The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, 1931 lit/VTHKVIU.K, (AUK.) COUUIKU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word (or llrst Inwrtign and one cent a word <ot each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement lakcn lor less thau Wo. Count tlie words and eeiid Hie cash. Phone 306 FOIl SALK KM SALE—Home Grown Fryers, Packard's Grocery, 10-M Clncka- saivlra. liP-Kl'J row SALE—Baby chicks. Pay 'hi fall. See us about plan. Marilyr Hatchery. 9C-T1: FOB SALE—Good, dry cook wood Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 107. 11P-CN FOR SALE—Rowden Cotton Seed Welch Foster, The Grand Leader FOR KENT—-Three, live and six room residences, also a funiishe house. Dr. J. A. Kaltba, Phone 418 Bt-kl FOR SALE—1 gooii small mule, to quick E;I!C WO cash. Wiggins Electric Shop. 9C-K13 PAGti FIV& LAURA LOU BROOK MAN . ' Author of 'HEART HUNGRy, f c£. 'OUR BOARDING HOUSE IKCI.V IIEIIE TODAY (JYl'SY MrliltlDi:, \dv York l)l>Ex*. lUEirrlr* JIM WALLACE the 1)117 ii/lvr »lie "N'nllitng ot HID son!" Ellen Wai-1 while caps nl absurd Males were | jaco Insisted. "She's Kohls to slay carrylufl fireal bunches ot blue, ROhl nuil crimson fonlhinus. lien; and y r- urallkjr rmi-ln. AX.NH THO\V- JtUIDGl-?. <j)'|)ftjr fend liccn jUlnl lijr AI.AN CUOSIIY, jii«( rrlunird frum it jrnr und n liatf In I'nil* • MiiljUiK nrf. nml Widhu-i-'n II n tiff v hml IjntLcn ilirlr vnp:i;j;r- meal in f ii;irr> :i wi-.illlilrr man. Then? IM mi rninnncr In ilu- iiutiui. Jim iinil U) puj K<* In l-'uff*t Cll>- wbrrv Jlui b:i* u tbrMni; "-'^ liruullcv. Ill* tchillvi-i, imrllcLi- Inrlj Al N I' i:U.i:\, ubu ttii- km huu»e fur him, art.- liu*rllc- i<> (Jjl'iy. 'llifj Miiuh Wr. Aunl KlU-n A Inn Crtmb) *vrllr« (o <i)ii-.j f hu »hr return* (k» Ivltrr uni-iK-im V AII CIA J.OULMJ, Jtm'» fuuur Ilnncc*-. mnrrJr* IMlOLIx 1'Ulf MI'S. nillUuiinlrr'm nun. thnl llruvk •J'hlMliio tin* lire kllU-d In a full, n L..,-. \vilh Mie jusl us long us I can pc I suadc her to. Her mother's In | Uuly, you know, \\'o're goiiiR lo 1 keep Marcla lie re as long tu she'll I siay." "Thai's fine. VJI drop l:i s;ime aflcrnouii soon, Aunt ICllyii. We'll, wo'vo" just fume so 1 sui.'iui-a ive should l>c moving nlciiiy. 1 \\anl lo l>ny one of those lovely garden luts "Yos," l!y|ib>" ineiiibrr yon. anssvercil. "1 10- ll's n beautiful Oicra slnylo balloons, bobbing hi the distance, attested to sales. It had been a wanti day. Tlu- suit still fcliono brightly but now tt breeze \vus stirring. Tho Jlglil j coioin of the v.ytnon'n oud dill- ! (lien's costumes t;;ive I hi! sccuo it j festive look. At the left \v»a the tea pavilion with its wide striped | kcls. Come lo seo me, you?" . t I I r'GH RENT FOR .RENT—Four room house and garage. Newly papered, on pavc- ment. Garden planted. $12.50 per month. L. Fowler, Phone 450-J. 28C-K.TF FOR REST—3 room furnished flat, garage and coal housu. Call 07U-W. 1C-TF FOR RENT- -Three, five and six roo;ii residences, also a furnished house. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Plioue 410. J[iu n>k» ft)-p*]r to fiu ull>, hlj rail OH Mcirclu and fcbc rL-r 'J'hry hnvf ttrlr Brut ijn:im-l Jim t:i.r> nlonr. Allllli: \IA l:iki-s Cyii^J I" it Fu-nrdl ^a liarlj vilit-TL- win- ri-i-UKul/rn >l.i In the i-rrmil. awning where lea ;md tcod driuhb were bcliiK sci veil, Young Kills droned In white moved iilxmi :i'motig the men find women who sin Itt I hi 1 shade of beach ninln.ill;^. IJpyond at Iho rear of the honsr was UK; famous Willis icsc- sarnVn youns widow Mar-j " Si;a11 wo have le:i now or luuk nt the roses':'" Abbie nsl;ed. IJ1MK anil Cyiiay inovcil on tn- ward ilic booth u-licro tliu L-as- kcls \vero for Eale. "Well!" snlil iBn't /^YTST said slic was csgcr to f : -?( Ihc finivcrti. They followed r (h.MtlLjjio pjit'i to the iivcSiL'd n;ilc !:;u , MIW (JO l)\ WITH Till: STOH CHAPTER XXXIV \ Haiti MANMiV'S £aze foilow Gypsy's !a the girt tt tii. ;!:ef uiyself. Marcia's inolltcr always blond l:air. "Well, wouldn't you j put on nlrs. Sccnietl to tliluk slic Ihir.k—:" Abbis begaa indiguaally j w:is but her ivordis broke. ) Ci'in-.^uu rambler ro^cs fos ' llyj.-y {c(j;-.c;l the. entire arc!'.. WithEn ; yuj'ii c FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingram building. See Parkhurst Company. 9C-TF FOR RENT—5 room modern apartment on West Main St., Avcola heat. Phouc 417 or 419-W lOc-kll FOR RENT—One of the Miller Aparlments at 10th and Walnut. liot ami cold water, Arcola heat, garage, shade trees, pretty lawn. Apply lo Ike Miller. lOc-tf FOR RENT— Prelly suburban home silnated in lot with shade. Residence handsomely decorated thru- out, has bath, sewer, hardwood floors, 4 bed rooms, .sun room, breakfast room, dinin-f room, living room, servant house, garages, chick house and yard. Will rent at $30 to light party. See it Sunday—Thomas Land Co. Ilckl2 V/ANTED ' 'WANTED—A good young Jersey or Guernsey milk co«'. E. A. Stacy IJell, Ark. 10p-kl3 Mrs. IS rooks, the rector's Kite) moved away. Tliey saw tliat the :!ilrd was Kllen ^Y^IIace. Mi=s Wallace was facing them, "Hello, Aunt Ellen." Abbio snid ovin:; forward. "llcvv've you been? Hello. Mnrcia. My dear, you know we all sympathize with you !n your sorrow. Oh, excuse mi-I Jcm't suppose you've met IJyiMy here. Mi-s. riillllps. Mrs. '.Vallaco.' Gypsy took Murcia, IMiillir-s 1 IKUH! 'I'm Rlad to know you," she raid The oilier girl's response wu:i u floUle murmur. The photomapli in '.!;(? ::p\vs;inpcr had Iteeu :trrurulp ?.jnr-:;r> "rvus r;-au:i';il, S: 1 . 1 ? nr. iresie-i ::: :!iln blsct. ?r..-::».= i ;; nock arid lieniUne bui cut lo ;c.-vp:t the gvHCcfiii. sienuer ils'.irE. :ili< wove a small hat, nintic of f::-!!.