Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on October 10, 1956 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1956
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, Slow Up Here Show Up There (Published D»Uy Except Su»d»y. Second CUu» Portage Paid At Naugatuck. Conn.) 176th Y<*r, Number 201 Dedicated To Community Public Service TUESDAY, AUGUST 29,1961 8 PAGES' Established 1885 Weather Cloudy, warm and humid with scattered showers or .thundershow- era this afternoon and ,'evening. Wednesday mostly sumy and continued warm. Temperature Midnight, 74; 3 a.m., 62; 6 a.m., 60; 9 a.m., 70; Noon 80. ' PRICE SEVEN CENTS Schedule Of Classes For Hillside School Pupils Released By Ruccto The schedule of classes for the I pils will report to the Tuttle School lard, Nancy Eckert, Litida Elnitsky HJttside School witft the places at 8:00 o'oJock.for the morning ses- Mary Evate,-Patricia .;Evron,;E where each student should repot •fter Labor Day has been releas« by Principal Robert Ruccio. The eighth grade classes will re port at 8 am for the > morning WSBion Al] eighth grade pupil whose-riames may have been omil ted/from the following lists and al eighth graders new to the schoo system should report to the Tuttle School at 8 a m for class assign ment, Mr Rucoio &aid Dismissa lime, for the eighth grade will be tit $2;30 pm. ^TJie *e«!fith grade classes wil report At 12-45 p m for the after noon session. ?AM .seventh grade pupils whose ramies have been omitted from the following lists and all seventh grafl «s new to the school system shouW-repont to the Tuttle School at 12:45 p.m. for class assignment he said. Dismissal time for.UK seventh grade will be -at 5 15 p.m. The following eigh'h grade pupi will report to the Congregational Church School at 8:00 o'clock'for (he morning session Allipupils new to the system are asked to Bring with them their birth certificate and report card, Mr Ruccio said ..,__ Joseph Adamaife Sharon Ambrose, Albert Andersen, Kathleen Anderson, Theodore Atvierson, Deborah Armstrong, E-iith Arnold, CBaudette Ashe D' > Assuncao, Joaquin Assuncao Carol Barteili, Peter BelleMi, Ahna Beneville. Gordon Berg, Paul Bertram, Ed waril Bontempo, Carl Borzencki Dojiria Brazycki. Nelson Brodeur. Jeffery Buell; Jstmes Bums, Angela CaptitOj .Raymond;Cardinal, Kevin Ca'ssidy, .Leonard- Chase, William CinnamonS, Arthur Clark, Richard Oil*, Wiiiiarri .Colangelo, 'Joseph Cprtellinb,' Raymond Crpce, Evelyn . Grycbeau, Jean Darmody, Kathleen Davey, Linda DeFranzo, LiniiavDella Valle, Linda Derry, David Detlefsen,' David Doody, Robin Dwy,., Bradford; Erickson. Suian Eyanclia, Donna Farrar, NsJncy. FarreU, '.Patricia Fowler, Sharon Gallagher, George Gibran, Elaine Gir-aldi,, Linda ••'.. Gomes, George' ; Goodwin, James' Grella, Warren Hess; Liiida Hibbard, .Nan- cy:«intkley, Peony Holt, Robert Hiimiston, David Isbell, Shawn Jalbent, Lynn' ; Jankowski, Susan Johnson, Jennifer, Jones; Rosemary J*fi*-B».**fc^gg. Tneodore Kosko; ... WiUiam Krayesfc/'Kriitlne Krell, Joanne LambefiBjiM;-,-Dennis La- Pernere; Barbara?liiSweli Wayne LillU, Paul Linc^lhyvHUaa Lppes end Christine Lowe/ ',-•''. : , ; Also: Donald Lubtnqa," Marianne Lucas,. Janet McKee, Gayfe Magas, John ..Maneoa,' -Kartii) ; Mannion, Lorelei. March, MicaeWj. March, Jose Marques, Albert ftiatulionis, Richard Melbourne,. .Patricia Mercer, Elaine'Mezzo, Elaine Michalski, GeralcHhe Migliozzif Bruce Miller, GeraMine Mpnahah, John Monahan',- 'Richard MoraSfci, Shirley Mbssj -Cheryl Mudri<!|c; Howard NaHey, Linda Obst, Marsha Olda- kbwski,-Susan Ostrander, Donald Q'TooIe, Elizabeth Pasho, Mary listl: 'Perock, Susan. Piurkowski, Josfeph Ramos, WilHam- Rio, Joseph jRobbiati, Paid Rosa, Helen Rose, -John San Angelo, Bonnie Sanford, Victor Santos,;sheryl Saxton, Patricia Scholan, Nancy Schumacher, Jeffrey Sebo'lao, Barbara SereUa, Lois Seversori, Joyce Sexton, Joy Sherman, Michael^Sigetti, Geraldine 'Sileo, Roger Simoes, Donalyn Slade, Oieryl Smith,' Edward Smolensk!, LireJa-i'Squatrig- lia, Bruce Stahl, Elizabeth Stauffer,'Carol Swick, Helga:Tieclmann, Joseph Tomkowicz, Diannc Totten, Bernice Triano, Naniiiy,' Triano, Ijrahk Urban, Jeffrey. .Valentine, DbhaJd Verbyla, Brfiida Vieira, Sharon Virge, EdvyjJM Walker, Thomas Walker, JNantfy falters, Lois Weyenhann, ' JoSnne White, Maroena. Wilcox,' : S!JelJy Wood, ' Marie Zaiko, 'Hehry Zapatka, Mar- iaiina Zeranskd .and Barbara Zib : lufc. sicn: Ro^nal d Adamski, Mary Ann Altiere, Jill Arcand, William Baldwin, John -Balzano, Thirzah Bendokas, June Blake, Craig Bian- ohard, Bruce Blasl Michael Bogis, Bruce iBrenia, Thomas Brewer, Linda Brich, David Brincbmann, Jane Brinckerhoff, Pamela Brodie, Kathleen Brown. James Burt, Charles Gabcceiras, Linda Carlson, Patri- .cia Cldela* James Crocker, Richard Cyr; Bradley Czaplicki, Mai- garet DeCarlo,.'