The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 13, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOnTIIUAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EtlTHIN 1 VOL. XXVIII—NO. 22 BlythevlUe Courier, BlytheviUe Herald, Blytheville Dally News, Mississippi ValUy Loader. m,YTHKVlU,K. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, Al'HII. 111. li)31 SINGLE COPIKS FIVE CENTS Many for Money and Live Happily Advises Novelist Freeman Lincoln EDITOR'S NCH'K: -Maybe mar- rmgo-for-love Isn't the surest route (o matrimonial happiness, after all. Frcrnian Lincoln, ;-oung author of the much-talked-about imlTl ''.Sam," votes for murrUs 11 fur-money as the li«l iwijic tor :i successful nuiriUl life. Here lie Kives his \K\\S in :in urlUle wril- li-u I'xilusively fur The Courier News and NK.\ Service. lie is the writing sou of a w riling futlu-r— Joseph C-. Lincoln. BY I'llKKMAN UNCOI.N Written fur .N'F.A Senile Love may te all right for those who can afford it. bul it's an expensive luxury. ' Marriages made In Heaven are romantic, ecstatic, but the ones made on earth with a careful i?ye lo til? earthly demands are In the long run happier. Eight times out of ten tile girl who deliberately picks out a man with a good income whom she likes and res|>ects, is happier than Ihe girl who is so madly in love Iliat she runs off with a penniless vagabond with v.hom she is madly In love. In short, marriage for money, so long tho subject of scorn by our roman- .cers. doesn't derive half the abuse which has been heaped upon it. Thc world has the wrong atti- .tude toward such a union. It would be difficult to find a person more susceptible to pity and contempt than thc girl v;ho marries tot- money. Eyebrows are lifted and voices lowered. "Succeed? Why, my dear, she hasn't a chance. She doesn't love him! She married him for his money—solely for liis money!" The poor girl is dismissed with a word. In the opinion ol Hide four head, Dan Cupirti Here are some pot-shots that Freeman Lincoln (above) takes at LOVE — "It's a. rather scurvey .trick on the .part of nature. "It stuplfles the senses temporarily, and makes stem real what is not reaJ. "It's an expensive luxury. "It may serve to perpetuate the divorce courts anil all the ether miseries that attend up happy uiili'inionlal" NICARAGUANS SLAY AMERICANS Sunday School Or Jail; Judge Permits (Ihoiee! Prices Ranee From $1,000 To $23,000: Inspection Must Precede Decision. WASHINGTON. D. C., April 13 (Special)—Nine tracts of land in Ihe downtown section of Blylhe- villc were offered to the government as prospective sites for the new Blytlievlllc postofflcc when competitive bids on postoflice sites were opened this morning In Hie office of the supervising architect. Prices asked ranged from $1.000 lor a corner at first and Walnut si reels to $23,000 for the northeast corner of Second and Walnut. Bidders and the sites they offered are: Kirris Simon, agent, four sites:— j First. Ihe corner o( Walnut and ' First Streets, 206 feet on Walnut and 140 feet on first, a total of 27.1CO square feet, offered for $G,000; second, the opposite corner of 1'INE HMJPP, April 13. IU!>>— It Is Sunday school or Jail for UHIu-r NfcEnlyie. He can make Ills own choice. When arraigned before Juil^c S. A. Miller In municipal court churg- ed with drunkenness it was calli".! to Lhe attention of (he court thai the defendant for some time had x>en in the habit of spending his vcck-cnds in the city jail as the esult of over Imbibing. Inslead of the usual fine the mice ordered McEntyre to attend innday school each Sunday for tliree months, with th? warning it will bo just loo bid for you if .he. court's instructions are nu carried out." Rev. B. B. Hodges, pastor of tlu ilazcl Baplisl church, will rcpur ilcEntyre's attendance to the co'.trt Republican Victory Indicated in Promised General Election. the majority her future is obvious;; that she might, as obvious ii is justified. She deserves no less than she is sure to Bet. succeed? inclined to believe I Walnut and First Streets, 180 feet on Walnut Street and 130 feet on | Hrst Street, a total of 23,400 square It will be granted that love, the'feet, oifercd for $3,500; Ihlrd, an- love lhat ordinarily results in mar- other corner at First and Walnut In the full flush of idealistic ] riage, Is largely a biological urge, it 175 feet on Walnut Street and 110 youth I undoubtedly would have! Is apt to be. moreover, a rather (eel on First Street, a total of 28,joined the general chorus with en-' scurvy trick on the.part of nature. 