The Courier News from ,  on January 5, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Saturday, January 5, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE-TW0- BIJYTHEVILLE (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Somi Calendar Sunbeapi band fivrt Baplitl chuich ineetlng Hi) m MONPAY'S : EVENTS Woman's Auxiliary ' Kirsl Presbj't tcrlan : church having business nie«ltns at clnircli, 2;30'p, m. Business and professional Woi ii)?r^'p o.lub h^vtnj tnjsiiictf; l- frig' at jiotei Noble, 1:30 p, m AV, M. U, First . Baptist cp h'avjng business nnd social meet ing at church. TUESDAY'S KVENTS Mrt. Elton W Khby .Tuesday Contract, club. Vcnns Matfons l Vith Mrs Joe G Y. :W. A, first Baptist, bmirc)i to be organized in inectlnE at, hoina of Mrs, 5am Manalt, 1:30 p. m. WED.NESDAV'S EVENTS Wednesday Bridge, club mccllng with Mrs. Harry Kjrby. Junior O. A.'s Hist Baptist cluirch- meeting at cljurch, 3:30 \i. m ' Jes^ish Ladles Aid soilcly pKet- ing with Mi" Rose aoWberg and Mrs. K. Hovwarg at Qsccolii, P m THURSDAY'S'" EVENTS Mrs Charles L, \Vylle enlertuln ing Thursday Bridge club Thursday Contiacb club with Mr? G G CnudJU Jlid- \VeeX Olt<b niectlnu Mrs J Loins Compliments Chicago Gucsls .With 'Luncheon Mis Willis L R.-CVC.S of houseguesl of.>'Mr apd firs " Highfill, v\a^ guest of honoi a| a bridge liiiK.heo.1) $ivei) b\ Mr Bal-cr Wilson Friday at tho coun try dub The IB guests \vcic received be foic (lie large onen fnc in the bill. room bv Mrs' witon, 1 Mi & Reeves and Mis, Highfill Ilit (hice course menu was soiled; at ieifj^J tfililct which had cenlei'plcces of phiK rose buds in st(vci Nascs nnd tho place cards were hi Keeping wllh this Iheino A laige silver basket on Ihe mantel aJsp held joses In the biidgo gau\eS Mis J A I^ech won first honors, Mrs M. gai Borum Won second, high and Mri Reeves \vas presented a ftifU * V c .Mrs While jml Mr.!: Siiji'- Haie Bridge turulicgn Mrs igosd white and Mip Hun- lei '0 feimslentertsined 15 p| their frl.Crids with iC bi;dge lunch,cpu Friday it. IH.C Sims,.home. . Re<j bcnics and potted nnrcls- 'Misej,' decorate!), t?|o living' and dining rgoms where (he foui tables \verc airauged Attracti\c plact cards w^re^usfed ' ' A Sunday 'Night plate was Mrs ' Elton \y Kirbj^pri^c foi high t feme n)|(( second, high i v. a! ,c \vent ty.Mrs'Ifail-y'Knbj, , Daughter Born ' ' jMj anrl'Mrs Virgil Shepherd """" •> JJT^birlh.of a ' ' w THING I BESEECH By Htlcn Wctuhimer fjEAR, through Hie inlerveniiiK years f This' one Ililng I licsm'h; Thai we shall slvvirys lie so near - :<v <vi-.oni:caii[cacli A CROSS Hip puHioHilllc tilings Flial i-lrw (lie passing days .Somcljiw'K (9 toned the olher's Im Bits oj News Mostly Personal in rf r V ? .l h , ° a "«Jl 5 l N'Mr. In ail. Churches of Christ, Sclen- Akr,,,, AI. M r P ' torr( *°" al u st, Sunday morning, ut U o'clock. iklr ,n?M f °'V OVml " Ri ' S - Tlll! C011|C » ™ l IS! "«OW U»°C «™ «, • '''"• • V ' 91'and.on J> - . lire King cteniul, imnwrliil, invlsl- ttve announced Ihe Wrlii tjatnr- We, (lie only ivlfc God, the Iwnetir rr'^ff^W' ?