- Barbara Delia Valle, Cyntma Donovan. Jeanine Dovell, Edward Duffy, Kelly Dul- leen Ford,. Christine./Fredericks Christine. (Jesseck, -Karer/ Gibran Karen Ginty, Nancy'Ginty,. lEilgen GrabowslS, Alan ( Graham,' Vincen Granahan, Dean Gratttnam', Rut Gribinas, Barbara '. Hanb6n,-:-L!rid Hedman,. Helen Hendzel/;.; Jodn Henry, Michael Hiries, Doroth Hoffman, Josephine Hreha, Jdh HunUey, Kathleen Hurley, Oandac Hyda Charles Jazina Robert Jen mngs, Walter JUraschka, Judith Kammsta Dorothy KerskJ, Donal Kirk, Linda Kfeiva, Dennis Koon (ConHnued on pa»e 8) Recent Retirees HAROLD WEISS WILLIAM SCHEITHE. JR. WILLIAM SCHEITHE, JE 9 Cotton Hollow and HAKKV O. WEISS 58 Hotehkiss Street, recently retired ., from Naugatuck ChemteaL Mr. Scheithe retired from the Mechanical Department with over 35 years of company service. A.testimonial in air. Scheithe's honor was held August 24 at the Christpforo Columbo Hall Mr. Weiss retired from the Synthetic Pilot plant with 16 years company service. . .': '.'. . . :.-'.' •.;''..'• •• • : Opinion Divided On Q uestionnaires Of Chamber . . * . _i°±i • Less Than Half Returned; To Study Matter With-JessJithan 50 percent.of the questionnaires returned, opinion is about evenly divided on whether or not, <Uie.Chamber of Commerce should *ake a stand on the possible closing of -the! New Haven P.ail- road station .in'.the borough, Cham- wr Executive .Vice President Cairl Jutterfoss said today. Those'.who",<lo not feel that a stand should,be taken do so on the pounds tnat i'f the railroad feels t necessary to close .the local sta- idn foiaid in ithe fight for finan- aT survival, there can be no reasonable grounds for protest, he aid. , • , Railroad officials ,in New Haven lave conceded that .the possibility closing ithe station has come under study biit said no definite lecision has been made as yet. Mr. Butterfoss said that at the present time there is no real sense if urgency and .that the Transpor- ation Committee 'will undoubtedly study the matter at its next regu- arly scheduled meeting Sept. 14. ' Presumably, Mr. Butterfoss said, the procedure involved in attempt- ng to close the station will be sim- lar to the closing of the local merican Express office, where a public hearing became necessary. .If 'the same situation arises, he added, the chambqr will have de- ermined its attitude and will °e prepared to make its stand when le time for testimony arrived. Rep. Edward McCarthy (D) has stated .that he is hopeful ithe station ian be retained in the borough be- of 'the' nature of the ierv- ccs provided to this and other area towns. "Recognizing the financial plight 'The following .eighth grade pu- of the .New Haven Railroad, hut _lso considering services provided to local and area residents, I hope that the station, will be" kept open if dt is at airpossible;'>B.ep,. McCarthy said. . x' •••";• -.•/; Under the rumoraffljah, passen- i •board the have io buy gers train here, buf tickets on the >trainV Information ,. a rid preservations would have to be.bbtajned from the . Waterbury office' 'of . .the ; sys- CD Training May Be Combined With Adult Education The Civil Defense training program may be combined' with the borough's adult education courses if Supt. of Schools,, Raymond K. Foley approves of the idea, it was announced today. CD Director Charles Clark and Adult Education Director Franklin Johnson-have,.,djscussed ~ the move but action vyill be deferred until Mr. Foley has a chance to study the problem; . Mr. Johnson did say, however, he could see where such a program would be mutually advantageous in that the; CD instructor could be paid through his program's funds,'and the schools receiving an increase in state aid. Mr. Clark-said he feels the program might be a.vgood .one, particularly since the-,'adult .program has the facilities for teaching these classes. - . .',,-V •:;.'