The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 25, 1954
Page 12
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PAOI TWBLVB BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER Missing Sons of Bob Crosby Found by Neighbor Boy, 13 HOLLYWOOD (AP) — A neighbor boy on horseback Unlay found bandleader Bob Crosby's three young sons, whose disappearance before supper yesterday touched off an all-night search by 90 policemen in rugged hills near their home. Commodity And Stock Markets- Ntw York Cotton (12:31 illation*) Open Hich Low Closr ,. 3447 3452 3443 3450 .. 3479 3489 3476 3487 * Thirteen-year-old Tun Wellman , for a roast beef dinner last night, , son of movie director Williiiin the rest of (he family telephoned I sun o movie irecor nun I Wcllnmn, .spoiled Christopher, 12, Robert 10, and Dec Men May July 3503 3513 3501 3513i Tm ' Ml FI - Vlm ' Stephen, 8, in precipnious Barring,1 ton Canyon, where tin frequently !had trapped botx-itl.s and coyotes. I The Crosby youngsters, who ; vanished from home without n j word about 5 p.m.. were laden with i camping gear. They were unlnum- led. I Christopher -said lie and his i brother-., all nephc-u.s »/ crooner 1 Ring Crosby, loft home because i "we don't like our nurse." The children's nurse is Miss . 3498 3507 3436 3507 Saw 1'iiiicc The boys admitted they sfiw police .seinrhim; for them during the myht. They were found three miles New Orleans Cotton Open Hltfh Lmv < "" 3444 3451 j Film director Wellman, who 3-J7K 3488' spent much of the night with May 350G 3513 3503 3512 | Crosby looking for lite boy.s in the July 3499 3509 349iy 3509! wooded and brush-covered hills. pec 3447 .1452 Mch 3481 3490 Chicago Soybeans 27 1 1 z Nov Jan Mch May 271!- 276 276 279 a4 278' 2 282 280", 283 1; 275', 27S 279':, Chicago Corn Dec Mch 1523; 275 : '., 279 281 ;1 4 283 153% 157 3 4 157'i Chicago Wheat Dec. ... 221 221% Mch ... 223 3n 223 3 i Hew York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Sleel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Tnt Harvester Republic Steel .... Radio Socony Vacuum .. Stude-Packard Standard of NJ .. Texas Corp , Sears . U S Steel Sou Pac 220', 2 221 Mi ... 171 1-4 ... 59 1-8 ... 40 5-8 routed out Tim about 3 a.m. The elder Wellman .said his son knew the terrain well and would prove a valuable aid in the search. Tim was accompanied by hLs three dogs. Officers .searched through the night as Mrs. Crosby vmd her daughter, Cathlccn, 15, waited anxiously by the telephone at home. The child, Junto Malia, 3, wont to bed at her usual time. When the boys did'i'l show up neighbors and .searched the and grounds. No boy.s. The youngsters' bicycles were In the garage. No Kxplanatlon Rut a bedroll was mlwoiiR. This eased Mrs. Crosby's mind, she said. She also recalled that the last time she .saw the boys they all had on heavy hiking boots and jackets. However, the youngsters never had left home before and the parents could give no explanation for their action. At 8:30 p.m. Crosby telephoned police. Officers from the Wcsl U):-, Angeles station, augmented by Venice police, combed the Brentwood illsm The weather was clear but the. night was chilly. Motor- j cycle officers slithered over rough j and precipitous firebreaks. i As the hour.s wore on, many of j the searcher.s became more con- | Continued from Pnge 1 IS THIS TRIP NECESSARY?—Ralph Osborne Campncy, Canada's minister of national defense, and Miij. Deb Kearns, of Calgary. Cimada, prepare to take a test rule in a strange-looking vehicle in Ilemer, Germny. Lt. Carmen Darling sees the pair off on their ride in n German Mcssen-duriilt three-wheel "bug." DULLES Then early today Crosby recalled that three or four months ago he had receive a note threatening tin- children. It was dropped in his pocket as he left a broadcasting studio and read: "Better watch out for your children." Crosby caught the car license number ol the man who gave him the message. Police traced the number to a religious 1 crank and told Crosby lo lorget the incident Me did until early today. SHEPPARD Continued from Page 1 tins time. S.S." claims it was a bushy-haired in- B7 1-4 109 1-4 43 1-4 j lruder who struck hi.s wife 27 or 90 5-8 more blows and left' Ihclr bedroom spattered with blood. A defense source