The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE Sis'. Four Teams Play Once A \Vcck In Race For Cily Crosvn nv .1. P. rninvn After an absence of several M.irs. Hie Cily DnsketUall Lrngiie \\M npm It's schedule Tuesday evening at Hie National Oiiara rtrmon'. Tlie game \v(ll slait ul 7 Pairings for (he opening .session finds East Arkansas Builders Supply uiUcii nBainst Jeff Koltintl's Booti'iy live, and Terry's Service Station locklim linrns with Pastime ffilliiml Parlor. The League Is composed of but Hie four teams. The '.schedule calls for Hine week's play, each team playing tho others three tlmo.s. Only one night a week will names be played, every Tuesday. For the game each manager will be flowed twelve plnyer.s. Afterwards fhe number must lie trimmed to ten. No member of [mother team will be nllmvert to transfer without it release. Tn the disc of the release of n player, Die team lowest in tho• standing will have bld : for his services. I'ilsl Arkansas I'llvorilc All the tennis ]innn strong In practice. Fans who IIUTO \rn-n ub- .•civliiB them daily nx they K<) thrmigli their workmiUi liavc jnudi- the Rnst Arkansas Huiklns .Supply sllglit IrivuriU's dm? lo (he nli-e balance and the flnr .slunvlng of Keimeth Brit, stniullng .sis feet r , iiielies, the former r,pi'ln g ni>ld pro .scm, hns hreii sensallonnl with his shooting. The builders are bank- Ing strongly on him. The lemulii- <Ici of the team likely will be composed of Clarence Webb (Bly- Iheville high), nnd | Dick Polier (Memphts High Tech), forwards; John Holland (lilylheville- high) nnd Bud Wilson I Ulyihevillc hlgln guards. Others on the list include: W. B. Gilbert (Texnrirann Jr. college) and Harmon Tnylor (Van- derblli). Roland's Uootery team also has many pre'-season followers. They contend that Glenn Harris, siiccdy guard, who earned three letters ns :t member of Uncle Sam's lighting Tones tn the Philippines, Chatlcs "Peanuts" Brogdon, Max Christian, ivfnishall Hlackanl, Jimmy Lee fliooks, Carl Rylee, Benmnl McAfee, all former bearers of Maroon nnd White colors; Lcc MctUIn, elongated center , who ployed witli Arkni).5.i.<; College; "Roostcer" 'Warrington, and Oilcll Feiitherstone, who did ihplr b,i.s-kelecrliig for Wilson, are going lo make a hard way to «o for thp oilier i)ir ( ><> teams. rasfiratrs Have tlianls Sporting such giants as' W. n "Tiny" Glover, Coaches Carney Leslie (Alabama) and James "Ace" .Pnckell (Arkansas Stale College), Wall, u six foot three inch center' who did his "stuff while In the •flrmy in Kansas, "Hock" Snlluji's Pastime crew Sre expected lo make their 'presence felt within the ' family" circle. Tile ' other lesscr- HsW-s, physically speaking, arc Cage Coach Shows How to PiVbr^ass Cage Expert Discusses Proposed Rule Changes; f-)l<cs Tap-Off Variation l, (he r enenil MONDAY,- -JANUARY '7, Pops Champ! For What? . . By Krenz A NEW SPOILER l( BABE llolman. center, famous College of the City of New York Mskctbal]'coach Is shown here ,!„„, rains how i« nlvnt 111™,. r,™., ., „> , ,_, . .. "* ul - lh i-nov.ii .ueie detn- onsualing how to pivot from u charging a tcammnlc for defensive HMD, nnil at the same time pnr.s the n shot at the basket. '' ball- to Stance for Center Play (Blytheville high) < Blythevllle) and , Charles Cavanaugh, Lccsville (La ) high school star; Earnest' Barnes arl, Ganske Blnnketisitlp. Fnns will remember Glover as the battmi; champion in the city soft- unil ttaguc. if he : hits' the basket as hc'did the softball It. will mean many sleepless nights for the other teams. So far Jimmy Terry lists only five members for his squad. He says; however, that a team can play but five at one lime so he ."honld worry about numbers but has several "deals" l>\ the making. Unless