The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 3, 1937
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VOL. XXXIV—NO. 14 Blylhevllle Courier Hlythcjvillo Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AKKAN8AS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI lllythcvlllr Dally News Mississippi Valley Leadu: 1!1,VT!IK.VH,I,K, 'ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AI'IUI. I!, |OII7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Father Questioned in Triple EVIurde Delaware Governor Announces Success of Conciliation Effort \ WILMINGTON, Del.. • Apr. 3 (UP) — The Wilmington general strike will end at 2 p. in. loclay. Oov. Richard C. McMullen announced after a .conference will! federal conciliators and citv of-j ileials. " i •' 'i ho conference ended nnd the \ announcement of a conference • at 2:30 j). ni. with employers and 'union heads came 12 hours und 35, .after" the strike began. ! Nearly 3,500 men were affected' by tlie triice. I Jlv, United. Press A general strike of building workers at Wilmington, Del., and ! Hie first sit-down to affect a ' plant of tlie Ford Motor company marked the disturbed national la'- ' " Ijor scene today. The toll of "strike-idle workers dropped below the 100,000 mark ftom a high of more than 500,000 set yesterday. This resulted from a national soft coal agreement returning more than 400.000 union members to work after a two-day technical strike. At the .same time sit-downs in General Motors plants were ended at the order of United Automobile! Workers union officials and new conferences between John L. Lewis' • and Walter P. Chrysler were' launched in an effort to/settle jKllsbahd the strike which has thrown BO-' »« . 000 Chrysler employes out of I work. j First Ford Strike ..The Ford sit-down was the'first ' to affect's plant-of,-that pioneer inotoi-=mnke¥. it occurred at Kansas City. Mo., and closed down Ihe Ford assembly plant there Union .leaders declined to say whether It signalized tlie start 'of a general union drive in the Ford - - --,company: j ing of the beautiful artists' model. The Wilmington building trades ! ner mother and a lodger in their strike was Inaugurated with vio-1 Manhattan apartment lence. Some 3,500 unionists were called The slight, gesturing man on the right, father of Veronica Ofdron and husband of Mrs. Mary Gedeon was charged with possessing a pistol as police pushed their investigation of the triple murder of the beautiful New York model, her mother, and a boarder. Quizzing Gcdeon. above. Is District Attorney, William Dodge, who inquired into a four-hour gap in CJedeon's alibi the night of thc minder. Freddie Bartholomew Is Adopted By Aunt LOS ANGELES, Apr. :) (UP)— Freddie Bartholomew, 13. a 51.200 a week film .star today cut the j ties to his family and became the i legally adopted son of his aunt Ot teacher and manager. Miss Milli- .1 pent Mary Bartholomew. • | The dapper little actor with the .Oxford accent remarked: "My adoption gives me a terri- i bla thrill. ThlSj-is what I've always wanted, of course,"' "'."' '•'•• and Fath Murder Victims on Reduced Bail ' .NEW YORK.. Apr, 3. (DP)—Jos- .Sph ' Gedeon's assertion that a Boston millionaire had been interested in his 20-year-old .daxigh- ter u-as checked again, by investigators today in an attempt- to discover a clue in the .triple slay- to on strike as an outgrowth futile efforts by union truck - "J M1I1U1I 11 UUJ\ drivers to .win recognition. Bricks were hurled through 'street bus and department Gedeon, wiry middle-aged upholsterer, was freed on $1,000 bail a charge of possessing a re- permit. He had that he was volver without a stoutly Insisted Intervention by Gov. Elmer Benson brought prompt settlement of a critical strike situation at Albert Lea, Minn. Tear gassing and noting growing out of a strike at the American Gas Machine company had brought the city to the verge of martial law an aereement between the union and company -v.ns signed early today. ^L- j .......t^ store win-i rtrlnk ' n B beer and playing skee ball during the hours last Satur- Would Bar Unions WEST POINT, Miss., April (UP)—Directors of the West point Chamber of Commerce today unanimously adopted a resolution forbidding I. s. Greenfield, president of the Knickerbocker Manufacturing company, from signing