The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1935
Page 4
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J»AGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PU1JLJSHER3 C. R. BABCOCK; Editor n. w. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole National Adveriifins Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Iciiis, Dnllas, Knnsiis city, Memphis Every A fieri) oon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt Ilio jiodt, elite al niyllicyiJle, Ar- kmifiis. under act of, Oc- tobi'r 9, 1917. Served by Hie Unlled Prusa SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the Clly or Dlyllievlllc, ISc jicr week, or SS.50 per your, in advance. By mail, within a radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 51.50 for six montlis, 85c for Ihreo months; by niKll in pastn) mms two to six, Inclusive, 5050 per year; in zones seven mid eight, $10.00 per year, payable In udvnncc. Homestead Exemption Tin' Connor .N'ew.s is in receipt ol' a ooiimniiik'itlioii /'rani llii! f,. Norwood, i'oniicr ;i|[i!ri]oy jfcntnil, now slule director for the Fwiwsil Housing Adiiiin- istration, urging support of ii nuggcst- ud Hinemlniciil to the Arkansas constitution which would providu exemption from city, county and stale taxation lor lionie.slead.s of ;iu assessed value luvtjixfcediiiy $2,000. Mr. fsonvooit believes, with uiipar- enl jiwtilicaUon, that such lax oxcmp- lion would encourage home building and home ownership and the improvement of residence properties, with 0011- seiiuc-iit stimulation of cinploymoiit in the building trades. The idea ol at least partial tax exemption for small homesteads— the piopoccd amendment would not grant exemption from school or improvement. district taxes— sccim; to us sound, but there are some things thai must luivc consideration before it will be safo to put such an nmcmlmcnl into cfl'ccl. Under the law of Arkansas real property is supposed to be assessed at 50 per cent' of its fair value, In actual practice there is a good deal of variation from this rule. Tax exemption for homesteads up' to a $2,500 assessed-. valuation .would reach homesteads actually worth a good dual more than $5,000 and would result in pressure upon assessors for furlliur readjust- incut doivmvard of assessments. L'e- ' ,.j.-{ ; .Bxoiji)»ii we 'must have a' more rigid assessment system. .• • . \ • We should also have a thorough investigation of the result a ?2,500 ox-' emplion' would have upon public revenues. Cities and comities ;1 re largely dependent for operating rcvotiiie.s upon the mill lax. By what proportion would their already inadequate incomes be reduced by a ?2,GUO exemption law? 'Heavy Water-And Nerve This discovery of "heavy water" |>y modem xticntc may give ,-ise to one of the most eerie little tests evw |,or- formctl on.ii human being. •'Heavy wulor" is ;m otkl Kiiljstanue of unknown potoiilmlilies. Sciwitisls know- that its cfluct on life is utterly unlike the tfl'wt of ordinary wider. They believe tliat if ;i man wen; tu __ Uikc "_s"-ii'll drink of it liu would )jc OUT OUR \m f aged by at Iwl f>0 years, and it has been rumored that the American Association for tho Advancement of Science 'would pay a large sum. to anyone willing; 16 put the tmillcr to a test. Hearing of. tins, a-Toronto mail carrier named George II. Carter announces that lie is game. He oilers to bet the association ?50 that he can drink some of tin's "heavy water." Considering the rather slitvcry possibilities, most people will doubtless agree that the'gentleman has his nerve right along with him. A Tip On Revolutions A number