The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 0, 1037 BLYTHBVIl.LE (ARK,)' COUNTER NEWS PAGE THREE One Riderless Steed as Quins Go for a Canter ^KSS^^iiijS'SmiiSi •<l|?;*i;!•«:•:iV"!'•;>«*.'•< f;?••':-;X':;-R • : ' >.<>•"•«& Nurse Levoux Ventures Opinions as lo Careers They Will Follow This is (lie second of two unifies by Yvonne I.eruux, who, as nurS2 in constant association will' th.* Uionne quintuplets -since llielr birth, is uniquely qualified lo write of (he quins at homr, as slie lus s:een them grow up from tiny lu- bj-hooil In HIB lait three years. By YVONNE I.EROUX Written for NEA Service One of the fascinating things about living with the Dlonne quintuplets is the opportunity it gives to speculate on ihe possible future that may He ahead of each. Of bourse it is all guesswork, for no actual career plans arc on fool for any one ol the quins, but. it is lun to guess. And, based on my c!ose observation of xheir developing characteristics. 1 believe: Cecile would make a good nun. Yvonne, a good housewife. Marie, a dancer or actress or something of the sort. Annette, a good business woman, lor she is shrewd. About. Emilie, I couldn't make a good guess as yet. As the children develop, their individual traits become more clearly marked almost every day. Contrasting- Moods Here fire the characteristics have observed which have led me to make the above guesses: EMILIE: She is the most pious of the group. She appears more concentrated in her affection for God just as in her affection foi psople. She takes life more seriously than the others, and sesm to love to look at pictures of Jesus Vet she is the most, mischievoii: of the group, playing little harm less jokes constantly. She has the most entrancing grin, and mak? one think of pixies or elves. She cries seldom, but. when she does it breaks your heart, she is so pa thetlc. That ear-to-ear grin stands ou in a face thai is heart-shaped h contrast lo the squarish laces o her sisters. She is small, only little larger than Marie. She love yellow dresses and clothing. Knowing full well our ru! against running to the dinin room at meal times, Emilie lovi to run in, whereupon she tun around of her own accord, look at the nurses, puts her hands be hind her back and goes back the storting-place,to walk in ver , ', "<-ry slowly. - ', '•, } Watches ,Over Sisters . .YVONNE: She imparts a fcelin that she' is older than the others though shs is now no bigger than Ceciie or Annette. She is the most maternal of the group, and likes' to Icok after and lake care of her sisters. She seldom gets into quarrels with any-of her sisters. She rims about w.ith a merry skip, and if almost always laughing. ' Yvonne just oozes charm, and is inclined to be a little bossy. It is because of this care.for the others and her interest in cleaning and straightening up things that I suggest she may be destined to be a housewife. . She resembles her mother, in appearance and expression, more than any of the others. Yvonne is the fastest talker and will be the most talkative as she grows older. Wins Her Point ANNETTE: I think Annette is the prettiest of the live. I can't say just why,.but she is. For one thing she has the prettiest teeth. They are a little more closely articulated than those of the others She hns the best features, and seems to know it, for she is a trifle vain. Her eyes dance with mischief, and she has a wicked little smile. While Yvonne is bossy in a good- nature'd way, Annette is bossy too. but more selfishly. She wants thing* done her own way. She always wants the best toys, and shrewdly ./ connives to get them away from r* - i her sisters. She goes after what she wants and jets it. That is why I suggest that she might well become a business woman. She seems to invite scraps and fights, nnd al- R. A. Green way, Dell, Plans to Increase Acreage This Year II. A. Orcmway, Dell farmer, sayu "follow soil conservation and be prosiMTous — follow one crop system nnd stay In the rod." Ho Cluircli! Friday night April 0 all the Clear Lake Church. Tho hour will bo 7:30 for nil of these meetings. The county agents aro Inviting till who wish to attend these meetings nnd lo Invilc their neighbors and (riends to come. Durlnif 1937 thousands of 4-H boys and girls for the first time will experience the Joy of unlimited light, hent nnd power nt the turn of a switch. Oilier thousands will be planning with their parents for- the lime when the high lines will be extended to their fnrnis. Electricity comfort and will Increase convenience of 's a line thing to go for a morning canter on the spiing-hobby. but when one of your