The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1955
Page 3
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WTONE8DAY. NOVEMBER 9, 19SS (ARK.T COUNTER PAGI THRCT Dangerous Mid-East Situation Grew from Visit of Shepilov By WIU.IAM L. RV'AN 4 AP Foreign News Analyst ! Only about three months ago. Western diplomats were expressing cautious hope for prospects of stability in the Middle East. ! Young Premier Nasser. m.uiy But on July 23. an tinporluntj \vestem observers speculate, does [ U jiy r e n ii zc the consequences of tne communist deal. By Arab U-hts this is not a swing to the | e f ti b utr a swing to "independ- e nce," an idea Soviet propaganda keeps to the forefront. The Corn- m unist anus deal is popular in Egypt and other Arab countries. M ore :HK | more, Egypt's leaders guest arrived in Cairo to help cele-j brate an anniversary of Egypt's! ami-Furouk revolution. | Shortly thereafter this guest had long conferences with ihe youthful premier, Gamel Abdel Nasser, and; other leaders of Egypt's Revolutionj Council. From that point on. the Middle! East situation grew steadily more|f ft jj j nlo [j lc Communist propagan dangerous. | da puitcrn. even though they speak The guest was Dmuri Troiunu-j O f wariness of world Communist vieh Shepilov, named just ft week, a j ms . \ n attempting to piny one before his Cairo visit as a secre-I o- rea t power bloc against the other tary of the Sovet Communistj ljie inexperienced Egyptian regime j party's ruling Central Commiuee.| h , playing with five. Though Ai'iibj He was once editor of Pravda and} j a nds jail their own Communists is regarded as a likoly future for-j aIK i outlaw ihe Communist party.. eiRii minister. i ihe Arabs cheer the purchase of j This same Shepilov. a couple of: Re d al - ms and apparently feel they) months previously, vowed in :'ij can h,^ their own against Red in-j speech that if it should be attacked I fjliraiion and domination. Nasser: the Soviet Union "wuh its ^trusty| appears to think along these lines.j Lionised early this year at the j Asian-African meeting in Indone-i sia, Nasser brought buck with him j a conviction that the West stood j only for colonialism and imperial-i ism and against selfdeLenninalion. j The, Arab world still had to be "liberated." Ambitious Program Nasser outlined an ambUiousl program. Among his goals was the! own words, of heavy war in- revolwion mnke Egypt the superior of Israel. "We believe." said Nasser to what must- have been the satisfac-i tton of Moscow, "there can be no freedom of dignity under the shad- rul-j ow of imperialism. It is therefore un- ailies in the dcmocnuic and colonial world will deal a shattering blow which will leave the capitalist world in rums." Means Con In Red "j:.rgon. means Communist. unist "democratic" As for the "colonial" world. Egypt and other Arab nation^ are considered part of it: Soviet reasoning lumps any backward or dependent country into the caiegcvr. It became! foundation, in his Shepilov's job to try to nail down' some "trusty allies" m that world. Egypt was a good starting point. For" "the first time the country, having thrown out the Europeanized hangers-on of the Farouk regime, was in the hands of men who might rightly be called -sons of the soil. The revolutionary were voting-, ambitiou "the nucleus of dustry" along with a of production" to STARR GAZING By BETTYC NELLE STARR Coirksr Newa SUM C*rretpon«leBl This was that day, Nov. 9, 1620 (he Pilgrims sighted Cape Cod, on that famous Mayi'lo'-er everybody's kin folks came over on. The abdication of Wilhelm II of Germany occurred on this date in 1918. The (Xsagcs ceded Arkansas and.'Missouri to ihe United States on Nov. 10, 1808. Pearl Hurhoi 1 WHS selected as Naval base on Nov. 11. 1909. Purely coincidental that Armistice Day came later on the same dale. Here's some thing I doubt you know about*. I for one didn't until Mrs. Ralph Berry man of Blyihe- ville passed it on to me. Each of the seven days of the week is deMgniued as a vM>bnth hy various nationalities and religions. For instance: Monday is Greek sabbath, Tuesday the Persians claim they are right. Wednesday is observed by the Assyrians. Thursday the Egyptians obsprve their sabbath, [he means of hiding boxes undw Ihe bed. Ask one who owns them. Did you hear the one about the I little boy telling his teacher about his dog? It seemed the dop was a great variety and when the teacher asked the breed the little boy said, ''Cocker Scandal." That reminds me of a woimn <n a record shop asking for "The Bollard of Betty Crocker." Head dourlw tfewt Cluwlfied Adj. was first , Turkish think they are 100 Nov '• ' right 12. '• b y observing- Friday, we all know ; the "Home Sweet. Home" sung at New York on 1823. Soldier-Sailor welfare work. ine Jewish observe Saturday was organized by YMCA on Nov , t i le .j r sabbath and of course our H; 1861. ! sabbath follows on Sunday. Mason and Dixon arrived for famous survey qn Nov. 15, 1703. Thev came to America to mark the " boundaries between Pennsyl- j ^ line that alter was named as the" ] northern boundary for slavery. Federal Reserve Bank system was opened on Nov. 16, 1914. Dust ruffles are | Before complaining about what j i you failed to get out of church j I sermon, stop and ask yourself what | } you look into it. 1 l" Pessimist: One who. wht-:i has i ; the choice of two evils, chooses I both. The gratitude of most people but a secret desire of receivi greater benefits. inevitable for us to fight imperi- skilled in government and foreign j alism." affairs jealous of their independ-j The Asian-Arab bloc in the Indo- ence and eager to make Egypt the { nesia meeting, said Nasser, was leader 01 the Arab world if not thej "free of imperialist purposes." whole world of Islam. 