." Decision Due decision as tp. whether or not. such a program is feasible should be made within the week, Mr.' Johnson .< said; adding he (Continued cm page g) At Camp Drum (National iJlMrd Photo) PREFABJNG TO LOAD a 105 Reeollless Rifle at the Camp Drum, N. Y., firing range are mem- ben of NaUMtw*'* Own, Company B, anti-tank squad. Left to right are SP4 Robert Rung, Sgt IVad leader. sK-4 Rdwarf Kloc, and PFC Raymond Anderson, the loader. The w« oM «Vwvoral brother t«*m* found In the company. : __;.^.^._^_ ; Special Display Of Accident Photos Slated A special display of police photo graphs of recent borough acci dents~wUl be shown by Identifica tion Officer Joseph Farren when the state's new Safety Mobile Uni visits the borough Thursday, it 1 announced by Police Chief The odore Klimasewski. The booth wil be incorporated into the state uni by Officer Farren. The trailer unit, operated by th State Police and the State Traffi Safety Commission will be on Th Green from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. arii Chief Klimasewski urges that al children and adults of tire borough visit the unit. He. said that "The unit's visi just before the Labor Day week end is especially timely. It. is als appropriate that ithe unit .will be here only a few days before th opening of schools. Having seen th unit, I am sure that it will be o great help to every man, worn an and child in the borough, wheth er a pedestrian or driver." Officer Farren will be at th unit al! day wHh two State'Troop ers and two officials of the Safety Commission. " .. . '" -". Beacon Falls... BloodmobHe To Visit Beacon Falls Oct. 27 DoroJby B. RyMnskJ O>rre»poodenl BEACON FALLS — A Red Cros: Blobdmobile sponsored by the Lions' jCliib of Beacon Falls wil arrive in town dctobe'r, 27. ' The mobile unit will be stationed at Laurel Ledge School that day rom 1:15 to 6 p.m. , The Lions' are informing resi dents now on the. arrival date oi the Bloodmobile, so that any resident in town who plans to give ilopd in the near-'future, .may do o on October 27. .Clambake successful Chairman Charles Gelmini and is committee served - 550, guests, ncluding local, surroun'ding towns and New Haven at the clambake leld last Sunday.- . j • He reported the affair*a tremendous success, for which he and his committee expressed their gratefulness to v -all Hhose attending. . ..Howard Einulst Fund Edward jurzynski and James Hurley announce, the meeting for "Howard .Enquist Fund" will held tonight at 8.p.m. in the "pwn'Hall.- AU men and women interested in aiding this cause are urged to itend this meeting.. ./ •--. • .- ' A $200 reward for information eading to the arrest and convic- ion of the hit-andVrun driver who ritically injured Constable En- uist has been posted by the Board f 'Selectmen. . Resumes Meeting The Loyal Daughters .of the nited Church will resume their monthly meetings Monday Sept. 11 t 8 p. m. in the Church Parlors. The officers are: President, Ethel Sullivan; vice-president, Ju- (Oontinned on page 8) Alarm Box To Be n Service Today Deputy Chief Domenlc DeCarlo announced this morning: that Fire Alarm Box 112, located at the foot of Ward St., which was temporarily out of order will be in service this sfternppn. Box 112 was among the Number One Circuit which was knocked out of service due to Saturday'? plectrlcal storm. All of the other boxes have been returned to service by Supt. of Fire Alarms John Currier. A box on Naugatuck Chemical Co. property was also out of service lue to the storm. xmples Bowling iroup To Meet The YMCA Couples Ivy League, Jowlers which bpitl Wednesday venings, will meet at the Y to- norrow at 7:30 p. m. to complete, lans for the current bowling sea- Mi... Pftsident Charles Johnson an- ounces that four more couples are ceded to complete the league, ny couples interested in bowling re asked to contact Mr. Johnson, -2869; Fred Mowrey, 9-7339 or . IE. Brown, 9-2425. The league • expects to open the eason Wednesday, Sept. 12 at :30 p. m. Births GOGGIN — A daughter, Eileen Mary, to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Goggin, North Barnes. St, Waterbury, August 25 in Waterbury Hospital. Mrs. Goggin