Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 30, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1896
Page 5
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11 . .nlap'sl.. : ! Celebrated Hats. 5ilk, Stid and 5oft. EARNED TWO Spring; Styles. EWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Ottos Were Not Shut Out by the Tlighty Spiders. SOME YELLOW PLAY Fisher and Kane Released--National League Games. AGAINST SABBATH BREAKING LOGANSPOfeT. . . INDIANA. 1 J CAPITAL S250.000. pres. W. W. Eons, Cash, okmeyer, Asst. Ca»h. DIBKCTORS: W. H. Bnnghnist, D?nnjs Dfct. F. II. Harwood, '/ W. T, Wilson. -ri ai; Its Departments promptly -. r( .uily tlono. * n " ,_I7to Customers and Stockholders Saf ltor. "" K*B«rve Fund maintained. The "Twin Comet" ana "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE ique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will iprlnkle four times, greater area than any •then. HlghMt award at the Chicago exposition. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, B»U Manufacurers, Sprlngflcld, Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware ftnd Rubber rt»ree in the United States. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :-: ... N>. 417 Market Street. r i Calls attended to promptly, day or •hlffht, , ;. Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Re»ldence, No. 121. )AILY JOURNAL, TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 1SOC. '•^foon't miss the hammock sale.—Trade ' Palace. . Born, to Mr.-and Mrs. Wm. Coons, a . ilaughter. ; McKiiiley and Hobart pictures ar , : Giffe's store. ' i. Clean -up -rt^ash goods sale now at the /Trade Palace.'• .. * Underwear for infants, children and 1 everyone.—Trade Palace. • 20-Cent organdies reduced to I2 1 /ic, All the new patterns.—The Bee Hive. More than, fifty tickets from Mouti- , ceUo to Logansport were sold Saturday. As ttstial we have the newest in shirt •waists. See the latest at '$2V».—Trade Palace. TJiien effects and fancy wash goods very low at the Bee Hive; 2i5c OT- nxUes for 12 ] /4c. Joseph Fromeyer has bought the E. Hall property, at No. 1C15 North •t tor ,«3,COO. 'be trolley wire broke on Wilkinson et yesterday morning and delayed iet cur traffic for one hour. • . fabash Plalndealer: Tlie Logausport 'abash Valley Gas company has but in use in Miami county and r s <vlH soon be abandoned. It Is now lling a new well on the Peru line. In rant county. Henry Kinder, a Howard county farmer, living near Russiaville, had a close call from lightning, a few evenings ago. .He was standing in the door- l ay of Ills residence, watching the in a bolt of lightning struck the screen and passed to him, striking just below the hips and passing down his legs. His pants and shoes were torn, from. Iilm and he was shocked and prostrated to the floor.' It is a wonder he was not instantly killed, Rev. E. L. Semans Directs his Shafts at Sunday Base Ball. •The Sabbath Was Created for Man, and Nut Man for the Sabbath," was the tliemo of a strong and pointed sermon on Sabbath deseu-nliou by the Rev. K. L. Seinaus of the r.ro-.;,'lway M. E. church Sunday night. The sxi-bjeet was announced, "The Cluu'eh vs. Sunday Base Ball." An iniorosted audience listened to rhe wholesome and .forcible truths advanced by tlio speaker. Mr. Semans favors the golden medium between (lie wide open Sunday and one that, would rest rift all .personal pleasure. The Puritanical observance is act his idea of tile proper tiling for the day. He wmld, however, make Sunday a time of rest and recreiiUon of mind and body. He would suspend all business on that day, and give it up to the worship of Cod. He would have no visiting, no slumber, no excessive eating. His position is flint .the holy day is brought into disrepute by Sunday base ball. While ho understands that the game is of itself a .manly and healthful one, lie urges the fact that the playing of the game on Sunday Is a violation of tlielaw, and said tha.t the officers, sworn to the execution of the law, had the P<x\ver -to stop the Sabbath desecration. The speaker referred ro the fact that hi other towns Sunday ball had been preTcufcd. He made an apponl to tiic ministers of the city, to the press and to the authorities to break up the Sunday games In I.ogiiiisport. As was expected, the Otu;s wen:- easy for Hie Cleveland?; Sunday. U. wus. uoc (hat there was nnythiiig particuliirry yellow about their playing, but simply fliar tiiey were so far onr-cJa.sSt'd' that the game was mere by^play for. the strongest 'learn i.u the N':it,iunal league. But the crowd wns a good-natured OIK; and forgave the lack of a!iility" ; ;bf. home lads displayed to hit "Lii.rie George's"' curve*!, for it was 10 see Onpp'y pitch' that they bad come. So for', th-r.ee. innings, as the Ottas <xnne--to,.