The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 9, 1935
Page 2
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o-el gLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Squeeze Play Is Favorite of This Woman Bridge Star . . Ing Thursday Bridge and Biii!s ig inursqay crtage OHIO. •»'« »<»w "( we c^iirirn, and W Thursday contract club mcctlnc stimulate and enlist iiiem In wil- iii, \r, c i~. r, roi.rfin ••-•••* ncssln for Christ. «IUi Mi 5 G. G, ' MldAVeek' Clirb "rrjectlng wllh y \ W. A. Organized. Mrs. J. Louis Cherry. urs. <j, wilts wieny. »"•- »wiMiy wvwanh i}ti\iiiviy U. D. C. meeting with Mrs. W. °' the First Bupilsi church nisi T. Obcrct. at "ic home of Mrs. Sam Majjall, Yarbro woman's missionary toe. counselor, hist evening and or- Icty .meeting', wllh Mi's. ''"- eanizcd. ' Thompson SATURDAY'S EVENTS Children of Confederacy having luncheon meeting, 12 o'clock, wllli Mrs. James B. Clarlt. Executive Board (o Have Supper Party, Membeij of the e\eci)l|ve . of trie council .of the First Christian church will be jues'ls of Mr. 'andMrs. J, C. Ellis this evening for a supper meeting al their Bar- Held home. • + + EnUtlatn Fac'ully Members. The 11 members of the Sudbury school facility were guests of t»irs, Mary Spann and Miss Keltic civa'y Irlaay evening for a party at their r-evy home nenr osceoia. After various games, a fruit salad was served with candles and coffee. Women or Chrlellan Church Have"MeeUnc- Members of, ins Woman's Missionary society of the First Christian church met al the. home"of Mrs. w. T. Barnctl Monday after- noon'when Mrs. M. T. Moon'-was assistant'hostess. Mrs. Edith McCool: presided In the. business session ana Mrs. I. O. Westorook was devotional leader with the theme "Moments With ,the Master." Mrs. M. Fitzslmtndns gave the World Call reading. The program "The East at Home ui tl)e West." »ns led by Mrs. John C. McHaney, assisted by Mrs. Gco. W. .'Barham who spoke on "The Japanese Church ' at Home," and •Sirs.. Gordon Bj'rai-d whose (Uenie was "llio Japanese at Home in the American Church.' Refreshments were s:rvcd In the Social hour.- , Flrsl W. W. 0. Has Installation. Mrs. w. p. Brewer was Installed as president of (lie Woman's Missionary union of the Hrct Methodist church for 1035 In an Im- prefswe service yesterday conducted by the Rev. w. v. Woiriacfc. Other ofllccrs named were: Mrs ,, 11 il Social Calendar THURSPAY'6 EVENTS f 3 . 11 *" M' cniMUM service and||""" ** *""• Rojal Neighbors meel]iig with fellowship, to promote among ii T?J V o4- PXAT A Mrs J. D. Barksctalc, 7:30 P. M. ">«» ">e «l"dy of the Bible mut |! •!• 1 IbL i VV Jr\ Mrs. Charles L. Wyllc entcria'ln, ?' the history, standards, agencies rp jr (according lo (lie consWiiUoii, Is to organize nil men or the congre- jailer; ui ClirJsllnn service and and tv The Ypiijig ganized. The following ofllccrs were elccied: president, Mildred Howl; first , vlce.preslilepi, Dlllahlmiy; , second vlce-prcslilenl, Jefslyp Hlo- meyei 1 ; secretary, Nancy Cluirc McCauley; Ireasinxv, Liivern Flynn Hcfreslimenls were served by the hostess. , Churi'li J. E. CrjlB. president; l&z. Dell Club Jkfli , ) , , ^.; j