The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1955
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 19SB BLYTHBTTLL1 (AWK.) OOUKIER NEWS PACE WTNB NEWS OF THE WORLD TOLD IN PICTURES THEY'RE TOPS ON THE HILL—Hore are the three prettiest girls working on Capitol Hill, according to a "popular" vote. The girls, and the departments they represent, are, from left: Tina Cadeaux, Washington, D.C., of the House of Representatives; Marta Teilhet, Los Altos, Calif., of the Library ot Congress, and Jean O'Neil, New York City, of the Senate. They were com-' peting for the title oi "Miss inspiration of Capitol Hill." PUTS COFFIN TO USE NOW-Gio\anni Fnbbri, 76, has U ready bought his coflin, in roadinc-?? for the fufure. Lots of persons do that, but they don't keep the coil in a'ongsirle their bed* as Fabbri, of Ferrara. Italy, does. He say? its presence doesn't bother him. that it gives him the will to live longer— and -besides, he's using it as a wardrobe trunk until it's needed lor grimmer use. SCREEN RETURN - Myrna Loy, who won worldwide film fame as "the perfect wife," i: coming back to the screen after a five-year absence. She's in Paris for filming of "The Ambassador's Daughter," in which she plays a senator's wife. TAKING of Air eric, Ore., is sh President elected at OVER- s Don own rei-' Wiiliam the gro pc t of the N t oml Ful ne Fauna Dunham, left. The 19-year-old from Lakevicw, rivKi!- tin' navel and a handshake from retiring D. OmUher. Jr., <;f Li'.e Oak. Fla Dunham was jp's 28th convention in Kansas City, Mo. IKE'S A JEWEL-This $250,000 bust of President Eisenhower will soon be taken on a nationwide tour. Only two inch's hi eh. it is carved from the A-orld's largest known black ;tar sapphire, a 2097-carat ;tone. It's the creation of artist Harry Dorian and is part oi a series of heads of famous Americans carved in sapphire by the artist. They're on display in a New York store. S&svsrMili&lRfWK iil5ri w**• -*A- flflp'*w «Tff"T>*^ v ** w* *•" " -»->™— -• MACHINE MERRY.CO ; ROUND-Put tocher .„ ,,d —c^/n M^K »'.n Tnmcf MCK'CU" of Me^ rocv He ' Pn X H built a metal cylinder with , plywood bottom. Td in.Tit ht In^e led the Sng mnchlne motor ami a large pulley wheel to slow down its speed. ^ "yw"oS C to n p eonnecied"to the'motor shaft, revolves on casters placed on upr ghU. Tbo« sup- Chucky StulU. «nd bb nUymaU. L.rry Wilcox, go round und round. "BAD" METHOD, GOOD RESULTS - Artist Thomas Hart Benton can be excused for using "unfnrmcr-iike" props while milking -\ r anny the cow in Kansas City, Mo. He's using a cotice can for the milk and an upholstered office chair for the mill: sto- 1, but ihe results were yood—contributing his niir shaix-a-piiH-oi- milk to the local United Campaign kick-oil on TV. IT'S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS— Pa Percoc c State; N. Y-, isn't getting a ticket foi parkins he boa nex' t< Parking" sign Patrolmar Walte- Conbo- i nv.:re! gett formation ab'ou' the boat, whic: \va hurie: u- o. UIP during a recent storm in the New York area Island ; "Xo m in- beach RIDING THE ROUNDS - Water-meter readers will h; easier in Atlanta, Ga., suburbs if the city's waterwurk ment gives fie nod to this three-wheeled motor vehicle. Iiir-i of walking long distances between homes they'll just Front r up to each meter and record the consumption without leaving scooter. Guy Garner is demonstrating how it will be d«nu tests prove successful. HE'S FOR IKE—This four-wccks-old Wpimaranor punny is bcint; raised for President Eisenhower. A male, it was requested by the President to breed with a Weimarancr female ho already ha,; on Ms Gettysburg, Pa., farm. It's being raked by Dr. Richard T. Street, a T^ong Beach, Calif., dentist who Is an aull/irlty on Iho exclusive European breed o( dogs. Dr. Street's son, four-YU;U-old t&hnnjr, to shown hokHntf tr* puppr. FLYING SUBMARINE—That's the idea being worked on by All-American Engineering Company of Wilmington, Del. Patent for the idea has been kept secret for several years by the Defense Department. Drawing above shows how it would work. At bottom is the submarine, gliding vodet water powered by a marine engine. In center is the same craft, marine propeller retracted within the fuselage, skimming the waves on retractable water skis. It is now operating on a jet engine with air intakes on the upper part of the fuselage. Using this second power plant, the craft take* off, resembling the standard swept-wing jet fighter, top. It is only in thinking stage of development, . , ' % NOT TOO OLD—II ' "H ' I' tp on "P '' the n " nule WaU "511601 toi one l mil dd L n U \ tl irrw It's used re»uh ly bj 1111 tei M 111 \ Ro LH u to cdi tr piintul financial icpoit lo hi elicit oil LS n c 1 ri, is -.Mown abo\e brmgma a Imdolir rat"; LoirineOK i t n m\c tment ofhee m New York's financial district. WOW! — That's what Mrs. Helena Forrar's visitors say v, i th 3 i L 'o rri h" me In Southport. En-land. For tied i c tl i it tl e di r i Mi I — I I \ un 1 lion R ) i \ > lj It 1 i \ M Fn -1-10 U H-r I tl It I 1 n l it t n I t tl e r i i I e 11 I its i 1 n 1 , h i " a I t t the 7.00 to recuperate. PROGRESS STAMPS-H in Pi t. c m m e n o i T t c the ih i 1 I nr of S i 1 h 1 ! i i i 1 i Tl n il 1 i t il g Ih 01 tl Al in ttii t iv I y ^ e t I v I I In i VI t i a t n of S 11 1 l r u c i tin crl y s h luM f r independi'iice in WHO. It is now unuer U.N.-Italiau truslecship, TEAM UP- V ti S 11 r> in a n hi K t i i 1 i hi «U 1 I HI 11 ^ ' Sto! v 1- to I h tl i. p it \S L IP n 111 *has acted 1 Cl i i Co. w r r 1 (1 1 Ho 1 I i 1 11 i\t will loam up 'ill make. Sinatra says he f 1 of Conductor Leopold j cr s d ughter in a ill play the lead. Gloria clip a film. Theyj if a musical. PUNCH WITH ITS OWN POWER—H looks like n tank, but ii Isn't. It's the just-unveiled T-ltit. a no-mm. si>lf-propellcd Run. A powerful wilii.mlf iviMpun. il Is li.«ht wclRlit, enabling it to CTOSS muddy, marshy or sandy terrain. II can also be air-dnmpoil. Designed for use in the 0:,.,.iul! |ih:ise of airborne operations, the T-101 c.irries n rrew Us aimament Is mount- id above the hull without u turret. Deportment of Defense photu taken In Washington, D.C.

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