on how the business should be run increased both in quantity and Quality in 1955. The company, which actively encourage suggestions, received 12,446. used 3.905 and paid 837,867 ^for them. For the first time suggestions for eliminating red tape and needless paper work topped ideas "for improving production methods. • Cost $3 Million Harry W. Anderson, vice presl dent in charge of personnel at General Motors, says workers offered 228,437 suggestions and GM paid 5S,225,741| for the 54,635 it adopted. In the last 14 years the motor company has paid 11 million dollars for tips. The Ford Motor Co. paid $1,022,228 for 15,749 suggestions accepted from 77,815 submitted—al three figures being records,, according to John S. Bugas, vice president-industrial relations. What ideas win tae big money from the boss? D. O. Morse, pres ident of the National Assn., of Sug gestion Systems, says that the prize winner in 1956 was Mrs Em ma Oabor of the jet division o; Thompson Products, Cleveland who made good use of her nai polish to earn $6,592. She put the brilliant coating on the edge c the continuous belt used on th high speed polishing machine she operates, to stop its ravelling. The company adopted the idea, substi tilling lacquer for nail polish. Marilyn's Back HOLLYWOOD , (/P)—Marilyn Mon roe is back in town. Feeling "a bi tired," the shapely actress arrive< by air from flew York Saturdaj night to do "Bus Stop," her firs film for 20th Century-Fox since sh and the studio called off a yearloni leud. The Luxora Book Club met Tuesday evening at the home Mrs. James Riherd. Cherry pie, made by the Rev. Mr. Riherd, and coffee were served to 20 guests who attended and heard Mrs. Tom Balloue review the condensed form of the current best seller, "This Is Goggles." The Literary Department of Os- Mrs Don Blodgett was high score winner and Mrs. Edrington won second high. -ceola Progressive Club met TV day afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dwight Blackivood with Mrs. O. W. Pfc. Oscar Connell, who has beer stationed in Germany for the pas year will return to the states on March 5. Upon his arrival, Mrs Connell, who is the former Miss Ann White, will join him and thes will go to Clarksdale, Miss., wrier peaker. She chose the history of St. Augustine, Pla., as her topic. Fourteen members were present Boiled custard and pound cake were served at the conclusion of the meeting. Read Courier News Classified Ads Oiight as co-hostess. Mrs. Frank Rhodes was guest Mrs. Prank Rhodes was hostess Wednesday to her bridge club. She nvited Mrs. Guy Newcomb ana Mrs. Bill Joe Edrington as her special guests. Mrs. Bob Dyess won high score and Mrs. Walter Daniels, second high. Mrs. Harold Smith was hostess Wednesday to her canasta club. A!' members were present. Hrs. Smith served her guests a salad plate. All members were present Thursday when Mrs. Garner Rabbins was hostess to her canasta club at the Hut. Pie and coffee were served preceding the games. Mrs. Bi)ly Chiles was hostess Tuesday evening to her Three Table Bridge Club. All members were "present. Mrs. Chiles served a dessert course. Mrs. John B. White invited Mrs. Oscar Connell, Mrs. Prank Edrington and Mrs. Coleman Stevens to play with her Three Table Bridge Club when she was., hostess Tuesday afternoon at her home north of Os- they "will make their home. Th Council's have a baby son, ,Osca Connell, III. Mrs. Russell Harrison of Brink ley visited her sister, Mrs. Roy Cox the first part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jones o TexarKana visited his parents, Mr and Mrs. Harry Jones, over th weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morgan, Jr and three children were in littl Rock over the weekend visiting Mrs Morgan, Sr. Mrs. E. M. Radcliff was in Mem phis Tuesday for a medical check up. - Mi' and Mrs. Harold Jones an daughter, Ethel Mae, spent th weekend in Brinkley as guests Mrs. Jones' mother, Mrs. Harr Hurst. Mrs. John Morgan of Memphis was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Lelah Cable, and her niece, Mrs. David Laney, over the weekend. • Miss June Welborn was an overnight patient Tuesday at the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in Memphis, where she went to have an eye tissue removed, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tompkins, Jr., drove to Memphis Thursday to meet his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tompkins