Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 6, 1952 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1952
Page 8
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ip,\OF. »—N.vrr,.\Ti;cK VFWS (CONN.). FHIDAY, JUNE o. Pastor Schrader To Attend United Lutheran Convention The Kev. Theodore A. Schrncli-r. pii.Mtnr '<( Iiiiiiiiinnel [.nthi-run rlnirch, will ulti-iul th'- '.Mtli un- rillill rdllviTlllliM ul' tlir I'lll'l'l! l.l! lliiTjiii Hymid of Ni-w York aiul Nrw l''.iii:liiu<l. ut C'uMConlla Kir tin-run ('hiiu-li. Kc-ch"'ti-r. Ni'w Ytirlt, iy !hr<mr;h V.VdM'V,- tluy. I'lisit'n- Wi-li i-iili-r isi it iiii-tiit" 1 ! 1 df the Sync.tllivl Mt.-.vnrtl'iliip Committee Which niectM MriNilli.V morn- IIIK lit K> o'clock. Tlio«i' In fi'-i-il <"' |i:istunil Mi-rvU'i' may i-oni:i''l I In Hrv. DiuiMliI [,. K.-nt. i.aMtur t.f tiiili'iti I-tithi-ruM Church. tel>-phi,m- 1'IIJC. I«K.>KCT rON.NCKY The 1 l>':iirl'li'ltl c-ountv I 'ciiiocral Ic , Sliitr Ciiri:! 1 . 1 !! riimmilli't'ini'n l-.nvr rrrommrml'-d a Mlnti- »>t' nnt.lntvil (•(invi-ritinn lii'li'i'.ittfM. Tin- Ki'oup n-ji-i-ted a sltttii munlnir National ("ummittrenmn Paul K. ('orim-ry of Norwfilk u.M li ileli'KH''' lit lal'K 1 '. PAIN10PIASI Paint! .* <."-!" $4.59 •AL IN ONI OPIMTIONI Mv M«lw dtco'illng <<iy. With Piinl.O- Rnt, flittmt (rickl, Ofil holil. unmn Hir*<c<> —•tin >ffti Htm dii«pp««» 41 I* by nufli. YWII dvlldhf «» fam modvrn r«(tu'tt you cun «H>« «»» «n ordlf^ry -hill b-oom, <o-nb, U» r.lnl.O.PUrt •UK MM •«• «ood. old or rw» ftmilti, «• m«tehl«lt econom ubl«rr> Mill" Info dil CANS, IMC, Maple St.—7 <*l. 3507 Woobury Man Taken III At Chemical Co. Thursday Evening , llenjumin F. Ro/.elle, 35, RFD 2, j Wixidliuiy, w:i< reported In good i condition this morning nt VVatii ! i.iiry Hospital when- In- had been i admitted lifter becoming ill while . ,l woi-k »t Nuugatuck Chemical <:>.. nt 7:HU last night. He w;i-« treated by Dr. Walter J. I'.eilly iit tin- plant and then taken ! In the hospital In the community ; ambulance. It. was Ilrst believed j th;i( he had sui'fi-reu u heart attack • |,ii; hospital authorities sukl today • there wus Mime (itlestion as 1 tn the di:i|:nudi.-< of Ills illnwss and I that it was not known at present ' Jui'.t what happened to him. Escalator Clause Offered By Scovill Ah escalator find un opening "f negotiations on a pension M!JI:I with u maximum benefit of ^I'.Ti a month wus offered to L/oeal HUM. CIO United Auto Workers t.'nlon, yesterday In a letter from Alan I!. Curtlss, vice president of 'he Suovlll Mfg. Co. The letter, addressed to Thomas I. Coolie, UAW representative, «ug- :;ents measures which the company estimates to cost about 1M •ents ,ir. hour. The escalator clruisf would be wllhout retrouctivity. Beacon Falls r They Celebrated Birthdays Sunday! .- . ThriM- iTsldi-nts of MiVullH's Convalescent Home, MB Qiilnn street, celebrated birthday* Sunday. The NBWH 1'liotoifrnphor found tin-in In ii huppy mood. «.»«.« nirvn T ul, PI,>,.I.I J.uft t« rlitht: MRS. ANNIE BARNES, of Wat erbUry. whii wus «2; ALFRED REfcD, Lake J lacld, N. V.. «!>; und MBS. SAKA1I I.EROY, of OuUvlIlc, »h o rounded jmt, her goth y«ar. (Conlitiueil Firirn One) i lie I-nilies' Clililil will he held Monday evening. June 111, at 7:30 in the • hiircli h-ill. in the form of u pot- iiu-l: ::ii]Hiei-. Mrs. William Hrentian IK chalrinan of arrangements. All wnmen of tin- parish are in- viled to attend. Those planning to (U) :u» are a: kfd to notify Mrs. Ji»:e|ih (Ihlcosld. presidetit. so that plans may be completed. Orl.'giitt'.s from the Berxcon Falls l':<'|uibll(:ati Clubs to the Convention (if Hie .State Young Republican I.riigue. today upd tomorrow In Flrldjrrport are: Hnrry Fergu- ,ion. chniriuan o!' the GOP Town Committee, Donnld Lovett Alfred Ferwerdd, Teophis Mis, president: Miu-y IVnnell. Kcllth Wither- wii.x :iiul Durnthy Witherwax. Allern itcH are Louis F. K.spo.sito, Jiwieph Kisher, Austin Ford, Jr., Kbiii Oiiuay, Jounrttc Ferguson, l-'Miiiund Mis ami William Marinnu. :ideM the delegates and altern- 'i. It is .Mnticiputdi 1 that many r Interested members will ut- l.