yesterday siild 32 7-8 Iks attorneys .had not been allowed to Miss Susan Hayes, a 71 60 46 3-4 Livestock f/B—IUSDA)—Hoga 12,000; moderately active, steady to 25 higher than Friday; most advance on 220 lb down which largely 15-25 higher early, closed with- most advance lost; weights 230 lb up steady to spots 25 higher: bulk 18U-220 Jb 19.50-65; few sales choice No. 1 and 2 19.75; late sales same weiyht 19.50 down to 19.35 for mostly No, 3; bulk 230-240 lb 10.25-35; extremes higher; 240-270 lb largely 19.26; 270-280 lb 18.75-19.10; small lots 290-350. lb 18.25-00; 140-170 lb 19.25-50; sows mostly steady, bulk 400 lb down 17.75-18.26; occasional sales light sows 18.50; over 400 lb 16.00-17.50; bonrs 12.00-15.00; good clearance. Cattle 7,000. calves 1,100; lew slaughter steers and heifers about steady early but trading not well established; cows dull; bulls and vealers unchanged; few commercial to high good steers 18.50-23.00; high commercial to average choice mixed yearlings 18.00-23.50; small choice mixed yearlings 114.50; few utility to low commercial heifers 13.00-16.00; utility and commercial bulls 11.00-13.00; canner and cutter bulls 8.00-10.50; good and choice vealers 19.00-23.00; few high choice and prime 24.00-25.00; commercial to lo\v good vealers 14.0018.00; culls mostly 8.00-10.00. LM-yenr-old hospital technician who admitted an Intimate affair with Dr. Sheppiird lust March. The young woman's family, it was said, refused to let defense counsel approach her. The auburn-haired beauty is expected to be a star prosecution witness. Two Die in Jet Trainer Crash KANSAS CITY Iffi - A TH3 jet trainer plane, cra.siied about 35 miles south of here last night, killing two Air Force fliers. They were 1st Lt. William L. BtiUer, 2-1. Inoln, Okla., and 2nd Lt. Tommy L. Pride eon. 23. son of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Pridgeon, El Paso. Tex. the future of Germany and West- Eu rojn- tx-en "si»nett, .sealed and delivered." and added: "I know you will rejoice with me that the unity and freedom ol Europe, to which you contributed JiO indispensably, si-cms likely now '•'to be preserved." Eisenhower, w li o commanded the North Atlantic Treaty forcc.s before lie b e c a m e President, promptly called the Dulles report ;t "real reason lor rejoicing." saying it moan;-; (lit* dre;iin of peace "begins to conic definitely within our gra.sp." Yesterday, in a statement issued rom his Camp David, Md., retreat, he said the Paris agreements "represent a great deal more than just a diplomatic vic- IliM-.ii nice Russia made no new oif<T dt substance toward settle- in ••()' of ureat European issues. Dullc.s and other Western for- civn Ministers are understood to have agreed that their next order oi business is not to enter into ne- (if.uation with the Russians but to cmnpl'-tc the task of integrating OimiHiy with the West. Then, expert- here believe, they will be j-f.idy lor new Big Four talks— Ivn im-ci^ii ministers meeting thai beld at Berlin winter. Reds Bid for Big 4 Talks MOSCOW <4'< — Pravda declared UKi;t\ the world now is confronted niih iv. o choices — a Big Four con- ItiTnn- leadinit Lo the reunification ol fin-many ov remilitarization of WcM Germany, carrying the threat Tin "It is an historic step toward the unity so necessary for the maintenance of the freedom of Western Europe," he s;iUi. Both the present Republican and the previous Democratic administration have insisted that West- - Soviet Communist party i said tuch n choice was ilit about by the signing o! Paris agreements Saturday. almost simultaneous dispatch Soviet note suggested a Big foreign ministers parley.. Both were.s (Htioncd at nearby B ,, t b dcfcn( j cd viKNNA M'.-Thc Polish news H'nr'r r,n V 1 K v7r rCC rt'T ° U ° r wllhui * G c '• '» » » f <»™- Two ]>ap.-r Xy,:,- Warsaw said tocla , ",,r "„ 'I' SI \l™« *T" !?: nomh* ,. K o the Frcm:l, Assembly 10 P,,h.,h children wore killed whei Winds Whisk Away LA Smog LOS ANGELES W> - Welcome winds have whisked a way the smog bill have fulled to clour up the down-to-ciirlh dispute which the Rye-stinting sl\ti'f touched oil. Direr tor Gordon Larson of the Counly Air Pollution Control District last night labeled Supervisor Herbert Legg's suggestion that he vt>sij»n ns n "polHicnV maneuver." The county grand Jury mapped Hun I plans for a full-dress inquiry into the smog situation tomorrow. Gov. Goodwin Knight, who hud urged oil vfiineries to shut down to test their t'tlect on HIP smog, said lust night "obviously there is no point in such a shutdown during a period of smog-five days." However, he advised the oil companies to be prepared to close down during the next smog attack. 