The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1948 BM'THKVILLK (ARK. V COURIER NEWS FACE NINB Measure to Curb Communism Hit Bill Called Dangerous By Americans for Democratic Action Senate Action On Oleo Tax Slash Looms Pnr-ifir 'f^nlrl Mino' in rUCITIC OOIU /Y\ine in Discovered in ex-Jap Palau Islands l He * 9W '"' docs have By Harry J. Lambeth NEA Special Cormpondent HONOLULU— (NSM — A mine" In aluminum ore "gold de- • By Grant Dillman (United Prew Stiff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, May 6 (UP)- cla | Uxes 011 oleomargarine A house bill to curb Communism O leo forces were confident was denounced as both "dangerous and futile" today by Americans for Democratic Action and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., Issued a state- posits has been discovered In the Pnltuis Islands of the Western Pacific. where U.S. marines unri soldiers slugged their way ashore I back In September. 1944. No*', nearly (our years later, WASHINGTON, May 6. (UP) — The Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously touay to limit Its oleo hearings to two days. The move appeared to assure Senate action this session on the , , , ., . ,, .. House-approved bill to repeal fed- American scientist* prowling the ment asking the House to defeat the measure. They said its threat of drastic fines and penalties agalnsl Communists would only push the Reds underground and drive "well-meaning citizens from virtually every kind of progressive activity" for fear of being classed as members of a Communists "front". They Issued the statement as the House Rules Committee opened hearing on 'the bill. Rep. Karl E. Pacific terrltorleA have sent back tj le reports to headquarters In Honolulu Senafe wouTd'approve^hc'bTlV.'Tliey of bauxite deposits worth millions won a surprise victory yesterday! 0 ' dollars. The six major Islands In In Ihe first Senate test vote on I ">« P» lau «' OU P' vvlllch lie 60 ° """ Irom Babelthuap and 19 per cent of its phospliat« from Angnur, another of the Palau group. About 15,000.000 In food, minerals and other power* KIanted him by (h* constitution. "But, his principal power Is (u call people iu mid to prrauaito UH-II 1o do what they should do of II /: own accord. That.'* what I most ol my time doing." "H was then he intjed public the Usue. By a vote of 41 la 30 the bill \vafi referred to the Finance Committee Instead of the reportedly less-frieudly Agriculture Committee. Finance Ctiairm..n Eugene D. Millikin, R., Colo., said Vie lime for testimony at the hearings on May 17-18 will be divided equally between supporters and opponents of Ihe legislation. I-onger hearings are considered unnecessary, he said, because the matter had been "llioroiiiihly hash- east of the Philippines are part ,f the former Japanese-held Caroline Islands. Already the Navy sees the pos- would speed It to the House floor. The bill would reQUire the Communist Party and its, front outfits Mundt, R., S. D., author of the j ed over in both House and Senate measure, predicted the committee' debate—and lo some extent in this committee." Sen. J. William Fiilbrlght, D.. Ark., a leader of tlie oleo tax repeal », to register annually with the Jus- b i OCi sald n, e test was "a fair sam- f tlce Department. It also would force ple ot llle vole u , at , wi n come on party leaders to renounce any lies. t ne merits of the bill itself." with Moscow or face stiff penalties. Bcn . Bunict R. Maybar*. o., S. In addition. Communists would be I barred from the federal payrolLAQd the right to seek or use passports. The party would be required to label any material sent through Ihe mail and to Identify iu radio broadcasts. The bill was approved by the House Unamerican Activities Committee last week. C., said a "gro.s.s injustice of 62 years' standing has moved nearer to correction." Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III., May 6. <UP)—(TJSDA) —Livestock: Hogs receipts 11,500. salable 10.- SOO. salable 10,500, compared with 11,000 yesterday. Fairly active mar- Red Blood Cells Must Be Kept Up if You Want To Feel Alive Thouumds Now Regaining Old Time Pep,Vigor and Drive By Releasing Vibrant Energy To Every Muscle, Fibre, Ceil OVenrork. undu» worry. »nd lacfc of certain foods often reduces the red-blood xtrenfth — and starved, weaV, puny blood. Just liA^n't the power to keep up your energy and drive. Every day—every hour—million* of tiny red-blood-cells must pour forth, from, the marrow of your bones to rep]ac» thoe* thmt are worn-out. A low blood count may affect you in several ways: no appetite, underweight, no energy, a. run-down condition, lack of resistance to infection and disease. To get real relief you must keep up your blood, atrength. 