-tf :ile oili lernl. CAN 1)111 ATI-: New UritiUn, July 0 -iUP)--For- .ni-r State Sen. Joseph K. Morelll ifiiiiiiin<--i>s In; Is .oitelting the Dcmocnitlr: noniinutiun for (.'ongreusman ,it lui'Ke. Tlii- >-i!»t Is how held by Id-publican Antonl Slullak of Rock- vllle. Other aspirants nre Stanley 1'ilbyxon of Hartford rind former Mayor Joseph i'. Cusi-y of Bristol. SHOP HERE FOR • Reo Power Lawn Mowers and Repairs • Parker Lawn Sweepers • Electric Refrigerators • Charcoal Briquets • Picnic Grills • Pyrofax Bottled Gas • Gas Stoves—Water Heaters- Refrigerators • Complete heating equipment and Service • Coal—Coke—Oii The Naugatuck Fuel Co. F»nl IX-uliii-M Hlnco 1931 PIIONK NAUG. 5236 — WATERBURY 5-70(18 87 CHIJKCII ST. — NAI/GATUCK, CONN. Europe's Battlefields See a New Flag Forest Association Plans Wildlife Tour The Connecticut Forest um I'nrlc Association will hold It Sprinir Field Meeting on June V liiKhlixhtin;,' the day with u loin to sc-e some State Fish and Ciiinn nepurtm-.'nt wildlife habitat ilil provement und streum di'velop ment for hetter llshinK- Two furesl uruas will he visited to set? the ie MUlt.'i u( h'lHul forest practicns. The day will start with assembly at Kir.'io a. in, nt iiiird State Parl-: located on the Connecticut Hlver in Kast llunipton. At 11:30 a. tn :i short meetliiK will be held a: which Dr. Itussi-ll P. Hunter, Si.-- |ieriiui.-ndeiH of the Fish und Game Commission will explain the vnrl' ot his department. About nooi there will |je ;.i basket lunch with coffee provided by the Association Promptly at 1:30 p. in. the wildlife will start, poinj; first , to th' "KeaKle Trial Area" on Route 14!) just north' of Westchesti-r. Hen the development for increased rabbit population will he explained bj Milton Arnold uf the Fish und flame Departtiienl. in charjre ol this work. The next -stop will ir at the Vfteran.s Reserved Plshin). r area on the BlaekledKu River where it crosses Route No. 2. Dr Hunter will discuss the improvements made here some years UK" by the CCC. The to'.ir will then continue north on Route 2 about ci^ht mi lotto the entrance to the MeshomaMr Slate l-'orest where three stops will bo nmtli! on tho road through the forest to see another wildlife improvement area and some results u! Rood forestry practices. The tour will disband at the lust stop from which Koule No. 17 may be reached by continuing <>n the forest road to Portland town roiub to the west. The time of this tour will be about three hours. These .-.-tops will be under the leadership of Silviculturlst Harry A. MacKu- sick and Ranker Franics A. Wood of the State Park and Forest Commission, Hurd Pnrk is located on Rout? No. Ifll, 2 1-2 miles south of Cobalt. It can he reached from Mld- tiletown via Route CA to Cobalt then south. The public Is cordially invited to join in the day's activities and enjoy an Instructive day out-of-doors. To Hold["Poultry Day" At Connecticut Storrs — Poulti y Duy wil: bo held June 16 at the University of Connecticut with all nil poultry- men Invited. The annual event Is planned in cooperation with the Connecticut Poultry Association c.nd will be held in the new College of Agriculture auditorium, .starting