The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 7, 1935
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i ,fl,' Served by the United Press BETI VOL. XXXI—N0.\250 ?!?.!H!! e . .9. our , lJcr W»lhwm? Daily News . Valley Leader THE MMTOAOTNEWaPAPKR OF NORTHRA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY 7 1935 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS" '• PER NEWS I EAST MISSOURI •*••< BILLION FOR JOBS IKISE F IlTfJ Holds Her Owh'm : '90 Min ", utes o{ Cross Examination by Reilly FLEMINGTON N. J, Jnn 7 (U , P>—Flashing indignant replies at her heckler, Bftty Gow, nho was Charles A Undbefgh, 'Jr-° ntn^n maldr^witlL-itood 3D minutes of cross questioning'by Bruno Richard Hauptmaiin's .'chiel counsel today and before the noon recess had timied back repeated Inslhna- tloiis that she might have > played : , any part, however Innocent, In (he kidnaping and murder of Baby Charles. -, The Scottish girl, an attractive • , figure with an .assured nidnner , ••; arid no fear at all - of debating ... wittv-Edward J. Reilly^her 5 cross •j '. examiner;. admitted sHe had beer, i^veri $650'and her passage, from Scotland • to . return and testify— Court Withholds , Order On Barnes Appeal IJTTLE HOCK, Ark., Jan.' 7 i(U P)—The state "upreme court hcvd oral argumeiil by Ihe attorney general s ofJicr lotljy on t motion* to,dismiss the appeal of pfenk Hainei given the deiilh lentejlcy in Mississippi county for Die slify- Ing of c A Martin but did mot hand down an immediate decision, ll vvns announce^ that the 'case had be°n taker miller advisement with the courts order to be en tered' later,, Ntfrseiiiaid Is Witness Condon Will;.Repeal Conversation . 'With Lindbergh ,Defendant' FLEMINGTON, N. J.,' Jan. 7. (U P)—When Dr. John 'p. Wafsie) justice. : Justice Thomas . -—_„.,.,, illULUQO ^y . - , ± iClJCilllf t. ordered thai. : phrase stricken 'from - Ihe record 'but; the' girl's - -- _ -.—. .un, HAL. 5111.1 UCtlJclIil- : J - ,, -, -'-,- .if! ', lion, .made"through 1 sconiful lips Dr - Condon .not only, will/identify^ and with—{lashing : eye.s, made its Hauptmanrr 7 T as s-the.'- mystefibus '.Impresslorj'.'"' . '. , ; ' : ....- "John" to whom.''he paid $50000 rjTTv'oKMjiitions: liars'-rovided f'' illSt ' R ™^ ceme- 'Impfessiprj.^ &°,ys '. j™™?" provided early in her' cross-exaininaUoii.- The first''was when Reilly, as he hai promised,,., began to explore her relationship .yith Henry (Red) Johnsqn, the sailor who was her \, "i! v JESiM«!e!OW-r»wnoc*was--V:vlmself r, held, in jSil for weeks- until • he r- could prove that he had no connection-'with the kidnaping. The second, ivas when the name , of Violet -Sharp?.' moid in i the household of .Mrs.'..Dwlght • W ; --'M6r- t low,'Mrs. Lindbergh's mother 1 'was brought into-the case. Violet was the young woman who, ratlierUhan face _an inquisition' 'by .' the =Nevv cnMrJ" .• s ' ale Police,.: icomrnittetl suicide- by taking 'poison - > '"- • " ',«* Sharpe;incident,; was;'short .'but 'vfiEl =J. 5 he .-ever went '6ut' : wltli Violet Shnrpo'and received • a "firm no' y in response. '•'..': Betty,, who •: spoke '»•""' ' 'tor** 11 , 1 ' 1 tollch , of: ' 1 -«»«*> uuir m .her voice,, was', -cleadv ' rexcBtful of any- alfacks"pon h'r i .association with Henry -"Johnson •ably Moisted ^"•• ¥ ,'^ f !°-' ; . tn 'V ar| - iable ,respoiise, "Mr. Jolimon!" "' Plan Military Funeral for J. Frank Adams - -.