The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHBVILLK COURIER NEWS • THE COURIER NEWS CO., 'PUBLISHERS . 0.- R. BAHCOCK, Editor ______ H. w. UAIKES, Advertising COURIER NEWS Sole National Advertising HepresenUiUvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc,, New Vork, Chicago, Dctiolt, si. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Mcmpltbs Published Every Afternoon'Except Sunday RAi Entered as second class infltlor at the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES . By carrier in the'City of Blythcvlllc, I5o per week, or SC.50 per year, In advance. By mail, within n radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, S1.50 for six niontlis, 85c for three months; by irtKtl In iiostal zones two (o six, Inclusive, 50.60 per year; in zones seven and clfilit, $10.00 per year, payable : In advance. Three Ways to Prevent Release, of Guilty Quo of llio thitiK.s which the last year brought us was a new iiHUiulo toward our crime problem. We arc no longer discournKGd about it, or . reiuly to iuhnit thai the problem is insoluble. Some of on i- notorious lawbreakers lire under the ground niul some of them are behind the bars, mid u-c uro beginning to see tluit putting them there isn't an impossible job, after all. Nevfilheles.s, our machinery Cor dealing with criminals needs ovcrhftul- injr; and one of the places that needs "* it the ino4 is tlie courtroom wliere the crook stands' trial. Prof. Mason I/add of the University ol' Iowa ' discussed needed diaii^es in tin- law of evidence before the 32nd annual meeting of the Association .of""'" Ameiieiiii Law Schools,' in Chicago recently. . '.•• ~. There arc ways, says 'Prof. Ladd, by which we can make the conviction of guilty persons, easier without increasing the .hazards''which an innocent man iruist face when ho goes on trial. One of them is by lightening tip thu laws governing an alibi defense. * * « Let us provide, suggcsls Prof. Ladd, that where an accused person plans to ' plead an alibi ho ba required to give notice to the slate's attorney ill-jid- vance of the 'trial. : >, As things stand now, « man being tried in San Francisco win assert that _he was in New York when Uiu crime was committed, and it is practically impossible-,Tor the prosecution • I'o meet his claim when it is sprung suddenly in the middle of trie trial. ]f advance notice wore rotittiral, the state could make the necessary investigation ahead of time and marshal evidence to refute the claim, if the claim were false. Some stales already have such a law; Prof. Ladd suggests that the law should be 'made universal. Then, ho ; continues, tbu stale should be allowed to comment when a prisoner takes advantage of bis constitutional rights and refuses to tcslify. In 02 of our slates the criminal may refuse to testify and the prosecutor may not remark upon it in any way. Surely no innocent man's rights OUT OUR WAY VQiild bo, jegi^ytjiml if tlio stutc wore permitted to draw inferences frpiii suc\i * «. • t • Lastly, Prof. U<U1 urges that crin\-. inal ]a\v be revised lo permit tlie impeachment of one's own witness. As things stand now, a crook may bribe or intimidate the state's star witness so that that witness, on the stand, \vill five testimony contruvy to his former sliite'monls— but Die state cannot ex- that witness Ijrfore the Jury, and the criminal wins by a technicality, Here, (igain, » .simple revision in procedure would make it harder for a, guilty man lo win acquittal. None of these changes would increase the hazards for un innocent num. As Prof. Ladd, Huggeits, they would simply provide a fair trial for the slate as well as for Ibe defense. — lirucc Gallon. Society's Dependents One oi' the most startling things; about • Uelief Administrator Hopkins' recent .announcement of now policies in tho field of public relief is his d.eclnr,- ntion Hint fully 3,800,000 of the.'men and women now bpiiig supiwrled by the government must bo'classified as "un- employnbles." ' Thc|o ^aye : the people whoso support is to be'tllrncd bitck to the states and cities; the physically and mentally mi- Ill, lhe aged, the luckless persons who will never- again be able to take their places among the wage-earners of the miUon. KveryonO hii,s always known, of course, that even thy return of full prosperity would not completely abolish our relief lists. But il" comes as a shock to know that the total of un- emp!oy«bles is so very high. " The revelation graphically emphasizes our need for ail inclusive olt.1- age and health insurance .scheme broad enough to touch all classes of society. MONDAY, JANUARY 7, : IMG SIPE GLANCES By George Clark I'm Bind It, happened. I always wanted to •; get my name 111 : tlic paper. — Hvc-year-ohl Blanche Orossnmn, • rescued. from rammed ship Jn Saul Illver, N.; -Y. .. * '•'-. * ' *s . - . . Our civilization depends, on our men Inking Hie leadership. Woman was created to be man's helpmate. —Mrs. John N. Garner. * ' * ' + ••.' War has ceased to lie, a Ipy. or BUiue and now lias become a perilous passion. —Newton D. Dttkpr. : • •.."'' * '•' * '*'"•••.' To my mind, reform monr& Bovernmenl intervention. It mciuis government control and regulation. It means the end of latssc/. faire. —Prime Minister Richard S. Bennett of Canada. htis such n tendency to make a boy n criminal as to arrest Mm tuid took him up. — Mayor Fi H. LiiGiiardln of. New York. « « • ' ' , ' Any mim who dies rich dies disgraced. —George J. Johnson, shoe nmiuifaclutrer. * * * The investor, is still thu forgotten man of the New Deal. —Dr. George W. Ethviirds ol the College of the City of New York. THAT WILL. BE ALL OF THAT/ '" SHE NEEDS A LESSOSi IS} TABLE MANNERS/ BUT NOT FROM YOU/ By Williams "Oh, yeah? ... Wouldn't kid me, wnuMju? oolin'! I ... Where didja gut that tine?" CURIOUS WORLD tilr M(SSOUR.(, IS NOT IN ANY COOA/TV/ IT IS AN INDEPENDENT CITY THE OLD IRON CHANCELLOR. i OF GEKMANV, (T HAD A '< COPIOUS SENSE ~f) OF HUMOR/ I TO AWAKEM I LATE SLEEPING ' GUESTS, HE FREQUEKUy SHOT OUT WINDO IN THEIR. RCO*\S. >•-• S~ a. • —i . .«, » THE PLANET HAS f. MOON WHICH RISES IN THE &£Sr AND SETS IN i- ... THE EAST/ 'Mars luui two moons, Dclmos and Photos. Tlie latler is so near t.c. ollcu0 y B .in urxlee Gr- I IT tho planet that It revolves around the moon in seven hours 39 inin- son Washington Wmikcsln Fon'ci lies. This is less than onc-lliirtl the time of lhe planet's relation on du Lac and Maiiilowoc follow the Us axis; consequently, il rises In the west nnd..scls in the eiist-. NK.\T: \yiinl Is the most thickly poptd.'ilcd country in (lie ivorlil? Radium Has Its Limitations in the Treatment of Cancel BV 1)11. MOIUUS FIS1IISK1N In Aviuciation, and »C y^cin, Ihn Health L\I^i;.'iziiic Great Brilnin the Medical Research Council makes available each year nn analysis of the uses of radium. When radium was first inlro- duccd by the Curies, It seemed likely that It eventually would become exceedingly important in treatment of cancer. Such expectations have been fuliillcd. Radium has not. however, clcvel- oi>?d into a cure-all or a of treatment for nil sorts of diseases. Indeed, the limitations of it>. use even In cancer arc beginning to l;e rather well defined. The most rfcem. report Iroiu lhe British investigators indicates that ladiuni lias certain uses in cacn (orm oi cancer. A cure in a case of cancer is believed to tc an instance In which the patient is alive Mid free from cancer nt the end of five years alter the treatment is given. It must uc remembered >.hat p pr sons with cancer are u..ii,,iiv in their advanced years aiitt that thcrefoic, their drath rate,, ftcni causes outside ol cancer :nc 1'i-h In CJlicer' of the brent! m <vo- inen, the evidence IndiiMic. Hint, the Weal treatment is 5«ref : ->l re moval. fallowed hy use •<( nrtium or X-rays or of bolli, if i, r iim«d In cancer of the tongue, the , mme .' Idiaie appllcalion of radium "cms lo te helpful, but the uiti'i 1 -!-" , c suits arc r.ot exteeUlir'-' "i.