j The Dell Women's Home pe'jnoii- stration club met Friday ' at the home of Mrs. Enrl Borcn. The meeting va's'-ln chaigool lhc new ofllccrt, Mrs Cljde Gilllaiid, president, Mrs. ,C. H. Downs, vico- presidenl, and Mrs.'C. A. Smith, secretary. . A program committee was appointed, consisting ol Mrs, E. M. Woodard nnd Mrs. Hulman. Mrs. A. Lanz gave a demonstra- lion on sweet potatoes. Giietts AHfiid Club. Mrs. Walker H, Baker and Mrs. Farnsworth Black were guests ol Ulr's. Elton W. Kirby when she had the Tuesday Contract club j A l»o course rnsnu was s ncd al a.tabio decorated with Pcrnct roses and baby breath foi the center piece. In the bridge games.Mrs lianj Kirby won the prize * * « Has Club Parly Mrs Russell Fan played bridge •with members of the Young .Matrons Bridge club Tuesday alter. noon when Mrs. Joe G Trieschman ft as hostess The prize, towels. \ierit to~Mrs Uo>d Stickmon, A salad was served with toasted sandwiches, pecan roll and coffee. » • t W. 'M. V. Has a Business fleeting. Mrs Theodore Logan, president, presided m tho business meeting o! the W. M U. of Ihe First Baptist church Monday afternoon at the church. The meeting was opened wilh prayer by Mrs R. r,. Recdcr and Mrs bers, Reports were made, committees were announced for the new year . . . presen; z. J. M. Jonlz, recording secrclury; Mrs. . A. C. Jlaley, aislsjniit secretary; Mrs. Roland 'orccu, corresponding secretary; Mrs, Rlley B. Jones,, conference treasurer; Mrs. C. S. Stevens, assistant; Mrs. \V. A, Stickmon, local Ireasurer; Mrs. w. !<• Hbrnci'i . superintendent of publicity; Mrs. Charles v Wyilc, superiiilcjidenl of Christian social service; Mrs. Fred . ' *' " » '* Warrcii, siiperlnleiKlent of supplies; Mrs, Wyatl Henley, superintendent, World Outlook; Mrs. Harry Kirby, sijpcrinlendcnt ch|l- qreii's work;. Mrs. C. Ci. Smith. iiKrlntendent mission study.' Mrs. Brewer announced members of Ihe conimlllcc and feporls of the past year's work were given. * * * . Guild . The 'Guild of the Firsl Christian church met Tuesday evening at the home of lh c Dev. and Mrs. V. E. BtiUerwordi for u progrnm on "The East At Home In the West". In .the business session, presided ' chilli-man. M rei j. Ccc n '' u'dc fbr, ! re- i; .. . i . We;, plans (yer'tt' mu'dc fbr, ! re- ficarsal : of .(he- piay' "Fi'agrani; fragments" lo be given at a social meeting /of the church the last iveek |nj thls;'inoHlli. •Hlks,: Jessie ;srtlc • con<iiiuled (he devotional and Mrs: ft. ii: Camcro>> iras program leader, she told Of the work uinqng ihe Japanese ' and other ' oer pii 6 o (he west, assisted by 'Mrs. Norvell ..,-'• •""-•• -• "• P"<*elt - Minnie Matthews ami Mrs! Refrf-hmeiits social hour, Bits oj Moslly Personal t (C.) Unctiruch l-'lrst U. S, war vessel to lin completed from a, $238,000,000 1'WA lurid, tlio eiibinavlne Shark, will bo elirlslcneil by lyilss Kleanor Hooscvelt, nbove, daugliler of Henry, I, Roosi'- vcli, first asslsliiut'secrelary ot ihe u<i>y Chrlslonlng ceie- monlcs arc slated lor March. The ship will bn couiplolcil In Ailgujt. • Miss Ola Bob Harris is in Ills Memphis AJelhoflist hospital for treatment and perhaps all operation. Mrs. Mary