The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 6, 1937
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THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS VOL. XXXIV—NO. 10 lilythevllle Courier Klythevlltc. Herald myths-vine Dally News Mississippi Valley Li'nd<". J5I.YTHKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, APRIL SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I law ks' Wings Ovc-r ManhaUan Jurv Finds Buddy Sumners Guilt v of Voluntary Manslaughter After deliberating less than an hour a criminal court jurv this aftfincon found George "Buddy" Cumircrs guilty of vcluntary manslaughter in the slaying of Eula Mac Wilson ami fitted his punishment at seven years hmrison- . nient in the stite penitentiary. Judije Neil Killough of Wynne. | pre-.sidin!; over the current court I Icrin. fa^ed sentence en Sum-' mers within a few minutes after (he verdict was rendered. There was r.o indication of a motion lor a new trial. Trial of the case consumed practically the entire day of court Monday, evidence being completed aboi't li o'clock last night. The jury received the ease shortly before no:n today aiter almost all of the mcrniny'on had been taken up In the giving of the court's, instructions and the arguments of counsel. Under the instructions of the court a verdict of first or second degree -murder, instead of voluntary manslaughter or acquittal was possible. , Cefense .counsel pictured Summers as a young man led astray by an older u'omai^ while the -. state's attorneys characterized him as a deliberate killer. Summer took the stand late yesterday to deny that he had ever struck the woman with whom he had been going for about a year and denied that he had driven .to her house with her the night before she was found dead with her daughter in a taxi , cab. He' specifically, denied' the] Usl.ory. -.Q/x.t!ir;' / taki" cab- driven ,who j ..' v;as n state witness, and the dead -woman's 15-year-old daughter, who' testified that Summers beat her mother into insensibility. ' A number of witnesses were pnraded in rebuttal by the state to refute statements made by Summers. Prosecutor Brace Ivy of Osceola and his local deputy, H. O. Part- low'i represented the state and Claude P. Cooper and E. E. Alex- flndcr were defense counsel. This afternoon George Brown and Jim Northern, negroes, withdrew pleas of not guilty 16 charges of stealing cotton seed belonging to Mrs. Louise Ctur Chapman and entered pleas of guilty. Judgment was suspended in each case until next fall. j Former Arkansan Arrested at Border Hone London Conference May Open Way to international Peace BY LOUIS !''. KKIiMl.i; Unilril Press Cable Editor A commonplace commodity, su- Sar, was regarded by European .statesmen today as a possible key lo friendship and accord among imtlons. A conference is in progress in London for an agreement on regulating ' the. production and report of sugar so that its price illicit be controlled and the Blowers and handlers reasonably recompensed. Tile conference, seemingly unrelated to general International problems and the tension arising 'rum the war In Spain nevertheless has portentous aspects. Unit-1 PAHIS, Apr. C lUl')—Police ul Pruts di> Mollo, on the Catulonlnn frtintu-r. arrested an American listed us John Williams Tylus, S3. •Vorkville, O.. on a charge Hint he tried to cross into Spain with four lirltoiis to Join the loyalist [army, a dispatch said today. i Tylus was listed as n native of Clart-.sville, Ark. He line! passport num'jcr :i71.330. Police quoted him us saying he was a mill worker and thut he had left a wife and child bemuse of a quarrel. He had 51 and ten francs (45 rails* i-n he was arrested. Frank Hawks' new mystery plane may do great things, its pilot-believes. Hawks declares he has already reached 308 miles an hour in his new stream-lined monoplane, pictured here over New York (with the Empire State building in background). He plans to attack the world's land speed record of 352 miles an hour and the transcontinental mark of 'I hours, 25 minutes, 28 seconds, both held by Howard Hughes. H ouse Committee Will Recommend Substitute for Roosevelt Program House Bloc Demands Expenditure of $2,000,000 Next Year David anil Armstrong to State Police Eddie H, Dnvld. who has served us deputy shcrilT nmi Jailer hero for .several yvars. and \V. E, Uiiil) Armslronc, who h'ns •been con- nrc'ted with the regional olfk'i' of the state revenue department hen? for some time, have rec:lv- ed commissions as members of the newly created Arkansas state police. 