Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina on November 10, 1957 · 4
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Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina · 4

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
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4A -Rotky Mount, N.C., Sunday Telegram, Sun., Nor TO, 1957 Wilson County Hard Hit By Friday Night Tornado - WILSON More than a million .dollars damage was estimated from the tornado that struck Wil- , son County Friday night, which crushed. a 1,250 pupil Negro school building in the county, left many families homeless, tore down many barns, and killed livestock In the area, - The swirling tornado followed by heavy rains and winds, struck the. Negro Speight School local- ed about six miles east of Wilson and ripped the' building apart, ; scattering concrete, bricks and i metal into the rural road which bypasses the front of the school. Books; desks, school supplies, and debris were scattered for hundreds oi yards in the adjoining fields and roads. Several persons were Injured, police reported, but their names have not been learned. H. D. Browning, Supt. of County : Schools, is making all efforts to ?set up auxiliary quarters for the 1.250 students that were left with out a school. The Speight School is one of the largest consolidated schools in the county. It has 33 members of the school faculty, including 27 elementary teachers. . five high school teachers and the principal, A. G. Walker. -"Directly in front of the school ' a tenant house was leveled to the . ground. No one was at home at the time of the tornado. The top of the water tower at the school was blown off into a field near by, leaving the tank open. The huge plumbing, .pipes in ' the school were twistedinto freak 1 objects and scattered over a wide area. s; Power cables and telephone lines v Knocked down by the storm lett a wide area without electricity or communications. Live electric lines scattered by the storm also made it- dangerous during the darkness for persons to enter some areas. Deputies from the Wilson County Sheriffs Department remained on duty at the school through the night to prevent looting. Most of the typewriters and other machines in the school were removed last night to prevent further damage by rain. ' In the same vicinity, six tobacco barns and a tenant house on the farm of Albert Woodard, were completely demolished. Several buildings were blown down on the farms of Joe and Fred Eagles and Archie Ellis, and sev eral cows and mules were killed by the tornado or either electrocuted during the storm. The home of Addie M. Hodge, Negro of the Stantonsburg highway, was lifted from the brick frame and set back about five feet off its foundation. She was in the house with two children when she said. "I noticed a piece of scaffold coming through the roof and I knew something was hap pening outside. So I grabbed my children and we huddled in a corner of the house." The piece of scaffold had blown from the home of Dee Grimes, across the road and pierced the center of the Hodge home. The home of Grimes was torn to bits. Fortunately no one was in the home, at the time. The home of J. N. Whitley was completely destroyed. It is locat ed on the Stantonsburg highway. Trees were uprooted there and a telephone pole was broken like matchsticks. The family left home ten minutes before the tornado struck. Homes owned by Joe Thomas and Fred Eagles in this vicinity were damaged and barns were destroyed. An automobile parked beneath a shed was pierced by a two by four piece of lumber. On the Fountain road about a mile from Saratoga a Negro family of nine were left completely homeless and without a thing except for what they had on their backs, when the tornado, completely leveled their frame house in the field on the farm of Richard Bryant, to the ground. This was the family of Zeta McNeil. One of the seven children. De-lores, was struck on the head by flying debris, whicTi required sev eral stitches to close the wound. Whifehurst Is Guest Speaker Curtis D. Whitehurst, minister from Roanoke Rapids, will be guest speaker at the" Edgecombe congregation of Jehovan s witnesses this evening at 7 o'clock He will speak on the subject, "Making A Success of Marriage." Whitehurst has served as presiding minister of the Roanoke Rapids congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses for four years. He is active in the missionary work of the Witnesses and has served as "pioneer minister" in eastern