{ a da «e h '<"'' a»d story for ever and' wr" (I Grace rtww,-'flic child weighed 7 Timothy 1:17). llollml ' i I AnimiB' the c|(i)y 9 ns from the. ward SATURDAY/JANUARY, g. 1035 iclr giiests Mr, aiid Mrs. Ed- ijcrmon is' Ihc 'following: "And f«. Cullom of Nashville, wlujn he was demanded of the Mr' ,, ,, I'hnrlsees when (he, khiBdoni ct Mr. und Mrs. .Jinncs Davis and God should come, -his answered d«ugli{cr, Betty ton,- of TaUuliili, them and said, The kingdom of ,,'',",,?- "* vc to"' 1 ' tl)C Wests of Got! comcth nol with observation 1 Ml&i KI17riH.*»1 h n,-f,l« ^.. j rii,_i- I.T..H i._.. ..i... n i >. _ ., _ ' , * Along.our divers ways IfOU i( vvoiilil bruise (lie licarL loo much If out of tissliatildciill And nnd Ilic oilier could nol clinili Across a slow-grown vviilt. Miss Elizabeth Oralg and Dick ±L OI S& "S?',,!?' *****«' ''h<»'8ht.provoking and tiiorou s hly Neither .shall they say.". Lo.: here! _. . :• -5-rrf — •%» t t iv tiM-iit^n y, UHJUU; brunette Kilty Carlisle, are again satis?* mystery drama that lias Mo/Mrs. Lurtwig and their children .will Join him A Christian science mes it,(. i"> Mr. nnd Mrs, children IrU .... horno iii College lilicr u visit with I. Haley, parents Mr. and Mrs. son, C. W, Jr., i Jack Shaffer, ol Mcnuililb,' spent : ''"- yc.Mcrdiiy here vvjlh A. o, Jlall, "' father of Mrs, Bcalc, "on Ills 81tt >irUid(iy. , Miss Zola' Cniflon and M. !•'. Brownlec returned yesterday from vleit in Mtllo jlock, Coijwny and ^&M*>fa A'J rej'iiiiL anil soiiy ;i£ljLl«iei\(J.) Hot Springs. While in ijol Springs Ilioy vltillcd M™. T. W. Jcffrlct o" Uttlc Hock and Mrs. H. p. Cral ton and .'-on, Jim, who arc spwid- niK a month there. Mr. Brownlec will return.lo Little Rock within n short time lo enroll at Djiuitjhan's Justness college. .. .-•' • I Me. raid M|-s. Rlvca Allen and 'son, R. C, went to Memphis today to have- R. C.'s tonsils i-cinovcrt at jDr.. Rosomand'ii clinic, they 'will i return lomorrow afternoon.'They' were uccoinpanicd by'Mfs. B.-.R, Allen who is spending Ihc week- nul with Mr. and Mrs. Oharie's Oilllam, ;Jeff Rolund will leave "loiiijiit for St. Louis to attend the tlio'e show, John i-Enoehs, manager -of' life broaiicasl every 'Wednesday" J-oiii- e a rage, Is seriously' ill of 10:30 a.m. over.KLCN. , pneumonia at his "1101110 here. ic in i(ov npniigs < ^ 1 W' McCarley. of nneiuera, T. w. jcffrioii of Ala ' |B "w Sliest of liis daughter,Mrs. H. p. Cral- ""' s - "• c - Brandon Jr., this week. J. O. Cttllom has gone to In- dianaiwlis, Ind., on u business trip. J. R. Cnllom - is In .Chicago on husiiiKs Ihis week. HES CHUHOH Ol' CHRIST Court house auditorium N. S.- Taylor, miiilsler Sunday: Eohool, 10 a. m. aefnioji. li «. in. Topic: [Six Things That God Hates Ko.bert Ilogue, ot Ohicago, who i Communion 11 ii T in SERVICK BUREAU, a03, Mi ElBllth Aye., New York, K. y. .-. Enclosed find..,,;.,.'ccitts lu coin for vlikh uicsao ocud me ,.....;. ..copies of •".Ciunllollghi," tho new booklet oE noeiua by $UU&Weteb.ln)er i; «t 10 cento n, copy. ' ' Nanie.., ^... v fc etrcc,l ...,,.