The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 7, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE'TWO' BLYTHBVILLEJARjQ COURIER NEWS Dancer Divorces Pinchotll Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Elton \V. Kirby having Tuesday CoiUrncl club. Young Matrons club meeting with-Mrs.-Joe Q. Trleschmnn. Y. w. A. First Baptist cluircli to be organized In meeting at home of Mrs. Sam Manntt, 7:30 p. in. Guild o( First Christian cliurcri iilMtins wjtl) Mrs. Y. E. Bvtlt«- v\orth, 7.30 p. in,, Sfjiior P. T. A. meeting 3:30 p. in:, ' following executive board meeting, 2:30 p. ill. , WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Wednesday Bridge club meeting with Mrs. Hairy Kirby. junior G. A.'s First Baptist church meeting at church, 3:30 p. in. Jewish Ladies' Aid society meeting wlt)i Mrs, Rose Goldberg rind Mrs: K.. Harirarg at OsccoJo, 8 p. m. Bible study of Cliurdi of Christ vvltH Mrs. C. O. Graves at 2:30. Junior High P. T. A. meeting 3 p. in., following executive board meeting, 2:3o,p. in. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Charles L. Wylle entertaining Thursday Bridge clMb. Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. O. G. Caudjll. Mid-Week, Club .meeting with Mrs J. Louis Cherry. U D C. lucclhjg with Mrs. W. T Obsrst Yaibro voiiiaii's mlssloiiaiy society meeting with Mrs. Zon Thompson.. j, I Miss Elizabeth Spann lo Wed Mr. 'Robert Eberclt Mr. and Mrs Louis Spunni.-of Liisora. announce the engagement o( their daughter. Elizabeth, - to Mr. Robert D. pbcrdt, soil of Mr. "ana Mrs. G. A! Eberdt, of'.Buvdetic. The wedding will !bc solcmnKcd bomellme this month. '.y; Tho bride-elect, vvrlo Is a mein- ,bei of n pjoneej Mississippi county, family' being the "grand daughter of J. ty.jBpanti, lecclvcd her later education at Galloway Col, lege, Seaicy, Alk, ant! the West ; Tennessee State Tc'achevs college at Memphis ; ' Mr. Eberdt attended 1 the University ot Alabama, where he stud- led jourpallsm He is a nienibcr of the Sigrjia Chi'fraternity At yics- ' enl ])c fa connected witli the fERA office ill'this c|ty,. . . • * * blnniood Cemetery Ass'n Reports-Wprfe The Ehnwood Cemetery association has just completed a sear's work-; which Included excellent care of the cemetery and with funds on hand to continue this work In a meeting Filday afternoon, at. (lie home of Mrs pugeiic Dickinson, tne rerxgt was given. A sear ago the gioup Iiad $52.25 and during 1034 ttie silm of 4276.35 was made "and collecetd and of this amount $20987 was spent for sexton and other expenses. In addition to this sum Ihere js $79 ip the "perpetual care" JunJ, the Interest of which is [lie only money used from this fund. Included in -tlio -It present was n new member, Mrs. Harr> r Frit- zlus. The- hostesses, Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs J R, Turner, served pic and coffee. Son Born A son was bom scMctday \ u Mr. and Mre. n [, Logglns (it the Memphis Methodist hospital • • » Son Bom Mr. ant) Mr? Jorm O'Brien announce the birth ot a son Saturday, January 5, at their Home vulh Mr and Mrs Zcph O'Brien. The baby, who.weighs eight and a nail .pounds,'has'been named John Zeph-O'iaVieh Jr. • ,* t Officers; Elected Tlie Junior B Y p. u. O f die Second Baptist church met at the home of the leader, 'Miss Ellen Moore, i- when these officers were named: , Miss Margie Robertson, president; Miss Ella Jti Edtmm- ston, vice president; Miss Gera.1- dme Fisher, secretary; Miss Dorothea Mae Moore, treasurer. It was announced that a dollar prize, will be given ;the member making (he best percentage for the first quarter. >,,,•. After games, refreshments were served PASTIMES HIKING irnvtEHILUT ASP ROLL-EC SKATING, Bits oj Mostly Personal -., SECTOR LIOYD BACON ISA LIEUTENANT COMMANDER IN THE u. g. NAVAL' RESERVE. HAWS SSRVEP in' THE KAVV DURIHS THE V Giiarcls Against Bad Break and Maikes Her Little Slam Solution to Previous . Contract Problem ,; -BY.WM. K. McKENNKV Secretary, American Hvldgc League One Important iiolnt was brought.) out,, al