^ n clolli wiapped about her head. Jl.ii lhe color of pure gold, \vavhm ^ofi ly, Eliovvctl lipticaih the cd^u ut ih ti:rban. II'.P e.vw were gi:iy tdm dibfaiice. "for cl;t duesn'c look to me to he i ]y heart broken." The slime l houaht !iad il '.Sircu^h fjyp.iy's mhid bi:t :;U eho bald was. "She's lovely, she?" "1'rclly, all right. I never _,.. s , , e f-'-iiv! ;v:is K forlltnl S^-rd-::i nt the center: oE which was a foimtain with inn j j\} A!lt '^ chlldisli Ilyiirey molded (n bruir/c. Putlis led to cither FlJe and toward iho foiinlr.!n. Uonlcrint: ihc wnUiii and avran^ed hi rogalar groups wetu shrubs nnJ buslica luude'l with CiGijraiH blossoms. There wen- red roses, pink ones, whila ono:i Massed about the central fuuiuntu were tall hushes bcnrlng gicat crim rosettes. In two smaller >;rou[>:'HJnj; lo hy witlklng." 'Isn't II! May 1 Joia you? Aunt I'iU-u hiblsta 1 iiiiLSl £et onl for ex- erch<; hiit I've always huled doing Diinjirt liccnuse they're j;ocd for me, Vmi livu near hero, don't you!" l!yi.;y in;ddo<l towMd tticr WaUin'n lii'iitt- half way down tho blm-k. "Tim fourth hoube down." i=hc sahl, Tlicrc was no sluu from' Murcta "Then u'c'ro tiviUhlioid.' M-JitHi »Ir;iw]id. "Von know I'm bpciiillni; Iho fuimiior with Aunt KHoii Will- hue. I hupo I'll sue n great tlcul of ymi. It's only two yi-iirs :i1iu'0 I've Jlvi-d In KorwL City but IVj y.i-:in\'ly any friends left, yo fur I've seen no one except my lawyer." >V.Tj there n 'j^ifck, fellnr finRb In. tl.nM- kiiL'sray oycu or did Uyiuy By Akern .1 |L;I\O conic to call." !. ' hut 1 didn't Lhluk to sue :ilrnnuers." fc - llcr H'an anyonQ clsa In town, though t'ooilncjs l;nows Ihcy iUdn . [ j..,^ a])y rcasoB , o fecl „,.,, There had been three '.vc--:n !n | n - !ly . Wcll-Marcla Ehoiild have :hc sroup. One of them (she wa^ i enougii money lo last her for a while now. "No. 1 abov.t it." "Yen didn'i? you ht-ard?" didn't hear anything Well, she's soil 530U.OOO. The d:iy liefovo Otey were' on oap |, 5 ia c exotic lea roses r.hud marric-il youii!; 1'liillips took out a policy for that amount ami imt It in M.ircia's mine. Doesn't it sconi liko the hand ot providence.' I don't know whether there's more coining lo her or nol but there probably is. Her husband was the only stm I'hillips Imd. tlninn'i Us OR :ire a cuuplu of t!:iu:;tilers. Tlie talk is thai ihc I'llEIHus family tsm't any loo friendly with Murcia. 1 dtin'l know why. Anyhow it's my opinion tliciL's ilie reason she's st»yiim 0111 here. Lot her f:et the §500.000 und you won't see Mnrci;i Pbillins w.isl- ir.Z a:iy i\n;v In Forest City I" "^!:y s;E;ed .Ii::i lo cumc nvur and jilve her advice about HOIKC Juian c!,u cm'.ters." tlypsy said. "Did sbc'.'" Ahiiie Mauley shot a i:nk'l; ^Kinrt 1 at her cmnpaniiw bn 1 . ilio yirl 1 ^ lute rcv^iieil iniLhiu^. stoiipiiil Tin-in and i!i£ from innl; to clear yellow ! nodded gently in the breeze. Old-. fashioned garden Ltowurs nifn^kMl ( with ihc ruses but their scent was ttn y j lost in the predoniinatlng