•.„.., City ,.,'.'. ...-V. Name of, 1'aper is a teacher in the Hull House, is visiting In tills city, his former "cjnc. • ' . " Buford Jenkins, who lias been employed at MoMullins Grocery, will Iciivu tomorrow.. Jpr PortaBC- ville, Mo., where he will lake charge of the miirkot in a Red & White store operated by Blister Adams. Corif Lee Coleinuii in Mcniphjs.' sprnt Aiding '•' livening service, 7:30 p. m. Scr mon subject: "The Kingdom of Christ,." Everyone Is cordially invited lu attend both services. i-'HtsT MivnionisT ctiuttcii West iVliiIn and jjercnlli \\'. V. \Vomack, 1'uslor 'Hie Kev. Sum a. Wiggins,- 1 pro- . , o| Ihc Jorieiboio di ' NEXT at Blythevilles Theatres RITI Sheffield, niisu' CUUISTIAN „ V. Kmmcit tiutlcrtrorth, Bible school, M. T. iKon to in- inlendent, 0:45 a.m. Worship and preatlinn, n j m Sermon, "The. Nobleman Who Went to u Far Coiintn At 5 o'clock Sunday all young people interested jn i Yoiinir !eo pies' Society will meet at Ihc church. . ::At 6 pan, service-the sermon will be: "Two Elders on' tile Road of Dcslinv." , v .„,„„, i(o<l lit siglit the croonei buss the hold in which she lues disguises Ull0i>c p£lui himself as i u-ittc\ nM croons tll love congs lo lici wJiilc he if. uii mrj the soup Wednesday church in'lit s nice His icil Eioup of . Ills couHsliip Is success ful the crooner b imciglcd into tui polling the princess ubelcss cntomago of -imusnit, but nasti. lul nobles And finalrj aUliou»li mliiwidejslinUine!. threaten (heii however, arc profiteers .---r - w is creating hjslciii Then on the: very horn w'vn Iho PicMdenl. is lo go to Congress with his pica for pc-ace, the jiallpn is horrified by Ihe inpoiincc-neni tiut he lias been kidnapped. With Arthm happiness foi a iut pun and the c\oonei iail complete Br; Includes pol-Iuck";:'s{ipp'ti""it i'jiT i>ltr (lt>cl -"«l to ftc ( a new series of-Bible stndlc -\i mw ' cnl «>mcdy ^ei 7:15 and choir rcheaisal at 315 JI 10 a . ucc " ^ ^ ^ ' ll ly in..'love ^ ^--.^.^.v i^jxvj I • ." "vi ,1,11, ucum.., . OilllC'lj ;< idios tuiiciit' nuislnl conicdv Bccchei Rosalind Russell,'' Andy Hit Is dcckicd tofte (he first true Devme Chaiies Gnpevvm aiid Ed- Illll.Sffll f*nMlflf<U (11 rtl «lnlin..l_.1 _.. U Hit T Mil RKO , . vclcraj! thai iclei who rii.cs lo lardcm l( his iujierb hdndlitig of tile tiiu, role no moie than twenty prominent Hollywood players, inclutliiv Cdwaicl Arnold Peggy Coiiklin, New Yoil stage slai who sislutii- )ii hei 'film debut;. Jriiict, The : Come ond Join'in om'new °fo'r ward program. Osceoia Society — Personal piesenled on H l 'd Lllis .., ...„ ^^ at the RiU i ~— Tucsdaj ami Wcdnesdaj Helldorario i torj of youthful I Astairc ami GIHECJ Rotcrs ire lonnncc inri l.dtcntuic m a'dc^o- starred. with such famous Kcrren laf «l "ghost-tovvn''—wji'l be secii it rnvcrs is Alice Biids ind Ed t! « RK<! Theatre nest Satmdav v-aicl Lvcrcll Hoi ton featuied 1 foi die starring lolc in Hell Hit, immbcis of the oiigmal Dorado Laskj nud Cruze (ho c plJy II-IM, been lehincd includ Bichiid, Ail«ti who has luu con Hit cekbraied Nielli jnd cliirtcd an cleten jcai conlnct -.