The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1937
Page 2
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BLYTHBVILLE (ARK;) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 3, l'j;5'/> We Built for Self MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's' Auxiliary ' of First Prcsbslerlan church* meeting at chuicli, 2.30 P M. \V Oman's Missionai'y Union, First Baptist church, having business and social meeting at church, 2:30 P. M. St Stephen Episcopal Guild meeting' with Mrs. A. G. Litlle, 2.30 P. M Blytlievillc Garden club meeting Chamber of Commerce rooiii, 7.30 P. M. TUESDAY'S EVENTS- Junior G. 1 A.'s meeting First Baptist church, 4 P. M. j Intermediate Q. A.'s meeting First Baptist'church, 4 P. M. Young ' Matrons Bridge club meeting wllh Mrs: Joe G. Trlesch- man. Mrs. W. D. Chnmblln having Tuesday Bridge club. WEDNESDAYS FVF.NTS Delphians meeting Hotel Nouje, 9-30 A M Sunbeams meeting . First Baptist church, 3 30 P. M 1 Executive: board Sudbury p.-T.A. meeting 2:30P. M., followed by general meeting. 3 P. M. Women's Missionary Society, First Christian church having slipper meeting;:? p.m. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Business! Women's circle, First Baptist church, meeting 7 P. M 'MIS J E Hasson having- Thursday Contract club. 'Thursday Luncheon club meeting with .Mrs.-R. P. Klrshncr. Mi-s. Fred Rutherford ; having Thursday Bildge club Mrs. C. F. Tucker" having To\yn and. Country Bridge club. > By Helen Wclshinicr \X/Ebuilt for self—<)n plains that were encompassed ' * By petly hills, we tried to bold tlic sun; With armor bright as any April morning:. We did not fight; we thought the battle done. We had been told so often thai all highways Went Into Rome—but we forgot to climb. Small wonder Unit we watched our vision fading Across a world that might have been sublime. ^X^HEN men forget to dream, there comes Golgotha; ' ' A'wounded hill shall purge their hearts that they May build again svilli strong and lasting courage; Oief must precede ttie resurrection day. Oh when it comes . .. when battle drums are dying' Along green ridges that foretell the spring, As we accept the far trails may we never Forget, dear God, we've had our christening! Club Entcriamcd. Mrs. George M.. Lee had the Town and Country Bridge club Thursday afternoon when' Mrs.' C. H Wlllcy was tJie only guest Easter lilies and primroses decorated the living room. After- the games a dessert plate was sensed Mrs c. C Langston won high and Mrs. Outline 'King, second high. » • » i Brirtc, Complimented Mrs Lsvyis Freeman and Mis. Taylor Freeman hqd a biidgepnrty last night at the lute's home for Mrs Tull Johnson Ji, the foimer Miss Mary Alice Frccmai.. • High Score •,>««. a compact, vvnt to Mrs. w E Ifarlan of Rmle-y, Term., in ho t^ me ho'.Ecruest }of Mrs. Taylor T 'reer<.ra, Lov score ftv.ard, card,, unit to Mrs. Maurice Luttrell The elgtty ir.uv.ts Rors tencJ n dessert comse a,t tables decorated in Jonquils ' Bridal tallies were Bits of News Mostly Personal Double Warns ol! Da^iger and Sliifl JNcls Overlrici ItV^VM. K. McKENNliV Secretary 1 , .American Bridge l.caRiic Good bridge players generally realize ; that' it is the height, of folly to double an opponent when he Is In'a contract you can certainly defeat; If there is n probability- that he can take refuge hi another bid, where Ihere is less chance'of detent. > My 6<"J<1; frie'iid, Earl Bryan of Cleveland, .'sent ine today's hand; in which, 'ns n result of an unwise ltd 8 0 5 4 3 <t O0.93 '>2 v Q 5:4 4 AKQJ3 .V CJ7 5 4 i. None •ilj J 10,3.2 A G Shibley relumed jeslerday from Uo Wffiks in Hot Spiings where he took the baths and attended the races Car) Biythe of Philadelphia, Pa, armed yesterday