-.-i" Unfortunately, the results of sur OKGIN II Ell E TODAY ANN I10L1.UIER k ,, nk . ,,,, fiicnuniu'in lo TpMl »1CKLIC lite «aute dor ikai FG'I'Ka KC\. UAI.L lcll> VAI.EIIU BB\XliTT, III. Oaiiccr. ibm nerrikl., i. "I" ,n'.'y f '° i**« ! *"' '*'»'" • hr Mill lovra Tovy nnd Pfi^i lie, llrvr. kr nil) »rf. Ibi v.lrrln, tut wlitn rk.nrc brlnin ihr (no IpBclhcr null l-ftrr n.k> Ham lo lunrrr bliti ihp nKrtm. ' Vbr, en lo Flnrldti nnd »rc *"i!"? I ' T1 '*'' e "' r '' "• rnllej faotnr. IIU fnultly ^uuli* Ami null Vnlfrln irlti <o ninkr Irnulilr Ijrurren *»„ ,,,a P»|, r . She .ucc<Tcl. ftonllr ,,nd Aun Itnr- ii.vny. Ifn.InK no true, ol br> h lirrvnltoiilk. 1'i-ffr. d«»],rrn(rl7 In loTf wllh fcrr <>r «liU ttutt. isr(,w« liinrlln n. Hit rrrtli. in,... fll. «Borl» lo lucnto Ana nrr fruhlcKM. Shi" hu» found "urk nil BIIT- irnr»« In. <kr honii- (it MHS TIIACV. nn nitlil, ALLAN VIV. CIvXI'. Jim. Trnv>'« brolBcr. li nl- tenlTvr to Ann, V;ilcrla. «chfli;tnK to win Ptttr Imck. uet.unijf. klni In hlrr Allan VliiLTfnl lo ilr?ornlr <hp luime hr liliuirlll for Ana'. One nlehl'Ann I;YITM iTllh Allnn In «r« n av^f finjiir h* 1»^ ntf nrntlnf:, Klic l*nrti» lli« houce hclatiBM in rvicr nnA trjii»lli> no.! ol .Ighi Mhl> Allnn lr>lkn n'llb Pc1«r n'nil Vnl«rli\. Driving hoinp. I'cler (nkeit Va- Irrln In hli nrin*. NOW CO ON WITH THE STOIIY ClIAPf EU XL pBTBR raised his head. Ho had lilsficd Valeria and found hof kiss dust and QEhca against hie iiioii.Ui. llo ?ald li.oa.rsdy. "Sorry, Val, for being a damn fool." Ha started tlio car anil drove recklessly, blindly wlillo Valeria felt (lio tldo of humiliation wasli over her. ' Peter lend Wsscil hor anil then had turned away. Ho didn't want licr kisses. If Peter had seen her eyes then ho. could not have missed . Uio ilniigei'ous glow. Tctcr left her at the door. Va. Icria did not urso him lo come In side. Slie wanted him to go. Hor rage could not be bold back much longer. If lie stayed sho would fay irretrievable things. l,ct him co. I.ct tlic old house go. Let lilm stay away until loneliness drovo him lo licr tirnia jigain. Nest thno lie would not get a\vayl Foter went to Allan Vincent nesl morning, ottering to settle the whole transaction for whatever the decorator thought the completed job would havo been u-orth. "/ realize tills Is queer business," Peter-said, "but I don't iraiit lo so ahead. Neither do I want you to lose by it." : \ "Ilo's miarrcled with his girl." Allan decided. Allan srie-m. the rest ot the morning straightening out whal IID called the "mesa," He camo homo early in Ilia after. noon, Blint hhnselt In hfci slmlio and began working' on plans tor Kiiollicr house. '^~ As llio ariernoon woro on Allan became, conscious that tho house seemed .unusually quiet. Goncrally about this time he could look out and ECO Aim and Che children engaged In some form ot activity. The sandbox dotted witlj bright buckets was within range of his vision. Almost any day ho could step to tho window anO watch .1 race or a coif 'game with the ntiuiaturo equipment lip hail £iven Sonny last Christmas. Sometimes Ann would bo sitting on the green bench under the tree with the children beside her. hoard the car on tlie drive ILTE he • Jusi llicn and a moment later llio children racing through lhe house. Tlierc was a knock on the door. "Allan!" • : - ;'._;, ^ -,., ; / "Couio ijj." Mrs. Tracy stood In Ibc doorway, a worried look on her race. Sissy was looking thinner, 11 0 missed Aim. She (Jldi too, for Hiai mat. ter, and 1 1)0 children for a (en days came, climbing lino Ills arms. 'Ann's gone," Sissy said. Allan said nolhlne. lvl ,„„„,„„ „..,„.„ , v . "Deliver me from temperamental could not bo comforted, fiv ea now people, Allanl- Mrs. .Tracy said they were leading MUs Spencer a polulanlly. "At least from all teni- ' ' pcrameuta) .people except myself," "Great" heavens, Can't you gel to the point?" 