The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1935
Page 3
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Smaller Car Is Companion to ,. Company's Well KnoW/i Straight Eight £» iwy Io7,>i>rlcf,(l six now t\n Improved /flralfht eight o foVrfr tl]p, rilnetpFii-inadcl' line of rar.5 'fir>OTJip<l by thh /'wittofi Mo- toVrxifnpany for I93fi. Closely an- p'rpaciitiig Ihe lowest price field for tlie Ilino, Pohtiac's Uvo new cars should : reap an Increase. <>f\ 'lliB total nf MIR liMlii'jij'y'.t biislnX's. 'Tli'! iic-i 1 ,' 'six v,'lli be sviijla'ljlft • both In standard arid d* ; luxe models. 'Thn v/he'elbaSK of thn .six Is Inches 0.1' compared' 111 Inchr-.s for. the night. .In appearance, II, duplicate.'; clowly llMi modern strjram-llnlng of the eight, ;., Botli f'anlfn<!.cliqvs[s liave ample power 1 for the modern mode of/, highspeed. travel. lln: six- Cylinder nnginfi develops 8) horsepower. at 00 mite ai> hour. while the straight eight (tclh'ere M-tiorso- poiier S(t 70 -miles an hour. , Many Improvements A comparison of the straight eltfhl with that of last year, re- Wals ma'ny improvement.'? mid refinements' thai also are Inducted In the new six. Briefly, :'Vney are: n marked change In appearance; nev; Fisher Eolid-.slrel - ".Turret-Top" Ixiiios; bul)Wn luggage space; conceded spare ,lires;."V" type windshield; greater width in both front nnrt rear seats; divided a. folding lack front feats In 2-door sedans; new instrument, panel; package shell in al) mode!s; neiy Jumps, hy- 'draullc brakes with double ami triple sealed drums; new action clutch; automatic choke in the eight; afr. cool generator with voltage. 'regulator; . Jntcrchniigeablc jpaln and connecting. rod bearings; /aDoy connecting rod bearing; ' steel spoked .wheels; increased steering gear, ratio; knee-nction units (except on -standard six) mouritct! ;on rigid tubular cross member,- end new radiator and hood grilles. New features are intended to enhance the economical perform an'ce. durability, dependability, speed and riding quoliCps of the 193S line. They emphasize Die almost unbelievable values of the .motoi' car. of 1935. ... : "Tear Drop. I.infs" , First -jjlancf; reveals a marked development. In ilie art. of scientific . (far-ifrop • strcamlln J n s Streamlining of .radiator, hood, ;lamps r fenders ana Fisher solid ste'ri bodie.v has produced an e'h semble_ of .clean, flowing lines, with an absence of biunps or -projections Although; stylish, it tlor.s . not cfor; tlie.-;bi)rderllne"of : "siiiarl last"". .jputwafd ; , grace and- character arp. :stfetigthenedj by. "the utiiQue tiinnner :iri;-.whicir. the. itefejfeis n:\ve •; hanclled;. Hip . -radiator and ll W"<t;'er!;(o .:givc ,tm ; ef- T^ct :pi-- ^feWess^withdiitrawkwafdi lejS'.ior,' iiiisplace<l emphasis.- The .vertical ...lines i of ,tlie. radiator, grille ajtQjU/ihingly. create .(he impresstoM or-.iiartow, -sleeluies;. :. A -further •£pf(enltiB ;of; the ;<mUrp, ".appcar- npce ensfmWe is. brought about, .by ftli)iost v :elijninnliii«' l|, e » n) , • |,.i ' ' - lli; :" :r f° r '' t : • Anders.. 1 and the ' for ••• -. :-••.'- 1-,'ITiirret-Top 1 . rejn.cs .