foi a ten da>5 stav with liis mother, MIT. John \V Bljthe, joining Mrs Biythe and children, \\ha motored hete ftom Los Angeles, Calif Accompanied by the elder Mrs Bljtlie they will motoi to Philadelphia, Vfhere they are to Ine until July when Mr Biythe will be returned to California: He 'is chief tor- pedoman : in the United States Navy and will have" scried 20 jears enlistment in 18 moie months. He enlist,ed from this city •\vhen quite young anS since that time, has reached the highest possible rank for an enlisted man. His mother, and wife met him in Memphis Maureen King Morris, daughter of Mr and Mrs Samuel F Norns, Y'lH arrive home Wednesdu> from Hatticsburg, Miss, after spending three months with hci aunt Mrs Thomas W, Miller, and Mr. Miller. llrs Miller will accompans tier home and remain for- a -vis it with relatives. While away Maureen" also visited at Biloxi and Gulfport Miss ' Mrs B H. Miller and daughtei. Mrs. B Calvin spent icsterday in Memphis Gail Whilsitt, w i, 0 was taken to Dr Rosamond's clinic at Mem- phLs jeslerday, was brought home last night, much Improved after a treatment Her mother, Mrs Hugh V/hltsitt, was removed from the BIythevillc hospital to hei -uome today. Mr and Mrs Arch Gray of Rector, will 'spend tomorrow as the guests of Mr. and 4 A K Q10 7 4 *A98 Duplicate-^!!' vulnerable South : iycst ^for^ll East 1 <t Pass 1 A Pass 3 *. P«ss v - 3 4 Pass G ^ Pass Pass Double Pass Pass GN.T. Pass Opening lead—V 8 3 Today's Coi\lra,cl Problem Soutli's contract is six spades.' After ruflint,' the' first trick South takes two rounds of trumps and finds that Wcsl still h'okls the queen and onej Can he play his cards now so as to. lose only one trick? ' j L double by Easl, he was able to rescue his bid, which partner from a could not have slam been »K87 AAKGO VAKQJ873 * Ai if Jfonc ^f. & S. vui. Opener—4; J Solution in next issue. I/AKK STRKKT METHODIST Stale and National Leaders Will Attend Sessions, April 9 and 10 When ths Arkansas p. E. o. Sisterhood has Its annual state invention in BlythcvUlc April g- . prominent women from throu'gli- it Arkansas will attend. There ill be 10 elelcgntes from the l(j laptcrs in tlic stale, including the ale officers, and a number b( Isltors from Arkansas, chapters^ cmphls. Caruthersville and Kcii- ett liave been invited, who witli le 36 local members will make 150 t ths banquet. All elaborate program Is being ranged with a luncheon, tea and anquct Ihe social events. The condition will be held at the Hotel lOble with registration at 8:15 'clock on the morning of.April 9, Irs. H. II. Houchins, of this city, convention chairman. Mrs: B. Lynch, also of Blytltevlllc, 'is late president, serving'tier second erm. ' ''•• A guest of. honor will be Mrs! Chellic Stevens Wright of Denver, olo., first, national vice-president, tale officers who will attend arc: Irs. Lynch, Mrs. Mary Ellen larshall of Little Rock, first vlcc- iresldent; Mrs. Pearl Nelson Foj- cr of Harrison, second vies presl- lent; Mrs. Kale Campbell of Aii- usta. recording secretary; Miss Vlabclle Clcndcnnlng of; Fort Smith, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Elsa Vruighl, of Port Smith, treasurer; Mrs. Patli Mitchell of DC Queen organizer. • ; : Tlic P. E. p. has for its priiiiarj aiih the education of girls. The iwo hostess chapters are Chaptei 'D," organized lii 1024. anel whlcl has 21 inchibers, and chapter "N,' organized last year with'15 nicm bers. . ...,. Christine Burton and William Townsend Wee M. N. Jojnisloii, 1'abtor Church School, 8:45 A. M. class for ' every age. Preaching, 10:45- A. M. Communion. Young Peoples' m^cllng^ Q:30 P, M. •'•'•' Preaching, 7:30 P. M. You will be welcomed at a "friendly church." Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock a fellowship supper will be held at the church. Bring a dish, com'e pjid enjoy a; social evening. The Rev. E.- W. Potter will be the speaker. FLAPPER FANNY -QBY NFH6EBVICE, INC. T r H.BtC, U.S. PAT. OFF. By Sylvie F1LGIUM LOTIIKKAN CHUUCU Siictli aiid Walnut Sis. - : II. 1 J. Klpiillliensl, I'astOr Sunchiy School, 0 A. M. Mcrnlng Worship, 10 A. M. Theme of sermon: "Estimating the. Values In Our Lives." Last Lutheran Hour broadcast this 1 ' season. Try WLVV at 12 M. KLCN T and WSM at 3:30 P. M. Hear Dr. Mater's message "Militant 'Christian Action Against Atheistic Communism." ; Yon are invitee! to our services. P1HST ISAl'TIST ' Wultiui and 'KJghtjV 'Sis'. Al{rcil 'Cwjienlei-, Pastor 0:30' A. M.— Smieiay School. 10:35 A. M.— \yorship 'Se'r.vice irc!\d?ast' over "Had! 6. Station tLCN. ' : Special music:' Girls' trio roni Manila, yoiing men's quar- ctte niid'nn anthem by the choii nder the directipn of Mrs. Paul j. TiptorV. Piistor's sermon topic: "Hip Christ I Know." Lord's Supper service following worship scr- 'icp. 0:30 Union. 7:30 "H o w I 1 . M.— Baptist Train i n g P. M. — Preaching Service Bible •Bapt.'am ExnlU. The longest snake in the New York zoo is 26';.. feet In length. JflVtSSfl sxitfiifoZit Everything For Your Entertainment and Comfort Saturday Only "Could you slip in Tlic Buttercup Waltz a'fcw times while you're tuning, i '':r? I'm an hour short on my practicing." ' Christ!" Young peoples' choir di cclcei by 'Alvin Huffman jr. FIIIST METHODIST CilUitCll II. Lynn Wade, I'aslor Sunday, school, B:45. S. K. Garrett/ superintendent.' • ' . ; Preaching lit li by the pastor. followed 'by Holy" Communion. New children members will take Communion first, anei together. '•"" : Young peoples league at 0:45 p.m. Evening worship and sermon at 7:30. not of the Father, but 1 is of the world.'' 1 John 2:10. The Lesson7Sermon also includes the following, passages from the Christian Science' textbook, "Science ana Health with Key to the Scriptures" 'by' Mary Baker Eddy: "Evil has no reality. It is nei- thsr person, place,'' nor thing, but is'simply a belief, an illusion of material"sense.". Page 11. Ti\c Reading Room is open each Tuesday aiid Friday from 2 to 5 P. M., 708 W. Main. Cartooa ami Serial— "Jungle Jim" —Continuous Showing— —Admission— Until a P. JI.—10 & 2Gc Aflcr 5 I'. M.—lli & 31c County Baptists; Will Tuesday at Gqsnell "This summer for the Lord' will be the'theme of the regular monthly meeting the Mississippi Coiinty Association of Baptist Churches to be held Tuesday, at Gosneil. "The program will begin at 10 A. M. with the Hev. M. F. Gathright, of Manila, in charge of the devotional. "History Is Made .-''''. j made, and fulfill his contract witli an overlrick by means of a double squeeze. ' Soutli's bidding was n little optimistic. His !eap''to six diamonds disregarded the possibility Df a bad split In that suit, al- tticugh it must be admitted that rr.cst of ugard his solid. East, perhaps misled by the bid- would be inclined diamond ' holding ding, coulO not resist the temptation to double, which tipped North olt to the fact that there vyns something wrong with the diamond suit. He then bid nix no trump, and, when East opened the light of hearts, took all Ui tricks. The opening lead of the eight of hearts was won in dummy with the nee. Five spnde Iricks were rim off, dummy discarding two clubs and two small diamonds. East discarded one club, his last bcni't and one diamond, fearing'to drop another diamond lest declarer finesse against him. ! Declarer now led a small heart to dummy. East discarded anotlier club. The ace of clubs was cashed and West, on the run of the. diamonds, could not hold protection In