Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on November 28, 1956 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1956
Page 3
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SOCIAL Conn. Historical League Slates Meeting Saturday The fall meeting v of the Connecticut League of Historical Societies will be held on Saturday, September 30, at the Bobbins Junior High Irving School in Farmington, beginning at 10 a.m. and continuing throughout the day. Jlegistralion will take place from 30 to 10:30, following which Dr. Robert J. Craig of Cheshire, president of the league, will welcome members and guests to. be followed 'by greetings from B. R. Carde, president of the Farmington Historical Society. After a short business meeting, conducted by Dr. Craig, Mrs. Mabel S. Hurlburt will give an illustrated talk, "The Seven Ages of Architecture in .Farmington." beginning at 10:50 and continuing un. til noon. Mrs. Hurlburt has lectured widely on this, subject, and her many years of experience in the Farmington Town Clerk's office have enabled her to develop many interesting theories on the forces that produce' architectural Announcement has been made changes. ».v Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chap- Members and guests are asked man ' Prospect, of the epgagement to bring (heir own box lunches for <™ (1 , < ; orni C5. '' sociatc pro/essor of history at the University of Connecticut. After his talk a question and answer period will take place. Beginning at 2 o'clock members of the league and their guests will see the School House Museum in Farmington. The Farmington Historical Society will be hosts on the visit to the beautiful Congregational Church, and Mrs. Edwin M. Blake is opening her lovely home, "Apple Hill," for the visiting historical groups. League meetings are open without charge to all persons interested in historical societies or in the iroblem of historic preservation in Connecticut. Mrs. R. M. Smith and VIrs. John Christensen of Farming- on are hospitality co-chairmen of the September 30 meeting. •Any local resident interested in attending is asked to call Mrs. \'orman Wood -'729-3534 or Dan Blaekwell, 729-5411 before Thurs- lay, Sept. 28. 3 rospect Couple To Wed October 7 MISS BARBARA IIELI/EU, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Heller, South Circle, Beacon Falls, has enrolled at Salve Regina Catholic College, Newport, R.I., where she will major in education. She is a graduate of Naugatuck High School, Class of 1961, and was named -the 1961 Homemaker of Tomorrow at N.H.S. Elaine AncJerson : Attehding 2-Year Fashion College Elaine Anderson, daughter 61 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond , Anderson Cotton Hollow Rd., is attending the Fashion Institute of Technology 227 West 27 Slreet, New York 1 FIT is a 'two-year community college under the programmer the Suite University of New York in cooperation with the Educational Foundation for the Apparel Industry. The college prepares young men and women for creative and executive careers in fashion and allied fields. Miss Anderson ivill major in Apparel Design. Miss Anderson is a graduate of \V. F. Kaynor Regional Technical High School where she received a diploma in Fashion Design. While at school she was active in library work and the school newspaper. Her hobbies are dancing, swim- ing, bowling skating, skiing. Pamela Ann Hafgh Baptized Sunday Pamela Ann Ilaigh, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. (.'.poi-jje K. Ilaigh, Jr., l!ll No. Hoadley St., was baptized yesterday in Hie Methodist Church, followed by a family parly at their home. Godparents are Mr. and Mrs. flalph Dunhip of Torrin^ton. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. George Ilaigh, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rosso, Reynolds Bridge, Thomaston, grandparents of the child, Samuel Labbwski Seymour and Dana Haigli. John Browning To Appear With few Haven Symphony John Brqwning, one of the most xeiting young American pianists n the musical horizon to open the the luncheon period from noon until 1 n.m., for which members of the Farmin£ton Historical Society will serve dessert and coffee. In the afternoon Dr. Albert D. Van Duseri, author of the new "Connecticut, a Fully Illustrated Hislory," will address, the meeting from 1 to 2 o'clock on "Life in Connecticut during the American Revolution." Dr. Van . Dusen in Connecticut Slate Historian and as- ..... of their daughter, Miss Edna Louise Chapman, to Paul Victor Violette, Prospect, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alford Violette, Patten, Maine. The wedding will lake place Oct. 7 at 10 a.m. in the rectory of St. Anthony's Church, Prospect. The bride-elect is a graduate of Wilby High