-v-.^.^j *„ ,.^i,,|7,jjD. I tvict, will preucli at the cvenliT Misses Virginia Miirtiii and Jen- hour, 7:30 o'clock, and conduct th Mr l w BOH en her club with. .1 llnec Div luunbei to OIL nuibii, of uhKh t\i(i«e does hh famous Dime of Moods Thcic is also AsUires . scnbillonal wild dance of luncheon at her he me on ny Wren-DIHuhmur, Byron Morse charlc.s Joseph, R. B.' a'lid Benny sermon. , . . Fendler and Freeman Robinson have returned to the stale university at 1'ayctlevllle.' Miss Dorothy Gideon of llaris is spending Ilic weekentl 'wltli'Miss Martha Robinson. Miss Dorothy Goodricli, Mfss.AI- , ji) . i, iu toby has not,' jet ' ' been named * » B To "HJVC Nunierj 'ihe WpinaQs, Mi^ioiwrj union of the First Baptist church is ' sponsoring a mirscrj foi 5 i,ch % Sunday moniing from 10 30 until * J2 ocloei and Sumlaj cvcnlire from 7 30 until 9 o clock u'licn. mothers m,av leave thch children j when attending church Mrs John" Buchinan Solution to Previous •Contract Problem . DV W5t. li. Scerctarj-, itincriciiii yriiljc "Lcuguc The ciei.ncnt'pf l.uek 1 is supnosccl to. ; be climinulpl.-'..!!!. (liiplk-atq bridge, because nil pairs play tn.2 Si H"c .ham|s, Uirtiigti . ihc 'medium or diipllciile boards passed from table to table; but 1 contend there is slijl sonic clsment ol luck in every duplicate hand; I have, ulwas-i ranked Ed Hymci of New York us OIID o! .the "finest of the younger player?' and still, in the national — -V--MHIII io in j " inv iiiiLiuitiii tiHHMljVJ](JJiSlil]>S iiw 10 1)rajecl * nicl > wiHl he is unable to'reach Ihe top nine, children i)p lo four >rars He's a keen student of tho game ' hr of a o Rep Craw-ford bpc-iks At Wornen's Ucniocralic Club Representatho I^vv W Crawford and can lei) you in a llasli 'wliqtlier. tho odds.are in favor of a certain play winning or losing, but he docs get some bad breaks. However, if his opponents alip -.--—...,., u v , xl oiuwiorci nuvv^ui, 11 nis opiionents ^np .poke to ijiembers of the Bljfhe- hlthr. least 5-011 can Ucjieud on Vllle Dnmr.nrat,^ \u ft .. 1~ „,..,. ,_ I,L,,, i« .„„,.--, L\^ . ,' y : A J 7 d 2 * KJ C5 W N . -..- .„ .j, u ..^u^, 0 ui mu *JI>inc- ltl L -' II: ti-'usg vot] ( \ille Democratic: Women's club lu him 1 to 'make'- the a meeting Friday at the Hotel No- — " tie He discussed 'County Consolidation He also discussed phases of party work with which the women could help In the busme-B vision Hie club voted to cooperste in any ]x>ssiblc «ay m accord witll the pollcv adopted at the board iiicctlns m January of Iho Demooiallc. Wo- mens club and assist the majoi of the pity in President Roosevelt s birthday celebration for Uie Warm Springs Foimdation and 1 foi use ta combatting local Infantile pjr- tuo new membcn, were 1 rors Result aii Extra Trick Today's Contract Problem By v,-lia( Iwp melhods C«U I gqiilrj make (six no tvump on ill.!,? h,ai[il, wl'lh an 'oMiiiiic lead «[ ihc sl.x ot clubs'.' fl hat op.ijyi.inH lead will defeat the coutrauU'^ '* AKJ VKQir.1 * J 7 -I Z . * « o * s 7 2 N *65 3 V 7 » y E v J 10 s *Q}0 