a contract with any labor or croft union. The resolution was considered a victory in Mississippi's fight to keep labor unions out of the state. Three hundred and fifty strikers m thc Knickerbocker plant have demanded higher wages and shorter hours. They were organized in- lo an American Federation of Labor affiliate Wednesday. day night and Sunday morning when the murders occurred. Investigators, abandoning hope for a speedy solution of the slaying, turned to thc painstaking Building of a circumstantial' case. "There nre four or five different angles we are working on now," said Detective Lieutenant Walter Harding, "and when we tave cleared these up ' we will lave a complete and direct case." Gcdeon was released after a representative of thc district at- ne.v's office, who had previous- sought high bail for him as possible suspect in the triple Gedeon murders." had consented -'o the reduction of the 510,000 lond originally fixed. Resumption Operations al Will Commence Monday •KEN'NETT. Mo.—Ely and'.WalE- M' Dry Goods company's big';, shirt fhctory here, closed over two Weeks TT r ! r n B OTn n I n ri ' clorv lierc. closed over two weeks I I H I- UJU iU U-i" 80 b: * au ?. e "', unsettled labor 1 ri'.r rHiI ill il ! condiuons . 'will reopen next'week. l uuuu. 1 MU I Uli W it has been announced by officers Ac.Mn Brings S a 04' Pai-l Way Pro-Depression I A general upward readjustment sitcf Uir «alarl:s of teachers In the ! niythevllle public schools, the jfust in seven years, was approved i by .'he lioard of education at u ('meeting lust, night. - The board voted lei olfer con- I tracts for 1937-38 lo Supt. W. I). I McClurkln, Miss Winnie V. Tur| ner, all teachers In Hie while i schr.ols. find to nil members of Ihe i nepro school faculty except one. ' ' Ihc ronrd adopted a budget | : M!lng for expenditure of $81,- Q fl!M5 durln? thc school ycnr 193138 as compared to estimated ex- "n'cndlturcs of £71,077.07 this year. .Ihcioiiiy major Increase In Ihe j new 'budget is in the salary Item. Higher pay for teachers and the necessity of adding several addition?] teachers will add about SG.5BO lo thc cost or instruction, which will be offset in part by a decrease in Ihe cost of debt service as a result of the school district's bond refunding program. Siifrcrcil Severe Culs The salary Increases voted teachers are not uniform throughout the; system hut arc based generally on a '. schedule reflecting each teacher's training and experience. Tlie minimum salary for experienced teachers in the grade schools has been raised from $720 per school year lo SBiO. The Increases will leave salaries in tlie school system still well below their pre-deprcssion level. The last increase' in teachers' salaries was made lii' 1930 and It was followed by a ten per cent Spanish Rebels l R UTTLE HOCK, April 3. (UI'l- I'ollcc loduy were nskcd to locale 100 1937 motor truck licenses that were stolen from Hie tag division of the stilt-.' revenue dcpiylnu'nt nt the Malehousp during Ihj past week. The department In rcixtrllng Ihe loss gave police the numbers but l 3 1 I C S, could not HX Ihc dnlc on which Ihe Towarc' lm "' la!fs wns slolcn ' Level Services for Mrs. J. Cunningham Will Held Tomorrow W. •Be of the company. Work in some departments will cut. In 1932 nu even more severe cut was made. U is estimated by Superlntcndent.-McClijrltln r tliat lhc, salaries voled for next year on the'average will fall short-by at least 15 per cent of tlie. 1929- Ccmpromise Urged lo Prevent Dclav of Action on Gufi'cy Bill WASHINGTON, Apr. 3 (UP) —j Senate leaders today sought a' compromise In an attempt lo' avoid n direct vote on a proiio.siil' condemning sit-down strikes as isninst public policy. . I They took advance of a week I end recess to contact both nd- vccntcs and, opixmcnts of Ihe measure. Several said they believed a compromise was the Indefinite dc- of the Guffcy coal control bill to which lhc Byrnes J anti-sit-down amendment Is al-' iached. Meanwhile lhc house rules com- nittce unexpectedly gave right of way lo Rep. Marlln Dies' proposal for a complete. Investigation of ill-down slrlkes. Commllteemen earlier had indicated Dies' resolution would be pigeon-holed.' Tlie committee's action assures early house consideration of lhc proposal. Dies' resolution would establish a seven-member committee to be Appointed by Speaker Wllltain B. Biinkhead-to investigate the causes of sit-down strikes, conditions in affected industries and charges from opposite s5c;cs as lo' resumed Monday, it was stat-. ed. and workers will be added giadunlly until'the full force of about SCO is again cmpoyed. Empoyes reporting Monday morning wil be given reemploy- inent blanks to fill out and will',. ','.""