{)ie plate- and stabbed wildly at vhe. air,.: sometimes; nwetlng tiie baJl as itv'amc-saiiing over (lw.> jilaito, but never for a goo'd-Ii-lt. the people in tin; grand stand applaivdcd ri-gorously. When tliese 'tlireti'injii-iigs liiad been jJnyeil, Cupjiy n-ti,red . a-iid Wallace went in rhe IKIX. :Tiie ,.first, j IDIMI up^l.!(.tle Willie Sli;jvnv-bir,-:i safe one, followed by one o!' the'same sort by Bolati, Then Ryers gT!t'iviiPil l 'a' ll 'i t tick and faced ilic luirfity Wa!!:u:e;'. net,' result, :i two-baggi-r ajid ;.\vo runs scored. That sec the faiiis going and tJiify.i'e.aJly thoii^iit. that the Ottos siood.'.a. : sho\v .10 win. But Mr. Wallace settled-his in'v'ot foot a ll'title mo:v lirmly in the ground.' took an extra eim/li in his l.ielt und' a tinner gr:i.*p of tlie ball, and. rh'c.sniff was o-ff. Two rtiiis!. and liotli of iheni earned! He dec-iiled that the fun -had gone far enough- and pitolR'd'Sall from that, on out. Tiio olliclnl score-was kept, bur \vlio cares to see the tally of rhe few Hits a-tid many errors made by. the home team. Horsley was .not .up.to. hi* usual forjii, either in• baUi-ng or fielding, and Kane at short had a num. ber of very off-color plays, -Tn; reality, it was a bettxT outcome thai) was hoped for, as many thought t3ie loeiiJs would bo shut out wi'tliou-t a smell at the.scor- ing. Following k5 rhe score by.-inning.-': Ottos 0 0 0-2-0 0.0-00--2 Olcyehuuls ..I 1 010 2 2- 2 0 '*—18 We are in the Fight, Too. ..(.. • 'i. Cost Not Considered, and this is not merely a figure of Speech but a fact ; We now include Patent Leather Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen in OIK Great Special Offer of CHOICE OF ANY FINEST TAN SHOES in our store for $2.98--CASH OR CREDIT—Ladies and Gen tlemen. These are the Handsomest Patent Leather Shoes in the city, and are worth $6. We are in this fight tc the finish and our customers can bank on it, flnthin^ Tnn nEN's HOMESPUN LINEN UUlUlllg, 1UU. SU [ T c WORTH Sq.oo FOR 1 FOR \ ITO KRAUS. CHOICE $2.98. OF COURSE, SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. HOW'S THIS! WD offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! P. J. Cbeney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F, J. Cheney for the last 13 years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all bus- Iness^transactloas and financially able to carry out any obligation -made by the firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholasale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting 1 directly upon the blood and KDOOUS surfaces of the system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Test''- -nln Is free. iflay xflou'ds CHANGE OF BASE. It is said that.A. C. Barnett, the proprietor of the Murdock bar room will occupy the building UOTV used by Wade Busli for a poo! room. The building will he made higher and an addition to the West -side will be bul't. It will be made a natural wood color and? will be very pretty when completed. When the JNIcholsou law was held constitutional, Mr. Barnett was compelled to give up hi* room in the Mnrdock. BASE BALL NOTES. George Cuppy a.c-nouiiced "to .a number of friends Sunday that he was-a married man, having wedded it Miss Carrie Mays of Cleveland, .Ttrne 10, ;:t that ei-ty. Mr. Cuppy visits with his parents yesterday leaving for Chicago early this morning, where he pitches Uie game today. O'Connor, the new left-ha tided pitcher, went In rhe box in t!i-(.> bc-ginnlmr of the seventh Liming, relieving Crosby, who was tiring perceptibly. Kokomo played Elwood at El'woodj Sunday, ami in the eighth inning, with- thojseore rlwee to three, a dispute-arose' over a decision by the .umpire,..