he "signs" some more stars light away, Terry's Service Station will take the boor something like this: Tom Northern. lYnrbrol and B. P, Brogdon (Blythevllle) forwards. Terry (U. of Ark.) and Elmer IJndscy (Blylheville high) guards, and Chas. Krulz (Tyier[ Mo.), center. There y nre. fans, take your choice! clogs lost a. double header lo Ihe. bo every reason I o button up your fust Portugevillc - tcanis Friday 1 overcoat, if- you IhV-iO'ooo vcars nlghl nt Porlagcvtilc. " • . to sec.. Dr. Max .Waldemnr Kiirni- Portagcvillc. New Madrid County k ?i;'.s ! precllclloas conic', true.. champions Eight Games Scheduled here. The first game will start at 0'30 o'clock will! quarters being limit- or! to 0 minutes. The games scheduled follow: Ya.ibr.0 vs. Gosnell. boys; Ynrbro ^s Luxorn, girls; Gosnel) vs. Eto- v-iih, girls; Annorel vs. Blythevllle. boss; Aniiorel vs. Dell, girls; Boynton vs. Little River, boys: Burdctte.vs. niackwalcr, boys; Dell vs. Winner Blythevillc-Armorcl, Gosnell, grammar school girls defeated Yarbro grammar school girls, 16 to 12 last, Thursday night. Gcsnell junior high boys defeated Eurdclte junior high boys, 13 to 7. Dell junior high girls defeated Armorel junior high girls, 9 to' 2- BlylheviHe Junior high boys detested Lltllc River . junior" high boys, 15 to 10; Blackwater junior high boys defeated Yarbro junior hgh boys, 13 to 9; Armorel junior high boys defeated 'Dell junior hgh toys, 10 to 5; Yarbro Junior Hgn girls defeated Armorel Junior high girls 1,0 to 9, , i "' i Here iiolmnu Is ncUnf;/as refevec n'ud.showing two •of his' pupils the proper stance for the center Jmnp.-^Thls slaii'ce^is designed' (o U\e muxliuiim h'Dig Stcele Bulldogs Drop Two To Portageville STEEI,E. Mo.—The Stcele ..Bull: Sees New Ice ; Age « ; Comirig in 20,0(10 Years . PrrrSBUR : QH/(UPj-Tiicrc^vlll in both divisions fov , "A sudden'.. Ice delug'cr. will descend from .the 'north." Knrnlkcr !lvc years, defea(cd--the Stcele boys -— ......... ..,.,,,,.-«-, 30 to IS nnd the Steelc girls 3D mt audience. "Ncw'-.Yprk will to 18. •••• •'. ' be .crushed tttider u 'mighty gin- Lino-lips: (girls) stcelc,, Ray,'^;^M\V 8b ¥.. wln >• "«»' Arctic Yeflger, Moore Clnnton forwards- Taylor. McDonald, Wright, cen civilization, will be out by a mountain of ice i. uicuonnui, wngnt, cen- rar(r ,,]ii,<, ,,, i i " —, Hcnthcock, Cuny, Copcland IK,,?,? , ^^ wards; Portageville, Spencer (28) tha\ it ™ nl .T"" 16 " ' ° ' eXpll>ln Hi—i •*•,,,.__ _ *^ .>«-w llint It tllmvihlv u'/Mi'j lmnr. nn r-,- Mosley. Wikon, Boonc, forwards; M. Lon», Ruddle, centers; Lurgenl D. Menlte, M. .\fentte, Christian "imn-ds. . I ' Une-iips: (boys).'Stcelc,vPcraiey, Fred Alexander, forwards, i3rod- erick. center. Patterson. Frnnk Alexnnder, guards: Ourus, Gogglns substlliiles; Portageville. Alwell' Crocker, forwards; Thornton tor; Bowncrs. McRovi cen- , v >^i\i,*^i, guards; Stafford. Riddle, iUeaile, Lester Wilson, substitutes. Hopkc, referee.' Punchboard Figures In a New Racket WILSON. N. c. CUP1-A motor- Is! whose car bore Tennessee 11- r D i n i- "o"~ l C ,!'' :i! " lnl< ' s sold W. H. Joluison. rOr KOlIIld Kobin Session " K '" z s *ntion operator here -i punchboard on which, it was ex- plnined. that it probably won't happen for n few thousand years, and .by that lime, maybe science cnn do .ron)"- tbing about it. He believes, however, that we arc now enlcrlnc n new lee age, and that the moon Is gradually coming closer lo the earth, foreshadoying a catastrophe for earthllngs a few million years hence. 1, regardless volvo'd. Soon , few numbers paid 10 to of the wager in- Eight games are scheduled for Thursday night when the rvu-M schools hold their weekly round a robin cage session at ihe armorv n°?'