United States for more than four years. Robrt R. Porterfield, presiding minister of the local congregation of the Witnesses, referred to the timeliness of the sermon' in stat ing, "When one out of every four marriages goes on the 'rocks' it is high time ministers of all religions teach their members that marriage is a sacred trust from our Creator and should be treated and considered as such." Porterfield extended a cordial welcome to everyone to hear the public address and stay for a study in the Bible following the sermon on the subject, "Endur ance Like Jobs In the Time of the End." The Kingdom Hall is located at 416 Rose Street. Family Forgery Team Arrested CHARGES SCIENCE I TLTlS: Gainesville. Fla.. allied with eign Office in London are working nate scientific data from foreign perry-Rand Corp. independently on the plans, which sources. Matt aides said the bur- The labor leador declared that were decided upon m principle den of this task now rests on the 'a photo was taken showing him 'ast month by President ELsen-Office of Technical Services which ..,.,ilh ..,:,. hower and Prime Minister Mac- WILSON - A family forgery A z mm , . . , team who had fleeced Wilson mer-:, jSTr ffi.W -S5 th international lanr orML of the lenlat,ve ldea Chants out of $636 in cash by pass-hHf Hwn f; ,),, ..,i,;i in r.nn SuitTorinnH h ready have been exchanged be- kuIJ 1ess .ck.s were arres1- farm;ng out a ot more sajd tnat "the' young lady ' was tween the two countries and sub- tL J r2 lpU Sterd?I ! Reynolds and his staff were as- with the Nigeria,, delation." milled to France. West Germany liam MfwifJn Siaifo tJ181 K the study job last sum-i Carey is in Europe. His speech land other governments involved. TwlnrndSrii ft ,'imer by Sen. McCIellan (D-Ark), was read by ar. aide. I Paul-Henry Spaak, secretary old dauAter BeZP rockr ithe committ chairman, before: James A Babcock. Westing-general of the. North Atlantic Cockrell Ind hU dnrhr wrPe Russians had launched their house plant manager here, said Treaty Organization has been act-confhTeri In ft. ritv npnTn SPutnik satellites. Sen. Humphrey 'today that "in no case have we mg as a sort of middle man for MnSt0h bad suggested the ever shown this picture to the em-lthe continental allies to these ex- ! pioyes ot our plant. enanges. - i draft He added that the regional di-; starting-point lor tne cisennow- Monday's hearing. His wife, was cited to appear in court but wasF-m, SHAW the time ot his death. - He served on the distrfctFed-ral Reserve Boar frorn 1946 un' iii2 He was aooointed recently by Gov. Hodges to the Tax Study Commission. He was also a member of the National Executives Committe'e of the American Farm Bureau Fed eration and a member of tbat ' r Hp s the president of the North Caro lina Farm Bureau Mutual Insur-ncea Co. He is survived by his wife, one in. live ''auhter? f,r, stepdaughter and 10 grandchildren. ii,,, j i,, ,, k c Aue assignment was to avail ne auueu uiai me regional ai-. 1"""' ' uuu- he ?five small hUdren iint0 bil1 fo ted by rector of the National Labor Re-! er-Macmillan plan-which may be ner live Small allluren. i - . . f il! Tj 1 I i . nninUH u a in nt offrrt nsvt Detective K R-:kmim nnH 1 c""""u-lce '"emoers, ana to aSK dimiu uou awuicu me . ..w. J T Smh i nfad th : prre" n!sc,entUts b and out ot govern-j charge last March in connection ; month-was the declaration of tn-the assistance of Demitv Sheriff ment tor recommendations on with union accusations against the; terdepeadence issued last month w L? -3"$ whether these or other steps Raleigh olant Babcock asserted In Washington. The simple point , ouuiuu oe ianen denuty sheriff. The family re sides near Bailey. that the NLRB official decided,! the declaration sought to make Thp nlan i tn nco iho draff Miio : "Thpr i n evidpnoe thnt the: was as Macmillan told the Pres- Police said Co'ckrell afimiitpd as a starting point for committee! motion picture shown to employees! ident-that in the modern world hT forced them venes " January, to determine j issue " He said the NLRB official! try to try to cover all the many They - will I be -iveri a Drelimin-Ifinal recommendations to Con-1 recommended the allegation be vital fields of security. No free ovprni pn . i iiauon vouiu aiioiu w uu au wiui- arv hearine before citv recorder! Sress. Wiley L. Lane, Jr. Monday. Total taxes paid by insurance companies in the U. S. in 1956 were $573 million dollars. nvprnilpd It is difficult in inHnpp snmn Rahcnck said furtehr that the out becoming a garrison state or promising students to take extra MLR in Washington reviewed the going bankrupt. The Allies there- 1 J t ! , 1 ! : 1 J," nnJ Un I FlVVk holTO tn VlOnH tnffpthnr Ifl Jill years of advanced training, when regional director's report and he' fore have to band together in all without it they can get jobs mi union s ODjecuon ana ruiea mi ways io bijuiu u m nuM a yi co-industry at fatter salaries than' June 'that these objections and ent and future challenges, Mac-their teacher's 'exceptions are without merit." 