'Ann gave up her Job this Ing, and asked mo to drive lior to some day. Not for a lone llmo. town. I've spent all aftcrnori try Ine to get somebody olso. Was It soinelliiue you did?" "Ot course noi. I'm In love will) lier, It that's what you moan." "You're In lovo with Anil?" "Why not?" "I'm only surprised. Vou told her?" 'About a week ago. I think I fell In'love with her the- first lime 1 saw her." Ho waa sure lie had. 110 liail wanted to touch Ann's hair, licr lovely, clear skin, ffc had thought hor hands,' her arms and oycs wore the most heaullful he had over seen. 'I'm afraid Hie artist fell In love," Mrs. Tracy said slowly. "We arllsls lovo differently — and not constanily. Allan." "It 1 had Ann I could get back my faith In things." "I'm afraid there's no hope." "Go ahead." "I Ihink she's married." "Married!" "Yen. I went to her door one night and opened ft without knocking. Slio was sitting on the bed tui-iilns « lltllo ring, a platinum wedding band, iu her hand. When sho s/nv mo sho'closed her hand over it." Ilo save "Marrfc'd! as I thought! Aflcr a moment lio asked. 'Whore Is she now?" "I loft licr nt a place called the Evans House — quite inexpensive. Slio said she would stay there un 111 she decides what to do. Don'l bother her right now. She's ler- rihly upset about something." "I liavo a little pride. She didn't even say goodby." "Slie didn't waul to go by your oflirc." "Leave any message?" "Just goodby." Ilo was furious. All tlie fun they bad had together, the days of companionship had counted for nothing. That was tho way with women Ills r.iso smoldered all evening. Ho was suro Ann would noi call his sister. Ilo suspected sho was relieved to get away. short, derisive la,U£U, Not such an innocent "OUT Ann did call. A month Inter Mrs. Tracy rcpp.i'ted : ., lo her brother.' "Aon tclothoncd and I went to sco her. She baa n : lob li outside. Think of Ann working In . . : there arc trousers, shirts and : wha not hanging from the nwnJng/ And across the street an Hallnn : vege table and fruit stand. I can't sec whatever possessed her." ; It probably was all sho 'could get. right now. .lobs aren't picked up every day. ' . And lo le'avc it lo. go to a ibook- store!" "Evidently slie didn't Hka us," Allan said blamo hot? , darkly. "Could you Mrs. Tracy ihoiiBlit ber brother a dance, forever talking of (heir beloved "Ann." "Where's ibis oookstora?" Mrs. Tracy told him. . "I oilght deelile to buy n hook Not ever If I cnn stay away/ "Anu said there tvro some rare old books there. She was quite en. ihuslastlc when I sasv tier, she was painting window signs, said sho had persuaded the owner it would bo eood business to adver- liso. He's a broken-down professor, 1 gathered, and be and his wife live In tbo rear of the store." "Wliero does Ann live?" "Sho and a girl slib met somo- whcrc— n girl who works In n department store — havo a small apartment toEcther. Ann didn't e:iy where." "What (i life!" "That's what I tried to foil her. Sho sai<I sho wasn't worried about lhe future. If slw could only get over llio present nlio would bo all rlghl." . BETTING over Ibc present was ^ Droving tearfully hard for Ann. It meant a continual batlle will] her thouglils, conccnlratlng on her duties. "Another, day." sho thought each morning, as the drear procession ot days wcni hy. Another . . . another. And then it \yas fall and sliu was hurrying Into tho shop out of tlio raw, wind-swept streets, wnnnins her the big stovo In tho back of Die shop. Professor Rarber—ho still used llio (itlo lie had acciulrcd In hap. pier days—was pleased over Ann's Interest In her work nnd gratified over results. Tho shelves had never before been so clean. The boohs had never before bqen so neatly and attractively arranged. Business was picking up. loo. "It was a good day for us when sho came , here, ch, mother?" the old man said 10 his wife ono night "Tho customers like her line," "So pretty aiid kind." Mrs. Barber said. "So interested In helping people find what they want, Falher. The young men all come back to buy more hooks. Maybo It business keeps up. wo can giro her n'ratsa by Clirislmas. What do you say; Father?" "Maybe by tho first ot tlio year,"the oh! German said cautiously. ' Ann's salary was only 51S a week, fly practicing rigid economy. slie vvns nblq, lo !