'irh the Courts (Civil) — Louise Laluson vs. D. L. Billhinsly. corpus tor presentation of children in dependency iiction. nld child at a Bclton. Mo., trailer cnnip. The pliine was ret liming from Witrucr-KolibliiK AFB. Macon, On., when it crashed a few minutes after the fliers radioed Grandview they were letting down from 35,000 feet. It plowed into a pasture and cornfield about 25 miles from the air base. WWII Bomb Kills 10 Cause of Ihe known. Crash was not Ike Speaks Tonight On Nation's Economy WASHINGTON l/I'i President Eisenhower will give the tuition his view tonight of economic conditions, a major Issue in the cam- puign lor control ol the next Congress. in a imlionnlly televised talk billed as "iinnpurUsnii." he will address I lie National Security Industrial Association. The address will Ix 1 televised by NBC and broadcast by NBC and ABC radio. ft is scheduled for 9:30 p.m. CST. bly killed a European Defense Community treaty which would have allowed Gcrmay to rc-iinn. The Western European Union, a similar approach to the same program, still must pass the hurdle of the Assembly, but diplomats believe It has a much better chance than EDC since French Premier Mendes-France is behind Vital I'lan American ot"fiuii\ls regard t.he ) new agreements not only as vital to the defense ot Western Europe but also ns providing a of strength from which the Allies may enetr into new negotiations with the Soviet Union on great European Issues like conclusion ol an Austrian treaty and the unitication of East and Wesl Germany. A Soviet call for a foreign ministers conference next month was is.sued in a note Saturday to I bo United States. Britain nnrt Prance. Moscow's maiHMivcr was designed lo stall or wreck those plans winch still must be acted on by the French Assembly, The Gorman Parliament and other legislative bodies, inc.lulling the U. S. Semite, But it was regarded a.s posing no AF Plane Missing NICE. France </}'> — French police said today a U. S. Air Force C47 missing on a flight between Rome and Lyon, France, may have slu'd in the snow-covpved French Alp,s. The plane carried 16 pnsseng- j ers and a crc\v of five. them stepped on an unex World War Jl bomb nea COMING aus GETTING UPRIGHTS If worrlrd by too frequent, burnltiR or Itchlnir urination, GcttliiK up NlKlits fUclcaclir, I'rrssure over HJntiilrr or Strong Cloiidj Urinr. due to common Klilnrv and niitilder irrltnllon, Iry CVSTEX for ijulck Itrntlfylnp. comforting help. :wo mlUinn CYSTKX tahlrl* u«d In past 3ft vc«r* prove M»fcty and success. Ask druci-l.'Jl ti-r OYSTEX undtr monry-back guarantee. See liow much better you tee) tomorrow. 96 TIMES DAILY... That's how often the familiar chime clock plays at THE FARMERS HANK AM) TRUST COMPANY. 1C very fifteen minutes the citizens of Hlylheville hear this melodious reminder of the time of tliiy. 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ONE OF (H'R MANY EXTRA SHin'll-KS Our new process will repair and restore it (In most rases) ^-at no .iddttional eost! ELECTRONIC LAB 111 W. Walnul — Blylhcvillr State Welfare Director Fears HeavyReliefLoad Most Says Arkansas Will Feel Industrial Layoffs This Winter WASHINGTON lift— A. J. Moss, Arkansas suu welfare commissioner, (ears a heavy relief load in Arkansas this coming winter. Moss was in Washington the past week 'or a series of public welfare conferences with officials of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, including Secretary Hobby. Diseiissmg Arkansas' outlook, Moss said indications are that some 100,000 persons to the state will need ration* and other aid this winter. Such a situation, if it develops, will be due, he said to lay-offs in industrial areas in other states and economic displacement within Arkansas. As a result of industrial shut dov. ns in Detroit and other such centers, he said, some 30,000 to i 35.000 workers have drifted back to I