The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1935
Page 6
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PtGZ £7 •Warhcvry Slaiicls Oul As Tiger Stai; Slip Unsung Grid lloio nv JIMMI' HONSHU-; \TA-Scrvlfe Snorts Wfi(<-r NFW YoniC-MiKh 1d<> Ins brcn •>!«!<. our llw rioibOUrii Mnn since tnf cards \Ure shullhd -mew Tin I brings lo uilnil tint 'ryrril flRiiri'i iif UK -ijKMl world'in HIM Wfr ,i •"•ullj iwgl effi! In (In nisli to lion- tn odiers-nhfi not nhMj.. w(u ili"jfr4ln 0 of ncililii) IVt us tike hi cMII for In Neglected Greats oJ' 1934 Who wis tint bl? rubuei aiinfil BU> who stood out tlieie on the Jill) for the Detroit ngers a;id (inn «1 in !5 wins (igUnst ', cinu. through «lll, W , lllUJ | | yt u h|1 i; cd out of thc plctine vihcii it cnmc iflK'f ])er forma IK cs nid v, as count- lime to give credit alien credit jyis due ifter Hie U(.crs htid won luc American i/igiie ricmnnl? Ihrco guessesl Firpo Marten was Dip B«>-iml you 11 remembir Dint lit a,tlnl even 661 a slttrtlni, iislsmncnt m the rtrJcs for his good uoik—althou t h nnv better than Schoolljov or Tommy Bridges In the flxlit ratkt the Jen wan vs., John lionry L"v,l the fccst coist belter forgot lo Rfmemlier Jolin Henry vnsn I rorgottcn du to meiifil topscs on the pait o promoters and fight managers Th pugilistic potentates wanted lo for get him aftei he Hiked Mixle RoS enboom then king or the light Iie-ivypveJuhis o couple of (jines am ever; one In the- game steered as clcirofltmi as if he ucre an o\cr ripe chunk of camembwt in dts was (lie logical coni-mler Rosenoloom s rro\ui Bui \rtivie Oo chose to forget that tile colored oy urtstoel in I deigned to defend ills diadem ugalnsl Bob Ohn n, Y .°w k f 10 ' 1 * lisl tlle "su'ls of that bout were Olm von the croun —out lie «as the most surprised ^ heV'aU 101 '* *>*" hh "»' d i, 01 !? . lo ° »e notice lias forgat- on i? ^ CVvlS 1S '"•ound-v.hlcli 1« another of (lime re-irons ^lu the sour " S r '™ hc< ' '" prciient - »«' «! otten man or. toniils it teems no matter ulio ll)K ^Uunt Hit Atlanum wlilps lli e u & j^ Association compldtek for ' ? prospects for the U s Da > Clip Wini " "'ng victories OVPI stoefen r „ ,, . ' Allfcon nll <l fl'c rest «nt? , °' ,^ m tllC 80mtl OM "t « 01 '« have been n logical nominee for Irjout tests neu spring «heu IIP tennis fnthers inndc their -c- "Ytio^ nut 1 W nnsnti IiAootball' e (l,o U boy wo nil forgot «"en it comc to AH-Aincnci ing time Locals, 1 934 ner-ups Blisy Omit they forfiof. hlih ji"« It ranir time to nmko se ctions for Davis -Clip tryoulii next spring. mil SJicphtrd ihci forgot hit, I" nmklrg All-Amcrtcn selection <-r I"- Ind led the nation point scorers Ry J. r. A lielalMl EoasnUoiinl' rally cn- lilotl the UlylhevHlo Chlcknsav.s o -comi) from Ijehliid and dkeat he l.eaelwllle )|i g i, ra )i n 1-20. In/a nlRia fir Urt Natlona jiiiivd Armory. H was t)n> \K caiiKi of- Hie wnson for' tin J r or nlmosl Ihrc-jj' liiiar !fltoir. dominated-' tlu, gamV lliarjks to Koine 'uncanny goaJ tin* Dig by McHnrity and Re'rmett, am 'lever floor work L - •'-'• • • xiachvllle led a-fl .*.- .v". ay, Mu ,,,„; , llrtu . K , iJod ami were but -In front. 1:1-9 t Hie hnir way mark. Ti,e iajl plenty of'chances to .wort lint tassnd away .many goiaeu'op- portmillles l)y'liiiiccura'te ' "" U)d pn^sldg.-.' - ComiriK oiit from'tlip'lr'resrpe- r |0d (lia Laslcyirieri Ijegarr to show "•-'• power,' Hhe work- ?77~ - =•; - ~ - " - ~ - : - —— - S^^Y, jUTO * 583.