925 square 1 feet, offered for $1.000 thusiasm. Tcday I'm not so sure. I t-ove often stupifles the senses, fourth, Lois'3, 4 and 5 ot Block 2" Today I am wondering if it is not I tcmporarly. and makes seem real fronting 150 (eel on Main Street possible for a penniless young lady , what is not real. It then glorifies a total of 29,100 square feet, offer Truck Calls for Eleven Mississippi Countian Sentenced Last Week. MADRID. April 13. (UP)—Alcaln tamorn. leader of Spanish Rcpublt- •ans who gained a smashing vlc- ory In yeslerday's election, called >n the V.lng toduy to alxlleate. Zamora said the Republicans want o proclaim a republic. He Issued n •ommunique Informing the kin? l r ic wants to act for the sood of Snnln and respect the will of the ule he must relinquish t h c hronc, because the winners of the election ore disposed to establish republic immediately. Alcala Zaniora Is Ihe popular choice for the presidency In t h e event Spain becomes R republic. H" held open court at his home trxlav receiving congratulatory visitor? while U'lenlioiilc messages poure.l in from all parts of Spain. Dompsey Will Seek Divorce lo Please Wife Itied fur $7,600. lo find happiness In marriage with its cbjecl beyond all reason. a rich young man even though she causes basic weaknesses of charac- \ Thomas Land Company, a^ent. does not feel for him what ii com-j tcr to appear non-existent, and : the corner of Ash and Third mcnly descrived as. Move." Might' minor virti'cs to assum; heroic streets. 200 feet on Ash and 1-10 marry solely for money and : (Continued on Page Two) | feet on Third with an area of 2'8,' 000 square feet, price asked $17.1.500. I Uzzell S. Branson, two sites:— iReproductions of Famous Paintings Will Be Shown Here This Week. HOLD THE FOR L10R TRIIS ;s, size 140 by 150 feet, on the southeast corner of Walnut-Street !and Broadway, totalling 21.000 square feet, offered for 57,000; second, a tract 228 feet, by 120 feet j comprising IjOts 5 .and 6 of Block L1 Dat old patrol ' wagon" loade- with eleven prisoners, pulled awa from the county Jail here Just be fore noon today on a seven hou trip which will end late today at the Arkansas state penitentiary at Little Rock. Attracted by Ihe appearance of the penitentiary "patrol wagon" a lair sized crowd gathered at the county jail lo watch the prisoners start the one way journey—at least return lickets are not available for a few months. It was the first visit paid the city by the penitentiary truck. •• In the ppst prisoners were delivered to the prison by the sheriffs office but due to thc financial r: t ., p.,]' H* 1 A , 11 -fronting 228 feel on. Broadway, UtV rolice Make Arrests lota i are a 20,060 'square feet, of- After Seizing Thirty Gallons of Booze. • What has been ; accomplished in Mississippi county schools in the past year in art appreciation will 1 be demonstrated in contests to be he-Id here Saturday under the direction of Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, county snpervlsor- This contest will ejimax art exhibits at Osceola today, Tuesday and Wednesday, and here Thursday, Friday and Saturday when reproductions of 150 famous paintings, including 30 designated reproductions of pictures sludicd by the students, will be displayed. Admission win l>e ten cents for students and teachers and 25 cents for adults. The display here will be nt the Oateley store The Delphian total area 2G.G60 'square feet,' offered for $9.000. First National Bank,- property at the corner ol Second and Sycamore Streets. HO feet on Second, 200 More than 30 gallons of liquor on Sycamore, a total of 28,000 were seized by city 'police and three; square feet, offered for $5,000. 