Hie recent winter MS-' sloii,o( the national championship xnirnant'erit, of the American Bridge 'League,'lield' in The Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City. It was l))at bidding systems have become standardized. In Hie tournament, lew persons asked what system tlieii- opponents were playing. They know :liat oil players were 00 per cent in agreement and that tlie few minor riirtcrciiccs would be ex plained as they came up. The women's contract Icain-of four championship MIS', won by Mrs. Albert Rockwell nnd Mrs. Onil Hamilton of Warren, Pa To Altind Conference A number of leaders in the W,,*!. _>, . --- - '-^Ufcio Jll LI1C Methodist churches of this city will go to Jonesboro tomorrow lor ?, flstnct meeting at the First Methodist church, to be presided ° ve . r b ? «>e Hev. Sam B. Wiggins. it is cated a missjonary-evangelis- ttc Two hundred, representatives arc expected to attend. Dr. A W Wasson, of Nashville, Tcnn , adn Dr O. .E .Goddard, of Batcsvllle, will be the principal speakers. KQS' .AM ;•• . 10 a 5 i c 2 '-10: ;'. Q j s a 10 SI • S Dtiter 47 ,- : . + Q fa i- 53' 10 S 7 (!• ' . . 4 A. K 6 3 +<W..-. . ' , Duplicate — ^Xonc vut. . Soulli West 'Xoi-lfi iv«st i 4 Pass ,- 24,; Ka' B s- 1 4 Pass ' 5 f Pass 64 Pass Pass Pass o'pciil.he lead— y 1C. ml (heir mates. Anne loscnfeld and Mrs. A. c. Holl- \eier of Cleveland, all of whom re well known In their respective ominunltics. On today's hand Mrs. fioscn- :ld ssit In the Smith position. On ic second roiinri South forced to nd a possible fit in diamonds in arltier's liaml, ami when onml it she refused lo round any longer, bidding lam directly. !.', The Play ;Wcjst opened the Today's Contract Problem Soulli Is pliiylnc; liin lianil' at Ihrec'no Irmnp ntiA wins tlic tlifnl round ot licarls vvitli llju kini;. llo i:;m muled uls cnnlracl only through .in error tn dofciiGC. |low should lin jilny din Jiniiil ID K j vc j; as i o|]|iQilunily to make this error? A Q 10 7 V-S 4 A K D 7 r> _' 4. K S 2 » Q 1 .1 5 I 4 s u * 7-1 N S Dealer A A J I V A 7 G 3 4Q10 ! A K •> S ! V Iv. to " 4 J * A I 10 15 in ue\t i sue JJobert Manes, son of Mr.. mid Mis. Jesse Mimes, is slightly iin- lirovcd. He is ill from pneumonia. It. L. Losgins is In Memphis with Mrs. Logging and «m, born yesterday at the McttiodlU Iios- Miss -Hello Wlillsltt lias gone to Chicago and Novy York city to buy for her shop. • . Miss Louise Liillrell lias returned from Memphis where she spent 'ten days W'Uli her aunt, Mrs. CJletm LitVoUc. While there sho «'«s complimented with several parties. ,. Leslie Hooper, who lias been ill several months, Is slightly better today. Mrs. P. N. Mittrell Iras recovered from H ten days illness from Influenza, Jimmie Edwards is able to be join following nn accident several I days ago mroiile Home from a dance nt .Piggott, Ark,, where he received a severe head Injury. W. B. Tanner, of Helena, motored over; yesterday for Mrs. Tanner and son, Jlmmic,' wlio have been here for two weeks as guests of Mrs. T. j. Mohan. Mr. ami Mrs. Louie Waters and daughter, Mary Louise, formerly of here nnd now of Memphis, visited In the city yesterday. The condition of J, T. Collins, who'- is critically 11), s unchanged. Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Irwin i HanilJ and two children,'or Gates Tenn., and Burl- Miller, of Memphis, came over to lie with Iilin: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hardaway liave returned from a ten days honeymoon spent 'In New Orleans and were in the city for the weekend. They returned to' Memphis today to spend some "time'before returning here to imike Uielr licme permanently. Before their ' inar- rii'gc December 27,' Mrs. Haidii- way was Miss Pauline siuarlTof Memphis. •*"'• • - : ilr. and Mrs. NCI R« Mrs Mrs. ».'.„ lei tei, P ,l' P.,t , ,, of .liss Franclsc Roscnthal retiirn- yeslerday from u visit In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sexton -or Walnut Rldijc, were in [he cilv yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Erurst Hnsson pent yesterday In CaruthcrsvUle as giirau of. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cookc. M. F. Brovvulec went tn Little Hock yeslerdny where he is cn- torfng Drnughn's Business College, she fool thc king of nd Outdoor Character Building— Scouting and Reading," Miss Miir- ha \Vinbura will give the president's message, Mrs. James Hall r.. will speak on "Effect of Llt- raturc on thc Character of Our Children" and a 'boy anil girl scout will speak on "Scouting as I ee It." Class Makes Record Tlie .King's daughter Sunday «OO\ class of the First Baptist church hacj l(M percent tn attendance at the class meeting yesterday. - * heaii* so (South saw that Ihe contricl could easily be 1 fulfilled If the diamonds broke thice two However, In., cases like this it is best lo provide for thc vvoist i>os sible adverse distribution so dc claai decided to stiip the hand first Winning; the nisi luck with tho «cc of heuts she led n low licwt back lo hcv own hand and niffctl. She (hen went over to the kins of spades In dummy nnd ruffed nn- ollicr heart, Tlic second spade lend lo dummy pulled all t!io adverse trumps and the last heart wns lulled In declarer's lianri. Now Iho ace and king ot clubs were cashed and the stage was all set for the end play, |[ it should turn out .to'be necessary. Declarer now laid down Ilic ace of diamonds and followed wllli n small diamond. She was sure to lose one irick in that suil, anyway, and giving one (rick Immediately would not hurt liev If the nil broke favorably. As It happens, West hud to win He second- round of diamonds ,'itli Ihc jack, and lh|. f eiorc was orccd to lead cither into UK dia- tuind U-nace or a club for a tuff md a discard. Declarer thus made her contact of six spades by pro 'or a bud break. M5, NEAiService. Inc.) To liare. Men's 5Icelln s Tlie men of the First Presbyterian church will have a suppei mecltng at Ihc church 'Tuesday evening, 6:30 o'clock with a brief program following. " Meeting Postponed n; u 1100 , 1 class of toe'Hrs , list ^church, scltgiuled for to morrow, has been postponed un til Tuesday of nest week ' f * Senior. Hi, h P, T, A. To Have Metllnf The'Senior High P. T. A wil have Its first meeting.of the' yea iuesday afternoon when a program, arranged by Mrs. A. c * L " C il aulcKly Uiriich, tiller, Blaylock, program i chairman Hill ™s n i "zcroa, foot ilcb, ringworm, be given.'She v 111 jdlscu™."indoor C "opw..*** « «Kt J« Ms, Positive Relief For itchy Skin Cooling and soothing Blue SUr Olulmenl iiiclls on the skin, sending tested medicines deeply into pores where H milckly r " ' !"pb -— r ..., I.IHS ilrti, teller, I Parisian thealergoers again Vrlll j .is of Mr. and . \ r oislii,,'aliown , ! bcrc'In slrlkiiig for the 'wck-1 ,joso, Her roinanco' (hat lilo'sr ; Bomed 1 six years' ago in Franco and tiaiigh- i ivith Glffprti Pincliot II ciuno-to Icmphls, ^rriv- an.end iii Djido. C|ly, Fla ' <ll- irnri i.uvi -days yorce court a'nd alio will return , Mrs. to tlio Blago. i'lndiot in :a MONDAY, JANUARY 7,;;1935 Sereruiclers to Play at School ( 1 House Leaders Are De- 'lei-minccl to Pass New Deal Measures 111' KDWAKI) W. I-KWIS. llnlied I'ress Staff Corrcspondeiit WASFUNGTON (UP) — The House of ncpreseiilntlves of Ihc nsi'd. Congress is marked for gag ! rule by an Administration determined to compel enactment of a comprehensive Neiv Deal program. Thc biggest Democratic majority in the history of the House answered hie initial roll call. Tin-re are llo new neprescnlalivcs: 76 Democrats, ' '" 28 liepubllcaiis, a Progressives. 1 Farmer-Labor, Democrats outnumber the pppo- |sltton four to one. But Inflation,' farm relief and labor Woes challenge party harmony. The November election sent to Congress; ' .•.;• 322 Democrats, 101 Republicans, ' ; . 7 Progressives, ; . 3 Fanner-Labor. Security, Program l/iit -.