• *'""• return for ! ' hoy tore most of the I0 | Ihe retrenchment whlcl essary lo maintain E ng Ihe de|: Spirit to ] '.11 notified when i work. J K. P. Cave, president of the that apparently 30 level. In recommending that the board take advantage of thc improved financial condition of the distrlcl to increase the pay of teachers, McClurkin pointed out that Insurgent Offensive Against Bilbao in North 'Believed-Halted By United .'Press Lojallsts and Insurgents jock- ejcd foi jKKlllon on widely scat- crccl fronts today with the -cur- •cnt advantages slightly on.'/'lhe side ^of the gdvenunent forces i" |)nln'fi civil war. Italian troops seemed unable 1 to .slllutnnd the attacks of the on- •ushlug ]oyallsls : In: south central Spain and. jjii(fe,red. their third IcfoiH iu less.-tlinii,, a rortnlglit. German sold [era.", were mentioned ic- pf;..Uie_,techii(quo. jV legality •,--•• Asks Pemiscot Motorists to Protest Gas Tax Hike CAnUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—John W. Ahern, chairman of the Pemiscot County Petroleum Industries major,, complaint of em- STEELE. Mo.—Mrs. j. w. Cun- pastor, died at the family residence here this mornin'» after a year's ill- . - - . • •-- - ••• ness from cancer. Funeral s , rvlc , s i some departments had experienced ;. «„.,„. will be held Stiiulav.mornmr-lo-"il fl ' e< l ucl . lt Periods of enforced idle- py^s" he mi. winr nuijui,. uumpmmi 01 em- „,. , . ,, p!oyes was that peace-workers in L lechers without exception a "I have served without complaint and well said. during the lean "I may safely o'do^atthe-SapiisUhur^^ith!"^ *»t to-,,ack or materials. \™* ."' »"• "', ™V »fely the Rev. Mr. rwinnprn ™« tm . nf H= said that in rcsuniinn ODera-! l a > ,." m . 1 .. tnc SI>lnt shown b J' tlie the Rev. Mr. Compere, pastor of - that in resuming opera-!„,• iL ,„ . ~* Ite.-: B.ptiVrchiirch" M-^lnV.! 1 ^? *™«"W '»= «""P«ny ", J 16 . ' *«?*"* , Ark., •officiating, and til- V-mail's woulti attempt to achieve a b al-1* p ?, c for thc '"P 1 th I wi'C th-n be takan to piljaian, 3nce of urodiictioh In v»rin,i<: ri*. I ca ><°»al program has not 1 Ark.,;whers another .service wiirb-^ held at the Baptist church J here -Sunday afternoon. • German Undertaking company is in chargs"'- All' of Mrs. Cunningham's smis and daughters were at h°r h.'.-i- side: Miss Iris Cunningham and Harold Cunningham, of New York ar.ce of production In various de-j . - - - partments . which would eliminate '' . '? l )r °l >ortl( " 1 1° 'he decrease this condition. ' - •- .' m lltlm >' lo carr >' it on." .MRA wage standards : were re- Besides rcelecting teachers the stored in thc plant shortly before board last night organized for it was closed following brief "sit- ; llle ensuing year by rcelecting C. Sown" •nents. strikes some ctepart- Gaines Warns Citizens to Assess by April 10 Assessment for poll tax by April 10 is essential to the casting of a vote in the 1S38 primary 'election except with the paymenl of. a I penalty, R. L. Oaines.. Mississippi county assessor warned today, in urging all citizens of the county not to overlook their assessments. There is no charge for assessment, the poll tax based on assessment at this time being payable next year. Personal property assessments must also be made by April 10, otherwise thc assessor is required to assess personal property with- cily. Caleton Cimnin«hnm of Pat-' „ -, ... , „, B, G. West Is Elected C. R. C. terson. N. J.. Alvin Cunningham of Pillmaii. and Ruth Cunningham of Steele; also a niece. Mrs. Grace Ford of Thebe-5. Ill. whom ? v ,e reared from fofancy. Four childrMi dii'd \vlnie babies. S'n; is also survived by- a foster brothsr. Pcnii Saxon, of Poplar BlufT. Mo. Mrs. Cunningham was M. Buck as chairman and Babcock as secretary. Dr. H. Sims was authorized to act as chairman in the absence from the city of Mr. Buck and J. A. Leech T p *• . . | was designed to serve as