of well-meaning Americans have grown 1'oiu! of miking about rewliitioij. Pcoplo who haven't the .slightest dosiro lo mount any barricades or face tiny lirinjr squiiils will KH.V, flibly, "We need a revolution in lliis country"—as if a revolution were a pleasant little step in social evolution which could be shut oil' painlessly before it really hurl anybody. Such jjcopJo mijfhl profitably lih'len to liimna Cloldiiuiu. This revolutionary lady describes, in a recent issue of "The Nation," the .sad plight of the old-lime Russian revolutionaries. She tells liow they snifVcral and /ought and endured dire punishment to bring about tho overflow of the CKIII-'S government, and how they hailed tho J917 overturn a.s u new dawn. ^ Now tliey dare not enter Russia. The revolution ran riglm out from tinder them. They have found that Russia simply strapped one lyrmitiy for another. ' Once a revolution starts, it is very 'M't lo got out of all control ami to head in a direction winch those who ivorkcd for it never remotely desired. The wishful ttilkcrs in this country might mediate briefly on that fact. A Real Postal Seroice Plan Senator Arthur 11. Vmulcnberg of •'Michigan .wauls t,, Mc „ " umcv j. e ,.. vice" established in the. Postoffice Department. He plans to otter. legisla, ' iion which would take "Hie "department .entirely out of politics, prohibit the postmuslor general from engaging in parly activities, and'-make il possible An- pavement-pnumiing letter carriers to rise to high places j n the department. Under his .scheme, indeed, only thu postmaster general would be a presidential appointed. All the other officials would be men W h 0 | uui ,. ison from Ul( , ranks. It is very hard to think of a worthwhile objection to this plan. It is prcl- ly nonsensical, after all, to maintain this great department us a happy limiting ground for political spoilsmen, in the interests of good government, let us hope the senator succeeds in bis aim. Some coaches lose -sight O f the fact u, ;i i n lc same belongs to Ihu h oys . llol t ,, e COilc|ll , s ~ Co " c " Uonlis "I <»c Uuivcrally of Detroit, ' WHUT'S THESE TH '/1JLL O 1 TH' WOCOS WCULDM'r SAY A WORD IP HE ? TH' KID READlM' THEM E BOOKS BUT, 80V, IP HE KETCHES HIM 1 THEM DETECTIVE MOW DO KNOW ? . HE WOULDNT IT, • BECAUSE Til' KID OFFEM LOSBS TH 1 BULL'S IM THEM. BOOKS, ER SUMP1NI 2 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS __ •' i mi SIDE GLANGES^^^^SS piliP4 - ; n tippftw! t <:[ | i4Jk i %> <A ! ' %• '•'.' - ''" W.-A // /% ffckM* ~ : -. • T -J^("" : "'-..-^J^" ^ L__111_I SATURDAY, JAfriU ARY &, 'lM5 . Aun put her face down In he lingers. It couldn't bo true! Cut In e gay chintz , gay cntz Hangings, the antiques all the lovely Uilnes she and Allan bad planned for tins aome wcre fo , Valeria. Tho simple curtained wlu dows through which the garden could be slinipsed. the Aubusson tor the living room Lhp hmnti ™%<.r. .h saw no "ii arc' rrulllrot. j'» round ,,,i r |i „» COT . nB "rtJwi, AM.A,\ VJ[H- 1'.. Tnu.>". IjriMhrr. >. o|. « Arm. One a:,, , ht ,,,,. ill lit I. In love \TIIL tci "OJi, tl.oy looked lino. Bui Mh^'dud i.s ginning .itfe it bit." b THIS CURIOUS WORLD.?