S E.J *lf TG D»!e, »K,»S ACJIU S -1 V A3 •» A 8 $ S *-V9S Solution in ucxt- issue. -J ice Fi^k and Harmon , Robinson Tho nev. U. J. KleiDdlcnsf, .pat- tor, of Pilgrim Lutheran -Church, hii'i i-ctHnied from " Riisscllvillc, Ark., \vhere he attended a 'hvo- day session of the Arkansas West- Tennessee Pastors' and Teachers' conference of Ihc Lutheran Church. Wilsou ;,':" Society — Personal Aiinounccnicnl lui$ been nmclc of liie .iimrriige of Miss Knnice Cliiiid and (yi.iy Johnny Qaies, which was pevformed at ;thc Methodist parsonage at 'Mai-ion Katimtay. December 20, by the Hov. E. K. Seivell. Mrs. C?ates is tlio datishtcr of O. !U. Claud 'uncl for seven years has been 'assistant postmaster here. Mr. Gates is eiu- iloycd by tho Leo Wilson Lumber company. -The Coupeiutivc club met -41 the Community clubhouse "Thursday afternoon with 50 members present. Mrs. W. B. Burkelt, of Bas- morning worship service will, be "1 will Thou Shall". The iionthly communion will bo ob- rorved following the sennoii. 'Church school, dcparlmeiits and classes for ev'cijohc 9 15 i in internicdiatc aiul Youns People's Leagues' at 0 JO p in We'imite and v clcwlio sUangcr and' visitors lo ill our s rviccs i l ; Iltbl IS^l llbl CHURCH Alfred rarpciilcr Pastov .Sinulaj 9 •Ij Bible choolj A J Holly, bupl A giaded s clioul 10:J5, Moinln 0 uor^hip i.w*ua - --— ^^.^.^ lwv supper to be observed. Special mil- el »' a «ellnc Edrmgton Riiih Kir' nngton El(?ahpth ^., ™ n ,, t/.. maximum look up u liitlc. {forth had kepi .vv,. >,[, u ui&it,. ^yitu 1IJU ftVl' : _^iall hiii s|»des, so ho'led tlio quesi A K .1 G * Q S -I : A 10 R3 V K8 : •» A 10 ^ * K .1 C S South j Paw Has tin!; x 3 41, .Mrs. -Ross'.U. Hughe,, entertain-' 3 » the Thursday Lmicheou club .3.N. T. 4Q5 V A J 7 t » a 7 * A 3 !J 7 1 -Mono vul. Noiili Kiist t'asia ,! A l'«ss Pass z« fuss 1'ass 2 N. T. Pas:i I'ass West Opening lead— + ;l ^M..J *ji»,n,nt.uu CiUU and one guest, her sisler, Mis W ! B Tanner, of, Helena, Ark, .a Hit country club this ueek -.--^.-,- , , A Uo ^ourco menu v,as beric-^' 11 ' 5 . momenlary aclvaniagc sell, prcicnted n prograin in which •!• J-- Latta, til Joiner, accouipaii- lot this S ,,it oiiT of' dummy;'\vS Sl,,^ «n g '"Sylvfr'ami '-^ ^,??L\^?<*™* ° f r c r r r in • i -« ran ^ ^ -•ontcu Mrs. Ucrbci'L SuUivnn ana VVQII with the ace. with tli^ jack and continued c low one in Here's * , " , »*"-*ii* woo bvC%GU ' iiiviitviiimy UllVttllulgC. tlGlvo at a lable arranged with a bou-? "/hand which he played in, Ihc quei of spring nowcrs loi the cen- rc «»! mixed pair clminploiislilp 'Apiece i event 1 in New York. Mrs C W Alfhcl, won the . -. ' The riay tJiiL '? H le brld ? c ^ilmcs which -- T .hq three, of; clubs opening was fo lowed tits ienin ? of'(lie two J' 1 !' 0 favorable, as itVpcrmUled vQUrfie TnPlill. . rvnvfrt («. . L«_i.. . i 1 ' • _» .''