Weekend Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on September 17, 1966 · Page 6
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Weekend Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 6

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1966
Page 6
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Now She Prefers Leap in Space HOLLYWOOD — Grace Lee Whitney used to run acrass rooftops. This was before she signed up for travel through outer space. "I used to get tremendous thrills out of anything that was daring," said the actress. "As a youngster in Detroit I used to run up and down garage roofs and leap from one to the other, across 5-foot gaps." Grace cited these, and other daring j Grace Lee Whitney would like to go into outer space some day but is satisfied presently with her rote In NBC-TV's space adventure series, "Star Trek." ventures, as qualifying her for the rol of Janice Rand, chief female executlv officer aboard the USS Enterprise, th cruiser-size spaceship on "Star Trek, colorcast on the NBC Television Net work Thursdays. "I was 13 years old when I drove car for the first time," said the viva cious actress. "I love flying ��� I flew Piper Cub between buildings in Chicag when I was 18." Grace explained what almost didn need explaining: "I wanted to be something differen than just a housewife in Detroit." She parlayed her talents into a sue cessful career as a singer, model an actress. She still performs as a night club vocalist on weekends, has appear ed in 150 TV shows, and made 15 movie including "Top B a n a n a," "Pajamf Game," "Some Like It Hot," and "Irma La Douce." "Originally I wanted to be a profes sional ice skater or roller skater — or nurse," Grace explained. "I trained one year to be a nurse. I absolutely lovec it — the precision, the efficiency, the energy, the maternal feeling. I think I'll open a hospital on Mars." Her many interests are t y p ical o Grace. "When I was 12 years old I announcec that I was going to be a singer," Grace said. "My mother just said, 'Darling what don't you like to do?' " Grace laughed. "I can do 10 things at once — cook s meal, holler at the kids, mix drinks and nothing gets mixed up," she said. She feels perfectly at home with her new role. "I could be an explorer," she said "I'm a science fiction fan and I'm very interested in other galaxies. If my children were grown and wouldn't need me anymore I'd go into outer space, if I had the chance." The older of her 2 sons shares her enthusiasm for space. "He wants to go to the moon," she said. "I told him the moon's already old-hat. By the time he's ready there'll be other places to go." Meantime Grace concentrates on outer space from the relative safety of her TV space series, "Star Trek." "Janice Rand is not going into outer space to catch a man," she said. "She's in charge of the other women aboard the space ship. She's Miss Efficiency." Grace winked by way of an afterthought. "Sometimes she may let her hair down," she said. And sing, maybe? SATURDAY 2 P.M. 0 Upbeat O Echoes of Scarlet & Gray 3 P.M. i NBC Baseball I College Football (USC vs. Texas) 4 P.M. Q Maverick 4:30 P.M. O Outer Limits 6:00 P.M. O Jerry G. OQ News O I Dream of Jeannic O Jean Arthur Show© 0 TBA 6:30 P.M. BO Flipper © Q Midwestern Hayridc© Shane© I Jackie Gleason© 7 P.M. Don't Eat the Daisies© Flipper© 7:30 P.M. QO Get Smart© 0O Lawrence Wclk © Q Pistols 'n' Petticoats© 8 P.M. QO Saturday Night Movies© O Please Don't Eat the Daisies© Q Mission: Impossible 8:30 P.M. O Get Smart© 0 Hollywood Palace© Q I've Got A Secret© 9 P.M. O Saturday Night Movies Gunsmokc 9:30 P.M. Peyton Place 10 P.M. Cleason Develops 3 Types of Shows Jackie Gleason took time off, early this year, to get a new perspective on his Saturday- night television series. It turned out to be, in Glea- Eon's words, "the shortest hiatus in the history of show business." Brief as it was, it gave "Mr. Saturday Night" all the time he needed to develop not one but 3 types of shows. Gleason returns with "The Honeymooners" (either as musical comedies or