The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1935
Page 2
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JLYTHKV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ru Social Calendar EVEfvli? Bridge olub Mrs ifarry Kirty Ji^nlof G A 's Pint Baptisl church meeting at church, ^ 30 p Slips Trick By to Make Seemingly Impossible Game .uu..u. i( Ladles' Aid society hl«el» ing with Mrs Rpfe GoWberf a|i<J Mrs K Harwqrj a.t Oscepla B p m Bible sludy o! Church of ChfW Kith Mrs o Q Qrs\*> a.1 S 30 Jumor High P IS A meetlnc, 3 p m following executive board meeting 2 30 p/m • io ,tme luric.ll. e, ot Mfc,{T meeting , f> E <? cha eorii meeting i "J Mshan at *! c THURSDAYS' EVENTS Mrs Charjes £ «M|e entertain. ing Thursday" Brld|e club Thursday Corilrsci dl(iU meeting v*iUi Mrs Q 0 Caudill ; jWd-Wtek C)ub meeflug with Mrs J Louis Cherrj U D C meeting ttith Mr, W T oberst Yarbro woman s missionary toe)Cly meeting with Mrs Zos Thompson SATURDAYS EVENTS Solution to Previous Contract fc t'^Ar^PKil t —,-.,, .,,..nlc3j) Bridge Ltigtie During lite (lilted pair championship iccently Ueh! il lhe Ho lei Pennsylvania" In New York City, a pair frojij. pj)|)adelp))i8*r Mrs Ralph c Young and Ch«il« porcn—made ah excellent shoiv- l"g They led tiie field ill the (ful of bolh the first FWC! bccorlrt sessions They slipped n trifle In fho final wtESlon, but neveithcfcbi finished tecond in the entire ftelii Todaj $ hand aptl> Shossb why lhe> usually win their home lour, hahients In Philadelphia arid al wuvt, menage to finish well up In any nmjoi tournament, Iliey c.ntcr The WddJng (s fairly seU-explsnu- torj perhdpi Mr Ooien fitting South would have preferred that hb,nmdier pass (he, Uo ' ' ''' JIM? *» "V° W<> n'm »'chance lo doil *"n We 'But 1 her three diamond bid cannot be criticized. She would Arm«rel B T iU. I, ' >»m« OJIicers ' Tfie senior and Intermediate ri v T U 6 of the Baptist^church al, Armorel Ijaie elected these ofli- cers for the new sear In (he «n- W group—M:« Bllll« Garner preslij-nt, Erntst Plckeps jr \lce president Mrs D R Garner -•^WgrPlMrj' B__0 Piekcra ReadeV,, 'fcarfcr, Mt»»i Mapjj, corrtspondln/( 5ec ' Miss Elsie, Mori top; ,%$rd relary, Haiold AiMfrSovi the 'Rci/ J fllufford - hig secretary o w f riiltf- treas- Urer MI W j ml .\ M»WS, Bible ', Reader leader » Misseb V/apdlric } flckens and Dons Anderson group ('icaplaail i Miss Margaret Prultl 1 leader « offered 03 the Re\ Braxton i,Oill pastor aim has betn 1 /!^ ill health foi some time Cla 5 i T)?e «• -. school • is meeting' thi* * eftnlng Tfc iaoi'lmweV' 1 ' '"^ S "» Y!Sl'"-i' - * * * Members of the Joca] P JS 0 Uorue ol Mrs T * G f, y 0 j i j i + 8 C J *7 I ' hd\o been very pjcaicd to the double Inasmuch as hci Iho, of Contract Prohkm Soulli is playing llje con- sct at four lioarts »H'J |ttn Hio jack of d|air)on<!s opening. Wliui pluy woulil gl*'t tho declarer the hfU chumo lo make Ilio muximum 'uuinlici- ot ' . J 103 A K ,] ) I) • • A K ," ' . V A K Cj'j 