The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1948
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY »,'JJ)48 '—~ •— _ Soviet Gets Much U.S. Machinery I Nearly 90 Per Cent Of Shipments Included Vehicles, Metal Goods . May 5. «JP>_ r perccnt0 ' llle *iso,oi)o,ooo ' ~ <X " iS Shlppcd to Rll -«la *'"* milchl "«->'. vehicle* De - It's Papa Who Plays" J^YT]]KVIU.E_(AKK.) COURIER NEW! the UNRRA or lend- 1 wwch were endM Russia bought 11.8 per cent of "II the machine tools this country exported last year, she got 9.2 per cent of u.|S. mining and pumping machinery exports; 5,3 per cent of construction machinery exports and 1.5 per cent oj electrical machinery export!. The department said u s. ship- menlj to Russia last year \vcre only one per cent of all exports. Since the Jirst of this year, tightened government controls have squeezed Russian trade to a trickle. Since March 1 shipment, of machinery -•'•'•* could be used to build up ;!an war strength has been - banned. Furs made up more than half of the $77,000,000 worth of Russian goods bought by u. S. customers LITIIF nor-w n ^sl year. The second largest lm- H ai"oaif ir f^',. May port waa manganese and chrome me todav to n,,? ore. Which totalnd .nivmn™ "'giooaj to put Papa is free again! Now he ran (ecd the baby and read" at the' same time. Fred M . Kmens, of Rochester, N. Y., who invented this bottle-holding gadget, enjoys the fruils o( his labors. Alliioueh Emens has two children of his own. 3-monlh-old Gordon McKissick ls UEod to demonstrate the device. Approved tor Arkansas New Governor Genera/ Of India Is Appointed Citizens Protest Inability to Buy Poll Tax Receipts BKNTON, Tent)., Mny 5, (ijp,_ Some 400 incensed citizens of Polk County staged an orderly march on he court house yeMcrday demRnrt- IIIR Ihey he allowed to pay poll taxes to vote In Au R ust elections Ihcy extracted a promise that Ihe boo*, ivould be ready In 3D d»y». Led by H. M. i^oye. secretary of the Oood Government League the citizens protested that the B BIRRS political v or B anizatlon "denying us the right to vote". They snlci the county ofliclals hud refused to set up the lax book, met Issue poll tax receipts. Citizens waved money In their hands as Ihey marched down tb« .stone and marble corridors to the office of Trustee Charles WlliUnu. He told them; "I won't Issue BIIV receipts until the books come from the clerk's office." Further down Ihe hull. Love demanded of county clerk L H Park: "Mr. p ar)( , how much 'work Is still to be done on the lax boks If anj'?" Park replied. "These books art the properly of this office and they won't be opened imlll theV »re completed " «I, "No. l'ii. . Iscd tile books would be rea'dy in alxiut M days." That would" be. before the June 7, deadline for voting In ' Family Portrait PAGE 'gimni.- f ,. _ Q ......, D ,,.. LOt nim tlllOClie ore, which totaled ntarly sn.000,000. This country relies on Russia for nearly one-third of its supply of these critical products, which are needed to make steel. The United States »Lso bought from Russia last year more than $4.000,000 worth o[ cigaret tobacco of the Turkish variety and nearly *2.000,000 worth of cotton used for stuffing* mattresses. With the Courts CHANCERY Mae Stephens vs. Leo Stephens «uit for divorce. RosetU Hunt ¥•. L«rojr Hunt, suit lor divorce. Melisaon Allen vn. B«marti Allen, suit for divorce. CIRCUIT Thula Belle Walpoie vs Ed Yow'. •11, suit for $540 damages and pos- *e.wion of property. .!' ate '"' ^»'t- creases into effect, within following an order by the