of Burdette, who were called 10 days ago to Long Beach, Burglar Likes Church Houses LOS ANGELES (A')—A man arrested at a church on suspicion of burglary was quoted by police: "Ever}' time I pass a church, I get the urge. I always break into Tompkin's brother-in-law. . Jim Bill Farris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Farris,.was a tonsillectomy patient during the week in Baptist Hospital in Memphis. Dr. and Mrs. Percy Herring visited their son, Robert, in Clinton, Miss., where he is a student at Mississippi State College. Mrs. Spencer Driver, Mrs. Ely Driver and Mrs. C. E. SuUengcr are visiting for several days in Little Rock. Mrs. C. M. Hurwell, Mrs. D. H. Blackwood and state regent, Miss Ruth Massey, attended the region- : al meeting of DAB in Little Rock this week. I Mrs. Joe Evans and children and; Mrs. William McCaughey of Biy- theville drove down from Blytnc- ville Wednesday to visit their grandmother, Mrs. S. B. Terry, and Uieir aunt, Mrs, C. B. Wood. Mrs. John Edrington and Mrs..j Elsie Edrington were in Pine Bluli during'the week where Mrs. John Edrington attended a meeting ol; the board of the industrial school school of which she is a member. Mrs Herbert Wilson and two children,'of Forrest City, visited this week in the home of her parents, j Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Thome. i Mrs. Tom Hunt of Lepanto is! visiting her son, T. W. Hunt, and', Mrs. Hunt and their new daugn- j .ter, Melanie Claire. to the back yard festivities. The guests also included Blossom's sextuplet brothers and sisters, Bonnie, Crock, Max, Dutchess and Joie; the parents, Pierre and Bon Bon, and a Chihuahua named Chi Chi. The only untoward incident occurred when one of the dogs' owners saw her small son sitting at a table, helping himself to some goodies from a paper plate marked "Cyrano." "David!" she shrieked. "Stop eating that! That's dog food!" Letter Writing Is Expensive L06 ANGELES (IP}— What does it co»t a buslnew firm to write a letter? A survey of 200 Los Angeles businessmen indicates the figure is between $1 and $1.25. This includes dictation, stenographic time, overhead, mailing, churches. It's my lifelihood. I never rob anything other than churches." Police said Wesley S. Pond, 38, served a year and a half in San Quentin Prison in 1951-52 for church burglaries and another six months in the county jail last year for the same offense. Since his release Dec. 20, detectives quoted him, he has burglarized 10 more churches. Solon Uses Trick To Win Votes . PROVIDENCE, B. I. (Jf) — Sen ' John F. Kennedy D-MaM used a little-known political trick In an el- tort to win votes (or the Democrats. He used a taxi to go to Hope High School for a speech and was going to give the driver a substantial tip with a plea to vote Democratic. "But then I remembered some- stationery, filing and related charges. The survey was made by Dr. Ei-win Kelthley of the business education faculty at UCLA, who says few businessmen are aware of the high cost of correspondence. thing Sen. Green had" fold," he mid, Kennedy and Sen. Green D-Rl -both-ftw-eoneidwwl-wealthy. "Instead of a big Up," Kennedy said, "I gave him no tip at all and told him to vote Republican." Approximately 85 per cent of all passenger travel in the United States ta by motor vehiola. Choked Up Cold? WITH A Colon Troubles? Hemorrhoids? 2 Free Book Shows How Thousands Found Relief: , These potential health-wreckers are closely related. Learn how each affects you; how to avoid mistakes in treating them; how thousands have found a proved effective treatment. We will also send our reference list, including many satisfied patients right here in town or nearby Write, telling which ailment troubles you. Address Suite 1412-C, Thornton Minor Hospital, 911 E. Linwood, Kansas City 9, Mo. Can't Get Rid of Your Cold? Then try 666, the wido-activity medicine, for greatest effectiveaeet; against all symptoms of all kinds of colda. 666 combines 4 potent, widely- prescribed drugs and gives positive dramatic results in a matter of hours. It» combined therapy covers the complete range of all cold symptoms. No other cold remedy can match 666 liquid or 6SS Cold Tablets. 