Phillips Roplil'son Is with her. Dr. w. M. Owc-n, iicc-ijmjjaulcd by Dr. McKlnncy and Mr. Hill, of Cu- riithcrsvlllc, Mb., have rotitrnsd (roin Calllornla where llicy went by automobile {or the HOSE BOIV) gaiiie. They were nway 12 days: Mrs. William p. Hollls, of Lj'ltle Rock. Is guest of Misses' MMguerito and Carolyn Pride for a few (lays. She was formerly Miss Ida Sue Johnson ot this city. Joe p. I'rldc ; and son, Joe, at , tended lo business in Mariaima yesterday. , : . Mrs. W. H. Slowill, 'Mrs. J. U Stovall, Miss Marguerite Pride and Oliver W. Copjicdge spenl yestcrdaj In Memphis, Mrs. \v. H. Stovall going down for a new car. • • Mrs. Franklin Wllbourn, of Para- EOiiltl, was guest of Mr. and Mrs Harry Kirby yesterday. ; Mrs. A. M. Butt had as her guesl Mrs. George w. Pyles, of Pai-ngbulj A. E. Erdman, of Colmnbiii City Ind., underwent a major ojicrallor at the Memphis Baptist hospila yesterday. He hud bnen here foi u visit with relatives before goins down several days ago, accompanied by Mrs.'airman. Mr. and Mrs Ross Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jontz and Mis E A Gooilncl spent yesterd^s with him HIS toil ditlon is very good. WtlPEegers. ex-president of ' Mlss ^'"'y Alice Freeman, dsuslv -,.1,;*.: i°..' ,._..• i._..-.,. . . lei or Mr. and Mrs Tlijloi Fice . the society, for her'splendid lead- ershi]) and loyally to the society and its members during the past year, It was a, most successful one. SoiuUon to Previous Contract Problem BV : WM.' K McKKNNEV Secretary, American Bridge M>a|juu A new name was enrolled nmoiis nationally famous women bridge players, in the recent nallonal, championship louiiiamenl of lhc| American Bridge League—that oil Mrs. Albert Rockwell. She and; ier partner, Mrs. Oail Hamilton, [ both of whpyi are fro«ii Warren, 1 'a., teamed up wllh Mrs. A. C. loffmeler arid Mrs. Anne Rosen-' eW 'Of Cleveland nnd won the Na-' ;tonal "^Women's ' Tcam-of-Four; "7hamplonshlp. • | This"ci r ei'it added two new names lo (he'Masters' List. Mrs. Rockwell's and -Mrs. Hamilton's, us they •ion two' points' each for Ihelr •le.loi-y and each had previously a point lo hpr credit, as they were rimiiers-iip in lhc ""'"' " vanla slgte championship e Mrs. Rockwell also had the Today's Contract Problem ' North Is playing tho con' . has bid chilis. "What should • Host's oyenlna lead he? Ciiii five dlanioiiils bi; nuido agalnsl n <.'lub op AK J 10 * .1 - -1 V 7-J • S C 3 4>'A K 10 7 4 I" S C 5 V K Q J 3 « 'J 7 5 A 'J 0 A A K I J 'V"A S ; l! !>, *S I 3 2 yi)lu'.it>ii in uexl issue. The Woman's ^ll&sionary Society held a meeting;In ihe parsonage at Stcele ; Monday lo outline work for the' coming year. The officers for the new year arc: Mrs. Steele-Copte Society — Personal ^WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 0, I — -• -' ^"""-.d silent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs''1 j Walter Cox II, at Osccflhi Ark jThey were accompanied iiome bv I Waller Cox III, who W ||" • , w nrt >Uiis week here with hls-aunl, Mrs! ' ' - '"••'' . Sam Avcry, of Majsto'n, „,„.., last week hero with joe Travis Hospital M .A. Masscy, president; Mrs. Oer- with Brlsht's disease at her horn in Cooler, . Abnei AsJiciofl, Mrs Iiaiils Blacktan and MLsi> Maij Jmell Ashcr weie in BljtheiHie Tuesday ... .,,., ^.Tltfll^) city; Mrs, Russell Cohoon ami baby, Holland, Mo. Family Team ABERDEEN, Wash.