4 » 'i li S . . *A 7 B» Solnlion In ucxt HI sinall 'heart, was returned, Mr. Oorcn covered with the ten ami East, won with the jack, u snmll rtlaihoml .being discarded' from dummy... Wcc(, .led another heart, (lummy.'dlscardett a small.'club and declarer won with' (lie king. Mr. Gorcn now realized thnt. it tiio ncc of spades ;»-as In the West hand, ;(hc contract could not lie made; but li East, licid Ihc .ace of spades, which certainly appeared likely, due (o lils''no "inmip bid. lie could be given :i chance to make 11 mistiifce. Incfdeniiilly, diic „,„ „,„„,.,„,<, ,., 10 . o this no (rump bid, MY. qoren ycv, of Ciu-uthersville. look It for eranlcd.that fast also •('Mil Wllhelm; of Little held Uie • miecu of clubs. Upent. lust night here with Mr. Coreii. led. «' small cfuli (o nnd Mrs. Juke [luffii'iaii HIU| Uie king in dummy'mid their the ly cm-oulc'to SI. Louis "veij-of Made's. Es'jl played lim; will! 'flic;'king. ' '•'• •• • . The Jack^g'f jdiainonds vvus'now heir niece. Bits oj A/cit? Moslly Persona! ...,_ Mahel McKay returned ycstsrday from fit. Wills w)w she has been at, the bedside of her mother who underwent, i> mijjoi operation Tuesday at IJatncs hos- plat!. She is. slightly Improved. Mrs. W. B. Williams, who lias, been branding several months in points - of California^ will nrrlvc ionic svlthin u fevv"3ay!> Meyer croner is attending tli choc show In St. Louis. Miss Annie Laurie Collins haf .'aUniiod from Memphis where 6li6 spenl the holidays with relatives. U Ber'e^r is In St.'Louis allend ing (he 'shod show 'add ' buying stock lor his store 1 . .; Mr, iind Mrs. 'Marioiv Wceiusj of Lake'. City, 'Ark., were'.guests•' o Mrs, Wcems' father. J. ; .T. Collim Siinduy, "Ml 1 . Collins is crlllcallN ill. Mr. an'd Mrs, Jesse li.'Wcbb'anc son, of Earlc, : Ark., are in lhe cltj for n week. • • ', Alre. Cliiirlcs Row, '• who 'lia been 'visiting iir Mangfiim, 1 Okla Ims rio'w, gone to ClilldreSs losts fov- a visit. ' Miss -Margaret Moore Is 111 Iroii Infliicnzii. - . >••" Mrs. Lillic Michie. p'f-'MICola Mo.,--Is the (jiiest of Mis J H Flshei-'-and family toctaj Mr. and Mrs, A. Coiiway liav <;S their luncheon guests • toda Mrs. J. A. hlyrjs. and Mis Joe Hanson',"of Little Rock, nnd Mr:' Dyer Burg, n«d Mrs.- John 5n\ to' debla'ver'i taken. , u) e hand 'and liic finesse ' )]lhd V Mr.'cidrcn' ( ^ .---,, and 'o _.—,..,.(<!, Ule'rcby ninkliiij liis cpntruct— ii 'sceinlnglj; ''Impassible IQSh. '••'•.- l•>.; . . ' i . Sjkeele-Cootei ** AT v *T. . -, <•'' l ^Society -4-, P^fsona^ -t^.i.1-,' '- i' f •'^ ^ i Floyd bpiilh « . J|)ll at. FuUbh Clnirch or ..Olirist punduy mornlne inirt".evening' '• * Mix?i Tloln'n r*finAi.\^,A~ ~f /vJ..i • .~. EM«t ,6t i . honor nf a miscellaneous bridal 6«er in tltf Sle ? lfs- Afmory Fr| y rlisht when Mra Uyron ll^l and Mlssei-.Vcru-. Richards. ..unit Smith Mrs of Coole spent last weeK cm( )ie're 'as liucsi of'hcr' inqtlicr.". Mi'.'