1 Therefore Egypt \vouid cooperate This government showed great 1 with that bloc. promise. Its leaders were military men. but men who had experienced By implication, imperialism was identified with the West, and West the war in Israel respected) —particularly the United States— the Israeli military punch. But the with Israel, which Nasser government was beset with all pledged to wipe off the map. sorts of internal problems WAC A'l HOME- —"MaiJ cal!" menus hupp.v reminders of family and friends everywhere in the Army. Here Private Nancy C. Lynch, Citnibridgr. Mass.. right, shares a letter with her room-mate, Cor- pi.nil Nancy L. Blffko. Palmerton. Fa., in their attractive quarters at the Women's Army Corps Center, Fort McCleUan, Ala. fracturing- her right ankle, hitting her in the eye and dousing her with a water hose alter a lovers' quarrel. Yesterday she testified she had LOS ANGELES '.^ — The charge; forgiven Thompson and they were 271 married in Tijuana, Mexico, last week. Defendant Weds Lady Officer ! The person who has fine, China is i | the most careful not 10 break the l {ine China of others. : | Remember that ac dishwashing time. I could never let anybody, wash my proud possessions who • didn't know the value of them. j When a person repeats a promise j over and over, he didn't mean to I keep it in the first place. [ U. S. Grant, said that labor dis-! graces no man: unfortunately you; occasionally find men disgrace la-! bor. . j Men have complained about the way of their wives' cooking, since' the time of Adam. STOPsiMPLE OiARRHEA Gel Fail, Soothing Keliel with PERCY MEDICINE Are All Cold Remedies Alike? No! For eiample, 666 i» the wide- activity medicine, which combine* 4 of the roost effective, widely-prescribed drugs known, to relieve a(l cold miseries sooner. 666 is more potent and gives positive, dramatic, rapid relief from miseries of all kinds of colds. That's why 666 is unsurpassed in effectiveness. Try it. No other cold remedy can maU'fi 666 liquid \ or 666 Cold Tablets. ;ss. i ry it. 666 lias against Join As matters stand Western ob- sheriff — w poverty-stricken and extremely na-1 servers believe Israel could stand [icd he liad tionalistic country. Total Independence \ The defeat of the Arab world at, the hands of Israel still smarted,; The chance to join the Sudan to Egypt in a lasting- union that might guarantee Egypt's interests in the Nile Waters for a long time to come was fading rapidly. The Sudanese seemed to prefer the prospect of total independence. Cairo apparently had ambitions to extend Us influence westward through Arab Africa, but the tools were inadequate. Hatred of Zionism was not so deep to the West. being only an enticing source of the word "liberation." Ceiro propaganda played ihe idea constantly into French North Africa. Then, by a single stroke, the Russians, after Shepilov's visit, injected an entirely new factor into the situation. Egypt could have arms in quantity from the off her Arab neighbors again, and in a showdown war actually drive them back and gain territory. Bui if the Arab nations set. modern equipment and have the trained personnel to use it. a war might be a different story. And such a war could well bur>' beyond (lie confines of the Arab Middle East. Ernest Thompson, assaulting a deputy The cornel n Dcakir s dismissed. He testi- larried the deputy, officer, Miss Lawan- l. had accused him of An early iorm 01 me hammer] was used as a. medieval \veapon. ; according to the Encyclopedia Eritannica. Newman Named To Library Post LITTLE ROCK '.-?- — Gov, Orva! Pali bus yesterday appointed John R, Newman. Harrison newspaper editor, to the Stale Libniry Commission. He succeeds the lale D. L. Kirksey of Rogers. Faubus also appointed J. A, West Com- 1 of El Dorado to the advisory coin- Soviet fighters. 100 Russian tanks, | miuee for Arkansas' Indusirializn- a half dozen .submarines, quantities! tion program. West is the 99th per of artillery and other arms — all at! son named to the group. One more fantastically cuirate prices. Wheth-j appointment will be made to round er this equipment was castoff andj out the full 100-msm membership, obsolete from European stand-1 -- - - - — — — •points hardly mattered. It could tip the balance in the Middle East. Promise of Anns More than that, there was a promise of Communist arms lor other states thirsting for revenge on Israel. There would remain only the problem of training Arabs to use modern arms. Red bloc technicians are doing that now. 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