The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE-EIGHT BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Washington Loves a. Fat Man By Krenz IHII1E Oulficlclcis, Pitchers and Infielclcvs Are Thousands More a c ... SUl'I'lt L'nlleil I'rcss Staff Coriespondehl NEW YORK (UP) — Catchers considered Dip ninsl Impoi cogs in n baseball niaclilnc, Ihc diamond'. 1 ; teast-piiid '.vorki Backstops, who work usually hvo-lhirds of a loam's , games, liowii through the years Imvc re( i cl hs\ inoiuj Ih in players !tl (1 1(1 pO-1'lOlls While (hi? record for oiilliclcjoiy. is $30,010. for pitchers, S2!i.OOO. '»d for Infiekleis SM.OOO, the best ] > t T catchn tui his drawn Is i'JOM) And (hi bcsl piid catcher in Hie business today. Hill i: "f Iho Ne\v York Yankees feus $18,000. 1' bill nidi dciliH that catchers aw. loo close lo Ihe grime—loo li > uonvm, tfooiil handling Pitchers • ..and ninnliiK Ihc learn from bfhmil the plale lo develop keen acumen like other pli\->u Iheii loo lluj |»hit on I. Ihc catcher seldom shares glory !ilc the oUms-tlnt hi Ls jusl un oidnniv bill impoihnl, unsung coy. in Ihc n'mclilnc, lircMialnn Paid $8,000 RogerBresiiahan of (he Giants, con Ideied Ihe neatest of nil major league catchers, never rc- c hcd mou tlnn $8000. Mickey Coclmne of Ihc Uetioil Tigers now (I iv, <; $.>-,oiO bill tlml ean- irl 1-1 consrteixd -i iccord salary foi f*o hiinc al«o is manager. The cilchtni, iceord \us set by filrtv Hailnetl of (he Cuhs nnd lie did not actinlly icceivc $2:! 000 Culiln become he laughl In Mi ! lines hi 1S30 bill d us and Mi •> flo-t of hoineis \ns given a ^ e 0 jonus m iddilion (o a regular salary of $10.QOfl. 1 10 rceoid sihi) foi nntnrldcrs, lO'l TOtf 111) The S'hCOO pitching record was 1m <] bj Dim Vinee and Lefty nio c mill! DI^V, ficnn came lon» (Ins season nnd signed nn foi $iCO moil than those men had rccehed m 19 1 and 1033, firlirig Scls Pay ilccord Tlie lecord foi nn hiticldcr also i Ti Tt this, u ir—bj Ixiu Gchrig of Ihe Yankees who accepted :\ M6GOO conflict ind received n I onus of S7>0 fm sumlng. Rogers Iloin li ic-ccl ed 540-Oflo one Ume f!" ph\in n second L isc. liul he i "o \vis a ummgci Rcciid iliiij foi coaches Is S 0(100 niirt (o AH Fletcher ol the Yankees Da\e Binciofl received '5'QW fnm tht f.nnls iin 1933 ind m-i'l but thai ],i ice was lie- cms- Diie pinch hll most of l]«time fo tin iiimg jo),,! McCiraw Jo" McCirlln of Ihe Yankees, i-, the lii besl pild mannger rc- ceivins S35.000. John McGraw had i iccoid coirtnci of $45.000 and his salan fieriuenlij leaclitd $SO- 000 \\hcn cjmclrnrts nnd bonuses were added. ^¥t(W^^WSv -^j^ -^^S&f^J^ @tmi -..—__.._ V v-ijJM ''SHAUT/ 6°T So FAT Ti-/ f \r HE COULDN'T B£MD OVER., . All-American Rookie C.hooses Dodgers, Gels His Fiflh Kcbufl FORMER &/A NTS' AW BRAVES' BACK ~Tb , •\\\ Oi:OU(;i; IUUKSKY -has more power at Die plate. UtMl'.il Prftss StiTff t'oriTsiioiulrnt "You sec I run on iuy Iocs Hkc NEW YOUK i UP}—Lou Man- this now," he said, niul then he it'll yvith hiy ynllnw ulcvc uiul his stftvtctl pmnciny all over the lio- ntiH ortlRi* spike 1 ;! slines, Ls glv- U') lobljy. "UuL my hitting that's UiK the taseball spring IrninliiB what, will win me a big league