The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 9, 1935
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Served by' tKe United Press BLITHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS ' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NdATHKA BT ARKANSAS AND BOUTI1EAOT MmaiSnT *«*-* f T k-J •hi/itI il'.U,-,ti • '.. .fiLWti .in.t 11.). ,j ,•, t VOL. XXXI—NO. 252 Blyihevllle Courier Blythevllle Dally News HOME EDltlON Biyiiifviiio Herald Mississippi'valley Lender BIA'THKVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 0 1035 IE BRANDS BRUNO NAPiR f-'- His Wife and Her Family and Officer and His Wife Are Pistol Victims DANVILLE, ky., Jan. s, (up)- Oeorge Collet!, 40. fugitive and re, . - a ,^, „„ /tuumiijinuor Haroia L puted.pne time associate of John I Icke.s dLsbnnded the'federal tender ljilllTH7(*r tfvH^ir- H)ta,l r-rt,,«v, „,.,„,.,.,_ I L.r.n.-rl II --.*.- ..... Crude Petroleum Price Collapse Is Predicted ^WASHINGTON, Jan." 9." (UPI— Administration officials today predicted .'a "general breakdown" of crude petrolciiin prices on receiving reports that the east /Texas, field, released/ fi-pm : iederal control by the United-,States, supreme- ; «nirt already hasSstarte'd 1 to pour illegal oil into the; market. A federal agent has reported to the 'Industry',! planning and coordination committee arid •member;\.pf the petroleum board here -that "teir hot; oil refineries'opened'.up full blast in east Texas,:last' night, soon after Ol! , Harold L. ; c-' z • ~ J *n-*njji ( HJCir dUil, Ml 5 Stella Cpllctt,- .45,- daughter of thr> Hcltqns and wife 'of the slayer--" Jif-' Bordes. 50; a Kentucky state patrolman; Mrs. Julius Bordes. 45. „ 'Collett' had. threatened his "wife's ! family .'and the officer two vrnonths' , ago, , it.. was said. ..when his:road- ; house v,'as:raided.-.jillicit:jiQuof and. . >. stolen gqbdS;were .seized., He: Ma rued .-them for the raid. .'^ : ~,-r. ',,-.'.••'••;.' iThc ^slayer was bcfieved to' have -. .hafbqred;:DUImg<rr;in''hi's'roadhouse ' at .one, -time. .:'- ' . v .;; j,';.' '" 'AnWirisi airisi' f.tte '• killer to'tlie . eoae before daybreak, kllle'd the"6ccu- pants. then crossed .into' Lincoln county lo the home ': of- Bordes- to oomrilete, his ghastly: missipn., - : ''- County Lawyers Darned ;f to Bar Assocwtidh Posts Mayor . Cecil ' rms : ' fen '" . .. n elected vice president r of the A'rk"- nns(« state, -Bar,-, association -ror the second judicial-; d'lstrtct'" : ? : > Several MbslsslppfSBpunty ..-ali toraeys are given "; 'positions ''on' committees. Charles ~E.-f -Siillehger, or Uniform stat State th . .— -—"".. .vvnulilllcc,, p. Fred Taylor jr., of Osceola, ,'ls" chairman of the:; corrimme'6' ; 3on - Public Improvement^ pond Local Assessments; C.;-A. V ; Cunningham of this clty t< i§ clmlrman -of the Legislative committee' Oscar Keiid-' lev, BIytheville,' is "a member or the special committee on Arkansas Annotations' -to American Law Institute Restatement or the .Law Mr- Fendler.and A.f-F. Barha'm,!of' •.' . - ".^ — --- -.—.... i uunnger, today-killed seven persons with pistol bullets, then took hisi own life. . . , i The massacre rivaled all others in the history or Rockcastlo-Uncoln cnunfy feuds. Apparently crazed • and vengeful. Colfett shot his wife, her parents and two brothers, and two members of another family against whom lie bore a grudge. The dead were listed as: Oil,, if PI •. w; \ William Helton, 05, farmer, rath- UI ' s et tor Uianty Work e'r"or County': Patrolman -Sj 0[iam «••-••-•Helton, Cincinnati; Mrs. William .Helton, 60; Howard Helton, 30 tli»lr £on;- : Harry Helton, their'son' Mrs EOT fiEFd Said to Exceed Authorized Allowance The city council met In uneventful monthly session at. the 'city hall last night, no effort being made to eallup the. Hearn--street Improvement district- "ordinance for 'a second- reading:' , • • . More., important business -of the council, passing of an ordinance reducing .salaries' of two elective city officials, to^'taice !eflect in the fu-' ture, by a , total of $600 annually, and acceptance of a {ele'phone'com- pany .proposal to, pay .the (flly S400 anniliiUy/lnstead pf : abputi*269, ha'd beerYcomplet«' (^uiet All' meet- llif "list -week'.'