-and the. Kokomos quit the field. The-game was. given to El wood. 0 to 0. ••• ' • •••'-• Elwood pJays here next.Saturday."hod! RoekrJlle Sunday ajjd Monday. . .; . Tliere were five hundred..paW.aduias-' sions at Sunday's game. The Gley.tia'u'ds .received •iflTC as ttowr-share.-.- -,••• . -•>-.. : The Boston Liglits playuTt-'Wlnfi'iiiae today a.iwl tomorrow. A i:a'ie of iff fot; tlie round trip has beeii 'Wt'yireil '.and I'here will be a mnnlx'r'c^'U^suppor.t.-j ers of Hi-e club accompany frt'oji' tlie irj.pl The team played <t he best club at R/jj|.ii Center Sunday, the 'score .sfcrud!u£ 2$ to 3 Jin favor of the Logausport boy?;Kane, the ex-Fr.. Wayne shortstop/is •now on ex-Otto as well.'"''i?o' fejVisIjer the pitcher. Both we.re[7"giy,eji'. Ok-ir tarn-Mug cards by Manager Keileivyes- ferday. • ,-- v.":.-::i,: A--,.' ! JOS. G. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN JLOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy A Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. fr S, If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- get My line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing i RIVERSIDE CLUB MEETING. The Riverside Cycling club held a regular meeting at.the club house hist niglit. The regular order of business was transacted. Eight new members were admitted. The club championship Mice and the ice cream festival will bo held some time in July. The next regular 'meeting will be held next Monday evening at S:30 o'clock. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DIV NOTICE Is hereby given that the annual meeting of stockholders of the Loganspon j and Burlington Turnpike Co., will be I held at the Council Chamber, Logans- i port, Ind., at 2 o'clock .p. m., on Saturday, July 4, 1SOG, for the election o' a Board of Directors for the ensuing year. S. L. TANGUY, Sec'y. NATIONAL • LEAGUE «iVSfEiSi-i ' Cleveland took -the first- ga'rntr'Vit^ the Clik-iigo-Clcvdaud series ."y.hwijjr Jay^a; Chicago. Today Ciippy,.".iiit9hes,-"-'a-ml Thormton will probobly be i.n..,1h(i.,])ox for the Colts. FftlJowing.are.tte.scores of yesterday"* games: .•'•.-:•'.;•--.'. j At Chicago—Cleveland't),'C_Mca;;6'>l '• At Baltl-more—Washiii,gi'oii :i S,/'Baltimore ](>. . '.. _ ..'. , ." : . At Boston—Phil:nlelpli-Ia.l3','..JBpstoii 0, At St. Louis—Piitsburp.8. St.-I.ouis f At Now York—Brociklyii. 2, • "New. York ~>. At LonfevHle—Ciuciunati -0, Louisville S. " .•' : CREAM ING mm ?ERFECT MADE. i of Tartar Powder. Fret i or any other adulterant Sta STANDING OF THE.CLUBS.. : Clubs Won Lost PerCt. Baltimore . .,', :.',C> .; CIevela.nO 34 • HE FOUND TROUBLE. . Bob Dempsy- was intoxicated and mean last evening and raised a row on Seventeeutli street. The police were telephoned for and Capt. Skolton went up and arrested him. He will have ii hearing before the Mayor this morning. BROWN-WOOD. 'Squive Laing bad n wedding at Ills office .mtcrday afternoon. Miss Rosa May Wood wa? made Mrs, Edward Brown. Tie young people are from Kenneth, ..'.....,, no : Basron ............ 33 Washington ....... 27 Piittsburg . .' ........ 29 PWladelph-ia ...:..-. 30 '' Chicago ........... 32 Brooklyn •.'. ........ '28- '. New York ......... 2J St. Louis , ', ........ 15-. ' ' 2S 30 ' 20-.' - Mrs. .W-jH, Cook is.-hore from Peru. •Mrs.'S. .i, Scott'f^ : vis!'ling at Pc'rrys- b.urg'. ." ',..';'.. ,"'_]'.. ,',"." Ma-rtin Frank.-Qf-.Glticag'o is here on business.'. •. -'-.^v'.V -.-if Mrs. E.'D'eBhryn^Kojis ha.? returne-1 fvora'Chicago.' .-..';V •',.',•/, • W., W. HarcMpiiiJ-was hero from •Liim.Tyesterday.r- •:••'• Dai and'Chhs..'Frazer lyere hero from Fowler. Sunday^.".../". -• j :.Jol:a :McCarty of-.;peru spent Sunday vtsiriug friends la'the' city. Atfornt-y Gdp.'/WaKers and family «peuit.'Suiiday"at'..'St!ii;. CJry, : '.R.I--A. .FcJker- and--T.-A. -Young of P.enrspeut Sunday.-In.this city. • Di ! i-S-ylvt«t.ei"Suttbn 'of Huniington was''t.i-;tlie'<:'ity-to PIK?IK] Sunday. "Mi's. D;"li. 'L';i}'tttii"of''il]inoi.s'Is vfeiit- ing -rhe family.of G..,AI. Conliill. Mrs. Dlck : TwWte and children are at St; .Toseiilk Mi-ch.y vis-Ming relatives. ' Jlf,.!and"JIrs, Chas. Parker'have as a guevst^jiss Maggie Whiite.of Chicago, •.. .'J?,. W.