secre- 1 0 Executive Committee tar >' in 'he absence of Mr. Babcock. Sims Dr. LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 3 (UP)— Mr. Buck and „.. „ , ,, tlv licx McCustion. cotton nnn or j fleeted to represent thc board of Newport, was elected president of I .education on Ihe high school' committee, yesterday urged all burden of southeast Missouri motorists and was nee- gasoline consumers to protest by balanced | written letter (o their state sena- «'"•• tor and representative against the oassage of the three-cent gas tax levy, now pending in the Missouri general assembly. , Ahern said the Pemiscot organization would continue Us fight against passage of the measure. He pointed out that in the opinion of thc local organization, the entire motoring .population of Missouri is against lhc bill's passage. He cited the reaction to a mall poll taken recently by the Automobile Club of Missouri. "Out 1 of over 10.COO voting In the mall poll," Ahern said, "the members stood 28 lo 1 against Ihe increase." Ahern said lhat numerous civic 2lubs and organlzallons over the slate had Increase. Among stated, was Ihe Following lip an attack which forced Kchcls from Alcnrnccjos nnd savc'cl valuable mercury' mines at Almaden, Spanish ' Loyalist"trOojjs throVe fronVPo-" zoblanco and VillanticWi lo trap the lleeing enemy at Villaharta,' mUoukiclc Cordoba. Loyalists immediately renewed their drive on Jndraquc, north of Gundala- Java; sUirtecl ja new campaign ior Burgos from the Sanlnnrier nrca, und nnother on Molril on thesotilhr Ilcbels suffered minor setbacks before Madrid. Meanwhile, Rebel revolts nnd unrest' were reported at La Linca, Malaga, Tctuan and Tarifa. , iminj , flignlflcant fighting rails Dispatches from the lojal- sts nl Madrid.. claimed that 10,300 Kalians and German? had been cut off from the Spanish rebel- base at Cordoba on' the ioiilhern fronl. Capture Three Towns Tlie insurgent forces Iherc .with llicse Ihotisands . of foreign "mercenaries" seemed to be unable to stem men fighting for their lives and Ihclr country and the loyal- Isls'.captured three strategic towns and bombed Cordoba in the southern offensive. The towns .captured werc'.'.'sni'd lo give the loyalists- command also' of the Cordoba-Mad i id railway, after cutting off the rebels from' their supply taBO at Cordoba. On the northern front further loyalist victories were claimed. Basque troops apparently had halted the rebel dihc on the poit of Bilbao on the. Bay of Biscay and recaptured the strategically lm|X>rtant Mount Borbea, dominating tjve Cantabrian range just west ofOchandlano Halt Mola's Advance Rebel foiccs were in ' retreat fiom Ochandtano Tlie rebel,drive on Durango key town on the San Sebastian hlghwaj, seemed ' to have been stopped. The insurgent general Emilio Mola, hi command in' the' north, was driving down the Durango river valley to its Junction with the Neivlon ilcr which leads di- reclly into Bilbao, which has been Mola's objection for weeks. Mobilization of all able bodied men capable.of carrying rifles was ordered by the Basque government 1 In a new move to free the three provinces in.the north. The oixler was expected to put 200,000 moie P troops in the field against Ihe T Insurgents. „••• U[ The rebels claimed victory also, f. •4 State Commission Also Considers Anti-Alcohol Chapter in Health Book LITTLE ROCK. April 3. (UP)— The state textbook commission at a meeting today voted lo ask book publishers to submit bids for print- Ing spellers. English textbooks, arithmetics and health books bound „. _ „ for singles grades instead of two protestetl ngalnst the | grades as has been the custom in ,although their silence In the last' '[foitnlght has lent credence to the reports of loyalists successes: rnsurgent artillery reported gov- eminent troops had been checked In n march on Burgos, nationalist capital,' 130 miles north of Madrid'. the clubs, he Caruthersville . t _.. ut . LV ul , - , the- Arkansas Cotton Trades asso- -ollilcllc committee, laksn tr.]eialion here today at Ihe group's! The board set back to January '< l the date by which children must the Memphis Baptist hospital snms : annual mceline *:„.„ It. ' I ' "•- "".~ VJ nltl1.ll Vlllllllcll lml.1l. \ .ViJn if* r<Mirr,M h™» | McCustion succeeds C. N. Rain- tc six years or age lo be eligible !