at 10 n, m. Interior egj; quality Is the opening topic at 30 o'clock by Francis A. Ryan of Iho University poultry department. Professor Ryan will discuss quality variations amonj," breeds and strains. Bulk handling of poultry feeds ! will be discussed at 10:30. Speakers will be Gurdon Slosbcrg: of tha Yantlc Grain and Products Company in Norwich, and C. D. Kendall of the Eastern States Farmers Exchange, West Springfield Mass. 156 To Receive (Continued from Pnge On<') >ik"owskl, '"Judith Nancy Trip?. Itu-ole Ann Wuitfi Francis Edward Vard. 'Judith Ann White, 'Geof- 'n\v Braddick Wilson, Julhi A. W. .Voermer. FliOSPKCT STKEET Robert Louis Batliste, William linl, Richard John Bcibinski, I'Yunci:; Robert Gn'ni, Jr.. 'Francis lohn Hlckuy, "Thomas George '•Joran, .Ir., Donald Francis Kierol, lelen Calherin. 1 Klinius7i'wski, •Raymond 1'aul Kogut, Bruce vlucDonald Donald Francis Old;i- ;<jw.slci, Thulium George Pohorllak. .iathlei.-n Ann Rugan, Thomns Stt'phim Ross, r^oui.SL.' Ruth Sexton, John Stanley Stunrnyk, Donald J.'inies Swidurski, Edwin Stanley i'iiranovicii, 'Theodore A. Town;end, Dennna Elizabeth Urban. 'Gloria Andrea Vim Delft, Thomas Anthony Ynrosls Edward Kohert •'mytswskl, AlexuiuUir IjOuis ^onas. frenchman Continued From Page Onn s arrungini; for. hbuislns the truest. A pro^frum cnmmittOL- is b( 1 ini; rj;anlze'd to plan for radio, sijeak- .ng, and othiii- activities. It is expected his radio program will include his appearing .on the Voice of America. Mrs.Anne Grander of '.he Nuu^atuck News \vill handle the radio, while Melvin En^i-lstail .,f Iho Chamber of Commerce, will be in char-pi.' of arrangcments^'or Mr. Moosman's trips through 1'ao turii-s und business estublislimontii. At iiight'ff meetiiiK, I 3 hilip 13. Rico represented the Rotary Club, Joseph Nysren, the Counnil Churches, because the Rev. Har' - v J. Kkstam could not be present. Mr. Moonnan, n (Trnduate of the University of Paris, is a graduate fellow of Woodbrooke Institute, Birmingham, Ens. He has bi-cn a member of the faculty at the University, served as minister of labor In the civilian service. RAILROAD DIVIDKND Ne'.v York, June G -(UP)- The New Haven Railroad announces it has declared a $3.00 dividend on its five per cent preferred stock. It is payable June 27 to .stockholders of record June 17. The railroad said the dividend was derived from 1949 cm-Minus. VMCA Issues Plea For Canvassers To i Cover All Prospects i Chairman of the YMCA Flnan- ! cinl Campaign, Wesley S, Coe, ha? asked that thn loams of worker? < xlend their efforts to cover all prospects whom they were unable t(j reuch before tho last report, in order that the Sfl.UOO j,'oal may be reached Ijy Monday. There will be a report meeting at 7 p. m. Monday Juno 9, according to Mr. Coo. Tho chairman hn.s asked, too that workers Ket their returns in to the Y even he-fort? they have completed their work so that i> day to day account may be kept in the Y ofllce. Last Wednesday's report meeting showed that the returns amounted to $8,350, leaving a balance of $645 to obtain in order to balance this year's operating' expenses. Mr; Cot? has asked that people who h.