• 1 " lolllpr Tennessee car hfra ' ' rolled in. fts occupants |)uncli"d the board, betting $10. they drove away with $100 O f Johnson's money Curious', toard. Then — punched the he punched again. B to . Mo. (UP)—Wn- I'cglster high here on _.-. bath 'days. Monday, wash dny. runs a close second. ' Haby Carriage Robbery MARYSVILLE, Kan. (UP> —m pleading guilty to a chai-ge of robbing n slot, machine of $icoo f,rank Smith said .he wheeled the family per ambulator to the scene • ,Vl lc mtlcnl »e Info it, nnd wheeled both home; He. was sentenced lo CD days In jail. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE BEPT. WRESTLING LOS CHA ?;; w. s E ,p^, iiAEFre « Z Out of S Falls, 2 Hour I.l m |( ROY AU.EN vs. liFN'.VY 0« Who KIKW Thtlr Gri« Z Out of 3 Fall,, 1 Hour LtmK ARMORY, MONDAY NITB-•-•» Kickers' Ton nicy fK-T)nck Sou])" FQI- c.; w. G. W. 'Atfilck won'-'Uic novelty "kickers'.-..Immieji" uL the Dlyllin- ville cminlry club yesterday turn. _ .In: iiyncnt, cant of'81 over tliff 18-hole v6\ite, which with'u hundi- cap..rating of 20 gave him a low total ,o|6l. .. , • . While-under ruW.;of the •luil^ue , HDITOIVS N'OTH: Tin, Ilisl of a sn-lfn of Ihrre >.lorirs and diagramed l y l-y Nat llAJmin, famous "inch ,:f (•elleite of Ihe <:i| y of York. * « * 1!V NAT 1IOI.MAN I'amuus 1'layer, Cnnch and -Author of "Winning ISaskellrall" Evary year basketlial] olflclals are hombarded wllli suj; B eKt!ojis lor rules changes, just n.s the 1'iilcs committees of football and oilier snorts are. bwtaged Thh year Ls no exception. Newspaper rcporUs of . - menis in cage rules have create:: considerable Interest, and the Importance of tiiese tests to the future of the game Is so Brent that interest provoked Is' well merited. . . • AS coach at the College of the City of New York, I have wnteh- cd those experiments wltli 'Interest.' On -the: Pacinc coast, an entire league Is playing its games without use of. the 'center-lap except, at, the starl of each half Aft,er each Ijnsket Is 'scored'. Die team, scored: ujraii takes the ball out of bounds heheath ILs oppon- ent'B basket. •• '•,' : . ' '; At. nnodier college, several games have. been, played using (hi; revolving tai>, m ••• tills develop- incnl, the center, guards, xmtest, Richard I iartfclRants e cbultl replay direction of c lnb.- n ••* turn at wards each take ihelr' ihe center-Jump, rotating after each basket.. ; i ; ' :• ",. ; v ';Favors ItcvalVine' Tap Obviously, both ol these experl- iienU are pointed ,at the same haying the diameter, increased, I am nhahle iinilei- the bnsket more- dll- a: tali; ;center man arc.' granted.''a tremendous L ;a.dvant'agc hinder pr'es- „ ,.,, . u.,uuni Oaudill who turned the course .in lharn In v 'elimiiiatlng this un- cavned advantage, without, doing an .:iven a 05, Floyd Acton M,..less, Q.,14 hnndicnp, iv ._ clminpion- who played 'the in 'holes In 11 strokes. :t over par,'was next with 71. Ills f> handicap giving''him ' There were no poisonous snakes orieinally. The poison gland or the snake Is but a'modification of Hie. normal salivary gland. the game one of Its most Interest- ("B',ond,,jexcftln|; -features. ,--The secoiid'•' hYc'fhoilVreii)oves-1 h'e'"?avilt (o '.; (he witlibiit doing .violence character of'.the. game. A further group of experiment,'! with height and size of (ho basket now Is in progress. A recent college .contest was re"' '" which, the height;' of was raised from 10 to porled in tile basket shootlii!; less lianai'dmis.;.' tnnp. Leave fhe Basket Alone ; Bach, of these suggestions is well-intentioned. The raised basket ivotiht remove. ; the fault of permitting, tall, men •. to 'station themselves beneath the basket to score : at, will, by the", sola 'reason , , .