.' ' . ': • : '- : A statement. or .Dr. p. L. Husband,' '••'• who' rents tlie 'muttlclpaay owned "Blytheville hospital- •shdw-> ing 'a 1 - t'otaJ ;of ,')i aajjo -expended, in/' HospltallMtlori :• and-: : meid'icai trealmehi, for 'charity patients^ Vgs re'pprtediby Mayor Cecil Shane' with' tliel coinrrielit :{hat ; lt.-'cxceerted .considerably ' . .-. rent allotment -. given 'the Red : Cross -for -.criartty 'Jzifsie", Takes Stand Gimmings Goes Befbie Higliest tribunal' in Defense of Monetary Policy WASHINGTON, Jan; '9 (UP)— Any ruling upholding . yallility of Bold clause contracts would plunge the nation Into unparalleled, chaos. Atty. Gen. Homer :Cnmmlngs told the supreme court. today. Cumin ings personally defended before the court, the action pi congress In revoking gold ! payment clauses in'marc than Slb^OOO.ufli),- OCO or public .-nnd private' obligations. Cummlngs defended the constitutional: authority of the president and congress to adopt the present monetary' policy us ' inherently '(he right of the government to -preserve itself. . In his argument Cummings said an. ad verse decision by the court would; ' •• : L 1.—Increase the public and private debt of the nation by $69 (KH) - OOO.GOO. .' ' 2.—Create .a special class that would be beyond the pale j .of the general financial structure,, a class composed of those hold ing''.bonds demanding payment In gold. 3.—Reduce the, balance in the United Statf.5 treasury $2,500,000,-, JDO. ' /''•,, .-4—Add SI7,OOD,000;0'o6 to'thf public debt mid increase; the !in-' tereflt, ; .clmrge. on- this debi;,alone b '-' year. • —•—— —————— Suicides raifsTflE STORES STUD! Futrell Also..Galheriiji} Information-;^'on Oilier , Legislative Issues •,•.': By TED; H. MAI.QY • United . I'ress Start Correspondent LITTLE ROOK •, Ark., . Jan. 9. (UP)—Fmir' : legislative proposals iiu-e atlraCed'esucelai attention of Clov. J. M. Futrell. Thoy are: •I. Liquor legalization and control. 2. Horse racing legalization and :ontrol., ' - ; 3. Assist counties In'earn or un- s'.v.i *»c iicu-- t>i.u33 -iur -.ciianiy ' - '-• : - • •,- work'and.-that.a:'considerablE /P :frtlc' •'•'"'' " f '~~?v - '•'"„••'• of the -total/did not appean to be Cervices:' Ion Pioneer Citi J approved'iby.'ans'ons of-aiithorlty. '" ' " '.'-.— -'. ./Only-SSOflVnkrt • '•*'• y... <£. hospital rents-.for $2,500 "aft-' miajry-and-it-has-been the custom' for tftp or ; more -years; lo Mlbw:",tiie : w< " i .Cross :to -.approve. .expenditure's - ~- — i^- "—" •»« ,**|j;fH u»t; VAJJ Cl IU IV LU Ca '';&,{ ce'ftain sums in hospital-' expense i y?Mljr i wiUiMhe hospital manage- rflcrif/beingfallowed,? to set such amount off.against its rental. The amount allowed jn this fashion last year v#is $500 with more to be al- ficlals; NO request was ever made for. an additional allotment Mayor-Shane indicated that the city would not approve acceptance ^ -, -:,-;T --• .^- —«.«."ni,.ui of the amount set un hv HIP Ins- Osceola a,e special ambassador, pital management * chartTy 'ex- o toe hw from Mississippi mm- Ipen'se'-.for "lasf year. HcTve r he I suggested that", the.'council allow $750 for the Calendar, year of. 1935 Armed Highway Bandits WI'M 5pcc ' r ' P Fire on Steele Couple STEELE, Mo -Clarence Shanks manager of the ice derailment of the Arkansas Missouri. Power company at Sleele, and his companion,: Mrs. Letter McDaniel, 'narrowly escaped being shot near (he Slate Line Saturday night when two masked men attem'pled 'o stop' them ; will, gutns. Mr Shanks refused o^slpp the car and they Tired three shots, one MI ting (ho car oh-the right hand side, and trie 'otHer' two'punctur-' Ing (Ires. . •-. .-,..-• ~l-l"y««* w* v^. t\. \_illll- gham,- Re<i Cross chapter chairman, or his proper agent. Tom'W. Jackson, second ward alderman. made' a motion for.'a resolution carrying out the mayor's suggestion with the comment-.