•> ,S I, a T? ," '^' ;vatei ' of Littie Rocl: "* "Md "f' t0 cntcr thc firsl 8 rnclc tne Vit- 12. 1881. at Rcyno. Ark, wh?re sin ! the group "'.-..._.. was reared. She married thc Rsv : "rta if;ucu. c>iie married [no Her -» r ^ * . Mr, Cunningham .June 5. i!»S and ,. M P mbDrs f ecle<l to Ulc °' . lion's I ceding September. ' clrcn who would Last year chil- ed out consulting the property owner. Assessments must be person or by someone ..„„ written authority for acting in behalf of another, it Is staled. they came to Steel? f:mr years atn from pittnian. li.'fore sli? was in ) T -" , ill health she took an active jvrtt I ' I was at a big dinner the other! in affairs of the church, working I ,. ~lion's executive commiltce includ- and be six before B. O. West of Blytheville W. Kesse of Helena. night when they were honorin the speakers had finished praisinj him because he knew more about his subject than any man in Inc. world, he gol up and says "I sup- a | side by side with her husband. -----February 1 were permitted to enter school in September. Closing Stock Price? NEW YORK Avtril 3. (UP> — Missouri House Favors new York Colton \ Subpena Reciprocity Bill / - . — r » , TOry ^^ but Steel shares led a recovery on Hie ' i> i g u '"^"'-'y discouraged Utock market todav wit!, ..aim L K- ,°T, much thcre ls l "»?»'? to two points. Tradins «s 5 JMl thal ' wi " ncvcr "S' 11 ' Kowcvcr. and tha rise was know." I suppose that's the reason NEW YORK. April Cotton closed steady. open Irish May July Oct. Dec. (UP)— ' . caused more by absence of sellin; ' """-." n-Lf-TiV' 1 "" •."" " 1>; 'wv" "»' pressure than increased demand. nade m|t.mfoli.s arc so happy. Tliey don't A, T and T ni l-> who nasalize how mile they know. i Anaconda Copper G2 We were all slttln' in the parlor i Beth Steel <is 1-2 one milit and Grandpaw Snclsonj Chrysler 121 1-2 was sittin over in n ™n t ** ...I»K /^««* ^,^i_ . « Chicago Wheat open high. low close May H4 144 3-4 143 3-8 143 5-8 July 1283-8 129 1-8 128 128 3-4 was sittin' over in n comer with' Coca-Cola a piece of paper and a pencil'Gen. Electric on the paper. All Gen. Motors makin' Chicago Corn open high low close ' May 1265-8 129 1-4 126 5-8 129 July 1181-2 120 3-4 118 1-2 120 5-B .^,, „,, tu( . ua p tl . rt u of a sudden, he jumped up and -says. "Dos-g 0 ne. if T n 'i,,- t learned to write!" Ke brought thc piece of pai>er over to me and I looked at it and there was a whole lofla ??^' C . 5 a ° roK H and T sa > !S •-What docs it say?" and he says I itont know-i ain't learned lo read yet." (Copyright. 1937, by Esquire Features, inc.) Int. Harvester Me Kesson -R obbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio Standard of N Texas Co. .1. Ittl 1-2 SS 5-B Gl 3'8 101 1-4 15 60 1-P 50 1-8 10 5-8 S8 1-8 10 7-8 11 3-8 61 3-8 U. S. Smeltimr M 1-5 u: S. Steel 117 1-f Zonlte '. 73-s Jan. Mar. 1442 1421 1373 1365 1MB 1371 1448 1434 1381 1375 1370 1371 low close 1442 1446 1410 1378 1314 137J 1426 1373 1364 1308 1371 1377 JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.— Following a heated debate of several hours, the house ordered perfected yestsrday a bill recommended by Ihe Missouri Stale Bar Association, providing for reciprocal Agreements with other states for the recognition of subpcnas requiring the presence of witnesses In criminal cases. Tlie bill was members of Spots closed steady at 1505. up S strongly opposed /">../^. n it ! Dy "Ambers of the lawyer-lcgis- W'lCanS CottOn}\^m blcc who have In the past . } Persistently caiiserl the defeat of NEW'ORLEANS. April 3. (UP)— rri niinal code reform measures, in the Liver|»ol market!Tlie proposal now goes on the !cd cotton futures here up 10 lo 13 ''"'"- -->---•— >-- .t-'-j — -j...- Doints tflday from the lows hit yesterday on unfavorable government Opti Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club at Fcstus, and other southeast Missouri groups. McDowell, of Charleston, and Al Brinkis the Pemiscot is state senator, man. Warden, county representative. Hindu "Princess" Hurt &*ui i Ihe past. W. E. phtpps, director of the stale educational department, estimated that by such a move Ihe state would save approximately $100.000 In thc next year on the free textbooks that must be bought for all students from the first lo thc eighth grades. On the problem of inserting a -. chapter on alcohol in thc textbooks. J. H. Glass, head of thc state M self self- &*ui i i j. n. unih^. iit'iia 01 inc swie "* kllt Kftt in Automobile Collision' Antl - Snloon Lctl suc. informed the S° tut V-UIIIMUII rollp nc r< , pr <, senu;d deslrcd , 0 charges h rs r r Mi7T~T, , , rcart lhc chapter before it was in- Prosecutor ' ' -------- .... , , i n.