There seemed to bo roacs everywhere. Men nnd women In croups strolled about the paths. Gypsy was ntna^cd and d(.'lighted, tiiio had never scon so many Uowers. It WLIS &:SO when they finally returned lo th? tea pnvllion. Nuw ttie crowd WUR Ihinnlns O'.LI. (3> jisy suvveyod l«rr iini^EilKir!) TiiL'ro were one or t'.vo whuin Hhr had met earlier lit (he aClernanu. Kllcii Wallace anil Marcln wcrn nut in slsht. She followed Alible lo n i nodded. Tlujio was luth ^inhiiJA anil UKM tynloni tn IK-: f;tco, "I haven't w;intcd Iu see anyone," she sultl. "lint I feel now tluit I should make the etfurU U's—not easy." CVitalnly there was nothing to criticize in tho young widow's vnlco or expression. Why did l lint per- si&'.L-iiL inner voice I;et-p whlspcrinK (u (lypr-y. "Il'H a ]«t"el She doesn't I mt\«'i it 1 ;" Tbe tuner voice would nnl lju Uill. "\Vt'ji'L you como In?" <Iypsy askuii when llu-y ri;;;chctl the hrlck wnlk. "I'd liko yon to sec my &nr- deti." Marcla sinllud. "Another ilmo lierhap~. 1 must be gcllliiB nn. Aunt 1-Mlon cxpeels me. (Jo.idby." Sl:e turned and (iypsy und Pat went up the u:iik toward Iho Gypsy walked slowly as though aho were Ihluking. At [I o'cloek lh:tl aftcrnuoti Jim Wallace laug llu: bell liofnrc ililj annt'a cottage. Marcla Phillips nn- sivcred the ring. "C'on-.i; in," she said, sinliing. 1'tii tiled von're early." laliln where they wcro joined prns ] Kke !ed Ihc way to ihe livius outly by t\vo nii:c.- n-o:i:en. Tin-1 rcoai. Jlip.d^s huii boon lowernl In coiiveiiatio!! was clilelly alKinl '.vlial i l-'e.-l: mr. Iho ^itti. '!'!:eru -.vas a !i-nvl I df fiam.uil wbito Jlower.-i nn a talilu POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 8C-TF POULTRY WANTF,n — Market prices paid at G. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. K. Fisher, 1'boiic 64. - 24C-TF CAN US3 one man and lady to call on permanent customers. Customer list- furnished. Must ccme well recommended. Write hi detail to O. T. Gooding, General Delivery, Cape Uirardeau, Mo. Give your phone number and address. OC-K13 WANTED—Room and board for couple in private home. Address "S", Courier Nc-.vs. 9P-K13 a -, 0 . a .|. c sfintlv"tt°-' = 1 arc s P'i'illin- '' , ' 3l 5he an<l Abide rc.-c ::nd Fnidlnrlly n l":i •.•own. uor , j;:'ouby. • dress. It was draped uaretuily, •Ic of lior white froL-k. | ji tn Wa3 n t home when Oynay ar i chiliotatcly iiiinnicd wilii bi:c dycii. loihehnolb. There i-; vcr i ;» ;cro . For EGIUC rciisnn ihni'to malc-Ii the fragile fr.l'ric. The was a crowd aiiout. Abhie pushed I evening she could nol brinsj her-' divsd was lUttertn^. •? funvaid aad m livi! mia ! « c |f to lc n i,i m B]lc tia(1 mi?t W:il j "T] Hm ks," Jim .-aid. Marcla had ?ricu 1:c:di»5 aloft t!:o rnv- | cj^. J:I LC spoke of Hie rose ^aid-ii. I dropi'cd to Hin ilavenpoit nml was I c;ci: L.