- that such' expenditures ought to be'. looked after better ' . , ward alderman," .favored only a six :— ••-.-,--...»..,• -in»vn.Al' only a M; months allowance: but did not op pose .Jackson's resolution on vote. Grudge Fight Leaves Sidewalk Bloody Color A Woody sidewalk m front of Ihc Phill ps Motor company. Main and Franklin streets, this morning bore unmistakable evidence of a j)gi,j said lo have occurred there some"time -last night, Two former taxi drivers were said ^o have engaged in the brawl with ' __ No arrests had' been made^toilTv but police said they had £ii™* lion ns to the identity or Ihe pair. Improve.. Windows and Interior at Famous Store Tlie display windows of The Famous store are being enlarged and minor improvements made to the Interior by Mrs. j. Q Su(J ; bury, owner of the building. Joe AppJcbaum Is owner of th< store A. c.m- . ar better. Harold : Stemberg, 'second " ,.':'Higrr School ^uditoriurn . STEELE, Mo., ' Jan: 9—Funeral services will be held, at the Sleeie high . school auditorium' tomorrow af-srnooii for Wylcy.'L. Dnvis 61, pioneer citizen ,and public admin- j sgtrator of Pemlscot county since He died at ills' hoine "last night of... pernicious aiieinia.'' He had been in ill"health .for'spine time and has.been confined to his bed for 14.. months. Born'in Clifton, Tenn., Mr Davis moved to steele when .he 'was 18 years old. 'He took an'active part in the development, of t'he community nnd for'a'number of years was engaged In the 'lumber business. Mr. .Davis also served - as president .of. the . qteele school board' for 25 years 'and wns a member of..the Odd Fellows '.^ .The Rev. M. A. Massey will con- aucl the funeral services 'at 2-30 o clock- and will fe assisted 'by he Rev. J. B. Cunningham and the Rev. W. M. Dunklti. Bur.X be made at Mount Zlon cem- ^^ , _ ......w .3V1LO, UUUlllH Pavls, of Steele. Alva Davis of Bragg buy and Virgil Davis, of Caruthersvllle. A large inmita- P! grand children also survive.--'. „ S) Committee Ties String Stop Sign Ignored . nt ij r , n Ross Hughes, first ward aider-! 10 "OHO LOUrt Adherence Ifln eaM Tin \\nA . «.t.. i . 1 • ' Mayor Shane Instructed police Chief Ed Rice lo halt bicycle and skate traffic on sidewalks in Ihe business district which he said had reached Ihe point where It was dangerous lo ixxicstrlans as well as lo skaters and cyclists. Slop Sign Ignored Hughes, first war<. „,„„ man, said he had received con- plaints that a stop sign on lake street al the Malii street Intersection was being consistently bnor- cd. A request that safety lanes be designated on the street for students of the Sudbury first ward school also was made. Sternberg said hj had heard considerable complaint about the oversize BIytheville city car tags. Ross Beavers, city clerk, said he had given the manufacturer supplying the tags "the devil" for falling to comply with a contract requiring the tags to ba similar In color to state lags and because ol the tendency of the colors lo fade. He said the manufacturer had offered to furnlsh- anolber supply If he would send all his lags back. Beavers said he had already Issued 150 nnd couldn't do that. Mayor Shane Instructed Police Chief Rice to limit parking' in a certain zone in front of'the post-' offlce to 10 milriutes, night and day. Davls b survived by his '•wife, Mrs. Nannie Davis, one dau- * ghler, Mrs. Frcdls Collins, of "teele, and three sons, Delmer WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. <UP)Ihe senate foreign relations committee today approved the project for American adherence to (he world court but added a strict provision that the court should not act oil any dispute In which the United States "has or claims an Interest." ' The committee voted 14 to 7 In favor of a.resolution of adherence. Majority Leader Joseph T .Robinson said he would brlnj the matter to Die senate floor as'soon as Possible but he would not prophecy Ihe outcome or the court fight. Robinson was one ol the H vot- in ? for adherence. Hughes, (UP ,_ acorge 94-yeati-old Confederate , -- vetcrjin, nm i h| s -27-year-old bride ?,J.' .9. , year became parents of an qV. Pound son recently, Hughes is the. father ot 16 other children by a former wife. John P.