'llu'lr assignments have not yet licL-n made but It Is understood that Ihu stale Is to be divided into districts with police stations in various pities and II is possible (hat they may' be located here. Clarence H. Wilson of tills city is a member of the stale police board, " i lidgar <Peto) Skinner of Manila has been named deputy .sheriff WASHINGTON. April G. (UP1- A group of housa Democrats, claiming the support of at least 100 members, today demanded H 1MU fiscal year federal works program I casting $2.400,000.000 and asked | Hint new taxes be imposed) to dc-1 , . . , ,. . tray the works cost ' 1'" d ""'B c "' tllc cminl - v J u " hel '°' The house K roup Issued a formal "uccerillnR Dnvld.; Kale Jackson, einht-iwint program for laundilim *' lss issti>l>i county a long ninse public works program. ""»'«™ t ° (ltl !>'11 calls for the $2,-tOO,OIW.OOO works program to take cure of 3,- OOC.OOO Jobless. The works program would replace Ihi! present WPA. Tllc group ask- shcrlft, tin- Missing Douglas L'irier Lodged on Slopb of Isolated Mountain AUHJCIVIKHQUG' N. M, April j till 1 }—Major A. r>. Smith, who locliiy sighted the lucok.isre of the Douglas Iransiinrl, Mii<sin K sluir .Saturday with eight IK-UMIS, iiimled lien- this afternoon and raid there was not u chanre in n million lliat ;ni\ of the eight rm-vivi'd. ' WASHINGTON. April The hoi!32 agriculture committee 3d Piess reports from London say I ""' "°' !s= "Wi'l'tin! committee it is un open secret that Ramsay to ™ y r5acl 'ttl « tentative a^res- MRcDonnld. presiding at the con- ""•'"' °" ft S50.000.000 farm le-nant Farmers in Southeastern j Senate Expected to ' Ap- J art of State Advised to Move Slock prove Compromise Condemnation Resolution l!y NBA Service Floods mnaced southeast presiding fercncc, has confided to friends the hope that tllc sugar negotiations may prove the opening v.-cdge for a world economic concord to he merged finally witli an arms limitation agreement in the interest of general peace. I'Icuges U. S. Cooperation The focus of attention is Norman H. Davis. United States ambassador at large, who is attending tlie conference. He told the delegates that the United States U ready to enter an agreement to stabilize Hie sugar traffic and permit exporting countries an equitable share of the United I States market. • I While the diplomats fenced warily they kept, an uneasy eye on Spain and the possibility of renewed Italian intervention/. -It was feared that Mussolini., to regain his prestige after ,tlic recent reverses of the Italian forces in Spain, might kick over- the nnn-intcrvcntion agreement and send a REAL army lo insure a rebel victory. Ominous hints that such might came from Italy. hi Spain assistance program that vnrl?d widely from the one advocated by PresldciU Roosevelt. Committee Chairman Marvin Jones iDsm., Tex.) said a formal vote on the compromise woul:l be taken tomorrow and that he anticipated its adoption. Tlie committee last week rejected by a 13 lo 1! vole the president's proposal under which federal funds would be usert to buy land for tenant farmers on a long term repayment basis. Opponents claimed It would put the government in Ihe land business and merely moan lhat present tenants of land owners would become "tenants of the government." Under the compromise- the sec- loans to the 'tenant farmers after obtaining recommendations froiu special- county committees which wbulel pass uDon the tenant's integrity and his ability. The loans would b? used to buy land. The bill would provide 550,000.