their homes in Arkansas and most oi them will be without regular employment. Mechanizaliim Hits And. he said .another 35.000 to 40,000 in the state are jobless or will be jobless because of Increasing mechanization, particularly on farms and plantations. It all adds up, he said, to a heavy relief load in the state. Moss said that as one relief step he has proposed use of a food- stamp plan in distribution of surplus commodities. Under such a plan, he explained, persons entitled to receive food as welfare recipients are given stamps which they can take to stores and exchange for commodities which are in surplus. The stores then turn in the stamps to wholesalers and jobbers and replenish their stocks. "This stimulates trade," Moss said, "and lets commodities move through normal channels." The plan now being followed .he said, makes the county "a sort of a iomissary." The counties, ne said, must, order surplus commodities through the school lunch program .then store mid distribute them. As a result, he said, counties must bear the storage and distribution expenses Irom already meager welfare funds. Express Train Collides With Freight 1 Killed PORT HENRY, N. Y. >f> — The Delaware and Hudson Railroad's Montreal-to-Ncw York City Lauren* tlan Express collided head on with a barreling 133-car freight train near this Lake Champlain shore village yesterday, killing a trainman and injuring about 50 persons, D&H officials said the trains were supposed to pass at a siding in Port Henry, a mile north of the wreck, and the railroad pressed an investigation today to determine why they had not. None of the Laurentian's 120 passengers was hurt seriously, but some suffered minor cuts and bruises. Six crewmen were hospitalized at nearby Fort Ticonderoga. Killed was Charles Bascue, 57. of Whitehall, head trainman on the freight. Four Weekend Accidents Four traffic accidents were reported by city police over the week-end, causing some property damage but no injuries to persons involved. Delia Lancaster and Edward M. Goodrich were involved in an accident at 319 West Main Saturday afternoon damaging both vehicles while Jack Christie and Charles Seals had an accident at 1604 West Mam Saturday morning, damaging both vehicles. James Willie Lee and J. E, Gurao were involved in a traffic mishap Saturday morning at Lake and Patterson streets causing some damage to both vehicles while E. V. Prichard and Mrs, Virginia Mayo had an accident at Chickfisawba and Division Friday afternoon causing some damage to both vehicles. Mendes-France ConMmted from PaH 1 sent the entirs plan to the Assem- b| y- The various agreements reached Saturday would end the Allied occupation and rearm West Germany under safeguards within a seven- nation Western European Unio» and NATO. Twelve Germa* divisions would take iheir place in th* Allied defense line. The Soviet Union's call for » four-power foreign ministers' conference said the talks should Include Western as well as Russian proposals for free all-German elections. The United States, Britain and France were reported standing by two conditions for any such conference as outlined in notes l» Moscow last month: 1. Russia must agree in advanc* German g over nment. man-wide elections for an a*t- German government. 2. Russia must act m advanco to conclude a treaty of independence for oc-cupited Austria. Stricken Ship Mokes Headway ciuran ship, in distress in the Bahamas, radioed early today that its pumps were working again and "gaining on the water" that had flooded its engine room. The 135-foot Launa was carrying 13 men. The Launa bad radioed for help last night, first reporting she was in a "flooded condition" and later reportnig she \vafi in "sinking condition." A Coast, Guard plane and an Air Force plane were ordered to survey the Utuna's condition by daylight today. EXTRA RELIEF ^^•^^^ 666 ^•^^ A1 LDs ^^^ MISERIES ^^^ 666 ATTACKS AIL COLO $YMPTOM$ AT ONE TIME ...IN If 55 TIM ft No ordinary pain-reliever can make thin claim .. . but 6GG can. The 6G6 formula contains a combination of prescription-type ingredients not found in any other cold medicine. For fhnt "extra" relief, try 666 liquid or tablets. Remember . . . 666 doej more because it has more. 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