l,',^ niiTOu"lnro'n"iiiii-loi"'b 1 c(li : Mn berth for sure. I was mine the j,,,,,, b ., th suit j,, st to th ivrong kind of bal. I've been iis-li^u, In;: Al Stniiiunis and Joe' '-I'travel in style," said Mnndell. Murphy, of (lie House of David . . .say.s Mandell can'l grow heard and he can'l pitch or'hil and lie liasn'l liny use for him. "If he could do any one of Ihc three, I'd give him a oontracl,' said Murphy. The ! seen of Mandell li. Florida he had sold himself a bill of goods to Frank Winctiell, he Tampa Terrace Holel slaff in Florida a Hi (his sca- 'inups on. l,'-n is the All-Amer!can rookie, .vho'rj b"en uoiiit; to Florida every 1 prillg for live years wiili Ills ,lovc, slioc.s and $!t.B~) in hLs pock- tt and mnklnti life, miserable for he nuinayer:;. lle'.s known (o ev- ly ball ])layer aromul Hie circuit. Tc has a pr.ckel full of clippings, MV| the preiilest lino of chntlcr •.limil himself you ever heard. 'Flo Can • hit better than Haul Ynni'r, and otil-plleh O1 f /7,y D^an. i Icasl llial's vhal Lou Mundcll 'nys. Kveryjndy else says I.on can't •it i\ tnll oul of the infield, or :3e!iver ..:\^pfi'- • the,, mound '•Bosi" On ^i Acccpl Cronln models bill I Ihrevv 'cm • i . 80 major league whether the ,.,. , . . , , , L *> u Jnojui iL'ti^ue wncLiier itic riieyre not my style at all.; Irnjors w ., nl nlc , o m . L BjU . TV'"',! 1 '' '} V 01 ,', C ; Ch !' lB mo llials tbc bat that B lves me Maiidell he comes ussrt to Chicago, peddle peanuts you ought lo see my new pitch. It's n sailer nnd il goes like Lou is slill lalking wherever he is. I:.lowall Teams Arc Second in Boll) Divisions of County Club Meet The Whllton ,4-H Club carried away double honors In tile fourth annual county 4-11 Club tasket, ball loitrnamtnt held at the new Elowali gymniLsliini Fi'klay, April '!, dcfcallng Etowah in the duals, in both the boys' and gills' divisions. Fifteen boys' teams and lour- U'cn girls' teams competed for .lie trophies, the following 4-H Clubs being represented: boys— Matcher, Whltton, Brown, Lost e-. Rocky, Promised Limit, :Jl:n:kwnter, Lone Oak, Half Moon, lied Line, Kclscr, Stillman, Eto- .vali, ISoynlon und Shady Grove; Ijlrh — Half Moon, Lost Cane, i'romlsed Land, Hatcher, Etowah, Stlllrnnn. Red Line, Kciser, Whll- ton. Brown Shady Grove, Black- .vatcr, and IJoynton. With such close scores as 14-12 between the Lost Cane and Laney <lfls and 14-11 between the Wliit- 'on and Hatcher boys, Friday Dioved a thrilling day ror all 4-H Daskcteers. lUowah and Whltton boys and <jlrls tcanis entere<l the finals through a process of elimination, RIK! after exciting gjimes Ihc Whllton teams emerged viclorious in both contests. Superintendent. Cooper of the Klowah schools presented the trophies lo the captains of the winning teams nt (he close of the tournament. The officials were Clyde Wilson, Blytheville; Edgar Carney, Hatcher: and Omer Spurlock, Blackwater. 