- OfiO p?r year for this phase of the liHKjram. the sambas in the ortg- ed additional taxes, levied on the i basis of ability to pay and benefits I G. (UP)— j received, to nuance this huge ex-' r.endllurc without disturbing pn-sl- d:nl Roosnvcll's projected balance of the budjct. The bloc asked establishment of a social welfare department lo plan and provldec work for .('lie unemployed. Lion Company Brings In Well Tapping Entirely New Sand 51 VOTES Cily E 1 c c t i o n Qrderly, Quiet; Relunis To Be; .Broadcast..-Tonight . inal bill, and the loans would repayable within 10 years. Say Court Enlargement Would Encourage Dictator WASHINGTON, Apr. 0 (UP>— James Truslow Adams, historian, and Charles C. Burlineham, New York lawyer, warned the senate judiciary committee loday that enlargement of the supreme court ^wculd encourage the rise of a future American, dictator, The flood warnings were post- [ in the senate tomorrow, for residents along the Cone- ! The compromise was etfected i. Pea and Choctawliatchee | a secret meeting of a nroup of ~=">i- rivers In southeast Alabama. Tlie ] a tors, including Senator Joc"V United states weather bureau at j Robinson (Dem.. Ark.) majority Pensacola, Fla., predicted high leader, Senator Robert r Wagn-r crests at Elba and Geneva, Ala, • (Dem, N. Y.i, and senator Claude ind warned formers to move cat- j Pepper (Dem., Fla.) I ' H was believed by the conferees j that the compromise \vould passj _th« scnale, trcreby putting that! '..y on record as opposing Hie sit- le to higher ground. The spring storms concentrated 3fter sweeping across Louisiana and Mississippi. Demolishing! down technique. ^omes. uprooting trees and smash- i The resolution was drawn as a ing communications, the tornadic j substitute for the Byrnes anli-sit- winds killed a negro at Little Oak, ! down amendment to the Griffey , Ala., a white fisherman at Muscle i coal bill, which Use Shoals, two negro Shorter. Ala., and a Phenix City. Ala. Another negro child was killed when winds struck the Girard section across the river from Co- umbus, Ga. i children at . day rejected. 48 to 3G. after thre; negro girl at : days of angry debate. New York Cotton (UP) 1450 1435 1335 1383 1383 1383 1450 143l> 138!) 1383 1383 1333 c'osc 1430 i for 1424 : No matter how big a man ba- comes or how far from' home ho ' happens to stray—sooner or later he'll have to obey that urge to go back. There's no thrill in the world (lUite'like leavin' home for a Ions time and then goln' back to see the folks. I don't bslicvc there's anything so binding as home lies, j I had cne cousin down home who always seemed to be distant even to his own folks. They never thought, he cared anything about 'cm. When hs was thirteen years old. he ran away from home and w hen they didn't hear from him j NEW YORK. Apr. I Cotton closed steady. open high May July Oct Dec Jan March Spots closed quiet at 1306, olf twelve. Blind Given Approval WASHINGTON, Apr. 6 (UP)— The Social friiirity" Board today! npprcved rubli- nssistonro "rants! totaling S2.75ii.67M2 to aid 29-1.303 n persons in low 1420 1418 I3G7 1361 1304 1370 fclintl - 12 states. ts inriuded: £11.025. 1367 137] Closing Stock Prices IO.OCO insurgents headed eastward to the relief .of the defeated forces north of Cordoba. Threatens Withdrawal Italv ninv withdraw from the 27-nation accord for neutrality in the Spanish civil war on the basis -of charges that France has violated the agreement, p. government snokcsman said at" Rome last night. There appeared lo be no reason, he asserted "lo doubt the authenticity" of charecs by tin newspaper Glornale D'ltalia, thai France had "flagrantly violated" thn accord. The Giornalc DTtolia published a Paris dispatch signed by its '•nrrc^nndr-n' ivigj Pome, chafing that between' March 3 and March 20 the Runnisli Government received the following aircraft Ten Russian Gorki type planes, four Dutch Coolhooven planes, 50 French and 35 Cztchoslovakian p'rnes. The correspondent asserted Hint Soviet representative in Paris I negotiated with Vienna munitions Arkansas.I maker for cartridge-making ma| chines canable of turning out 128- JOOG cartridges daily. He said the S Kennett Youths Plead Not Guilty to Murder senate yes"ier- Chicago Wheat open high low close ' H33-4 M4 1-8 141 3-4 1417-8 1301-8 1301-2 1273-4 1281-8 Corn May Jul open high low close j 1321-2 1327-8 1281-4 1281-4! 