straight comedies), original musical plays, and an expanded variety format that includes an outdoor broadcast and "specials" featuring guest singers and name bands. Keynoting these comedic and musical innovations, "The Jackie Gleason Show" begins its new season, in color, on CBS Television tonight at 7:30 (EDT). "The Honeymooners," 10-full- hour versions of the unforgettable Gleason creation, will be featured periodically during the quenl shows will be set in simulated foreign locales including Paris and London as the quar let traverses the globe in a continuing rollicking junket. Gleason is reunited with Art Carney in "The Honeymooners," in a cast that features Sheila MacRae and Jane Kean. Gleason has also slated 10 hour long topical, musical plays that will be presented during the season. Eacli will star Gleason and Carney in satiric interpretations of contemporary Americana. One such show, called "the Politician," is a comic commentary on some aspects of the nation's political scene, in which Gleason plays a flamboyant mayor who tries to fast-talk his way to reelection. It will be presented Saturday, Sept. 21 The season's remaining shows will be comedy and musical variety presentations, including The Great One's full portfolio of memorable characters: The Loud .Mouth and Reggie Van Gleason III. News, Weather, Sports 10:20 P.M. OOQMovie 10:25 P.M. QO Movies© 11 P.M. O TV 4 News 11:30 P.M. O War Zone 12:05 A.M. Q Movie 12:35 A.M. O Movie 1 A.M. Q Movie SATURDAY 8 p.m. DONOVAN'S REEF (3-7) — Comedy with John Wayne. Lee Marvin, Jack Warden and Elizabeth Arden. (Color). 10:25 p.m. A HATFUL OF RAIN (5) — Drama with Eva Marie Saint and Don Murray. 10:25 p.m. SATURDAY'S HERO (8) — Drama with John Derek and Donna Reed. 10:25 p.m. SUBMARINE D-l (9) — Adventure with Pat O'Brien, George Brent and Wayne Morris. 10:35 p.m. MISTER CORY (7) — Drama with Tony Curtis, Martha Hyer, Charles Bickford and Kathryn Grant. (Color). 10:35 p.m. PICNIC (3) — Drama with William Holden, Kim Novak, Rosalind Russell and Susan Strasberg. 12:35 a.m. YOU'RE THE ONE (8) — Musical with Orrin Tucker and Bonnie Baker. 12:45 a.m. THE MOB (3) — Drama with Broderick Crawford. Seaview's Crew Set for Voyage The crew of the Seaview encounters a brain-shaped mass of pure intelligence as "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" begins it.s third season plumbing mysteries of the deep Sunday at 7 p.m. (EDT) in ABC-TV's complete color schedule for 1966-67. Richard Basehart .stars as Adm. Harriman Nelson and David Hedison as Capt. Lee Jrane, as "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" again shares ABC-TV's Sunday evening schedule with "The FBI," and 'The Sunday Night Movie." In the new season's premiere episode, "Monster From the In- 6, The Daily Reporter, Dover, 0. Sat., Sept. 17,1966 Air Pollution Is Viewed in NBC Special "Air pollution is one of the oiggest buck-passing problems in the United States," says Stuart Schulberg, NBC News producer who has just completed months of research and filming on NBC News' one-hour color special, "Air of Disaster," which appears on the NBC Television Network at 6:30 p.m. (EDT). "Every polluter points the inger at the polluter next door. The public utility companies )lame the automobile industry. The auto people say pollution caused by chemical and heavy industry. When you go o them, those industries blame backyard burning and the automobile industry or the public utility companies and you find you've gone full circle," Schul)erg says. "If you look at the number of people, automobiles and in- lustries involved in air pollu- ion, you realize the real buck s being passed to the whole American people. And really t's the American people who must make a decision to do lomething about air pollution." Air pollution is costing Ameri- :ans an estimated $20 billion in Droperty damage alone and re- piratory diseases are the fastest growing causes of death in America, Schulberg said. Pennant Chase Featured Today In continuing to present the most outstanding "Major League Baseball" game each week, he NBC