* BUNDLE- OF BEA2IL / SC.VECAL PAIRS OP THr S r BIRDS BU.LO ONE N E ST AUD OCCUPY IT TOGETHER. WITH TUB STOIH i'loti xxxix LOll a week Allan Vincent ke-p. Ills promise. Ilo spent most of "Is tlmo In the sludlo. lie and Ann incv only occasionally al incnla Occasionally she ran across him In the nail when Ho .was coming or Ins ihc house. They had met tills aflernoou aud Allan had grcelcd nor In a friendly casual way. "I'vo been busy as the dcnco. Did you (eel neglected?" "Terribly. I've been busy too." "I'm going over to tlio, Brent npiisa toulglit. The owner and his sin win tw (hero, -will you come with mo?" "I'm sure Uioso people won't want siraugera around." Her tone "•as doubtful. "They won't Iciipir you aro there No-1 Eiicsa I'n, wrong. They -co.ililu't miss you." There was such cani-mcss In hla eyes Ann liadii't Hie heart to refuse him. They drove out early after din>'C>-. but lights wora |,, tho !lollac when they arrived. "1 had Hie cleclrlcily turned on " Allan explained, "because we have planned to do sonio of Hie work at tneht. Tlio owner Is Impatient to have ilio Job finished." They bad driven close lo the bis sray roadster before Ann caw It Suddenly lici heart scemert to turn' over nml iben be still. It was Ceter's car! No, it cuulilu't Slio had hcen helping Allan fur- nlsb a ulaco for tbc woman who Dad taken her husbaud'a love ^o. that waa being uielcdrnmntlc Accublng l>eicr ot nnfaHWalness C ° UW Va ' e r . , lUS (rom ADD that elis bad never Sad? nor head was throbbing terribly cter waa In there, walking through tho rooms with Valeria. Perhap. A !an was telllne them about the white chlnu with the blue and rm,l berry nowcra _ nbou( ^ whlto curtains at the wlndowa. , * "" woul(1 "<= urBIng her to assist him with more Ideas, would l)« Insisting 8ho come over to see the (ilacc. Not once, but N ot because be needed . neeed h help, but because he was lonely Because bo was buoyed up by her irnaglnMlon and Interest, and- he thought to was In love with her MT M 2p bMrctln ""e here." AUD —.... ..»., wi.vui., i tier fimqf not be allowed lo put tills rldlculou. Impulse JDIO action. It ought nVrf everything for her. It would c\2 lier no excuse lo be with him. "Let's not inlk about Ii" g h fl said. "It's ECllled," Peter s.ilj. "j've beon wasting a lot ol lime \vlien l could liave been looking for.Aun And doing Ihlngs she woulld like mo to bo doing." "What things?" lu Hie darkness Valeria's llpa curved contew& tuously. "Working oil a plan I have i () nilud about Kcudallwoad—if I cao persuade Grandfather It sbcalti l>« done." More of thostf tiresome plans lor building no that iiorrid lac. lory town. Valeria decided. "Let's drive o while," she sahl, "There's a wonderful moon to. night. Had you noliccdZ" 1'oter hadn't noticed. lie Slunccd up noiv, and thought the , moon looked cold, friendly. Valeria remote ...s thinking, "lie treats me as though 1 were an Inanimate will) beside him Instead of a ,vou)an." Would he slop the car so Ihoy could look at Ihc river for a mo- rend " 8UlrcrclJ woul(] elve HELEPHANT" SMALLEST ANIMALS/ >i HOP MERCHANT BUTTERFLIES LAV THEIR. EGGS IN COLUMNS, ATTACHED TO LEAVES, AMD THE LAST LAID EGGS HATCH r/qsr, IN ORDER TRAT.THE CHAIN- MKY MOT BE BROK.EM. THE Uuiifllc-iicstcra arc called Fcmiros (Smitlis) by lnc~Brazii- IBIIS, because their SO n B sounds like the noise roadr/ty a knit- cnormoiis ^rowlta™'"" 1 ' 15 ' ""^ ^ l>nu " >wo °" *»'Ulimc» rrach N ' KXT: ""»• did Uisniiiick awaken lain sleeping 1,'iirals? Modern Means Are Devised to Clear Away Birthmarks American of iry. nn "V lift. AIUKKIS Milor, Journal nf l|, 0 Atcdiral iVssoclatioii, :<m Kfii>, llic Heallli iM.n-.uiijc H has been said that |ieiM,iis )i«ve an nvcragc of Cm, ,, mlcs each. \Vlicn these arc distributed over Ihr. Ijycly, llu-y .scitinui enj-o dWiiibancc, but sirl " ; - lul uf ttniccin to moles on (he face. 'I'hc itiiile oidniniilv i s rtjiis ninucr from tin- ( u .,, view of liniiiii. 