Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina on November 9, 1957 · 1
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Rocky Mount Telegram from Rocky Mount, North Carolina · 1

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1957
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TELEQKABI PHONE! DUI -M61 Pab1libr-C1rcaltlra Dial t-mi Booielr-BaokkKplm Dltl S-S163 Nen-Edltarlal Dial MIM .. Display dvertlin DUI -406 CUiiUled AdnrtUing DUI gportf Dtpmrtmui The Telegram WEATHER Generally fair and colder tonight and Sunday. FORTY-SIXTH YEAR 12 pages -. ca. sccuo. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 9, 1957 6c DAILY 15c SUNDAY 40c WEEKLY 14 Homes Destroye 9 amagea !y brnado in ecombe County Area Four Persons I """itxr (AVvO-- I'll ''' S ' - ft.--rnm Ti-i-iT fTiinmnrrm iti n " " TORNADO DEMOLISHED WHITLEY HOME Rufus King, left, and J. H. Whitley, right, are shown carrying bedding from Whitley's tornado-destroyed home on Highway 64 some three miles east of Rocky Mount. Whitley s daughter, 14-year-old Joonne, was among the four persons in the area who were in;ured by last nights twister. (Telegram Photo by Killebrew). Search Continues For N. C. Fugitive GEORGETOWN. Kv. P An in-, when a hitchhiker who rode with tensive search of central .Kentucky farmlands continued early today in an effort to flush the killer of two North Carolina highway pa-k trolmen. . . KA man who fits the description of the killer was cleared yesterday Hyde Negroes May hie Mnt RALEIGH (fl-Hyde County Negroes have raised the prospect of a school integration suit in a con- irnvorsv over the use of the coun- , ty's share of state school building DesrHlpiPVt'S't'J, xne siaie Board "of Education yesterday approved the use of $177,000 in state money for a central Hyde high school for whites. John A. Wilkinson of Washing ton w f attnniv fnr thp Ne- croes. contended that $40,000 of on,ml araviniiclv had been "set aside for a very badly needed purpose" at Negro schools in the county. He. intimated an effort to mte-See HYDE Page 2 U. S. Reappraisal Urged For Red China Policy iiurii mtijiti" . BT J ."l.ur.. v. 11 inn. e-nivi vxktfiim im Ampri-,ism ca's largest conference on Asia;'makes no sense for the deeply today entered its final stages auer a Burmese urged American "re- appraisal" of policy toward com-i munist China. ' The civih natinnal conference of i " ...... .. . TTT7f Viht-i. cinro Liinou, uiccmis m-ic WorinecHav tii rnnsider how to im- prove relations with, Asia, heard Burma's ambassador in Washing - ton, U Thant, assert: "No one in Asia except two or three leaders comes anywhere, near to sharing the American at-, titude towards Peking. . "To us uncommitted countries, It is difficult to understand your attitude. u , 1 I tUnt il nlnmqf. io one uenevca mai uijivuia-, We recognition and admission to JBfhfe United Nations would trans- IOrm uie reKin uvermgiii imu a eoooerative regime. The question - . . . n , , : i i . u, rohaf Hntrprc and riisadvan- tages might be avoided." By excluding Red China from the U. N . he said, "one damages not Peking but the United Nations, which is thereby ruled out as an effective instrument of interna- i;nnl rannpili!ltinn " Be charged that the American i vwiiwuuuv". Senator Says Money Available For Missiles By JACK BELL WASHINGTON Ul Sen. Chavez (D-NMt said today Congress willi In Reno. Nev., Sen. Kennedy , major switch from previous small sphere, has been aloft since I the Navy-directed Project Van- mittee to work with the State provide all the money needed for (D-Mass) told a Young Demo- V' " f Defense Mc- Oct. 4. The second. launched last; guard, said the American public Board of Higher Education in se-!.. -i j i :t d..;ji ni. Ai,.nni;n. t :u i policy, aewcvaij u " u:.: .:.u: i: r- . T L. i: Eisenhower gives Dr. James R.,was pleased Killian bead-knocking auuwrny to soeed an all-out program. i Chavez said his Senate Appro- Viations subcommittee, which handles defense funds, win De eager to consider any spending proposals Killian may draft. Kil - - lian. president of Massachusetts. Institute of Technology, is Eisen- bower's newly-named special as- sistant in charge of pushing Amer - Kan etions & acniee weapons superiority in this dawning space era Ia a time of national crisis 7Stth as this. Congress is not go- t ing to think about the budget. You aoiogy programs. '..can't figure national defense on a After a conference with Eisen- : budgetary basis," Chavei said in bower yesterday. Sen. Bridges (R - va interview. ,NH; said the President told him - . "But unless Dr. Killian has Killian wu) have "full power and Mne beaitaockfRj astbontv to astbority" to get bis job done. put Cfst 8ugs first, veze BsXlSea KgKffXS Paga I ii ,.,,., ;ii ho wasn't thp u -...