-'file death last siujimei of .Speaker Henry IT, :'Rainey loiccrt •the Democrats, to pick a new speaker and , floor leader These two on whom the responsibility for'passage of administration legislation must fall, formally took oi flee Wednesday. Foremost of the legislative tasks before tlie House as thu- session convened was that of whipping Into shape and driving to pnssngc the administration's tremendous social security program. Because tho unemployment insurance feature will have tax features, the legislation must originate in tlie 'f'hc Ellas Tambinitwi Scrcna'd- ers of Yugoslavia will give a. program at. tlic high school auditorium Tuesday morning, 10 o'clock, lo which the public is invited, ac- Icording to rmnounccijient made by W. D. McClurkin, superintendent. The four Yugoslavian art Ms who compost; the company will feature Yugoslavian folk music, insfru- nienlil an,i \ocnl folk ballids, inodem popuhi numbeis and the compositions of |h c nn^tei-i on thc linibunl&i piano ind violin Yuto^Uvlan folk dinces IIK! a biief storv of his people by Chirles Bins si' mamgei of the company. They will be dressed jjr"Ihc pic- luresijue, colorful co'slumcs> ' of (heir native land. "Ellas" ,1s the family name of the' foyr' artists and "Tamburitza" 'is tlje 'fiimily iiiime of the Yugoslavian native Inslruiucnts they featui'c on the program. They have 'been in concert work 12 years under the di-;i, rectum of Charles Elras sr., father^)' of lire two daughtersyand one son.' According to Mr. McClurkin, the program was arranged because of the educational value anrt artistic merit to be derived from it. The sum of 10 and 25 cents, to lie charged, will. gq, to' defray expenses. 'the W. \ Dow ell ji spent weekend m \Ya}nut Ridge ml parents O. c Gimkc is In st Loins foi the shoe show Ray Jackson of Cincinnati 6 to St" ' 1CrC f ° l " a V ' 5it ' llILS s ° nc ' Billy Deen Ingram seven moriflis their innrriage Christtiias Mrs. Eison was Miss Bernico Reed. - O-.HII 0^.11^11 IlliJIJIJIti f, , ' Old daughter of Mi and Mis \V farmcr && not even i K. Ingrun who !b senoiisly s ill 11od o f tlnnkg as lie: Ptist hosplni h beltci lod'a'y .Uss Bob Wllllims lias rctmhetl frcjn c/ino III nhcic she stint tvvo weeks vuth her sistci Mrs Garble Simp and M, sinrp Mrs Louise Chapman has ,rc- lurned from -vicmphls where sho spent Ihc holidays ivfth hci sister Mrs. Louis LcRoy, and family r Mr. an'd Mrs: Ted Elson Irai'c arrived home from a two weeks honeymoon .spent in f-S"*- * -^ Mexico and Mrs. Eisbn now, at Farmer Halts Zephyr To Clean His Automobile ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (UP)—Removing mud from wheels and fenders of his truck was more important krone Iowa, farmer than the speed of the streim lined Zephyr.' The crack . train halted while the .farmer, who had parked his truck on the railroad tracks,, nonchalantly finished hh tusk. Engineer O. U. Hughes s.-iw thc duck when ibout two.tnilcsjavvay. Pirst-he-slowed (town and then he com l*te stop.' The even give-liim n : drove away. .: Besides clearing the way for favorable action oil the social security-program,; tlie' House will'have ,lhc -job of getting through'at ah : early date Lliu .. varioiis depart- Jmenlai;-. nppj-oprinfion measures. Several of these.-jwere ready for' chamber action-: today. Appropriation ; 'sub-committees have teen (voicing for;.-weeks' drafiing jhc measures. •; -Pressure has licen brought by .the,, White House to i clear them 'lip so. that Congress can 130 home as soon as possible. .While more amenable tin the Whole to Presidential wishes than tlie'.Scn'Kle, Ihc House' is .expected to clash with (ho .White Hoiisc on tlie 52,(H.5,G&a,OflO inflation-soldiers' bonus issue, and unfess thc lead- ci'ship sliows an iron hand, may rebel on phases of the social security program aiid'NRA legislation. ;. . ;.y- - . : Powerful .western groups -may challenge' 'the administration'; also on the : silver -remonetizatlon issue. Leaders admit that, the-'November Democratic landslide resulted in a strong "left wing" block of Representatives. *.,/,-•, ; House .to; Pass Bonus . ag£.v By; the House of the Patnian.:bonus bill was-.viewed as inevitable . by.'party leaders, they definitely 'have accepted' that re- 1 buff to .'the