.and Mfe Cu'fV'\yilllaira Miinv&H 'In' 1 'fnU*' \'ri_i_ ; ' ' • «*Ce{nri(«» Birthday ' 'iioate-^fi lo no ... Capehnrl, of Hollnnd hui bcwi guest of 'hgiior at tcv [' cia| ifit^resling socidl evenli i reihpyell 'to' 1 ^llht', 'liilcli.; 'wliefc they*" will m'uii'c'; (h'c'ii-. homo': "' • ^Ir/.iviid Mrs. cleb'qiifi-Dtl 1 ryipv- ""'"" ;llic ; .pi) ,HI|;li- Cupiiles ed into.,their way '61' me lit visit b, -. ( Paris' last evil L attenZi h^ 11 , en l er i°( fled Wr u " d W» B^n* .; v ' 1 ! !p ™»S..*»tioycd . ,,t S of his friend" y *V ^ ^ rs » ° Steeie jr, Ma rl 1 U "J 0 » c ''n : -«s bookkeeper'. ' i Patricia Wise and Br,hhi n if E(l «*TOli Steclc Harold Steclc '. To l»mv CriiSvford 'has" relii " >o ^Patrjda wise and Bobbio Mo an d * Haijey won prizes In contests i f ), P °P . Com "alls ca-ke' 4nd Hoi , chocolati; vvu6 sened ' 1 i » t Women steel Uory '""' "' Greenville, ijiss *^ ^ /{ ' ^ i. ^ * '* . * Character Development Is P I A Tfcplb j hc ''?™ cler dev cloplnenl will be r= f" ^ ° f ' hC JallU ' lr y '""t mg of the lunlor High p I A M,l dnC « a> ,,"" ernoon " l •> OC '°A MISS Martha Jean Winburn will ?*2fL. l ?!?.. ReWfa " " f ClMracfer to Personality Personality mitt ! the .. E Cntz lo 111 SL after u Ms|t"vYith relatives here and in Ciiruthefsvme , Miss Keru tec Alexandel- left, Sunday lor her home fa St Louts tfflcr a. wetks visit here where She wxs maid of honor -it the Bigga-ft-Bnms wedding fuesdny gander Lucas who has been s patient, in ^t francos Hospital Capj Oirardcail w s iclurncd to his home hcio last week Mrs Aubre-y Shelton has purchased 'nick's Cafe' on -Main u -ires has arrtngSd several mvi itcal numbers for the program A meeting of the executive com mutee mil be h-M a . 730 0 clock in the Jumor High office to Uie home room having est represents lion of present.' , i * • « t*kc Sfreel W, U s Meeli Members' of the bc mothers Street »*, ,— l VIJli oaKc street MUstaiarj Society md al the church jesterday for a busme4 ses session and slmjy Mrs yf ir ~ **™ ^h! L sonES Thi 8aVVlh Prayer wllh and Mrs e scripture lesson by Dismissal — ..vpolrrer Mrs OeorR' • M! g vTr su £ rintenden( «««*. JS *', E T"?'"-. '«*> treasurer, vfn ft1? I 5 orrts ' *°$ A senii « M« rL° ^ mei - focal ^ or k tt. £y*t, 8 ^» nks '- superintend^ >X*j,^- P^M^r Mrs O T Sff$ l SL w !» 1 P te >te't C & tee,e , ... * 1 < < yj?- u ?o'nd left 3uiidu> :f or .../i*T liom* 'JO'.TuSciiloosa, Ain , »H*r speil(iing" the fall" here" «•'"'•' ecc Harold Steclc . rivor 'as reliirne, In! ° Eenc MQntil »S with >omc .after a visit wuu i, is , b ' ro thcr ' ' ' ,^ ° 0lOCk '" tlonor ot Mr ove:i- married on Jan "• .—••-. u >,^lb >>!UI IDS ther at 3an 'Antonio, Trans. Mrs, El. E. Docrncr ; wns 'called to Hollywood. Calif., Friday by the death of her mother, Mrs. D. Ren- b'an. • ^ ' Hayti Society-Personal .