- , . j However, mree umcia ua.c u laneu in uie case, iwu m xih.h-j see and one in Ohio. Robert Lee Terry Jr., Norman., N.C.. said a man idemmea ris;ern mi with final sales at Kenneth Combs, 24, Cincinnati. :Rocky Mount lhe mt r0ed up Ohio, wasn't the man in wnosejsaes totaling 353473,237 pounds car he was riding wnen one 01 mc iwo troopers wis 8"""v. Police began a larm-to-iarm search of the Paint Lick area,!(Jay are the Mjdd,e Nor(h Caro. about 50 miles south ol here,jlina gnd the yirginia-North Caro-Thursday. . lina Old belts. Full sales are ex- The car in wnicn iu , "j ing in North Carolina was found , in Chattanooga, lenn. uuici cars formed a trail which police and FBI agents followed to this area. . North Carolina Highway Patrol Capt. D. G. Lewis, who came here ,ith Terrv indicated police had other clues in this area. He in S , ,:eS fhn Lmalddle Belt, where qualify show- u , i ,u' u Join "u,.. iil jal.ze Until th en he s aid w. I have to stand by and pray lor a hrpnk The three other men held were Rnbbv L. Miller. 24, Mlddieiown Ohio, jailed at Jacksboro, Tenn., where he was captured while driving a car for which police were searching; Salgado Noriega, See SEARCH Page 2 oitiinHo cfpm from "the isolation- uin.-ui u " , of the 19th century ana invoivea unueu iiiuic imu - die of the 200h century. ine piain ian, ne aciu, 'is fat all ot tne coumris oi Asia, with the exception ot Lnina, , , . . nrt h Knrpa anH North Vietnam, i - ; are not Communist ana are noi likely to become Communist so long as their economic and politi- cal stabUity is maintained and promoted" . j He said the United States has not only inspired most of the rev - olution m Asia but plays a very, significant role" m maintaining; Asian stability and the closest . cooperation" U essential j 12t (.a coirl AmPfifQ c "pnillVfU u i cal" attitude toward the colonial-. ism that remains, its failure to . L- n . n ... .1 nnr. ,m n,i ace ine naiau iiiiikj aiw ure to distinguish between alism and Communism are ;ly responsible for the present lack of warmth in Asian-American re-, jla'ions. The conference, considering the broad question Asia and the United States: what the American pltlZPIl pan lirt tn nromote mutual r See ASIA Page 2 gobg to be any better off than we have been in the past." mem, dui "Will he the money he needs, knock to- to- gether heads in the Defense De- partment, end tne complacency and the confusion that, now grip 'thei administration over this is- sue" In announcing KDlian's appoint- ment Thursday night. Eisenhower did not specify exactly how far ua new aioe s aumoniy will ex- tend. The President said Killian wui nave tne ac.ive responsibn- ity of helping me follow through on America s science and tecb - ai luiuan e appoint- to -upaH wjth preparations to, weighing 1.120 pounds. It is carry-, so of we lime wnen a l .S. earth site for a proposed technic! in-i ne asKPo- r i oi ma a ano saieiiue ls launrhpd ctitn'p v :r statp rnTinoa nii nn. (Killian) be ahlp tn opt ., . : , r,tc.ii,ii nrn.: A cnmmuninjp tal ni?ht frnmi Hazen said there will hp a "ripf. rat thp inc!tntp Final Season Sales End On Eastern Belt Bv T"E ASSOCIATED PRESS The Florida - to - Virginia flue- cured tobacco marketing season he biggcst of the g, money crops, narrows down lo two Delis beginning next Monday Final season sales were held last Friday on the largest belt in hainNorth Caroijna-s East. for an average 0f .