The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 25, 1954
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE The Great Mario After the Flask, a Quick Trip Down KDITOR'S NOTE — Mario Lanza's own story — for the first time, the fabulous tenor tells In his own words the whole story abouf his battles with MGM, his two-year retirement, his fat problem, his tangled finances, his way of living, his plan for the future. The colorful story will be reported in three articles by Bob Thomas. By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (API — Two years ago, Mario Lanza, a Philadelphia boy with a golden voice, was on easy street. His film "The Great Caruso" was one of the top money makers of all times. He earned 31,100.000 in one year, more than half of it from phonograph records. He was the hottest property in show business. Today at 33, he is in debt to the United States government, and has virtually no savings. He is faced with the job of rebuilding a career that has been at a standstill for 24 months. What happened? How did he get into such poor shape, both financially and physically? Thai's what I aimed to fine! out. Before you shed any teai'.s over Lanza's pliylu, lei me arid that he i is living very well in a huge inan- j sion wuh his preuy wife Bcuy. his four children and a crew of [servants. He has been eating" well loo, and that has been one of his troubles. "Look" .said Mario, .stripping off his dark blue sport shirt. He flexed the muscles in his huge "Is that fat? No. not on your life. That's muscle. I've always had a 50-inch chest, no matter what kind of shape I was in. It's just this I've got to set rid of— and I'm making rapid progress." He patted the spare tire around his belly, which is still considerable. He is touchy about his weight problem, but he denied reports j that he was addicted to spaghetti [and other Italian dishes. "H is not | (he pasta that gives me trouble," j IK said. "I am a great steak i man." * I Why did he cut himself into such ' He said it was because of the j emotional problems that beset, him. One of the major causes was disillusionment over his finances. He claims his money frittered away because of handling by his former manager. Sum Weiler. Weiler denies it. The courts will decide who is right. Lanza said he was also upset by his troubles with his studio, MGM. These started after "The Great Caruso." "We lyid hit a high mark with that picture," he said, "and I wanted to maintain that quality. But when I reported for work, I found out they wanted me to star in an A r m y picture, 'Because You're Mine.' "Who wanted to see an Army picture? People were tired of war, 1 nied 10 tell vhc producer ih<»i, But he just said. 'I know show business: you need a change of pace.' " Suit Follows Flop. Lanza did the picture and it was j not a success. His relations with I MGM worsened. After he failed to | report tor the start of "Studein ! Pnncc," Hie studio slapped a five- I miiiion-clollar damage suit on him. i'i he suiv \vi\s later settled and his ! voice \va.s UM'd in the film. "I couldn't work for a year ! .aid a quarter," he said. "I even had to give up my radio show for Coca Cola. They had offered me a fabulous deal to sign up on a long- term contract and be their ambassador throughout the world. "Sure, I had my troubles. Tht\ printed all kinds of lies About iw. but I never answered them. I have never believed in washing diit\ linen for the public view. "I got fat. But you'll notice I never par tided myself in public Show business is a world of illusion, and I never want to destio\ that illusion." That was the reason he gave for not owning up to the fact that old recordings were used for his TV debut on the "Shower of Stars He still has no regrets about the incident, declaring he was caught between a doctor who wouldn't let him sing and a network that wanted him to appear. He'll make his second TV appearance on "Shower of Slai this Thursday. He'll sing a "To ca" aira and "Some Day" and you c;> . bet your boots that no recording's will be used. roinurrenv: How Lanza plans to rebuild his career. His tangled finances. Mohammed All Gets New Cabinet In Pakistan "State of Emergency" Maintained During Political Disturbance By ZAMIR S1DDIQI KARACHI, Pakistan iff) — Prime Minister Mohammed AH headed a new and more powerful government today while a "state of emergency' was maintained to cope with Pakistan's disturbed political situation. The Prime Minister named a new seven-man cabinet last night after Gov. Gen. Ghulam Mohammed dismissed all his previous ministers and dissolved the Constituent Assembly. Tills body had served as a national legislature during the seven years of Pakistan's independence. Declaring a state of emergency, the governor general turned full administrative power over to the Cabinet. Demonstrations and meetings of more than five persons were prohibited, and censorship was clamped on the local press. AH had cut short a visit to the United States and arrived back in Karachi Saturday, just a few hours before the drastic measures were announced. He told the nation in a broadcast that he accepted the governor, general's mandate to form a new government, because "it was my duty, which -in this hour of crisis I owed to my country." Like the governor general, AH was critical of the Assembly. He said in his. broadcast that, its recent actions had "provoked a storm in the country" and "caused internal strain and bickerings." After seven years, the Assembly's work of drafting a constitution was still unfinished, snarled by strong antagonisms and rivalry between different provinces and language groups. Marilyn M. (Not Monroe) To Marry Screen Writer HOLLYWOOD '.fi — Blonde Marilyn Maxwell, singer and actress, announced yesterday that she will marry screen writer Jerry Davis Nov. 21. She said they met two years ago on a blind date. It will be Miss Maxwell's third marriage and Davis' second, Guy Won't Wait Long HOLLYWOOD '.?• — Actor Guy Madison. 32. says that he and tele- vi=ion actress Sheilah Connolly, 24, will be married tomorrow in Juarez. Mexico, minutes after Vie obtains a Mexican divorce from Gail Russell. Miss Rui-hpl.l. rO.