'Hie coinmiltce •>u nrrangemciils and regulations for Ihe tournament was composed at Omer Spurlock. T. R. Ivy, w W. Fowler. T. H. Cooper, Philip Ocere. Cora Lee Coleman, D. S Uintrip, E. H. Burns, and John On vender. The county agents expressed tlieir thaiiks lo the club members, the coaches and the sponsors for the splendid cooperation, sportsmanship, and hard work that was -'.xhibitcKl to make the tqurnnment a success. Crotcbeting Job Takes 57 Miles of Thread Ciicnit i Toniglit nv.j..p. FRIEND Few ullt momcnli are exp^ctcci onis,ht nt the \u-stluw card "of t> e Ameiicin Legion when four vlthciit gcUliiB himself- iwintod n|i he a pret'/el. I'.fkfJ Ilnu>ldyn This Year MiniileU figures Lhe club lie Jtij;lit. lo he with llils ) - car is Brooklyn. H: showed up in the Cleurwatcr camp, and handed Grimes a Idler signed, "11. jiiincs." which asked him lo re>on ami try oul for Ihe UoOgcr litchiiis; staff. Grimes took one look at Ihe let•CT, and became very abusive lo Uandcll. "What do ynu want me to do. oiineli you in the nose?" roared Grimes. "This letter is a fake. Von hotter bet out of here quick." "I'm not looking for n fiRlU," .'eplirci Mandell. "I came here lo | .:et a tryout but don'l worry I'll | nnd poi-.corn in the white Sox ball park. Ik' worked oiil with .lie Cutjs one day, ami Charlie I Trimm told him hi- wns n I year away from (he majors. That j vvns 1 years aso. j "Grimm might have been a lit- ] tic wrong." snld Mandell. "You! judgment, bill rra<ly now. Some of these man- are awful turns. They don't, know n real player when they .see ic." Scorn Trom Mouse of rrt • ' \ ' •' fop for Lavish Feasts In Britain Disclosed CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) —In 1-1(18 tsvo Hrilish statesmen were hosts nl a bamiuet which musi, have hit an all-tims high for lavish feasts, An ancient cook book tlml is a pri/al possession of Harvard University's wlclcner Library records that. Hie following was'consumed: QUTNCY, Mass. (UP)—Mrs, Margaret Glass figured she used nearly 57 miles of thread lo crochet- two bedspreads, sel of curtains, chair I sets, bureau scarfs and a lable- I cloth. Mrs. Glass savs th» bedsnr»nn alone took. 22.000 yards of thread .uirt 2,530 "pop-corn-' knots. The complete bedroom set took her 15 months (o make. MONDAY, APRIL 5, 1037 ly sighed to lend Paragould of the [ same league. Ben P. Butler, president of Os-! | ceola, has announced thai sale (Of season tickets will net under' i way .shortly. Books for the • 5U j home games will be sold In three ; divisions. The adult lickels for . _ . I '"en will be sold nt a saving of ol (J S C e O I a j "'most 50 per cent. The women's in i i I haoks w|11 erfcc( - « saving or 15 cr is 'ACgarded as | per cent, and children's 87 per nt-pr! ! CtnL Tllcsc wl " bc ""' Kencrnl ifflion only. liY J. ]>. l-'ltll-NI) OSCEOLA. April 5. — Elmer Klrehoff. baseball coach at Ihe Holla School of Mines, Roltn, Mo., tias been offered the managership of Osceola Indians, it has been learned here. Although no official announcement has been made from the office of the St. Louis Browns' farm system, of which Osceola is a member, or from Ihe office of Ben F. Butler, or D. Fred Taylor jr., it Ls understood from reliable sources Ihul he will acccpi Ihe place. He Ls c.xpcclcd lo arrive here shortly In order to «el things hi shape prior lo Hie Induing period which begins April 21. • An alumnus of Rolla, Klrehoff was one of the greatest athlcles ever turned out there, starring in three sports. He has been, a member of the coaching staff for several years. Lasl season he per- fVi'mcd In Ihe infield foV Palestine, Texas, anolher member of Ihc extensive Brownie farms. Klrehoff will succeed Hoyce- Williams as pilot of the Indians. Williams, who piloted the locals into second place in 1330. was given Ills release according to a pre-sea.son agreement, and recent- - - ...... .. u ...,^ ... ....,.