--, "'"< Mrs r A Ha 8! f,ir(J ui lertalnert with n eK o clock dinner Friday ovcnfng hi honor ot Miss Irene Buone Mr and Mrs Walter Biiley ot this city and Mrs Oscar B^llcy of Bljlheiillc lea o\tr the wccl V™ ! '° r a visit in Phoentio Arli With Mr and Mrs )L V Bailej a»(! Mrs Jennie Weaver Mrs Lox Olamblin aim I son Don of Blythtfville were gltcsls of friends herfc SaluYrtay lilgtit » Mrs Mary d Mardn sptut, I 1S 1 eck end ivith relatives In Cai uthersville John p Mejfus ol Cope Oh- Jiillus Kolin ot Kemiett was here irldas vtsUing ^Is brothers ' 111 nnrf Hiaman Kohl) v f Mi niid iHi-s, Wilbivi Slewnl o( [ufEi tOkh ind Mil frmii Lutliell of Dlythevllic Ark HCIL lhe gunits otyMmcs.. sicwnct nnd Luitrells brother "mul wife. Sir iind Mrs. Hueh Dorris nnd oilier icIiUlvc's. Mrs. 'Ola. atwiilill sjictif ' Jhc weck-cmt in Clia'ffec visiting. Mis O. Sta'nllcltf' ot that city. Khe rc- turlicd home Mqiio'ny. L. M. Halienbbck ^of Sikcston ivns ovr e wccl i, —..,,._ .„. u.^^.u.. »,. Phofintio Arli ''" H " 5 ' (l '•''riiursday nltcndlng l )L V Bailcv b ™l'>CM. •'••>• | lcle lias r,ecn C ma " lasc °' "^ Velch fllld clla f»o Burton Place December 25 Mr. nmt Mrs. Clocirroy.-Jonnson have us their guest this week' the formers mother, Mr*. Juluison ol Fornfclt, Mo. Ocorge Shtlllg of Cnpc ' Girnr- oeau was htre Saturday attending to business-and vislling with Carl Baskin. Able isBarkoyitZ, wlio is a auwcr.i at Southeast Missouri Teachers lhc hen Mr, Mr and Frank Allen Dan' 0 ( (hte «lu 3c ta 0e( 'UT OI Mr aud Mls H £ Doerner arrived home Ft I. lu n Barkovi'tz. ""' lleii Martin, Leonard Teastei n r -,*' . Sl » lmac l«f- students -.the. teachers college ,it Cap Qlrardeau,- s psn t the vvcek-eiu here .^tolling (!,eir patents, M, Mri •-' T ' " 4tU "' Mr antt Mrs. P. X. Shiimachcr, Sr. _R«ad Courier News Want Ads In \>,i.r ,r, "'"' la51 ' " eeK ena In Fulton, Miss, as guests of Mr B'ue . The !ic!t0erms 11 T°- K 1 rlj *?' !tc ^ r«5h;iet(cr, foot ilcti.-tlrigivai-m or eczema, covcrwith soo lung.Blue Star Ointment which eonlains tested medicine that melts, sn»Vs in quickly and kills the Itch, )• back tf first Jar falls. Mi Cjjj(lerella To Wed 0ern's Son . k~ Markets .NEW YOfiK, J3|i 8 (UP) _ ,otlon cloied steady open h.lsli low' close Jan 1258 1260 12S8 125S March 1263 1271 J262 1S59 May 1272 1280 1270 1378 July , im 1284 J274 1^81 126J 1265 1?(JO 1263 Dec 1265 1263 1263 1267 Spots closed steady at 1200, up 5. Closina Stock Prices MUW YORK, Jan. s (UP) - tcd-i moved irrtgularlj todaj jn Isht tu-ilns Carls trading was marled bv telluig of oil nlnr.' 4 by •" uarteis fiiehtciied by tho •court dEi'Jtioji nllmlnadiig fcd'-iat (,ontiol"ovci pioctuction :ils. steadied Intel on icwsii. inc-s from the oil stiles the decision did not mean heavj production oi illegal oil f A '1 and T jos 1,1 Anaconda Cgppei i^ Petrilehcm steel 3j i.'i W 1-1 1 1 2 171 1 i 37 1-J 22 1-i J3 3-1 12 8 1 J IS 1 I 20 3-4 5 1-i 15 t 1-8 10 1 8 ±i 7 e 30 1-8 121 1-1 35 3-a 4 \-i pAV. JANUAKY 8, 1935 , Cities, Serucc Coda Cola General Amcilcan Tank USnoul EJeLtnc Geiifral Motors Intefimftonal i{anester Mon{gon'<ry Waul ,, New york Cendal ,' Packard , ttillllps Petioleum <par]iD Coip /Si; Louis San Francisco Sipunonfi Beefs Slanclnid of N J TeVi-j (JO U S Smelting U' S Steel Chicago Wheat open high low close May 101 1-2 101 7 8 100. 