The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1935
Page 3
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J6$A?, JA^-AfrT 1 J955 DEDUOTE. LIGHT Id Centennial of Famed Writer Will Be Observed on January 15 By\NEA Service HANNIBAL, Mo., Jan. 7. — Oil the night of Jan, 15 a white light, will stream out over the sin-fare of ''Old Mnn River." Rivcrmen will see lUi beacon every night diiriiiR the coming year, rebelling out from (he height of Cardiff Hill. • Its purpose Is twofold: First, lo guide rivennen us their boats pass Hannibal on the twisting, treacherous Mississippi; and second, to commemorate another Heht which first shone nearby, at Florida, Mo., 100 years ago, but whose beams cast a glow over the entire literary wnrld through the writings of Mark Twain. President Roosevelt In Washington, will press a golden key that turns on the light in the memorial lighthouse .in Hannibal. Gov. Giiy B. Park Is to be In Hunnibal that night, and so nre many other celebrities, lo honor the man whose boyhood fn led him to create those, monarchs of UIR world of boyhood, Tom Sawyer and HucV.lebeiTy~Finn. Later' in the year there will be •a pageant and homecoming at. Hannibal, and a bii^ literary banquet attracting, writers of today. •Museum Being Assembled .All through Hie year llicre will bo such events hereabouts as will tend to nourish Hie memory of Sam Clemens, the Hannibal boy who grew into one _pf the giants of Americans letters as Mark Twain. A museum of objects connected with his life is being assembled. - ' The. Hannibal people who built Ihe memorial lighthouse feel lhat rio j more fitting memorial, could lie •built for Mark Twain than this guide for overmen. For Mark Twain was himself a river pilot, and took, his pen name from the .cry.of the leadsmen ;who called out the depth of water in cryptic terms; one of which was "mark j^ e FPg_Aiivejthe 1 Memory of Mark Twain Secretary Moi-geiillimi Reviews Recovery Expenditures BV IIICIIAKI) l,. OKIIH.KV H'HI-,1 l-rcsti stuff Correspondent WASHINGTON, JJH. 1 (UPR) —(UP) — Clovcrnmcni expenditures Me running at, new pence-time records as President Roosevelt iisks new btlllons for the recovery pro- Bram, the treasury ilbclosod loilny in its annual report to congress. I lie report, Die first under (lie slKimture of Secretary Henry Mor- gei) lum, Jr, awfully avoided prc- Ilcllom of fuiurc llscal Or monc- t'lry policies. It was conniied largely lo H review of the 103.) fiscal year ended June 30, 1931 The report • showed cxiwnrtUm™ of S7.10r,.G50.084 In tlml period, llic ilKhwil since 1010, ami income of °»ly $3,115.554,049, leaving the 20 Years Hence ™• Anyw " v> umvs , r m A new lighthouse., left, will shine out over the Mississippi at Hannibal; Mo.... to keep bright the memory of Mark Twain and the days when he was it river pilot...Twain's .boyhood home at Hannibal shown at top,v,iih Twain himself before (t in ,ater years, still stand, there,..and von can « the ioard fence adjoining, which Tom Tawyer persuaded the other envious boys to whitewash for him ^ 1 , VC f T " C rCCfl " e " b1 ' tllC M " k TWai " ccnlclmlal ' d "i' s w " c " T V-'«H> M» the above .tcninn lamed for him, ns "e told in "Life on the Mississippi." twain! feet). meaning two fathoms (12 Clemens heard this call .many limes, nlvvnys a welcome one, for 12 feet or water meant safety for the river boats, . most of which drew no more than nine feet o water. Hannibal Brisk Town Directly from his life as a rivei : .pilot, Mark Tjyain drew the ma- terlaV-fornfc oJ^ ' Markets I'ork Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 7 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Jan March May July Oct Dec- open high low 1242 12S1 1242 1254 12CB 1254 . 