School and her fiance graduated from Fatten Academy, Maine. Both are employed at Ihe U.S. Rubber Co. Ann Landers -Answers Your Problems has slapped my face for no reason at all and I've had headaches that lasted for days. I'd love to move out of the house and I could manage finan- ., ., daily with a roommate, but I'm -said if someone would guar-| afraid to leave Mother alone with • her that the next chi! Dad. He's so mean mat her life Dear Ann Landers: Recently a woman wrote to you. and complained because her mother-in-law kept nagging her to have a little girl. She said she had three boys and didn't want a fourth. She also antee would be a girl she'd go ahead You said' no such guarante could be given. Well, y o u wrong. "I" can give it. My grand mother told me that the ovarie 1 on the left side produce girls an the ovaries on the right side pro duce boys. If a girl is wanted th mother should sleep on her lei side during pregnancy. If a bo is wanted she should sleep on he right side. It worked for me. have two of each. —IN THE KNOW Dear Lucky: Your grandmoth er was simply repeating a myth that "her" grandmother probably told her. It has no basis In scientific fact. The sex of a child is determined at the moment of conception. Slefpijig on your head won't change It. Local Couple To Mark Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Szymanski, 41 Golden Hill St., will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary Thursday, Sept. 28 with a family dinner in their home. They are the parents of twias, Cynthia and Stephen Szymanski. Mrs. Szymanski is the former Ann Bowolick, Ansonia. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 23 have a good-paying job and I live at home. My mother is a ver> sweet woman but my father is a tyrant who bullies everybody he can. My two older brothers moved out of the house when ithey finished high school. They come to see Mom on Saturday afternoons when Dad isn't here. I meet my dates downtown because Dad makes insulting remarks to every fellow who comes to the house. He says I'm sneaking around behind his back and accuses me of being immoral. He INSURANCE For prompt friendly service, call PA 9-5934 Representing The TRAVELERS Oominick Sdavone 372 Rubber Av'enue Naugatuck, Connecticut untearable. In I'm — R.EADY the would be meantime FLIP Dear Ready: You can't spend your life acting as a buffer be- twc'sn a Ivranical father and a long-suffering: mother. She has probably learned to accommodate to his personality better than you iHiiik. T Hope you will move out of (he house before your doctor tells you to move into a hospital. Dear strictly Ann Landers: mind-your-own Church Notes ST. FRANCIS CIIUKCH REV. JOHN' T. CONNOR, PASTOR Sunday Masses: 6:45 - 7:45 8:45 10 - 11:15 Chapel: 8:45 - 10:05 Confessions: Saturday 4 • 6 and 7:30 - 9 Baptisms: Sunday at 1 p.m. please arrange in advance. Religious instructions for the public school children will take jlace on Thursday morning for the first six grades at 8:30. The 7th Grade will have their instruc- lions in the Church basement from 11:30 to 12:30 p.m. and the 8th Grade from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. The Catholic Council will meet Tuesday evening at 8 in St. Francis' Hall. The speaker will be Fa- ^ther Daniel Karpiej. All women of TO the parish are .invited. The Parish Annual Collection will be taken up on next Sunday. Those not prepared to give on next Sunday can contribute any Sunday during October. This is the most important collection of the year. Every working person should contribute generously to it. There will bo a meeting of all census workers tonight at 7:30 in the Church basement. The men of (he parish will begin the census on Canton Island Unit Schdules Annual Reunion Task Force 5602-D, made up of 102d and 169th Infantry, 43rd Dii- vision, will hold its annual reunion Saturday, Opt. 28 at 8 p. m. at P^app's- Paradist Inn, Ansonia, it was announced by Larry Zwick. 'Each member will be contacted by mail. Anyone who was attached to the unit may contact John Potosky, 2 Culver St., Seymour; Joseph Pettingoro, 312 Hodge Ave., Ansonia; or Mr. Zwick, 128 Gor-" man St., Naugatuck, for reservations. 