The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1948
Page 3
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JVEDNESDAY, MAT 8, 1948 Court of Honor Held for Scouts Eight from Manila Troop Rcctiv* • Life Memberships J. Cecil Low,-, court of honor chairman for the Bov Scout* nf North MlwMppl Comfty yS r ,H . announced advancement or 22 rteTTnri M 'li** 18 in BWovilic Dell and Manila, Including eight life members of Troop 32 In Manna The Court O j Honor session wa« " c 1 uh s. Church n Blytucvllle Monday night fool ^^ow/^o'vcd their tender. loot badges In an investiture cere- by Richard M <*" The advancements, and the Boy Scout leaders presenting the awards 'M ™. ""I' Ashbra '»W. Troop 255 Dell advanced to First ciai T™' , Cherry; Don Harmon, ^P- 2 «. De». advanced to Second Class by Mr. Lowe; Bob Blort- S »,"?, R 'n llnr<l Dedl »n". Troop 38, Blylhev.lle, and James Seabaugh. David Walker. Colcman and WolJ? V' 0 ™* 1 '* 1 ' B " ly Davidson, Woody Townsend. Bobby Berry Don HoUelaw. Carl Tipton and c. o. Stivers of Troop 32, Manila, merit »«dges presented by James Terry •^Blylheville; and David Walker '«oeman and Benjamin Borowskl, B My Davidson, Don Holsclaw. Carl Tlptbn. o. o. Stivers and Woody Tov ™f nd, life memberships, presented by Vernon James of Osceo- £', ». s ; slstant " B °y Scout executive . c «'vIiiR the tcn- °?t oaths, 10 were from Troop 38 of Blylheville: two from Man°?a dettl thrce from Bllr - Optical Firms, Doctors Face Price-Fixing Charge WASHINGTON', May 5. (UP 7_ ami ,f v "" ment yesterday filed W«f . freest against six M ld- who , P I™' flnns nna al > ""dors »no do business with them, 'me "ye doctors were alleged to have received rebates from the companies on the sale o( glasses rue optical firms were accused °' making-and t ho doctors ofTc- hl,, ,£~ ,* tcji of approximately half the price of eyeglasses sold by -""ipanles lo Patients of [he The Justice Department said this amounts to price-fixing a ,,d 1 5 « 'Wation ot the anM-f.r,, gt laws . ^^' NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time '|* cd b V aw a PPl.v to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer "'n™ >' at 105 K ™ rd St., Leach- viiie, Mississippi county The undersigned states that he ™ a T K M " ct Arkansas,-, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony of<other crime. , Involving- 1 moral . turpitude- that no. license to sell beer by the S-JE** -^€ ~^ ! uSo?^ in five years last Ihe undersigned and that convicted ot violating the laws of this state, or any other state relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. R W. Bishoff & H. H. Thurmond Subscribed and .,worn to before me this 3rd day of May, 1948. rniriri Atherton Hiett. w i , Notary Public. 11 1950 m " 8X P' r M February Oklahoma Tornado Kills Four BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.y COURIER NEW! 3 Insurance Re P- Folger Asks Firms Indicted * lec * oral p o*ers For Mail Fraud ForGownor » by the twister. (N EA Telephoto.) st r ii in - ° 1 ""' pc " 8lu we " klllcd •'«» '»'ty were Injured Romulo Says Newsmen Must Decide Freedom of Information NEW YORK, May 5. (UP)—Brig Gen. Carlos P. Romulo. president of the recent United Nations Conference on Freedom of Information and the Press, believes that In Llie last analysis the working newspaperman must decide what freedom of information is. Romulo, chief of the Philippines delegation to (he UN, arrived here aboard the R.M.a. Maurelania from Geneva. "In the last analysis, it is the wonting newspaperman who will decide and mold what freedom of information is." ho declared "He was there and he dealt with the governments and the people, it is the working newspaperman who comc-s back and will put into effect what he decided at the conference.'' Romulo said he was "very optimistic" about the results of the conference and said lie felt tint "•"wnetmiig tangible'.' was achieved. 