-;l*om .Uie.standjjdttit of nppcar- •anee as..well -as- coiistnictlon,• the •TOlid^stw] -.Fislier- body,-, used' fc the: first uime by. PoiHiac in 193' is .lie major the new Pontlac. -It .is'claimed thal.Fish- er.-;Ro|W :stecl- bodies are. 'superior in thfe -dtetribution of' the- steel iii the interest of gfc'atcr safety ^••WS' 1 / n? "the •;satisfying ' style! comfort,, -room -• •• Xhnt .accompany superior Top fabric'over wood-bows slats, or .wood-bows ,aiul chicken wire,-have been superseded by ; roo wild steel;, roof. '.The steel rests, on. a .foundation ot „„..,.. bows, .welded to the. steel body D»nels. Windshields 'arc the "V" ^Indstream type introduced lor ria l li ™ e into - llle low price ' AWtfopriately borrowing 0 term fa 0 '" ,, S ".t™ 1 arcl Vtcct, this bo<ly ^ ™ lcrt . "•* "Turret-Top", with MI ••uggedneM and depend!">."i!.y, when viewed from the front E. r l a t a _, dis!lnc ^ appn,.ch« tLLft (Asfe.y coiitiisk Chevrolet Announces Two New Lines for 1935 1 bj Coup« mead lypifm tl.t rhilttV Wt* for 1935. linmovej «irepttou\ rcou, wuy «'w tUi»ciu< ilm cui. t^liiid kl|U: Fror.t vir Coupe, Shewing gl«c«[ul liui. Btlaw: The Stdio ir.odtliii tU New Sun.-ii[J , (Ublcb, povtlfd by (Le n Mtitcr engine, ctabmei fi l« ihr Cotu* Die. Numeroui boiy .uj njrnd, In vnih tl* t.l»,ut tntinr, nilr l JiMiVe ll^ie ctl» oulitmidinu in die lo»«il. r rite, 'stwontwhnt-ofraiSfirethemodeH.lluslfaledlKfc The MfisUrDel.utcscriesrttfftUitmnn «»nlun,* m i^« i. »t , i *« . ' ^^"£^E£sgssz^^ the Diking advance which has bten made in body d«" E n cad trim' C <!ep ° rtt dlsUnctl >' fronl P«viaui Chevrolet in jtind the plain people. Us idlluncu i with canccnlralucl vveallh v.-as tin; main i-iuisc of Ihe recent rout. An:l , there will be no recovery until the party stops jumping through hoops nt the ordor.5 (1 r concentrated wealth. H no longer Is a imcstlnn ol \vhia the wealthy niigeli and Die leaders of n party cnn get for themselves out of Ihe people. The question is: What, can u pajty produce for tbe tsoad of tlic people "j-;w i.CADKRh;;n lenders capable ot undcrstandiiiR the change that has taken place in the minds of the people, ami able to put their understanding to (jowl use, arc the only leaders the nc«- ! p!e will follow today. There arc plenty of sucli leaders In the Republican party, and plenty of progressive followers for them to lead—lit least nr, mnny as Iherp arc In the nemncrallc parly. And lha fi.'iiire of Ihc Rcpitbllcnii party will lie bright just in proportion as l!w progressive.rank and file chooses the road and calls Ihc nine. Wo have had enough of. refusal In see thc'JIghl, - • , You cannot -win liaiilcs in times like (lic-se muter generals who wani.lo fisht tlie war of iMr> or the war or 19:11; wllh (hi> .wraiioiis anil the ladies ol llso Jnst ijfMiera- tion. It is a waste of lime lo try MUST SKHVi; TJIi: PKOITK Nobody can live in a world ihal iios.gone by. awl al (lie same time lean the voters in the world of lo- NEW "HIGH-SPEED SAFETY" PLYMOUTH The 1935 Plymouth, announced as a "high-speed safety car" TS on display here Streamlined in design, the new Plymouth' 13 three inches longer than previous models—189 inches from bumper to bumper. The torpedo-shaped