The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, 'APRIL o, 1037 BIA'TIIEVrLLB (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS SAGS U. S. Branson Architect (or New Houses at Caruthersville and Kennett Compact Comfort Iteldenls of nearby towns nrc having substantial homes built while plans for several houses in Blytheville arc being completed before annovinccmcnts arc made. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dlllman, of Caruthcrsville, have Just started work on a modern colonial residence, of brick veneer with asbestos sliingle roof. It will be a 0113- story house, with basement and will have a living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, sun room, lliree bedrooms and two tile baths. U. S. Branson is the architect.. , At Kennett, Mo., Mr. ami Mrs. C. R. Tolbert arc erecting a two- story New England cottage. This sturdy type of early American architecture will be carried out with a broken pediment trim on the entrance. Colonial siding \vill be used for the exterior with a composition shingle roof. There will beV living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, bedroom, bath and large screened' porch on the first floor. There will b? two bedrooms and a second bath upstairs. The basement will house the heating plant and air conditioning equipment, laundry and a large recreation room. U. S. Branson is the architect. A cottage Lendcnnie Fowler is erecting on South Franklin street is almost completed. The house, which lias five rooms and a bath, has a colonial entrance and is painted white with a gresn composition roof. The house will be rented. Mrs. S. S. Sternberg Is modernizing two of her houses in the 1200 block on Holly street. One of them is being thoroughly remodeled and renovated and will ba redecorated on the outside and interior. Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Adams have purchased a 100-foot lot on the northeast corner of Hearn and Division streets and plan to erect a house there soon. The Max Meyers are having their house, at 1104 W. Main street, redecorated on the outside. The interior will be done over soon. 0-1 I Former 'Sternberg House • Bought by Tom Little Tile former S. S. Steruberg house, recently purchased by H. H. Houchins, has been sold to Tom Little, who will move there about May 1. He has sold his residence, at 300 Chickasawba Ave., lo Mr. and Mrs. Chester Caldivell, who will live there. The Littles plan to redecorate ami to make some improvements In their new home. Early Uses of Plaster Traced to Ancient Days Plaster for building purposes IMS' been used for centuries and still covers 80 - per cent of home interiors. Its insulating and sanitary properties were developed by the ancients and its decorative possibilities furthered by the Greeks and Romans. King John of England recognized its fire- resistive qualities after the great London fire. Sanitary laws in many states require all habitable rooms to be lathed and plastered. It insulates against cold drafts as well as heat. Taking I per cent lo <! per cent of total building cost, there is no cheap substitute, as other materials give much less in service for the comparative outlay. The Federal Housing Adminis- Call Your Windows "She" * Although comparatively small, every thought has licoti given to Ihe comfoil of a small family in planning tins hi/jsa .in I'iue Bluff, Ark. Tlic living room is a generous si/.e and tho dining room adequate. The Breakfast room, located off Hie kitchen, provides a built-in cupboard for dislies, Tlic two -bedrooms are small but have jcross ventilation and consider- jiible wall space. Oac bedroom .has an adjoiningdressingrooai, kind both are in easy access lo the bath. The completed property cosl $1,500, including InnJ, and is being financed by a mortgage insured by ihc Federal IIousingAdministration in the amount of $3,610. Monthly I payments of $3-1.3S will amor- .tize the principal in 20 years {and include the necessary pay- imcnts for interest, service ;c!i3rge, mortgage insurance, taxes, and hazard insurance. Houbiog Question Box Q. 1 understand the Federal lousing Administration is show- ng houses' that can., be bought or 52,500. Where can they be ought or. built? A. This is not quite correct. The 'ederal Housing Administration ast May prepared a bulletin sliow- ng suggested plans of five small louses to illustrate the .principles if economical construction metli- and tration insures home financing. mortgages foi Today's House Has Built-in Features In the construction of the modern house provision Is made fo many pieces of built-in furniture Built-in features include bookcase, and benches in the living room cupboards ar«J the equivalent o sideboards in the dining room, sps cinl closets, built-in dressers, bunk or beds in the bedrooms, if de sired, and many types of special features-Jn bathrooms and kitchens, the cost of furnishing the home, as well as of moving is thereby reduced. Homes may be financed under the terms of the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration. ids, materials, and design. At hat time the prices at which hey said these houses • could irobably be built were from $1,00 to St.500 for the smallest house which acceptable standards could be achieved and $2,100 to $2,500 for the largest house rated. These prices included only he cost of tlic house itself, without a .cellar, and did not include .he price of land, utilities, grading, landscaping, walks, or any 3ther expenses that migiit be incurred. It is possible that with very inexpensive lot needing no grading, planting, or walks tlic' small three-room house might be | built even today so that the tola! outlay should not be more than $2,500. decorative standpoint in achlcvm a soft, pleasing effect, and applied ives a glareless relleciton of light. FHA Offers Booklet lo Assist Builders of Small Houses WASHINGTON, D. C.