8th season Haven Today—Intention of Donor. Tuesday—Low Mass, Virginia Anna Healy, requested by Mrs. Wednesday—Low Mass, Mrs. Anna C. Hulton requested by the Hulton family. Thursday — MMRH Mass, Mrs Anna HeaJy, requestd by Mrs. Anastasia Kerski. Friday—Intention of all parish- tober 3, 8:30 p.m. at Woolsey Hall. Philip Jasulavic Enrolls In Military Academy Philip J. Jasulavic, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Jasulavic of 22 Olive St., Naugatuck, has been enrolled as'a cadet in Camden Military Academy in Camden, South Carolina for the Academic Year M6M962. Camden Military Academy was founded in 1958 by the .President of CarlisJe Military School in liam- berg, S. C., Colonel James F. ftisher. Colonel Risher serves ts the president of Camden Military Academy. The other executive officers are, Colonel William R. Risher, Vice-President, Colonel Lanning P. Risher, Headmaster, and Major James T. Dallas, Commandant. While at Camden, Cadet Jasulavic will pursue a full course of academic study in the 10th grade, as well as study Military Science and participate in extracurricular activities. This is Cadet Jasulavic's first year at GMA." loners. Saturday • j Fourth anniversary James Mc- requiem high Mass, Dermott, requested by the family. Religious instructions for ail grammar school children, grades 1 through 6, at the usual hours. E& pecially a must for those preparing for First Communion and for Confirmation to be faithful in attendance. Religious instruction for 7th grade pupils Thursday H;30 12:30. A bus will take them We are business folks but something has happened which we feel may warrant a change of policy. The next-door neighbors are lovely people and ive are on excellent terms. The parents went on a three-week's vacation and took the two young- 21- children with them. They left heir 18-year-old son at home. He has been entertaining a 27- •ear-olci trollop whose reputation s well known in this town. We've :een them coming and going at odd hours. My wife thinks we hould tell the parents when they return. The boy has had one year rf college but apparently he still loesn't know much about life. My husband says it's none of ur business. I say I'd appreciate t if someone made an effort to ave our 18-year-old son if he vere in Ihis kind of danger. Who right? —CONCERNED Dear Concerned: Your husband. You cun't save an 18- year-old boy from a 27-year-old trollop—especially if he doesn't want to be saved. This boy's pattern of behavior was established long before his parents left town. Say nothing and concentrate on your oivn son. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. We ask that all cooperate in making this, a complete census. Fill out the forms as soon as you receive them and have them ready to be picked pointed night. up on the ap- schcol. The 8th grade pupils will come Thursday from 12:45 to 1:45. CYO will begin meeting a week from tonight. The Senior Choir will meet tonight at 7 q,'clock. The Junior Choir ill meet after school on Thursday. New members are welcome to join these choirs and should do so now to help prepare for the coming year. We would like a number of new altar boys. Those who wish to join will meet with Father Killeen this Saturday at 11 a. m. Final results of our very successful Parish Bazaar will be published as soon as all bills are in. under the direction of it's musical director Frank Brieff. Browning made such an impression on the occasion of his first engagement that he is returning by popular demand. On October 3 he will appear twice with the orchestra. In the first half he will do Mozart's "Concerto K. 449" and the final number on the program will be the Ravel "Concerto for the Left Hand" which he has recently recorded. Frank Brieff begins his llth season in New Haven with Berlioz 'Benvenuto Cellini" • Overture. The Symphony for the evenin" is Schubert's "Second". If alcohol is robbing you or omeone you love .of health and ignity, send for "Ann Landers' " ooklet, "Help For The Alcohol- enclosing with your requesl 0 cents in coin and a large, self- ddressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to elp you with your problems, end them to her in care of this ewspaper enclosing a Stamped self-addressed envelope. WANTED! MEN-WOMEN . from ages 18 to 52. Prepare some cases only one out of now for U.S. Civil Service job five puss, openings in this area durimr ,, _ . . . .. the next twelve months. rj " coln Scrvic « llc '" s tf OII f- anrts prepare for these tests Government positions pay as every year. It is one of the high as $446.00 a. month to largest and oldest privately start, owned schools of its kind and They provide much greater is not connected'with the Gov- sccurlly than private employ, eminent, ment and excellent opportim- ,, „„„„. , „ .. ^ , ity for advancement. Many po. P» r ™3I5 information on Gov sitions require little or no eminent johs. including- list of specialized education or experi- Positions anil salaries, fill out „„„; coupon and mail at once — TODAY. You will also get full But to get one of these jobs, details on how you can qualify you must pass a test The yourself to pass these tests. competition ls_kecn_and_in Don't delay — Act NOW! LINCOLN SERVICE, Dcpt. 4 Fekin, Illinois I am very much interested. I'leasc send inn absolutely FREE (1) A list of US. Government