1 MADRID, April 13. (UP)—Thc Spanish monarchy, shaken by a decisive Republican victory' in the cities of Spain In yeslerday's municipal elecllons, faced a grave cri sis today. An extraordinary meeting of tho cabinet was called for lliis evening and the government was expected to resign. Gen. Damasa Berengtier, minister ot war and former dictator, tok the United Press he personally be lieved the only solution would be to convoke general elections Im- medinlcly for a constituent courts or parliament and let the elections decide the fate of the regime. Favors General Election j Spain has. had no. parliament since 1923;when-the Ute Prlmo d! Hivera became dictator.. Berenguer said he Iho'.inht the majorlly of Ihe Lauds Organization's Refusal to Accept Government Appropriation. «Y FADl, R, MAU.ON Uiillcil Pr<M .StafI Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 13 (UP) — Government charity was denounced and nclglvUorly personal aid defended by President Hoover today In a speech to the Red Cross here. The pathway of government doles Is filled with .bnrbs and thistle* which would do great Injury to American Ideals, he told thc opening session of (ho Fed Cross annual convention. A policy of vol- mtary service must be maintained, ic said. Voluntary Giving Best The executive did not make n leisonal reference to his fight drouth relief with the last congress, but as president of the Red Cross he congratulated the organization for thc sfand it look againsl federal charily in that emergency. "A voluntary deed by a man Impressed with Hie sense of respon- slblllly and brotherhood of man Is Infinitely more precious to our national Ideals and national spirit than a thousandfold poured from the treasury of the government under the compulsion of law," he said. "In problems of this kind we »re dealing with the intangibles of life and Ideals. RKNO, Ncv., April 13 (UP) Jnck Dcinpsey, former world's heavyweight champion, said today he will ask a divorce from F-stelle Taylor, screen actress, allhough he loves her dearly and has no de- Eire for a divorce. ' "Flstelle wants me I'm going lo bring Dempsey said. lo do It so the action," HOLLYWOOD, April 13 (UP)Estelle Taylor, film aclrcss, and wife of Jack iX-mpsey, will sec a lawyer sometime today In regarc (o Dcmpsey's statement In Ilcno thai lie "would start suit for divorce," her manager Charles S Deenlng announced today. Denning said he did not ktiov Ihe whereabouts of Mlis Taylor a she liad,called by telephone aw told him she was "with friends and would see a lawyer today. FLIES SHEEP lumber of Casualties in Doubt But Victims May Include 25 Americans. PANAMA CITY, April 13 (UP) —The Panama American In an xlra edition today snid 25 .Americans had been killed in a light jctwcen marine, and notional guard mlrols and insurgents in Nicaragua. Headquarters of the 15th naval district (!!;! not confirm the number killed, ahncnigh some were reported dead. The Information was described as fragmentary. Appeals were received from Nlc- nrn"un for the nl;l of American gunboats on the east coast. Wisconsin and Michigan Villages, Destroyed, Other Towns Are Threatened. Theory Proved Sound "We are dealing also with . the highest thing in- our civilization, that is. the seiiw- of personal responsibility o! neighbor for neighbor, the spirit of charity and benevolence In the Individual holding alight the lamp of voluntary action th American life'." " ••- - -Mr. Hoover look the position the condition of the county Sheriff W. I cabinet, srauld share Ills viewpoint. I work done bv thc great American W. Shaver decided to have pent-1 If the general election confirmed | r f l(et organization dur ng the past men arrested on illegal possession charges bv city police in week-end raids. The men arrested were Chester! Hatch. Carl Thompson and Luther Pnslcy. All' were grunted continuances of their cases until Tuesday. ., East Arkensas Lumber Company ol Little Reck, the northeast corner of Second and Walnut Streets, by 100 fa:l. area 25,600 160 square feet, price asked $23,000. Treasury estimates on the kind 'of site requin-d set a minimum tenllcry officials come after thc prisoners this year. Those making the trip were L. M. Skinner; Gordon Emery, William Jackson, William Langley, Tom Knight, John E. Btedsoe, and Alberl Osborn, Alomo Matthews. Mites Wallace, Ike Gordon. Jim Johnson. 