.' ' Kxst won with the leu and could now cash his jack of clubs ;foi Ihe fourth (rick. Init. instead ,cf Ihis he decided Ihen'. was .still : ! f-«me cluinc-o lo set iho contract anil led back the ten of diamond!;, j.North proceeded lo win with the i king and laid ilpvvn hi* 'two good , spate. I'ocr East suddenly found ,himself squeezed and was foiced to discard cither his good club or his heart, protection. Hc finnlly decided on the luttrr and North spread Ihc hand for Imif no uump. :dl«'i to say. no oilier North- South pair hint the same result on the board. (Copyright, 1!KM, NEASeivicc.lnc.) Lewis ques- were «I-B. /\, .J, dole tied for flie Hev. and Mrs. n. M. were viclois in a Biblirat lion contest. Refreshments served by Mme.s. Oscar Barksdalc, ' B. Thompson. VJclor Alum), \v Beat). Ella Elizabeth course menu,. • « « and Mr? J b , Halsell the nianlagf of ,—ft. Lold, lo Mr n Ohaplrjan of Kowlusko, M(ss Trie Cererrioiiy was solcn labl niiht a (the home of ,, K {£* J . J -g'nfro, pastor ef tire hccond Baptist crunch Mr and --:;? ••".•- -"•• ucivaicu H ^.0 Halsell, bcolhei aim nialU-ally had (he ten of of the bride the ^orth to-.make his ' slngfelon nucen. In. spite of this, the outlook Was not very liopeful. Norlh decided to make the besl o.f Ihings and finessed (ha jack of hwrlt Immediately. Kor lack ot Wilting else lo rio, he returned the- seven of diamonds and ployed the Jack, losing to Easts ace At tills polnl the contract wqultl have been ' defeated automatically had (he ten of diamonds, been returned. East de 'lr;.. A. S. Calclimg:, in ;( i M rs N- H. Ellis entertained (lie Wednesday bridge club ilnd n lr . \ MS . bniuls ot mombci-s al a Nrv'vchr's Distl 'ic ft,.« ,„ _.,., ... ' ,-u,. n Irp ^ ^-- «^., ui ^ Lv miqc aiici .*.""^. u\_«,, i^tuiiiea. r^ast de- wecll Braunon tqrved as al-l CWed . instead to come back with J1|K the-king of clubs,'which declarer ducked, winning the next Tlie^couple will make their home , -y-3-~"r>u r>,u iiiane uieir Home at present vUlh Hie bride's par- cnls al IttG'West Ash street. 1 *Mil here s.., .lived sis' _ __, ....... iiI4 vilt ii^Au club lead will) Hie ace. Things - now were beginning to well known ~~~ = ~ - - -......,. ,. where she has was 1 ,engaged <in construclioii «-0rk rne bHdegroom near Osceoia until, recently. Lone Oak News BroUier J. F. Manning, ol Manla, will nil his regular appoint"--' here Saturday night i(m i 1'loyti Davis lias leluriird from , and Oliver Uichardton Glilcago. here diinn? . B °" la1 their h U [ Wa} , ; father ve mri, ' . tx ve ri,- ed biinday alter nwndliig the' holt- days with relatives | t , H ayt , • Mo . Mrs, Gciin skcllcy of Nashville, »fn V s VkillllB llcr " al ' clll!i ' Wr and Mis. B. s. Wakelicld. Hospital ftotes liiarlcrly confercnci! foUowing the The pastor's subject high *oic pi !ze at the at »d M> L file Progifisue Club ladies en Icrt imefl (he Jtnnoi !luf) guls wlh n dance ,u at the club loom m thi. ucu -u.ym f' ame Coilvvav worship Loids ^'fB 11 '" Cromci ington Elizabeth f,nnen Vngima 5:OT, Training Unions,'Miss Lima N "* 0 'QS \\ilmi Poitei Dixie Lee A graded traiu- i-n i i Subject M ««Phis Williehn, director. 1 ing depai tiuonl. 