1 4 (01 5 i July 04 04 3-8 93 1-8 93 7-8 In spite of effoits lo keep il IL id the; engagomenl of i Helen I ginia who tiolidays Wecjdiiig' Anhotihcricl oii Return from Hrjiieyriippn . STEjEt<B,. ^Io.' — , Aiiiiounceiiient become Known Miss CcCollam 15 Many FadoFS FlBUf an RJC'secietaiy and,was; wWd . u 8 c'crc'inohy' >ai : 'pll'lo -Alsbropk: ' by ' Brother ; U. S. .„,„, ol , his home al -'New JSiirv'ey 1 ;- Tlio only • -* 1 *---- 1 "'»- - •• - -' not inony llie ybijiHg '-c'ojiplc"; iefl"fov in. Miss., and lhe:vved(iins wau tiiuiomic'ed'')iiiti| 'tlieir''iituni yesterday. ••-,••.'••.:• u.: .:: ... ; The bi-ldc- Is 'flic oaughtcr l; o'' Mr. .1ml Mrs. T. W. Whitfield.'feiie was graduated, from Steels High' school. In 1939! nnd later was grad'- uatcd . frbm'v^raiighlin's Business collese. Mr. A|sbrook is a rfi]n- !£ler of (He Chinch of Christ •• li<i attended Hurdiiiiian • collcpc • ; ht Henderson, • Temv, '• and ' ^DSviij Upscoiuli college' at Nashville' Tenu. ills -parents live in Ala-' Mr, and Mrs. Alsurook will 'Ifvi; n steclo nnd he will work with the local Church of. Christ. • Hospital r\otes Admltied to tho Blythcviltc lio, Pita) Miss Mildred, Luig i (tv T V-Schoono\ei Brajg City Mo "'- T B Tate Steele Mo j mn citv Marvin COBVAlllfa Ore (i)i')-n lc n > one peUter^ctt nid r-ipechlly sc Iccfcd. ings irom prcton Inve bctn ent- to Ghirn s «herc thcj will b e " project In the ucrlciuluiil Im rovcmenl. program of coun- y. Ihey; were,fall pigs, represented leading breeds. a nt[ were In perfect physical condition, Surplus _ic jot, supply hore is src a t ,:i- »'nn Ihe (tanand. Local Al l,,,l"i s - . rnlor Cornelius J. Casey . he received only 37o for applications CARD W TUANK.s we wish. to._cx|)icss our I frieiids : wlio vk'cre „« . oricrines *'iii, g Ihe-miicsrand;,;/^ «calh'.bf Mrs. Lil|i c M " c „,,>, Special thanks arc givrfl t " iV,' t \ C X^ A ^ '*• ». C Tl'c (••miiily. CficS COLDS and r ,EI. '"'"I 666 Ltqnid - Table Is Salve'- Minutes DR. N. L CISSELL C3RAMUATJE Located al Bob Sales Stable, - t Phone 460 BIytlicvlllc, Alt. July . b >' Dml when he. was employed in Will HoM Seance = : On: Stage At Roxy \Ve'djiesday Night Stransc, wclrtji fanlasUi, events in Home Interior Plan Tone finish •urangemenl ana furnishings arc factors lhat raaVe for chum in th 3 interior scheme of the modern home The nide lange of beautiful and durable nntenal? avaiinWc (oday nf. moderate cost's, are * ' — j home o\vner « Jn v i>IannlrJg (lie mocterniiatioii of Jii old home or the construction of Mio at . . -, -,-.„»' «'t tho .. (hcrtter x .Wcdncsdiij uhen .—j.,. Sli'ah, Baha,, foremost investigator., of .physic ,phenomeni por- iriiys^ (lie,,;rc5ulis .of many search for. (he sccrcl.s of spiilt land.": -,, / :.'. lie protnises to present his, se- ance under the, glare of briliianl spot lights, affording his audience every, opportunity to ciisco\ei ,lhe means used to, briiis; forth .