The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1935
Page 3
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Spring pec.onuiug' This Year Demands New Papers Pattern nnri W earing Qualities Are Also Im- pnvlanl ConsicleralipnK In Inlying rugs consider first, the eolor, Ihen the pattern and the wearing qualities. Tlie dominant! coloi- should ue in-harmony with the color of the v.'alls-but a shade deeper In value. -The pattern should hot hr- «> pronounced that 11 Imbalances the whole roam, nnd it should not Iw made up of loo realistic flowers or birds because it is rather disturbing to step on even a woolen niril if It 'fote loo ime to nature. P/Htems of flowers and birds should always be .con- VMHlonalii'.Cd In rues. Prom the point of view of durability Oriental rugs ore highly recommended,, and there are sevei-al well-made domestic rugs —- Brussels, Wiltons, A.t- rnirjsters, utiil Velvets. •• ' • Orieiital Rugs '. Oriental rugs are those woven i;i one piece on hand looms in eastern countries. They have .ft Iliieh,' hemp, or .wool warp and filling and a pile of tufts of woolen or occasionally silk yarn knotted into the warp by hand and evened with scissors. Weaving rugs in this way is, of course, a labor- ioas process, requiring great dex- ' terity and skill, and for, this rea son Oriental -rugs .are never cheap, not even.,Irt 'the Orient, : • The value of a 'genuine Oriental nig depends upon the design, the fastness of the color, the compactness and . evenness of ihe weave, and the number ' of V.uoU to the aiuare inch. Antique Oriental rugs are much .'-/ought alter but dan- p.erous for any but the most skilled to buy, for unscrupulous dealers have often been known to treat new rps ' with dyes, pount 1 them with hammers, and then sell thf-m lor antique. Ortf ntal nigs add to the richness of any room In the house. | • . -: ..Brussels i Brussels ' carpets are so called became tliey were fast irmmifac •turn!-on-Flemish'looms in the'clty ; of Briisscis.' 1 They, arc . loop-pile catpetsp marte / with two or ihmp warps aiirt flhe .or two.-fillings.-This carripUng fe .made 'about twenty seven inches wide. but Is often .into'' rugs . with borders to rorrer.porid.' • :'ln :eitathinlng Brussels nigs look at the batk to ECC whether Ihe backing- thread is smooth and clean.- Lumpy looking thread is ft sign-of'poor-quality. Brussels carpets;are suitable for any room and slurid years of wear. Wiltons ' Wilton ' rugs arc '.'probably the <hi)i rnost popular, of: nil domestic .vugs. They are made" tike Brussels carpel, only the pile is higher and lh<v loops'ace : cul to give a., plush like surface. ". ^ There are tivo general types of Wilton, --worsted and woolen, : so called because of the kind of ma- tevial used in tlie w'avp that forms the pile. The.wor.5tet Wiltons are more expensive than the woolen. They also stand, : hnrder wcai; and usually come • In rgpre attractive patterns. Wlltou rugs nre especially suitable . for living rooms and halls. Velvets Bonk Covers 10 Years of Study and Rp.srarch on limber DSPS An aid lo limiie owners, itrnhl- lects, contractor. 1 ;, carpenters and others Interested in modernizing or In building Is scon in the "Lumber Clrcide-Use thjlde" Jiul. published by tlie National Ulmhor Manufacturers The volume, \vlilcli Is Ihe result of ten years' study nnd research mikes no attempt lo Influence llm rholcn of irmtr-rlnU by Ihe llome builder or usurp (he plare of (he architect, engineer, or s v,Tltc-i", Us value KCF, in the Ihat It enable susers of lumber 10 express llielr judgment and prcfer- emvs In Uiugunee wlilcli Is rendlly understood by the wnrxl-worklir anil • Untie. Variety of Wallpaper DesigiiB Now Available to Decorators VVallliarier lias for itmtiy yours pn n pouiihir wnll finish lirrnusn if ll.s InftiiHe vnrlMy «f colors, leslgns mill, effrcls. In kffpltii? Mil) HIP modern trend, iiituinfno Hi'vvs Imvfi ilc-velouftl wallpapers vlili'h :ih' inOi'c iilliaollVP inul uf ii'llfr i|Uah(y llinn Ihe old pn|ie]-,i i ml ilioroiijlily conformltiB lo (lie ii«rjn-d(iy rfqiilivnienls In ilfc- irntloii. Not long aco, a paprrril