- >'!<:hols returned yesterday to Toledo, O.'iio. affer a sliort. visit here. 'Co]'.' Ti'vlwy ha," returned to hifi home at'Slijncie after a visit in Loga-usport. ,Be'it .Va-u'.ypoiyt and BernJe'Wood- nuui;of,'Moutioello.spent Suaiday here. ,-HiiiTy and. Ed-Miller of.PlytnouUi are tlie guests of. Mr. .and Mrs.. T.. P. Swi- giirt'. •• " : - - •'• '•'•"'' "•-" ; .M;ft.' M." W:"tiofit's and'Aiuguter Ag- •;o0^ ..'nes.'^ave^re'turii.od to'theii'.liome at Ko- :.r(3fl •'"'. (WO '.517 ~>lf, ,.45)1 -5,429,' .25'i DEATH OF COL. '. BRACK-ETT. Col, A. G..BracteftwtjMwu-.'.to. of the older residents bf-'ti^clty^' di«d-at Washington Saiurday:'" Tfre. deceased 'formerly Ured 'here,' apd.v.whsi a.. .member •-of.'.-.the . Thit<3;'"/-Ga\*Jilry; U.S.A. ' kqujip. ' .'.Sitougli of. •..'Richmond, is Tfel-tl ng her brothvr.vs-J'ra iik' Stough i n tht Claude nuiistbri " of'' Goodlimd;- was here,SundayrvEittii.g"liis aunt,' Mrs. J. the Logansport Reporter was in the city today. Mrs. Lehman anil children of Peru were the guests of the family of Jordan I-Jecht Sunday. F, M. Wipperman wejit to Richmond yesterday to attend the funeral of tlie late H. J. Hell-brink. The Misses Smith have returned to their home In Indianapolis after a pleasant visi-t witli relatives. Bloomiuji'tou World: C. 0. Strotber has returned from a business trip to Chicago aijd Log-ansjxirt- Miss Clnni Tay'ior of Union City will return home tonigM after a visit of several days with relatives. Mrs. D. H, Jackson and son of Wolcott are visiting the family O'f Mrs. H. A. Wilson of North rtreet. P. II. McGreevy and family of Peru attended .1 fam.ily reunion of Mc- Greevys in this ckr Sunday. Miss Bailie Roberts has returned to her home a,-t Anderson after a two weeks' visit with friends here. . Marlon Chronicle: Fred Laudis of Lo ransport was in the city today on business connected with the courts. Mrs. T'ri-Tcliard, a member of the choir in a Christian church in. Indianapolis is the guest of Mrs. Chas. Scrilwr of tills oily. Torre Haute Tribune: Mrs. Carrie Radaliangli. lias returned to Logansiwrt: after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKeen. Prof. Fred N. Jobuson of Seymour, Ind., i.s the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. D. Johnson of east High street, tills week. Peru Journal: Miss Ida Clifton is a guest of friends in Logansport... .Mrs. Will Charters and son David, are vlsit- Holy Angels? academy, 'returued'«)cr t:hdr home at, Chicago yesterday. Otto Robinson o-f GaJvostou visit«£ here Sunday. Pi'icber Crosby will visit hSs pararte at Indiaunpolis until Friday. Miss Pentecost of Ko-komo, who has been the guest of M5ss Nellie Moredoct of the Westside, has returned. Mrs. T. C. AuunbaJ, wjio has been vie- iting her aunt, Mrs. E. E. Nelson kft for Bellman, MaiTlaud, Tbtirsday. M. M. Gordon, Sol BiirkinrutL .tfjftc. Wallace Booth ha.ve returned -from a week's outiiug ju'aunp down Uie W-abash opposite Kemielh. Prof. A. H. Douglass and family went ' to Lake Maxinkuckee yestorday -ic spend sevenil weeks. They will occupy the A. P. .Ionics collage on Long Point W. D. Pnitit, Rev. J. C. KaufTman, Mr and Mrs. John Hailsback and Mrs. J. C. Edgewoilh aecompanjed the -re- iu.ii.ins of the hue H. .7. BcitbvinkiM Ric-hmond, Peru CliroiMele: aiarioji- ?! Herb Morse, Bob Turpen. Phi! D. and Antlio-uy Griggs will ride to gans]Kjrr tomorrow on tljeir wheel.-! see the Clwelauil natianal league...tj play the Ottos, 'PlfftniRaJer-. H. L. Daalel o ing Logausport friends. | Tbe Misses Mayme and Annie Staf'. s ford H'lio have been attending school THEIR DISPUTK POSTPONJ T\vo (juiirryiiien/ who iilve names as Kelly aixl Sullivan en town yesterday afteivnbou ami loading up with bad booae beeaj volved in a healed discussion a (o blows. Patrolman Wirwthn. pened along ami eseorte<l the-ni to counly biWMle. They will be gix ehainee today to tell M-ayor;MeKee tbev awoke Market street echoes. -The Our club held a regular b n.l«eting last nijrht at the club rooi icr business held the attention i

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