-Condon, the Bronx teacher who ns "Jafsie" tried (o contact the Lindbsrgh kidnapers'and passed $50.000 of ransom mon-y to n mysterious'man now alleged byilhe state to have been Bruno'Haupt- mann, offered vltol testimony when:he took .the stand "today. This, Condon's'most recent photo, shows something of the stranV to-'whlch - , ; ' he has becn.'subjected•during, the. past two years. ' •-.'•'- Stale's Moves Will Be Vigorously Resisted Dyiiing Second Trial' . v Entile lines will be sharply drawn when Bill Barnes, '• slayer of C. A. Martin, goes on trial for- the second time In 'circuit/criminal court here Jfonday with' his' life at stake. ;,' . ( V. : ^ Roy Nelson',', who'with SamjMan- att will act as defense^c.puiis'el by appointment .of .the-couftShas announced that every move of Ihe staje will be strenuously resisted In.contrast lo procedure during Hie first: trial when no'objections were raised to the -state's', evidence!'.'. Frank Barnes, rather of Bill, was, given the death - sentence by a' jury when 1 the two ;we're' Irled jointly ; In November, A mistrial resulted, In Bill's case, several members, of the jury voting for life Imprisonment' and others for the electric chair. Archie Barnes, Bill's brother and the Ihlrd member of the. trio accused In the death of/Martin, youthful Blythe- vtllc taxi "driver,..last summer, will not. be .tried;-.ivIthyBlll. Defense counsel have::.T»nnoiiheed that under no conditions v WlU they consent to'trial ,ol_ the brothers together.. .• Rumors..of";-an efltprt to obtain a; venue have been heard : but* so far appear to be remote., , A*.special panel or 81 jurors lis?{ been summoned for examination" Monday when an adjourned week of fha October term of court--will open. Emi In the event the Barnes' trials should for some reason, fall to matfrial- ize the court can probably cccupy its full week In disposing of cthei- cases, in which defbndnnls hove teen In Jail awaiting trial. Leachville "Watermelon King" Sued for Divorce Merrill Swlhart, Leachville "watermelon king.'' has been named defendant in a divorce action filed In chancery court Jie re by his wife, Mabel Swlhart. Indignities arc alleged ns grounds for the action in which a division of properly t s also ^^j Reid., Evrard and.Henderson are counsel for Mrs. Swlhart and Virgil areene is attorney for the defcnd- Chamber of- Commerce Sub-Committees Will Investigate Proposals The possibility of -Securing the establishment in w near Biythe- villc of plants for the crushlii" of soy beans nnd 'for''the manufacture of starch from sweet pota- loes lyjll, be Invesliga'ted by two sub-committees named yesterday at a meeting of the agricultural committee, of the BIytheville Chamber "of .Commerce.- R, .-F. ;Kirshner, C, 'P. Tucker, and.:J. H.: Smothermari were appointed to look into the soy bean mill."proposition. They. plan"to Interview J. p. Waggoner', of the BIytheville Cotton Oil 'company, as to the possibility .of obtaining Installation by that company of Hie necessary additional facilities. The committee ,on the sweet potato starch plant proposal consists of Matt Scruggs, J. p. Tompkins and E. A. Stacy. Such a plant, was established last year at Laurel, Miss., with government aid, and is -.said to have had a successful season's operation., starch from sweet potatoes has certain qualities that are said to jssure a ready market for the product. A, third sub-committee, consisting'.of R. E. Blaylock, Arthur IJrlt- tnlii and Mose Smith, was named to confer with George Oreb, president of the BIytheville Canning company, concerning Ihe possibility of expanding the acreage of spinach, beans and other vegetables for tlie canning factory, 0. O. Smith, chairman, presided at yesterday's meeting, which was attended by E. R. Blaylock, R. P. Klrshnet