7:30, Picachm 0 "He Wa ^fadc Ative Thi u-'last sermon of scries en the Person of Chrisl. Mor.div 30 Woinms Mis ilonary. society, Mrs. Tlwodorc Los an, president. Wednesday oluncli Nieht / 00 Council me<.tin<-s 15 Mid \ eel service. 8:30, choir rehearsal. A church with a definite mes- iBc. FIHST lKt£,f!\lfcKIVN CHUHCH ^j. II. Salmon, I'aslor !):-',5 a.m., Sunday' Chinch school. Qulnn Pcail C-utwilglU , The bo>i iiiesent were Kcd Avies Billj Ajers Douslns Roso Bill Oromci Jack Hook Sim Ho-lgcrs tlden G'aus Lindscy Dinci Ceiald Henson nusse! Child <3 C ke loll aid Buddy &OWMI John White O B Yoiin? E\erelt McDonald FniiJ Butlci Clint CatdRell Fm cry Wageis Charlc Bowles Earl Worship. S. E. Vul Supl 11:00 a.m.. Morning ..„. Sermon topic, ••clean Hands." ThD Lord's Supper will be cele- fcraied at the conclusion ol this service. Every member of this Church ought to partake of the """ "' iWs first 'Sabbath of the cen Mrs A V/ Young and Mrs s i Hedges weie in Ihe rccening iue ind Mn, Oodficj White Mr and Mrs. Geoige Dicta-son, Mrs. ,, . John Edrington, Mr. and Mrs R a " rt R r ^" ccl V ,vyho O. Bryan, 'Mrs. J. ' cm " clltlt "' " Mr. und Mrs. H." were chapcrones. New Year. 7:30 p.m., Evening Worship. Sermon topic, "One For All and All rw- one." ;; L,UU; STKKET MKTHOmsX V. K. Chalfant, r.isinr ". " Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Iverson Morris, general superintendent, --,.- „ .„„„„ „ Morning worship, 10:50 a.m. Scr- IJ. llurkcll, J. w. Miller. W T " Hm £ "bjccl, "The Be'gliuicr and "-' Harrison mm Miss Fj "'5lier of Ofir Fnitli."' :" ! , hoitcaies. Young People's service, 7:00 p.m. Cluirch. 7:30 p.m. Subject, "What Irritates You?" : Devotional. KLCN, Monday Il):3Cl Tuesday Yoniin nllii. Tin party-nt 1 the dubhousr Other Bucsis were Mr! and Mrs. n a nk Wesson, of Springfield. M ; ,v, Mr nnd Mrs. Herbert Suiiiva,,'' Mr nnd Mrs. Carl Bird. Mrs. [(- r E' Lee Wilsun und Mrt. .(. (\ ji'i t . r .' Kev. ami Mis. H. M. t.,,.,.,. ... tcrtained 16 young psoplc. ",, iem . torso! the group who pan tupped m the Christmas p.igcaul ; ,l a "watch parly" New \'ear's'rvc-all tnc parsonage. ' ---- s .. Mrs. A. J. Cole i-iilcrlauii-ii 17'" 10 " thc 'lic !^"^ rs ° f . tho '."SlhodlM mis- Ifl a.m. People' t: at Jonesboro, Pot luck dinner. Union : al Ma- U1THKKAN CHUHCH H. J. Klcliiciicnsl, Pastor Sunday school, 9 a. m , . worship. 10 a. in. Scr- ftom Bible Class, 8:30 p. m. - "The Life of Christ." Eyciilns worship. 7:30 p. in. Scr- ic- Sin or Covcl- sioimry sociely a t !,ei- hc.:,; (: 'rues: I day aflernooii. !(cv. H. M ' led the devotioiwl ana tm New Year. 1 '' K. fe'liearon is a Lcc Wilson Tuesday lo liis home" after tpending the liolid->v hia Bfandmollier.- Mii. };"' ^Ir. und Mrs. o. li. M,,.,, poko on MI.V A. rf 15 !, r ," Ctil> " C;|3M mec(s Monday id Wednesday, 3:30 p. m. " on- Bibio iAmd,atn.entals; meets . „,. Hunday whuul teachers Friday, li p. m. ' ' . ~ You are hivlkii {.„ n,^,, S ,, 1V | C05- uJJ.^JS" 4 ? «^«E SOCIETV (jOD is the subject of the liavc}™ 0 ^ 80 !'""-" wlilch will be read ye cloel com SE j,liw ly lay alleinoon it one b '(i'. Mis Godfiej White won „„,. 1 i pail of hose ol!