- (UP)—.„„ South Aberdeen Wildcats, '-inde- »o m^j «k.-i*. •- • 'iiuiuu in wasmnsion D c -iitm 1034 Pcnnsyl- opcncrt, she Won It in cliimmx', with on extended visit line wllh le u nuuhin n '" c <«H-'a and Imm - - , , e yent. '" c <l«H-'a and Immediately casli-; lives hon-. I'd ..four • rounds of trumps. West ' Joj or of beiiig elected vice president discarded' .two spades and a dia'- bf the Women's Auxiliary of ihe. lri °i'd and dummy let go a club: ' American TfrMirp 1 onmift t Mrs. ' ttocku'nH .' nt iiitt- iiAii,r Amerlcan Bridge League. I asked Mrs. Rock ixjiiit, Jones of Illinois _ lo business heie Mrs R 1, Williams iitend- i citing Ljtug.v" 1 -' i .»--..,.^..,i .n, njis i/vjjin,-, * vi y u HI SI kwcll, "What is nl , atit > a .very cute play-she led ;\ being letmi small club away from her ace,! ville hosiito .1 - — • .1 ..I ! iL-1-.j/.i, \ir i ..: . ,i, . . . . _ . •••.">)'ivu IV IV V'AKQJ -I * 'A 0 5 . ' 4. A 7 B 3 ' : Duplicate— -N'oiie vul.. li \\i st Niuili Kiist I & i N 1 Pass 1 1k lib Vnsa 'Orcning -lead .11 which Wesl - won • with spot: If, ;it Uiis time, i rct'iirncd 11 club, the very ucll at hei home here afte ftmned fiom ihe. Bljlhc spiral o\ci lhc \\cck cntl ten ; She has been in a serious condi- would have been held to five odd.! Mr. a ,',<i Mrs. Frank Alien Dan- But, when West returned ,thei' cls . of Cairo, III., nn ( | Mrs G G ten of diamonds,' Mrs. Rockwell 'J'lavis, ami son Guy Stewart won with '(he ace, cashed the king of - spades, and then l«| the four of trump. Mrs r T Mrs. c. T. Logan dismissal lhc mem- - - - ...v-.i m, ti ha mi sandwich course was served. The W. M. U. Indies had their '«* important • business meeting of the year Monday afternoon , A Ohureh llt lw ° "™ and plans mad; loi the. luncheon to be held by all churches ol (lie city Sunday at the First, Baptist church before the religious census is taken. The devotional, which lold the story ot oideou and his faithful .followers win a inoaern application, was ted by Mrs A C. Blaylock Mrs w. M Williams expressed the hopes of the society Jpr the new jear and Miss Wyncllc Shepherd, a member or the Girls' Auxiliary, told the plans of her group In the social hour, Mrs E. F. nlo- mejer, social chairman, and her co/runlltee, seped a salad plate with COfffiG. Men of Presbyterian ChurA Form Organiwllon W A Dobyns was elected prest- ° organlzallon Church" of First V " "»-^it MI viju T irat Presbyterian church In a: supper raeetmg las^ evening other of- - - - f .-.~.. V | fcf. u, illLVli, Eecretary-trcasurer. Departmental ->.