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May 6. IUP) — The Truman administration today deftly pointed trie United States toward revival of a limited military lend-lease program for Western Europe. . But the prospects were that any- hing beyond a so-called "E:RP insurance" program—military backing lor the European recovery program —will be debated and decided after the presidential elections. "ERP insurance" is the term used to describe the plan under which ihe President with certain strings attached would be allowed lo send some military supplies lo Europe ii necessary to protect ERP. Secretary of State George C. Marshall and Warren R. Austin, tile Map locates Pala Islands, 600 miles panies developing the area, adding all new In&tall&Mons will b« required. U. S. ships and planes bombarded and bombtd Ihe Palau.s heavily, severely damaKiiiK Japanese com- merlcftl equipment. HouseMembers Urge Revision Of UH Charter materials was being exported »nn- [ pressure on the House lo support ually from (lie I'alaiis lo Japan. tlle housing program. The U. S. knew little of the alum- •-. !_ Imim "gold mine" It had seized until the end of the war when civilian scientist.'; lor the Navy, the U. S. Commerlcal Co. and experts In mining, fishing and tropical agriculture began lo Investigate the new lands. The Japanese discovered bauxite In Ihe Islands In 1937 and. In Ihe next six years, mined 400,000 metric tons of the ore. 11 American coin- merlcal companies take over the STRIKES Continued Kroni l'»te 1. next few day.s they will jtop accepting perishable freight ship- on "is not a general patlern." at Bethcsda. Md, Naval Hospital '"V'i IO i "'T^ '* l .' 1 '-'' S °"' C lim ' s i nftel ' -'Pending a comfortable night. Overtoil underwent an emergen- would try lo operate 'some Iralns - ci-iuui * s^ ,he=. i ^KuJj-lssa/icr"™;. 1 M,- T,,m«n i,,Hy ,„, .bc«t ,,,e i iM^»i,r c< ^l l ^"t,;Wr:: ">'"• '<•-> - «»- «? • STSrike" 'real"« iT 1 , ITVsT I ' lln « ?""' Ior lw » "°" rs - I Complete Plumbing Service me stiiKe- lineal at Ills J p.m. osi overtoil Is a veteran ot 17 years! i news conference. 'service In the .Somite and House. I" -- — — — —...... — M'rn. KRASKR Plumbing i Headnf menls. Tlie Association o( American Kalhonds reported llmt the follow- I progress ing lines so fur have embargoed nmde. perishables and livKMocV In the lace of tbc threatened mil strike: It si III Is uncerlaln how tlie KOV eminent would get ihc mil workers to remain Ml their Jolxs in I lie event of selitine. There me two rmsslblllUes: The president might Is- ' j sue « personal request to Die un- J Ions to keep their men nl work, or i i Ihe Justice Department niLghl seek i J A federal court Injunction forbidding a work stoppage. Steelinaii conferred separately with officials ot Ihe railroads and Uie three unions yesterday, but informed sources said no definite toward a sell lenient wius i Louisville and Nashville, nnrt Mts- sourl-Kansas-Texas, effective mid- 81 eel in an, U WKS said, will I'all the parlies to a Joint conference If the PALESTINE — LOST CAUSE — HOMELAND O\ir newspapers are filled wilh this the most Important l«u» facing Ihe. 1948 world—what will happen to these Jews? llenr Joseph H. Cohen, famous Hebrew minister, world traveler, nnlhor, 27 months In Russln dmln« the wiir. This is the Information Blythcvllle Bible, lovers have been waiting Ior. One M*«*u«jfe — Sunday, 7:.')0 I'. M. The First Church of the Naiarene • t Corner First anrl Syramnre Slfe«ts iRllt tonight. Missouri al'clfic. elfectiv* Unnorrow, Sv l^onls-Sun Francisco, flleclive 5 p.m. tomorrow. Seaboard Air Line; f'lorlda East Coast: Atlantic Const Line; Soulh- ern Hallway; Cenliul of Georgia; private talks convince him there is some basis for agreement. 'i'Jie three unions involved In the a.m. | threatened strike are asking a 30 JHM- cent pay increase an daboul 120 changes In wovklnj; rules for their 1M.OOO members. r l'he railroads have offered a !.*) 1-2-cent hourly wage boost, Ihe same figure recommended lust Nashville, Chattanooga find rit. I March by a presidential fact-find- Louis; Charleston nnd Western Car- ' lilt! board which lUidlcd the itts- j ollila, effective ir.Ol a.m. SnUltday. | I'ute. WASHINGTON. May 6 .(UP> —i . ChlcuRo and Eastern Illinois, ef- Slx House members, including two fective 12:01 a.m Sunday. - • • • - '!