The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 8,1941 OUTOUR WAY ByJ. R. Willioms Our Boording ThE BEAUTY OF COLOR AVID HARMOWIOUS BLENDWG IK1 \AN GO&H'S \M3RKHAS KJCV6R. &EEM SURPASSED. BUT REkJOIR WAS A -SPONTANEOUS OWOOH.' HESONEOC GOLDIE'S OH. OH.' SIVE ME BACK TH' IXYS WHEN HE BOOTIW' US SALAD, MA30R.'-~~1 SOT A TIP THAT We OVOMER OP B IS 6&TTH4' 0(0 ANOTHER HORSE, T.1PSY JUDGE/ ME'S TW& ^ VITAMINS B- IS '•** 6O TO I — HE'S GOT CA800«« MARKED AUL OM6R RECORD is ATROCIOUS.'sucu A GNWL COOLDKJT POSSIBLY,' BEAT TIPSY 3UD66/ I'M 60W& TO &AN& THE BOARDERS' * DR6AK\ MORSE Oft •i'T RISK Av PAC.TH- TUIS THE DISAPPOIKTTMEMT BT.YTHBVTTJ.B (ATtK.)' COURIER NEWS Notice of Accounts of Eiteutors I and Administrator, Filed. ^^otlce is hereby gli'en that during if month of April, 1948 the fol- i^lng accounts ot Executors and Administrators have been filed for) settlement and confirmation in the I Probate Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas and that such account* with their follow Dnnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEf SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. XXV respective tiling dates are as pATIENCE tell * rising '*'• .._ I ment. The sun wat shining. The sky was blue. London wa» No. 1805. Estate of Leona John- ion Tally, deceased. First and Final Report of A T. Harshman, Executor filed April 9, 1948. No. 1813. Estate of Dan M. Dunkin. deceased. First and' Final Report of Marcus Evrard, Administrator filed April 12, 19M. No. 1817. Estate ot Mrs. " Elma Archllllon, deceased. First Report of Miude Dunn, Administratrix fil- *d April 12, 1948. No. 1789. Estate of B. G. Qlll, deceased. Krst Annual Account Current of Rivers P. Gill. AdmlnUtra- Vrlx filed April 12, ie«. No, 1807. Estate of Mrs. Nell Bmart, deceased. First and Final Report of J. Mell Brooks, Jr., Administrator filed April 12, 1948. No. 1780. Estate of C. D. Hardisty, deceased. First and Final Report or Mary Hardesty, Executrix filed April 12, 19-18. . thrilling. And to think th»t the was to b« here for a wholt week, end! "What are we goinj to do?" ifa* asked. "Well, firse we're foin« to the photographer's." "Why?" "To get your photograph Uk«," She stared at him. "What on earth for?" "Ah, that's telling." "Roger! Please! Don't be mysterious. Who wants my photograph?" "I do for one, darling. But I'm not the chief person concerned. The higher authorities are needing it." They had reached the car now. He opened the door for her. "Hop in," he said, and as they " "' Jfise No. 9M. Estate of L. W. Burk. de- drove ofl: "There's a shop In Vic-—' Final report ol O. C. Burtc, toria Slreei who've promised to Political Announcements The Courier News has Been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 27 and August 10 COUNTY TREASURER Prank Whitworth < COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T- Shippen STATE RE PRESENT ATIVB Jlmmle Edwards L. H. Autry H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukle" Speck For County Judge Kielder Peery Roland Green F«r Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris • CONSTABLE (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Ret it through in half in hour. He glanced sidelong at her: "How's your French by the way?" Her breath caught in her throat. What on earth was all this about? "I love you when you look bewildered," he said softly. "You're awfully sweet. Patience, you know. Just what do you feel about me as a point of interest?" Patience had been wondering this herself quite often recently. When Roger was with her it some- limes seemed that Pau) was forgotten. And then when she was gone from him she knew that this 'was impossible. Paul was her first love, her real love. But Roger attracted her. And when he kissed her— when he 'ouched her hand as he was touch' ing it now— yes, even though they were driving through the crowded London streets — her heart raced against her side. "Well?" he wa« saying. "You'vt not answered my question." 'Tell me first what all the excitement is about?" He grinned. "As I said—first the photographers. And then—" i "And then—oh, Roger! do be quick and tell me—" "Then th« passport office. Luckily 1 can pull a few wires and get it ill through very quickly. Within • couple ot hours your passport should b* ready." She gasped. Vaguely at the back of her mind she'd an idea of what was going to happen. But It was too exciting! Too Incredible! And Aunt Helen would certainly never • How It. Only Aunl Helen would never know. At least not until it was over. 