— -vv*/-nt<M»Mici. ueijaruiiemai ^'i)»i«:eii mun.ocrs prcsc cBairmcn are: Spiritual Life and '°r the year wtrc made Evangelism, Ihe Rev. Stuart H. '" Osceoia Society -. Personal Ihe Piosicssne club met jcstci aj af(ernoon bi the club loom at the court house w ,ty MIS W J Diner )r as program leader llic subject «as Internatfonal Relations Mre w c ][ m ,i cx plained how the international ex- chunt-e of students aids world peace. Mrs. JoJ m Edringto,, p| !ly . ea national anthems:' Homo Build. '"Mi's n e r- C °T y Wlls ( " 5C " SW < 1 •HIS. R. c. Bryan. .Irs. John EdrlnKton read a poem she has'recci&y composed. Hostesses for the 'meeting were lames S. M. Hodges. W K Hunt. G. B. Scgravcs: J. B B inn Mr. Hoiiicr CJiiinir, Mr. Bill Qulnn, and Mr, Kay Woods attended the wrestling match in Memphis Mondhy night. 0. D. White, 1 owner of the Ark- m™s rermltc tompntiy of Lltllc sencd in the Rocl1 lb an Osceola lisitor for a few days Frank .Williams and James Driver spent yesterday in Memphis, II. S. Branson of Blylhcvllle'was nn Osceola visitor. y'cstei-<!iiy. G D Diher spent' yesterday in Memphis on business. ' Mi and Mrs O E Mnssenglll \\eie gucsls jesteiday Joe nillahiinty. of Blythevillc spent ycslerdny in Osccolii. -' 1. C B young nnd A. W. ^ouii" are in Joiusboro on biist- licfs today. Ivln. A salad and wltr rc l««llng in uni- Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. Union Holmes and daiighter, Billle .lean, of Helena spent the week ciid iviUi 'Mrs. Holmes' mother. Mis. Ella Pay and other 1 relatives. Mr. unit. .Mrs. Dehuar L-j Masters and daughter,' Margaret of Caruthcrsville. Mo., aierc guests of Mrs. La Master's mother and sister. Mrs. Victoria Ncely and Mrs George perry over ihe, week; end Tliey were accompanied home Sunday afleinooii by Mrs. i'crry who will spend Hie week t.\ - -,...jlin- ot Hh6 slit' board. He plans [o rcliiin Mrs, C. II. wcathersby antl son .,,,,;. J : S , (om " fa »' LUMe Joe returned from Philadelphia '','".f? is . 8 "'" s "mbilmcis Miss., Tuesday after spending a ?Y?" "•' ' -? week there wllh relatives. a5 ' ns •* i » J. B. Bmm is ii{ Little Rqck (it- kndlng the school of iiistriictlpn, from Grand Lodge. JIc is also getting Information from llnl Nor- yood on Ihe federal housing pro- — = ... ;Blai!kwood of v Memphis was an Osceola visitor Tuesday. " Jolm Stevens attended to -business in Osccolu Tuesday. . v Mrs, W. G.'r.Ilarthorn, iiho hiu lice riulle ill at her mothers home licrc, Is miidi improved. man of Dell, underwent, an opera lion several days aso nl the Mrm- plils Baptist hospital. Her ran i woman's layorHc, play'r ami lion is very good. h ™',. W^*' facetious comeback wiis, W. H. Stoviill is in Little Rock n Mi accompancd him lo be out H» 3.' v P\_Qaj has retii'ii-d fiom Memphis'where he had Ills sinus drained n.1 the Biplist ho piU Mrs. Gay t is now a^ilc; ^Mrs. p ; ; s twralordt for'njeiJ\^of here and now of -\iemphu. imdei wenl a major opeiation \e';tcrda\ it the Memphis Bapltst lio'ipitil MI Winford.' who ips severely Injured in an niildmobilo -icculehl jmic .time ago, Is now able to walk without crutches. Washington Burge s of Jones boro. is attending to busmen here. Mrs. w. b. Ilorner and Mrs. Elton W liirby are spending today in Memphis. Mrs. .Fainswoith BlJck Mis El ton W. Klrbj and Mrs w J \\iin derlieh will motor to New Orleans tomorrow to spend several day's. Mrs. Black and Mrs Wimtieilleh will be gnesls of Misses Ruth and Sue Butt, who attend Sophie New comb college and Mrs Klrbj is to visit Mrs. John rmlcj who for inerly Jived hen, Jh«.j vl ll r-turn the first o[ the week. Miss jmnle Vicholq In 5 returned to St. Louis, where she Is employed after speiidhig a week it home Mrs. J. E. Whilwbrth .is con- vnlcscing /o!lo«'lng 'several chvs Illness, Mr. n,,d Mrs. Cecil Sayro nnclj daughter, Yvonne, of Tyler Mo were here Saturday en route, to' their home, from Blytlicvllle. .