The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Screening ihc Passer Many Softball Plnyois In Line-up nf fily Cage I oop Teams nv j. p. Mnny stars of niytlicvlllc Coin, mei-cial Softball League which wu.' considered (pilie successful In H : nllempi lust summer, are list- frt among Hie starting lineups nf ihe City naskc-ttall l.onguo; which .opens loiifghl, n't , Hie National pimrj Armory. • TWO .games ni'f nidcd w/tli the ni'i petting nml, i «aj ni 7 p m 1'fllrings bring, together Fust Aikinsas Builders Supplj an< JM/ Holisml's . -nooicry; . Pn.'.llme Billiard:; anil Terry's Sei-vk-e St&. I Inn "Tiny" wit), I'.istiiii,, W, H. ffiny) Cllnypj-, miin- mmmtnin first saeker for. Pastime vho led llu league In unnlihlnv the softbnll a. well ni | n fielding isnln tscivoiilng to Hoik Sillln.s entry, fie win | )0 nl on(1 or i)l(1 fiiinrd positions for Pflbtlmc Dlck 4 Potter mniiHgei of the champion Robinson Drue lenin and one a! Hie Irnsu. s best per foimcr* Is n Mailing loivnnl foi Fist Arkim'ss Builder., Among teammates are John Holland nci> righlhamlpi fri the Biillilejs, iui.1 •Bml Wilson, star shortstop, of the vune club n r liiogdon speeil meicliant ontneltler who lobbrd mmjy yjft tall hitters while | n lla O1l i c] pastures for Uobliison will ntt|| /0 his speed for leins Senltc <5ln lion as a forward. Teams Ml Set With but, few exceptions rival managers believe tlicli teams are all set for the opening \\hhtle In choosing (hell opining llmupi William Bilbo GilUrt former' Texnrlana Jiimni College lumm ary skipper of the Enl Aiknmns Builders <3ti,,p)j »|,o .lie expected to ••n Hie pace In the league named Kenneth JMI tamw Spunglleld Pio slnr, crnlM UicK I'ollei (MclnphL- Tech High) mid Claienee Webb (BlylllcUllc high) foraaicls lohn Holland and chdc (Bud) Wilson cistwhilc Chlclnsm .. ace perfotmers is li-i (list vice lion to face the Bpoteiy liaimon Tayloi (VniidPililltl and the bass hlmseH will be on Innd foi relief chores Manager Iiimnle Edvauls nn<l Co-ich Jiminle Lee BrooJs of the Booterj intimated (hey would shoot (he works in an cftoit'lo upset the dope with n win OVM tin favored Builders Allhouph Iliej \<erc not sure who \\onld talc thi flom foi them indications aic that Ma\ Christian would b-« at (he tip-off uosition Chailes Peanut, Brbgdon and Biooks forwaids Olelm! Hnnls itul B^rnaid Me Afee trends \Vllh exception of JHrils a Conner mini, slai oil leirned their bisketbnlt A n C s nmrei the Maroon nnd White col ors Last mniutc sivllelie" might Ihjou Lee Medlln, (Arkansas College) sit eenlcr and Can Rjlce (Bljilmlllc high) u Brook., post Odell reatherstone and Rooslei Shoil Pass Altark, Mad* Popular By Pios, Now In Colleges Nal llqijiiiin f nliegi t f York ' * • • VAl f am on. 1 ; Much In Ihc manner of an offensive fullbiick dropping biek " No1 - Ilolmnn cue cmeh of (he Collcfce of tin nt,v 01 «cw making a-shot, for the 'basket the passer to screen an oerhl mnn By Harry Gray son Lieut Tom Hamilton joung ufn dt mnst' schools-of asl Wis only MI' the backs Also the numheis should be trusllng ciftilgh f ni)d 'lajse. ° S "" he ca ''" y "Another Hue suggestion is that coaches (ILscontlnue the practice of seeking rules to coVcr deficiencies , < ari( , Au(||f|( "f Winning Jtakrl (nil rant I wall dm nuinbPi rf have loen o Dcfl in ,|i letivun fr,flei;i nncl west' -in liskctball 1 ral , tmemtlet tlial my ippjy varied ii.i i, the mifrn play ImprfVed V ;H)i r ,h Quite n few yetus <ign. t ivlien Hide my h>l profi^loml ba-k "II Illp Ihioilgli [)ie- veal the opportunity of ^line. 