all steel body is bolted to the frame horizontally «nd vertically at 46 different points instead of the usual 18 The six cyJmdei high compression engine develops 8; horsepower and run-? as cool at SO miles an houi as prev.ous engines, did at 50 miles on hour Inset Uie striking b«j.i 01 tne ww Plymouth fiont end riirn Progressive or Perish, G. 0. P. Warned by Pinchot BY ' r.IPFORD PINCHOT Governor of Pennsylvania ,;„,, -• ;•-• -•'•'• Where is the Republican party to ^ ri rSrr f f« «* *™&l. dcfcaf a S n,i-' nonty party ever suffered in an off 1(1 year. Tlie -Republican party can go nctlonarics- object, -is -against Constitution. the The Doe family i, .more interested in ils ; tricnl5, and the kind ol Wendell May«« Natned for Missouri Home Port day. parly e. design of torpedo. bits One of -n, and rear fenders. of th Lost Cane News ,.onnso lier friends with a enter- w a Chrit . Helei wren xri Bourlaiid. Luci c ' P avk? Vurgje Wngster, cico wVenn A^lon MeC«n MeC«nn. Sam Parks, Lamar .gram, E. iu Parks, Kcm,..j, Huer.,and Acy Wagsler n " Mlttes Wilma „„„. nnd . Loudeen Sunday witlr ciovi Nfauldln. C Joyce L , lci |, c nnd and Mildred relatives at from, here .toward reaction death, or it can go from here toward progress and new lite. It can nov'e with the great mass of the people, or it can keep on swimming against the stream until it sinks. | For years progressives in liolh' irties have Iwcn fighlirig ths fight ' the plain people. Sometimes they j von. sometimes they lost. . " J nut defeats and victories alike carried the new ideas to the plain People. And at length the plain people have awakened. The Old oimrd high command has faitfd to sense the change. But not ths people. AI long last Ihe men and the women on Ihe farm, in the mil) and Die mine, and in the street, have come to ;i realizing, (iclkm-comiKlllng sense of Uieir political • importation and Uieir political rights. K.VRK. AND F1I.K IN HEVOl.T and dis- that (he They ore tired, sick, gusted xvith. ihs liieory . way lo help the |>oor man js to make the rich man richer still. They arc red up with government by and for concentrated They are in revolt nsainst the ways, and they don't 'care wlto old , knows It. Time was when the Old Cittard could wither any revolt with its frown. ,l)nt not in ,|hc yoar of our Lord 1935. in 1D35 John DO O j.s asking what there is in Ihc Republican party and tl:e Democratic party for Mr'. Doe and Mrs. Doc nnd all Ihc little ones. The Doc family w&n\s lo kiiotv about the cost pf living, and security against unemployment nnd old age. and higher \ragcs and lower taxes, irnv WANT SECURITY The Doc family wants to know Vhelher government is looking after the over-rich first, or first at': er those who are not so rich. It Is! * ,j ;*,1^,11^, .111,] U1L- KIJHI UI T.nrl.. ...liirt) -II 1 ^ I Place ih which' It; can afford to live, pT c y ,io " '- - • ^ " K "°°and tlie security of its future. l" c —»°l .The ncpubllcan Old Guard high commnnd has grown (o. believe thai party is its personal property. Us members imat'lnc dial they «lve tlie orders and the voters have only lo obey. OU> GITAlin MYTH ])j;,U) Or al least that was llielr altitude until the recent