„• ..,.- — .^.tavnig m uni- , ™'' s ' famiic Copctund mid Mrs. son (lie new walch word lur the Lvshe Cmbt > C " 1|C <1 year then followed Hie Hy mn of I Af ^ r Ending the past two "! D .^?i':_" r ""S out Ihe Banner." *!**? l " «-. Louis. Mo., «., ' BUM |. S Christian Church Will ' Open Bible Study Seijes A :hew series 'Of -'bible studies .ind .an etilargcd program o[ midweek services .wUl b° maugiirdted tonight at.tlic First Cl-nstlan chinch The sclicdulD as announced bs Ihe pis lor, lhc Rev V F Butterworth is as follows: pot luck supper at 6 50 new series of Bible studies -it 7 15 choir rchearsil «t 8 ID HID Indies in Revelation will be trinsferredHo ] ^ popular series of sermons 'on ducted > l C ° Ic - u,ble sludy on the Mil,' i n , ...r "•—" "\my un me Mil). Jecl, Abram's Tithe," and Mrs !•• fc. Tompkins led in prayer Plans were made for the lie- year. The Mission Study for (I vim.. ,,.:n L- . . ' ' rs - "w ILL .. ; ••"»j o|JuiiMi:i. v.liltehursi. nnd Dean Adams turncd home Saturday. Mr. ami Mrs. Jolinnic - Sunday supper guesis ' June ^.«. ic Mission Study for (lie ™ c ^"'""y supper guests ot jear will be taken from lwo|" rs ' W 9 bl)- s '"other, Mrs. Fr,, m |» books, first, Personal Service sec-l C ° J "-' lnllti - ond, Stewardship. Mrs. O. H.'Deer I,, CllKl " Hanclall. of Wnrdrir ^H W !' 1ltiUCt Ulc Home MlslontJ? 0 - '' Ca " llcl!60 "- ^''rtoi,.!,' fatudy ihe second week In Fcbni- Grcc "- ani ' Miss Florence Stokes s wcj-c appoint- U ' 1 T «" cst * <?' Miss Maxlne Cnjw- - •"» "vv*\ 111 A (Jijl Li ary. Circle Icadere wcfc nppoiiit- « S 'u 0 fol!owl »B J'ear. RJrs. E. n. btcpnens is leader for ' circle "umber I. and Mrs. I. S. Burton is leader for circle number 2. The officers for this year Will be ^t Sunday night at during Hie service Sunday. Vance Catnburn, of niplry • ails* Is here for a few days visit wiili his daughter, Fayc. • Mr. and Mis. Dyer Gamer ol 10 & 8 were guests of Mrs Oar coi- ,1- -.-•-• -u uu,ing me service the hour. Rev. E. L. Cole will conduct - - the Installation service. • . ''.*** THe Melhodist Missionary ladies ' l>cr s ,1'anmts. . e .„ b ,^.. lll5 vjnier ot- -"^ "4WUWUI&V iviissionary ladles ncers named^were- R F.' Kirsh- '<«*• at Ihe church Monday after- ncr, vice presWent, B. J. .Allen, "porr at two Ihlriy o'clock inen.hcrs present. Plans the vu^ , . Salmon, Missions, Zal B. Harri- Bon; Education, Ross Stevens; Stewardship of Possessions, J Nfck Thomas. Group leaders are. R D. -._ „ . ,.^, lk , ii (auc U-1U1 \,lVi new'.officers Installed. Mrs. S. M Modgcrs, president, Mrs. Louie Alma . — , *.--..,... vltv, Ifltd. Walters, vice Pres., Mrs. nllna Morrison Recording Secretary, and Mrs Q L Qlasco«,. corresponding ..