1201 1274 "l201 IMS 1277 1205 1252 • 1203 1252 1258 1208 1258 close I255b 126'5 1273 1270 12G1 1268 , which is virtually, ah nutobiogra phical account of his experiences in "learning the river." Hannibal Is. no .longer the "littli white to«'n drowsing in the sunshine" that .It was when : San Clemens as a boy roamed Its streets mid ranged its surround me hills. It is R brisk river town of inore than 20,000 people, with n shoe factory near Mark Twain's still standing boyhood home, and i, Chamber of Commerce that is not entirely unconscious of the publicity value of the Mark Twain tradition. Tile small town "where everybody was poor, but didn't know K: and everybody was comfortable, and did know it," has a country club today, and street cars, arid buses, and two railroad lines, n statue, of -Mark himself; in Riverview Park, bronze tablets on houses anc} . locations associated with him, and a statue of the immortal Tom and Huck swinging along an endless r'qa'd together. •. . Days' ptj Glory But despite paved 'streets and squares 'that get too hot in summer for's Tom Sawyers and Huck Finn's Ho .go . barefoot, the eternal river and bordering hills look obout us they did 75 years ago when Mark Twain achieved his precious pilot's license. Those were .• the most glorious days of the river-, steamboats, so soon to decline,'. .and, - : now on the point of a certain dr-^rec of resurrection now that the governmen is spending its millions on floo< control., dams, channel clearance and other aids to navigation Even by the time Twain wrote 'Life on the Mississippi" some o: the glamour had faded. He tells ol a return after 21 years to his ok channels on the river, and of how in a whole day they pa.ssed only a 10. Spots closed steady at 1205, ui New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jail! 7 <TJP) — Cotton closed \try steady. open high low close -> 1248 1255 1266 1255 1265 12C3 1274 1203 1273 126S. 1S77 12GS 1277 1253 1263 1253 I2G2 12fiB Jan March May July Oet • Dec (Beauty's Nudity ' Stirs Film War Spots closed steady at 1280. up Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 105 1-2 'Anaconda Copper !•> 1-4 Bc «i Steel .' 3^3.4 Chrysler 41 3-4 Cities Service 11-2 Coca cola Gen. Am. Tank ...... General Electric . General Motors ......' International Harvester McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central"." Packard Phillips Petroleum ... Radio Corp : St. Louis-San Francisco Siiiunoas Beds Standard of N. j.".'.V. ™ „-„ Teas Corp 21 1-2 U- S. Smelting ' 122 3-4 U-. S. Steel 393 . 8 Zomtc 43-8 163 37 5-8 22 7-3 33 5-8 42 1-2 8 1-2 29 7-8 21 1-4 & 5-8 15 1-2 5 1-4 1 7-SJ 10 1-8 43 3-8 t,[ . ony a single steamer, and "the spy-glas< revealed the fact lhat she named for me." Romance Has Faded But now," i, c „„ -, . <v , (H.IUCU, tllC EOV - ernment -has turned the Mississippi into a sort, of 2000-mile lorch- lighl procession-... . thcrc , s cl _ ways n beacon in sight, either behind you or before yon, or abreast . . . this Ihlng has knocked (he romance out of piloting, to a large Such was the change since the days when Twain learned 1 is trade, and Ihere was "neither »'hl nor buoy lo be found anv- whcro in all this Ihrec or fom- thoiisaiul miles of vilininn « river." _ "nanions But there arc a great i, 1!U , v Itshls now, more every yen r o,^ of Ihe newest and brlghiesi win shine from the bluff at Hannihl to recall Ihe Hannibal boy u-hn wade good, first, as a river pilot and then as one of the best-beloved wiling men -America h a , ever produced, . Read Courier News Want Ads Chicago Wheat 'open high Iow close May 100 1-2 101 3-4 100 1-2 101 5- JlllV - 01 1-2 03 5-8 94 1- Whether the sinniing nudit Ifoily Kicsler, above, -will i "iij.U. S. screens or whetlior Die prize Kin-open n rim. "Ecslasy" will be bonnrd is Hie bnrninfi issue in the battle that lia» Jeapeii me sen to vex the Treasury Department after racm" across.. Btiropo.. Tlie rich - Austrian husband Is seeking frantically. (n suppress ilic picture, deii^qeed by Pope I'ius XI. pa.ssed after n murder, committed at a large masked ball, went tin punished. Chicago Corn May July open 00 1-4 85 3-4 high ;ow close 81 1-2 DO 1-4 90 1-4 86 5-8 85 3-4 (Hi .1-3 MEMP1US, (rjp,_ A , . _ . year law against masked balls IK- ing held for public attendance \va- revealed here when w. G Hall allorncy, applied (o Mayor' Over- Ion for a permit to allow the s p O.. a fraternal order, lo give one Mayor Overtoil continued his usual custom in such cases and re- the permit. The !,•>«• was GAS, INDIGESTION >">» feel ruiKlowu and your stomach gives trouble, with gas, or imtiges- Ijon, try Dr. Picrce's Golden ifeilical Discovery. If you arc thin-blooded, need to put on healthy ilesli, Uiis is a dependable , ... . ,-— , vegetable ionic. Mr. Jolly 0 ( 4205 Av«. A, Austin, T«« »iJ: J <«! a victim of chronic ftomich rouble, mjr appcliit »-M poor Jn<f I sul- from (ncfigcstion. I K) !