and Matt Scruggs, or the chamber ol commerce, and J. P. Tompktns, J. H. Smotherman, Mose Smith. F. A. Rodgers, A. Brittalii, A. J. Lewis, T. P. <\fnr- thi, C. P. Tucker. E. A. Stacy, and R. C. Rose of the farmers advisory group. The committee voted Its -endorsement of n suggestion by Mr. Klishner tlmt the legislature provided for the centralized collection of all taxes. It also recommended that, the chamber of commerce sponsor In th.c legislature a proposal for an excise lax upon margarine made from foreign oils, Rayburn Plans Bill To Curb Holding Companies WASHINGTON, Jan, fl ! -(UP) — Vieprcsenlntlve 8 n in nnylmrii. lUom,, Tex.) chairman of the house Interstate commerce committee, announced (odtiy he would Introduce n bill designed to correct Mm "evils of holding companies" referred to In . President Roosevelt'.? .message to .'congress. Rttybmii; will explain'his bill lo the house. Friday and dlsciiss-the investigation;;-- which committee counsel lias made regarding io|)cr- ations of tiotdlns companies. . .4; -An election law .to, prevent iiaJIcloii.s slander during" campaigns. Administration lenders have been making Inquiry: Into, those subjects and reporting ' to the- governor. There' Is. no :|ndlcallon fro'iii Uh'ese' nen that the governor will sponsor bills on ; Ihe, four sub]ects:but btlibr nlormed sources believe .he- will ope illy favor the unem'ployables re-' Her measure and the election law. '.. -Virginia. Plan Considered, - :<;• .State; control'rbf liquor 'through placing the .state In the" liquor bjis; nesslhas been' considered . 'by » the" joVernpr among other possible plans 16 be. Introduced In the legislature which {.convenes next ^'weck, -it ,<?«is' learned." ,'. Through' state' sales' increased revenue would come toi the treasury, under the system . which now operates In Virginia, •••• :•: : J,,.Vy.. Morrlsett, Virginia lax ro'm- mixslonerl'udvlspd in a leiegrtirh ,to mi administration leader, that hard liquor. .would bring that state more than. •$2,000.000 for (he fiscal yeaf Just icjos Ing .and xthat^Wertwdljid nef;lhe r State -mor'e than r <j 700,600". Arkansas-' realized i'lcss" than , $1,000,- OpO.-lrpnvbeer' tM;and pefmlts,;dur- Ing- its 1 first •.ycar-'of operation since ' ! ~ "' ; '•' •'• '• "' '" ' ' UBEflTt-ME ireal Industrial Organizations Represented on Executive Board • WASHINGTON, Jan. 9 (UP)— The American Liberty league, u ncm : partisan . socjety created to oppose "radical" iiiovcjnenls In tlio national government, was shown today lo be. under control of a 8r°."l>.;irepresenting .Industrial and Inancla) organizations possessing ziu. , " •, •• • ;; • Under* the' : Virginia 1 .system' ..ilia. state owns the liquor • business and realizes ' the 'profits that ordinarily go-to tlibirctaller and:otrier!nild'die rntiij between tlie distillery, nnd', 'the consumer." -A pint of Pour .Roses'. Anchorage nnd similar, quality! whiskey' could be' purchased by the ! state for about 50 cents. it was e.xplaine'd. The stale could retail It through Its liquor stores for -telween' 75 cents' and a dollar, make a fair profit and still sell It cheap- enough to' discourage bootlegging, the administration leader said. '• : ' Would Involve County Option ' Tile plan offered for possible Introduction in Arkansas would Involve a local option law. Hence, If the slate should : take control of liquor through sales, a county would have (fie right to vote on location of the liquor store within it.s borders. ; "Population of. Virginia in 1930 was 2,400,000 nnd in Arkansas i,- SOO.OM. Difference In population could be expected [o cause a corresponding difference In anticipated revenue. • Governor Futrell became Interested In the election law against .malicious slander during the campaign last summer. He is considering legislation to that end in the new legislature. The Wisconsin statute would be the. pattern for the election law. Under It campaigners must prove the statements they make against an opponent, If contested, m one