room •oiiUI never bo reairaiigfd wlth- wl pnlclifs of wil'nilcd wall l>f- iiB broughi Into view. Wtlh till 1 ; probli-m In mind, wallpaper nmli- nfacuiretf, developed«r long 'xpcrlmrntallon n new Sclenllfl- pnlly-folnrc'il paper, which comiot br- linrmeil by Ibo Klrongr^L light. In nddUInn any jwperfi jHoof. Wnlerproof ami rwu wash color Sofa: ncoti rlliriainoii rpiWli nilxMirc ivllli n Hide Isli lirtge In It. Olmlrs: oiw aim chulr like sofa; rmol her grayish beige mixture; an- olher l»ii> ; tlvupn-lfvi; slnall elwlp-. uf mahogany, \vlth plain lilue fob- Mn wals. • . ' " liainiw; potterV has« in clnrm- liion rolnr; liliie; ; g;oe»; with iilnlri fielge pDrrhment .ihailrs. Allln 3K Spire Kwm The nttln of yesterday,. paradise: if mice and burlo] ground of "giy ilrtely" erandeiir, h rapidly be- i-omlnn a. ffSpeclabte third ftnor Hie liiodein American hohi'd. 'A (•V fheel.s of liwiilollng board ap- idrd inexpensively over tbe oM wnlh menni a spare room for any giirsl lint rnoy drop in lor the to Doing eolur-fdsl, toiloy are able papers are nvUnMe Inr klloh- rriis, bfltlL 1 ,, niir.stfrles, . njjcl other rooms where. such pn|>ers mlKbl ,bo ili'slrfd. More iMflerenl'' drsljins The manual is the first of""'! etfecls nre offered than nWr kind and scope mid !s of generii} , b< ' lMf - Mnny reproductions of flue utility and inlmsi. it will enable I" 1 '' eighteenth ami nineteenth any residence ljullcler to determine I'' 1 "" 11 " 1 ' dcslBiis, us well us u vsr- quickly the grades, (jimmies and i lcl * ° r distinctive patterns by con- species of lumber nvalUibk nnd temporary arllsl.1, arc available. Stair Lighting ; . Reduces Falls Elecjrlc. lights pl'ticcil nl (he Ion and ot Ihe bottom of stairs, and ot-.KUilr lanclhiijs, are valuable in clliulnallng Injuries rfsnltlrig from falls, fiuprovod llglillni: Ls belnc uiud'! iifKsible thi-ougli model nlin- tlon loans fiuureil by the pcijrrn' iOiliii! ' Ailintnhlrallon..' suitable for lib ]iartlcnlnr uses. Printed In convenient, looso-leaf forin, It Is a compilation of data arranged in separate assemblies or pamphlets, cadi of which deals exclusively with the species of woods from a particular region or division of the industry, with the Information presented In a standardized The coioi scheme is rose, blue and uory with these colors predominating In' the morning glory- pat-| tern of the wallpaper. The fur/iiture Is mahogany'; dressing table draped-with rose color; stool liphols- tetcd Hi lose, draperies of 'chintz figured in rose, btuo faded greens and ivory.'A scheme: easily dupll- ' - calr-d .for any bedroom. ' .-••'• Architectural Magic yonr Aorn«' look tike In* one In lhe"Iowrr illu»U»tlo«? : Many .AlxiTe U »n urchHecl f con ceptjon of wli»t could be dan« with tnta uw hy charging" a few roof lines »nd rinjr 'it a Jlttl* »l*Hor ISBFTE|COSIll owesl Bid Not Necessai- ily the Best on This Type ot Woik Cheap p'alnl and cheap .painting arc false [pioved FSHONE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. the s)>ecics Included in each group Ls followed by the trade-use recom- meiKlation^ ami, after these, a table' of sizes and 'description of grades. 'Hie manual simplifies the oncc- nflllngf question ns to the selection of lumber needed .In a house, or, for that matter, in nny structure. Reference Ip It will sliaw the species .and .grades recommended, with standard slws, for framing, Joists, sub-flooring, floorhjg, srienUi- ing, interior trim, exterior wall covering, mid; in 'fact, all 'the many lumber - Items required fov a building. Softwoods and hardwood", nrn grouped' under separate heads but the work ,is'so Indexed . that the architect, 'who wishes', lo select the proper grade and species for use III oeonoim it-sis lm\e|ti l( , Construction of a fine resilience. Old scenic pajjers • nre available, not, only hi Ahc original grays uml Drowns popular a .hundred' years OBO, Inn nl-so in nay, natural colors. Some dcsluns ure- wide uud lice In treatment, with Inrgc areas of 0]H.'ii iKickgruiniA, The effect Is of miirnl palntlnif. . Dcslens winch- employ flower motifs nre' always 'In good taste, especially when