'Roger, you don't mean—?" We're flying to Paris for the w«ek-end. On the first plane tomorrow. Don't look so stnrtled. It's al! _,uite respectable. Charlotte, you and I are going, and you'll be back in London on Monday in time to calch your precious 6:30 back in the evening." pATIENCE awoke the next morning, and lay quile still for a moment, enjoying to the full the lovely exciting feeling that loday something really thrilling was going to happen to her. Hastily she stifled the little pani. of conscience that came to her as she thought of her aunts. It was absurd to allow herself to worry about them. Besides maybe she could tell them all about it once she was safely home again. And now here was Elizabeth arriving with her early morning lea. SVr» sat up In bed. flnt morning, Elizabeth?" "Wonderful, miss." Patience sprang out of bed. She took her tea into Charlotte's room to find her coming to life with extreme reluctance. "Of all the ungodly hours to a. S\i» sa "I» It k •ak« up—" »he stretched her arm» izily. "I always wnke early." "Well. 1 warn you 1 don't, and vhcn I'm mnde to I'm Invariably extremely bnd tempered." Patience looked at her waillv, "Would you rather 1 took my oa back to my own room?" "N'o. I'D put up with you. Only don't be too chatty." "1 won't. But don't lie there loo long, or you won't be ready when Roger calls for us." "I'D be ready nil right." She wasn't. She kept him wnit- ng 10 minuses. Patience fretted and fumed, She herself had been dressed, and tier sultcnsc packed, 'or a long while. Roger, also waiting for Chnr- otle with some impatience, looked <it her as she stood there, in a gray suit of Charlotte'.! with a lluily little white blouse, and a quite ridiculous hat, and said with « smile: "Do you realize how very much you're to be envied?" ''In what way?" 'Because you get such a kick out of all this." 'Aren't you getting a kick out of it? Isn't Charlotte?" "Oh, yes. But it's not (lie same. We're not doing it all for'the lirst lime." He stood looking down at her, an odd expression in his eyes. "That, ol course, is what I find so utterly 'nchanting about you. You're so fresh and unspoilt—" Patience drew a little quick breath. Her eyes danced. "I thought you might find that rather dull," 'Dull! Don't be silly. Here, stand still! You've sot a smut on ' your nos:." He removed it with a corner of his handkerchief. And then dropped a liglit kiss where it had been. "H's a very nice little nose, incidentally." "Am I interrupting something?" There was nn edge to Charlotte's voice. She stood there in the doorway looking utterly ravishing, ohe was completely the finished article. Not a hair out ol place. Her make-up perfect. Her suit ol H soft beige woolen material, looking every bil the fau- taslic extravagance il was. Roger laughed easily. "Nothing at all. Are you ready?" (To Be Continued) Fried Chicken River Catfish O C _ O JC Choice of 4 meats Vegetables - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop Administrator filed April 32. l»4t. ta ' " "V h »' e thc 7 on or before All persons Interested in the K t- of "the res' "^ fo " owlllg the film * from excepting to the accounts Wltnew my hand a. Clerk and are warned to file exceptloni there- Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job too Large or Too Small Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks with children have wanted for a long time! A responsible, safe place to leave their children while shopping, going to a movie or on a trip, meals are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Dk/v.«. Ole-A Phone 2350 313 N. 2nd St. the seal of sn!<5 Court this the 4th day of May, 1948 ELIZABETH BLYTHE, I County & Probnlc Clerk. 1 By Stella Cain, Deputy. Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 l>r. \V. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN Calls Made—Farm & Town 'Day Phone 4-184 Night Phone 21D8 GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Motor Company (Home of "61" Implement Company) North 6th Street Phon . 2142 For Sale D.& P. L. PLANTING SEED CLEANED & TREATED Roseland Gin Co. Why don't they teach us Russian Instead of Utin and Greek? If I'm going to be a politician, some day I'll have to tell Stalin and Molotov where to get offl" KKKCKI.KS & HIS FRIENDS 1'lJinked? By MERRILL PI.AY HIM, EASY,' BE SEATCO.GcNTsf^ LUNCH 15 OM'IHF WAY UF 1 ( OKAY, so ITS RAW/ ^ Bur WHAT'O YOU EXPCCr- NOT BAKED HALIBUT? ) THAT VJC FUNT Wat's (he Oilth? TEIV v/ic ro By MICHAtiL O'MAIXKY and RALPH LANS —^ ? Roseland, Ark. HERE'S SAFISTORAGE • For Furs • For WooUni Nlife c Hf) // fcSe^s^t-Y/y // Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 GO 4IIEAD, V THOUGHT YOUft LIKE TO TED. WHAT'S / KNOW BEFORE We HIT THE [JEWS'?/! THE STREET WITH THE •TV) \S'0«V.CONGRATS. VIC.' MVRTIF \J NOTHING. STREET- VI 8E SEEING HATS BIGHT. 1 YOU, vie. WHY 1 AWRHE SIBEC-r ISN'I IT 1 WASH TUHHS By'LESLIE TURNER VOD POW'T SEEM VERY CONCERNED OUER SE1KI& FKEP TOPM EA5Y IT suns ME, JUS! FWJE, 1VKE...WHILE }(\H F(\CT I WftV Bt A.8LE \ GOOD BUr I MK.McKEE ISAVW IM WfcJHWOTOM'. 11 TO PO HIM ft SREATEfc lu HO... . INTERESTED IM HOWD YOU tlKE TO UISIT THS SET TOMORROW. NUERE SERUICE NOW 1HHN IF I I VOU HtolE TO IEHVE SHOOTING R SWENCt WITH Tf 0 VMEKB 1\ED DOWN RY LUCIFER'S ORDERS. HOtLSWOOn BEfOKE I SO OKI LOCfVTION'. WOKKIMGOU... . UFE Of PIIM'ICDIE CROC ME At (he Iteiidczvou.s By FRED BARMAN IMTEIAW THESE GOLD MINE5 WORKE . OUT TSARS AGO, WE STiU- drtK THERE' GOLD IrV EM &UCKSKiK). YOU BROUGHT US CLEAR OUT HERE FRanRWOCK r YOU WAit/ REP RfDt.fl. S6E/HERE RED , AlhJ'T A SlGr) OF THtM STAG On (he Warpath By V. T. HAiVILIN AW. TXXE It EA.5Y/ THIS X U5TENTOME.a«MI.W\VE»EHOT IT* TH= XOOiNflTO tMTE»KUPTAVITAL UNK. THAT* wUiT TO PLEASE "X BA.5 TEMPERED Y0UN6 LVOV; i* /s G«EW OP PEOPLE FffJM THE THE NILE... IT'S H5TORY. BAD TEMPtREtX-l OOO MC? NVHY. i LTM By EDGAR MARTlS -W006W IVWIK V VlSV «,QWV . \\Vi CtloWO HftMt N1EA.J

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