•--..:{ t—±jr;-i.?i'i•,;':•. , ^ Funeral, rite .,will be. held tomorrow-morning' at "io 'o'clock'at Secon Cani Leglon: htlt - '''North World .War, 'veteran,- pYano^uner and radio entertainer, who me rambed at the BlythcvilV.hospltal »tc Saturday after a few days' Illness of pneumonia. ' } Pull military.' rites will be observed, according to Curtis j Little, Dud Cason-'post commander The Rev. v. E. Butterworth ' - ^"Plaui, will 'officiate.' Intel w'll be made at' Maple Drove i«ery. here. The following twill — pallbearers: Raymond Earl E. Parker, Ernest, Dr. W. •„ , ° s Bin ls y, his '- , . arrived ,;here-. lhk The Cobb Unrtertaicing company h in i. charge of f lmeral arraPnge ! ment.s. No Jurisdiction These Cases HARRISBORG, Pa. (up)_An- "oyed by strange requests the Pennsylvania Public Service Commission has served notice to the People that it has no Jurisdiction A psi-son holding two Jobs simultaneously. Rural mail routes. Rates charged by municipal water, electric nnd gas plants. Issuance of securities" private other Jondon appears as a voluntary, witness against .Bruno Richard Hauptmann he .will: testify: that Haupt- she said' ^she .did it fp aid mann told him he was In: the Lindbergh nursery the night 6f the hard Mdnaplng, the • Unlted : .Press': was Informed on high official- >t the. crime, be the state's secorid great, stroke in Ik prosecution ' of the^ Bronx carpenter; for the'kid-, napirig-.and^ mjirdervofCharles 1 '-AJ Lindbergh',' -Jr.,' Colonel - 1 - tlridberglt Identified Hau'ptmann's' <voice 'as that-of-the extortioner he hearU call out to Dr. Condon at the cemetery., f > , definilel.v cleor i"I? .the. part ,br.;'Condon', wjifjpla'y hi^lhe.Hauptmaiiir trial.-. -He'relo- I9T6 ;h% h'anie. has'., beeii; surrquntl-. edvby; a rnasa" of ^eporti,'" m'airf toritradie'torj'.', •. ; Dr,."-' Condon'. has "epAearefui:to.evade -'direct questions: / '•'.'-.-'' - -•; .;;- r. ;,:.:, , ' ; T ;Dr. Condon probably "will not be called .as "a" witness until -'the latter part of this week. The state is- presenting its evidence, in chronological . order. - to maintain the consecutive, links by which 'it hopes to. eend Haiiptmann to the electric chair. • Faces Trial Third Time for Pocahontas Murder . .POCAHONTAS,:'Ark., Jan. "r (U P)-John G. Clayton went on trial here today for the third time In connection with' the slaying of, Mnnley .. Jackson, former night marshal,. November 8, 1931. -lie was coiii'lclecl January 29 1932. and sentenced to )ifc~ imprisonment.: ,0n-an appeal.he got a-new trial., and t o change J of-'venue to Hardy; - which resulted' in n hung jury. ,T>yo other men, Llge.Dame and Earl Decker, are, serving - terms in connection ; wilh the'slaying. Chihuahua Dog Acts as Cupid OMAHA. Neb. (TJP)-cupld arrived in Omaha' disguised as a Chihuahua puppy. David Anderson, 29 - vear-old railroad switchman, sent Miss Jean I. -Grant. 27, a Chihuahua do" named Trlxle from New Orlea,« where he was transferred. When Anderson returned to Omaha. Miss .Grant offered to return the dog to him, knowing that Anderson' ako cared for it. ' A typical Alpiionw and daston act followed, with neither wishlm to deprive the other of the pet. " Marriage was the only solution iT fi fcot " to cwn »'e dog. Trxle attended Ihe wedding and delayed the ceremony while the groom dashed to a taxlcab for a blanket to relieve Trlxie's chill. Bang] And Six Fell EASTLAND, Tex. . (UP) - Six ducks with one shot Is the claim Fighter to Tell Ransom Story ; A pretty vivacious girl, eyes clear and -straight-gaping, lips smiling, •Betly Oow isshown. liere as-she Balked into (lip courthouse At. Flemiuglon, N. J., to testify .in .(lie Bruno Hauplmnim trial It was Miss'Gow, eiriptoyed-as a .nurse for bnbv Chnrles Lindbergh who jlsrovifrWMhe -cJitld'S'-disappearance on-'the nlghl of the kidnaping Regular Session of Circuit / .Court;\Vill .Open Here January. 21 Jurors who will serve during the two_ weeks term of the civil'divis- ion of. circuit court opening here Monday, January 11, have Been summoned by the sheriff's office. The civil term, a regular session, will follow an adjourned or special .week of the criminal div- nocnetca 5135 m i> Kipn.of circuit, court to be held I Press survey showed here starting - Monday, January H. Circuit. Judge G. E. Keck of BIytheville will preside during the civil- .term. Circuit Judge Ncill Kllloiigh of Wynne will be on the bench during the adjourned 'wceJ- of, criminal court. .Jurors, 'selected by jury, commissioners, to serve during (he civil term ,are: u c , PiercC| M