companions Is missing—I Note how Mai-ie, nnctte, nnd Yvonne are all concerned by that vacant saddle, though Einllic Is more wrapped uu. in how to manage her stccdl Concern for [he others marks the daily conduct of each qiitn. substantiates (Ills statement wllli (acts and flKiiros. Last year on 55 uci'es of corn, interplimlcd with nelsln soybeans, Orraiway hum'.sted 1925 bushel* or corn and 1595 bushels of soy- Ijeuns. with mi nvrruRC yield of 15 bushels of corn and 29 bushels of soybeans per acre. The corn was drilled 3 feet part in 4-fixil rows and the soy- 1'iins were 7 inches apart in the .ill. Dnlhcr then pay nnlf o( his i':ms,to linvc the crop harvested, I'llh beans .selling at SI. 10, Orccn- fiiy mild SCM.IO for a harvester if his own. Now, he can Increase its iicreaue, due to his facilities "or harvesting, on one ucre of oybuiiiis planted alone. Grcenway inrvpstwl 50 bushels. He plans to ilnnt 80 acres of soybeans this •car. Oremway h u former 4-H club nembc-r uiul his brother, Milton. the champion 4-H club boy or Nor Ih Mississippi county lust year. honje, save Inbor and reduce fnrm power costs. i Girl Wants Home and Chance to Attend Schoo i i A 12-year-old girl wants n homi i where she can be "a good dangh ter lo some one In return fo notherly cure and a chance to :o school and church." The girl .vho is healthy and has plent >f energy and si huppy disposl 'Ion, is now at Manila. Anyone caring to know more of 'he cns'j may call or write Mrs. Haltlc M.' Grimes, Manila, Ark., telephone 24, who is seeking a home for the orphan. . Si. Louis Man Leases Steele Tourist Camp The amusement club, tourist cnmp, resliiurant and service station erected, a mile south of Slecle by Dr. McCulchen, of £K:ele, has been completed. Bud 13. Hopkins, of St. Louis, hns leased all of the group except the service Mutton, which has been leased by the Cities Service. The buildings are brick, painted white, and have all modern conveniences. Midway Notes " Leonard Hill, son of Mr. arid Mrs. A. J. Hill, played the part of the hteh priest In the annual' Easter pageant of Cameron State Agricultural college, Lawton, • Okla., where he Is a student. Thou.i-* :inds of persons assemble each • year to witness the pageant, which; Is presented In a natural sitting In the Ouacliltn mountains. 13. P. Sexton and son, Clyde, were guests Sun'day of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Walker wera the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs, Albert Lee<of, $osa. If a Cold <i Threatens.. Timely use iol this especially designed aid for nose and upper throat, helps, prevent many colds. Canada 'exported 515,130,000 worth of rtuv furs during 1935. Will Show Advantages of Electricity on Farm Pnvt of the Better Homes program In Mississippi County will be held this week when hoys and "jilts, housewives and farmers will be told about the advantages ol rural electricity. Because electricity Is a comparatively new and imrnmillni subject to many, educational films showing just how electricity wil save labor and bo a convenient to the u.serK, will he shown at the following places this week: Wed ne«lay night, April i ul Ihc Paw heen School house; Thtirsdaj night April 8 at Ills; New Llbertj Lone Oak Baby Dies Calvin Robertson Jr., 21-day-old on of Mi 1 , nnd Mrs, Cnlvln Rob- I'lson died Saturday nt the family ionic In the Lone Oak conimun- ty. Funeral services were held ycs- erday and Interment was made .U Sawyers cemetery. The Cobb Funeral Home was In charge ol "unciul arrangements. He Is survived by his parent.' and one brother, 'James Arthur. One of the - heaviest rnlnfnll; ever recorded In Ihc United State; occurred nt Taylor, Ter., on Sept 9-10. 1921. when 23-Inches of rain fell during the two dnys) KI.ECTRTO A ACETTLENK WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE . Barksdaje Mfg. Co PHONE 30c end 50c VlCKSVATRONOL 'I1KRNAT" KNITTING YARNS HIEE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest' Styles Otassei, Friday, 2 30.P. M. MRS. LESUE HOOPER 100 Chlckasawba f_ ,,7^P 192 Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Orer- Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE;'EM SEE" Phone 540 COTTON SEED n. & P. i,. NO. 11 Ton , NumherNine 2nd Year From Experiment Station Mammoth Brown Soy Beans Prices. Reasonable C. C. LANGSTOfl most always comes out best. Thoughtful, Resourceful CECILE: Though she is the quietest and most reserved ot Ihe children. Cecile looks much like Annette. she makes friends less easily, and gives her affections slowly But once she bestows them she is very loyal and cries bitterly when anyone she loves goes away. Siie