'everal leudliW witir team s| ]0 'Oar be s »re r s t; e - 'rd! -d inljj n« sala Out In our eecllon the players ?IL a!ttr ', W **™* nw teS! Of coujv (hat Is a matter for lrtafe l,,,t It noeS, give C i Style 1" of ability ami | P (joromn pprlfoiilarly appar <«l whu. Qtir flmls II ntleily |, n K- to (tetermlne a (earns l)y the oflea^o or defend n Since tin, ^ ,ne ease it wn nid w») lo give Ihe ,osl a» ..I™ mllvldual abjuty upcoming o stalwne;it Hut the fart "1 l l " P la ? lailL lo "™ " their ' iHlprwlicnni «V^lt=e Qarden HlhoHghTn fa Irnr", : |t M|1 fa, Homiert-r,,,, 8 ' ,,«" Notre Damr. ployart y i, h Is slnr Don' ^ ti Uly out DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBQ shapV ncllBii me exhibitions' wrr \Vestein~styIp o <, (1 ba<,ly »v/fo m p-,r eihteui game 4 a vlvM l( , e(> H f ellon thb i;The long, shot wa- Din fn offensive" weaion . „. ™« ""'I erratic iml one. handed, from any , )arl 01 the court \4crcVnumcroin Team' depended upon hard bone uush il'.n h t k i l ° cariy Lbem ""<>" e basket Deception w.n.s no tlielr lucky siilL t" the cast during tliU ncVioil ore tune was .spent In stink im "' acfuDtlnlr Mic •slvlc' employe!? finis par of tfie Original Hit pen!- of their , ' >.-.'. • " ' IWst Illsps OH Power' ' A.S.W ITS.UJI Hie efficient tow game , v a? imxjrpoui ye em by local professional tnms jUrii tl.n> lies then n But It's An Annual Affau And Nolhing To Get _. cifcd Ahoul i i u.V ,I,U;K ciinnv Unllc.i). Uiss SUfl {orresuondiMit NEW VOOUK tUP)-)WH "llu [loldout spison Is: njlh us agn|u Baseball plajeis ate opening Oieli eontincls giving O lf loud blasts i ml Urrcnlcnlng to quit the (.111111 mlev Urn ilub'bonsh |hr n(ile -------- wi-ui.i, HUM warrmgtoii (Wilson Utah) nn n» But Mils ImlilniiL bnsliies; willing n w 01 nothing, i<> "ilj qxclled about been holdouts, ixei since Al Rench signed llu firs! inofcsslmrit ]conliact In 18<M nnd eldom nns I"as lo t/twi.i, ium iiumuum jijimg -raMim rules to cover deficiencies Navy coach aglces v,ilh Dob Aip-|in wnching Putting the goal posLs example Tlie excuse wns to sa\< plajers from being Injined but i the rensoh W u- to save coache , ,. college .fao(baH*:U'itiri— Miriri- csnfa, for ovnmple-naiild beit Iho , professional outfits i don l think the pro football rrs i)lnj tis hnrd ns they do tu tollcf,e iajs Hamilton I or one ' grounded !j, the B arae, mentals inly funda klclcc " i to de\elop them » i # t I>o You Wonder, Too? l Tor the Piitlmc manager James Ace Puckctl win gainble gaine on ^Charles Ca\anaiigh IU of T) center; \ crirncy and WHIoughby iRR4 and „.,„ forw nds Wnlf Leslie (Alnbajiia) Hemphlll (nnj) Glover, t "nro.s io begin uilh Mi nest liiincs cell ' in. Bhnkenslnp. foniard am Puekelt are nvallnble foi- sii'lxstitii I tons. I Opposing "Rock' Snllbn's Lieu |rTcd J.f C . Ol . E SnV&s; !