-o an nctrc^b. .signed a waiver permitting the ac',or to obtain the Mexican divorce. He obtained an interlocutory California decree Oct. fi. but it won't become final lor a year. Indochina Gets 'Peace' LONDON \P>~ Pciplng radio ha.s announced thot all Vietnunh force;, had pulled out of the Kingdom of Cambodia two day.s ahead of the Oct. 20 deadline sot in the armistice agreement ending the Indochina War. 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CALL 3-4418 LAUNDRY - CLEANERS \i Pays (Only At Times) To Advertise LOS ANGELES '.-Ti — An agent who lost track of a client eight years ago sw\v her picture on a billboard and promptly brought suit for $120,000 damages. Agent Walter Thornton's complaint said Patrica Van Iver, who later took the professional name ot Dolores Donlon, signed a contract with him in 1945 in which he agreed to pay her $200 a month and was to receive in return 20 per cent of her earnings as an actress and model. Thornton said she t\ls»ppct\red in 1946 and not until he saw her picture on the billboard advertising a recent film did he locate her. She is now the wife of Victor Orsatti, FLAPPER — Unda Garcia, 5. is one American female who can wear the Dior flat-front fashions without any trouble She made like a junior-sized flapper at a San Francisco, Calif., showing of the new Dior look. Sen. Smith Sees Moscow Shows MOSCOW 'J» - U, S. Sen, Mar- Riiret Chase Smith iR-Mainc) .spent a musical Sunday in Moscow. She,attended u recital by the Red army chorus in the afternoon and went to a bullet performance at the Bullet Theatre lust, night. The senator said she had received no reply as yet on her request for sw interview with Premier Georci Malcnkov. She said she plans to leave the Soviet Union Thursday. Hollywood nctor'a nucnt. Thornton asks $20,000 which he says he spent promoting his client .and $100,000 "lost benefits" under I the contract. MEMORY... Your Clothes Have a Great Influence on Your Memory! ... LET US SEE HOW THAT WORKS You had a wonderful dale with a dear friend. Vou felt go confident at the party and when you danced it was sheer delight—all because of Ihe new outfit you were wearing. Now it's old and needs to be re-cleaned. The time has come to let Hudson restore all the original new lustrous colors that marie your date such a treasured memory! Have Your Clothes Cleaned With STAYBRIGHT with the Better Cleaning and Hudson Finish In 8 Hours ...For the Asking • Evening Dresses, Knit Dresses Blocked • Draperies • Hats • Seat Covers HUDSON Cleaner — Clothier — Tailor Phone POplar 2-2612 in Blythevill* Phone 97 in Stale, Missouri lest Tube Baby Study Underway in Illinois CHICAGO (APi — The Chicago Bar Assn. has ordered a study of i _ — " artificial insemination with « view to recommending a law lo the 1955 i To DlSCUSf rfflflCtf made known in court Nov.. 4. The mother, a physician and a nurse have testified the father consented to artificial Insemination and it was performed about eight months before the baby was born. The father denied consenting and claimed blood tests will prove he is the father. Illinois presently has no law i-overlng rights of persons involved m "test tube baby" cases. There nve iwo such cases pending in Superior Court, Samuel A. Rinella, chairman ol the association's Matrimonial Law Committee, .yesterday appointed a nvo-niember subcommittee to begin hearings Wednesday. ttiuellu said a recent report by a Chicago physician that he performed between 200 and 300 such inseminations indicated an immediate need iov such s\ liuv. Specific Questions Hinella said physicians and hi\v- \ers will be called before the committee for recommendations and discussion ol these i|ueslions to be covered by the proposed law: 1. Defining the rights a net liabilities of the doctor performing the insemination. 2. Defining whether the donor is the child's legal fnihcr or \vhcther the mother becomes the .sole natural parent. 3. Determining whether the practice of artificial insemination is adulterous. •]. Is prior consent of the husband legally necessary and is such consent, a bonding contract? 5. Is the husbitiut, with or without PILES Risky? Yes! I . to Bui This Book IftlCTAl-tlXOsit I 'I'cll* \VU»t Vou I^JJISDVSES I Can Do To Help Here's the truth! Piles (and such disorders us fistula, rectal or colon ailments' can be clanycrous or not, depending on whether you Kive them proper care. Learn how to help nvoid dangers from this book: just write for It, to Thornton .t Minor Hospital, Suite 2272, 911 K. Lin wood, KIUIMIS City 9, Mo. prior coasent, legally hound to .support [he " tube bnby" in Hi iibseiKT of formal adoption? 6, Establishing inner nance riRhus of a baby born of artificial insemination. Tw« Cast's Jmli<e Gibson K. Oornmn has been a,-.kcd to rule Nov. 15 in one case mvulvwK n ft-yoiir-old boy. The 3ti-year-old mother, who is suing; her -iB-yenv-olri machinist husband lor divoive, contends the boy WH.S born of ttrtillcial insemination and that her husband is not the father. The mother asks the court to rule nrlillcial insemination is not contrary to public policy, does not constitute adultery, that the child is legitimate and that the husbruid has no right or interest in the child. Whether the child was born ol artificial insemination Ls the issue in u second rase. Tin: husband. 32. pi-'tHioiUKl for it.tody of a 3-yr:ir- old boy and in injunction restrain- inn thi-' 30-year-old mother from calling tliL- boy a "test tube baby. Results of blood c.sts are to be Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism How to Avoid (.'rippling Deformities An amazing newly enlarged -14- papte book entitled "Rheumatism" will be sent, fret- to anyone who will writ efor it. It reveals why drugs and incdi- elm\s givt! only temiwrury relief and tail to remove the causes of the trouble; explains a specialized non-surgical, non-medical treatment which has proven successful for the past. ;ift years. You Incur no obligation In sending for this instructiva book. 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Within minutes iifter your paper appears yOU GET RESULTS THROUGH THE WANT ADSI For Your COURIER NEWS in CARUTHERSVILLE See or Call ROBERT JOHNSON Phone 496-W Shwrrr Adi placed before 5 p.m. will appear next day, except for Monday's paper when ads must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising payable in advqnee. BLYIHEVLLLE COURIER NEWS

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