D Reed, Leachville 1 ; ' W ' W News- comb, Whispr W. M. Skinner, Muni Swihart, Leachville;: Charles ' Brought. Pi-<xlucers $338,000,000: More ThariM933.r; •..; ATLANTA, Ga.,' Jan! 7 (UP) — Soiitlie'rn farmers reached into their pockets to find 5338,547,000 more for their 'crops in 1934 lhan they did In , 1033. . Where he jingled a dollar In 1933 the average, southern farmer pocketed : $1.35 lii 193-1, a United Press survey showed. His Increase vyas even greater , in ' comparison with the value of the 1932 crop as today he had S2.2C for every dollar he possessed In 1032. The main crops of the Carolinas,' Ix)iilslnnn,. Mississippi, Alabama, Qeorglii, Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee brought $1.284.387,000 in 1934. .compared with $945,840,000 In 1933. Tills was the best farm Income since 1030. The increase iiv value is even , re McWhirler, t C.:.,>y,.- Tipton, wi Neely. J. B. Hips, Manila- p if Brownlee, J. M. Stevens. Del) ; Joe' Alexander, Henry Patterson, 'Sid- greater when compared with the 1932 crops. In Ihe Carolines. Louisiana, Mississippi. Alabama and Georgia the crops which last season were valued at S922.554.000 nev rvViV "'•"* '•""="»"'• =>'"- season were valued at S922.554.000 Atfcim r w £, nie5 ' Joh » D.; brought $680,828.000 in 1933 and Ra«n u ' Glmn> Kncx Craig. ;S408,150,000 in 1932. . , iC " '"' B!y - Pla . roduction, sponsored , . .. aes BIytheville; Ulan Mick, W M Ball, Promised Land; will. Smith Clear Lake; Kan Chapman, Ynr- uro; Simon Smothcrmnii, Dive Adams, Erb Huckw. Armore); Sam Tillmnn, Tomato; Harmon Adams. Huffman: Jim given the greaiest share of the credit In advancing prices so as to give formers greater profits, southern commissioners of agriculture agreed. Cotton and tobacco have been the crops which increased the Alternate Ji-rors are: rl K Homer, Manila; W. A. Spence, Leachville; Luddie Atkins, Hickman; Jim Hall. BIytheville | eluded: "° PS Sttvl0i 1934 Arkansas $108.312,000 $!>7.sil,000 Jury TrialTirTOsceola P^ 0 ™ Now Bnanned Court Start January 14 Appropriations (or 1,935 Differ Liltlc From Those! For Lasl Year The Mississippi county quorum court.. In 11 brief ami uneventful session nl Ofccoln this moniliig appropriated S103.288 lo carry' on county activities during 1935, . ;The new approurlallons differ In only n few minor defnlls from (hose of a-year SKO. Provision was made, In the sum of $2288 for Hie county division of the BIythe- ville municipal court. No appropriation for this purpose . wns iiiade by the quorum court n year !>SO ' but subsequently n judicial opinion was obtained In which the making of this appropriation . wns declared mandatory upo'n the qiio- officer .lihlnaoera. . . .. - in cminty'„,,„•-,,.-, -uw- ever, us the cost.of probation work hitherto provided: for out of the „„„,...,,„..., fn ,.,,,,. , county general fund has been »hl i , » ntsl ° " lurl "B fibout. this amount The county thelnllerB efror ""« contact tlia general fund, appropriation wns reduced $1,500.' .Montague Succeeds Waddi Other changes include a j Increase in ' the appropriation lur thc Arkansas Tuberculosis snni-. • torluin, a slight increase : In the i'- '" ipproprlntloii for agricultural, and • '•'' .en tjiv $i,r>oo I U A in for! I n/\ , home demonstrattcm- agents and n •rcductton of $060 in the appro- prlntlqn for [ he _ county , health ,,;•,-• > -,-'•--^ w ^ made;at today s. •meetliig.Jof, ;the designation Crawford Greene, Reports mal terms for 707 schools;, which rcappointmeht "of „ „ *vi, R1 ,ai commSJoner. 1 - 11110 ' ** C °" hty "^ Formal nppolnlmcnt of a coun- J C Klrkm ' co " l - Ilot °P er % nonnai: tehn^ as count r ' 5 ' year awford'Greene, stat-, ' ' tp ™ ba " on Under tlie Istlcian of the'department'of edu'-' catton. explained.'