-w. v.wu^ Aca^cLa ale, iv JJ. "*«,o u u \JldbCOtJ, COri'CSpC Hughes, F. B. Jojner, Fred Sande- Secretary, took' charge of the lur and Dixie Crawford meeting and outlined their aulles Judge Harrison led the program f ° r the coming year. • OI L M!ssl ' )ns after the social hour. I The Methodist- Missionary Lad- The purpose of the organization, les express their appreciation Jo Mr. and Mrs w n ' , .. ,• • — •«• iinn i»4ia. Loflin and family Sunday. Mrs. R. H: Green and son H; dolph, were business visitors Slectc, Mo.. Friday. Miss Maxiiic CoiKland sp Tuesday night with M r . and A Jcnnnie Webb. Head Courier News Want Ads. - GUARANTEKD WAVES 51 Up - - Kouc BeKei I'fi'Scr Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop ' Lasl House on Xo. 5U> Sunday evenings at r o clock Ail interested p-oplc -vrc corclull/ \n vilctl 10 attend " the new mid-u'Jc services. Courier News Want i'lirel.v Vegetable J Thctllord's nhtl Brrtii lit ls ol the- most popiilur |j\ uu today because it is m-icV f ( tiia leaves ,1110 njuif ( icinal plnnls, and because n hrint-s refreshing relief from craisiijntion Irtnibles. "Blnck-Uraughl helped 1110 when I was bilious, comliiwccl. ircliiKf sluggisli, diTzy. or had a ha,) )3 ,t' c In my mouth," wrilc.s Mis w M Bullock. Waynesbm-g. Ky -i haven't, found any medicine I like teller than Black-Draught." Us lhc favorite laxative ot tliou- Miids of others. Have vou tnrd it? TIIEDFOKII'S BLACK-DH.\VG|[T -Adv 2UP30 FARM FOR SALK' Imiiieilialn rnucsuon Sfi acres, all in I'uiiivriun pscrpt B acre.?, willi n >nrt govertimcnt cntlon ii>nti;n-; located C uillcs north rf H|,-- Iheville, a houses and 1 hum Can give pCAWssioi) )iiiui«d- lalely, fsoo or moir ( ,<h ocv.ii will handle. Iwbnn- lo suH. Price G. G. CAUD1LL I'iionc 797 Why the squeeze , nafur- , l> The l'la\ Hcies a ^ nnpp\ phj niade by RocKwellxduinig the tannin ien{ . : \\|ien the the -- from contract .infueled. wound, el - Wen \\-ns forced to discard ., club, u was Immaterial what Esist discarded. Now. Mrs. Kockwell Played the six of diamonds r and West was srjucozed. To discard a spade would leave two good spades In dummy, while lhc discard of a club would establish all Mrs. Rockwell's, club ! tricks,, thereby giving her six odd iuid top score on ihe board. . , SALESMEN WANTED • IThree salesmen » and sell" ing experience, for Blythcvillc Osceola ami Wilson. For Interview write E. H., Box 436, Dlytlic- ville. Ppsitfye Relief , f For itchy Skin ••^Cooling nnd soulhirift Blue -Sljii- Omliucnl mclls on Ilic sl.-in, scnilinjf Icslccl medicines deeply, inlo jiores wlirrq it quickly Itllls ilch, lellcf, rasli, cu-iema, foul ilch, 'riiiawnrin, clc. Money back U first jar fails. lO-pk-12 ' of brolh. Mrs. Bloittorn* da ghte. and S °" " , A)C '1 CC " Wlldeat5 ' '•'"*- ehildi-en, or JoncsbS who have ncndcnl loolball team, was sovt of benVvisitm" hei foi The past ttcck.l? f "'" ll! ' <1ffa "' "' ls ' iea£0n - ' Tl!e acLompfimcd them to Bljthcvillc'I wheic the> took the tram for their home. Mrs. D w Sjpencct anu children will lia\e Friday foi their In Washington, D C alter , ,r . 'f 1>ltal /. lvc . Jml °" c olhe f News Wuirf Acts ' Pays Don't Scratch II is .useless and may lead to ser ious inleclion. if your shin ilchcs .. ---- - .