-«u me chapter Mitcheltrec of Osccola, Uerlcd in the booi.. Hindu princess and seer.| "Alcohol Is not a food but a 1mb- Seizes Slot Machine at Armorel Drug Store' Constable cline DDbbs of the Armorel community has seized a jack- pat slot machine at the Armorel drug store on a warrant signed by Circuit Judge Neil Killough • of Wynne, presiding over the current lerm of circuit criminal court here' It Is understood that, the seizure warrant was issued after n complaint had been lodged with Prosecuting Attorney Bruce Ivy. Today Dobbs requested and obtained a similar warrant from the municipal court clerk for search of the Ellis store at.Barfleld. So far as known no criminal have been filed by the Jr or his deputy based on thc constable's discoveries. sustaincd a fracture of the lefl ami and a severe gash on lhc head In a Highway 61 accident, near here at 10:30 o'clock last night. ' n it-forming drug that Ihe students should be warned against,'.' Glass declared. "The league that I represent wants to make sure that ruuirmng to | the chapter does not describe it c in an an- j ns a food or a medicine." nwriitn. *~A ... " tllfir ! W. C. McNcely, head of thc Chi- colllded %h* M" a !' tomoblle t ra S° publishing house lhat supplies collided. She was the only person the health books, in addressing the ivea more than minor in- j commission said that the chapter ,« r,,^! ,''„ i prepared by his authors had bsen is rushed to Ihe Baptist j approved by other Anti-Saloon at Memphis in a Cobb, Leagues ambulance. Hayti Grocers Agree to Close on Sundays HAYTI. Mo.—Following circulation of a petition the grocerymen of Hayli came to a voluntary agreement to close their business houses on Sundays, beginning April 4. This agreement will affect some 50 or more employes. Will Direct Dining Service at Hotel Noble who have • heretofore been work"The chapter thai- we nave prs- Ing a!1 w «k without a day of pared deals with alcohol as it is I and we cannot put in any propaganda one way or another for] cither side." he said. announcements. house calendar for third and final passage. Under thc bill, which was in- i J - Will Howe, who has been -ending j connected with the Hotel Noble In Joncsboro for the past year, July- O=t. . T3ec •Inn. open, hiah H33 14 « 1423 1«1 1370 1313 1373 1377b 1389 1380 1383 low 1433 1421 1370 1373 1373 13S9 i-m 1373 1383 1384 1389. jlcn j Iroduced by Representative Fran cis Smith of St. Joseph, the governor would be authorized to enter into' pacts with other states, which In turn recognize Missouri subpenas and court orders in „ , ut l, lu JjaJM JUill t has been transferred to thc No- We here and- win" h^ve" charge the dining room servicc . ne hnvc nol 11 id i iu looy liJou i JO3 - ] miuuum OI ' Siwts closed steady at 147fl. up 10.' foreign slates. criminal'CASCS to compel Ihe al- of witnesses residing In Tax filed Tax Suits Filed foreclosure stills have been in cha court here WEATHER Arkansas .— Showers and cooler tonight. Sunday cloudy and cooler, probably showers in extreme east portion in morning. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy bcca id , DrMnage vcc . e nvc no cca , DrMnage change was announced today by District No. 16 and 1934 taxes in Crawrord M. Noble, owner of thc I the Blytheville Road Maintennnco lint^lc !._..„ . ...... hotels. Mr. Howe is well known In ho land Road Improvement districts. ' Cecil Shane is attorney for rnMcr , nri tcmWrilur,. tonight 56 ? to' lc »'P eral « ri : '<>««"«• 56 to The maximum temperature hero . . . . - 1 w^.. .v....,,,, 10 uiiumcj iui . j ILU JimAKiium urmucriuure IUT« tcl circles throughout the state Drainage District IB and Harrison, yesterday was ,74, minimum 37, and formerly owned and operat-, Smith and Taylor represent the clear, according to Samuel F.Ncr- cd the Howe Hotel at Hot Sprites.' Blytheville road districts. ' ris • official weather 'observer

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