- . When the" department of cdticri- iew' $1,500 appropriation 1ms not ' nacb Up ifs llst W Sl !". !1 l 1(!r "Ken made, but Judge [Inri-ic^in and f " of schnols wciling' bid 'as-indicated that the 1 omt «,m il scnt 1«ratiomialrcs to every » to Mrs. John LbriB fonner '» 0lmly - , Sch ° ols li>ilt recl>lvc(1 nid """" ' } 'e.Previous year' were asfad di- without aid thU county c,erk, who for" a r^unbtf , y ™ r . s Il(ls Dandled ' prdballoi von:. The probation officer' .lurii™ „ -, — Harrison said, will' mnlntain reeii ycar county examiner also ar office imnrc nt !,„... .>-- _ s . ,was ackcd to list Ihe schools m , . gu ar office hours at hot tho flv" I J? 5 "^' lo "^ "« -« hevilte and Osceoln courto J " rl5dietloi! »"« woii schools in c'ourthoiiws 1",'^ J""*"'™' 0 " "'at would need Accent K,™ • ™"" OUS(:S ' |aid to operate'a normal term. In voMnl ,f coin " lc , nd »."'>ns j When the examiners' lists wire lo£ \hn"LlnL 1 ^,,. 1 "^^ 3 :!^ 1 ™" . tta """vidua, distrlct-s tioiw HIP nnnnm, ; . vv ' ' rcmral tnc individual 'districts commii^ tj Consisting of Justices the year before and new ones listed by county examiners, Greene . L. Waddell. Jo zell, J. p. Tompklns, R. L. McKWght and j' 1 Hannon « The new appropriaflons and for Jurposes of comparison, those of ast year, follow Tb. sanllorlum ....$2,500 $'4000 T""'!" 23.520 23^160 lounty farm , County, general Jails 'oor house .. Ark. said. There are 3,133'school „„..„.„ .In Hie state. Air but 49 of them are clnssl/led n s rural schools— in communities under 2,500 population. Of the 3,081 rural districts 218 Oil Control High Court Skys WASHINGTON, Jan 'I (OP)011 iirodiiclloi'i contiol piovlslo'is Of the nntloijn) Industrial recovery act wert-i'held -Invalid today by Iho jsiiiimne court In the nist est of the recovery law, to come before the tribunal. 'The court. ii) a slmrply woidcd Qlimlon, hi'lil .section u i—of the oil control provision of the NIRA— Invalid us an unconstitutional ( ^1- C't'nllon of legislative- power to President Roosevelt. The ' court's chief crlllcUn- of Ihe legislation was bused o i^the failure of congress to enunciate a iwllcy for established tiilcs to guide Ino- chief executive In exrri lilna control of UK- industry Asks fApioprJations to Bung National Debt Atyvt* $34,000,000,000 Rural Program Will. : Be Emphasized in •. 1935 Says Administrator LITTLE .nock, Jah. : •} (IJP)_ Permanent, rehabilitation for 'all;on relief 'rolls should l.e the objective of the federn emergency'relict administration In Arkansas, W. K. pycss. stale administrator, told' county relief of- flelnls here .today.. . He reiterated President Roosr- Vfill's; announcement .that "lh» government .must and .'shall" get'out MJItatlpn; is .tie. most .importaiv thing in the 1035 program, lie siyd The emergency rihase of relict is over,.,Floyd- Sb'ory,*.pxecutivo- secretary of Iho ERA, told fliiTcmimy oftlclals In announcing - p.laiis-; to lake , 21,000 families from' ,dlrecl relief.;rolls: and -place ...them ' or farms. • • • . ••'•., , elementary _and schools, ef- . s & Constables 2,000 Circuit court ...... isooo . --i-w w . — • j .mil jugn ijtuuyjs, pi* • 15,000 15.000 fectlng 72.153 children, said tlicy 13^00 12.000 could not operate one month Four !2,000 hundred and sixty-three others 10,000 effecting 107,752 children, said they 300 could not operate a normal term 2,000 but could operate a month or 15,000 more. n' ^"' 'S™ Home 300 - health null 'rippled children Municipal court ... 2,000 , 150 150 2 ,268 $100,290 $103,288 n Un Negro, Hit by Automobile, Dies Sunday Here OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 7-Cir- «iit Judge O. E. Keck opened the regular .January term of circuit civil court here today, disposing Ernest „, ,„ gol_ five of the ducks to "chase down n said . but the sixth. alleged massacre occurred on lake near Cisco, Tex. «/ .7 . "-'" ««v.aj, u^iAAaiu^ cutHUSe of the l]*f» nf ninb hluo of pre Imlnnry motions In a n«m- and other eotors of 5 Uk r bboi, o: ber of cases and then recessed divorce decree Tall Yarn RALEIOH, N. C. four candidates Reno William Mii.h.ii RENO, Nev. (UP)—The cieom ot Henos "boudoir" 'divorces bos been sounded by Couniv cleis E. H. Brenicr. Because of the tise of pink, blue, court until Monday, January 14 when jurors, summoned for term, will will begin and trial of >" Buffalo Thrive SEWARD, Alaska. cUP)-Alas- ii,,. 