„ iiini. ijii: loiiuvvill" \va.S COllStLIlltKl If .some^chib don't hurry up and j Six thousand animals. 500 fish, 31,' COO birds. (i.COO jelly dishes. 6.000 cuslards. 2.000 pies mid 400 barrels Lou Elan's ere fcaliircd in an all-star -I'faii rrcnehj LeiMlt ri-ench-Can- -idnn re-enl conqueror of Charles Smkev. takes on a firsl class mat. meame. Dago Baker, Racine Wis in one mutch, while Rex (Tex) ftrobloy .a local fayorile. faces a newcomer. Joe Orawlee, Poland • Both matches are to be over the usual 90 minnle \-ivi- v -">, two. fcesl falls oul of three the winning margin. Uault one of the most powerful heivvweights ever to appear )'-r» will be a slight favorite over Baker by virtue of the iim>rcwiv»- irannei in which he polished off Sinkcv Till riim witl, i n ,iri~i,i,, •houW»,-5 and biq arms. ih e can- niiian is a glutton foi punishment and is an expert wrestler. Baker is well \ersed in Ihc modem * '" w.lh an e\tra supply of lucks • '• The rlnncrs of Orawire to defeat Mobley depend larcrclv on how he wiesti.-s him. If i, c ' tries to m«Mi skill he likely will find himself In for a tough session as Re\ is one of the smoothes! v rollers m the game. He features Its <cissors, and olher holds »!> ch the legs phv a part it pi'l 1-2 Oiawiecs first showing on til3 -lljlllt Mike Mcroncx will referee, and v.lli start Ihe show promptly at 3 P m with amateur boxinj bouts between Blyljieviile youths' ngainsi your club I'll make you j look like u bunch of hush •. sagucrs." In relating the slory later Man- icll said: "Ray. that Grimes thinks he's loush. If I hadn't been afraid itx Ijaiuiis: might rule me out of baseball I'd havo imnched him Ight in Hie kisser." -^nj-ii lie's Oreally Tnn^roved Mandell says lie's a prettily improved ball player this season be- caiifc he's nicked up speed and lotice of Swimining Poo! Lease Nnlice is liercliy given tliitl HIIH nssodaUnn will itft<.'|>t bids -for lease of Ihc swimming poo) at (he lilydteville City Park for the season of 19,17. All liitls must lie in wriling anil in Ihc hands of Ihc sei-rclary of Ihe association nol later tlian iMomlay, April 12, 10.'!7. Lease will cover pool, lijilh 'house and equip- nu-iil iind all facilities at Hie pool. Mississippi Oouniy Fair ASSIL, Inc. SPECBALSALE! Marco ON DRAINS lc per quart 2,000 Mile Guarantee- inO';f 1'araline- iind 1'enn. Itasc 1 qt. 20c 2 qt. 21c 2 qt; 40c 4 qt. 42c 3 qt 60c 6 qt. 63c • 'All Tax Paid _ Alotnrs Flushed Free Martin Oi! Co. li. S. fil Sieclo. Mo. GREAT FALLS. Mont. IUP)-B!- clcs limit 40 yp;irs ugo iir-j B oi»B i'ong In Moiiuiim. The (list bicycle penult of Die jcnr was Issued to un ancient coliimbi-.i witii the front wlicel measuring 5(i Indies In diameter and the rear wheel 18 FOR SALE SOY BRAN HAV I'l.ANTINO SKKI) STONKVH.l.t: 5A STONEVIUJ.; 1\ isl year from stcmcvlltu Station 8 no'/.. PURR uniiD WHITE ROCK I'ULLBTS Fresh Heifers wilh Small Cnlvrx H. C. Knappenberger ?l WRESTLING Ever)' Monday Night 8 !'