1 negroes. Johnson WBS scheduled for the longest stay at trie state prison, having been sentenced to,15 years for (he shooting of Jake Threlkeld, deputy sheriff. Charley Winston, nesro, arrest-! area of 27,000 square feet and cd on a charge of carrying a pistol, was acquitted in short order by Judge W D. Gravelte .this morning. The city presented strong ^ evidence lo show that Charley] office until treasury and post office drew a pistol on another negro but! agents have visited Blytlievlllc and stipulated at least 160 feet frontage on the principal street. . No action will be taken toward selecting a site for the new post- when police suddenly admitted that the gun Charley had brandished. inspected all sites offered. Ret] Cross Agent Surveys Losses by Buffalo Gnats ...... . CLARKSDALE. Miss., April 13. which sends the most students to the vocal exercise of Tommy Rob-](upi—A representative from the \ visit the art gallery during its ex-: ins. negro, was not vulgar and fail-; American Red Cross was here to- hibilrn in cither BlytheviUe or : ed to annoy anyone it could hardly j^y t 0 survey damage to livestock Osccola Mothers may also be! be termed disturbance of the peace, > caused by a scourge of Buffalo ' " in this contest 'and all are [ the judge held. , : gnats. chapter of this city is assisting in • "» - ouIdn 1 t shoot in the first place." sponsoring thc exhibit and tile thc J llri S e thrcw tl:o cnse out of Mississippi County Federation ot ] CTUrt - Winston may be re-arresU'd Women's clubs will also award priz-1 cn a char s c of disturbing Hie peace es In the contests. . I however. A picture will be given the school' The court held that as Ion? as Sunday's- republican victories ''he said the country In a position . to decide its national sovereignty In a legal.way. The severest blow, to monarchal hopes was. delivered yesterday in the capital, where the Republican 1 ; carried their, entire ticket of municipal, councilors, even sweeping thc division In. which the royal palace is situated. This had previously been 100 per cent monarchist! C. Alxlication May Result Elated at their unprecedented victory. Republican leaders declare! that thc king's only way out of Ills anomalous position as monarch of a country that docs not want him John A. Fox, who was formerly. 1 * through abdication. connected with the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation here, wil! return to BlytheviUe tomorrow as gurst of honor at a joint luncheon meeting of the local Rotary and Lions clubs at the Hotel Noble. Mr. Fox, for years an enthusiast for the development of Mississippi river navigation, is now with the Mississippi River Commission and is in a position to si>cak authoritatively on the program that Is un- six- months was convincing proof of .'soundness of the administration relief policy. He contented himself with an analysis of the theory of charity, leaving the fiscal aspects of the drouth and business depression relief wort to others. John A. Fox Will Speak at Maeting Here Tuesday Two Killed in Plane Crash in Texas Sunday HOUSTON, Tex., April 13. (UP) —W. H. rorlman, 30. and G. A. Munson, pilot, were killed Sunday when Ihelr airplane crashed after a wing dropped off. MILWAUKEE. April 13. (UP)— rtcnyay for the further expansion j Ocorge Weins. flying Instructor, and asked to schools. register according to Thirty-two schools wil participate A number of cases were continued until Tuesday morning. in thc contests. Several phases of 11 i r nrt are included in the events for 1 LO °K I0r which prizes wil be awarded. In' addition to thc picture itleiulflca-1 tion contest each school is eligible I for entrance In two picture poses booklet contests employing kodak : tne proposed contest of last Tues- pnse reproductions, and for stories di *l'' s cit y election will probably be concerning the pictures and paint- [ forthcoming tomorrow, friends of r D «*• • • • I face ol thc returns, said todav. Ccne Pays