011 (he North Carolina basketball squad. If kfl ' s bu(rtll ° " e « ( : C .',^ r _ thc . |u»rtton-.or the Lilt! height. Delta nhd Tanana Rivers In the Inier- ior, is estimated (o number at least 60. Twenty-three of the animals were Imported from Montana by the government lii 1928, divorce decrees um decrees were known as "boudoir" decrees the nation over. Henceforth, B'remef ruled, unlr-s the divorcee specifically domands silk ribton, red tape usuallj- i;scd on legal documents will be afliscd. Brcnier's supply of silt: rieiwii at one time even included black for tliose who warded an mw.^ial decoration for their taw. - The tongue of the lion I? furnished with an array of ciagger- Jllte bristles. William Mitchell, 65 year old negro living on the DIHohunty plantation, near the Missouri line north of here, was fatally Injured when struck by a car driven by Sam Bailey, brother of Harry Bailey, early 'Sunday morning. The negro died at 12:30 o'clock Sunday from internal injuries and ! crushed skull. Details of the accident, understood to have occurred on Highway 61 a short distance above Yarbro, were not available " here today. Sheriffs deputies said they had matte no Investigation, not having been Informed of the accident. BRYN MA\VR. Pa. <UPJ— The average age of freshmen at Bryn M«wr college Is 17 years and U montlis, a recent survey of entering students showed. they not operate a month and 24 others efiecting • 691 children said they could not hold normal terms but could operate at least a month. In both the rural and city districts there were 253,707 children i.n i07 districts who could not attend school at an or for less than normal terms. Estimates of the department of education were that $2,004807 was necessary to insure normal terms in nil school district.? for the 1934- 3a 'school year. Averago monthly salary per tcu- ",'" Arkansas for the year 933-34 was $70 for a period of approximately scven m0il(h Greene said. The estimated monthly salary for 1934-35 ts S55 for elementary teachers and $85 for high school instructors Enumerators' Ask Cooperation in Gathering Facts On Agriculture . Farmers-. of Mississippi county can avoid inconvenience to them- selvci and at the same time facilitate, the work-of enumerators now engaged In faking n federal census of agriculture by compiling in advance, Information concerning their fan,; activities. ' The principal Information which the enumerators must ob'talh covers the number of acres fanned acres In cotton, corn, hay 'and other crops, dwellings on the farm number of persons over five years -f age living on the farm, livestock, and value of garden pro duce. The federal law under ivhleli the census Is being taken provides severe penalties for farmers refusing or failing to give the necessary Information. The enumerators, however, are reluctant to Invoke these penalties. They have experienced difficulty in a few instances but in the main have found farmers willing to co-oper- Among tlie enumerators taking the census In.thi., immediate vicinity are Parnsworth Black''< P. Pride, and Mr. Johnson. ' assigned to Chickasawba township; Mrs Llltfe McKnight, Bowcn and Half Moon'townships; Mrs. Frank- nil Worth. Hector township, and Cloyls Mccaffery, clear Lake (own- snip. . - Unlli'd l'rfs Shff Currcuioudint WASHING TON, Jnn 7 lUPJ — President noosevell asked congr'ss today In lib annual budget mes- r age foi an unprecedented lump sum appropriation of $4 000 000 000 to subsltlulp \oik relief for the dob in Ihn 1910 nsial >cai le- glnnlng next Jul> 1 — The thir'd yem of recoverj He? reported he ''ould not bal- inre thti budget In that jeai as w had hcpcd to .do. The gross dfiflcil will npproxi nate $1528000000 of uhlch ?G36,- COO 000 rriiic-senls debt i elltementi