positions and salaries; (8) Information on how to qualify for a V. S. Government job. Name j. Age Address City _.._: State Give Exact Directions to Your Home Masses during the coming week: This morning — 7:30 - Low Requiem for Harold Murtha, requested by Mr. and Afrs. Norton DePin- ho and 8 a.m. - Low Requiem for Mrs. J. C. Rhinehart, requested by the Casper family. Tuesday — 7:30 - Low Requiem for Amelia Bartosinski and 8 a.m. Low Requiem for Tracy Breen Sr requested by the Ramos Family. Wednesday — 7:30 - 6th Anniversary Requiem High for Charles SaJ- inardi. Thursday — 7:30 - Low Requiem for Richard Gaieski. Friday - 7:30 - 15th Anniversary Requiem High for Frank Wisinslci Saturday — 7:30 - Anniversary Requiem High for Eugene Herb; 9 a.m. - 10(h Anniversary Requiem Hieh for Richard Schaefer and 8:30 A.M. Month's Mind Requiem High for John. Costa Martin, requested by Line 26 Dept. 9, US Rubber Co Sunday — 11 : ]5 . Month's Mind for Mrs. Mary Kingsley, requested by the family. ST. MARY'S CIIDRCH, THE REV. EDWARD DONNELLY, PAS- Masses for the week will all be at 7:30. ST. HEDWIG'S, REV. JOHN J. zrSKOWSKI, PASTOR. C.Y.O. instructions will begin tonight at 7 o'clock. The Ladies Guild will meet tonight at 8 o'clock in the church hall. The Senior choir will hold a rehearsal Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Friday, the Feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel the 8 a.m. Mass will be offered for all parishioners. A bingo party will be held Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in the church ha}. The cub scouts will resume ac tivities the first week in October AIL scouts 'are asked to contac their den 'mothers. Retiree To Play Piano Selections Harold Weiss,, who recently re Jired from the Naugatuck Chemical Division of the U. S. Rubbei Co., will entertain with piano selections at the Retired Men's CJub regular meeting Wednesday at 2 p. m. at the Y. John Gothberg and his barber shop quartet will harmonize popular songs of the pas t, and P August Johnson, who has returned after spending the summer in Sweden, will give the highlights of his trip. All retired men in the area are nvited to attend. Personals Miss Marilyn Chonko, 16 Anderson St., has been initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta national fraternity at the University of Connecticut where she is a sophomore. Miss Chonko was one of 20 young women o become active members of the Gamma Zeta chapter of the sorority in exercises Sept. 23. Stephen J. Sweeney, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sweeney, 25 Sweeney St., a June graduate of Canterbury School, New Milford, has enrolled in the freshman class at VUlanova University, Pa. Miss Tyra Turnblom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Turnblom, 43 Moore Ave., has enrolled in the freshman class at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. She is a June graduate of St. Margaret's School, Waterbury. NAJUGATIJCK MOWS (Conn,) MONOAV.' SJSHV 25, IfWl,—JPACJK 3 i Money Is Principal ! Factor Delaying ; , Congress Adjourning WASHINGTON (UP!) — Congress went into an overtime push lor adjournment today with the two parties already holding postmortems over its accomplish- Money was Ihe main factor in the delay -- the cash for President Kennedy's foreign aid program, and a supplemental appropriation to help pay for government house keeping. Also ru issue were a measure which would ease the tax impact tif Dupont's court-ordered disposal ot its General Motors stock, and a S:i.9 billion public works appropriations bill. When Congress does adjourn, Tossibly Ihe middle of .this week, t will have completed the longest session in 10 years. As the final jockeying coh- inued, Democrats pointed w i th >ride at the action taken during Ihe session, while Republicans viewed it with alarm. The President did not get all he asked of this first session of the 87th Congress. But it gave him most of his welfare programs, and set a new peacetime record for spending. : Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and Senate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen gave their assessments on a TV pro- jram Sunday. Mansfield said Congress had made "a good record," but Dirksen said much of the ipadework had been - done in he Eisenhower administration. Miss Patricia Ann 'Farrar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Farrar, 100 Johnson St., has entered Seaton Hill College, Greens- :)urg, Pa. She was among the four 'reshman students honored at a :ea and ' reception recently at the home of Miss Marie DellaBella, GETTING SHORTER — Setting a high altitude record for skirt hems, this campus dress, introduced in New York, is called a shortee- jumper. On warm fall days it's worn