$54.30 per hun- idred pounds. ; ,:,, rama' niac pected for about another week on mMe 0M BeR sa,es run until near Christmas. Some losses of about. $1 to S4 per hundred were noted in average prices paid on the Old Belt Friday. These- losses were somewhat balanced by price increases in some smoking leaf grades. Prices held fairly steady on the pd some improvement over tne ious da volume of saes Middle Belt sales Friday totaled 952,974 pounds for an average of $47.29 per hundred, or 38 cents above the average for the previous day. On the Old Belt, Virginia markets sold 2,004,130 pounds for aa average of $47.82, and North Carolina markets sold 804,596 pounds (or an average of $50 51. The general belt average of $48.59 per hundred was a decline of 45 cents per hundred from Thursday. 'Preferred Risk' Insurance Slated RALEjGH LT)Taj. Heel motor- ijsts may S0Qn ind thejr safe(y ! records reflected in the rates they or iiabiljty insurance. A ..preferred risk raling" plan ,h- h ,mM 0. tut ntnrictc1 n wuum ojduiv Limi uiuiui wio . -il j i - i vmn gooa arivmg recoras- woum hni two with accident records was approvei yesterda by InsUrance Commis - sjoner charles F Gold Before giving his approval, Gold ordered cshang8es in e plan de si to prevent tne higner rates applying to a motorist who M ' 'innocent victim" in an accident The North Carolina Automobile ........ ... Kate Administrative ollice pro- D,an The last ipBicia. r Mssed a comDulsory " .. tnose with ones Modincations ordered by Gold :in the rate ofice plan wouid- in effect provide tjjat a surcharge ,i'Kli;fv ;.,!.. r,tpe would annlv where an m. . , i i 4. ciiranpp rnmnanv nan nau iu udy See SAFETY Page 2 '"" liability msurance law, specuied all the cotton I wanted to as long snouio now an umoreiia over uie owe uym. u win oe auueu ----- -. nation-, ,ha, 'to! stmilM Hic,in!,icv, hp- I mid a npnaUv nf irw cents business in foreign countries. I to a $1,411,000 Legislative aDDH- .M 8 a.nt four-engine Romance have been those of a surface ves- main- . j: .:.u -? j- j .. n.; ,hn,iM k. ki m . nriatinn tn hnild thp $9 Rw noi) of the Skies, carrying 44 Dersons. sel just oast the midwav Dolnt. Army Given Chance To Develop Satellites By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON uP The Army ; some of whose scientists bavj a tk. rniH have launched: a atellite long before Russia, has f i,a tn th what j! . f;M . . v-inoMonri ha fL .n(i the' Navy exclusively. -n.e Defense Department an- n0UnCeroOTl jy the Army effort w;ii UOnlement the present Van- eaard proram " There were reports the Armv mjgm be readv to go in les than slx weeks after some Tnodifica- ,lons ai rocbet equipment McK!- rny sajd the Army would use its iUpiter-r test vehic'e a huae ; mnrp than a vpar aeo in firin a test dev ice more ..-.' , . . 1 . 1 1 , 1 Y lil. L uuun ni . ..." . 1 ..... . . . iaai uuuu ne em i, i0hi nrriprprf inp Armv aunuay. is an eiongatea venicie."1" uuunucu uiuii an nojr or prar? an casiern Aonn uaroii"a: ; man miies hjgh and 3.5O0 miles f1 welcomed last night bv tln5 "wo orbit a satellite carrying : dj?am Dr J Allen Hynek. bead of the , scientific instruments. I , McElroy's action came against satellite-tracking program for the! The Defense Department state- a background of criticism of the Smithsonian Astroohysica! Obser--meat also said all the Project: Eisenhower administration be- vatory at Cambridge. Mas ! Vanguard test firings to date have jraise Russia "'t the I'nitH Hynek said that as far as he -met or esceerfl the nredicted States into space vita two tarftitao there have been oo recentiSee SATELLITE Page 2 i Are Injured By Severe Storm Power Lines, Trees, Barns and Garages Also Hit By Wind By BOB WILSON Telegram Staff Writer vln eye-sore sight of destruction blotted rural Edgecombe County some three miles east of Rocky Mount today as a result of a severe tornado which struck the area at 6:10 p. m. yesterday. Following investigations which were held all during last night and continued at the scene today, the disaster scene along Highway 64 totaled 14 homes either partially or totally destroyed, and four people injured. Along the torn-down rural homes, telephone and power lines, storage houses, barns, garages, trees, and just about everything which happened to be in the tornado's path lay leveled today. And prior to its mass destruction on the Highway 64 area, the twister first dipped into the local area just a mile and a half southeast of Rocky Mount on Highway 43, where the home and adjoining buildings on the farm of Henry L. Brake were compeletely demolished, though no personal injuries resulted. The