—In view ot the urgent nnrt Immediate necessity of expanding the production o( gocd houses nt low prices, Hie Technical Division of the Federal Housing Administration, during l\ii year 1936, undertook special .studios of the planning and construction of such houses. A booklet on planning of small houses was prepare:!, embodying the results of these studies, and has been widely circulated. Demonstration houses making use of the suggested plans have been built by private capital at strategic points and have received widespread attention from builders and the public. Further opportunity hn.s been taken through meetings of jocal groups of operative builders to impress upon them the vast magnitude of the market for low- priced houses and ,the opportunities which Hwatt their success in producing them. It Is significant Hint builders whose names have been associated In the past with the building of large structures have now entered Ihe field of building low-price:! houses. Many of these are five- and .six-room houses equipped with modern conveniences, and sell at from $4,000 to S5.G80 In the Immediate vicinity of our largest northern cities and towns, arc priced to sell at from $2,500 to $4,000, There Are Limits Beyond Which Quality May Not Be Sacrificed Gradad Lumber Assures Quality Dependable lumber Is essential in providing, n substantial framework for a dwelling. Lumber Is graded in accordance with quality, the quality being determined by the number of knots, cracks, sup pocket*, and other imperfections. The fewer of these tlic better the grade. Dryness Is essential in lumber, as the less moisture it contains the :ess the amount of shrinkage after the building is thoroughly dried out. Dependable construction materials must be'home; financed under the terms of' the .Federal Housing Administration program. Every building operation has three fundamental elements— namely, cost, size, and quality. There arc two kinds of quality: That which Is "essential" and tint which constitutes "luxury" The lowest permissible limit of quality In materials and construction, from the standpoint of security for the mortgage Insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Is that which insures durability »ithi low maintenance cost. This Is "essential" quality, The quality whicli pertains to elaboration of decorative and architectural clfccts, special equipments, etc., Is "luxury." it Is desirable, of course, to Imve both kinds of quality In the home, but If cost limitations permit only one, the sound investment demands that essential quality be maintained to the exclusion of luxury. The selection of materials and quipmcnt for the home should bo ovcrncd by a consistency of qual- y. It Is obvious that quality, in enernl, must be proportioned to xpcrullturc, but certain desirable ImrncterLsllcs, such as design and Ian arrangement, can be attained ithoiit material effect to the cost. . high degree of essential quality, egnrdless of the size or cost of the welling, is necessary to a piopeity hat Is to be n desirable Investment. l.ncy net curlnlus, which give the room privacy even when Hie blinds arc up, unii cheerful, large lijrurcil drapes combine- lo give it living room that feminine lonrh thai dhtlnenlshcs home from the most comfortable clubs. (From Home Window Decorating Guild, New York) and distribute to the adjoining joists the heavy loads that .would otherwise bear upon a single joist. Q. I have a very narrow lot and want to build 11 one-story house. How can I get proper light In all my rooms? A. If the obstructions to your natural light and ventilation on the sides arc close, it is advisable to replan your house to have thu same amount of space on two floors, with the rooms arranged so that your light comes from the tront and bach. the painting and -decoration Plumbing System Should Be Checked Color Scheme Must Be Chosen Carefully Properly chosen color can make a room seem larger or smaller, cnn aid in illumination and have a decided psychological effect upon everyone living in the house. It Is advisable to check on the effect of colors before decorating a room. A celling which is darker than [he wnlls will cause the roof to have a top-heavy effect. Dark floors make the room seem larger and form a satisfactory background for rugs and furniture. Well-planned homes may be financed under the terms of the Federal Housing Administration program. NEW YORK, — Designers and Interior decorators apparently got together and said: "Let's mnke windows feminine!" For feminine they are, with more softness and grace In Ihelr decoration than In many ti season, nil In tune with the tieml for pleasant ornaleness and feminine touches in the home. The answer: billowy lace curtains over the stark simplicity of naked Venetian blinds. These grace and gloinor curtains nre decora- ive, iind yet fulfill three practical purposes—taking away • the severe lines of tlie uncurtained.