-iske:. | :iLr!:::nTicd athcrs she hail lalLrd ! [ciiiilii^ hack nfininsl its cushions. "iip/i r. ". i;-:--:y?" J she ox-i with. b'.:t all ti:c \viiiic (Jypsy hi'i . "WhevL-'s Aanl ICllenV" ho j ul-.iinud. "Only J^ve j::o;-o IcTt. | poif uas shLi:*Kins alioul .Myida j "She v;ent 10 same church fiff.tir." . Tln-y'rc ^oinji lik» !;ot cai;ef?.'' ' i ? Ij:!i!; ^. She '.i\.is ihin;-:in;; htivv ! ".Now abuuL lliosc pancra yes: ea'd I T]:e i-'i^kct w:is tin; wide, itr.v! Ijcriutiful Mnrciu l'.n:i leaked. i you've received—" s hiiii! i!i-:d to carry cut llowei>:. U j l.c-.s^ than !!^ hours wen.- lo p; t s: | .Mnrcin interrupted. The ;;vay- j \vas o: coiornil s:r;;\v, :ou;;iil. v I ioCoiu the two iiirls met a.i;;un. 1 blue eyes looked nut at !ii:ii fro;n " !JC " brai'lcd. tiyi^y ^'iiinlredl it. aail j(iyi:sy was rcturjiiny from a trip ID] between curling b^lico. Ti.e l.urso^ ALE::e nodded licr hoad in nj-ren , ^.py n:ov«d off :c; :;ava a took at j (my the tiny'y supplies. I'ai trmtfd j were (as Gyp-.y hnd K-jn'^ie.i mcui. "ilow Ions are you solus to the olii^r b-joUis. oa ahead on his leash. As they ju in Forest City?" she vs'tcd • j] fC ^ruunds of the Willis home ; turned n corner Gypsy F;IW a slen- Marcia. j u-hcre llio ^nrdon iiaily was holni; | dcr ijSrl in a gray knilteil suit coin "Oil, I really do:i't k n o w ' I'.cl-l v.erc turriiiiLidcd by a lall i in™ loward her. It was Marria Thro'iigli the summer al least." j heil",?. sheltering; it from the street I, with nothing to conceal ttio Marcia's voice Itad a diawlins nual- On the grassy front lawn a do^cn J j-loiy ot her sleekly golden hair. ity. "Aunt ICIlcn'sbccii ^o uwtei 10 j tiny Hwniu^-covered imctho nad ^ta^ci^ was walking slowly. At I've always called • liccn fircclcrl. Cilrls and young wo- rrti |iier here." KHeti Walhtcc sjioltc up ! .,., "They ousht lo make u lot fur ihi;: c . 0| -. hosjiitnl. Marcin liiiin't want in : ,. : cuiiie but I said K'r tinio she was, ii) . i . 1 , sc:;in^ nut and rceins pci'Silf. Hotter for her. S!:e"j incd to such :JH r.oiive iiic ii'» nut riiiht LO slay -Gv;:e:i up iu il:c housia all the MEN—To distribute circulars, al- | manacs. samples, olc.. for national Advertisers. Spare or full time. Experience unnecessary. No selling or soliciting. Good pay. Write International. 4701 Sheridan Rd., Chicago. Jieliablc parly wanted to handle Watkins Products in Blylhevillc. Customers established. Excellent opportunity for right man. Write The J. R. Wntklns Company. lO-M W. fowa Ave., Memphis, Tcnn. Two salesmen with autos to demonstrate for large Ohio Mfgr. Nearby counties. First class job. Kyr-Pytcr Co.. 2179 Fyr-Fytcr Blcij;.. Dayton, Ohio. Read Courier News'want ads. Invest With Safety 6*^ paid quarterly on full paid stru'k, §100 anil up. Guaranteed by first mortgage loanaou homes in Blytlieville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. me—you \\now her lliat. Hlie says that now slic's in lier own liniim tlie likca