124 125 1201-8 1203-8: Livestock for twenty-five years, they thought he'd forgotten 'cm altogether. Fin-1 EAST ST. LOUIS. II Apr. ally one night, the "Cannon Ball" (UP)—Hogs: receipts 9.500. pulled into the depot and off step- j Top 10.20 ped my cousin. He didn't look around. He made a "bse-line" for home and In about seven minutes, he showed up at the depot agin and I says "Well. I sure am glad to see ya! Are you gonna slay with the folks long?" and he says "No, I went lioms and pecked thru the back window and saw every ljo:ly was all right so I'm takin' tiv next train back to the coast." A T and T Anaconda Conprr ....:. L'clhlehem blrel .; . Chrysler Cities S:rvice General Flectric ........ General Motors International Harvester McKcsson-Rcbbins ...... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard ;... Philips Petroleum ' Radio Corn St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons-Bed Standard of N J Texas Corp U S'Smelting U • S Steel " Zonitc 171 1-2 CO P5 1231-4', French Pcoulc's Front govcnnncni wns negotiating purchase of 20,000 riHcs and 50.0COOW cartridges in Czechoslovakia, nil for government forces in Spain. At 2:30 o'clock this afternoon approximately SfiQ\voters had cast their, ballots In : -I31ythevl!le's 'municipal election. The second ward box, at -the E. B. Gee Sales Co., building, 'fis usual, was setting the pace with about 250 votes while the first ward box at the city hall received about 190 votes anel the third ward box at Baker's store 1SL DORADO, -Ark,, April 0. (UP) — Oiriclals o[ the Lion Oil company here today had completed the lay- iny of a H-mllc four-inch pipe line from their Edna Morgan No. wildcat test well that was brought in yesterday and started pumping the crude to their refinery. With the completion of the wel officials said that a direct offset to the number one well would be started late this week. During the night the ivcll pro' duccd 2,000 , barrels through i "chpkc" and oil 'man estimated its production if allowed to flow wlri open at 6,000 bariW.5_u <lay. . , Rcpt.Tl ngeni; li\.'|.V^!g>!yi''8J> lad about Co ballots. BLOOMFIELD, M 0 . -'Bremen Riddle, 10 years old, and Charles 'orn. 20. both of Kcnnett, entered pleas of not guilty to charges of murder when arraigned before ~trcuit Judge J. V. Billings here Monday. The judge fixed their rial date for May 10. The two youths have been held without bond following the klll- ng of Ernest Burks at Bcrnie, Mo., Dec. 30. Burks, according to Sheriff Randal Evans, went to the aid of an elderly man who j was being robbed b; Riddle and corn. 'Hie information charges them with killing Burks with a gun as lie tried to catch them. They were taken to jail at Poplar Bluff. As many more votes will probably be cast before the ballots close because Ulylheville electors traditionally cast a heavy afternoon ballot. With three candidate, 1 ; for mayor land an aldcrmnnic contest in ev- ...- nppVoxImately ; 3,000' Hew cltlzcr l:ad moved In during the past tw weeks and said "rent" houses coul not, bo obtained. Hotels were fn' and carrying, long waiting lists wit! - - many of tlie oil company scoul "I 1 " ! staying In ^Smackover and nearb towns, 'driving: each day to wor here. Col. T. H. Barton, president o ery ward every voter was assured if casting his ballot In two contests. There was no contest for :ity treasurer or .for one aldermanic post. ' ! ' The Courier News and KLCN | sood." will sponsor an election broadcast over the local radio station, stiirt- tnp; :.t 7 o'clock tonight and continuing until returns arc complete, Final results should be available oy fl:30 or 9 o'clock. the Lion Oil Refining company, wa enthusiastic over the completion o the new producer and predicted a extensive drilling campaign in thi area. "Indications are that the produc lion is absolutely something