(hesc sdirljins .manifestations ,of an invisible realm." An im'esiigating committee of .local .people will occupy the platform throughout the performance, pledged to leveal at once any.evidence of trickery they may discover... Haja Shah Balm'does not claim cither to prove oi- . disprove the theories of spiritualism .but leaves it to his audience to draw their own conclusions. . He cl-vims to bo the only man in Amu lea for whom a governing body Ins recessed in order'thai he migh^ stage n seance. This is said lo tae been done In. 1933 when both houses of the Florida legis- mtirc suspended .operations lo attend his performances which were sUged in the home.. nnrt senate chamuei . Buys "Tnjs" for I3U Or KFNCON, O. <U.PI-D. R Stokes, fiimor has bought 1035 uulo'mo- bllei, license (ilatcs so tliat he can drive his 101-1 cnr dining lhe new' year..The new.tags made the 22nd yearly sol hp has bought for the machine during Hint many years' service. Chicago Corn open high , Ion closi 91 01 1-2' 00 1-2 !>1 li 86 5-8 86 J-» 85 J-4 80 5-1 Gusher Spouts Spites of Flame They'll Battle for Bridge Grown Houston" count J, Texas Fire, crews fought, vainly Joi more than'a \veek (o control lhe roaring blaze, whkh look a heavy toll r.-^ ' > Crow Indians Will-, ^ a nen home mteiesfc u<,uall> cen- en on tho t < CROW AGENCY, Mont. '(\SV)— Old< men, of (he Craw lilb'cr! await a no\el buffalo hunt, determined to see «hit the jomigei genera lions of Crows can do , a portion of,t|ic ydlon- .-. _ irfc bison Iierd\wa5 ; ,transplanted lo the CiowXresmaiion recently *e\eial steers* were shipped \\lth the cows and bulls Th thildren all living. There^was not D U f U i loom for tlle " l ' n "^>> °n iht rcg- OUnalO Hunt ul" form, so an extra -ihcct of paper was pasted.on. steers will be 6cer6 ""*' that we realize our drenm-i of ths ot'j joy nid liapplness- that ^ the home the backbone of our social, economic and uafionjl welfare Whether the home be small or --TSC. overs family hd-s Us o\\n Idsa b as to lit finish, design ai- rangemenf, and furnishings In producing the desired interior ef-i feels a great, variety of material!, of different, qualities, colors, fex lures, and, designs nny be used This makes for Individuality which le/tarte [lie taste and personality ol the Qvner . MELROSE. Mass. lulv _ city's -entire fire department weapons in an aboriginal the Indians' will bc IMS and arrows for , Older tribesmen -contend Hhe jounesters wont be able to bring rfown a single steei with cite shift as their forefathers iibed (o do Young bucks, out to piove (heir mettle, have accepted the • challenge. 1ACOMA Wash (UP) — Ihc United Mites gained in citizens when William Kiause Chehalis fuel dealer obtained his final pa- peis His applttttion showed ifl , sponderl lo Hiree alar Strengthened B\ Citdui A weakened condition, with piuis (UP) — This in her side and tack, was overcome by Mrs. J. S. Andrews, of rms, only to ,- -..»