Television Network SUNDAY year. Action at times will be I At least one of Gleason's plan-lferno,"' a scientist-diver from moving out of the Kramden ,,ed variety shows will be an kitchen in the Brooklyn tene- a ll - outdoor program of the inent where earlier versions "state fair" type, showcasing were centered. numerous "thrill acts." Other The first "Honeymooners" of'broadcasts from Miami Beach, year (also the season pre-lFia., where the show originates, the sub, Lindsay, discovers the organism on the ocean floor and soon finds his strength and will sapped by its enormous power. By bringing it on board the Seaview, he threatens the imere for ihe series) sees the ; will be comedy or all - music j lives of the entire crew as the Kramdens and Nortons win a j "specials" featuring guests vo-| creature seeks to make the sub trip around the world. Subse-'calists and name bands. Its "body." ivill colorcast the contest between 2 of the National League ennant contenders — the Pitts- urgh Pirates and the Los \ngeles Dodgers — this after- loon at 3 p.m. (slow time). Orginating from Dodger Sta- ium in Los Angeles, the game hould produce many exciting moments as these 2 clubs bat le for advantage in their ex •emely close race with the San 'rancisco Giants for the NL hampionship. The Pirates feature the power itting of Matty Alou, Roberto lemente and Willie Stargel gainst the Dodgers' pitching alent of Sandy Koufax, Don utton, Claude Osteen and Don rysdale. NBC's Curt Gowdy nd Pee Wee Reese will share he announcing chores for this ational colorcast. ABC Launches Vtovie Series Deborah Kerr and Stewarl Granger star in a vividly-etched romantic adventure detailing the story of a search for love, for a lost husband and for a vast treasure in "King Solomon's Mines," the premiere film pre sentation on ABC-TV's "The Sunday Night Movie" at 9 p.m. (EDT) This color film leads off a season, which once again will feature a lavish package of the most exciting motion pictures ever offerred on American television. The film, based on II. Rider Haggard's novel, was made on a 5-month safari covering more than 25,000 miles of Equatorial Africa and features more than 10 different African tribes in- eluding the Watusi warriors of Ruanda-Urundi. Philippine Chief Is'Press'Guest President Ferdinand E. Marcos of the Philippines will be the guest on "Meet the Press" Sunday in an NBC Television Network live colorcast from New York City at 1 p.m. (EDT). The program will be the only natinal television interview with President Marcos while he is in this country. He arrives next week on a state visit to President Johnson. Interviewing President Marcos will be A. M. Rosenthal of the New York Times; Earl Mazo of the Reader's Digest; Robert Christopher of Newsweek Magazine; and Pauline Frederick, NBC News United Nations correspondent. Lawrence E. S'pivak, permanent panel member and producer of "Meet the Press" will be the moderator. 7:00 A.M. Q Home and Garden © Q Frontiers of Faith O Mass For Shnt-ins O Outdoors Club 7:30 A.M. Q Strike A Match O Cathedral of Tomorrow O Faith to Faith O Moral View O Kellgion 8:00 A.ML Q Children Come Unto Me© Q Christopher Program© O Gospel Sing Q Rex Hnmbard Q Oral Roberts 8:30 A.M. Q Popcyc Theater© O Church By Side© 0 Bullwinklu O Magilla Gorilla 9:00A.M. Q Cadlc Chapel Beatles Jewish Heritage© Beany and Cecil© 9.-30 A.M. QO Peter Potamus© Q Sunday Morning Report Rosli Ilashana 10:00 A.M. What's In It for Yon?© Q Catholic Mass 0 Movie O Bulhvinklc© Tom and Jerry Humbard Family 10:30 A.M. Report to People© O This Week O Discovery '66 Movie© 11:00 A.M. Frontiers of Faith O Talk of Town© Gene Carroll Faith In Our Valley Rural-Urban Scene 11:15 A.M. Social Security 11:30 A.M. Dialogues of Faith© The Eternal Light Q Jim Carlen O Greatest of These NOON QQ Pro Football (Miami vs. Buffalo) O Chartroose Caboos" 0 Polka Varieties Q King Kong© 12:30 P.M. Q Casper 1P.M. Q Dugout Interviews 0 Championship Bowling Q Linus 1:15 P.M. QG Baseball (Cleveland at De troit). 