„ .„ *!£ r£eX'VV i ™v S T J" , h S" wtp°i? alc l VVmc Dr. Picrec's Clinic, BuffltoN V for free medical jdvfcfc """"'o, if. V., comwoN , LtOIDS, ^~-l_l^ |/ Relieve ffiedl>tr«s«b Men1h*Uluniinr»slrlU *""« rutting on chest. MENTHOLATUM C'»<M COMFORT Daily Eecr Calendars "Refined" AKRON, O. (OP)—In the middle ground between soft drink and hard drink calendar pictures of pretty girls . only Ihe beer calendars have remained "refined" over the years, believes Eniest G. Def- bel, president of a brewing company here. • Iluzz San- Breaks . OOWER, Mo. (UP) _ A 200- ppund .buzz saw broke with such violence that an 18-poimd .frag- ernl revenues, res I'lG 1Q35 flscrtl ycnv cnclintr TA i Jitj- J^ t<miilh •->•'• ft-. J IL lliMI Ml 111 J", 1JJ5, the report eslimnt- , llmt his uiimuil total expenditures of snsui-' ' 009,020 und Income of 53,711 cso', [• which ivoulti make "a" turcner Of $4,809,418,338. lli'bt Is .MoiinthiK With casts running fnr In ex- borrtnv MV billions of dollars wits'lmaCc-iv showhiH n decrease In inlercst on luxes" the public debt from 3,350 lo 3181 ' per cent. Oisciisston of nsfal policies was left out of Ihe report but wore In- elM"h'<l in the budget mi-ssiinc of President Roosevelt, Sccrclnry snld he hiul been told rejioii wns in 530,000,000 In additional John Brown's Statue Made for His Home Town OSAWATOMIB, Kan. tUP) -.... statue of John »iuwn Abollllonlsl from Osawalomtc who was luiiiKcil ill Iliirpers Ferry Va 13ec. 2, 1859, | m nrriral here from' Pjirls. forced to bo,™; v h year n total of J4.r,i4.«8,854, car" <!bt By Juno 30, lour,. It was estl- nnothcr'Ti 1> " bUC <lt '" t woul<i r «"?» {174, ' ' ' ' Z'^.l is lJ" $°™ ni '"< t » 1 ' «)>omll- ••"* *v|««t n(i;j itHJ driest rcirart any swicmvy of the] rcasury ever put. out." . (.'olk'cllniiK Improve Collections of Internal revenue, exclusive of agricultural adjust- '"'i' 1 -' Maine wns miuli> by Qeo taxes iim-lnu lllo |, SCI1 , ym| . I'itu Writers, Amcrkan sculptor j^-ii,- the report said, "In tho The sliilue will be placed In John' i mount of $2,1101.01)0.000, cxmcrtcd I Hrow " Memorial i'ark n.-ar here t°" Ml """'"• '" c l"™-""'l! fwal I. u ' ow " 1» ••'liowii ns' „ mllllani, year by $081,000.000. Tlie cost of hc °ted Osmi, C feel, tj Indies tall cullccllnt; nidi JlOO of Interim! wlth'n (jim siiinir from hh shoul-' revenue wns 51.2,1 in ihe fiscal t!t ' r - »" '« barchended, with shin IW4, compared u'llli $1.1(5 in °l»» "I (lie iicick, Tin? slalun has Celebrates lOlilli llhlhiliiy PORTLAND, Ore. CUP) -Mrs Kylvia A. Hose, Negress, and oldest person l|> Maine, celebrated her 100th birthday anniversary recently. Mrs. Huso has lived here for moiu than 70 j'e,m. Although conllnecl to hei bed, she is mm- l.'illy iilerl. 1D33. 'Assessment of back inxcs Incomes, exclusive ol Jeopardy as- "•'Kincnls, lotaled 519-1,000.000 dur- 1111- bcen slored lo nwalt 'Illnij next sprint'. Money for u, e sMnu was mlsc: .'the Woman's Itnllef Corps, DC to Emergency expendlliires liiclud- en 5805,000,000 for civil works- - g- ment of It was found a quarter of a mile from the ,vood plte other piece of Ihe nmoiinl which ., v ,, t ,,,,, l]y anticipated woitli] he colletlcd. "Sttttsfnctoiy progic.w was made """""" lh" 0 rS h ",« inTf ," W1 ' U ? 't 1S '™ 1 1Wfflll>lc "' Ihb icccnlrlsc In fed- singe of l),e progrnm to measure Horn bus!- nccuralcly the result In back tax , > e resu T ,°" c " llcdlo '». "«'« ™ .in (ax 3-month l for Help Kidneys ' ' ' rmnir Uj) Nljjlita. NcrvoiLsman. lUicurnalle •rdffT*. Stilfni**, Bitrnfnir. 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