.M'. FRICNCHV LICAV1TT . vs. / DAGO HAKKR JOK OHAWKIC vs. REX MOU1.KV American Legion Stadium BIGGER-BETTER everything for Your Knterlaln- meiit and (,'umfurl Last Time Today j (,'hiirles lioycr and -lean Arthur in "History Is Made At Slight" ^u With Colin Clivc / , and Leo Carrillo 'M Also I'arainount Neivs, Don Don- %l aid anil Seieen Snapshots . || —Admission— tV Malhlcc—1C & 2Ce |N Nighl—1C £ 36,, ^ TUESDAY IS $50 BANK NIGHT (Less State Tax} The play that t rocked bla: Broadway Ij \ Try this New 1937 with 1C TUNING! MUUtL liX Come in for a demonstration of Philco Auuinutic Tuning! Twirl ihc <lial yourself . . . sec how simple it is to:uneycur favcriic stations ttutom,ilfcrf//y and RCiyi? rj'cct reception! And sec this gorgeous new American and Foreign Philco which >on can own OIY\IA. tniust terms cvcrofTcrcd! Other bigfcamrcs include Philco Foreign Tuning System, (^olur Dial, Inclined Sounding Hoard, 4-Poini Tone Control. Striking h.ind-ruhbed, C-f PA JQ m.itchci! w.ilnut cibincc. Less aerial... I vv' u-ith Ptriho nith-r.ffifitrfj Atrisl Liberal Trade-in Allowance—EASY TERMS What Is Your Excuse For BALDNESS? Speaking frankly we do not believe you have one since we have recently purchased one of the sensational new hair growing machines XERVA Made By the Crosley Radio Corp. Here are some of the things this machine is desic/ncd to do: K Grow New Hair K due Life to the Hair Now Present X Eliminate Dandruff and Immediately Stop Falliny Hair. WOMEN af GLAMOUR VIRQINIA , MELVTN ' BRUCE/^ DOUGLAS ""Reginald Denny • P«i Kellon Thunlon HolJ A COLUMBIA/ P1CTU8E Also "Wasbiuglon in Virginia" and Comedy —Admission— Slalincc—10 & 28c Night—16 &. 3Gc ; You can attend'the matinee, rrg- isler, and bavc a chance lo win Hank Deposit wilhoul bcin^ present Tuesday night. Special Announcement Starling- lonighl, the Rjlz w ni starl Hie night shows al 7 o'clock. I>cor.i open at 6:-)S. Saltirrtay aiul Sunday, conliuuniis slmu-in;. —COMING soox— "Call n A Day'' "nfl Knads To Town' 1 "Slop Lively, Jeeves" "I'crsonal Properly" "Waikiki WrdrtiiiB'* "Sevculli Heavon 1 ' "China Passage" "Jlaylime" - Wc_.Say You Have No Excuse Because I—THIS MACHINE 'WILf, ACTUAMA" GROW HAIR. 2—THE TREATMENTS ARE SOLD IN COURSES CHEAP ENOUGH THAT YOU CAN AFFORD THEM. 3—THIS THEATMENT REQUIRES VERY LITTLE OK YOUR TIME. Come in and see this machine LADIES! \Ve have a private lioolh — Come in and let us diagnose, vour scalp. We are always endeavoring to Rive our friends and patrons the verv latest and best. We Have Also Installed </ New Sterilizers Broadway Barber Shop Edwin Jones, Prop. Admission always Ilk & 2Gc Sbow every nijjlil. Malinecs Fri.- Sal. ,t Suu.. I'ri. i- Sun. Mali- iros al 8:15. Katunlaj niatinee il 1:15. Last Time Today Lee Tracy nnd Marsjol Grahame in "Criminal Lawyer" Also Fox [Uovielonr News siml Comcrly Tue. - Wed. - Thur, 2 Adults Admitted for Trice of 1 John Hean and .loan Fontaine in "The ta Who Found Himself" Also Selected Shorts

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