%$& ^ IEM ™ •«& B P Biogdqn (Bljlhevlllel forwards; Charles Kriilx. (Tyler,'Mo) cenler; Klmer LimLsey (Blytheville) -.aim Manager James Terry guards Jlmnij nttended UnUer Elty of Arkansas. ' A small admKslon fee to help Ih"ic h-ne been snhij ic\ol|s on ninsse but, these «tre (loomed lo ^certnrn left the plnjeis noise of! ihnn cvci The fli^il of llusc lesultcd in the foi- mnlion of the Union - A.ssoclnlion as a rlvnl of the National League mid Ihe American Association . .. would beat the. New York Giants or the Chlcngo Benrs, in my opin- " Disgruntled players circuit. ep defray the league e\pen*ei will be eharged. , •-- .. u .v. UIIL i,| U;L.%. history occurred bark : In 1870 Al that tune there .-was only u ,ie sal. dub In the game—the flit Too Much HufTalt) 'SCOBEY. Mont. (UP)-A . sport which Uill cody tmmorinliw'd— .hurlalo limiting—.soon may be revived near litr t TKK icUyil hus come to pass because Walt Tru- JXa unlqiie prtinte bi on herd In' had loo min> b!r«se,t e\ei\ls ^lodgiy^ Atmanao 111 niMsed clem reason, by Ihe lime they get''o\lt- __ , .„,. of sOiofll lliej r ie iy5|mllj smnrl Wondei wliat'thasTWatiford co enough nol lo pnl iheli mises hi hoits and olhei Pacific coist fans «lnIP Ihej II gel hull T plajcd «)io Preferred Mlnnesotv foi dial some seml-pio foolball foi aMille Hae Howl gd|iic u thfnl now? oiid we sort ot look 'it ens; | Musi ime ngured that, the Tlifp Hamilton ^'111 |aye,s nbo«( the «ns too tough and that the c .Illsbutijh liani lliat put the one Pliers «'ouK| ha\e bet-,, „ W |, ln blol on nti ollimwlsr- eleai Naij' _ ' iccord Thq Middies mentoi mnt imdtiitnmt how Mlnne ota b«U ihe I'lntliei 1 ! II)-.! leim r rver sun that hurt in Wen • ninnlni; Interference on end Ul'iis. , < The Minnesota lentil that bent Pill nuisl nine bien one of the miesl In hisiorj It would be lough for nny pro • onlfll.' .Minhe.sotn MPK irpre-entatUes In Congress, ' ' i l ,r .'''i""' " 16> * in ll im iv n.jteam )Hc Plti "I'orinnl ehss to lenin nbouf llicti HnmlHon' 111-, ihe '™ te ^ the The I'lret HcMnul holdout in bxseball clnnntl Red Stocking., Swee?) second bn-seman i S300 foi iec<i S'n^Dut Chailej did Stockings tolalltd Chnrle) »m,et pn , on of the Ihe 'PW lork Yankees todas v LiTs'^T'n 1 ^ 1 ' ° f •"' tllf - "o!d- ul-s nos Dickie Kerr ' ' •ftlwiuler of the \viilii got less (Inn $4000 U "'""• 'lie lihck So\ In '«> to Ihrovi ,. to Ille Reds Ihev tton. 1 """ '° "* Ke " folrt Stioiihlcr Ion Exccllciil • Idea ion A splendid suggestion : -»to- :ue football conches meeting In „,.„ 'In 'Vort came fioin HIHJ QlSalslngei organ- of Detroit which ft «ns lo pi ml football pi<K Eiams thai ire icadable ai«l ghe Ihcin nunj lo customers 1 When n man pijs the price ot a thea- ci ticket to see a foolball gaine 1 he Is enlHled to d program Iml, what he gets nt Ioalbill>'su^ini)^ Is a booklet tor which he pn\s Iiom 2a to W cents If he h foidiumte In nndlng the' page 1 ; containing the rosters of lilts t«o teams lie needs a magnifying Ftass to rend Ille names and Is e\- Iremelj lucks ^evm u^n tlfi he lltecovirs (he iraije he b\ leiwhg He scans n list that the college directory and ,..