the flowers nre scattered rather 'loosely about, on a plain ground ami surrounded with n great deal of o]»n space. The new modernistic designs ore adaptable to modern rooms, 'am] The average life ', of Job Is aiipiosimitclj good paint torn Bj shaving co li of material and liter the life of n Job nmj he cut to t«3 icars A job which cosh 44fXI ind llto homc-ijw.uer about to modernize' his ''dwelling, 'and, In fact, the entire, range of lumber buyers have .only to refer to (he introductory jiamplilel, jvlilch.'coiil'aliis (lie Index, ami turn iV'a mnnient'io'"sm>V lasts fom je*\)s nioins that lie pajing tlOO a jear for you this iinportanl protection lo join prop eity It the cc«t of this simp job Is cut. 25 per cent ind Hie job lasls two sens it lollous tint jou irt. paying $150 a seir Moieoici there h the added cost of getting the chrap pMnt oil be fore rcpimtinif cin be done It jscnles UK! must be scraped oi In in Jed olf Good plinC <;[mpls weirs out i smooth e irfacc for ofted nre effective , traditional nment.' cific rccbjHnieiKifltfon.'j to ;hiect aiiy - ' Farmers Wives Show Keener Interest in Electric Power WyMs. :'K .«'.commercial name given, to -'imitation Wiltons. They contain .less worsted and' the design is slal'nped rather than woven, tl.ts'ea&y to see Uml Velvets should be less expensive llian Wll- lohs. . • p • Tlir heavy quality Velvets nre eald to wear almost as well ns Wiltons and may be used to advantage ill living rooms, dining rooms, and halls. Some kinds show dust and footprints more than others, ftlid it is well (o test this point In Die store ' by walking across the rug before you l)uy It. Axjnlusters AXrolnstw rugs hnve n thick, cul, hlle and somewhat resemble WUlohs, though the method of weaving is mute different and a greater range, 'of color Is |»s.slb!e. They are not so heavy or so closely woven : ns Brussels and Wiltons. Therefore ihey require less material ond le.'is time to muniiftic- ture. In buying an Axminsler rug examine both the. back and front. The more closely Ihe back is woven the better the rug w m W enr. Fanners .are again showing lively interest in electricity as a source of power for operating machinery of various kinds, for light and for jxw-eYing vniious household appliances'. Reports of various utility companies in commvniUies adjacent to rural districts tell of extension of their power lines nnd of Hie addition of hundreds or new customers. Much of the additional electrical equipment |s Ijeing financpii under the credit plan of the Federal Housing Admlnlslradon. The increase in ;lie use oi electricity on Ihe farm is shown by I he fact that more than 64l,fi(]0 of the country's G,28a,<M8 farms now use this i»wer in some form. To the average farmer elcctridiy means gOpd light, adequale power for ymttr supply, machinery and radio. The fann wife, however', lins long seen ' Ihe possibilities of applying |x>wer lo kilchen and olh- OT houselmlcl appliances nnd she wants these labor saving devices installed without delay. The farm wife envisions installation of a motor or motors which will, above all. put an. end to that From feeling Ihe quality of the weekly wash-day slavery. She material yon can tell whether wants bnlter-maklng macbinerj coarse animal hair and other in- ai) d dish-washing machinery. She ferior materials have been used in- wills "" e'oclrie refrigerator and stead of wool. lower may be applied that Ihe i!0wev companies see the larger nn- rifal to the farmer..They point out :hiil every home should have elec- •vlc light., first, for safely, then tor the conservation of health. The importance 'of electric appliances varies, with the individual need, but. there Is a widespread demand, lor machinery to run the cream sf-parator, butter r maker, feed chopper and water pumps. ifost of these', appliances are In- iiiid leiies jitin luting i Pilnt i"s onflly ntliiltcnted Punt mi\ed from nw nntcrlits depends upon the quality'of-these ami the ability of the painter to mix Ihem. ! It should be reslslanl to water nnd I exposure to weather and passcss an elastic quality allowing "•.expansion and contraction ot