^ve not been contacted lake Die Initiative and send or 'bring their contribution directly to the YMCA before Monday, or if desired, a.worker will be selected to j pick up the contribution at the homes. Herbert Scullin, Colonel of the Community Division, has asked that all workers in the Community ,-;t:ction conscientiously contact all prospt-ctij in order that this di- I vision may reach their full share of the quota. i The Campaign Chairman stated today that if everyone will do his [jurt, the goal should he reached. Sunday School Attendance Awards Given More than 100 awards i'or perfect attendance during the past session, were made at Church School Commencement services Sunday, in St. Michael's Episcopal church. Th* awards were presented by the rector, the Rev. Winfred B. Langhorst, assisted by the principals. Those given first year awards were Paul Adams, Robert Allen, Barbara Andersen, William Baldwin, June Brlnckerhoff, Michael Daley, Thomas Daley, Diane Edler, Jumes Ford, John Ford, Louise Gamble, George Goodwin, Linda Hotchkiss, DouKlas ' Jackman, Thomas Lawton, William Lawton, Lavlnia MacDonald, Leslie MacDonald, Darla Nelson, Craig Ostrander, Donald Painter, Krlstine Peterson, Betsy Stauffer, Sandra I Swift, John Talbot, Patricia Thyren, Charles Urban, Charlotte Urban, Margaret Van Allen, and Jeffery Witherwax, Those Riven awards for their second year of perfect attendance included: Gall Adams, Polly Adamft, Page Baldwin. Jume» Blrdsall, James Brinckerhoff, Theodore Dove, Nancy Goodwin, Thomas Honyotskl, Richard Kwaniewgki, Susan Larson, Judith Melbourne, Richard Melbourne, Pamela Opdyke, Jay Poust, Richard Spearin, Nancy Stauffer, Marjorie Talbot, Barry Toothaker, Lee Van Allen, Patricia Van Allen, Doris Wood, Marllee Wood and Elaine Ncklutin, Third year awards: Susan Birdsail, Lynn Carlson, William Jackman, Gary Johnson, George Lockwood, Craig Saunders, Richard Stauffer, Paul Stinson, Gregory Tatoiun, and Clara White. Fourth year awards: William Ashmore, William Blrdsall, Judith Bow«r, Barbara Brush, Barbara! Edler, Robert Edler, Betsy Par- 1 sons, David Toothaker, Robert Toothaker, Richard Walker, Gregory White. Fifth year awards: Sandra Ashman, Sharon Ashman, Carol Dinsmore, Leigh Harden, Henry Kamerzel, Giles Langhorst, Hilary Langhorst, Thomas Kopp, Janet MacDonald, Clarice Moore, Elaine Moore, Sandra Poust, William Sheridan, Nancy Smey and Sheryl Johnson. Sixth year ( Judy Painter; seventh year, Nancy Blrdsall, Roy Burke, Karen Lockwood and Deborah Opdyke; eighth year Sandra Anderson; ninth year, Judith Hart and Annabelle Smith. I Tenth year: Audrey Follett, Jean | Krodel, Dorothy Ann Faker; llth j year, Richard Mortensen, and 12th y«ar, Jo Ann Noble, Ann Carolyn ! Ferguson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. i Harry Ferguson, Beacon Falls,.was given an award for perfect attendance at Lenten services. The Lenten contest banner classes were grade 7, boys, with W. Carlton Hultberg, teacher; and grade 1. also boys, with Kenneth G, Johnson, teacher. Music was by Roger T. Simons, organist and choirmaster, with Miss Virginia F. Rice, assisting «t the organ. Trumpeters were Peter Glover und Ilowiird Wood. Uoth tho Kriintmiir school girls and the adult choir sang. Misa Emily Sophie Brow n is director of Religious Education; Mrs. Mildred B. Hair, church school secretary; Mrs. Walter J. Painter, secretary of the Lower Department, and Mrs. Ronald C. Peaker, school registrar. Parents Invited To Join Block Warden Service Parents of all Naugoluck public and parochial school children will receive a special Invitation :'rom the children to join the borough 1 * Civil Defense block warden nervice, :t was announced today by Director Henry C. Rack! and Chief Warden Joan Weaving. A similar promotion early this year in Detroit resulted in 30,000 for the warden service. Director Rackl and Mrs. •Weaving were us- slated in the borough campaign by State Warden Chief Thomas Pat- ;erson, Beacon Falls. The appeal. t<v parents to join Civil Defense explains that the children are receiving CD training in the schools. It ''points out that the children will be