as shown. Later it can. team up with blouses and sweaters. Parent's Club Board To Meet The executive board of St. Francis' Parents Club will hold its first meeting of Ihe season Thursday evening at S o'clock in the school library. Mr. and Mrs. John Dunn, presidents, will preside at the business session at which time plans Mrs. Robert C. Hill and Miss Mary Ellen Ash. both of Nauga- :uck, were installed treasurer and iecretary respectively of the Waterbury Dental Hygienisls Association at a dinner meeting recently it Hawthorne Inn, Berlin. Miss Beverly Arnold and Oliver '.. Arnold, officers of Evergreen Chapter, OES, guests present Matrons and Patrons Night of Ethel Chapter, New Haven, held recently in New Haven. were among the at the Associate lined. llr 11 e*i rtr I • '•'--"' ov^Jivn ll\. 1> 111^.11 Llllle IJUUIS IVa 1 St., Waterbury, given by Con- for the coming year will be out- necticut Chapter, Seaton Hill " • Alumnae Association. Miss Farrar s a June graduate of Naugatuck 'ligh School. Seventy per cent of the tide- raising force en earth comes from the moon, the rest being derived Irom the sun. Sterling R. Gedraitts, 168 Rimmon Hill Rd.. Beacon Falls, a freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass.. las been named to the Denn's List for Ithe term ending in June. Discharge of the Amazon River s greater than that of the world's three next largest rivers combined. JACK LENNERS EKICKSON MOTORS 129 Rubber Ave, PA 9-8268 INTERNATIONAL 1956 % ton Pick-Up Just received a new carload of 2 and 3 rail split CHESTNUT FENCING -In any quantity At Low Prices The Naugatuck Lumber Co. Bridge St. Naugatuck CONFERS WITH ADLAI NEW YORK DPI — Argentine 'resident Arturo Frondizi con- 'erred Sunday night with U.N. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson. Fron- lizi flew to New York Sunday to ddress the U.N. General Assem- >ly. He will meet with President <ennetly Tuesday. Like birds, monkeys quickly es- ablish a "peck order" with each ecognizing its superior and giving .way. GIFTS For All Occasions Visit Our GIFT ANNEX On The Balcony GREETING CAKDS for all occasions Hallmark & Eustcraft The Card and Gift Shop SWEENEY'S 213 Church St, Naug-atuck SECURITY Does Yoflr Insurance Give Adequate Protection Today? Do You Have It? — See NAUGATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Building Costs Are Steadily Increasing F. W. EATON, Mgr. Phone PArk 9 2080 'NORMAN. HAIR STYLISI A — The Airlift — for the Fall Season Mr. Norman presents "The Airlift" .Direct from the Miami Beach convention. At the j top, the hair style ,- i will be dressed in, to an airy chiffon effect, blended 'with a textured , crown. Sides and «, nape are a sim- .Sj'ulating rich bro- 'cade. We will continue, by special request, for the balance of the month, our teenage permanent for $10.00. FOR AN APPOINTMENT CALL NOW Phone 729-2246 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS NORMAN HAIR STYLIST — 53 Oak St. Removes ugly hair for good \..j at home, in private- from any part of body With a new pencil-like invention, you can now — in the privacy of your own home -'safely, gently and simply remove unwanted fafr for good; by destroying the roots one by one. Called the Pellatron — you use it instead of depilatories, tweezers, shaving! follow easy directions, removing several hairs each day, and you quickly banish facial and body hair — killing the hair roof without breaking the skin. Same electrolytic method used in professional treatment. Yet there are no wires, no plug-ins - it operates on tiny radio batteries. Cost is minimal. Only $1250 for the complete instrument and'it lasts a year! Many cosmetic consultants say it is as revolutionary as home permanent Proven successful in thousands of cases. Trustworthy 40-year-old Mitchum Company stakes its reputation on its effectiveness and safety. Check with your physician if you desire. You must be satisfied after 30 days or receive complete refunU Know new skin loveliness — free of unsightly hair — by beginning to use the Pel/a- tron today. 12 50 The PELLATRON FOR MMOVINQ UNWANTED HAIR BREEN'S Neary Bldg. Naugatuck 9UILTED MATTRESS or Regular Firm "*• Why do more people sleep on Beautyrest than any other mattress in the world? Because Beautyrest's unique individually pocketed coils act independently, provide single bed comfort even in a double bed, give buoyant healthful body support. Because Beautyrest in the long run costs less to own, lasts 3 times longer than ordinary connected coil mattresses. See for yourself, try Beautyrest today. Twin or full size, quilted or regular tufted S79.50 Matching box spring at same low price •NAUfiATUCK 175-185 Church St. Open Friday Evenings Tel. 729-2251

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