both .hearts and club.s; hence serai were made. (Copyright, 1937. NEA Service. Inc.) OARUTHERS VILLE, Mo. — CJiristino Burton and WUliitu Townsend, .both of this .city,'wcr united'•'In'' marriage' Wcilncsda. morning at the Catholic i.churcl; the single ring ceremony bim said by the Rev. Father P. \ Doyle in the presence : of mem- ters of (he immediate .families and friends of the • bridge and ;room.' "'•' Nuptial music was rendered by Mrs. J. L. Daniels. • Y,, The bride was attired in a iiifvy' blue crepe suit witli matching accessories. Her corsage was of pink roses and valley* lilies. She vas attended "by '.Miss Tressie B. Wilks. as bridesmaid, who was attractively attired ' iir a ' spring creation, wearing a corsage' of talisman roses. The groom was attended by Charles Burton, a brother of tlic Ijridc. Mrs. Townsend is the daughter, of Charles Burton and the laic Mrs. Burton, who reside near this city. She attended the local high school, graduating in 1935. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Towiuend of Wavcrly. Tenn. He makes this 2lty his home, b;ing employed at the Brown shoe factory. \ wedding breakfast was given (or the bridal party at the home of the bride's aunt Mrs. Rudolph Johnson, of Eastwood 'avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend left for Nashville, Tcnn.. where they will spend a few days honeymoon. On (heir return, they will make their home with the bride's father. FIRST CHURCH OF\ NAZARENE • Eiiplia I). Bcasley, jiaslor ' Sunday school,"at" 9:4o. E. L. Evans, superintendent. 1 Morning worship at 11 a.m. Ser; inon subject—"A La,st Message! to the 'church." '. , N.... Y. P. U.,at 6:30 p.m. Evening service at 1:30. . Sermon subject, "Lost Opportun Hy." '•'•.. ' ' riRST I'RBSBYTEKIAN CHURCH S. H, Salmon, Pastor Louis C. Amrein, technician of (lie manufacturers of our new organ, yesterday completely worked over the Instrument, putting it into perfect condition. Those who have enjoyed it" a'lreaeiy .still have a treat 'in store, as " the quality now is what It ought to' be, clear. strong, true pipe organ tones. We invite: you to worship with us again anei enjoy with us our excellent music. In ; tlic 'morning Worship tomorrow morning at eleven, the Pastor will speak on "The Sign Beside The. Skull, 1 ,'; basqel upon' a, picturesque text 'in Ezekiel, ' and ' ivi'th surprise clement. Organ ' In. Mexii Vera Cn tsrest before returning home. Mrs. Alma Baker is a patient all the' Memphis Baptist hospital. ' Iva Ccps was taken to the Memphis Baptist hospital yesterday. ed to Hot Springs ' of Death of Father Tcel Green, accompanied by his | bother. Gilbert Green, of Dell Miss F^ora Ma= Sncll has beet, ] *';<' "« "cphcws J U. Green and Otto Tate, went to Hot Springs last night because of the death of J. M. Green. lather ol Ted rdmitt=d to the Memphis Baptist ,T i .' i*' 1-ospital. ' ! ln . sl '"Sht bo Mrs. Mrs c M Gray and famlh to Tcxarkana to attend lh e state convention of the Jewish congregation Before returning home lie v U speak at the temple at Pine N. Luttrell and son. Er-1 man, returned Friday fromMem-j phis where Mr. Luttrell underwent j He ledge Takes 5 liroliiers LYNN,'Mass. (UPj^Thc Lynn Knights of Columbus membership has been' enlarged by five all brothers. Joseph, Edward, V liam. Eugene and Thomas Casey joined Vallaloid Council, K. ot C.— the first the order's history that five brothers have joined the organization at the same time. treatment at a clinic for several t ilu; b v c11 HI only a few days. The c'ays. ]cMcr Mr. Green, who is also stir. I "veil by three daughters and an: other' son. had lived at Bright. j Ark., for a number of years but in 1335. He Gilbert Green. ,.;„,, , ,- , , , Iiici 'c are 17 acres in the Wiilti died at his home after Imv- ,, 0||sc grollll(is CUIUST1AN CHUltCH Carroll Cloyd, 1'aslor Bible School. 