•„« luuj jjio, vtiiy LO discover that the blaze was beneath the hood of Waller Hayes' automobile. Hayes became so excited that he pulled three alarms nt'the same box before firemen arrived. Killcs were so scarce m Die Hussion army during the World Wai- thai soldiers were sent into battle unarmed, with instructions to arm themselves with the guns of (Oinraiics who hat! been killed, I continued '. to take It until I lad taken twelve bottles. I reel now that I am a well- womnn " WOMEN! Build up with the help )! Cardui, [or the monthly strain that nature has imposed. Many aches and pains go away iis nourishment of the whole Iwdy is improved...Thousands of WH- nen testify Cantui benefited them. If il docs not bcnclit YOU,' coii- i. — Adv. 2CP13 3 Doses of FoJey's Loosens Cough r ~~' ^ The Jnpancse are me most ex- perl wrestlers In llie world. ; . to folds TOxy pc 1 6CriOU3 fMj, Gtl 'BRAKES M Tl Warner Mounlniii Type Kl.KGl'KlC UKAKES for ;ill IjjR's nf Trailers, $190.50, Inslallcd. Ucndix ({. K. Koosfcr Donbld Line POWER BRAKES for all types of Trailers,- $210.50, Installed. Proper Inslnllafion-made by Nabors Trailer Co. Rcasonubid Tferins, If .Desired. L?;ra! Agents for NABORS TKA1LKKS ttionr. 811 bam ' . . . Ala., who says: "My after me to tvy 'Ca IF YOU ARE A PUSH-OVER FOR.WINTfeR'S ILLSj Aie >ou opp of those unfortunate individuals «ho stajs "mn down" arid miserdblo .ill winter \ongj Usually the tiouble is, that %our Iwdy lacks resistante (u combat thu dangerous germs of gutter illueja. Build up jour lieilth po\v«i uith vitamin A —science's grw'^bt weapon agaiiisl infectious germs. MCKESSON a VITAMIN CONCENTRATE TALLETS ot COB Livnt Oit, furnish your hoilv \itamm A in de- In.iou'i foini Also t|ie "tunsliinc" vitamin D, mil the neederl mineiilc, falcium and phosphorus Each tablet brings you all the vitamins in one teaspoonful of U S P X (rcsiscd 1034) Cod Liver Oil. Buy them at-any good "drug store. 51 per bottle of 100 tnb- lets. Begin today to protect health the vitamin way with McKESSON's VITAMIN'CONCENTRATE TABLETS.' CROQU'IGNOLE OIL UXU/VNTBEP ; WAVES •?l'iUp .-• -.None Belter Fiiigcr Wave - - 25u Barret Beauty Shop tail House mi Nff. Sfh To Win His Approval . . . Keep Clothes Fresh and Clean lhe Dri-Sheeii Way! ,• 4\pp>atjnte/{{mportantl And believe <ltor not, you caii'look j-our pccttic&c in your oldtil frocks when j-ou have rhcm cleaned by the DRI-SHBEN PftOCKS! ft makes silks look like new.. * imparts ailuscrous sheen and soft feel tbat wins iusunt admiration .. .and restores Itfc nnd freshness to garments! .'We. are licensed (o use this sensational new odorless method of dry cleaning ... arid will be sl»d lo demonstrate its effectiveness (o you. - • _ ,1^ D A RI-SM|N Fiocell em only M ' Aj t, * /k / ' ®i". u»J In « moJcmly ** & M/R. / VL\ Phone 180 BARNES' NU-WA' CLEApRS Aulhorlzcd Users oi the Dri-Stieeir Prdtess

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