666 ARE YOU A VICTIM? We don't know who the man was who first discovered the effect of fermented grape juice on the human interior, but one thing about him is reasonably certain: he lived a long while ago. This much is sure, because the history of chronic alcoholism is almost as old as the history of man himself. People have been getting incurably drunk for centuries. The astonishing thing about chronic alcoholism is that until very recently virtually nothing at all was known or done about it. If an alcoholic got any attention at all, it was the sort that did him no good. No one believed he deserved sympathy or help. Sure to be condemned, he was seldom cured. His closest friends had nothing to offer except the blunt advice that he had better stop drinking. The sick man or woman was universally ridiculed, frequently reviled and never understood except by brother alcoholics who knew no more than he> how to stop drinking. It remained for the twentieth century to discover what chronic alcoholism really was and to find a way to do something about it. For the first time, alcoholics today are getting really effective help. Chronic alcoholism is a disease. Its victims cannot control it by the use of their will power . . . and ordinarily It is incurable. In the long run, it can be counted on to kill or to drive its victims insane. It has been described as a physical allergy, coupled with a mental obsession to drink. Something within the physical mechanism is running wild so that the alcoholic is unable to take one drink without continuing drinking until drunk. Bluntly, the alcoholic simply can't stay away from the stuff. His drinking habits are no more subject to self-control than would be cancer or meningitis. A great many peddlers today are hawking remedies for the headaches of the world. Some o£ them cry their wares with voices that often sound "above the pitch, out of tune and off the hinges," as a wag once put it. But among the discordant notes, a few clear tones may be heard occasionally. One of these is made by a fellowship that is frankly disinterested'in headaches in general, socializing in a particular kind of headache, the morning after variety known as the hangover, and in its causes and cure. If you're interested in what to. do about alcoholism, write a letter to Box 873, Blytheville. All contacts are confidential. We are anonymous. When You Think Enough of Your Clothes to Want The VERY BEST ... Try Hudson's STAYBRIGHT CLEANING PROCESS Staybrighl is a remarkable cleaning formula designed to retain the original lustrous colors in your clothing —actually adds months to the life of a garment. Find out as so many others have how little it costs to keep that freshly-groomed, cleaned and pressed appearance. Whenever your clothing needs attention, phone Hudson ... make it a habit to look your best AT ALL TLMES! • Better Cleaning •TheHudson Finish • 8 Hour Service (For The Asking) rn «ch««, p*lu, <*U, brakes, kvac, «Mf, bMdMbw, MUt u< rttan. «" Bob'i Gypiy Rub Linimant AntUMt M jMr ftmtt* AK «*••«•* . c. o. SMITH momicrs co. . HUDSON Cleanei - Clothier - Tailor Blyth.vill., Ark. St««l«, Mo. PENNEY *Mft'.'>l«S.t END OF MONTH CLEAN-UP! HHHW^^V *^^~ .____^^__^____^ «...-.: m v v Here Is The Penney Girl ready to Present Some of the Year's BIGGEST BARGAINS! Ladies' lovely Dresses ...... • -reduced to Ladies' and Girls' Sweaters ..... reduced to Men's Wool and Nylon Jackets . .cuitoasiowas$7.lMl Men's Sweaters . . . ., ....... Asiowas Finest ROGERS Silver Steak and Carving Sets Yours in two lovely patterns: Americana and Jubilee. 2 PC. Carving Set §£77 Now reduced to...... • 8 PC. Steak Set $"1T1 Now reduced to I 6 PC. Steak Set S* 77 Now reduced to T 1 A Table-Full of REMNANTS You won't believe your eyes when you see the wonderful bargains on our remnant counters. There are fine pieces of nearly every material M'e have in the store. All Drastically Reduced in Price! Penney's is ready for you with more bargains than there is room to mention .. .sweaters for the whole family. . .housewares and draperies .. . scissors .. • finest linens . . . you just can't afford to miss gelling in on our E. 0. M. CLEANUP ... We'll be looking for you. Men's Slacks Penney's value-packed highest quality gabardine slacks for men. Rayon-acetate blend resists non oily spots, wrinkles and water. Sizes $100 29 to 42 '4' Men'* and Boys' SHIRTS Jlen and Hoys! Now! Terrific savings on high- quality shirts . . . Corduroy, Flannel, Rayon . . . full cut. and beautifully styled . . . buys you will not want to miss . • • AND at a price you can not afford to miss. 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