>'roni llio Sl live wilbia It. week" sho had a funny little bookstore in a pan of town you'vo probably never tieeri in fn uour life. You have seen streets like It. ibouBb. where, mosi ...» ..,,„ ,., s . lkl . „,.., tlllerg! ,ncy of the goods Is displayed on the fund, she railed' IL Slio might gat earned as governess'to tho Trncy j children sho had a small nesi egg ; saved—close to S150. She was hold- Ins this lutncl. Her emergency sick, might lose her job. Anything Ulngy shop." night next, door might (janncn. Sho was trying to . keep her courage, flat It was hard, struggling for n place In l'n.9 crowded slrcci car". Somolimcs giving up a coveted to someona who looked more weary and tired anil worn than she. Standing In tine al Hie cafeteria each day nt noon and going home after a bard ! «-"vii mill f,yj uft IIUIUU ill tUr il Dill 11 Uut she had a. good plaovhcro. day to help Sheila Davis prepare supper. A year ago at this lime she w.13 planning to marry Tony. It seemed forever since those carefree days. (.To I5o Continued) Shcboj', Dodge, Green, Jeilcr- , tieart of Hie list in that, order before any. county of another slate enters the ranking on milk duction per square mile. Mcllenry county, Illinois, pro- Ion Much Fire ji,, e through the hole in the roof TOPEKA. Kan. (UP)—Three fire | concluded that tlic house was alarms at the same house in less I 08 " 1 " ""laze. Neighbors spent :\ limn an hour set'the record here rruilci ' restless night; ' 10th; Carver, County, Minnesota, 13th; and Madispn. County, New York, 17th. Intervening' places are held by other Wisconsin counties. the other night. The first' call brought the department to the K. I K. Chesney home when a sinail is I hole iva.s bitrued in the roof. A Store Sells Airplanes TONOPAH, Nev. <UP) — Tiie Ctumley general store here besides few moments after the depart- jscliVn B " tile usual commodities mpnt left, the firc broke out , wln . |f ol ,, Irt ,„ such estiilifishments of- OUR BOARDING HOUSE , oun n suc The third call came when a neigh- fers for sale bor, seeing an electric light burn- 1 planes. and Edi' r. Journal of lhe American gcry of cancer of the tongue arcj also not so very good. Cancer of the glands associated with cancer of the tongue usually is treated by surgical removal with radium. * ' ' * * The most successful IIKC of radium Kccms to tie in the early singes of cancer of the female organs associated with childbirth. The results in such cases arc good, fn fact, radium seems to be helpful even in cases in which operation fs tHiixxNMole. In lhe meantime, further advances in use of rarlium in various forms of cancer depend on an increase ot our knowledge ;is to the nalurc of the action of radium and of its particular eflccts in various types of growing cells in the man tody. .Wisconsin County Is Nation's Milk Center TONB I)U LAC, Wis. (UP)-TCal-, .nine! County. Wisconsin, leads all other counties of thn nation Iti milk production per square mile, according n a slmty of U. s. cc»- siis figures here liy E. C. Danmw. Us 32'1 square miles makes It the smallest In aiea of the 100 counties of the counlry ranked by lhe census bureau a s (he greatest' milk producers. The annual pioducllon of 13,120,375 eallon, listed for lhe county by Ih3 census gives il a yield of Mfll3 gallons per square mile. iijhf otlwr 'Wticoii-iii CMii"3J. •TH V Oil' COULD USE NN POUCH, .HOOPLE i > Hf\S Trt' W ON W ' STPN& TOR TUT SNATCH ON HOT 'BOTTLE POR H\S COUC/ SORRY WE ONLY INSURE TALK TO YOU ABOUT, ,IS INSURANCE/ NOT "FOR , _ _ ON rAV HORSE f-A COULD'vou WRITE AN ACCIDENT AND THEFT 'POLICY ON HIM AN AvCCltJENT, LKVIN6 \\\\A UP TJUF^KlCp TVAE "RA.C& , WOULD CAUSE NAE GREAT COULDNT I. INTEREST VOU IN "POLICY •? HAVE A

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