The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1948
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1948 Committee Okays Secret Data Bill Act Would Unlock Confidential Files Of Federal Agencies WAbHINOTON, May 5. (Up) — The House Rules Committee ycsl«v- <!»y okayed a bill dtslened to unlock the secret files of government p.gcncios for any Congressional committee. Its author said the measure also could be used to fine or pall newspapermen or others who publish confidential Information that has been deliveted to Congress. Tlie Ijill Is .sponsored by Rep. Clare E. HoftniHii, R., Mich. It was in- lended primarily to give Congress the power to imve a look at any executive department file. Hoffman admitted to the Rules Committee thai the measure could result In penr.lties for newspapermen who publish confidential "leaks." The hill would give Congressional committees authority to require executive agencies to give Uiem any information. Committee members could then decide, by a majority \otc, which part of the information should be kept secret. Any committee member, employe t uny other person," who tluv osecl confidential information rt be guilty of a dlsdemeanor. He could be punished by a 11,000 fine and one year imprisonment. • Rep. Clarence J. Blown R O raised the question of whether this section would apply to the press Hofiman said it would. "The press has no all-inclusive right and privilege of disclosing in- .'onnation that is detrimental to the country." he said. "In time of war, it could be punished for treason If it disclosed information of »id and comfort to the enemy." Brown later told reporters he will offer an amendment to exempt newspapermen from the penal provisions of tlie bill. Grand Jurors' Charges Dropped By Circuit Judge HOT SPRINGS, Ark., May t. (UP)—Two separate charges, returned last year by the special Oarland Countj grand Jury which also indicted ex-Mayor Leo McLaughlin were swept away today as a resuit action by Circuit Judge Clyde H Brown sustained a demurrer by former County Tax Collector Mack Wilson and dismissed an indictment charging him with accessory to illegal voting Seein's Believen' JSLYTHKVn.LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Modern Feminine 'Rip Von Winkle' Awakes After 12 Years of Sleeping Wilson argued that more than a this stand". By Julian Granger WHITE PINE, Tcnn., May 5. <Up)—»olkK in this Smoky Mountain community man tied today at Ihe constant youth of -a modem feminine "Rip van Winkle" and wondered whether 12 years' sleep conid no the same Tor them. The object of their wonder Is 52-year-old Mrs. Clara Reynolds. She lapsed Into sleeping s;ckness a ilozeu yeari ago and woke for Ihe first time only a few weeks ago. But it ivas not until Inst week that the story of the "White Pine Miracle" leaked out of this foothll's settlement of 600. Since then, the white-frame combination home• parlor ivhere she slcil through Ihe New Deal. Pearl Harbor and the advent of the atomic bomb h&s become K mecca for the curious, The atomic bomb still is with u.-; .But it, like lalk. of another war, is Unknown to Mrs. Reynolds a uri- eious, white-haired laay wiio r->- memlx:rs little of her long slumbjr and cares even less to recall th« life she knew before. In fact, the only difference she IMS noticed between the worlds of 1936 and I9M is that "the young girls seem lo have more freedom nowadays and my. how White Pine hns grown " "We figure the world is so upside-down we don'l read the 'heavy news to her, only the briRht stories year had passed in which the state had Iilert i, o information on th<- tharge anJ by the teams of the" statute, ol limitations he should t= set free, » The judge also dismissed ~« first degree perjury clmrge against Samuel Kirsch. operator of the Esskay Art Galleries at Hot Springs" Kirsch refused to give testimony to the grand jury in connection with I the 165,000 robbery of the galleries \ r-n thu grounas thai it might incriminate himself. i Judse Brown agreed that he was . within his constitutional rights In Hint make her laugh," said Mrs Alfred Sariain, a sister-in-law WHO with her husband nursed Clnra Vnu-k lo lite asalnst the "better Jud-- nient" of their neighbors. It must be the right fonnuln. Clara hns t\ new rosy, school-girl complexion. She plays ball on the front lawn every dny with the SarUln's r. rp tinned niece and nephew, Alice, 10. and Johnny 12 There is a spring in her walk