Instance In Wisconsin a candidate defeated a congressman, statements ol the victorious candidate were contested, the story goes, proof could not be established and he was i (orced to relinquish the office in favor of the defeated congressman. I What the governor has considered regarding horse racing and care of unemployables was not learned. He has not made any statement on racing but he has assure! something will be done to sssL'.t' counties In their care bj un employables. Recommend Payment for Sinking of Rum Runner WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. (Up)— The Joint commission appointed to Investigate the sinking of the Canadian rum runner "I'm Alone" today recommended that the United States government pay the Canadian government $25,000 damages The commissioners also reconT- mcnded trial .the United, states apologize to the Canadian government and acknowledge the illegality ot the action of the coast guard cutters which pursued and' sunk the I'm 'Alone .by shell flre in the Gulf of Mexico In 19J9. : Condon Provides; Links^in QKain ( Against | Defendant 'Jjji' '_ _ jjj B ' FItMlNCTON, Jan 9 (Uri^,'*' I auyers tor Ilruno Richard' llauiitiimini, hi Across examlnafj lljoii thb 'nfteru'oon,' itruck at Hie tlory told by IIr. John F.' Condon by Inglnuatlng Ihat.Jaf-'j sle himself was'lnvohed into the^ Lindbergh,! k.ulmplng ,, Cross ' ekainlnatlQii folloVed »i move by'iiefense counsel lor * mistrial .became of a renuiic uhlch A(ty Gtn Da\ld T Wll- . fntz made to a Juror The m'ai, tlnu was denied , > An argument between WUenti and IHfense Counsel Eaward j. Rellly led to a healed exchange In which (lit attorney general charged his opponent with i liullyini The court did not re- .• veil wlial Wilenli »id In heftf-" Init of the jury of, more than t37,000,000,- . A 1 . .United Press 'survey of the Icnguc's . new executive t committee and: .advisory council, jdlsclosed a c ! 0! \«!i£o.rinecklpn .- between. , mem tore- aruii some -.of ' the nation's Breatest :buslness . enterprises. •^League, directors we're Shown to have .a/filiations ; w(th such organ- ^I' the ;f: United States; Steel, corporation,! -.General Motors' Standard -Oil company, 1 Chase Na-" tlonal :' bank',: Qoodyear";Tire J anti' Rubber, company, Wtsttnghouse El- ectrk)'. 1 'and V Mamitaclurlng • ' company, .Baltimore: fund Ohio" railroad, the^MutualULlf* Insurance company, 'arid : -Bcoria/0f; others. -.-., A study .of corporation und flnl onclal statistics . showed, that of tne'20 men and .jyomen. who, will Constitute: ' the' ..ieaeue'g. , executive ramrnlttee,:. 13 ;dra/ ; officers, or dl- rettfirs •'pff;p^ganl^Ugiis.' r wl|h\ 'as-' t?-'0 f , 'rrlorqirthajl" $i(4,bOfl,IK)6;M6'," Qii . th'e'.vexecatlv'e 1 6'tnml fe '• a'ri Alfred-'E. . Smith'/ : formc'r ; prpsiden- l '"candidate, ;' and .".'governor . ,'ofi N ?w.yorH;:;'l'rcnee'..iluPbhf,:jiead i-'o'f" the. i huge. .Delaware Opowdet' concern; ; John:/; W. .'.-Davis, former Democratic ; presidential : '. -nominee, and. A.. A. Spfague, Chicago' Indus trial Lit; ',• :.:'..-. ... •. .••'. . 200 Workers. Will Cooper ate in Community Un : derlaking Sunday Two hundred volunteer workers from churches of the citv will unite next Sunday afternoon in the taking of a complete religious census of tlie community. Immediately after morning services at the several churches the workers will galher at the First Baptist church, Walnut and'.Eighth streets, for a luncheon to be served by Die women's organizations of the cooperating churches. -Each worker will be .waled next to his or her working" partner, usually drawr from a different church, In crde* that the •• greatest possible benefit In the way of fellowship and the development of a spirit of coopera tlon may bo derived from the luncheon. A picture of the entire group will be taken. Followlng-the luncheon the work ere will assemble in the church au dltorlum, where final inspirational and instructional addresses will b made and definite assignments glv en to pre-delermlncd districts. The actual census will then be taken, probably requiring about two hours. Tlie churches and ministers are requesting the general public to give Its hearty cooperation in thfs matter by remaining at home until the workers have called and by giving readily the Inflrmation asked Sponsored by the Blythevllle Ministers' association, this Is th- first of many projects planned In which the churches will coopsrate. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight 'and Thursday, much change In temperature. not The maximum temperature yesterday was 63, minimum partly cloudy with a trace of i last night, according to Samuel Nptrfs, official weather observer, here rain IT HELD - Jii, Jan 9 (UP) — John r Condon "grand old ritin of the Bionx,' tortiy declared Bruno < Richard Hauptmanri pioied fo him he had been in the. Lindbergh nursery af,\.Hopcwell oh Ihe night of the kidnaping' "f Tlie second smashing sensation of a court, session that bifstled. will) excitement followed "Jafsle's" Identification of the Bronx cari penler ns the man to whom ho gave $50 000 ol Colonel Ltnd- t f berghs money on a 'pledge thai , the baby would be restored ' j Hauptmami's reaction lo the challenge \ias a stolid stare, a little murmur of the lips But not a muscle moved as Dr Condon pro- thttd IH 'a •'cledf. Jnoislve-voice the' third link of the day by which Hauptmnnn may be sent to~ the , chair - foi the milrder* o{ Charles : A Lindbergh Jr : Told of Safely Pins' The lensHtion, exclusively predicted bj the United Press several da\s'ngo, came while Condon was renting the comoisatlon he had «lth the man he says was Hauptmann In the. darkness of Woo'd,- lawn cemetery , 'How do I know 11 a m talking to the right man? 1 Jifsle asked him » , 'The baby was held In the crib l>y safetj pins," the extortioner said, identifying two Uuge pins held In ..Dr. .Condon's hands-as the ones that fastened down the blankets in the .-infant's crib. ^ Thu8' in less; than an hour- ; o£ • testimony the 74-ieai-old Bronx ' lecturer had dc\ eloped the tliree moit* damaging pieces of evidence ' yet heard -against the one 'tlrrie Oerman macl.'Lc g Infer ne riad testified . : ) —That the man «ho negotiat- ' ed for the ransom money in Wood- ! lawn cemetery-was Bruno.Richard ' Hauptmann.:' ' ', ' I 2.—That the man who 'received I the ransom money in St. Ray- ! mond's cemetery was" Bruno Rlch- ~"d Hauptmann. 3.—That ; Bruno Richard Hau'pt- - maun, on his own admission, held , the child and proved it by a knowledge of how ' the crib was arranged. .- , , : . . r '"En Condon also.,.testified that Hauptmann told ..him .that -th's 1 "leader" would kill Hauptmann unless he handled .ransom negotla- , r tlons carefully. Tills reference to. j. a gang plot In the kidnaping, unsupported by" other evidence So, far, Is expected 'to ,be an import•'_ ant point 'in the defense attempt to prove that several persons were involved In the" kidnaping and. that the ldentlficat!on',"of Haupt-i mann Is a mistake'.-.- ''.. . -At a-10-mlnute recess, declared, ua shortly after Jafsie had made his J" identifications, in a, .declamatory mariner, Hauptmaiih'turned-to the press Bench and. : made his only comment. ', "That's his storv," he said. 'Let! him tell It." Brings Flsch Relatives I LE HAVRE, Francs'. Jan. 9 (UP) t —Detective Arthur Johnson of the' New York police sailed on the| He de, France today with rela- 1 lives of the late Isldor Fiscll'tp testify against Bruno Richard! Hauptmann in the Lindbergh case.' Hauptmann claimed tn his de-j fense that the ransom -money) found In his possession was given [ him by Fisch, a business associate hi N?w York. Klsch later re-i tvrned fo his home In Germany! where he died..' , : 'Johnson Is' taking Pinkus .Fisch,! brother of .Isidor. and three other) relalhes. It was understood they. 54, would testify as to Isidor's flnaii-1 iln elal standing In an effort to dls-' F. prove that Hsch had much money . or gave 'any to Hauptmanri

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