Service Commission. ,_ The regulatory body permitted average 20 The crowd then left lh» office and mingled ahont In the halls and In the courthouse yarn— stilt angry, hul. orderly. ' The new rates may'be pia into effect on one day's notice after May S. The state order follows closely the provisions of two previous Interstate Commerce Commission orders affecting interstate shipments. Exempted from the increase were asphalt coated rock, crushed stone grave!, sand and most other nf,Ett- gales used In highway construction. Only other exceptions were on ce- . May 5. (UP)—Chak- ravanty RsjaKopalaehari, one-time associate of the late Mohandas K . Gandhi in Ihe India Independence Public j movement, has been appointed gov- . . ,. i ernor general of the Indian Domln- j Killed in Explosion ion, it was announced yesterday. SHELBYIU.E, Ina May He will succeed Earl Mmmlbal- <UP>—The body of '.James ten. cousin of King Gcorce VI on June 21. Rajagopalachari now U governor of West Bengal Province. Mlddletown, was recovered yeste dny from the wreckage of * bulk g» plant where he died in »n «pl sion. TVA Vice Chairman Quits Missourian to Get Job mcnt and fertilizers, both of, which ' le '' da V as vlce chairman ' of were restricted to a ten per Mn i,r j ' c "»>e.'wee Valley Authority boost. „._,.._- WASHINGTON, May 5- (UPl — Dr. Harcourt A. Morgan quit ycs- the The order followed a commission hearing in March during which Ihe railroads testified that 1947 operaf- i v, mg expenses were ,, p 39 p ° r cc'H i suc ce,«or. over i!)20 while revenues increased! only 3K 1-2 per cent. President Truman Immediately nominated Dr. Harry A. Curtis ' __,„ . la .., , , ;,. O|| I I IS, dean of the College 'of Engineering : the University of Missouri, Read Courier News Want Ads. * RAILROAD r -™ E. Third Si, l*KhvMt, Notice Is hereby given that the , , Application I, for permit to a e indtrslgnert hai filed with he l«ued for operation CominisManerot Revenue, of the ui nl "" °i AiknitfMn for rwrmll to ex sell and dl.iycnse vlnoiu or uplrlt- •'oil* liquor, for .1 VeUll ?0 day of June, IMA > "•• W. B!<!ho(f, K, H, Thurmond. au R ht,r Kathleen make up .he gro,^-,NKA TOr BlylhcviUe, Ark BLYTHEVILLI, ARKANSAS Look who gets squeezed! Union leaders representing less than one-tenth of railroad employes reject recommendations of President's Emergency board—refuse to negotiate except on their own terms—threaten to paralyze nation by strike! THE IEADEBS of three railroad unions, rcp- i» € | ' ''? lha " °" c - fc '">' "f all railroad ernpojees have called a railroad strike would p»r«Ijze the nation. These leaders refuse to accept a 15'A cents h»r T° U TDj7 IS TT!" Cr - eaS * rclroa ctivc to ts'ovcm- b • an i '."j 5 '"crease was recommended by President Truman. e " CJ "" ap|JC " rncd the C1 B th 1 h" 0 ^ °, t '' lcr ra ' ir °acl unions. But the Brotherhood of° U^^Fir^^S ^ngmemen, and the Switchmen's Union of S," fAm | erlc ?, w ° n l acce P«- what more than • 90% of all railroad employes have accepted. They have called a strike to get more! Unions refuse rules discussion Certain rules chances demanded by thwc H". 1 ? 11 . '*"** evs which would increase \vaccs Jtill further — were recommended hy the Bo«rd. But (he union leaders want more— they demand thai the railroads put inln efTcct ALT. <h« chamtes they asked for. inrludinz those the Bourd fc!