the'painted surfaces without cracking and -blis- As a large amount of Inter iwsj .. ._.... •, 'rhc''':(efnis'Vii,sPd '; for both soft-, woods/nnd ii'ardwbocls are descriptive of slaiulnrii grndes, which are regularly carried in '.slock. Tlie basic nriiicijiln '.'is fou'nd in ' Amer-. lean v Liimbcr '-SlandarcU,. descj-ibed hi "Simplified Prricllce. liecommeii- datioii .No. :iG4ijUmber," published by !lhe 'Bureau of Standards. Department, of Commerce. These: were adoplwl and. employed by regional lumber, assbclatlpi'is . j n making Grading rules which fit (lie method" of manufacture; inherent duirnc- letlsllcs and .lisps "of- e.ich species rooms. There arc modern papers it black (uid while wtifcli glv« tli< effect of lien and ink sketches ap tilled' on tlie iwill. Tfie.w are vci- iittracllve In siiiuir w^lllilgl : ni powder roonis, esjieelnlly will black woodwork 1 lined with silver. An Infinite .sek'ctlon nf ''whoop. e" patterns, to gladiteu the. hearts of merry-makers Is available for the. recreation room '.In lllfl ,base- nipiil nr oilier part, of the npiisp. For .children's . pi nyri ibins, -. th en- are mnllwr goose charactei-s nml ,':loiy-book scenes. Tliere Is a wallpaper, In fact, lo solve every bnck- Uronnd, problem. • ' ' ' ; .-in; order to insure " correclntes (hvoisgismit.. the lioiise,.. u competent. decorator .should be consultM^ flterc Is always plenty ' L of; room. itnwver," foi 1 " Uic'" In-' llvldiral ' tnstc.s.'.'wliichi'sliould :nev- r be \vlctlficed .If 'tlie house Ir. lo X)M(i.« ''persoiialily.;' : Vi ";.'. l\iiiit • Screens Copper screens will not stair surfaces below them if (ho screens nn: vanished or nninled. .. ;' ..v«sjn's ' newest :• frfjm- "onn •Mvlfie 'Riiom' Ciilii'r :S6hr>ne ' For Ihe:-ll,vltig :i'o6m,-'a--diivkci' voll '|iiip_cr i'ls- ; ln .jjpod^ taste4 this year; ,'oiib >lijiv;ii'.'';fjl»p!; ; ground would - be . hlt(!,liig.'.-'Siiili' l --— are - among : -!i|' V: '-"-'--- J - v - -" This scheme^i 1 of tlie new, piij any .living room. . t ' Walts: .paper; wllli'.UlUc -ground nnd ivory and beige..leaf figure. Celling: plain '• biilc - paper, 1 ' saine tint as side; walls.'.) ; ,-,.•. Woodwork: bclgc.erny palnl. Floor:, stniiitd .ilark oak; . vug: gray and blue Irnoltlcd chenille. '. Draperies. chliitV. wilh Ivory firound, figure); lii terra cottti, faded plnki faded, grcf n. Glass curtains: ivory cotlon net into it, the Interest of Ihe owner I Is" to repeat" the" lot) as seidoin as possible. A: good; painter Is'often in great Ueniaiid ahd. will .charge n high price, in n slack season he may mnkc a low estimate Just to hold together his men, a situation of vrlilch Ihe owner may lake advantage. Pnhil may be applied at any tbiUMvhen tlie surfaces lo be painted are dry and the temperature not Axmlnster rugs are moderate in price and the besl grnrtcs are very durable. What Site Rtifj To u^ The 9 s 12 rug is knomi ns the room-size rug and Is correct for floors not larger than 12 x 1C because a floor margin, a , () )e rug Is desirable. If the room Is larger than 12 x 10 you m a y stm use a Q x 12 tug supplemented with n loiiK nanow rug at each end, or you .mav Increase ijie sire of the largo rug. One school of decorators seems lo prefer small • rUgs n vacuum clc.iner. But it is lighting and the innumerable small uses lo which such Two Local Homes Sold By Thomas Land Co. ; Two homes ' have recently been sold by the Thomas Lnnd Co. I,. A. Argehrt, of the Broadway Lunch room, has purchased the imoccu- i pied sttiix'o bungalow at 201 Easf Missouri, from Ihe Union Central Life Insurance Co. • Mr. Argend will reside there. The collage at 12-1 E. Davis, occupied by Mr. nnd Mrs.