that she lacked before, still more p U z- ilinu, she didn't have to learn to I wnlk ogam, as do most bcd-rltldi-n persons. Doctors were stumped, loo. So were .some of the neighbors wJ.o said privately tlie Saitains were wasting their time null money ca:- :ng for Clara. It's still uncertain whether sin '11 go back lo sleep, Mrs Sartain said. On l.he clay of the awakening Mrs Sru-iam wtnt into Clara's room remember only Ihal she often tiled hnrd !u oi>rn her eyes but couldn't, and that she, had a leeling somc- llmco she wns far, [ar nwny, H was a great thins, clarn's recovery. Bui While Pine folks ar»!)' for itio Devoted Sur- lains, who spent innny hours Jt Clara's bedside, shocking her (nee into motion with k'e or s wet (owel so sho coulil cut. "1 fcc'l hke I've boon let out of Jail," fished Mrs. Surtnln. are you tliis morning, Clara?" She hadn't received an answer""!!! 12 years .and she didn't expect on» today. "Jnsl fine," Clara's voice said She was awake, and it stunned Mrs Sartain. Bin, she recovered sufficiently to scat Clara In -her wicker chair next to the window. "What Is that, a tree?" Clara wanted lo know. IN THK DISTRICT COURT Of THE U\m:i> STATES H)R TIIK KASTKKN DISTRICT OK ARKANSAS. JONFI.SIHM10 DIVISION 2OB DOIASON STACY PAUST. I'lnntlfl vs. Civil Action No. J-530 Edgar A. Slncy, Ada Dimnvaiit Slacy, Judith Elizabeth Walthall Margaret Stacy Pox and Augusta Stacy Marshall, Defendant u nd Mary P. Singlelon; Mnrvin' E. Sin- Rleton, Jr.; John u. singleton; Edward Q. Singleton; Susie Sin- gloton Porter; June Singleton Spcir; Elizabeth H. Singlelon; Perry M. Singleton; Alary E Sin- glelon; anil St. Louis Union Trust Company, as Trustee under Wi:i of Marvin E. sliigliMnii, Deceased. , Cro.s.s-Defendftnls I OKIU'R j On this April 19. 1048 ciune on • 10 be heard the motion of defendants lino criBS-cnniphilnaiils for issuance of warning order In this cause warning the cross-riefemiatii.s - Mnry P. Singleton, Marvin E. Sln- fleton. Jr.. John u. singleton. Eil- ward O. Singlelon, Susie Singleton Porter, June Singleton Spetr Elizabeth R. Singleton, Perry M. Sin- Blcton, Mary E. Singleton nnd SI. Ix>uis Union Trust Company, :-s Trustee under Will of Marvin E. Singleton, Deceased, to appear bv filing nn appearance motion nr answer herein by a day ccrtnln '.o pearing to Hie court thai this suit is commenced by tho plaintiff, who is a resident anrt ciUcn ol the State of Florida, to enforce an eqnitnble claim to land situated in Mississln- pl County. Arkansas, being In the Eastern District of said Stale, and 11 npiwarng- further that the defendants herein have filed cross complaint ngnlnsf. cross-detendaiUs, .All of whom arc non-res!tle;ils of the State of Arkansas and are not present within the Jurisdiction ol s mils' and ciws-compliilnls .should be granted. It l.i ordered that Mnry p. 8ln- alclon, Marvin E, Singleton, Jr, John H. Singleton. Edward O. singleton, Susie Slnglclcn fort or Jime Singleton Sm>lr, Elizabeth H. singleton, I'crry M, Singleton. Mary K Singleton and si. I/nils Union Trust Coiimimy. as Trustee under Will of Marvin E. < 5int;U>loii, Oecenscd slnil appear by ij|i ni! motion or answer lo ilic crOM-foniplnlnt of Kdgnr A Sliu-j- anrt Artit DunnvaiU stncy atiii lo the cruss-complnlnt of Judith Ellzabclli Wnllhnll. Mnrgiirct Stnny Pox and Augusla Stacy Marshull u\' Uio 1st day of June. 1043 at llui court-room thereof in tho City of Joneslioro. Cralgliead County, Ar- kmir.iis H K further ordered that certified roplcs of (his order nnd cross- complainant's pleading, lie scrvt'd upon said i-ross-ilefendanis by du- llmhijj copies by reglslcrcd nin.l, addressed to said cross-dctcncj- ants. co SI. Ijjiils Union Trust Company, si. Louts, Ml-usonrl nn-1 thnl service tuilher be hnd by publication of Mils onler once » we.ik !or lour, weeks in some newspnpi-r inibllslied and hnvliiR u bonn fldo circulation in Mississippi County Arkansas. TJJOMAS C, TlilMHLE, JR. District Jud«c Joe C. Harrctt, Hnmlhon E. Llt- the BEAUTY BAR Mm Norn Siimnioy. owner Clleiu-iu- Huicl nulldlni; [-lionu JMJ Mnrnnicl !>,.<,„ Hinnh. i.,,ity Lucy lie and Marcrn Cvrard, attorneys i for cross-comphiiiiaiiU KITSTONI 31 THf AU M/JIKXf nrs«iD i f&* _ _ it J& 1 c.« •v."!™"^"^ 8 ,'.^ 810 "" »yM* Corn, I & Right now, in hornet all ortr tiit country, moths »-• working aw jy jf woolen girmenti—ruining them! Thir may be hippenlng in your home! 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