election broke «p their foundation!;' and lelt them (lazed, doubtful, and politically out. The recent election killed the myth that anybody owns the Rc- publicnn • parly except the Republican voters. The National nigh Command Holding Company is bankrupt. The .smaller lioldiiid companies In (ho states arc bcins liquidated. Everybody knows now that to curry an election .somcthln" else Is required than the approval of the . If the Republican party is 10 come alive ngiitn, it mu<n go i>ro- greraive. it must sliake off the curse ol concentrated' weallli ami )t't llic dead past Ijmy Us dmd. The future belongs to Dial 'i-ve i "I the people, but a few •ill the people. Buill lo I'll Modern Traffic Demands- .Says Wai- tor !'. Chrysler hi 1 Ilia 1 ) I'lymoiuli, ili'.serlbnil tiy ioiuiry ni.w-t.vp|. liluli-sp.'t-d siifo- (y cnrs, expivsslv dfjilisnod to inert modern (raffle conditions," Is now "• public- display ui 1.1,0 union, us ol no,),,,-. )},. H nl(l Illl(i Chrysler lii-alm;, Ainrain Hie oiii>liindijii: fonliin'ti •>f till- 11,'W ,'ill nil HV. lltll.W- i 1 ,'ntjliii' win, , I'oiiiiii'f^sion Ill-Slrrl l),),|y; M'ii('i'o-sl|i.|a 'linn'". '»"; .'i w«- "rid,'" i.i-lilcvi'd bv ii lodlMrlbiiilon r,i wi'lfia plus ii " from. M>viiit< ;,!-.:;,'ml)ly, "fi.m. powrr" I'llKln,. mi-,llrillii|, s 'iii)il hydiiiulic liiaki";. Ni v S;ifi'i) I'V.-iliK,.., "Kv:vy Indlnntldii point,'; 10 morit niilninobllM i;n the stivHx and •njhu-ays In i!i;ir, iliiin at. any •Imj .'luce IM'J." Mr. chrykli'i- iinlil » niinniinrltii; tin; new air. '"I'hn IIISIIT Dimi (how of i,l'x ycsns iim Tlisy iilMi must bo cafu'r" ''•ill!'ol hoily ol |||i< liiur, Pljinoiiili jiis ilinvn over ihi' dcuhtc-diop x-lype fj-iiin ( .. '\^ )f tcdy and fiiim,; , m ijaliod to- eetlicr ai .|n diti»i-,'nt points. Thiia be friimi; heroines n null ,,f Uie sMe ' Il .°" 1 ! WUI ' UK! ""• sl01 ' 1 n '""'. ether .inembci-s. This dMig'ii n'i'.o licunlUcil thit i n|i|nr:r:i-s to imild more ir,om In Hie Ixidlcs I'ly- moiiih snais are wiclev. Tin- lloor has l.vcn lowered av, inclics nro- Wflini! u tower cfnli'i- or t 'ruvltv imd nioio ion and |,,. : ,n mfllll fo , i: Plymouth meinc, "cushion- in lloating power rubber mountinjs, 1ms Iwcn moved for- wnrrt over the front ask lo slow IK mid mnke more room for (lie Jni-gn body. I'lymoiuli pas- fciiKcrs will ride between the front and rear axles, entirely suvroumi: «l by prolcciliiK walls or steel i:>i£lnc l>cvTlii|iinrnls Tlic HSIV Plymouth cnsinn with s unii.-ually high .iininpiesslon ralio. includes ihrre major cn- •rinj renncments to keep en- tcmpcrature.s down and rc- flo'n 0 gi!Wl "" ! """ °" ™»fi!«np- Tltc. (hiTO mil)nr i X! nneiii(-iits arc -lull-longth W ,,t5i- Jackets, dlrct- uonal wiitcr circulation and cali- il igiiltioii. Water rnckeL 1 ) completely cool tlic engine cylinder bore.s from top to bottom. Prcv- lousiy, the v.uter jackets cxtend- «f only along the upper ha | f of Ilie cylinder bores. Tlie noiv divcctiomd water clreulnllon sys- tPin supplies ivalei- direct („ Pn ,.|, cylindei; and exhaust vnlvo scat, llw holiest parts of the ci\ 8 i»e. Kill the engine block, "cult- brated, ignition Is n mnv mellmd or spark control that u tin?. w ( | 1C vmiiiim in MIC iuiakc manifold and fissures maximum M ,glnc eiflclpncy k'lor!