'I'hcre ;irc "Hat" und " rill ,,,mote, bjiii lialiy cuid IH.I,-II; M ,V It is rather iiinpli: In reiiiov,- ii». _fl(il nun-hairy mule l, v ih- | ;1(? .' . inclliiiil, wllh riirbwi dir,.),'|,. Mio\v, (,j- i,y the I'lc^'triciil m .11 i' i'h llu- :.o-;allcd "cltclric an!™-'In wine ImUiKrs jt j; v (irti.i,^'.. l'> till away these mole:., ni,.",],.. Ion driiciiding. ol coi; u! your doctor. j In oilier CL.:*S Uicy are tri-alc.l witli ll>n kinil of injection trati incut ur,w| for vnritosc veins. Such Irctidiiciil will sncccuil in blutlltiij IhriiL out. Strawberry marts cclicii^ ol lilooil UK: gnu,) ,„..' 'I'lU're lias btcn a iirsunwnl ovti the iwiMjuv molcj,. w in become molir. I ,, lot) mitixn. It i;, i (h . . grrlinnry halrv '' lu ;, VCII-UlC WiK'K moles will nut ™«* t1»ey are Aliotto lotm ol putt Mine Main, a collection of .| hi ,. , ; , .', •,', •-" • are col- IVSM-IS whirl] cfi above UK -surface «t n lc s ki n . xhcy are lre;<l«l hy muiiy inr.l.lirxls, inclutt- iS ficc/ini:, Ihu electric neocltc, id n:« (i[ rudiiiin. H is iitijiriilnrit lo rvjiHrinljtr, lniw.:vi-r. lh;ii trcaUncnl llii'.w c:;uscs i.s « dil/icii'.l , of all tiwttcr . .c. uiul thai It iiiu.Hi ire tarried on s.lowly. Much Iii-Ucr MMilUs usually ;ire acliicvnl il very ; c mi ,|i | Vll |,j IIIVIK; (jnnvtli;, ,,r Mnhmnrkv are Uikt-n ciin- ol uiic ;il i, lunu (lia il any ottaniH fa ma( | c [ 0 | C1110V . .'flic lis.iics of oui 1 bodies heal by fcarrini!, ami rxtctisive trcat- liicnus may vtMilt in li, rs c .stars. Married Teacher Resigns; Elected ;, "Grjodicllow" •SAN IKANCloCO. (UP>— Mv Olive Liiiid CidtJItlloiv, llir i ren of ctlinalit.ii lj"liwt;.. i. ;,)! IlilllU! ill]|jlics. Mrs. UouiHrllon ';. l e |(n (.j the toanl Is 6elf-i;.\pbi]a(ui.v: "i'katc ,ic«ii! my rcilgimllun lit-r »'»»• I* timcn cblm "pmctlmcs may be Ueal'u dwtrlc nocdtc '.r:y lllgli fa'olionl. ! " i» ricsidlu 1 Jin u by liiislj.inil anil l"ir !'« hu'. lo cunl 3 pu'-iduii dial ;, t «ci:-vn -pi-h! li!;r Junior "siEiLli'.i: 111111131'- lirvr. How foolish lo iliink there woiil-J no only one bl E B ray road ""- In Mils buse city..There must lier voice low aud husky ' "" "Bclonss to Iho chai, who OWIIB Hie place." "What la bi» uajiie?" [„,' I-/""'""' l dillll ' ( lc " «" b ^ "I don't t'h'hilt so," Aim cjtid'b stilt lips. -Anil the girl?" "Tho dizzy hloHi?. Jior iranm |g Himuelt." • . Allan liiciitieU out aud camo arouua to oiwn ibo iloor for ADD .She said In a low voice, "fve cljiinsoii my a,,-,,,), t (Ion -, t wa|Jt lo BO In, Allan. I don't waul to meet , , r she had gone tho week before when hud learned how Allan felt this . They woro comln s out now. A all young man stood In the door* Poler ' aaa "">' <«« .. Sho heard Allan say, "n, h u , al Valeria ai)d u Lt nc slopped racnt? I'elcr looked siuilcd a. mile.-• .... ... .,,„„„.„ lue car. lit a clfaret nuo looked at Iho moon, at tlio water It wa« plclui-esijiic. T|,<. moou u ni i lurncd the river to silver Now and then 60 ft clouds scuudcd across th v> tin Then the moon v . . • ,, V1J ,,, L . jduu,, wou d appear again and ihe wavcj would pick uirihc silver sheen. Peter walked a lla| 0 , vaj , w ,,v . Btopptug not far from ihe car , . ° He could see girl's, head ° "' all- But Allan was . an was In he car aud tlio motor began to lurou. * • • pl3TI3l! walked back to Valeria , and liclpcd dcr Mito'tiis car Tliev ' lie said. "Val. r with the Louse." "Peter!" "Willlce/jt n'as foolish thing to Grounds wlieo not solns on Iliose people. "Don'l hero." waul lo. silly. You can't slay out - --. I'll uo coinlorlnWe out In-ro. — more, comfortable Ulan uieeling—tlioso people. Please BO!" ^LLAN slarcfl al her. I m t her • ace was In tho shadows, lialt- Innieu from nirn. "AH rieht. I'll iry , ]ol Lo tc IL was n not coming back. You diduV b'" |V 0 filic waultl citlier v *"*-"• wuu \vua thought It would 'be Bood'for ine i "' l'' C lo(lsenc " tl!lir w « blown i« i,,-,, _...