-. .»>»«*, tl)L I*«J1V i Cj FOOT, TETTER, ECZEMA, UIN " , , , WORM. IMPETIGO;" BARBERS ITCH, and .pthor itchUig .skin irri- tattons. First, hot tie of BROWN'S LOTION .Is sold with' MONEY BACK .GUARANTEE, br - Kirby Drue Stores. , ' ,—Adv DR. N. L. CISSELL GRADUATE VEIERINAEIAN Located at Bob Harris 1 .. Sales Slablc " ; Phone 460 Blythcvillc,. Ark. ° •. Successful aid in PREVENT! N(* Colds At (he first nasal, imta'ijb.r)' or sniffl"c, ;, apply]-J|'ust a fevvdrops.' ' Used in, iim e ; it helps Iq-aVoi'd'rnany colds epiirefy. (Two sizcsjisOji, HEREinS-THECMTHATlADE 175 EXPERTS GUM'•& 'I KNOW GOOD.tOok'SwtieiTl ee tl m sn> R til Pnuerson, lamous firihi pud iHusirntC[."s6 ii's no wonder that 1 1 gtiessrd the rricc of llie nev/ ]3i> Dodsc loo lilcli." "DflZZLED VRVS Misj Dorria DUhop.burcT and vntiic »pcrl. "1 ^uwscilUis ncv; l°)i5Dodp- to be wonb litindrciia of dcljata above It9 actuitl, price-"* "I OUESSED ihla new"b uu .. 10 be priced much Mslier Ihan (C ncluBllv l»."«a>9 Homer H. DalUy. To liner tvijer fcra'tnall order housf, Kvcn thoufih t'tn \vronf, i SHU think the cur isworlhlt." "THIS NEW J93500DOElooks l!^^^ SI.WO rnOtleJ.'* > 4avg f< ar | px Lucdfr. value eitretl. \Va» 1 surprised 16 find It cciig somticti less! It's no wonder I figured wtongvvii en It cftme to guessiua i>>e price," So Luxury, Style nnd Value in thc;Ncw , 1935 bopkU, Experts Ovcrgucased its Price..;. • Couldn't".Believe. It Would Sell for So,Little. 175 experts — authorities in ability. • Develops 85 miles an style, value, engineering— hour and up! Built to last, lo guessed too high when asked save money, no matter how to estimate the price of Ihe fast you'drive. A saving of New-Value Dodge for 1935. .IS* to iti on every dollar you But no wonder they guessed • spend for 'gas is how possible wrong! Never before has any ~with even more astonishing car so low-priced been so oil economy! smarlly. designed, so slurdily Compare delivered prices c/. built, so luxurious ... wilh 95 this 1935 Dodge against othe.' basic advancements for ncv/ Cars!' You'll be surprised to comfort, new economy, new learn how low they are. Only high speed with safety. the genius of a manufacturing And ''Synchromatic Con- or ganizaiion like Dodge—with trol," which makes driving un- ?" years' experience building believably easy and efforlless ^ ne m °tor cars—could create ... the new "Airgtide Ride," such oulstan which gives.Dodge a steadi- Collar value, ness, smoothness and roada- bility never before ever approached by other cars. The New-Value Dodge is powered wilh ihe Dodge "Red Ram",engme. Il'asilkysmooth, wilh traditional Dodge depend- ouistanding dollar • for- BROTHERS Thit advertisement enrfp,-jc d by Ihe Ctiiyskr Motors" Atf pf/fe3 p. o. B. Ftcloty. Dttrotf. •ubjKt locbsnfo n-ithotttr\Qtite. Seneiat ; iujpii5n( cxtn. Ttmo payments lo Kl 'or,.- b-jdiet. Ask forlhe ofRciatCtiryslor Vnfora Commercial Credit Plan. Coupa !«<5, Coupo (mill RumWc Sttt) f7IO. Door) S690, Tourint Sedan (4- Door,. wilh trunk] SJ60, Tourlnt CAM 117 • HO East Alain W. T e BARNETT AUTO SALES Blythcville, Arkansas T-J"

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