is the former Laura Santarsiero. Mr. Goggin is a former Naugatuck resident. ,EE—A son, Mir-hael Joseph, to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Lee, Jr., Bjacon Falls, August 24 in IWa- terbury Hosipltal. Mrs. Lee is the former Jcanettc Y. Bergeron. MWODA^-A son, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Valvodn, Oxford, Aug. 23 in Griffin Hospital, Hold Fair For Jimmy Fund (News photo Jensen) •'-', FOticE CHIEF THEODORE KLIMASEWSKI is shown accepting $7 from four boys in the Deep- wood IM. area who staged a small Fair last Sunday for the Jimmy Fund. The hoys lire left to right, EredBorg, 67 beepwood Rd.; Terry O'Brien, 100 Dccpwood Rd.; Mark Van Allen. Unga Circle; and Paul Reeves, 78 Deepwood Rd. . Fishing Boat Sinks; Rescue All Passengers , BLOCK ISLAND, R; I. (UPI)— A,.fishihg party boat with 54 persons aboard sank today after a collision with a fishing trawler in bggy waters off this resort island. All persons were. rescued includ- ng five '.who were injured. The collision of the excursion ishing. boat. Joshua B and the rawler Anna Grace occurred near Southwest • Ledge Buoy in a thick :og." ; .„,The. Joshua .B, put of Montauk ?6uit, Long Island, New York, carried 49 summer fishermen and crew-.of'five. The skipper was dentified only as Capt Behan. The, Joshua B sank moments after ".the . collision. The Anna Grace and Coast Guard craft rescued ' the survivors,. Forty-four persons from the Jos- lua B were taken into port by he Anna .Grace. A Coast Guard mat look the injured to Old Harbor for treatment by a doctor. .Extent of the injuries was not mown immediately but none was >elieved seriously hurt. They were reated"; by Dr. Mauricio Golberg he' only physician on this island n Block Island Sound. The survivors were taken to a Block'Island hotel. 1 - Hotel officials said'some of the inglers were wet and-appeared dazed. They drank coffee and ate breakfast. (Continued on page 8) ThomastonDam To Be Thomaston Dam THOMASTON—UPI— Town fa- hers. were happy today, the Tiomaston Dam will remain the 'homaston Dam. Officials were notified Monday hat' the Senate's Public Works Committee changed its mind about laming the flood control dam on hie. Naugatuck River in honor of Charles L. Eyanson, first chairman .- i of . the Naugatuck Valley Uver Control Commission. Officials of this town wanted the to retain "Thomaslon" in Traditional Feast Of Sao Paio Da Torreira Slated Local Portuguese Families Celebrate This Weekend The traditional celebration in honor of the Feast of Sao Paio Da Torreira! planned by the Portuguese families of the borough will be held this weekend, it was announced by Manuel Medeiros, general chairman of the two day program. Festivities .will begin Saturday at 1 p.m. with a parade forming at St. Francis' Church, where 1 h e statue will be escorted to the Portuguese Club, "Rubber Ave. Participating in the parade will be Mayor Joseph C. Raytkwich, Jr., Crusader Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Naugaluck Police Department, the Naugatuck Fife and Drum Corps, Sons of Portugal Band, Danbury, champions of the Peter J. Foley Little League, champions of y the Union City Little League, a team sponsored by the Waterbury Portu- George Froehikh A Candidate; May Be Three-Way Race A second hat thrown into the Local 45 URW Union presidential elections by former President George Froehiich and reliable reports that incumbent Frank Hayden will seek a second term indicate that a tree way battle for the top spot is in the offing. The bi-ennial battle was started yesterday by another former president, Clifford Owen, who announced his candidacy and the intention to submit a full slate of officers, for the October elections. Later in'the day, Mr. Froehiich followed suit. The three will be battling for control of the borough largest local which has a membership of approximately 4,000. MANUEL MEDEIROS gucse Club and officials of the local Portuguese Club. The Danbury Portuguese Band ill present, a concert at the club which will last; until 1 a.m. Feature of the evening will be the awarding of prizes at 11 p.m. The celebration will continue Sunday with a Mass at St. Francis' Church at 11 a.m. At 1:30 p.m., a soccer game between the Naugatuck Sport Club anel a team 'rom Jamaica, N.Y., will he lieW at Recreation Field. Activities will climax with dancing at the club from 4 to 9 p.m. Members of the committee in addition to Mr. Medeiros are: John Pinho, Jr., -Joseph Olivicrn. Raul "Vlaia, Anthony Chipclo, Jacinlo Fidalgo Augusta Arrcsla and other members of the club. Civil War Threatens In Brazil Moderates Urge Acceptance Of Joao Goulart * By WILLIAM J. FOX United Press International .