The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 8, 1915 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1915
Page 9
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFCfflNIAN- -FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1015. ii i. ii Hi, 1 ~rtr . lifij-i. MAY BE SENI10 Reckless to Be Put lo Work With Trump and Vagrant it' Plan Carries. "The Clansman" Opens Sunday, Opera House •*.*.** ***** ***** ***** Costliest Motion Picture Drama Ever Produced . LOS ANGI3LI3S, Oct. S.—Plans for tlio establishment, of u city rock pile where persons found guilty of reckless automobile driving may be given work Kplitting rock along with tlx.! tramp and vagrant are now being considered by the finance committee of the city council, according to the announcement of President M. I'\ lletkouskl yesterday. The plan lias boon approved by Chief Snively and Mayor Sebastian and it simply remains now for the finance committee to devise, ways ami means of providing the necessary funds to carry out the project. In making the announcement yesterday, Mr. Betkouski said: "The finance committee is now considering the plan and we propose to resort to N drastie measures, to put a stop to reckless driving in Los Angeles. The rr-vk pile will be a good place for those person? who insist on speeding over people without any regard for life or limb, and escaping. Those are just the fellows that we are after, and we will ask the police court judges to sentence such persons to the rock pile. After "Spooners." "We propose to get after the spoon­ ers also who insist, on trying to drive a machine with one arm andjiug some girl around the waist with the other, it would do some of these spooners good to have to work a few days on the rock pile." At the suggestion of Mayor Sebastian, tlie Piijiee. Commission yesterday decided to urge the city council to provide the police department with twenty-five additional motorcycle officers to run down and catch all violators of the ypiiud laws. Surplus From Fines. During the last year twelve motorcycle officers have been employed by the city. Fines resulting from arrests made by them-has aggregated approximately $l',r.OO per month. The expense of maintaining the squad lias t jen about $l,ii()0 leaving a surplus to the city of about $800. In a letter directed to the City Council Snively says that the additional twenty-five men would be self-supporting. Snively points out that of the 12,000 persons treated for accidents in the receiving hospital 9,000 have sustained their injuries in motor vehicle collisions. Chief Snively's recommendation that the council be asked to adopt an ordinance compelling all garages to report the names and addresses of persons having automobiles repaired from time to time was also.approved, by..the.^commission by a ""unanimous" vote" The council will be urged to adopt the proposed ordinance at the earliest possible date. IN SAN FRANCISCO STOP AT CARTWMGHT HOTEL Sutter Street, West of Powell I he Neweit, Most R? fined and Outermost of San frandsco Hotels ISO RliOMS. EACH Wlltl PA It! RATES, Room and Bath, $1,50 a Day Up Large Dieting Room, Seating Four Hundred Brcakiat 5i'c Lunch '!0r Dinner 75c UNIVERSAL BUS MErTS AIL TRAINS AND STEAMERS Or take Car: Nos. 1, 2 or 3 at ferry Alhambra Hotel APARTMENTS 150 ROOMS 360 GTABT STREET San Franciiro's only apartment house giving hotel service Two and Ihr.T Room Apartments by the Day, Wei* or Monlti Rates Reasonable Take G?ary Sired Cn.- at ferry • ' • J. tt . PLUNKETT, Ma n a K c r •^==c -======r:-== PEACHEY PLUG "Union Made" Cigars, Tobaccoes and Cigarettes Wholesale and Retail DEL MONTE CIGAR STAND—1919 Chester Ave. s TIED UP BY SLIDE A Considerable Portion Is in Holiday Goods For San Francisco. Usin'g Mirror, Man Shoots Self in Head ALAMEDA, Oct. S.—Using a mirror to guide his aim, a man believed from papers, in his pocket to be George Irwin Davis of Saco, Me., shot himself i through the head here yesterday. | Cards in his pocket indicated that lie had been interested in Mexican land deals and he also bore a membership card in a Minneapolis Temple of the Mystic Shrine. A card also directed the authorities" to notify his brother, Frank Davis, at Santa Paula,' Cal. He is in an unconscious condi-' tion and has a bare chance of life, ac-j cording to physicians at the emergency hospital. $10,000,000 Fireat Bombay Reported BERLIN, Oct. S, (By Wireless to Sayville, N. V.)—"It is reported from ( Bombay that a great fire occurred on' Sbptember ti in cotton warehouses causing.a loss of $10,000,000," says the Overseas News Agency. " | "This was the third fire of the kind , during the present season. The result of Investigations of these fires has not been made public. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8.— Indicative of the great importance of the Panama canal as a commercial artery comes the statement that 400,000 tons of freight, destined for San Francisco and the Pacific Coast, are tied up in the Panama canal as the result of the worst slide in the history of the great ditch and it is expected that it will be later than November 1 before traffic will be resumed. The American-Hawaiian Steamship .Company of San. Francisco has *even ships tied up by the great slide, a large number of which carry holiday goods consigned to San Francisco. The local offices of the company are awaiting orders from New York as to the final disposition of the shipments. The Luckenbach Company, with local offices here, has three ships tied up. Orders were received here to the effect that the goods would be transshipped by railway from Colon to Balboa and thence by the Luckenbach .steamers to San Francisco. In all it is estimated that there ts in excess of 400,000 tons of freight tied up in SO ships, bound north and south, through the canal. Of this amount it is considered impossible to trans-ship more than a small portion. This will result in most of the ships being tied up until such a time as the slide of last Saturday night is removed. According to.the latest dispatches received in the local offices of steamship companies, more than 1,000,000 cubic yards of earth must be removed before the channel is again deep enough to permit, the passage of the ships'. This work has been started and according to government advices it is not expected that it can be completed before the middle of November. In most cases the loss, brought about by the slide will be borne by the operating companies, as in each charter there is a provision which covers the possibility of a slide in the canal. T^ 1 ^ OLD MAN MILEAGE. OUR STAR SALESMAN (o. Ml B.LWtSUt RU3BCB CO. He is the personification of the quality and workmanship thar goes into REPUBLIC SXAGGARD TREAD* TIRES R. R. EACHUS Cor. I & 20th Sts. Poison Vapors Cause Greatest Mortality NEW YORK, Oct. 8.—Wounds poisoned by the deadly gases used in the bombs of the belligerents in Europe have caused the greatest mortality in the present war, according to Dr. Merritt Foote, of Richmond, Hill, L. 1., who returned home today. Dr. Foote said: "The gas develops in the wound a bacillus which thrives and spreads rapidly. An hour or so after being wounded it may be necessary to amputate a wounded man's leg at the ankle to prevent the deadly bacillus from making headway. Death has frequently been due to the spread of the bacillus and not to the wound itself. "I saw one man who had been shot in the side. His liver showed the presence of gas bacillus. An incision was made in that organ and the liver washed with sodium hypochloride. The man recovered." Philippine Gov't May Buy Railroad MANILA, Oct. 8.—The government of the Philippines is said to he negotiating for the purchase of the Manila railroad, the stock of which is now held c, ielly by a syndicate headed by Jas. Speyer, the New York banker. One Acre of Land Sells For $6000 RICHMOND, Oct. 8.—Six thousand dollars will be- paid by the city of Richmond to secure one acre of land at Twenty-third street and Macdonsild avenue, owned by the San Francisco) Oakland Terminal Railway Company. The land is needed for the widening of Twenty-third street. "The Clansman" will open at the Bakersfield Opera House Sunday evening, October 101 This production in twelve reels was directed by D. W. Griffith, the world's foremost motion piccture producer. It is an adaptation from Thos. Dixon, Jr's. popular novel of the same name, and is the costliest motion picture ever produced. "The Clansman" deals with the civil war period. It shows the causes that led up lo this conflict and carries the spectator through the war. In "The Clansman" are shown the most marvelous battle scenes that have ever been staged. The seige before Petersburg, with thousands of soldiers in action, is realistically shown in the picture. The battlefields were laid out and trenches dug under the direct supervision of seven G. A. R. army veterans who took part in the original conflict. These veterans, two of whom, were commissioned officers, remained with Mr. Griffith during the entire pe : Hod that the scenes were being staged, Artillery duels, in which explosive shells are hurled by both the Northern and Southern troops, from huge mo- tars, are shown in motion pictures for the first time in "The Clansman". The artillery used is the same that was used during the Civil War, and - was borrowed from the United States gov-, "eminent for the occasion. The explosive blank shells used in the motors were constructed especially for these big