coin- I'liny. OE roursc I Uncw I'm n frightful rjiisaticc— '' l!cd ', hern ercclcrl. men in fancy drc.'a costumes were SL-Slitij: cut flowers, potted r-inls anrl f. r arilen atjCL'SSnriijs. Two others in v.'hiie sailor un]furius wlMi tiny rccoj;ni7.cil tlypsy. ir.oniin^," stie said, sniil think wo nuit yc^tcrtlay at the garden parly. iMillllpa." I'm Murcia PERSONAL GENUINE DUCO Authorized rc- finishlni; station. C. T. Sh.imlin ivith Dcnlon Chevrolet Co., Main at Franklin. 3P-K1M Have your shoos rcbnili al our True Blue Shop, 322 East Main. All work guaranteed. 10ji-kl7 New Orleans to Have Its Sidewalk Cafes NEW ORLEANS, iUP>- -Tile OM French Quarlcr of Ne'.v Orlcaii.i is scon to have o no!her evidence of l*artsan life—IK? slclownlh cafe. ' The famous o!cf "Court of 111? Two S Esters." noted alike for its patio setting and iU Louisiana cuisine, Is to be vcmodclcd so as to have a broad opening on Royal Street—with awnings, sidewalk tables, and other necessities to tsivc the proiKr Gaelic touch. FRECKLES AND IUS FRIENDS = £.. I S-2T FAY 0. DAVIS Vhonr -121 Alwatcr Kcul Dealer Planting Seed for Sale Mis-Del No. 2. @ ?50.00 per Ion, Dclfus nil. @ 515.00 per (on. Sccil fiiiaranlcctl pure and gcrminalinn tcsl !1S' ; . Tliis .Mi.s-l)ol is onn year from hrocdint; slalioii. .,Staple 1 I-S inch, Lhivds itself. Tlio iimsl satisl'ac- lory collon I have ever grown. I'rico.s I 1 '. O. J>. Gridor. Maj. F. P. Jacobs sg GC-K13 Gridcr, Ark. PROSAB'-V TAXG A TRA1SJ TO SO.-.vS RlS CITY, LOOklM' FOR 1\t6 ?i-£ THAT STOU= THAT RUBY FROM OLD ! ITtL BE Exercise .'.' FOR Vfl'JR F!>(?Al.'^l WRISf" -~^- VOLiR PAL BE "ftlRtf ' House (.'. A COUPLE OF' DAV.V j . Sir ,1 -fir ARM OQ-T OF -nl BEFORE -fr( 1 SCREENS ARE V •RlOrl-f ARM -iHfS CRADLE I I'LL 5-rRE-rcH OKi A "BOARP C^L AM 1 SAL-r VOL). 1 C ' •URMlMfir?| T5AI<e 7 S | *UCk, =_ \^ BOOTS AiND HER BUDDIES By Martin NO—NOT AFHAim t- pertly ];KH:C up. "I lUiJn papers," Marcia caid ijulcily. "You didn't sot ilu-in?' Tho riri'rf eyes lowered. A :no- meiit later tlity met Jim's. 'i'Jicro was challenge, guiitetlihig moio. iu their depths. "Xo." Marcla said, "f didn't E^t Iboin. I asked you lo conic here Inday. Jim, because J wnnl lo talk to you." (To lie ContuiUCill OTT- OF TOE. V.-- C . VOOWS COUO D 1 AN TOOM NO SHOU1D P-, WO ft ' VOEV- V BUT T MOSTNTT Trt\MW OF w.^ !'. \V\ MOT WT3fx\O ••• WOT DhRN S\T OOOH I W-WYXKV Wft<=> TOO I.ATE! lilossei; ~S> W-G... MJSt-1. I'LL BE AT TUE DEPOT IN A MOVI- vjiAStfT TPSR£ A UCX3/1M' FO3 A CRIPPLED WAN? HE 5AIO HE VCUi-D VJ/MT j i HGCS FOP ,/; |)JkSv(T,BUT L&FT F03, \ eiGHT-TWlRTE£M,MOr / CN'SfJ Fcx>x WIMOTES , ASO." .x 7 *Kr -i'c ^KiL *£. MEXT TRAIN OUT Cr SpADYSiDE ISN'T DOG I R3S SIXTEEN HOOXS hEA StRVICE. IhC. tT® \VASM TUHHS S'J'11,1. 1101.DING THK Wiill' HAND TW-1' FU W. IX) «t E EMT tO'W I^-'CO'JMT C KILL OUR BOSS, HE

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