tornado cut through woodlands for five miles northward to Highway 64 some three miles east of here, where its path, approximately half a mile wide, reaped disaster before whirling itself out. Officials at Park View Hospital late this morning released a report which stated that four persons who were in the Route 2, or Oak-dale Community area, were hospitalized as a result of the twister, with the most severe injury being suffered by Mrs. Knox Porter, whose home 6n the Tarboro Highway was one of the most westward See TORNADO Page 2 More Damages WILSON Aiornag which- su-iick aroaid 7 p. m. Friday night did considerable "damage in a large area of Wilson County about 8 miles east of here. Speight School located near Saratoga was about three-fourths demolished and farm houses and buildings in this area were hard hit. Speight School is a Urge Negro rural school which accomodates some one thousand students. School Superintendent H. D. Browning state today that this school would be closed for several days until temporary facilities could be set up. The storm also struck near Fountain where several Negro children' in a family of eight received slight injuries. It was reported that several tenant houses and tobacco barns were demolished in this area. Record Cotton Penalty By HARRY JUPITER FRESNO, Calif. W Jack A. - ' T T ; f ,,.k .A u nnn m ncsiiu. pam nnvprnmpnt a rpcorrt nenaltv of: $965,595.84 for the right to market If you can pay this kind of penalty his 1957 cotton crop, which ex- and still make money I feel we 'ceeds government allotments, said.don't need planning controls and tonight he expects to make mon-i price supports. ey. "The current price of cotton is A iot 0f people have tried to 36 to 37 cents a pound. It costs make it look like I was doing me about 15 cents a pound to something against the law," said produce. Even after paying the Harris "but before I ever planted 18Mi cents penalty there's some- this cotton at Gila Bend. Ariz., I ; thing left. ... ... r, . it. I i: 1 cnecKea wun me uepanmem oi Agriculture in Washington. "I was told that I could plant ... . ln Washington, Agriculture De- partment officials said Harris pajd lhe penalty on about 10,436 bales of cotton. 'Earlier this year, hp rollpctwi S2M 000 from thp de- Dartment for retiring 1.660 acres r !..: I , il iruni uruuucuuii uuuei uie auu.uv uucau i uctru d &uuuuil uru - bank subsidy program. satellites. The defense chief un doubtedly acted with the concur rence, if not at the specific direc uon of the White House. The two Soviet space vehicles still are circling the earth at about 18.000 miles an hour. The first, Tass. the Soviet news agencr. said Sputnik II was about to complete its 82nd circuit of the earth, cover- more than J.359.800 miles. For the second consecutive night Ta?c communique fro. Mnf - cow made no mention of the satel - li'e's do; passenger. Ijika. There h3ve bern report? the Russian mn; ir to paracnjte tne dog to c;:" her Aasjto sign svk'h an anempt naa been made. Tne announcement that the Army was entering the sate'lhe LmJm 't-vTT ..ufi, mm-,-, Y3$m DISASTER AS SEEN FROM THE AIR This aerial photo of a section of Edgecombe County's twisterstorm area three miles east of Rocky Mount show just how de- vastating the Friday night tornado was. The rural grocery N. C. Storms Leave Trail Of Damage THE ASSOCIATED PKESS Twisters and tortiadoes ripped .onarola RACtiORS Of North HM.V bcii , . - , ;. ramiina vesterday. leavig a traU Tha kalACT HII W3X tl nil OX QV.- tion about 3V4 miles east of Rocky Mount in the east where a tornado ravaged a halt - mue sinp uu miles long. But the onlv death related to the storms came at Newton in the west when Henry luiz, w-yeii- old Negro construcuon end of a broken power line after a windstorm. He was electrocuted. At least five persons were injured in the tornado near Rocky Mount where five homes were destroyed and 14 others injured. Tnrnadn force winds ripped across parts of Surry and Yadkin, western counties. A twiSver nu near Candor, in the central Sandhills section, and high winds were reported in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and other points. The tornado in Surry County hit See WEATHER Page 2 ! Months ago Harris called crop controls ridiculous. Asked