The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1953
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVTLLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, 'APRIL 9, 1958 C3SZS Beef, Poultry and Eggs Plentiful This Month. By GATN'OR MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor Pnoni Wellington. D. C., comes 8 heartening report for the lood budget. There is an abundance of Deer broiling and frying chickens, turkeys and esgs. When supplies are in abundance you can expecl prices to drop. Like cabbage—tender, young nnd crisp? Well, from Alabama. Georgia, South Carolina, California arid northern Florida, fresh spring cabbage is rolling to market. And potatoes—both "old crop" bakers from Maine nnd Idaho, and "new- crop" potatoes from Florida and Alabama—are tumbling headlong inlo your grocers' bins. Oranges and grapefruit are in Inrfie supply, too. So is canned i tomato J u i c e. And the popular dairy product 4 ;—butter, Chncl- (iiir rliorse, coltawe cheese, non- are in heavy supply. All nood news — nutrition-wise, fut dry milk nnd buttermilk— menu-wise and dollar-wise. From I lie Massachusetts Extension Service comes this spring egg recipe: Stuffed KKK Salad Six hard-cooked (itfgx, \\> cup rooked spinach or 2 tablespoons parslry or chives, 1 tablespoon chopped onion, 2 tablespoons may- ise, teaspoon salt. , . Cut etfgs lengthwise and remov yolks. Combine yolks with finel chopped spinach, onion, salt sine mayonnaise. EXuff whites with mix — mayonnaise. tKuit \vmic.s wun mw C I *iL f* lure. Serve on lettuce with a little rrOnKS With W>Qm jpreneh dressing on the lettuce 01 Is Budget- Treof Hungry for a budget treat? Then try this combination: Franks with Corn (4 servings) One pound frankfurters, ] ; : cup bacon drippings, butter or margarine, ''4 cup chopped onion, 1 ' 2 cup chopped green pepper, 3 cups i j French dressing on a .spoonful of mayonnaise. Cooking experts of the United Slates Department of AtfnculUvvo have this suggestion for using the April abundance of potatoes and cheese. Cheesed Potato Halls (Serves 4) Twelve small potatoes, -rnted Cheddar cheese, Wisconsin Offers Cheese Soup Ideas NIC A Food and Markets Krtllor When \ve visilnci Monroe County, Wisconsin, w« Jcnrned a lot nbout clincso soups. That's cliof-so- prculucing country and most of thf people nro of Swiss descent. So they arc experts in usiny cheese In cooking. Here are two versions of cheese soup, based on French-Swiss Ideas, but simplified to eliminate long cooking and Uiu need for great skill. You'll enjoy them -they lire a mciil in themselves when Kiiniinhed with garlic croutons and spring greens nnrl served with mixed garden .salmi and hot bread. Clik-kru-rheese Soup (4 servings) One can (I'. ( cups> condensed cream of chicken soup, 1!? cups milk, \'- 2 cup shredded sharp process cheese, dash pepper. Combine all ingredients; heat, stirring constantly, until cheese is molted. Pour into heated soup bowls and garnish with crouton;; if desired. Celiiry-Checfe Soup (4 scrvinifs) One can (I'/.i cups condensed Here's-a New Twist-Yankee Cornsticks lly CiAYNOR MADDOX NKA Fund and Markets Editor Uko hoi, delicately browned corn sticks? We sure do and that's one reiison why (be Williams Inn on the Williams College campus In northwestern Massachusetts, Is a favorite haunt of ours. John Treadway, who runs the sprawling, comfortable place, gave cream of celery soup, 114 cups milk. 1 nip shredded sharp process chi'cse, (lash pepper. Combine all Ingredients; heat, .stlri-ini; constantly, until cheese is melted. Pour Into heated • soup Ijov/ls and Burnish with croutons silt! v/Hlercrcss. up his recipes. One Is for corn slicks, the other for Cornish game lieu — a plump, tender bird growing dally in popularity on the American menu. Vanhrc (,'ornsllcks (Makes 14 sticks or 12 medium muffins) One and one-third cups flour, 2-3 cup. cormncal, 2 tablespoons baking powder, !•> teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg. 2-3 cup cream-style corn, 2 tablespoons melted shortening, 1 cup milk. Mix and sift imo mixing bowl, flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt and sugar. Beat egg. Add cream-style corn, melted shortening and milk. Pour into dry ingredients. Stir just enough to dampen. Don't beat. Turn into well-greased corn-slick pans or muffin pans. Bake in hot oven UOO degrees P.) 20 minutes. Broiled Cornish Game Hen With Wild Rice Split as many 1%-pound Cornish game hens as needed, allowing >/ 2 game hen per person. Wipe wllh damp cloth and season lightly with salt and pepper. Set to broil under an open flame or In a very hot * even. Basle frequently with melted ' buller to which has been added one or two crushed juniper berries. While the game hens are broiling, wash thoroughly in cold water one pound of wild rice for every eight portions. Set the rice to boil in salted water. When tender, drain the rice and reheat in n small amount of butter to' which RONCO ^Spaghetti • macaroni pure egg noodles FALSE TEETH That Loosen Heed Not Embarrass Many wfiftre** of false teeth hare suffered real ' embarrassment because their pla^e dropped, slipped or wobbled fct Just the wrong time Do not live In fear of .this happening to you Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH, the alkaline (n6n-acld) powder, on your plates. Holds false teeth more firmly, so they feel more comfortable Does not sour Checks "plate odor" (denture breath) Get' FASTIBTH at any drug store- has been added a pinch of crushed rosemary leaves. Correct the Reasoning and serve the game hen on a bed of rice with a grilled tomato and a bunch of watercress. DO CRAMPS. give you that[ monthly look? WT lit (ill-till mhxj, "Him" *H * jm *r«T Does your mirror ahow an older-looking, worn-out, nervous face during your "b*d> days?" Why let men ne tttat you ar«; •uthrinir from monthly crampiT Try a littW Cardui each day aa thoUianda of women do. Let it help build ttrensth and resistanct M> you have less and leas misery each month. Some go through periods without feeling any discomforts at all. AIio helps relajt JAv jittery nerves-sleep better. Look, feel, arti/f f younger, mom normal all month, Alk foi** Cnrdui. (Say: "card-you-cye"). MONTHLY CUHF1 CHAMBE IF LIFK, CARDUI whole kernel corn cans). Heat fat in n large skillet and In it lightly brown onions and green pepper. Drain corn nnd add. . Split frankfurters lengthwise, almost but not quite through; place on top of corn. Cover and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. (2 12-ounce ! spoon sail, l /2 teaspoon minced paisley, \\ teaspoon paprika. , Boil potatoes in jackets. When done, peel nnd place in greased casserole. Sprinkle with salt, cover with gritted cheese. Place under broiler or in oven to melt cheese. Garnish with chopped pnr.slcy and 1 paprika just before serving. Fill that shaker with Morton, friend- WHIN IT I3AINS EiT POURS" Iodized or plain What's your iggest value in flavor-rich goodness? Always cooka up orisp and delicious because it's sliced fresh daily? Goody Evergood says: " BACON Memphis Pflc^inq Co. ENS TENDER & PLUMP FRESH DRESSED DAILY Grade A Tender Delicious FORK Fresb Pure Lb. Only « . 4 Lbs. ^ . . 3 Lb.s. U.S. Choice Trimmed BEEF Calif. Smikisl l.arfje Lb. Chase & Sanborn Lb. Tins Fresb LEAF Golden Yollow Liillrell's Special! Lb. Lb. Only . . Can SoflAsilk All Flavors JELLO Special Value! IfvL With Coupon Box Only Fresh Jumbo Shrimp and Oysters at Luttreli's! OUR PLEASURE! Remember, FREE delivery and Extra 1 Special service is our pleasure. LUTTRELL EXTRA Delicious fresh Strawberries! An ex- Ira special Ibis week. Also, fresh river Catfish at LiittrcU's The Cleanest & Most Complete Food Stop! Try Mrs. Arthur's Home Made Angel Food Cake LUTTRELL'S Call 2011 —MARKET— Chick. & Sixth St. SAVE RICHARDSON'S *CASH GROCERY* LOOK WHAT 25<z WILL BUY AT RICHARDSON'S! 3rol SWIFTlS BEEF SPECIALS ROAST" C Tender Mealy SHORT RIUS LI). Special STEW BEEF Lb. Cndahy's I'ORK SAUSAGE Lb. Roll Mealy NECK RONES Lb. Wamier KKANKS Lb. Cello We Have Yeast Cakes! ADAM'S FRESH FROZEN 6 OZ. range Juice 2 for 25 C JUICE ..... 2 PEACHES Can 25c 2 FOT 250 No. 303 Can TOMATOES .lack Sprnt G. FRUIT JUICE Lihbv's SPAGH. & MEAT BALLS 250 250 2 ,,, 2 , Post SUGAR CRISP No. 303 ARGOPEAS Swansdown Yellow CAKE MIX Oll ,y250 Term. Fresh Frozen STRAWBERRIES 25d 250 250 Jack Sprat nKAU I All Reg. 5c CANDY BARS No. 303 Can Good Red POTATOES Fresh 2 F 0r 250 6 For 250 , 50 Lhs. **P GREEN ONIONS ,,, 50 Tender RADISHES BCH 50 Mill Pack RED POTATOES, 50 Special BELL PEPPERS M 50 FRESH CORN . 50 GRAPEFRUIT RICHARDSON SPECIAL! LARGE DELICIOUS

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