- C01 "" tlo " s wi »">'H siinrk fiiol Tin: Plymculh r.n S ||, c "has n" or Ihc ,x)«'cr and economy ,,,;n," I' 8 ,? of lli(!l1 COI »l>ro.ssio]i willioiit the usual disadvanlm-o of spark knock. . The enfiine i, ; , s „ bms . of ., ,_ 8 ] inches and a stroke of 4 3-8 in•dies. Piston displacement Is 201 n cubic inches MO.-HWM yrslerdny (hut. Wendell M/.K'.'i, son nf former Honnlor iinil Mis. Von Moves of thin city, liinl \trrn homlniiiod for mulliig cl'Tl: of HIP House 1'iii>sihy whwi H>,< (iBlh MJ..VWIII! owm! Aswm- l:!y convened nl. JHlHttiii c:ll,v. HP Is u Kfiuliinlo ol I ho local hlf/h M'hool niKl Inlrd jiUriutrd Cflillhl Collide nl MiyoLlp, Mo., niul law jfii-hool nl ).I>)MIU»>, Tom, Di es Suddenly While it CarulhersviHe with J Mrs. John o Rider and ion, fBliwneelown, ill, weretstifit<' 'Mrs, W W, "•• " - InslMvW jiul Ihf liinir >n 't Ihnrdny,! M.. 10 Uiilvei-,lty of n pluinmufutjral i tjjonl, the jr jr' <li)ys ill "nun 'Miss, rtuby /iiiintn, 1 ifwi,rt" llomn i}onointcs hi liiMJtibk \M fItji^ior inrent", Mr 1 niifl Mi'"' of OAIMJ'rilKUHVII.I.K, Mo.-.-'l' |, e liocly of j, a. nTiirilli, aui'd about or nil, of OlovJ.s. N. M., wlio wiw found iiniiil in boil at a I, hoif'l Tlwixdiiy, wiis shljiiiPil to (Jlovls Im hurliil.- Mr. liutl apparently cllrd of hcmt failure oj- jicuii' indi- lii'f.llon. lie cnrno hen; Mondny lo vlsil liliwh Ihimiftb (lie lioll- A (Iniifiliti!!-, MIN Jim-old Clink, nlsr) or Clnvis, and one son, whose vrsidpnc Hs unknown here, me the f.un'K'Inj; n'huJvc.s. Two Suits (or Divorce Filed in Local Court Dorothy l.iiltii'll 1ms moil . s u|( for divorce from Rimcn Luttrcll inicl H : . 11. Wolti-nkolter him nivil sun for divorce li-om icdnu Wellen- koltei'. Ihe hitler u ao-duv nctlon, In climicery court here. ' Mrs. l.ultvell ai.eiiri ijcneral Indignities In her complnitit. The UillrellK wcie iimiTlecl In'mill and soptn-nlKl Dec. ail, i»34. The pltiln- Ull asks rcslorniioii of )x> r mnfdcti name, Dorothy Donis. 1 Wi'HenkoKcr, «-lio recently mo v :i'«l luire Irom Missouri, socks n divorce mi mounds of desertion Tha I WnllenkolU'is were mnrricd In 1310 and scpaniled In 1029. Their only rtilld Is nmv 22 years or nee. Holland and ijarhnm rcprcfx'nl lluf Miisonle-dilli; V<i ,wlildi tlto.y i-njcrtalncd uiicsls '.froin'i Kpini-U. «nd SctmLli., '' , • ' •] ,_ f £ Mr. jiii,)' Mrs. ;T, ! : M.";nniW Jof Hayll; were $u«;m ot- \V : . ; ft'.-Befell snil r.'iinlly diii-infe''Christinas. Mrs.-/Hoy .Sloan' 1 ' and daueiiler HiUbara .(mm, left Monday for Uii'lr home In Collici'vlHo, Tenn, lifter u Iwo weeks visll with Mrs Sloan's parents, Mr, lijid Mr.s-' W IE. Hayes. ' ' •' ' : . Attend Funeral of Slain Deputy at Batesville Mrs. W. Owen jlliie aiid Mrs llnplile Marshall ntlaidcd the fu- uci-nl of Hcpuly Slicrltf Evcrelt wli«ol(>r. nt llatesvlllo ycstenliiy Hath wcio fi lends of the officer, i who was shot as he attempted to iincst lloljcrt Rose, nn.ox-cbu'vlci i The slain officer was well nc- t|imli)lci) ; )»;rc, imvlwr visited here n number of times. He is sm vivid by Jils wile, MIS. Erina- Bruce Wheolei, and thi'ce ^omiK now Wheelei was buried