The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida on December 31, 1983 · 58
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 58

Tampa, Florida
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Saturday, December 31, 1983
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6-D THE TAMPA TRIBUNE, Saturday, December 31, 1983 'The Big Chill' soundtrack is hot item Rings By DAVID HINCKLEY New York Daily News Motown Records was making plans last summer to issue two movie soundtrack albums, and President Jay Lasker was pretty sure he knew what to expect. "Get Crazy." featuring the Ramones and Marshall Crenshaw, among others, could be very big, he thought. When the teen market finds a music film it likes ("Saturday Night Fever." "Flasli-dance"). the soundtrack album sells like white wine at a singles bar. Next there was "The Big Chill," a film set to the beat of '60s songs. Lasker wasn't so excited about that one. Oldies soundtracks, from "American Graffiti" through "American Hot Wax" and "Diner." have sold modestly because, among other things, there are no new songs to provide radio plugs. Then a funny thing happened. "Get Crazy," a shoddy teen movie, got ignored and so did its soundtrack. 'The Big Chill" soundtrack, mean-, while, soared into Billboard's top 20 and is about to go gold in the process teaching what some record executives think may be a valuable lesson. . Movies traditionally make most of their .money in the first three weeks. "Chill," in its 11th week, is the exception; thanks to word-of-mouth and repeat customers, it remains the third most popular movie in the country, making more than $1 million a week at the box office, according to Variety. Soundtrack sales have passed 800,000, which is not bad considering that 1) the record, as expected, gets no radio play, and 2) four of the best songs in .the film the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want," the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice," Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising," and The Band's "The Weight" are not on the album. . Robert Holmes, senior vice president of the Music Group at Columbia Pictures, which released "Chill," says the correlation between liking the movie and buying the record has been unusually direct. "Motown has found that people see the movie in a mall theater and come out so happy they walk right across to the record store and buy the album." The soundtrack from 'The Big Chill" has been a success, even though it doesn't contain four of the movie's best songs. - This kind of enthusiasm for an oldies album, which requires a very modest investment compared with an album of original music, is the lesson Lasker and Columbia are not ignoring. The same team is making The Big Push for the LP from "Christine," a horror movie that features rock songs from the late '50s. Even as "Christine" drives up, though, it's worth asking what went so right with "The Big Chill." . First, promotion. One of the songs, Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," was made into a video, featuring movie characters, then sent to MTV and other video outlets. Second, engineering. While most movie music comes from copies of the original recordings, engineer Roger Nichols and Motown's Steve Barri hunted down the master tapes, then remastered them digitally. This complex process makes the music brighter and more resonant; people who don't know digital from dominoes can hear the difference when it comes out of the speakers, and in a movie driven by its music, that's a powerful advantage. . Finally, quality. The music in "Chill" is terrific, probably the strongest oldies movie soundtrack since "The Last Picture Show." At its peak, the pop music of the '60s represented an art ; form, and "Chill" proves it, with a mix of black and white artists, guitars and organs, ballads and dancetunes. - The specific tunes were picked by co-writer-director Larry Kasdan and his wife, Meg, who was making "about a dozen tapes of the most fabulous '60s records" while her husband and Barbara Benedek were writing the script. "The Big Chill" defies conventional movie wisdom in that it relies on the music to end scenes, start scenes, supplant dialogue. It also lets the songs remain prominent for much longer than the three bars they get in, say, "Graffiti," which is Itself a gamble: if people don't stay with the music, the movie drifts away, too. The Kasdans had two restrictions on the music. "We didn't want anything that made the characters too stereotypical," said Meg Kasdan, "like psychedelic rock, which brings up a lot of images very specific to the '60s. We didn't think that fit the characters now, and we didn't want the songs to fight the dialogue." ' 1 The other limit was financial. "We wanted 1W Beatles," said Meg. "They were too expensive. We also wanted Dylan, but couldn't work it out" Getting clearance to use an