new fo El Dorado and will mean a lot fo Hie city, county and the state." |said. "The oil is producing from sand not heretofore encountered i Arkansas, and it looks mtgli Garbage Man Saves Day For Town Dramatists i UP)— A gar- Two Mississippi County Prisoners Arc Paroled) ""»'* /°"» NEWTON. MUM. bage collector saved the day for Newton dramatists. Two pigs were needed cast, but none could be for the located. Two men sentenced county were from Mis- ntnong 37 ippe; Swineherd." •-late penitentiary prisoners grant-I R ,, o e i n « e Toil ed paroles yesterday by (he state [ l\ II O O 1 a 11 O J a I 1 G.P.U.F. 7s | Health Unit Enlarged | for Special Flood Work 7 ' 8 | The addition of two nurses and | a sanitarian to the staff of the '--j Mississippi County Health Unit -" 01 vi " ?ive this group increased M \-i> facilities for carrying out public , ,"li Ith work m the county, ac- r -> J"»!cordns to Dr. R. E. Schirmer. di- 71 S-S GO 5-8 93 1-2 117 170-230 Ibs. 10.00-10.15 Light weights. 1.00-9,60 Bulk sows. 9.50-9.75 Cattle: receipts. 3,000 Steers 8,00-10 Slaughter steers. 6.75-13.50 Mixed heifers and yearlings 1,50-10.00 Slaughter heifers. 6.50-11,25 Beef cows S.Ofl-6.25 Cutters and low cutters 3.25-5.75 UVezt; Orleans j NEW ORLEANS. Apr. ! Cclton closed steady. 1 open high ! May ' July Get Dec Mrs. Lucy B. Miller, of Osfeota. who has been in a special iniln- ing school at Morrilton, and Mrs. IDralah Slaughter, of Little Rock, e been assigned to his vmii for months special work in the j Bill Walters, of Orccola. has I been assigned for sanitation work, li iL'Pl—-jA Mr. Lyon. of Joncsboro. has also neon assigned here for IrAtn- ,Ian March 1443 1431 1378 IMS 1388 low H2I cose.inn work under this unit for a 1427 H31 1383 1337 138S :enal board at a meeting at Lit- , '.lc Rock yesterday at which not action was taken relative to the! election of a success lo Tom 3ogbill as superintendent of - the! • talc prison system. J The Mississippi county men! paroled were Gene Driver, sen- 'enccd November 8. 1035. to four years for forgery and uttering, and Elmer Weils. sentenced March 23. ISM. to two years for ;rand larceny. Pasadena Rescnls Offer To Improve Its Climate PASADENA. iUPi— When Joseph A. Shires. Denver inventor, offered to improve Pasadena's ell-1 mate he failed lo reckon on the I fact that Pasadena docs not be- [ lieve its climate can be improved. ' - In n letter to the Board of City Directors. Shires declared tlinr, w.ith a new invention of his he would undertake lo air-condition, tiic entire city. This Included im-1 proving the winter weather byi abating fogs, nuking the air cool-1 cr in .summer and warmer in win-1 ter, keeping smoke smudge out of ALBUQUERQUE, N M, Apr G UPi— IvfrtJ.: A. D. Smith TWA ivlslon superintendent, icpoitcd y radio from his plane today :inl he had sighted wieckage of he missing Douglas tianspcit on wooded slope of Ml Baltlv, neai fcNnry, Ariz. Major Smith radioed that the itanc, missing .since Saturday on Illglit from Burh&nk, Cal., to. toy York for consentient to a •urcnean air line, itpniucntly dad rashcd. Unalile To Land Ho .was circling and nuincilvqr- ng around the 11,000-foot pcnk, lying to gel low enough to detei- nlne. the fate of the eight pe'i- ' 5ons aboard the ship Smith said he . could not laiitl tear the wreckage. Hi;, notified rWA officials that lie was return 1 ng to. Wlnslow, Ariz.; to pick, up MnJ.,' Victor Bertandias, who .was lying a Douglas company:, plane to aid Smith In the reconnoiter- ng. Tlicn they will fly back\.lo the scene of : the crash and mnp I course for .tho .posse. Sheriff To Lc.ld I'arly •• Slicrlil ;i John Nunn nt Springei- yille, Ariz., ' was notified and was Jacks mid ' mouhlaln folk ,to* r ari'.' the \VTCckage, , Mt. BaldyVls about 50 miles from the New Mexico border in rngyed country, tntersjTersed \illU Jagged mountnin peaks nnu snow- flllcd valleys. Airport officials said Major Smith informed, 'them that it might be . .ninny hours before searchers could reach the wreckage and determine definitely whether any of the eight persons aboard had survived. ^ \ Gov. Bailey Accepts ', • Fourth Welcome Station Colonel Uarton would not est mate on Ihc possible production c, Ihc well, but when ho was told that! several oil men who watched the well after it started flowing estimated that II would make 0.000 to 7,500 barrels of oil a day. he said, "well, we expected a good well." Tile well Is producing from what cfficidls of the Lion company report is an entirely new sand at 5.55!) feel, a deeper level than at which production has yet been obtained in Arkansas. district, cepttng The the Governor, after ac- Completed station, left for Searcy where he .was scheduled lo appear on a program at Harding college with Dr. E. W. Kemmrrcr, of Princeton university. I The well is in wildcat territory Aln nr l nn "CU several miles from any previous ^03100.11 Olt- shallow production. In addition to the Lion company, the Phillips Petroleum company has extensive holdings in the area, as ucll as several Independent south Arkansas producers. Days of the earlier boom days of lhc E1 Dora<i<> nn<l smack-over fields ° rc c> T cctcd to b = revived. Already tftcrc is a housing shortage In El Dorado, and the city' is crowded with oil men from Louisiana, Texas. Oklahoma and practically all oil states. Hrked Farmer Pastures Huge Wild Geese Flock TEXAfiKANA. Ark., Apr. G. (U P) —G ov. C a r r E. Ba ilcy todsyy j accepted tlie completed tourists-welcome station here In .behalf: of the stale from the Arkansas Centennial Commission. The station, the fourth to bo built by the commission, is located- In Central Park In the business in Minnesota Capitol ST. .PAUL, Minn., Apr. 6 (UP) —On request of Gov. Elnier A. Benson, a delegation of the People's Lobby,- which held the, sen- nle chambers of the state capitol oil night, evacuated the building today. The group, numbering 200. voted to adjourn Its "sit-down strike" for social legislation after . Benson advised them to "go home. Will Reorganize V. F. W. at Meeting Thursday The Veterans of Foreign Wars will be reorganized In a meeting to be held at the court house Thursday night, 8 o'clock, it has CHARLESTON. Mo. <W>i -Al- 1 ulna Brown has been "pasturing" I some 5.000 wild geese all winter on [his farm near the Mississippi river. j He can't keep the geese scared [teen announced. All veterans who I away all the time. Brown saiS. and | saw service overseas are invited same preserve law prohibits him,to attend. Uhooting at them. The geese are] Commander Tom Dean will prc- i feeding off Brown's wheat fields. iside. St. Psul Hopes to Get i Belter Theater Plays WEATHER Genrikh Yagoda. above, who helped found ,ind develop the -Soviet's dreaded G. P. U., is liimscll a prisoner of the sccri't police, charged with "breaches in oilice of a criivunnl nature." ] ST. PAUL (UP)—Correction' of l?n acoustic derangement In St. Paul's legitimate theater center urief period. The additions were made posjii-j llic front room curtains, and tak-j Yagoda supervised hundreds ot 1302b 1375 1363 1367 !>le through, an emergency appro- 1370 1371 ipriation for the rehabilitation pro- 137! 1372 | gram in public health for the 1375 1375 'flood areas of eastern Arkansas. the the air. excess humidity out o[i executions when tie was com- inissnr of internal alfairs. and The city fathers Tiled the offer' personally carried out the rte- an air of injured dignity. porlnlion of L.con Trotzky. Arkansas—Fair and warmer in west and central portions,' probably frost in extreme east portion tr.nlght. Wednesday partly cloudy viil be made this spring to put all[ j wanner the city in a position to bid for Memphis and vicinity-Fair to- some of the Dest theatrical at- night, lowest temperature 42 to tractions of next season. 48 ; wcnnc'daj fair and nannei To cost SH.OOO, the work will! be aimed at reducing the huge] Tlie maximum temperature hero room's empty reverberations from | yesterday was 61, minimum 4.S seconds lo 2.9 seconds, considered correct for theaters. d-1 partly clouoY, according to Samuel I'. Norris officiil wcatncr observer,

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