-; M Die. score hnd'lhc (hlixl |ie- riod ended w|th Blytheville nhel tor the 'first, time, 18-H Coach , Lasiie Mrit , Ro ^ t jj, n to relieve Koehler and the big rKlliond promptly sank a field foal p.i 0 -" 16 lefld ' ; Sus «l Moslcy Bidie Sallba entered the fray liortly; afterward ond slcjnally a™" 1 ™ their, entry' with tin,e"y keep up Ihe good work' ega " to dose up 'the aney amVCounce found : ho range or the goal,' '••• Hershe was foimd guilty • ™ H • n<1 '*« "» nd' i. °f f ' ^''^ter's place nd r the -Tribesmen chlnke'ci In hree. from • (lie field t'6 W i n d ,;„ ^'^•'W-Wmei'Sfal' 1 oslev ' H'Vt'ievllle. ah'i> Haney, Leachvlllo, ' rlvar for- s ', wcre '- ' !?d ' M>.:the- S cbria*; h. : amassing n poin^; j ^' Was c '? 5e ' ^l-' and K HusseK . turned in - th ™ vis" Clilck' sutelitutes fosle-' who dream Cone!-,-.'' , By; Harry Graysoo Its the day of sj>ccliill?nllon and du cai( £ get a^a\ frpm it \Vo have doe'ors who wont treat ll ° r Dunne And tthen Hi.idue line, In pr.iollce, . to Uike his place First thej decided on Pd inwVI rviln t.i " l (0 - - Columbia star Jfd Shepherd qoulflnt ' But that football omcialinn I)r John A .I.ULIIUH, uuvci athletics at Boston UnUcrsltj , 1K - mes that learnin e to l>c a compe lent referee umpire Hold judge and Head linesman is , u , t too mucli for Die ncrage football He believer offici recrui from •the tend? Hc^.ol th.' s'gnment and turnril i cit extern run l of'hc Wrd sprint for a touchdown ** Bill shouw have Teir that -All-America team ' •''• "• - on " , .-..,..« . ««at Jones-ForpitUn! : W golf, itbrton smith stands out ..aslr.e.heglectM Individual ITie'Jopl!,, Ghost tun ™l one or p tiie biggest feats 01 (he year when f ,m i lie won Bobby Jones- Ma5 \m TO" r- lu "i domi o w on rea h',t)jralscn. v 4eft»gs cooks »l cook nnjthlnjf but boule- 1m * l<;h1 1» bord,elaise Imjcrs v,ho Js la but hatjcas brilffeiefritzs Marmp- i>My >jiv*vi wrjniu^s nuio me ill read) (o *"P ilx °'il> crpoXcd (.ts-lon inn of the *"? 'ootuaU plajeis \\lio < ^ 1 1..-1™ _. lloLhllto' luit rAnn^lrl^J- _„ j e and footUaU plajeis yjio can do , „ , „ '* c . nolhtag but plaeekick and spend ^""*'" al '^ Bwlsfens k four years on thc scrimmage-lines A "- Im P"«»nt *. old Smash l^ow It has Deeu praposed to c.x ™, 1 L 1 )* !)"!° ^taltal-ou lo of • tnrtcad ' of ' w' *' to doub ' c ia d lillcsma " «r referee, i .H«™««'« ' prbpasa! no doubt i P ^ d by P 0 ?" 1 ^ dlssatisfac- ' " 0 ™ 1 " 01 in " ccnL ' i Dr Hannon 'swis "on'sounder ground Tilicn l !c reeommeiids that Si,, V ? ls BCt U)e w >n«PU While the rfforee ,s noinmnllj the Iwnl ofncnl there ,s renllj no uncrcncc In tlie importance of the wovk of any or Hie four Von might S a> that Die hond fe\\ realise tint he docs - j«i^ iiiui r me of the bill nu decision.- . °'' ?,' * ,• tecomc the custom for '>. |«w-liol(!c r up in the 241th ' '"" stadium to ad- C ^ n , SCC what BPfS.'oil e n - cl11 bctlor "V'll* Ma so dosc ^ ^ re cm " ln Of .course sine rule book be .™» .»«* "«van and R, , Smith's feat s c kje^JtS^!iiS^^ thfn 1 'J*. ^ ta 1M °- and ^ was ^', cnd , \° dlf?fs ' >''«'" there is some i ComMtlng in a field that includ- arid one of the most e 5 ear. . ^rformance outstanding o A study made In ing the last five icars '(ichland county leads in ™A^\%\$f "**« Courier Nen-s Want Ads, Sal •i it Is, If fhls ^rt of ould iinpiovc Die i In Tnc plajera way 2 uig-.wUlf six points f"*^^-'* nrn bo-X icorc Cr , !t " r^'f^'f , Ab '1 s f 0 , "tige , ^ . Wrjo Ihercmlelit not S 10 m * l<;h 10 ? m °» fl'W foi th bojs v^h vrnporf Counce f | Mclfaney Kenufitt, Weiiifaeitr Lucas c e t'utth. f J' ^foslcJ Slllbl f I ICoehler c Baxter e 'I IPIOI, (r Ul'<ck\ ell K Mosle\ ountry club golfdom ml , l ? )st ' moi ' t * ms •'•• of' what ""the/ TUd shot that put them In "&a ular handicap rating *o bppin Then on each h«i c he may re Play one slrolw or shot if he elect Once he >-„., d«clde<i to (rj i sec and one however he must stltl Kuft exet ll It ™ t v, u l)0 »e It put-s him iri a_worse Basltion than the or taged under the dlKcttorf oi° R!