'millan insists. MIDEAST Egyptian newspaper Al Shaab reported today the United States has noved-its 6th Fleet into position iff Turkey arid l-ebannn becaune it expects revolt in Jordan. The Egyptian Middle East News eencv has reported refugi Jordan staged demons; calling for the downfall ! sein. , Ij Egyptian radio broadcast' charged Hussein is negou with Israel in exchange for 30 mu-lion dollars in U. S. aid that was earmarked for Israel. Htine:-,"' I MANHUNT route from Brooklyn, N-Y., to play in a bridge tournament m an un sDecified Florida city. . An hour alter tne snooting oi Reece. 10-year patrol veteran Brown radioed that he was stop :t tU nn ITC 1 nnar van. Th hilHron nU in o frnm i " -' " " z-"Ll .1" . "Mord, 50 miles nortneast. e1Kni momns to mieen years oi &h M afterward, Brown mes age. L fUof Via VtoH Kaon eSrtt Pn. , Jill 1 oavu wink i i"u j,u "f On the same road, two tenant trolman R, L Gates said he saw ..uusw Yvcic iweu apan. oudLtouj oMsmobile pass him as he k,wo v.v i a ni6 n ha g j nf Krn U'hd llPfl and many trees uprooted. Cloth ing, parts of buildings, and twisted tin could be seen in tree tops in the area where the tornado struck. School officials were unable to estimate the loss of Speight School yesterday, but did say that it is doubtful that any part of the building could be salvaged. There were reports of property, damaee on the Old Black Creek a:ti Stantonsburg roads and in other sections of the county. Obituaries MRS. BESSIE WILLIAMS MOUNT OLIVE Funeral services will be held here today for Mrs. Bessie Mae Williams, age 53, whiMlied Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Pate of Kenansville. The rites will be conducted from the chapel of the Tyndall Funeral Hoijie at 2:30 p.m. The Rev. Richard Ezzell, Holiness minister of Warsaw, will officiate. Burial will COOLEY an hour and a half later on an operating table in a Sanford hos nital. The car was stolen last Sunday night from Robertson Motors at Bradford. Pa. It had a Pennsyl vania license stolen Monday night from a parked car at Carrolltown, Fa. Also In the Oldsmobile were guns and ammunition stolen Sun day or Monday from a hardware store at Barnesboro Pa., and a North Carolina license plate stolen Wednesday at Madison, N.C. The trail, which hd grown cold prior to his appearance, Cooley m the central North Carolina area stated. "I am certain my position Pf the killings, seemed to get hot-on racial matters is well known." i ter m eastern and middle Tennes- He added he thought "a more see DUt raen peierea out. constructive asenda could have Later Thursday the search shift- been prepared." ed to Kentucky, where a 1957 In his prepared speech, Cooley Chrysler 300C, capable of 150 miles attached the world leadership pro- "uur. ws muaa wrecsea ai vided by his own generation. He Stanford. That town is 220 miles asserted nis generation had made "ul" uauauooga, wnere me ve-"an awful mess" and told thp stn. nicle was reported stolen. dents thev had no choice hiit "to: A 1957 Dodge stolen from an live in this unhappiness." : automobile agency at Lancaster. He asserted the nsrvivnl of thfe'.'?.. 10 miles from Stanford, was Mow in the Wallace family cem-tJnied States and democracy are foun1 late Thursday smashed etery near Albertson. aependant upon the men and f&vi a wepnoiie poie is mnts s I woman of America who can lift from Ldttcaster. It contained - themcelvoa QKntm tk-. kn. f ulooflstiiins anil hrpnrnris TORNADOES Police theorized the driver had lost a lot of blood m the crackup, and would not get far. But a central Kentucky search also didn't get far. State Police . . time's trrivnv ' 'jSmes Gray Henry, age 81. diedi "nd P"es." Friday night at Duke Hospital aft- er Jin extended illness. He was a resident of Route 2, Spring Hope. Hewas born in Franklin County,! hurt, five homes destroyed and 14 said yesterday they were prepared son of the late John W. Henry and! other houses damaged Stantons- to withdraw their forces, and took xamerine Cook Henry. ' !uu's. rimes soum oi ttocKy down roadblocks in the area. , He was a retired farmer and a ; Mount, where an almost-new Ne- On Wednesday member of the Peachtree Baptist' sro school was reduced to rubble; slayings,. 