guns. by an expert fireworks manufacturer. More than 500 of these shells, are used in the battle scenes. They 'cost thousands of dollars. In directing the battle scenes, Mr. Griffith used field telephones, flag sig­ nals, field couriers and even a captive balloon. The methods were not used as part of the army equipment, but were merely used by Mr. Griffith in staging the production. He used the modern war methods to better execute the methods of,"186MS0G. The artillery duels present one of the most striking features of-the picture. "The Clansman" describes the organization andmotives of the famous Kit Klux Klani and shows more than two thousand of these white-hooded riders in their raids on the negroes. General Sherman's hlstorhil march to the sea, togteher'with the burning of tlie entire city* of Atlanta, is shown in the picture. The burning of Atlanta is shown at night. ' The entire city, with its countless number of buildings and dwelling is shown <n the destruction. A terrific battle between Ku Klux riders and negro troops provides another thrilling feature. The assassination of President Lincoln by Wilkes Booth, is shown for the first time in the history of motion pictures. Tne mini scenes of "The Clansman" provide the most powerful sermons that ' could possibly, be preached against the horrors ofc war. "The Clansman" is presented by an all-star cast, including Henry Walthall, Mae Marsh, Miriam Cooper, Josephine CTOWCII , Spottiswoode" 'Aitlcen, "Ralph Lewis, Lillian Gish, Elmer Clifton, Robert Harrpn, George Seigman, Walter Long, Mary Alden, Joseph Hennebery, Sam de Grasse, Howard Gaye, Donald Crisp, Win, DeVaull and Jennie Lee. Owing to the length of the program, the curtain will raise promptly at 8:15 evenings and 2:15 matinees. British Steamer Is Sunk; 20 Survive LONDON, Oct. 8.---The sinking of the Britisli steamer Arabian was announced here today. Twenty survivors of the Arabian's crew were landed. A dispatch from Atliens by way of ; Paris on Tuesday last told of the tor-! pedoing of the British steamship Arabia, en route from London to Piraeus, Greece, by an Austrian submarine. It was assumed at the time that the vessel referred to today was the steamer Arabian of 12,745 tons which left Ixmdon September 5 for Malta, Piraeus and Saloniki. Merchant Protests Against State Laws OAKLAND, Oct. 8.—"Excess of un­ businesslike legislation is constantly harassing merchants and other businessmen in the legislature," aid H. O. Capwell, Oakland merchant, in an address today on "Problems," before the convention of the California Retail Grocers and Merchants' Association. Clias. G. Johnson, state superintendent of weights and measures, promised the grocers his help in fighting their case if they refused to pay for the weight of paper and string on packages of ham and other meat put up by packers. All National Guard Medicos May Resign SACRAMENTO, Oct. S.—All of the medical officers in the National Guard of California, numbering 26, are contemplating resigning because of the recent discovery that they would have no standing in case of war. This is the statement of Captain E. S. Loizeaux of Sacramento, connected with the medical corps of the second infantry and city bacterialogist. The medical officers have just learned from the office of the chief of the division of military affairs in Washington, that, unlike other officers of tlie organized militia they would liavo to lake a mental examination to get into the service, in case of hostilities and then they would he admitted only to tlie medical reserve corps as first lieutenants, In any event all those above the rank of lieutenant would be reduced.- San Francisco Hotels Oakland Carmen to Meet on Sunday OAKLAND, Oct. S. — Threatened strike situation on-the lines of the San Francisco-Oakland terminal railways was quiet today and will remain so until 2:DO o'clock next Sunday when a general meeting of the Carmen's union, will be held in the municipal auditorium and a second strike vote taken. Word is now being awaited from President VV. D. Mahon of the International Union, who has been asked to :ome to Oakland and take charge of the local situation. Burbank Decries "Over-EdUcation" OAKLAND, Oct. «.