1:30 P.M. O Baseball (Cincinnati vs. Atlanta) | Court-Martial 2 P.M. 1 Board of Education FBI Launches Second Season An anonymous tip of a kid- naping sends Inspector Erskin and Special Agent Rhodes on a trail of frustration as the family of an abducted youngster refuses to admit he has been kidnaped as ABC-TV's "The FBI" premieres its second season in color Sunday at 8 p.m. (EDT). Returning as stars of this series, inspired by the files of the FBI which incidents, characters and names fictitious, are Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Philip Abbott and Stephen Brooks. Q Eye on the NFL 2:15 P.M. Q Pro Football New York vs. (Dallas) 2:30 P.M. 0 WcntiitglKtiise Adventures 5 P.M. QO Meet the Press QLnJan Golf 3:31 P.M. Q Open Circuit O Frontiers of Faith 4 P.M. QO Viet Nam Review QMeet the Press Q Monroes 4:15 P.M. Q Pro Football (New York vs. Dallas) 4:31 P.M. O Action Theatre QO GE College Bowl© 5 P.M. Frank McGee Sngarfoot 5:30 P.M. Petticoat Junction NBC Special Q Rifleman 6 P.M. Q 6 O'clock 0 Voyage © QO Lassie© 6:30 P.M. O NBC Special QO Walt Disney© It's Abont Time© 7 P.M. Ed Sullivan© 7:30 P.M. O Walt Disney© QO 'Hey, Landlord'© 8P.M. QO Bonanza© Movie© Garry Moore© 8:30 P.M. 'Hey, Landlord'© 9 P.M. Andy WlUiams© Bonanza© Candid Camera© 9:30 P.M. What's My Line?© 10P.M. News, Weather Sports Q Andy Williams© 10:15 P.M. Weather© Q Tonight-Johnny Carson© Wide World of Sports Movies 10:20 P.M. O Sports 10:25 P.M. Movie 10:30 P.M. Tonight - Johnny Carson© 11 P.M. News, Weather, Sports 11:30 P.M. 3 Tonight Show© 12 MIDNIGHT Zoo Parade© 12:10 A.M. Movie 12:30 A.M. News 1 A.M. Q Call Mr. E 1:30 A.M. 3 News SUNDAY 10 a.m. DON'T FENCE ME IN 5) — Western with Roy Rogers nd Dale Evans. 10:30 a.m. NORTHWEST MOUNTED POLICE (I) — Adven- ure with Gary Cooper. (Color). 8 p.m. KING SOLOMON'S MINES 5) — Adventure with Stewart Griner and Deborah Kerr. (Color). 10:15 p.m. THE GREAT LIE (9) — Drama with George Brent, Bette lavis and Mary Astor. 10:25 p.m. DOWN TO THE SEA N SHIPS (8) — Drama with Richrd Widmark, Lionel Barrymore nd Dean Stockwell. 12:45 a.m. COIN' TO TOWN (I) — Drama with Mae West and Paul Cavanagh. Gary Moore has returned to TV In n one-hour comedy oriented show on CBS that M'lll go forward and backward at the same time. His aim is a fresh approach pins a return to older and better TV days. There are many new faces in Carry's gang and many new ideas In his show. Personal Touch Makes the Show NEW YORK — He's been 30 and turned on the record play- years in the broadcasting business and 30 years in the laugh business. He had his own show, daytime and nighttime, for 14 consecutive years on network television. He knew just about all there is to know about the business, and he walked out on it 2 years ago. Now, with his thinking crystallized and his head bursting with new ideas, Gary Moore has returned to television with a one-hour show. And he knows exactly what he wants it to be. "Now, don't ask me about format," he said with a chuckle, his eyes disappearing in his sunburned face as he smiled broadly. "Every day we have a new format. We all get together and agree that we have a dandy, dandy idea for a new bit, and then the next morning, well..." He leaned back in his chair, fingertips together, bowtie slightly askew and said, "When I started out on my trip, I didn't know if I'd ever come back in this business. I went all the places I had always wanted to go, and I watched and thought and lived for a while. "But when I got back and sat around for 8 months, I knew I had to do something. I don't like gardening and I don't like building birdhouses. "I also sensed a vacuum in TV. The people on the tube are not talking to the people at home any more. There are footlights between them. I have always felt that you should come on TV and look at the camera and say, 'Hi, Charlie,' and Charlie out there knew you were there. "With this new show, we are trying to go forward and backward at the same time. We want it fresh, and we have a lot of talent that is pretty unknown, but we also want to return to better things, an informality and closeness that you don't have any more." He