300 patrol cars prowled Chflrch, where funeral services m Surry County, where $10,000 North Carolina highways and bar- wm be neia today at z:30. rne pas-i um. je is aone put no injuries ricades were set up. The cars were trr the Bpp. rharlip Wellnns aill;receied at an elementary school aided hv turn Mnn'na hnWni. wnere mere were 80 pupils; and private airplanes and a state ii lau&w vouuiy ana near can- plane. doJ- . ., - But this search grew cold as the A swath half a mile wide and span chiftaW fire I n Tann.nn Chureh from 1:30 until 2:30 p.m.jjjre miles long was cut through and then to Kentucky. Hp i .survived hv his wife, thp the Reds Place and Oakdale com- Thp deaths' hrninht in five tVio former Catherine Bell Avent and ; unities about 34 miles east of number of State Highway Patrol- be In charge of the services. Burial : will follow in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Nashville. TJie body will lie in state at the . one son, J. T. Henry of the home. f SOVIET ; posed by a scientist of that name. itocxy Mount, reported State men who have been killed in line ii .x'lway rairoi vapi. h. S. Mitch- of duty since the patrol was or-eu. Trees were uprooted, telephone Iganized 28 years ago. poles were downed and power Under a patrol gentlemen's ag-lines broken. reement of long standing, each of Among the Rockv Mount ininrpd the (ion trnnners will onntrihuto sin . Having gone far on rockets and were Mr. and Mrs. Knox Porter, 1 each to the families of Reece a 'J developed a good antiaircraft sy- ?ene Pittman, and Miss Joan Brown. The families also will et terri, ft was predicted the R& hUey, all of Rt. 2. and the Rev. $10,000 state workmen's compensa-. will concentrate next on a hyper- J. W. Gibson, pastor of the Oak- tion for employes killed on dutv ao-tic bomber. jdale Baptist Church. Newspapers have started fund" A hypersonic bomber was de B. W. Jones. Rocky Mount tex-'drives. The Gaston Countv Law acribed as a manned vehicle, tile worker said the storm lower-! Enforcement Officers Ass'n has wnrcn cuuia icatn um eamc raugercu wmi a swosn liKe "an air-iotlered $200 reward to any private as an ICBM with less taiUal ve- plane had fallen." citizen for information leading to locity, or could go farther if it At Stantonsburg afl the children the arrest and conviction of the n,os gireu ujc same pusu. ita m mc uiouern, i.uuv-pupu Speight ' slayer rocket system would shoot it into School were gone when the torna; space where rt would glide 1,000 do hit. Parts of the roof and huilH. iiilii or 12.000 miles at speeds at 13,000 ing were scattered for about ai VkmIINA to 14,000 m.p.b. i quarter of a mile around and most . , Tf smiM h. me. Hpadlv than!of the ennmf it-JJTV: ? .m0? i tential. the ICBM because even thou I old school was damaged or deJ ln. additio,n ,H widespread re-Instruments would be used foristoved. Onlv nart. p ii-, sentment of Western trade re- 0f S Errou' would be there to monitor the in-f Homes and barns in that area bombing, the man in the plane were left standing stneuons, trroll s major impres j C. ii ,;t. ii. i u i . . . smns M the tmir inoliiderf- tmmpnts Hp pnnld als nick im of Wilsnn r,f.. ." . J""; 1. The Chinese are eaaer to more intelligence than an un-jaged and son v,vacZ . ch..the d performance manned vehicle. killed. v western products against One side was f f, tu. present equinent which has been loam Elementa ."vrJ:"':ioaine(J almost solely from , in S,, rZrZ' iRussia. i vvuuiv nnn nnmoffa Broa - - . .. . z. in me wcg run tninas goal TOBACCO aurry Countv and famar age. The season sales are now E Fsaid it Pa,Vu economic self sufficiency. Cfiina 192,845,459 pounds for a J53.31 av, J?!F would 'like to be ecooomicallv u n . :tti I u,Bl none of me 80 niimls K! kin4 I j . . ... , . ; vi age. nKie woa u-uc- ,- . aepeooeoi bow of nussia ana me hange in the overall quality of ""Wftw the offerings last week. iher " Sales by states were: Virginia, I ouAs- 13.105,190 pounds for a $49.50 av-! . lr, erage for the week and 100,253.. VETERA KK - w w m w nuiswn-aaiem and, ciiaa. although still back ward, baa made great strides during its fast 5-year plan and may be expected to develop in dustrially as quickly as Commu S.TH mninH fnr thp opscmi ver. aelng $52.17; orth Carolina: 6,-jand Sgt. Alford L. McLaughlin, of nist Russia. 