artist's songs anywhere is a delicate business. "A lot of it is just getting on the phone and convincing someone this is good to be part of," said Holmes. ."The soundtrack had a modest budget, so there were no advance payments and royalties were fairly low." Offering the LP to Motown was itself part of the coaxing process; five of the songs are by Motown artists, For the four songs that do not appear on the album, Holmes has a general explanation: "On any soundtrack, most artists want most-favored-nation clauses. That is, if the first act gets 1 '2 percent royalties and you give the next one 2 percent, that automatically bumps the first one ' UP"-' :- ; - : I' p."'V' That, reportedly, is why the Rolling Stones' song is not on the album; Motown felt it couldn't afford to pay everyone what the Stones wanted. Among the other non-album acts, The Band, at least, has a history of shunning soundtrack LPs; their music was in the film Easy Rider" and they played at Woodstock, but they appear on neither album. As for Dylan, his songs were reportedly cleared for the theatrical version of the movie, but not video. That is, any Dylan song would have had to be cut out if the movie were shown on cable TV an unacceptable condition. ; In any case, Holmes says both Columbia and Motown are delighted with the movie-album package, and when this case is combined with "Flashdance," "Urban Cowboy" and the rest, he sees a bright, healthy trend. "Popular music is becoming more and more a part of movies." From Page ID . more you hear, the better we (AT&T sound," while a friendly Andy Griffith advises us to sit back and let Ma Bell do the worrying. But despite what the actors are paid to say, you will face some big decisions. You'll have to choose a long-distance carrier in 1984, AT&T or another company like MCI. And you'll have to decide whether to lease or buy your telephone. On top of that, you'll likely spend more than a few hours try ing to figure out the charges on your telephone bill, totaling up local and long-distance rates with the access charges ordered by federal regulators. i Incidentally, this is all supposed to be good . for you. A century-long monopoly over telecommunications is coming to an end, and that's supposed to benefit free enterprise, keep America safe for capitalism and all the rest The jury goes out on that question tonight while you hoist a glass to a passing monolith., Country Dinner Playhouse PrtMnU ANN HODGES Starring In CULE PORTER'S -"ABE BURROWS CitnnlUiMiSI, TkMitm.lun.Mt ; Rntrvatiomr1st2M-0020 Sell it... . today with a classified ad. Call Classified Want -Ads 272-7500 THE TAMPA TRIBUNE xxx FILMS 4420 N. Hubtrt Av. Phont 872-9412 Etcorttd lady traa 9:30 a.m. 1 a.m. NEW FILMS MONDAY AND THURSDAY All lCCCHM!MVnilirC RAMADA HOTEL, 1-275 & Busch Blvd Call 884-0750 (or Recorded Message 8 PM $4 Adm INGLES Classified 272-7500 t O Ix'xx ' VSM 7 1 . JOIN US FOR A GULF BEACH GETAWAY Flights From Page ID Abe Pheil took advantage of his brief trip to Tampa to telephone an order for some machinery from the Cameron and Barkley firm. He told a Tribune reporter it had been a chilly trip but he "didn't suffer any nervous tension." He held up well on the return flight, too, even when the plane soared to an altitude of 500 feet. The next morning's Tribune heralded the event on the front page with the headline "First Commercial Air Ship Line In World Inaugurated." Whatever skepticism Tampans may have expressed previously was swept away in the excite ment of the venture. Mayor D.B. McKay congratulated Pheil and current St. Petersburg Mayor Bradshaw for the city's enterprise. even ine rsew yonc limes noted trie event on its front page Jan. 2, 1914. ; Regular round trips between St. Petersburg and Tampa continued almost like clockwork in the weeks ahead, with passengers paying $5 one way and freight being carried for $5 per 100 pounds. - Included among the freight was a meat shipment from Swift and Co. in Tampa to a grocery store in St. Petersburg. The 17-minute delivery of three sides of bacon and four hams was considered so extraordinary that Swift advertised the feat in Collier's magazine. Jannus and students of the flying school occupied a rambling St Petersburg hotel called the Wigwam, and the aviators must have created a stir in the local social scene. Mrs. Eleanor C. Reed, the hotel proprietor, is quoted in the book as saying, "There was hot a dull moment at the hotel while they were there. Tony Jannus was handsome as a picture and so refined. He was so thoughtful of others and had such a winning per-, sonality he was constantly being sought after by the girls." In fact, according to Gay Blair White, "When Tony left St. Petersburg there were two or three young girls who claimed to have been engaged to him .... Tony must have been quite a lad. He squired the girls into the plane as though he were placing them in a queen's chariot, and