- blinds, toning clown the sunlight when It becomes too bold during the day, and giving the room privacy when you want the blinds drawn up nt night. If you are fond of the straight lines of the slats In your Venetian blinds, choose lace curtains dc signed with strong horizontal lines that harmonize with those of the slats. Some of them seem Ilk the blinds. And the heavier The prospective owner of a nc.v home should assure himself that the materials used in the plumbing system and the v,orkmanship necessary .for its installation are the best available. ' As most of the pipes arc installed under the floors Flat Paint Has Good Decorative Qualities Flat paint is desirable from behind finished walls, heavy tcrlal doesn't destroy the softening effect because the weave Is light and airy. If you do nothing else to 'llic house for spring, took to the windows. You will be surprised at the bright and ; cheery change It wll make In the rooms—they will seen kc, new. Many women, csijcclnll; •Ith summer coming on, like laci et curtains for their cool effect They .shield the hot sun, and \vcl ome the slightest breeze,,, Thu neutral tones of off-whiti. )cige and ecru (straw color) hlen hcmselvcs to attractive comblna ions with cither n solid color o n figured over-drape. One more thing—lace cilrlah vear well, hang evenly and lain: der beautifully. Stnrc T.ighllnir Modem methods of store Halit- es quickly pay for themselves in ncrcased sales of merchandise nore eff«livcly displayed The iurchas;i and installation of modern lighting effects may be iln- incccl through private financial nstMutions approved by the Federal Housing Administration. Read Courier News Want Ads IMl'KOVE' YOUK PROPERTY NOW We'll help you secure a FHA loan. Wall Payer ,. Paints - Varnishes Auto & Window Plate Glass , BLYTHEVILLE PAINT and WALLPAPER CO. GIcucoc Hide I'hone 880 bands of Insertion, one sot upoi another. Others are hi alternating band of close and very open weave. Stl others have bands of one dcsfg of open weave lace,' alternatln with a contrasting open wca\ design. In case you prefer a simple lace net—in the bedroom, for example —that shows the blinds in clear contrast through the lace weave, there arc dainty little filet nets. These hnve nothing more than an occasional motif In close weaving, or a neat, conventionalized border. Or there arc rayon curtains with New Paint Can Be Washed With Soap A semigloss-finish paint which is practically soil proof Is on the! the simplest of iiet design back- market. H can be scoured with | grounds, and solid weave bands of soap powder, and even pcncillsatlny texture as a border. Cur- marks and match scratches arc tains of this design would be love- readily eradicated. Manufactured Uy in tlic guest room or the nurs- ™i si nvo,vcd in their replace- ^i?^^™£\^ w lhc mo| , so , |( , ^ ^ work, or metal. ment or repair. The plumbing of a house to be financed under ' the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration is carefully in- Q. Can \vc safely remove the wail between two small bedrooms to make one large room, or will the strain on roof and ceiling be! oo much? | A. First determine whether the fall is a bearing partition, If not a bearing partition, it can be removed with safety. If it is a tearing partition, It is essential that a properly designed support be substituted for the wall. It Li advisable lo consult an architect or engineer on such a problem. Paneling Possible for Small Houses Wocd as a finish for tile Inner walls of houses has until recently been considered a luxury possible only for the large income. . A new process of cutting wood now brings this desirable finish within the reach or the owners of the less expensive homes. The veneer paneling can bo applied over old plaster wnlls or on new construction. Strips for tiim around doors nnd windows and molding to match the wood of the walls arc available. Q. Is there any way to remove cement that has been spilled on brickwork? A. Brick masonry is cleaned by scrubbing it with a weak solution of muriatic add. The acid is mixed with water In the proportion of 1 part acid to 0 or 8 parts of water and Is applied with a sliff- brlstlcd brush. The wall should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water after this application. Q. Must cross-bridging be nailed at both top and bottom? A. It should be double-nailed at both top and bottom. The purpose of bridging is to stiffen the joist [as the living room, library, dining Durable paint of tills kind may room or game room, there arc find many uses In homes built nn- rtcr the terms of the Federal Mousing Administration. , stunning curtains in heavier yarns. They have simple, open meshes that reveal the straight lines of Realize. Your Dreams For a New Home K «'fr before has it hrcn so easy for the avtrage -family to Iniittl a new home, rf j"H i an qualify for a VIIA loan «(- will help handle the rlc- tails. l,o\v interest rales and K Icrm payments (W lent) mnVe it possible fur .vnii to built! llic home yen unnt. Sec us for details — we will liclj) you secure a FHA Loan. I'HONK 40 FOR BUILDING \Vc are now in a position to accept applications for FHA loans on new construction in de.sir- able locations. If you plan to build (,'el your money through us. We can also make regular monthly reduction loans on dwellings already constructed. COMMONWEALTH KKDKUAI, SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. First National Insurance Agency INSUUANCK 01'' ALL KINDS I'HONK 12 Clarence II. Wilson Harvey Morris IHales vory little figuring to make.the money which you pay out now for a rant receipt PRODUCE A DEED ... which will end all rent. Not for years has it been possible to build and pay for a homa ON SUCH LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS AS EXIST TODAY — the reason, of course, is tha offer! 1 made by the Federal Housing Administration to ease hie tasV of homo ownership. We'll be glad to explain to yoii without obligation all details of FHA improvement and new building loans. Phone 100

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