( should he denied. On top or this, they insist that certain rules cnansts proposed hy Ihe railroads lie with- drawn—ui spite o( the fact lhal (he Board rroniniKmled them! These union leaders the case. The railroads have accepted these rcconuncndalions. Who's'to blame? Although they deplored so laif-c an extra cost burden, the railroads accepted the report of he Board hccause they felt it was in the public interest to uphold the spirit and intent of the Railway Lahor Act. In contrast, this small group of railroad union leaders arc attempting to flout the intent nnd spirit of Iho Railway Labor Act. and rliclnte their own terms «fdke y haV< diclaled * P""lyzing railroad You will be Ihe victim! How long will the American public stand u"e oT '.""K 1 """" 1 " 7 ' "rfiitrary, and ahiisivc of Ihe nli!i K ation (o provide IransvorlM^on? How lonif can the American people permit » lew dictatorial union leaders to defy Ihe processes pruviilcri for peaceful setllimcnt of disputes? eilhcr fair nr lasting. Moreover « noinl is often readied ivhen personal interests must w ° c l f «»''»f<li"ale to Ihe ^renter pnhfic ^l! Ct1 TL h ^ . Km 1 r «fcney Bnarrf recommcndn- ons. That „ also why the leaders O f »J,e« Iircc unions should reconsider their decision In call » pnr.ilyznij; slrikr. Greater wage increase not justified «1 8 n la1 M f *f*V| d fire , mcn ? re amo "S the highest paid of all employes in America, as figures in the box show. This slrike threat doesn't justify swing a greater increase, than other rmlroad workers received. ' Compare Here is a comparison of these wages with Tr»l If F«rrq« ,i what 35 .„„ you make ! 1S41 r» IMJ Innii \K,H '» *<lh Wjj, average annual earnings ENGINEERS " "* ** " IIIIMI '» •»«< of engineers anri fircmrn for 1039 (pre-xvar) and 1947. Also shown is what 1917 earnings would have- been if the IVi cents per hour, offered by f the railroads and rejected - hy ihc union leaders, had been in effect throughout the entire year 1J17. Road Freight 'Local and Way) • *^.96€ Road Passenger . 3 c^ 3 Road Freight (Through) a'u? Yard , 2 7 -. RtMEN Road Freight , tLucal anj Way) Road Pas.senger Road Freight Yard EtiilroRd wages computed from Interstate Comr • >2.73ft . 2,7.^2 - 1.962 |6,1 S2 5.301 4.6S2 *,o?a *\T*\ 4,544 3,480 i 1 1* 9 8,7 ME 4 t 74A . B.I 7« i '«*- .-. ,uw a,«4« icrce Commi.vinn Stalcment M-300 . Emergency Boards are a provided 0°; s S T A DAMS S T K K, Save money during Wards great May Blanket Sale COMPARE THIS BLANKET WITH ANY SELLING AT I7.9» Wards hcst Hcccy.lown quality niaile by » famous manufacturer of fine Mankcli! r'ully 4X ll, 3 . nf virgin wo»l with , t ! CC |, brushed nap over .closely woven mi.lrnvoavc! Will. > 5K' rayon salin binding. Yellow, mulberry, luri[uoisc, blue, roscdnsl, while. Cianl 72x90*. 13 97 THIS BEAUTIFUL 4 LB. BLANKST ELSEWHERE IS IO.95 Cmnfi ami s<-« lliis luxiiiioiis all virgin wool blanket, fed iis thick, liniiiiry nap and you'll knnw it's a real Imy at Ihis price! Ycnir i-)ioii:« orinvrly jiaMcIs: l.luc, r,™,:!,, rnscilnsl, yellow or lUH.uoisc will) s matcliing 5K in. rayon salin binding. 72xW for sleeping V""forl. 9 50 WARDS NEWSMAKIN6 3'/4 L§. ALL VIRGIN WOOL BLANKET AWItilrly no hrllrr 3K 11.. l.lankcl in tin's price range is woven in America to,lay! Or fmc u.ulily J(X)% virgin wool with a firm uiulei wave, resilient nap. h, j, rr . t iy colors: S rcrn, roscilusl, l.lne, poach o yellow willi a sinking Ki" rayon salin biiuling. Onerous 72x90" FA'KUV lU.A\KI-:r AMUNO TRKATKI) TO RI-SIST MOTH DAMAGE 5 YKAR RKPLACKMKNT ASSURED »dvan»<H« of Wardi layaway Flanl 30« down ( held* your »«1**tiort of any blank** until Od. You may pay H»« balance In equal moirtitly p«ym«n«$. i

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