Dclil (h Pass s:i 1,233,000.001 Tlie mc«agc estimated that the national debt, would increase fiom ippioxlmntcly $31000000000 oh Julv I 1035, to a record hHi of $3J 219 000 Odd on June 30 103C the ?nd of the next fiscal >ear Mi Roosevelt *tM the ic picsenfeii todny iviu m Lai nice except for cxpendltuies to :icate » 01 k for the Jobless He asked congiess lo give him un quilllicd authority to allocate the 54000000,000 recovery and relief appropriation. The trend of net recovery and relief expenditmes Is downward for the next fiscal yeai compared with Ihe one which \vlll end June 30, 1935 and ifegnlaj- federal e\p«nses arc increasing f The message did not recommend new taxes but asted that expiring emergency nuisance ta< •-vies U re-fmaoiod j i Regular expenditure /n the" fiscal jcar 1931 aggregated $2402000000 1,1 1935 $2748000000 based on estimates for the remaining months and in 1930 ?33020QOOOO Recovorj and] relief e\pendltu,e 1634 S? 530 COO 000 1935 $4671 COO 000 aii(l 1036 $-1-013000000 Total expenditures exclusive of debt retirement I«34 $8392090000 '•> $7419000,000 and 1D30 S7- 314000000 i The net deficit IB34 $3629000 000, 1931 $4296000030 1933 53 092 000 000 Sees Future Reductions Mi Hocsevelt expiessed the liope as he submitted his message to congiess that diminishing fig- mcs foi recovcrj and relief and for total expenditures rcpiesented the beginning of a ieii's of annum icdiictioiis leading ultimately to an absolutelj balanced budget He expressed no 0|jimon when the budget might "be balanced. _ His resume of'tile financial plaii for the nscal year 193C shoned that recovery and relief costs in the present fiscal .year Include a charge of ,$199,000,000 for agilcul- lural adjustment- administration payments iq farmers. For the next fiscal year Mr.: Roosevelt: estimates that AAA taxes will exceed ex- psnditures by $98,000,000 and this sum has been credited against prospective recovery'and relief expenditures, reducing that sum from $4,110,000, the forecohw ' $4'012,000.000. . S With respect fo recovery expenditures for the nest fiscal year the .president said: "The estimated expenditures for recovery .and relief during 1930 are placed at $4,110,000000 excluding $472,000,000 for the agricultural adjustment administration/ 1 recommend that $4,000,000000 fce appropriated by .the . congress in one sum, subject Jo' .allocation by ihe executive principally'for giv- ni.ivork. to those unemployed on the relief rolls." Seeks Home for Boy A home fe sought, by itrs. John H. Long, probation officer, for a lad of 11 years who is unusually strong and healthy. He has no one to care for him and Is willing to Seek $1,500 Damages for Accident Injuries a W. Goforth and Floyd D. Robinson have filed suit In circuit court here against Dan stout, seeking a total of $1 - 5M for Injuries allegedly received fn an accident- at the Kentucky and First street Intersection, September 21. • The action charges negligence on the part of the defendant was responsible foi- the accident. Cfaude P. Cooper | s counsel for the plaintiffs. Bis Job for Florida SARASOTA; Ma. IUP)-AH m- ness In Ohio cost her 100 pounds in weight, but Mrs. nmh Pontico circus "fat lady", hopes to get back to her normal 700 pounds Files Divorce:Suit Percy Ii. Clark, formerly a resident of Braokhaven, Miss., Las nled suit In chancery court here seeking a divorce from Ethel Smith Clark. ' ^ The suit, brought under Arkansas' quick divorce statute, al- eges desertion. Holland and Barham represent the plaintiff, WEATHER j Arkansas—Rain, warmer in . east wrtion, colder in northwest V»r- •ton tonl?ht. Tuesday cloudy, rain n east portion, cooler, Memphis and vicinity—Occasional rain tonight and Tuesday. Cold- Tuesday afternoon. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 58, minimum 40, cloudy, with 25 of an tacli rainfall last nhjht, according to Samuel P. Morris', .official weather 6b- serrer,

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