thought quietly for a moment and then said, "You know, there's an old Rodgers and Hammerstein song about the Big Black Giant, with 2000 eyes watching you. Well, that's the theatre. But on television you may be talking to 2 million viewers, but you should actually be speaking to one or 2 people. "We're trying to generate a feeling of nice people having a nice time. People are lonely, sitting at home in front of their sets. They don't want a mess of pyrotechnics. The people we have chosen for our team on er and out it came, bright, out of the ordinary, and — no doubt about it — happy. And thoroughly professional. Moore sat there, relaxed, unembarrassed, just enjoying it. The regular gang on his new show are Patsy Elliott, Carol Corbett, Ron Carey, John Byner, Dick Davey, Jackie Vernon, Pete Barbutti and Eddie Lawrence. "It's going to be interesting to watch Patsy Elliott," Moore remarked. "She has less qualitifcations than anyone for major TV. She has hardly any experience, and she put on tha biography form that she had been Queen of the Crab Fesitval at Ellicolt City, Marland and the leader of the Pony Festival at Chincoteague. That's not what you might call paralyzing to a network executive. "But she's got the guts of a burglar. The first time I saw her, she came out with a terrible act, and I mean terrible, but she came on with the awful song and the awful jokes as if it had all been put together by Goodman Ace. She's funny and talented and warm, and a real trouper. "She's not beautiful but she is darned cute. We have the same problem with her we used to have with Carol Burnett. We simply could not convince Carol that she had sex appeal, of which she has a great amount. She was always convinced that she was the Ugly Duckling. I remember once," Moore said with a great laugh, "she was so set up: she said she'd had the most marvelous compliment. She came out of the stage door and two guys were lounging around there and one said to the other, 'You know, she's not such a dog.' Carol thought it was the greatest thing that had happened to her in days." The backbone of Moore's show will be funny "bits" and sketches. '-It's going to be a brave step for Jackie Vernon, too," he continued. "He's going to do sketches, instead of just a one - man stand - up comic bit. He realizes that while he may be starred in one sketck, in the next one he may have only 2 lines to say, but that's O.K. with him. We are all working not for our own aggrandise- ment but for the show, as a team. Moore is not planning to talk much about his round - the- workl trip, "it's old hat by now. Anyway, everywhere I went, Jack Paar had just been there or Godfrey was on his way or William Holden owned this show were picked essential- it. I don't believe in home mov- ly because there was a person ies, and I'm not going to show Runs Iron Horse 7 .... Dale Robertson packs a 6-shooter in his role as Ben Calhoun in ABC-TV's action-packed adventure series, "Iron Horse," which centers around Calhoun's efforts to build a railroad. The series is in a 7:30 p.m. (EOT) time slot on Mondays. behind the comedian. They gave a feeling of warmth and interest, besides being funny. Moore's show is billed as a variety show, but he doesn't like the term. "This is much more of a comedy show than music. My last show was very heavy on the music, but aside from anything else," he said with a grin, "it's sort of embarrassing being the only one in the company who can't sing up from his seat! any. On the other hand," he reflected, "if \ vc run into some great film of, well, surfing, for instance, I'll say, 'Hold it a minute. You want to see some really great film and we'll run it. "I think entertainment should be personal; in other words, what I think is entertaining, not what a corporation thinks will sell." And if anybody knows what Garry Moore "L I V I N <j SO U N D"-, HEARING AIPS THIS SIGN HAS LED THE WAY TO BETTER HEARING OVER 1,000,000 TIMES! SEE THEM AT BARR DRUG COMPANY OPPOSITE POST OFFICE PH. 4-2933 DOVER, OHIO

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