always managed to nave spark plug trouble whenever he had a pretty girl aboard." The aviator had a serious side, too. Mrs. Reed said, "Tony used to sit and talk to me of the future. He expected that some time he would fall. He used to say, 'Mrs. Reed, I know that some time I am going to fall, and when I do, I am going to write a book while I am recovering. It will be all about fliers.' " Jannus' foreboding about a crash proved true, although it occurred a long way from the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line and he couldn't write a book about it. It happened in Russia Oct. 12, 1916, when he was testing a Curtiss plane over the Black Sea. It plummeted into rough waters and Jannus was killed. The world's first commercial airline didn't crash, it just failed to take off again after the three-month subsidized period elapsed. Although passengers were plentiful, the airline apparently was not considered a profitable business for the long haul at that point. Thomas Benoist said, "We have not made much money, but I believe we have proven that the airplane can be successfully used as a regular means of transportation." Benoist was killed in a streetcar accident in Sandusky, Ohio, in June 1917. 'S8 plus Games Women ! Ploy I I DPI N FBI. NICHT I I DEC. 30 AND I SAT., DEC. 31 I NEW YEAR'S EVE j TILL 6 AM ALL GIRL REVUE ONSTAGE 3 XXX MOVIES BIG SCREEN NEWFOXXXII 2 XXX MOVIES AND BOYS ON STAGE AIM IIT A HUUL I THEATRE IOAM- 1 PM 6710 E. Hillsborough 621-5978 k Escorted lady Free XXX FILMS Movies Change Mm. & Ihurs. ADULT VIDEO RENTAL l X Rated Books Novelties Flower From Page ID body else. They don't think about other people's feelings and they don't care, and that really just burns me up ... I just ignored them for a while. This is a long red light, and finally I don't know if they'd seen me crying or not but the mother looked over and said, 'I'm really sorry for my son. I apologize for him. He shouldn't have said that.' And they went on. It made me feel a little bit better, but that's pretty rude... :'X I like to look at people sometimes and wonder what they're like and what their home is like, and how they treat each other. You can tell a lot by just looking at them; how they treat each other, how they get along Most of the time, I look at, like, if the husband and the wife are sitting in the car with no kids in there, and the wife is looking like she could kill somebody, I just look at her and I say, 'Come on, make him buy you one. You deserve it You're worth a buck.' Then the husband will usually wake up a little bit I don't know, I've seen them apologize before ... I've seen people apologize to each other, say, 'Here, honey. Here's a rose, and I'm sorry ... That really makes me feel good. It's hard to stand here and smile all day long, you have to keep smil ing for the people to buy. them. If you don't smile, they won't buy them ... They think that you're mean or something, and they don't want to get a rose from you. I'm serious ... I found it out. I was here a week before Christmas started, and I didn't smile, because I didn't feel like it ... . I was kind of sick and stuff. And they wasn't buying any. As soon as I started smiling, they started buyng them all up ... . . There's a lot of nice people out there. A lot of people give me tips, and that's strange. They give me tips for selling them roses, 'cause I stand out here and put up with all these people, you know ... You can't be lazy. If you are, you 're not going to make any money for yourself ... You've got to pump yourself up a little bit You've got to start smiling as soon as you get up. Say, 'Well, here goes again.' It's hard ... My cheeks hurt, actually, they hurt when I go home at night They start hurting when I finally stop smiling. The muscles relax A and it just oh, it hurts. 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O Philip Morgan V mf AV-P liimiill H i Jm TAMPA 301 TRUCK STOP U.S. 301 North of 1-4 623-1548 V4 Mi. North of Fairgrounds First Person is an edited weekly column by staff writer Philip Morgan. ft acoupoTTC yiardusf Seating tenter FREE ADMISSION (With Own Skates) SKATE RENTAL . 75 SUNDAY 14 P.M. (EXPIRES 1184) 5107 NO. 22ND ST. (lBlk. So. of Hillsborough) NEW YEAR'S EVE ALL NIGHT SKATE 7 PM-7 AM $JOO 8 NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL GOOD SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY, DECEMBER 31, JAN. 1 & JAN. 2 COUPON EE tsuKsM COLE SLAV BBQ BEANS & Get 3 FREE pint of BBQ Beans and a FREE pint at cole slaw with a purchase of a nound nf RRO ftefif. Pnrk Rihs nr a Whnle H Chicken. : - - . ; - BT bUN"' I TAKE OUT OR DRIVE-THRU ONLY PRESENT COUPON BEFORE ORDERING NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER SPECIAL. ' ' Doi nit 8106 W. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. Two blocks wesr ol Town n CouMf y Phh 886-7178 Sun. 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