•],[. effective lime in eacli Is tbe local lime at Individual freight sliitions. ' SluitdDwn N'ot (it-neral A spokesman for Hie American Association of Rallronds said that Democrats, today urged a world i conference lo revise the United Na- 4 (Ions charter, despite administration opposition. ' Thoy testified before the House Foreign Affairs committee, Chatr- so far as he knows the derision of i man Charles A. Union, R., N. J., agrees with the administration tha^ | the Pennsylvania. Atlantic Sea- It, woukt lie "very tmforUinnte" to boaitl and So\iVhern Hnllway Sys- call such a conference at this time, tern to shut down If tlie strike goes Eaton told newsmen thai to attempt to restrict tlie big power veto rights In the UN would work against the Interest of the United Stales, Sen. Overfon Undergoes Major Abdominal Surgery WASll'lNCn'ON, Mny (i. (Ul"l Son. John Om-toii, D., Ln,, \vn.i reported in "Rood coiuiltlon" today Josinh Bridge, a U. S, Commercial Co. geologist working in the PaJaii, estimates that an intensive U.S. delegate to the United W survey would reveal a potential 50,- tions, have gone farther than any , I 000,000 tons of bauxite, the ore from other officials toward committing w , n S_ f. 11 !!? 1 ,". 1 ? .l'..' ! l t "f, t .' d .,""f t the administration to a long-range military lend-lease program. First Continental Congress was one-house body. Read Courier News Want Aris. ket, steady to 25c higher. 170 to 230 Ibs 20.50-21; top 21.25, sparingly. 230 to 240 Ibs 20-20.75; HO to 270 ]bs 18.50-20.25. 270 18.75; 300 to 350 to' 300 Ibs 1716.50-17.25; around 475 pounders 16; 130 to 150 IDS 17.50-)0.15; 100 LO 120 Ibs 14.5016.75; good ocw.s 450 5b.s down 1515.50; choice 15.75; over 450 Ibs 13.75-14.75; stags unevenly lou'er 10.50-12. Cattle receipts 3,700, salable l,~ ,100; calf receipt* V.200, all salable; j genera] market dull despite light lieceipt.s. Some opening sales on 'steers and heifers about steady, but all buying interestK exerting pressure. Good light weight steers 2631; common and medium 25-27; of this is In 153 square miles of volcanic soil comprising Babelthuap, largest and northern-most of the Palau islands. Lieut. Comdr. Woodrow Clevlnger, USNR, a professional geographer, says 8,000.000 tons of bauxite :Rre located in decomposed volcanic rock in the northern section of Babelthuap. Clevlnger believes that K the 8.000,000 tons were procej«ed they would produce. 2,000,000 tons of R- luminum, enough for three years PRESIDENT Continued From of many domestic and foreign problems "Is one of the worst things we have to face." •*••" j On bl-partitmn foreign policy, he said: "I hope thnt nothing in the world will Interfere with our bl-partisan foreign policy. If we are going to gel pence In this world, that bipartisan policy must continue." Predict* Victory for Peace The President emphasized the close relations between the welfare of the American family unit and the welfare of the world Without pence, he said the American family can have no security. Americans contribute to world welfare. Mr. Truman predicted that obstacles to peace will b* overcome. "We're on the road lo peace," he saJd,Veven If that road tooxs rough and rocky. You cmn ^tptnd on lk» qualify of rich, fin«- qrain«d Ev«r-&ood Ham. tn'ioy th«t fr«qr«nc», thdt ipecial, Mckory- tmolt»W fliver. M<k«i UHov*r TAKES REAL BLOOD WtrrltJ Fttl Nirvtut Dmd Dutiu Fttl Tirii Ajeini; Pepless Rtilst«n«t Law U the (GI-:* ot LU«. nio-1 1* nee**for t>fopfr (unction of your ntfnnt ,nl!ly Jicllniii, ElliMMl cnrrln rii<- iiiljslRnr** In cvriy Ixmr. Ami lite lllc of your ivit lilnol ccllt U only *lHmt W ^U>« Cor * noiiruil ivrioii mul iuu»l tx irjilArr*! A! 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The Navy KcoRrRpher believes the Palaus, with a. population of 6000 — only one-eighth of the Trust territory population — possesses more than one-third of the wealth of the whole Trust territory. Between 1914 and 19-40 tht Japanese developed the islands source for tropical product,-., ore anrt fish to make Japan less dependent on British, French and Dutch South Sea colonies. The Palau island of good and mixed steer and heifer Koror, which' once held 11,000 per- yearlings to 29; cows slow, very little done, undertone easier. Bulls active -and (irm. Medium to good kinds 23-24.50. Good bulls scarce; vealers steady, good and choice 2530; common and medium 16-25. sons, t)ecame the capital of Japan's South Setts Rovernmcnt. By 1943. when the American sub : marine blockade began to hurt, the Japs, Japan was taking an estimated one -fifth of its aluminum ore WHO SAID INFLATION! 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