- Max Feinbcrg, ha? teen sold to W. E. j Gillespie, who plans to convert, It into n duplex. It was owned by Ihe Commonwealth Building and Loan As.socinlioii. "I EACH w NILE THEY LAST ight damp. bos driwl. . p.iint applied nl U'liiperatures l»lo\v approximately r>0 degrees' Fahrenheit uill bf too lliick to make a good bond. In general, Ihe ijiiallty of tlie Job will rest with ihe painlcr who performs it, but the owner should be careful nboul snapping up Ihe lowest bid wilh no realization of tHe high costs he may incur by so doing. about the room where they nrel most suitable. Their argument Is, 1 "Why have beautiful floors if you nre goiiiB to cover them up?" And it is a lojlcnl one, for today floors can be finished lo he really beau- Improvc Hooper Home Tlw -Losllb Hooper residence, 1109 • Clilckasawbn, Is. being rc- pninlcd white and repairs miirtc. Among the minor Improvements tlful. However, In using scatter ters, rugs lie sure to place them in) harmony with the structural lines i of the room and not diagonally. Another tiling lo remember '.s that ivlien the floor Is obviously cut tip by nigs tlie room looks smaller. will be 'the addtltoii of green M.lll Slol In Donr A mall slot In the door Is not only a convenience to Ills mail man in delivering mall, but safeguards the mail frorn theJt. I.ET US GIVE YOl! AN ESTIMATE ON A House CHEAPER THAN BRICK BeauUfvil • . F-verlasling H.C.HALSELL 1406 W.'Ash UTILITY POT 3 ql.—Ixxjp or bail liaiulte. . Domed cover. Regular $1.SO. * DOUBLE BOILER /i qt.—For baby's ctreal, icings, etc. Regular $1.50. 5HUCE P*H WITH DRAIMING COVER 3 qt.~No KBldini. Regular 51.50. HEW F»T P«R 91nch.—Heals, brownt evenly. Regular ^IJJ. SHUCK Pilii SET ^Regular $1.55. * DEEP FATFRYIR 3 (Jt.—Fine mesh bMkrt. Regular $U5. This Store —is always trying to give you good values and prompt service. RUGS are used in every home. They , may be made attractive by careful selection, as well as inexpensive. .BIGHLOW: SA'NFORD Wool rugs offer the host values. ARMSTRONG QUAKER felt base rugs and floor coverings complete 'your requirements., ;, 1Mb arc featured by UK. CHARLES S. LEMONS , . I'ffoiiscriold FURNITURK, Moderately Pri,cttl /I A Neiu Deal For The Living Room By Agnet Heiiler Birton* , J usr'A glimpse >t tlie'ntw watl- papm is enough to show why lliere )5 such A strong emphasis on paptrcil walls {or living rooms. For a long, long period, pamled or pon- ded wall* were s«n everywliere, but now .wallpaptr his definitely become the •vogue again.- Evtn'coii- wallrvaper, but have one of these large areas in the room .plain or comparatively: plain. : ..': The ilrawing shows the effective use_ of a figured wallpaper with a plain tug. On the pale beige ground ot (lie wallpaper, a looped roix: mo^if is distinctive anil -gracefid. The. ttmpora'ry dtcorition, that di.Jairu woodwork is piinterl tbe background past iradinoas, clings lo wallpaptr. color of Ihe pafK-r.-aml the carpet Tlie living room of today must is a warm brown shade — a color offer a hipii'y, congenial selling for much in Tlie draperies the family—inust be an expression arc brown linen, lined wilh blue, ' ' - - ' ' ' •'-••-•• ^.hife t|, e seats at either side of the .j! fireplace llavc -slip-covers of plain",:;' blue. White lamps and shades give" a smart, modern touch. One 01 the surest ways to'create a tlwon^hly livable living room is. to M.-itl v.idi l!ic background—the walls and ceiling. Wallpaper offers limitless opportunities for unusual Living rooms need rather .quiet, and charming effects. Think of \vall- rtstful wallpiperi txcmse they pro- piper as color ind design, rather mole relaxation and pro^de a fit- -1 ' —' " ' ' -~ting background for tlie variety of color and pattern that is found in the fabrics, upholstery, lamps, pictures, and. ornaments that make up of the taste aiul interest of all of its members—if iris lo function as 3 real living room in even' sense of the word. The old-fashioned parlors that were used only for special occasions arc gone; in Ihdr place we liave simple, comfortable living rooms that ate adapted to Ihe needs of in&dcrn living. , the furnishings. If you have a boldly figured tug, do not make Ihe mistake of choosing • boldly figured than jimply an inexpensive covering > nn tlie piaster. E*qni5ilC' color, line, '".and proportion may he had in a wallpaper design at a iraciion of the. cost of other furnishings of the home, - ', 'Director. ltt,ms Ptanninj' •• " •VdlPaptrt HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONF IOO JU«A\^5

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