-. Brazil hovered between possible civil war and a peaceful handover of power 'today in the presidential succession struggle. Moderates urged calm, but Cuba's Fj- del Castro called on the Brazilian people to take up arms and fight. This was the situation: "' —The Brazilian Congress appeared ready to accept Vice President Joao Goulart as the cqn- constitntional success to resigned President Janio Quadras. But the ministers of the armed forces said they will now let Goulart return to Brazil for "security reasons.' Sources close to Goulart, now in Paris after a Far East trip, said he will return to take over the presidency when he receives the go-ahead from his own political party. Faces Arrest If he does, he is almost certain to be arrested by the military—who oppose him because of his leftist views that include closer ties with the Soviet Union, Communist China and Fidel Castro's Cuba. ' With that could come civil war, since there already have been calls to put Goulart- in office by force if necessary. . Castro is in the vanguard of this group, urging the Brazilian people to "take arms ..'. and take to the mountains, and jungles" to fight the military leaders who are trying to keep Goulart from becoming president; In a four-hour speech in Havana Castro said the Brazilians 'should emulate the example of Cuba Snd meet the foes of Goulart 'not ; in conventional battle but in guerrilla warfare." ' Call To Arms In Brazil itself, radio broadcasts in the southern provincial capital of Porto Alegre, main center of Goulart support, called ".on •the people to 'organize comriiit- tees to' defend civil order in Bra- ., . •<*•-'• ~. zil. The situation in Porto Alegre was obscure, as It Was elsewhere in Brazil where tight censorship was imposed on all news dispatches. Gov. Leonel Brizola of the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, who ib Goulart's brother-in-law and active supporter, barricaded the governor's palace and broadcast rallying calls for the vice } president. Delayed cable reports from Porto Alegre said Gen. Jose Machado Lopes, commander of the powerful 3rd Army, went to Bri- zola's palace Monday to present (Continued on page 8). . TO PLAY SOFTBALL The Naugatuck Hose, Hook and Ladder Softball Heam will play the Middlcbury Firp Department tonight at, G on Memorial Field, Middlebury. Armed Escort (NBA Radio • Telophoto) A BRITISH SOLDIER escorts a Went Berlin woman lo IIIT fiirm ov<:r » path which borders East Germany (at right), yesterday. There have boon reported Incidents in the jmst of Communist guards Berllners la the we*. ... v ...... Two Motorcyclists Arrested On Speed Charges today TITO .motorcyclists were arrested for speeding on.Ruober Ave., at 2 a.m. today by Officer James Hennessey Jr. Liaison Officer Michael 'Sharon reported that 'Andrew Kiiapik Jr., 1734 Thomaston Ave:, Waterbury, and John Lanon, TowanKc Hffl Rd., Oxford, were (traveling 50 MPH in a 25 MPH zone on Rubber Ave;. Released under $25 bonds each they are slated to appear in Circuit Court, Waterbury, on September 12. ' William Butkas, 412 Willow St.. Waterbury, was arrested at 5:45 p.m. yesterday by Officer John Smith on -a charge of intoxication. He is slated to appear In Circuit Court. Waterbury, today. Russell D. Dwy, 18. Candee R<J., vas arrested on a charge of speed- .ng by Patrolman Fred Ruggeri at 8:28 p.m..yesterday. Police report that young I>fy .vas entering New Haven Rd.-, from Warren Ave. when he narrowly missed a parked car. Officer .Ruggeri gave chase and clocked the youth at 70 MPH in a 40 MPH zone. Released under a 5100 pronrofy bond he is slated to appear in Circuit Court, Waterbury, on September 21. Most women an smart trough to osk o'man's adyk* but not dumbwwughtotoMit FOR TOPS In rerreahmflntA Winter 01 Slimmer, Try N*UC*UKk Mr? IM cnu —.

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