'For the lirsi time in history" he said, "an authoritative body has discussed in detail the principles and the usages of freedom in rela- lion to information. This is a pioneering achievement oi major importance. - The conference has launched what is perhaps one of the most significant experiments In the history of. international relations. In Geneva there lias begun to crystallize a philosophy of freedom; of information on an international level, under -circumstances dramatic enough to fix it firmly j n I CHECK THESI DIMENSIONS! ^Romulo pointed out that three choose mills—working newspapermen governments and the people were represented for .he first time in a conference on freedom of the press. He explained that each delegation iind representatives of i( s government, its working newspapermen mid some who represented "people from the ordinary walks of life." Romulo outlined the positive achievements of ,lhe coniercnce Including the three draft conventions on the gathering and international transmission of news, the International right of correction and re|Hy. tl.e freedoms and limits mi Ireedom of information, and 43 resolution.*, dealing with the major ob- stneles to the free flow of information and recommended measures for their removal. "These arc the concrete achievements of the conference," he said. "In the face of the troubled in- (emntioiml situation, they must be accounted considerable. Despite, and yet perhaps also because of, the underlying differences of philosophy and approach among tile various delegations, the conference achieved, in fact, a major effort oi clarification. We know where the lundamental cleavages lie. But we know also where the similarities are to be. found and have demonstrated that agreements covering them are not only desirable but feasible." Russians Interred- Romulo said the Kussian delegation to the conference was interested in it because they knew it was NOTICE Notice Is hereby Rtvc.i that the undersigned will within Hie tune" fixed by law apply to Ihe Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for n permit t o 5C n beer at rctnll at 103 w. Main. Blvlhevllle. Mississippi county 'Hie undersigned states that he is s citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within fivj years last pnsl; and Hint Ihe unticrslirned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this slate, or anv other state, relating lo the sale of alcoholic liquors. GEORGE SALIBA. JR. Subscribed and sworn In before me this 1 rlay of Mav. 1<M8. Mrs. Marshp)) Blackard. (SEAW Nolnrv Public. My Commission expircs March 9, 1949. a nonlerenct in which tlie whole world was interested "and they had to put tlieir best loot forward." He said the chief Soviet delegate, Aji- drel Bogomolov, "In many instance.? showed great restraint." There Ls now a standard set for the world, and whether the Russians want to toe the line Is up to them. 1 ' Romulo stld (he Geneva conference achieved a successiul start in the right direction and "Justifies the "hope that subsequent conferences shall be held at three or five- year intervals to pursue certain ideas much further than was done in Geneva." ,\ BIG 7 3 / 4 ;r ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR for Small Kitchim Hera', the perfect «n swer for crowded kitchens. See this compact, new Cooler- *tor "Kitchen Saver" model—designed to save kitchen space yet give itior* •forage space than pre-war refrigerators. *W for ?o«r m*ntyt • MII«<«AtO» ANI > LEE WILSON Phone 2088 ___ Armowif, Arfc. At DREIFUS Silverplate for Mother- Whol a grand gift Idea for Mother . th« luperb silverplate she's alwayi • dreamed of owning. Moke it your remembrance to her on Mother'i Day Choos. her favoril. pattern from America'! top make* , . . pay {„ M later for «. littU at $1.00 a WMk USE YOUR CREDIT HOW! <» 1847 ROOIR$ BR05. "" $6.50 Down rut f/ffttr J/ivetfi* r r I 59 75 i AN ACCOUNT; ®WM. ROGERS SiTTlcj for K In hraiiClfnlly J9 Q1 »TOM)jhl pieces, house Hi. **«xj ••RctCTif' or Ihf lovrlr Memory" palltrn. chcsl In- tt nn »it . ciudcd. 