0:45 A. M. W. O. G.curin, superihlenelcnl. Let's maintain our Enstcr record or go above it. We can' do it if wo will. Morning Worship, 10:50 A. M. Sermon: "Tlit) Great Obstacle.' 1 •Evening Worship, 7:30 p. M. Rev. Lewis Eaundcrs of Osceola' will fill the pulpit. Let's give him' a good audience. Young people have their meeting at 7:30 P. M. Good program. Paris for the play arc 'to be. given out also. Special meeting of the Woman 1 . 1 Missionary group on Wednesda's evening at 7 o'clock. Supper at 7:30 anel program following. Husbands of the women of the group arc Ing. to • be guests at CHIUSTIAN SCIENCE SOCIET1 : «QS IV. Main "Unreality" Is the subject the Lesson-Sermon which''will be read ' in all . Churches of Christ Scientist, on Sunday. April 4th. The Golden Text is "Surely Go( will not hear vanity, neither w'il the Almighty regard it," Job 35:13 Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is tin following from the Bible: "Foi all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and of the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is American Creed Day Observed by ; D. A. RJ movcrt l « "<* s» 3 [was a merchant. The local chapter of the U A ' Mineral services will be hclel R., in a recent mecliug. adopted! fa "'' y nitcrn w» at Tinsman. •• Mr- Green, who was 72 had his tons here several „ the observance of American Creed Day. which is today. • This day marks the acceptance by consrc.^s of the brief statement of William Tyler Pags as the best summary Tne I't-cnliar. strong-backed Af- "BURXAT" KNITTING VAltNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday. 2:30 p. M. MRS. LESLIE IIpOPEtt 1109 Chlckasawba Phono 13 visited times. Bluff. Mr Mrs Phillips ^ nJ s dren who are at Miami Tia, will return home about Tuesday, according to *ord received today. They have been spending several weeks there. Mks Louise. Lultrell underwent a tonsilcclonij- Friday at the Memphis Methodist hosulta) 'Mrs. Jessce St!tt'v\«nl to Memphis jestcrday to i meet her sister, Sirs. Marion A. Zioncheck, of Se- alUc, Wash., ., Mr for EcVcral,,days s Huolct ste'rnberg, returned with recently , .sailed from New Orleans with party ot Memphis friends, is now of the iwlltical faith of America. Mr. Page, who resides at Salli-1 more, won a $1MO prize in a na- 1 tlonal contest for this statement. Other patriotic organizations of the United Stales arc cooperating with the D. A. R. in recognizing this day. Singing Convention at Wells/Chapel Sunday .There will, be a singing ccnvcn- tion ot the Baptist church, Well's chape), bctvrccn- Manila and Eto- wa. Sunday, beghinlng at 10 o'clock. • ! • A basket dinner will be served 'at noon. ' rican ihrcw is known llier name, which, when means "hero-shrew." re by a translated. Announcing I>. Cluis. SrhcrcL 1 ChlroptxIUt Will be at the Mote Tiics:!iiy, Apri! 6 Phone 130 For Appointment Floyd A. \\'hito Shoes & Hosiery Rllz Theatre Bldg. 12 to 'i V. M. - - 0 lo 0 1*. M. Fresh Gulf Shrimp • Chilled Tomato Juic? California l-iuit Cocktail Michigan Celery Hcaris Hc;c Radishes Stuffed Olives Chickr:\ lirolh, with Kice Grilled Fresh Caught Spanish ,Mackerel, Lemon Butter . 75c Roast Young Hen. Oyster Dressing, Cranberry Sauce ... 