Mississippi Mr Falrneld sM lnsl WCEk tha( County VlSlt Yesterday i ne P'armed lo conlest the eleclbn , i on the ground that ballots cast by Major Carrol Cone, chief inspcc- iwsons not qualified to vole were tor of the newly organized Arkan- |^ ccptc ? , and co " nlcd ,, nt "' aln sas stile department of aeronau-I boxcs ' bul u » lo llns limc 110 fcr - tlcs, who has announced his Inten- mnl acllon has bc2 " lakc "' CDntcst The representative, E. P. Krick. .Monroe, La., field agent of the na| tionnl organization, said he would ! survey the damage done before 'making a report. At the same time On Contest Tomorrow 11«»> authorilies said Red Cress of' ficlals advised them financial aid would be given farmers who have lost mules and who without them would be unable to begin spring planting. Burial of Ihe dead animals con- of river navigation. Residents of this city and of the county will remember Mr. Fox as one of the organizers of the first drainage district In the county, the Grassy Lake and Tyronz.a. A definite statemenl concerning prison ers. Estimates are that In thc nei'rh- borliood of 1,000 mules have died because of the gnats. tion ol congerring with local political and civic leaders relative to the establishment here of a slate airport, visited Mississippi county yesterday, but failed to get in touch wilh thc men he wanted of the election would Involve a suit in circuit court for the oustln? of Mayor Reed tinder the usurpation I of office statute. tomorrow night at thc regu- Ruih Nichols Sets New Woman's Speed Record DETROIT. April 13. (UP)—All Local High School Group Wins Honors in Slate Contest at Fayetteville. The clly high school vocallonal agriculture team won first place in the poultry contest, spnsored by thc University of Arkansas at Fayetteville for schools lot Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas. R. A. Nelson, Bill Secoy, Eugene Perry and Odell Lawler were members of tho team which entered the general livestock, dairy, and poul- WISCONSIN HAPIDS. Wls., April 13. CUP)—Forest fires blazed a trail of destruction throughout northern. Wisconsin, Minnesota and the upper Michigan peninsula today. One village was destroyed, 200 families made homeless, two .deaths reported, and timber land and other property valued .at millions .ol dollars destroyed. • . ,. • Mehomlnee,, Mich., was the'sctne of.a million dollar..blate when .the Wells .Lumber company and many nearby,.homes W*;'H)T..'Xi<Uyi$i which threatened to dpslxby [he clly. Thc Mcnoinlnce school dismissed all classes so all able bodied persons could be enllsled to light the fire. - .-. The villigfg of; WaUcce and Ea- jle In' Michigan i^erc in ashes, sacrificed while their residents were away helping fight llres which raged In and around other towns, and which were springing up in so many places at once that several hundred forest rangers were powerless to cope with them. Thc various fires, all small at their origin, raged rapidly through the dry llmberland. spreading destruction and possible death as they, raced to meet each other. Around and in Wisconsin Rapids fire burned over a tract a mile long and three blocks wide, destroying six homes and numerous sheds ani barns at an estimated loss ol $150,000. Tlie flre started from a grass blaze and spread to an oil warehouse. As lank explosions rocked the countryside embers were scattered over thc town. Buildings located blocks away were fired and .within a short lime the whole area NEW ORLEANS, April 13 (UP) —Several American employes of Ihs Standard Fitill company at Puerto Cabczas, Nicaragua, were reported wounded and missing and et least one marine dead, by officials of thc comnany here today. According to the report received here bandits attacked the port and the marines and national guards Joined In the effort to prevent them from ransacking the city. Several members ol tile guards and the stafT o( the fruit company were missing and (eared dead. Accident Victim Dies in Hospital at Beejbe BEEBE, Ark., April 13. (UP)—" Shock suffered?™ a motor car.'ac- ; cident near' h'ere Thursday result- -•'• ed In the death of Oeorgc Moyjr, • t .'