51.00 a Week „„ «-p!.» «rrt« fc, Easy Credit Terms aiuiiiii-B com Ml ~ A " '"" were Indicted yeslcrdny on ehinrei! of using the malls to defraud In the nationwide sale of hospil«lir,tion «ud accident policies. A siwclal federal grand Jury returned , Indictment (lie Northern Trust Ute In- Ame'rtai °°' Allror "' "'•• "« A »- Nndon-Wlde tiisurnnce Service 11? *'?,' of , r ' c(;lt °f Northern Trust = ,' 6 ' I ^'l'" 1 .^"*" V. Moore .nd , s . oor Secretary Eberlmrd A. Wllniw so were Indicted. n.l- U, h, , ' m ia« . mll<!l " leia Ch »r8«d that t H S 5 '" MS th « c °'"l'«"y re- J n^,m PC '' ccia 0( "" cl " lm ' th? i,\ n f 1 " >!cl Rver «K«d o.ily $34, fact »» ll . 1 7i, c ''« f ««l. lesiilie 'he fact policy holdors were led to be- C " "{"".I",. ''"""»re ,,,d advert sing Umi they would get "substantial" protection Jrl l "n lir tlle iwlort, the indictment 'in conecllou'' 11 " 15 ' ^ '" » 200 ' 00fl * " ro-Tt ta u ^SVSo e , " c , rsons >1|><)n w '" ch ^»«f« " r ,° f Administration wc And! " iffir or J Estt " e Of decenscd- I^ " lssucrt lo . hnnd monll > . of Ada R»p. John H. to milt In MM Mty ». (UP) — D., N. O. w»nt« for »Ut« ( - «n acUni pre«lcifn major dlwuter kill, th • Unlwnlty u, of lh« world', lwd.ln« .uthori- "'• on *»rthqu»ke«, will publS toclir. . n»!t to ll,« ,t,t« Uguutor* t pro l>OMd amendment to the coiisli tion to l««*llM »uch a »t«p. Foiu« r m*«sur« m»d« no mention of atoml warftrt. KU propoted amendment woul i'«iulre ratification by th. legisla l»r« of thre«-fourlh, of th« sUUs Under It, th. wcretar, of ,uu> o a ly iUU could call a eonventlo Th« «anwntlon could n»n>e an acting preiident, »ctln» vic« prwl »nd even flu HOUM »nd Set, iU« MiU. if the nwmberihlp of thw bodlw h.» been reduced below i majority. „ •, , until th. next »«M s»rv .lotion. To Sc/*nc« 1 BI,YTHE Counly * Probate cli-^k By Slella Coin, Dep |y. Nollce of Kin,,, ()f A p pl |,, alion 'or l.lijuor 1'trnill. Notice h hereby given that the midcrsHrned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the I Stnte of Arkansas lor permit to sell and dispense vlnoiu or spirituous I lio.uors for beverage at retail on the Preiniscs described as 110 South 5th I St. Blythcvlllc. I Application It for iwrmlt to be' Issued for operation beginning on Ihe 1st day ot July, 1948. » n d to expire on the 30 day of June, 10« PHILIP APPLEBAUM, . Ark.. M.y 6 _ (UP)-Sclentlst. from Arkansas educallonal hwlltulloiu and prlvat J ' r W "i £° m ''" 1ie °" '"« "" V °f Arkansa, c.mpu. ftl day Jor the 3 'lirt annual meetln Seienc" Arlta ' 1SM AC ' d «^ « 'Hi* oiwnlng buslnen niuioti »i' ^i.^'PJ 1 by * lloon "unclieoi , ,h nt I ' ewlj W' 1 "'*-- •">"«• of the university as principal »i»iiii The Friday afternoon teaslon wil ?, I ° l l d , v 10 i « :llon » 1 meetings uring which a number of paper on aclentlfio subject, will be rend. »H F *! he m J -, 8 ' M » cEI » r »'«». dean o the Instltut* of Geophysical Tech m*kcs a/1 your Follow this Phillip* 66 ClMck Ust SUMMER DRIVING! BIG $25,000.00 GASH PRIZE IS TOP CONTEST AWARD! Great Pepsi-Cola Contests Offers Tow Family Chance At $25,000.00 Ptiz* 1 . ' Son* lucky family U f* n & t ?, Lcolllu ' * co ° 1 125,000 Caah! 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