President,' But they I hope'' to-choke off . the 30-hour' woik bill ind othci legbJtlion, opposed by the White: House. Important changes in the • House rules depriving organized minorities of tlie power to force House votes, were being considered by the leaders. Members of thc House \Vays and Means Committee, where alt tax legislation must originate, remained convinced that a new ta^ bill would not be essential this Congress. Although a sub-group has worked, since Dec;>l; on- tax mutters. It'was believed that' a > measure continuing the present "nuisance levies." and regular, tax ratios alone would bo'reported. Un- at for school year . - - .--.. ^.I.'ULI ,viii iju 1 j> • Headquartered at Osccola. Bc/ore stores. FOUND! Thef greatest remedy ever form- uhted for relief of itching of skin diseases Llns levoliitionnry remedy is cilletl BRO^VN'S LOTIOS, ina Is a positive relief to Ihosa .suffering from ECZEMA, ITCH, POISON IVY, .RINGWORM. TETTER, ATHLETE'S FOOT, etc. Don't use messy, salves and bandages, JJROWN'S LOTION is liquid and'-higlily ANTISEl'TlO. Jotllp sold with MONEY GUARANTEE,. GOc and For sale by Kirby Drug "•...'..'; —Ad». lloiidsiilc llaby iluru WATEHDURY. C'oni]. d;[.) _. Mrs. Mnrtha Rockhill's Imbv wiis born m an automobile at the side 01 thc road whni Ihn slork overlook her physician's car en route u a hospital.. Thc docuvr and husband were h> attendance CROQDIGNOLB Oil, C.UAHAKTEEP WAVES il t-p - , None ue(| Cr fliigtt »'aye - - 2oe Barret Bcisuty Shop L«t House on No. j(], for dEnc contains ecveral inerc i act tcsctfor to uivc (iti relief for hedtfcchc HB well as duc,to fresh coWs, 1 neuralgia, and lor miucular eni] joint *ch££. Ask for Capudinc Liquid or the modified for, mu)a, Ca'pudtne TabJels. I0c, 30c, 6(?c. \'-i\ less the -administration makes the unlocked for recommendation for n change-In HiiUor taxes, it was considered unlikely that liquor levy revision legislation would ever reach the floor for a vote. Mothers! In treating children's colds, don't take chances., use PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS Announcement <,Dr... Chiis. Sch'erer,. .' ' : 'v Chiropodist Will be. in Shoe De|)arl- niL'nt of the New York Stove .Tuesday; Jan. 8th, .9. to; .5'. O'clock, Phoiie i;l.(J Ior ;ii AL)i)oiiil- ; '-. • '/jneiits'-.'."' 1 ,-;'.....:. TOO LATE TO CI«\SSIFY •'•=•• '•"'• FOR KENT APAETMENT, unfurnished', 4 rooms and bath. Telephone 327, Night SS. 7c ku DR. N. L CISSELL GRADUATE VETERINARIAN Located at Bob Harris' Sales Stable Phone 4GO Blylhcvillc, Ark. BRAKES FOB TRAILERS Warner Mountain' T.v'pe KLECT1UC UliAKES for all types,of Trailers, $190.50, Installed.'- '. f ' ' ' ' ; 'f ! - ". ''•• " ' ' ' ' '' ' ' .' liciulix 15. K, iidoster Double Line POWER BRAKES for all types of Tniilurs, $210.50, Installed. ••..••: " "'•''._ ' Proper Insfallafion made by Nabors Trailer Co. 'Reasonable Terms, If Desired. Local Agents for'NA1JOKS TRAILERS 1'lionu 81 i PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ONLY THE BEST WILL DO IN limes of adverse business coiidition.s many industries can rctlittc 1 cxpensos to partially ofT-sot losses in volume of business, flu-y can cllniinaic iiiiprolitable items, reduce K(OC|<IJ, lessen delivery .service, • sell lower cost product.-:, or riven close down entirely until times are be Her. The. average does not complain if he is slightly delayed' in iccciving his merdiandise and is often happy to buy less "expensive-" 'goods. He realizes times are not. normal. " '.'.. Your water company, however, cannot "cheapen" water service. It must continue to-supply pure water under any existing condition. Customers want and arc entitled to have the best service it is humanly possible to vender. Distribution equipment must be kept in operating condition, which requires a well trained operating personnel—regardless of the smaller demand for service. BL1THEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Persona] Attention to Every Customer 80 113 5. Broadway

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