how he - f,lp nn, ki, .onl oil. uuw. uc ici. "I sure do think it's ridiculous. i ueueve we neea some mm of cotton support for domestic! consumption but I don't feel we ...... ... pete on world markets without controls or guarantees. "Some stories have made it look like I was trying to pull something illegal." Harris said, "I was trying to Drove this coun- J I i 'gram for cotton.' basic changes in the U. S. satellite program. He said all U.S launch - ings presumably will be from Cape Canaveral, Fla., the nation's mis- sile test center. Before McElrov's announce - alment. Dr. John P. Hagen. head of ! mite announcement." but he de j clined to say whether it would come oetore or after the launch- 1 i"S t Previously announced plans for 'P Vanguard rail for fendi"? i nP small test soherc; someti-re n1 month, with a fully m;ru- ; mented satellite due for launching 'idrcn. hc Pentagon announcement ! aw tne aecision to proceed with an additional prosram was made l? Provide a second means of pat- Red Cross Busy After Blow Here BY CLINT" ANDREWS Telegram Staff Writer The American Red Cross head-auarters on Church Street here buzzed with activity during hi hours following the tornado on Friday evening. .. Cecil Barnes, chairman of the chapter's disaster committee, was at the scene of the tornado by 6:30 and shortly thereafter he sent New Building Program Set RALEIGH W! First steps to wards new building programs on campuses of three state-supported colleges have been approved by the Advisory Budget Commission, The projects are: A one million dollar men's dormitory at the Uni versitv of North ramlin, in Than. i u n , Tn el Hill; a nearly 3 mulion dollar gymnasium for North Carolina Mate College m Ralegh; and a half-million dollar woman's dorm at North Carolina College in Dur - ham xhe commission yestcrdav rave .. . " i W ii i Sn A 1 1 1 1 M G I IS I iGS U ITI Gfl e go-ahead signal for plans onj iJ VJUII IWVI Irm,ltorl'.wnic;? wlU beffl" P I 1 f 0. i nanceJ Uirough bond issues After, I Jin I my WnftlFtf ClfnrtVS applying to the Federal Housing LUWll III rUCIlIC VCcQII a ome Financing Authority to; purchase the bonds the institu-1 OMmt . tl0If must come back to the Budg- "0NOILU w-A Pan Amen- now under way. The crew b e Commission for authority to ac- can Mratocruiser last heard ifrom penenced and well trained and we tually issue them. Dorm rentals 5:40 J-m- T arnttM Kaln ranw tVia knnlc 10 fUn OUT Of SL A A TTt tn- TlV Hnact fZ-linrn CQI1 ASrltAl' .kj A loan of $1,411,000 from a re- volving fund was approved for the M, i c.i I ' tl ill i i gym. . An interest rate of 3 per cent was set on the revolving fund loan. The college will have 40 years to pay it off and may up nhysical education fees paid hv'Amencan executive vice oresi- 4,,liinlr tft Vinln mojit Mxtmt . " "," 1 " 1 Annthpr aptinn hv thp hnrlpt group was a recommendation to seek $86,388 from the statft Con- tingencv and Emprgency Fund to put into operation a training school for feeble minded at But- ner. The money would cover oo- ! eration from now until Jan. 1 ; when a Leislative appropriation j will be available. J. K. Doughton of Sparta and 'J. William Cooeland of Murfrees- boro were named on a subcom- Transfpr of $31,631.93 to m. prove the Daughertv Memorial Librarv at Appalachian State Teacher? College was approved bv the commission. The mcev was !eft over from "'.her building pro- jects at the college. YFW vn YE"" LOS ANGELES Flamenco "i,iTa'-Tst Carips Momnva sa rrtencan hn Ls the ttwI. ttin In fact pjt k onp nf his r-voHtp tvpes of music, the Madrid born musician savs here and now that 1 think it would Vnntova. her- for a concert, be both misleading and irrespon- saM he even di" F'v; PresVv sible for as to predict a tax cut "PresJ---- eond " Montova said in 1." -h-n i r' t-e him vr "" The 40-year-old sena'or received yesr 'o bevome aa accomplished, a warm ovation from the saaier- artist." '49 tekgiia. 