•' ; 47, of Herklmjsr, N. Y., at a .-hos-'•"'-"-. pltal here litf night. -'•'•'" . '. Mover and h!j family were "re- ' "• turning, .to it-.'i'ir'Alfifiie frorri .Hot": , ; '~ S prblfjtf-'wlti re 1 the f\huf ' VJent •"fte > V^ i "* winter wheh''lhc: v flccldent"occurre3i Physicians said Mover .was. not. hir Jurcd bul suffered severely from . '. shock. Supreme Court Upholds ' State Full Crew Law WASHINGTON, April 13 (UP)— Thc supreme court today upheld the Arkansas full train and full switching crew laws which were challenged by tho Missouri Pacific railroad In a lest, case which may prove applicable to similar laws in other states. Thc decision for this reason \yas considered Important in labor circles. Dies Aiter Breathing Thru Tube for 2$ Years his mechanic. Carl Jantz, a-erekill-1 ed when their t ' yesterday from feet. They were on a test flight. tr airplane crashed late j Saturday. C. om an altitude of 300 tor - , contests T. Kramer is Instruc- Iowa Farmers Protest Bovine Tuberculosis Test TIPTON, Iowa, April 13. (UP) — Around the big white farm home ^,7 c ™"'f n other cv"enls'."as'7he , ...... A team from this city has previously won two first awards In general livestock judging and one year won first national honors. It Is not knosvn whether or not the team will enter the national poultry Judging contest. It is also j probable that the members was in flames. While residents of Wallace, Mich., were helping save the town of Ingalls, lire broke out In their own village and before they could get jack It destroyed 15 homes, two factories, garages and sheds by ths dozen. Mora than fifty buildings •ere destroyed at Eagle, Mich. Dangerous flres surrounded ths towns of Crandon, Phillips and Park Falls in Wisconsin. Communication lines were destroyed. Thr fate of scores of residents was In doubt. It was feared many had perished. Board Certifies Winners of Last Weeks Elections OSCEOLA, Ark.-The Mississippi of D. C. Mitchell on the outskirts . . , , ,of Tipton farmers began to assem- records for airplane speed with a| Me loday , o flgW „„ nll attcmpts woman pilot were shattered nere of s(a( O fft xfs w ho seek to enforce today when Miss Ruth N'ichols. Rye. N. Y., raced over the three kilometer course at Gross? Isle at an average speed of 210.65 miles per h ° Ur ' r. v. . T, > , Illzlng 1 . SI Of Jar 'Rapids and th Earhart Putnam ormer-1 farmers . wn £ C3nt ,, nd rtc t estln- the bovine tuberculosis testing law. Tlie "party line" telephones on farm? throughout Cedar county word the militia was mobl- ly held the record at per hour. 191.1 results in some events have not yet been announced. Horace Scrane Awarded Watch in Cotton Contest PINE BLUFF, April 13 (UP)— AltWougH compelled to brtnthe through .1 silver .tube for 25 years Will 'Delay, prominent Pine Bluff attorney, lived to the age. of 64, his dfalh occurring here last night. More than a quarter of a century ago Delay suffered a serious fever illness which closed air passages of his throat and a silver tube had to be Inserted. Diesel Powered Plane Seeks Endurance Record JACKSONVILLE. Fla.. April H (UP)— An oil burning Diesel motored Bell an ca monoplane s^ekin^ to better the 73-hour non-refuel- Prohi Agent Dismissed by Director Woodcock WASHINGTON, April 13, (UP) — Federal Prohibition Director Woodcock tcday announced dismissal from the service of Carrol T. Byrd, prohibition agent at St. I.ouis, ' t:i charges of brutality. Woodcci'k said Byrd who figured In n n.-nt grand Jury investigation had assaulted innor.nt persons during a raid. ' i«. ° Two Residence Fires Reported on Saturday sec here. It Is believed that he will ar meeting of the city council.' felurn later In thc week. Major Cone flew from Little Uock to Osceola with Dwight Blackwood. chairman of thc state highway commission. Yesterday morning he new lo Blylheville and after circling nround the golf course several timrs made a landing in a Held beyond the iron bridge, toward Oosnell. Ile- forc local men, summoned by telephone, could reach the field, he took off and returned to Osceola. Major Cone was flying a new four-passenger plane, recently purchased by thc slate. - , - j .,= j . attained a speed , meeting here Saturday certified to nour Mayor Reed will start his new the election ol municipal officers ' at Luxora Manila and Leachville! I Luxora, R. W. Thomas; I Recorder. J M. Majors; Aldermon.l J. T. Miflin, Tom Ballew, F. M.