85c Broiietl Lamb chops on Pineapple Rings. Mint Jelly 90c Filet Mignon on Toast. Mushroom »Sauce SI Boiled Ham with Fresh Greens •.. i....... 75c Fried Spring Chicken, a la Maryland Si Orange Sherbet Stuffed Baked Potatoes Candled Yams Boiled. Fresh String Beam Buttered Cauliflower Hot Piirkcrliousc Rolls . I'rmt Muffins Pear and Philadelphia' Cream Cheese Salad Raspberry Jclln wl^h, wh.fnped Cream Karo Pecan Pic Peach Short Cake; ' Gooseberry Pic Walnut Ice Cream ' • Cherry Suntiac Co.Tcc Tca . Milk •* •-•-" , .,, "'ait cnlil you see that amuziii- A special conference hour will, di| ,,. lx „ , lc M , alhi , lb(llll , be held from JO:JO until 11:30 Clit[( ; s rall it lllc tf * t U()ll , music mid" mi andi'em by lhe Choir will be featured. In the Evening Worship at 7:30 o'clock, the Pastor will preach oil the question,' "Is The Christian dorally Free?" Sunday'•'Cliiircli School' showed in' increase again last Sabbath, -el's keep up the good work, and send those graph lines soaring!: " Gives Organ Recital An informal organ recital was given at the First Presbyterian church this morning by Mrl j : Q. Wolf jr., who was'the guest of the Rev. and Mrs. Stuart n.' Salmon today. ..-.-. Mrs. Wolf, who is a member of the American'Guild of Organists and widely fcnovvn iii this field, w'as greatly pleased with the new organ, \yhich has now been completely ' voiced for the auditorium and ail minor defects remedied. Mrs. Wolf, who was a classmate of Mrs. Salmon at Arkansas college, Batesville, is traveling over the state in the interest of that Echool. Mr. Wolf is professor of English literature at Goucher college. . with the Rev. Howard King, county missionary* in 'charge of Hie Sunday School ' conference, Miss Clara Belle Kinton of Manila, B. T. U. conference, and the Rev! W. H. Horn, of Leachville, in charge of the board meeting. The Rev. D. K. Foster, of Car- ulliersville, will speak at 11:30 A. M. In tile afternoon a 15 minute song service will be follosveel by a round table eliscussion of the summer program of the association led by the Rev. Mr. King. Following the discussion sevcjid shorl talks'will be given on 'tiie summer revivals planned uy the association. Aeijoiirnment is scheei tiled for 3:01) P. M. Read Courier News Want Ads' OriOJJETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WB MAKE " 'EM SEE" Phone 540" ' A Sundu ' Clioice of Cream of Chicken Soup Half Grape Fruit' Tomato Juice Cocktail Choice of Smothered Chicken, Country Style Fresh Shrimp, Creole Steamed 'Rice Roast Leg O' Lamb, Natural Sauce Broiled Small K. C. Sleak. Drawn Butter Roast Sirloin of- Beef, Brown Gravy Breaded Veal Cutlets, Tomato Sauce Peach and Cottage Cheese Salad Celery Hearts Green Olives Scalloped Potatoes Corn Saute Green Beans Hot ParkcrhouEC Rolls Bran Muffins Strawberry Jello. Whipped Cream Banana Nut Mousco, with Cake Butter Scotch P.ic Coffee Tea Milk BLACK CAT COI/!<'EE 'SHOP At the Goft Hold wood achievement since the 'Frisco carihfjuake. Also Paramount News and Novelty Shorts •—Admission— Sunday—All Day—1C ,t :!li Monday Matinee—10 & 26c Monday Night—1C & 3u'c TUESDAY, APRIL (i— 550.00 BANK NIGHT! (I.ess Kf:iic Tax) —COMING "G'all a A Day" < "50 Uoads To Towii "Step Ijvcly, ,lceves" ."1'crsnnal rronerty" 'Waikiki \Vcdding 1 ' "Scvrtilh Ueuvcn" : 'Chin.i rassajc" "Maytime" With Chiirlcs iioycr, Joan Arthur; Leo Carrillo and Colin Clivc The grandest romance in ages makes history—and : \ve don't mean lhe kind yon read in bcbksi And [. Admission always lOc & 25u Shnw every niehl. Matinees Fri.- Sat. & Sim., Fri. & Sun. jrati- ices at 2:15. S:itnrrinv Matinee at 1:15. " 7 clothes deserve .yooil, care So much depends on gooil appearance. That's why so nuiny people arc pleased witli our laundry and dry cleaning wurk . . . their clothes" look better and \veiir longer. TUSViLLE Also Cartoon and Serial— "I'ighlin- Marino" IHo could wriggla legai loophole*, but he couldn get out of the lai 'trap ho fell into! (fii* L E E TRACY MARGOT GRAHAME ]EDUARDO CIANNEUI ERIK RHODES Also Fox - Movietone News anel 'Comedy

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