-ight .. Theavidened hoop would al!ow""for" tiiariy more spectacular long shots, t . '. . i Both results : ca'nnol - be accoinp- li£hed with the 'same" iype of basket^ I would be opposed to either ang' for that verj reason Fortunately, the 'defect of permitting tall men to use their height under the Casks', cin be corrcctid in another «aj icgiila JOE P. PRIDE Certined Registered Engineer General Engineering, • Surveying, Mapping." Phone .498 ,, Bljiheyiile, Ark. tioii outlawing stationary positions in the basket zone Is the answer; As to Die (]iieslfo;i of Jong shots, It Is my opinion that their very infiertnency makes 4hem spfciam- tar. ','•••' '-" ' I Uiiiik'.it--cssej)tii>i ; io note that these exporimenls in various sections of the country arc not designed to change".the' 1 .»a'me ; The sole idea behind 'them-is to improve it. A shock'estimated equal to 400 volte can be delivered by the elec- ROXY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. ; & KITE—10c - 25« Special Stage Wed.Nite il.30p;in. ON STAGE liyj/a HAJI SHAH BAHA Wf. Midnight 1 SPIRITUALISTIC SEANCE ^•P»W ****' ^m ^mm^^ r ^W Dealing With The Supernafurg/J ON THE STAGE IN PERSON The Man who Startled Millions at the Century of Progress UNCANNY! WEIRD! S*J l£W AYRES • "PAT" PATJRSON i. PEGGY FEARS •- Httlll HIM . 414N DiHIHilll 8ICII1JIO DINNf -rfKK I08AH ' ' Ben Blue Comedy— "Out of Order" • ••- .Novelty--Reel.', Speedy Schaeffer J Faces Lon Chancy ^ In Match Tonight Speedy Schacffer who u'e to throw the trays around here'way hack when is still at-It anil will try to use f.rm clioney us u r on for Ills bea efforts when the pair meet m tlie feature match on lo night's curd nt Hie armory. Rchaeffer appeared on cards here about 10. years ago and Is If anything a rougher matman. today than he ever was. hack In the old days. Ton years ns wrestlers go s not a long time and Schacffer Is slill gli'lug mid taking blows and falls on the mat. How long i, c has been in ihc racket Is n mtit- ter of conjecture. In ."chancy Schaeffer will have '.on - opjxment who ,enjoys the rough style' of oerformancc and' ihe'.ijxiir -should have quite a slam-liang evenimr loeether.'.', •,''•'. in Hie -prcllmlimifv : ,Roy Allen ivhrj has appeared hei'e -a number of times and Is iirihcijraMy a sci- entiflc type of wrestler takes' on „ newcomer, Benny Bolt Bolt Is reputed to be an Apache Indian from Arizona. Promoters .say he will prove a favorite here. /V, The card Is actively sponsored 1 ''? uy the American Legion. ' ' • 'Read. Courier News .Want- Ads. Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, Nile 6:45—10-35c Tues.-Wed.-Thiirs. FRANK MORGAN WE DARK YOU TO COME! .1)0 THE DEAD SPKAK? If- 5'0<i have a .weak heart, don't come! Adjectives sire unable to describe It. SI'IRITUAUSTIO - SUPERNATURAL SARDONIC - SPOOKY - SKXSATION- Al. - STACRKKINC, - SATAMC - STARTUNO Walch Your Blnoti Pressure! EXTRA! Rose Bowl Football Game, Alabama - Stanford Included in Our News Reel TONIGHT! Laurel & Hardy Comcd> , Tuesday - Weds. 1208 NIGHTS IN NEW YORK G MONTHS IN LONDON —and now the 1 stage triumph of cur dlxiy 1 ilccadc is on .the screen! ON THE SCREEN FAY WRAY in 'CHEATING THE CHEATERS' CARTOON-'THB ,10I,1,Y MTTLE ELVES" NO CHILDHEN ADMIITED-LADIES MUST HAVE ESCORT ADMISSION TO ALL.. - 3Q C URSULA PARROTTS THERES ALWAYS TOMORROW With EliMbtlh Young, Louii. L»tim«r, Abn Hale. Produced by Carl Litmml«, Jr. Directed by Edward Slomin. Presented by Ctrl Ltemmlc, A UNrVERSAL PICTURE I'ox News Comedy—"Wasted Event" With Edgar Kennedy RIGHT NOW the U. S. A. '" whistling these NEW cn- chitnling tunes: "Don't I.ct tt Botticr You", "1 ucliim; For a Nccrtlc In a Haystack", "Let's Knock-K«FH" and "The Conliwntil". 1'animount News Star Comedy— •" "Palpoka From Paducah"

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