* ^ ,?^"f mtt club Pf _ the orWnal shot. He may re play 18 ho. , nsas (nte ^ . — ' " yH pOKing REPORT OF THB CONDITION OF foai« on Heal Overdrafts sec\J nsec.Ve.1 ( fs nd( pf SeQiirlife pigged, TotaV n ~ — Ursis College (Inier—Cuani* fat olios of Tuo Types Slated For Monday Mat 'Car ^1 K :"™^S and FiUures " Other Reflf fis cash and Due , Ion Trusl 51,1)1.60) Total Co Rock $ , 057oo - «•».• = ;c sa STaSvyiis p=s,r^ *hen plavcrs 1 "}" 0 " °( Monday^ .1 "l?: 8 ^ 1 "^ Accounts ---- «••» »io ticviMuns on On- ""»*-iw,iie« it /lip I, AO ,IU artc or on tripping , hen ^^ImJIch of MoHfl^" ^^ BO clovm under punts may affect al 1 ^' 0 " wrestling caul at e -* s^anr^ os mc ^-'scTe^s , sci r" c - Hs hard to sec why, mere e rer ln « ""tclf. PKlC<i '" lho °!> e ''- siiould 'havB been any.-distinction Lo " Chnr.ejv so-callprf n .,u • Coiiunon °lock Snrplij< nmd Cerliflfd Net to sec why, Dioro ever in "„," I'"," 5 bwn ^V.-dtettnctioii n pay bDtvvecn officldls.-whose decisions are equally important After all maybc ihcrcVoBghl to tnT,° mlt '° to-'speclalba- 'on (hue. Bobby Jones-never liscd o call lu a substitute when h e Had o make n precarious pijtt. [f ruthersville jHoop ; ' Squads Back to Work two lolldays, thc .... NTo.— After layoff during Die Cflrulher.svlDe grooming when Die .. "•••& t»t atn^uii wncn uie fffi 1 ,"? 1 ' 0 8lrb ' nll(1 «»ys call tor ^ichA ch p,SL llcr ° JTl i ( ' £d ?>' nl s 1 > t ' shots, The Jri.ttmli,g. a,,d fcarlet both on front and back. w ««'e , '/n't over-offlclaled now. fficials on th«- fl « M Srt Read Courier News Want Ads. A ' TOrica ''p»idenrU Unpaid' Indiwdual Deposits Funds Due to Banks out lo be somelhtmj of II^SK-s for many Jovial yenrs. Pastime- Clinnev public . ot Deposit j. o e Time CeiUficates of beposit Cashiers checks S 119560^1 1317288 fl3 6071^8 1383663 19 i52 03 150^ 03851 ' 19MB 61 S2o Ot) , 4000000 : 7.200 .CO 'l i'OOfl 22000 13020000 32.76B.CO . . 30000000 40,00000 ii 53( 32 take advantage of c\«y imiMon on, the collrse ii verv hard to put down hk^pro.fia.y, Harry W Raines is another who its*., 0 .™ 1 "" 1 pal wns'ftentli - - stnlght the othti ita>i, nca n vUU V t' lIky " eVltt ' M f !1IlhlS In the pieilmlmri Pi of" Did- Kanthe German vnn tun „„> «r" says Frenchy LaRue Defeats Johnny Man- in ( Hurry -M heav ^ m the best lhc caid Walter both bouts'* ma hi bout of the Legion Trenchj J^aRue 210 M Minn scored two straight 01 er Johnny MIITS Mobile falls Aln Saturday Only tin FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. ROXY f Last Time Today \MAf,f{« NrTE—lOc - 25« - * GPB4T,' WESTERN IAN FROM UTAH' SERIAL - •• CARTOON Cartoon at—"q'ailapm Tommy" SuiiBay • Monday MATINEE & NITEl-l(>c-35c Sunday • Monday 1 338 537 85 30000000 Total STATtToV ARKArTiAsT COUNTV OP MfSblSSIPPI 5S .»<i'^hM7f».ta q ! hetaii ' > " p ' W referee of ihe niijl allow considerable riou Cll '^ S lh?n ^^tsc! "OH 1 !! for (wo OUt of : . two hour limit - y ,f c a\r 8oesi ' ifor A. Lynch Cecil Shane I. R. Johnson Directors ^ t f-ON CHANEY vs. SPEEDY SCHAEFFER Tiro Boys Who Like .• K Kaa«h s Out of 3 J^Uji, ^ H,,« LimJt ROY .ALLEN ; VS . BI!NNY HOLT CMpplers. Who Know Their Crips ,, Out or 3 P-iils,\l'H<wr ARMORY, Ren Blue Cohicily— ."Out of Order" Noomi Ayah for *• Singing SwwHtMrt «* Sh« Lov«» M« Nof Paramount News Lnurol & Hardy. Comedy— "Live Ghosts"

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