'some of wbom may store and homes surrounding it are oil located on the south -side of Highway 64. Some 14 homes were destroy- ed or severely damaged. (Telegram Aeriol Photo by Kille- brew). back word that emergency hoi ing, first aid and. registration teams should be called into action. Amvi&jmsm, of Ry- itam EdwafdenSTttat Johnson, Red Cross volunteers, followed Barnes to the area and made frequent reports to the. Red Cross of fice in an effort to determine what sort of supplies might be needed , .1 r enaDle the work- ers at the Red Cross chapter, house cii;ci me insny quesuons com - ing in by telephone. ncu ross urst aia team also visited the area during the even- ing. This team consisted of Russell Lamm and W. L. Radford. Although neighbors and fripnrts of those left homeless took care of them for the evening, a list oitorna lasted on'y six seconds. I TZTZ T ZZT 3 avanaoie oeas was kept at the Red I dents, both whifp ann ,r " rp; led the office during the evening j and volunteered rooms, beds food and clothing. Assisting the Red Cross workers Hllrinn 1L. : .uu""s "K even,n were several nam raai operators in this area Among them was MpI .1 wi.!' chairman of the Civi. D were identified m radio division, who monitored alllcinto, about 65; Dolores Harrison, nme radio broadcasts from Salter! a 2-year-old Neero girl: and Pearl :See KED CROSS Page 2 k A I rl . , " ""j j :. .VT.: day was presumed down in he racuic ucean somewnere De - I . . 1 1 1 1 1 i u .nn j f r ini'i. im P- : , midway point in the 2.400-mile islandless expanse just before issuing its final raoio mos- sage . Robert B. Murray Jr., Pan dent, issued this statement: We are now past the gas en- durance point and the aircraft must be presumed to be down somewhere in the-Pacific. 'An extensive air-sea rescue search including military, civilian and Pan American facilities is Kennedy Sees No Tax Cuts For A By MORRIE LAVDSBERG . RENO -Sen. John F. Ken- neoy says tne red star on Soviet moons" in particular should rule "1 an "eaerai tax cut in I3a8 and "very likely for years to Kn,t" T"he Massachusetts Democrat t0,d &e Young Democrats nation - 31 convention last night his stand m,v not 2aln me "anv a sii?1? e " lne next eiecuons out ne Cu speasmg tor nyeJi. as one Democrat that must seek reelec- next year, I want to state 13 Are Dead I In Wake Of , r Tornadoes 3L AXANDBU. La tfU-The tor. uauu iran mrougn five southern states left 13 dead, hundreds jnore injured or homeless and daijMgv' running into unaccountable lions. - The twisting storms that nit the" Gulf area late Thursday and ear- . ly Friday killed seven in Louisiana, three in Texas, and two in Mississippi. A construction worker was kuled i" Newtn. N. C, when he grabbed a power line blown iaown miring another tornado A baby tornado also struck' Sel- i ma, Ala., but do one was reported injured. Alexandria, largest city in central Louisiana with a population of 40,000, took most of the fury oi me siorm mat mt the state. The ' , ,ucu u,ree persons anq neavi- ' ""'""scu d lu-oiocK resiaentiai At Orange, Tex., three persons died when their homes fell apart and at Greenwood, Miss., rescue workers found the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Parker clasped together some distance from their home. The dead in the Alexandria area See STORMS Page 2 I "iT. T reports of lights spotted in the wa ter, at iirst believed to Have Been inn monn urn.... r.i, .. . n . n . The Mihtary An- Transport plane first spotted one light be- tween the clouds It signaled but mere was no reply, The Navy also reported 1 sur- face lights were sighted but said they could not confirm they were from the missing nlane. The armda of search planes radioed from over the area where ; the lights were seen that nothinfj had yet been spotted and taejr were searching the area at 1.00B See PLANE Page 2 Long Time :be casting ballots for th nrL demial ticket in thp lotvo iWn. cratic national convention. Toe three day meeting ends to day with showdowns on: 1. Civil rights. Delegates yester- day revised the organization's by- laws to prohibit discrimination or segregation of membership by state and local nni's herau of race, religion or national origin. me amendment was uncontest- ed excot for "no" tm'fs Ivv Alt bama, Ceorgia and South Caro- lina. Southern memhrs held their fire for an expected resolution ur- ging compliance with the school integration decision of the Su- preme Court. 2. Foreign poiiey. There was a strong movement to overturn a prcpsscd ressistiss favoring a See TAX faa 3 - .

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