likes to sing and hum. and has the best table manners of the group, but generally she goes her own way. She will play for hours with her doll and carriage, humming sollly as she wraps and unwraps the doll. She does many things on her owt initiative. For Instance, she wil put away her clothes and toys whei she hears the others told to do so knowing that she will also have to do It. She Is thoughtful, and I have seen her get a chair for the nurse without being told. These are the I characteristics on which I base my I thought that she would make a I good nun. I She likes green as a color, and' hates confinement. Once when one of the chairs broke and had lo be replaced by one without arms, she chose It at once. Now all the children have armless chairs. MA&IBI Still smallest of the '• '•••'-'' (Corn-right, 1937, NKA Service, Inc.lj .„..; i;-_^'.^ ;...u.:,_. - ,' ~ - ln ^::-:.iv~^:"^^a^;H^^ •lurse Leioux shares' a good joke with Cecile. and what fun they're both having! tfurse, coinpan- on, teacher, adviser and protector of the quins since the day of their birth', Nurse Lcroux has been able to share their daily play and thoughts as have few others. '.••'.. children, Marie is a regular surprise box. she loves lo dance, but :ays litlle attention to the watch- crov.'ds, for shs seems more sophisticated, blase ami self reliant ;han the others. She is especially iond.ol books. She, too, is most mischievous, nut can assume the most innocent expression when she is being :orrected. she loves to. put on a ?ly face and go about doing little 'bad" things. Although she is smaller than the! others, and looks exactly like * doll when she is scrubbed and brushed, she can do anything the Diners can do; climb as liijh. pull is heavy a load, or defend herself in scraps. I remember one day when Marie wanted one of Yvonne's Tovs She tugged at it until Yvonne fell to the floor, still holding fast to the toy. Then Marie proceeded to ill on Yvonne until siie got the toy. Of course the nurses made her give it back to discourage fighting. Marie's liair is the curliest, and she loves being cuddled. It is her fondness for dancing and her ability to assume that "Why, what can I possibly have done" expression that makes me think she migh some day turn to the stage or entertainment world. S-c is alrei quite a clown and entertainer. Though she is the smallest. Marie loves to eat. One day I. found her with her feet on thj tsble, the dessert plate between them. She was quietly consuming the last of Ihe dessert. The individuality of t'.ie quins is developing fast as thsir third birthday approaches, and nothing could be more fascinating than Ihe privilege of watching the change There are I.021COO persons by Ihe name of Johnson in (he United Stales. Twenty-one per cent of the meals eaten by Americans are eaten outside ,of homes. LYTHEVILLE One Day Only IDD N. 2nd ST. CIRCUS GROUNDS Tickets On Sale Circus Day at Horuni Drug Co. No Additional Charge from the he'iplsss babes 1 once knew lo the bright, alert, personalities that are revealed today by Yvonne. Annette. Cecilj. Emili and Marie. 200 ACTS , ACRES of TENTS 1 250 Arctic STARS 60 DANCING HORSES > MILITARY ELEPHANTS 60 AERIAL1STS 60 RIDERS TROUPES OFy ACROBATS < CLOWNS-ZOO MUSEUM HIPPODROME Ann Sotherh says: "I like Luckies-they^e smooth on my throat" "I like Luckies because..'. . well, just'.because I like them, that's all!-They're an old standby of mine.v They taste grand and they're as-, smooth as can be on my .throat. I suppose Luckies'get along :so well with my throat because they're what you call a . - • ' . \ » light smoke. I like them—and I'm glad to put it in black and white." C^T^ tfM/^ CO.STAn.RlNG WITH CENEUAYMOND IN FORTHCOMING RKO RADIO FICTURES' "THEM GOES MY GIRL" An independent survey was made recently among professional men and women—lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc. Of those who said they smoke cigarettes, more than 87% stated they personally prefer a light smoke. Miss Sothern verifies the wisdom of this preference, ' and ''so do Bother leading artists of the radio, stage, screen and opera. Their voices are their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too, can have the throat protection of Luckies—a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the .exclusive process "It's Toasted". Luckies are gentle on the throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS"THE CREAM OF THE CROP" A Light Smoke "It's ToastecT-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRRITATION-AGAINST COUGH T, Til lanrlcta Tobk-sa C

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