„„ ., ofv neccisitj printed In agale tjpp WHU names freqneiillj misspelled EITZl Tuesday - Weds. M-it. 2-30, 10-Z5c Nite G:45_lO-35c 20S NIGHTS IN Nfi\V YORK (. MONTHS IN LONDON —Slid IIOH (tic sfajc Iniirnph nf om di?7> ilecide Is on , Inn sircen' , H uas nnd for that mat «• still considered poor basketball to l Ke royse-ston of the ball by rca- "Otl of IliactliratC,, Passes or nfT talnncp The long could icall7e his made (llen r Do I oat e,'-} Chancy; Allen And -Boll Break Evm )"'t Higfil Sehaeffer and chano matcfj [| lot " ) ro PL'AV m9 u;<uit f-TO ATTRACT CU?!bM- A .4 01It ma , t of he punishment, Bach s" fa " The (ariiy at Bronko Na^urski Wins Easily From "' Relief Checks Circulate as Money _ EO SiJ^-LAVAfl IS ADEPT A T LEAVING- BASKETS OIN® Uk3Q06l.ocK. PRINTIM&. An engineer'sounds 19 different Iginls on his trains whhlle Checks dlsbvhHc'd v (UP) — ^^§pii^5l^s He seasofis"l('i'sts'i ruHdamentally sound as Cisfi"' Wn ' aml « toh 't "5'* "P" 11 ""-^ /? '.J 1 '"? ,',«"' an »« -i r the pawin gamp Oforge Kcogaii lonch Mi s(|,md rQ ,, I? iva.s-v as of "' ROXY Tnes.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE-lOc . 25c ......i nvnui-jjiij mj-^pei .Why nol tliult the list, to the •en who are llkelj lo appear In the lineup Instead of Introducing — -Ihe names of nearly all the rnnle but[itudpnts in the imUersJlv, ' oW liefr\wlij not print (he list of ellglbies . on one sheel atul otter them'io knew U the deai pun,hnser<* free of lo Join charge? Anolhci suggestion Is that mini Mrs be placed on'tlie fronts n s well as Ihe bicks of the plai crs jerseys Then If customers arc lucky enough lo discover the' Players' names among Hie mass of ie mass of greetings extended uy various of- 1 finals of ihe rival • universities " K -, of , lmlvtrsit v Inilldlngs' made halftone cuts of pla. a holdout victim , Va °5 Uo " "'^ a" hicrei of PRANK MORGAN wilh BRADY' 1 Edward HO RTO N ihe former Minnesota istar dls- lajed srtlooth superiority over Vea^ar himself a former Unlver sily of Chicago and Chicago C'urd- nals po grlclhon star, throughout (lie ma.tch Charley Stracke MemphX and enr office In i as CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST STIPBRTOR COAL - - 'AIINING CO It t ! Phone 700 / , * ,1, ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER .., . , SERVICE BUREAU , Dorf'BDiWRDS. Proprietor i Special Sf^S Show Wfid. Nitefll.3() p. m. ON STAGE HAJI SHAH BAHA Wf. Midnight 1 SPIRITUALISTIC SEANCE _,WfflOlK Dealing With The SupernafurgJJ 'ON THE STAGE IN PERSON The,Man Who Slarlled Millions al Hie Century of Progrc« U UNCANNY! WEIRD! n few of the Individual" ' Aid Coaches 0((cn present ' system In JOE P. PRIDE Certified Registered Engineer General Engineering, Surveying, Mapping ghone 488 Bhthetiu>. Atk. Hie U. S A is whistling these M-:\\ enchanting tunes: " n °»' 1 . l.«t H nolhcr Von" "Lcoknig For a Nfrtlle In i H-iy^Hck , t e u Knock h nec*' ami i.-j.) lf I'aramounl Star Comedy— "Palooha From Paducali" ORJUtA MRROTTi THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW <cmmlt, Jr. Dirccltd' by Edward Slonnn. Prttinlid by Ctrl Litmmh. A UNIVERSAL PICURCl —"Blasted E\ent" With Edgar Kennedy \VR DARE YOU TO COME! no THK DEAD SPEAK.' If 3011 have i Reik )ipiri don I. Como 1 Adjectives'are unable to describe It,' SPIRiri/AtfSTIC - StTPERNATURAl, SARDONIC - SPOOKY - SENSATIONAL - STAGGERING - SATANIC- STARTLING Watch Your Blood Pressure! Rtl ON THE SCREEN C \RTOON-"tHE JOLI Y i,ITTI K MO CHILDREN ADMITTED-LADIES MUST HAVE ESCORT ADMISSION TO ALL -'- 30c ^"Tt 1

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