supervised and under the care of teachers during school hours, and asks ihe parent* if they are sufficiently trained in Civil Defense to give their children adequate protection during the hours the youngsters are home. Cooperating in the project of distributing the 5,000 letters, with attached application blanks, are School Supt. Harold Chittenden; Rev. Albert Taylor, superintendent of St. Francis' parochial school und Rev. Stanley Ha.stlllo, superintendent of St. Hedwig's parochial school. SCANDALOUS Republican Congressman Anton! N. Sadlak says his party has morn vital issues than ever before to fire at the Democrats. He told ,1 Kroup at Ncwinpton that "when President Truman say;; we have no issues for the 1952 campaign I call attention to his scandalous years in office." EXTENSION I State Fish an:l. Game Commissioner Russell P. Hunter is considering a request from a veteran shad fisherman. Val Miller of Essex wants the shud season, which closes June 15, to he extended "10 or 15 days." Miller says the shad are "just startini; to come up" the Connecticut river. INJUNCTION A court order restricts union em- ployes from illegal picketing at the strike-bound Turner and Seymour Manufacturing company. A Common Pleas court judge at Lltchfleld issued a temporary injunction I against a Torringlon C-I-O local. ' Tht wo« exMpjruted mwj In town U the butcher. H« toW Aunt Sally P«t«r* that « «h* didn't stop reminding him, nt wmi Koina to move hit chop to ,£ne location whe«« the customer* were too your* *<> know that a lamb chop once tnn only • dim*. *> r*" SHORE DINNER! Sea Food Cocktail, Steamers, Soft Shell Crabs, Lobster! Rewrvatlonn Tel. 4-WSl The Major Function of a corporation today is that of undertaking to accumulate better and better tools in order that the goods and services will not only be increased, but will also be produced more efficiently. United States Rubber Co. Nangatuck Footwear Plant Quality Since 1848 HOMECOMING The old grads of 14 classes dating back to 1887 will return to the University of Connecticut Saturday for Alumni Day. The homecoming is a traditional part of the annual commencement weekend. Degrees will be awarded to the seniors on Sunday. OUCH:: ; Bridgeport, June 6—(UP)—Police report that an angry pedestrian forced to jump out of the path of a'n automobile, followed it on foot to a nearby parking lot. They said he approached the driver, John Caogl, and punched him in the eye. National Flag Day was proclaimed by Woodrow Wilson in 1916. The next year, the 48-star flag saw its first battle action. This is one of the many stirring episodes in the history of our flag. THE STORY OF OLD GLORY Six daily illustrated story-strips beginning Monday, June 9, in The News THE LITTLE JOBS 6ETOUR ATTENTION, A* WELL AS BIG ONE9, LET US MENTION/ STORE OPEN TONIGHT Until 8:45 COME IN AND LOOK AT OUR SPECIALS 191-199 CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK THROUGH THE COURTESY NAUGATUCK CHEMICAL DIVISION OF UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY We are privileged to display the automobile body made from Naugatuck Chemical's Vibrin Plastic in combination with glass fibers. The car has been driven from California and has now accumulated a mileage of about 15,000. This type auto body has received wide publicity throughout the country and is perhaps what we may expect to drive in the cars of "TOMORROW." As a service to our customers and friends, it will be on display in our showroom June 6-7-9-10 and 11 From 8:00 A. M. Until 9:00 P. M. HUNT BUICK INC. 80-82 South Main Street ''.. •,-*. * Naugatuck

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