878,920 poinds averaging $5255ieee1? Ala-. now stationed at the 4. Chinese industrial products, for the week and 92.591.922 pounds faJ" Island Marine Base. ! particularly the "Liberation for the season averaging $54.54. power, still an erect and alert lorry' a 4-ton truck compare On he Middle Belt, gross sales military man, won his decoration reasonably well with Western for the week ending Nov 8 totaled p the assault that broke the Hin- products. Chinese workmen have 6.6J8, 992 pounds averaern S4S.S7. denburg Line during October of talent brains and natural median- oeasuD saics nave now ciunoea hi m nuiiu nar i. KS1 ability. 118.977.312 pounds averaging $53.47 The Gallivants Ferry native. ' per hundred. .then a young lieutenant, led his DI AMC 'men through withering fire to kill iLMMC )f P j, foe f a machine gun nest the search, grimly pointed out llC land capture a number of Germans that the ditched plane should have Ju-e 9. 1956. That was less than KemedVlS. S . a been able to flash some distress a vear after hU heart attack on oratpTfnr' fihMnV-i " slgnal dunDg a Minute descent f-. 24. 1955 a- . -h ulg whfl! wounded irom feet. Failing that Eisenhower plans to fly to Okla - to?,g ,c0UI?ge beond. '-he there should be signaU from hand- koma City next Wednesday to! iI5s du,?,-..The xfw f his cranked radio transmitters on life irke his second speech on science IS1,,0 Fary glory was rafts-if any were launched. M national security. He tarpects:'?"' KI- " ,an artlon against Among the 36 passengers were toTetum to Washinnoo the same. J""? B a State Department official a fM. This will bring him back ! ,-IL .? me5 'requenUy lunch chemical corrpany executive and fr Mrs. Eisenhower's 61st birth- lT- .u016 days m th stau- a French . ace of World War Tliursdav. :ra? '? th apartment where Ken-, If Ther wptp boond fnr Honolulu There were Indicatkmj-the Pres- aec "lr " qut eu Tokyo. Hong Kong and Ransoon. Hent win goto Augusta. Ga.. next er. Day. for bot?1- There was not even a hnt of Fridav Inr hi annual Kovmher1 m going to sUv home for vacation on the Augusta Xationall00" and enjoj- the day." Doner Gordon H Brown, radioed lat1 Gelf Course. As resterday. Mrs.' remarked. .4s W- - i. mgbt at 504 p m. that his pos '.ioni heaton insisted tbat while she isJutanJ general, ne is in heavy de- was 1.028 miles east of Honolulu. ot ruling out such a trip "there ma. as a public speaker on the After thai awesome silence, -fa nothing on the calendar at this holiday. Chapline noted that the plane. oHPiimn. v mi .o on wu, isse n;s was a wea ocis aaa migst Soat iouay uk rres4ot-- spem inocimteiy alter being ditched tnomtag aendna to otficiai bnsi- " A'5n. f fosuii Sue Japanese There were bo frontal siorlr f and reewviof twa callers, in WorM War ft was cfced for reported sions the plane'a Eight vn Brranerd ! piay a.'rnj & S rsSipja'aei fynss aalh.-Tfc trarport iai rSa inta! -z". rc-'i4 of goif at Burning 0 f.&'jr.g at Laian io llarcb. of.beadwiadi but. they war not n . r M Ul Not i Pnncip es r . rr?i ,1.'3 J OFFICES OF THE SOUTHEASTERN DIVISION, ASHEVILLE, N. C. 4h ITIP" A MUTUAL COMPANY Yhe Western and Southern Life Insure tl Comoanv bv mer?m? with th " ut am k j i w o Insurance Company, nn ' privilege of serving the policyholders of the Imperial in the great sta ' . arolina, South Caro lina, Tennessee and Virginia. The high principles and ideals which have provided the excellent services given by the Imperial for more than fifty years to its policyholders and the communities it served, will be continued and expanded. The management and personnel who have so ably conducted its business in the past, will continue to do so in the future. The reginal office will remain at Ashevilie, North Carolina, under direction of Vice President Charles L Staines, former President of the Imperial Life. the Officers and Directors of The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company extend most cordial greetings to our new policyholders and friends. We shall conthrae our practice of managing the affairs of The Western and Southern life Insurance Company solely in the interests of our policyholders. su MAP SHOWING AREA SERVED BY THE SOUTHEASTERN DIVISION SOUTH CUBLMAJ PRESIDENT MAIN OFFICE GndnncrtL Ohio SOUTHEASTERN DIVISION OFFICE Charles E. Staines, Vice President Biltmore Village, Ashevilie, N. C. MID-CONTINENT DIVISION OFFICE Saint Louie. Missouri pi FAR WEST DIVISION OFFICE Beverly Hills, Caliloroia Asssls Orer $75,CCD,C:i (as&r2fiC8 la Force 83,759,(309,023

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