—"The greatest danger to child life is over-education, the work of wrecking the nervous systems of tiie children of the United States is well under way." ' So declared Luther Burbank, scientist and creator of new plant life, at the Congress of Social Workers held hero today. Rev. Francis Van Horn, of Oakland; Lillian Matthews, Children's Agent; Beatrice McCall, secretary of the Oakland Women's Protective Bureau, and Judge Willis Brown, of Salt Lake City, were other speakers, dealing with child welfare topics. IN SAN FRANCISCO STOP AT Winchester Hotel Third and Market Streets Most Centrally Located Close to Thentro mill Slioppini; District 600 single and family rooms 200 baths FREE for Ruests Rooms 75c per day and up FREE BUS to ami from all depots and ferries Rolkins & ShnrR^- - Proprietors Chus. Bushy ---- Ma.iujj«r SAN FRANCISCO APARTMENTS Spend your money seeing the Exposition rather than for hotels. Live in an apartment, do your own cooking, if you wish. In any of our six large apartment houses, completely furnished, you can rent an apartment of two or three rooms at $15 a week and up. They accommodate three to five persons. That's almost as little expense »s living at home. There's a folder telling all about these good hotel-apartments we'd be glad to send upon request. The money you save in this way will He good for other purposes. Write for Uie folder—lt'» free apartment Investment Co. I 571'osc Sircct Sin Francisco Pnv rcnl -mid be miserable, buy'a home in Hie KRUSivTRACT and be happy. To Trade—10 acre ranch Jour miles soulh with Kern Island waler, .smallTamiJy orchard and vineyard. Some alfalfa. This is a regular snap. Price $2500. Half cash, balance..Jong time loan or will trade equity for city properly. C-Bloemer or'. Jacob Thomas 301 19th Street Phone 318-W . "Co* t EXCLUSIVE OPTICIANS 1513 19th St., BaKersfleld, Cal. Southern Grill Our 25c, 35c, 50c MERCANTILE LUNCH Is Deservedly Popular Quick Service Appetizing Dishes Coolest Dining Room in Town' Served From 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. L. R. COOK LESSEE MAKE YOUR SANDWICHES with our bread next time. You'll find it cuts easily into thin, even slices without crumbling or breaking. Besides, our bread's flavor adds toothsomeness to the sandwich. Mix sandwiches made with our bread and those made with ordinary baking and you'll see your guests pick out our bread sandwiches every time. ASHT0N BAKING CO. 19th and I Streets Bricks Plaster Lime, Crushed Rock Cement Fertilizer BAKERSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK CO. James Curran, Mgr. Phone 402-J and 403. Office, Yard and Warehouse—ONE block South from 19th St. car line, Cor. Sonora and Eureka Sts. Coming Again •^Dr. H. Ehrlich^ The well -known German Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, from San': Francisco, who has been visiting •Balc- ersfleld for the last 15 years, and successfully cured by MB latest painless methods the most 'stubborn Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Troubles, will make his next visit to BAKERSFIELD Friday, October 8,1915 New Southern Hotel, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. One Day In Each Month' Catarrh in any j(orm of the Head, throat, Stomach, Bowels and Deafness, Positively Cured by my new painless method. Polypi, tumors of the nose, enlarged tonsils, granulated •• sore throat, loss of voicci all diseases of the Lungs, Nose and Throat, quickly and permanently ... cured/ Noises in the Head stopped; discharging ears cured in every catae. Come and see me. 1 can tell you whether your Case is curable or not. Write to Your Friends and Go Early Consultation FREE SALTS FOR THE KIDNEYS IF YOUR RACK We Should Drink Lots of Water and £at Less Meat, Says Noted Authority on Kidney Disorders -i Recommends a Spoonful of Jad Salts hi Glass of Water Before Breakfast to Stimulate Kidneys and Eliminate the Uric Acid Uric acid in meat excites the kidneys, they become overworked, get sluggish, ache, and feel like lumps of lead. The urine becomes cloudy, the bladder is irritated, and you may be obliged to seek relief two or three times during the night. When the kidneys clog you must help them flush off the body's urinous waste or you'll be a real sick person shortly, t At first you feel a dull misery in the kidney region, you suffer from backache, sick headache, dizziness, stomach gets sour, tongue coated and you feel rheumatic twinges when the weather is bad. *> ' Eat less meat, drink lots of water; also get from any pharmacist four ounces of Jad Salts; .lake a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This famous salts is made frotn the acid of grapes and lemon juice, Combined with lithia, and has been used for generations to clean clogged kidneys and stimulate them to normal activity, also to neutralize the acids in urine, so it no longer is a source of irritation, thus ending bladder weakness. Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot injure, makes a delightful effervescent lithia-water drink which everyone should take now and then to keep the kidneys clean and active. Druggists here say they sell lots of Jad Salts to folks who believe in overcoming kidney trouble while it is onty trouble.. ^ '

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