at Ilaios- vlllo followlnf; sei vices nltendrd by hundicdi of poisons fiom tlml seeilon. ,R-C. Ri m I S President 4-H Club at Ekron Hornorsville Society — Personal Old Guard high command Tlie ncpiiblicnn |X )rty must | y us choose between concentrated wealth Services at Caruthersvilie for Mrs. Etta Gill, Hayti CARUTHEnSVlLLE. Mo. — Funeral .services for Mrs. Ella Gill. •15. of llayti, were held here Friday afternoon at (he II. s. Smith funeral parlors, .with the Rev. Franks, Hayti Baiitlst pnstor, con- dueling the services. Mrs. GUI died Tuesday. Besides her husband, Thomns Jf. Gill she is survived by 12 children, ranging from sister, of Cleveland. Interment was in tery, here. , to 25 years, and one Maple ceme- Courier News Wnnl Ads. Cov. Giflforrt I'inclml not in the least interested or im-, pressed by Ihc .effort lo make i! ap-:| pear thai everything to ivlilcfi re-ll ; -• |l CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL CO. Phone 700 CITY LICENSES AND FEES Privilege taxes and license fees (for businesses, professions, auto- p mobiles, dogs, street taxes! etc.) are now due for first half of 19S5. Everyone must call at the City Clerk's office, at the City Hall, and pay promptly to enable the City to remain on a cash basis. MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL Lee Jordan left Saturday for Prcsitllo, Calif., where he has rc- enllslcd' In thn United Stales army after hnvinn spent Ihc lust Ihrcn years in Port lleniiliiir. On, l.loyd Oalncs spent Saturday and finiKlny In Dexter veiling his gramlmnlher, Mrs.' Caroline Dowdy. '••;••• Mr. and Mr.s. l>;-p. IJiynnl and daiiBhler, ,Mlss,. Cora, i Miss .Myrl Anderson, ncid IVfra.'mitli 'liralvcr went lo Mcmplils Saturday where Mr. nrynnl nnderwent csninlimtlon nt the nnplist hospllnl. Mrs. VI. i!. Anderson and dini(>li- lei-. Alitis Knlhryn, returned Friday from St. I.onLs. where I hey spent Chviiilinns wllh Mrs, Clyde . Wclnmn. li. C. Avc'rlll., or.Hnyll. was here Thnrsdiiy (o spp Mr. ami Mrs CleovRp N. nrown, Avho have been quite III. .1. C. Kdiuonston reliirnnl to Fnyclle Wednesday, where he is n student In Ccnlrnl CollPfic after Kpendmi; the holidays, here with his i>.ircnl.v: Mr. and MIT;. L. Ed- inoiiKlon. '" Carl Allen and Eddie' Preston, who are members of Ilie Uniled Stales Coast Guard "and are now stationed al Pensttcola, Fin,, returned Sunday after spendln The New 1935 01 R. C RlKgs lio'i been elected president of the Kkron Boys and olrls 4-II clnl> for the new jem Clnraice n ( ed Is lliu 1im \\ cc \ ptialdcnl. Mis.s Ifnzel Davis Is sccTetniy win, M |j,,, M(U , M Ellis as I'^sKlfliil The do nKitiheis ejjj^tl^' 1 'ti' i <"e •plnns, In a nicetliiK ytsttiday, fcr sera,,) meetings the (InI of which mil be held at thu hi,t,, 0 0 |. . MISS Maiy Mn y niLs on F"*II . day. Jaiuuij I'i. minis wore o)c.j made for the recjiilur ilny.ol J--j--t--i- Ing to hp Ihc fliM ivn^t {.'""„'-", ihontli. ' JOYNER& BONIFIELD TEXACO PRODUCTS CHEVROLET NOW ON DISPLAY AT Shouse-Little Chevrolet Go. Onr display room will be open all Hay Sunday in order lliai I he public, may inspect the New Chcvrole! SEE IT! DRIVE IT!

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