| Bonds. Jessie Brown, H. L. Solcer. Nichols, using a Lo;khrc:l- f or Vega plane powered with a W«T- O I thTrebeinorT motor, nude four flights over the' measured course. On one dash she . . , ... Ing endurance record, passed its Horace Scrape student of the 22nd nour ,„ lhe a , r ' ", M —,,„„„, ^cultural department and appMrcd rlaln . high school, has rcceiv-1 * watch for winning In a' Two Ores were reported Saturday by the city fire department. A residence In the 500 block n« Chlckasawba was considerably- 226.88 miles an LaVrTCnce Wilson SilS In Governor's Chair LITTLE ROCK, April 13, (tJP)- if. i « r, i n The chief executive's office at the nignway near tardweii state capitoi was occupied by , tenant Governor Lawrence E. Wil- Burglars Break Into Cooter Oil Station COOTER, Mo., April 13,-Burg- ;igm wmcnior winning ma'were reported to have loaded 6 500 liars who broke into the local Stan- Itr.. JT teSt ' ^ C . £lt a n.iny«'8 al1ons of fuel 0 " when »«? took dard Oil station early yesterday l^£, fT £L iS »n Mrhi ofl ^""y at 8:52 a - m - yesterday'irornlng did considerable damage to IVh^l r fh ^L '" ' ' h^ ln an M * m & (0 demonstrate thf ! the building. Thc front glass was ^^rnttl ,«a v"r economy and efficiency ol oil burn- .shattered and a large quantity of Th. ™n ?V K,;«H rm ,„,„.<«« »vl«tlon motors. gas. oil and tools stolen. thTn h gl Ct rne.! S pr b o^ d r£«Z ^ ^ ta " »° ^ three acres, the amount of lint, the labor expended and the rpjiurts submitted. He grew one and a hall bales to the acre. i CARDWELL, Mo.— New bridges son of Camden who took over the Mayor of Manila. O. B. Wilborn; ! nrc being constructed on thc s'.ate reins of the slate this morning in City Attorney, Raymond ^Hudson; highway from Hopkins Bridge north the absence of Governor Harvey Recorder. John U. Needham: Aid- to Kcnnelt. The old wooden floor Parnell. ermen, Chas McWhorter, A. D. bridges will be taken out and Governor Parnell left last night B-.wden. Raymond Fox; C. W. modern concrete floor bridges built with a psrty ol friends for Memby fire early Saturday j Tipton. Bud Ashabranner. : In their place. Already thc Iwo phis to attend the opening game of Illinois Governor Vetoes Repeal Seven Divorce Actions Filed in Chancery Court WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy and seme- Seven divorce suits were filed In what unsettled tonight and Tues- Ihe office of Billy Qainea, cr,an-;dny; probable shwers lr. north par«"•» clerk, Saturday and today. t lon Tuesday. SPRINGFIELD, tUP) — Qov Louis L. Emmerson fo- The divorce actions were «J fol lows: Corlnne Collie vs. Jessie Lee III., April 13. collie, R. S. Harris vs. Sylvia. Har According to the official wea'c>.:r obsrrver. Charles Philiips, Jr., tho rls, Pansy Beard vs. Carl Beard,. maxlmunl tempsrature yesterday morning. Late in the afternron tha| Mayor of Leach\-llle, Bob Davis; bridges west o! Cardwell havc been the Southern Association between day vetoed the O'Grady-McDcr- Mary Klmbrell vs. John Kimbi-ell,' was 8-1 degrees and the minimum roof of .1 residence at Main and Recorder, Floyd Smith; Aldermen, taken out and work begun on the the Little Rock Travelers and the molt bill passed by both houses of I Archie E. Harper vs. Halite D.^ra 60 degrees, clear. A year ago to- 2Cth was Ignlled by a spark from a chimney. Only slighl damage resulted. N. J. Hipp. Munsey Honnell, Arch new ones. Temporary bridges have Memphis Chicks. The governor and the legislature whicli would have ' Harper, Bertha Vandtvcr vs. Paul day th: maximum temperature was . Pierce, Tom Kennctt, Louise Weln- been built nrcund, so lhat traffic his party will return here Wednes- 1-crs. | will not be held up. [day. repealed n!l of Illinois' pvohlbltlon j Vandlvcr, W. J. Davis vs. Mary F.. B8 degrees and tho minimum, 58 laws. I Davis. * d p flrec*, partlv' elftu^j'i

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