^... . '•""• }ar " le I against his cheek. Valeria leaned closer lo l,I m . There waa a faint trasrauce, faint (jut strong too, .. waa dressed In whii Cl a froek willi many tiny rul- fles blossoming Into a little cape- let over her shoulders. The tiny ruffles fluttered In Ihe breeze' against Peter'a coat. "Cigaret, ValV" "iVo, thanks." "Isn't tlio moon beautiful," V a . lena asked, as the sileuco coutlu- ued. : "Vea." Valeria stalled. 1 "Tlvcd?" "No. Noi tired." "What's wrong?" She did uot answer. ' 1'eler luruei) to loot al Her Her eyes met his au d he snw n lcy "Val! I'm afraid r,- c seemed "Uklnil. H isn't that I ,j ou 'i a* predate all you've tried to do lor 1110. "Hill I liavcn't'inadc you any lianuler. Aim I;tried so hard 1 wanted to so'imicli—•• 'Ton" have"'helped. -1 don't know ivliat I would have done i witliout you tlio last few weeks" ' "Peter!" It waa almost a whia- lier. Tfie Lrecze stirred tier hair just llien. She was so close that some , . like crushed llowcrs. Peter turned again slowly, looked down and , saw licr soft Wo feel Una this is one way wcl^T V ~. " can help lo mend the economic "CVCr an Accident SitllatiOn. nlltl u-f \l-l^t l~ .!„ T fir- *r - -. Mlu U (; ^uylj ]Q|- ([](, to have sonietliliig "to ,)„, ( rai .,. go on with It." "BuE. Peter, 1 don't see how you could .slop the work now. TJH,,-, hav c been ordered, men engaged'; Tlieros the time Mr. Vincent haa spent In planning." •TIMako cnro of all Hie C![ionsc Ou'ineM S n'i S H° Sl ", P -"' VVil0 ' C - '" 3 «™ ,m , Ouanesp. til close ,he plnce. or j || c hem l,i s head, luatanily, her • , B tU won,, Has ,,,> ^l™^'^^'^ tflia raised to hia. The soft, poui- Ing lijis he had kissed huudredJ of liaica. * Ilia nnn clld around Valerfa pcnciIT" . (To Be Continued) --,. -^ >..^..M ^, l ^ ULUllUNllt iltiiat.on, and we want to do our pnrl. "Permit too to (lunik jim for tlw >nvilt!{!c of Li'.'iotiin" in Him' Friiu- :.:ieu. I well rvmcniber how . iow ninci needed llii.s job four, ycms ago ; Or. Clcmciilc Roblcs, suracon at i the. Nallonnl Biological institute, !„ ?C V n • • !, Nillonnl Biological institute, in 55 fears UriVingiMcxico city, rci».-ls experiments ON iuFI~ M.|«.":,i'"-!' c -'' >tof ." li!l ll !° ccrelKlltmi, Kr- '•ral He's j Unit t" ijioLurLsl. ;i|>i>;ircnlly, i;,jtiols jiliysita! ' moviiVHCiil.s" I*. • Unnlctl of U-xiiiflon. (iitc-csaary lu life im! l ,,"i".irii".""» ""i" """" • Kl "'° " K ' J ' nus l)ccn cirivl "? 'lallv for 33 ' ' .imi 1 gladly and Brnlcliilly pass it --• on lo someone u-lio i. s as needy as \vjtri 111011 " "i - ** "••I-'—'"»•, o>/i.i,u 'I 6 '"'. 1 ' 7 .., 10 '.°? c il ' Bou'l tcacliw/'ifor niTO^ jnLhri^.o^'ihu^gilw* tl>c board said. hu bulicves. rtx hollies filled will) anil encased in thick omi- ,l fused ivcrir OUK BOA KU1WG HOUSE" I —-«u^n in viui.^ ^uvcnne 1 '° ! asbestos,.lead, and carborundum T3QY.!— LOOK /XT THAT SNOW .'"-HA, I HOPt IT SNOWS SO H/XRO TV-\^ •PROFESSOR CAN^ GET HERE 'FOR AAN VlOLlfxt LESSON] THEN I CAM 6O OUT ON TH'.SNOW5HOE5 I. M/XDE OF- TENNIS -RACQUETS/ -By Alicoi ouTsroE 1 ? 'HANV—Ltr •• — • -> •—»— i—> 'l^l l ^ L^ Y/-M_l^-*i ^." TLAKES FALLING THE SIZE OF V.UUOW5J 1 WAS ON &NOWSHQES-CAME TO A.' TtM-FOOT,ClPCULW5, OPEMlMG IN TH5- SNOW,Y/lTr-\ SMOK-.E COTAINO OUT OF if "r-^STRA.N<3E, THOUGHT i(c,< THIS "BE A SMALL VOLCAMo^ T3UT,WHAT "DO YOU SUPPOSE" f \T WAS THE TOP OF A I^S-TOOT SMOKE-STACK, OF A.COPPER ».'JL-*(H*

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