> - -^ -la^sev won con- 'oiatran piizc -i deck of caids Mr Bovvcn had as hci guest Uis Jimes Drive i ind MR & A Rubinson. > . Ijdy of ddn " s Walu ovcl Pjiamount and ii) this film hi-! first role as A ficelancc A vdgc I mis lias the lo^in,, I '" »c role o.|inosUc Arku UK )|»ams, puli, ire jjjip. Colonel of 0 ,_, ^ ^..^,1 i . viivut VtUILUlVl VI chans davenporls anci wjiat- ^atloll Sims Helen JUMKi Oleason Cfitiude Snail Pcni^ the' IWBl stunngj^rraS^nf^Nmur THE Dcscnbcd b> llls " t '» HoJbwood diveilmg pic lew dual nc -, one of tlic BJKSt p.cUnos u i PWduuiou al thc me Ca iwri-ht . , Minon C oner * " 01 a tin shy ,c ukt, " sM to tto ° * £lim and •> Miss Doiofhy Fiunican of Mien Srn oppagc and Tommy \ ei* ^ic ;,pton of with, hci gaiter Bashful jnd reining he lues escape fiom his orde-\l but. existence of Ih). fimily i un iml nil U i gul Uiio undcistind Ihe husbanil fitlici ic cnteis hib life Gay and hilarious in its cai her reels the fl)mp!-» build;, to one of the most tense bituihoiib treated on the £ctcen in omc time » > I t Slroiighcurl the origin il hero of (he SCIQCH has pi scd to that Valhalla resencd for "»"* with human mleni-cncc but *.,....*.», •»"*,, «,w wim;\j uu[, ]s — »*i,i *;umuil llUCI|] t 'CllCC ullt ent bick to (lie fins bj -(he otliei ! he h °s i iogical succe sor to einv fUPninPl t: nt llfi_ < nllni,* ... . .Oil llIC Voronn , ,,..1 ... ,* .. mcnibei'; of hh s,ilhnt new \Vlnnlug hei gailcf was !ci of |ii o Winning her on Ins screen i crk in Ka^nn' ilic of Justice whicli com"s lo "uurdi^ l ' 1WtrC 0 " Fr;day J " 11 Ihis picture in which K^^nn ^ - j-i*ied is du.cubed is in unnsu Lew Avici plaj^ (He g,,i S | 1V ''W c cilu !=> melodiamalic ioiiwiir c loung cad"! on liiv fust vi it to of l!lc mining country of the itn „ tton of skill One of the most eu I , ™ x teitaining and swiflmo m D tucui i lrd ' i3 creen btoncs of yc-n^, is said to, Ihls Picture in whi le ult fiom this situation swued is duxubed i ' Park and opposite him is seen , Pat Palcison ihn young English actress. \ilio°"»p ll| manr3s mi "the' ctaT"! pears a>; i^Bntisn choriii tnl at ™vm<> Ka^an icallj H. ffooi; aid M. Mr. O. Hawthorn returned-'to imtiallj -, •• ^..^.M^ [jin ui, •— •••• **u£,<iu ujuu\ SCCtTi\ In h( ft,^!» Th SCrC 3b!C l ° ^ evcr5th! »t •£ UlH£ reiiia|» the mot uupoilant ««6 JA (he script calls for omn feminine assignment in the him ixlnordinaiy stunf= One of the r however is il u l of Pcg ts Fears ••> 'he e Unguuhmg of I bmniii da hm 0 Broadwaj jcticss, writer fu£e attached ; to a charge of dv:m° and producer, ,vyho ; , makes. .lier.-'ri.Uc. Kazan::performs the feat, Lover" as:.J"5t;in llte.nick-.qf time, nnd siib- J Parbian-W'ontjy ..5,eii : ds...-the villain hint;..- Q !'-i-fl.|J!''8 w.i'ns death down, a p a inasterly. bit- of canine 5ir<)n ° r With two of the outstandin" --.. ^,. *iuiiL>iLUi!l | UlUnlCtl" VO I ""."'.nitiviinj; lis homo in Mississippi ycslerdav P^P^ on "^''-ly's screen logctlicl after having spent, •'--••-•'-with whaL Hniivu/rw! !,»«•»„ , iwe as the guest, of Mrs. W. L. r>PI VCSLGraav :;, • -':'.J " ..^ii-wji tvjjtiijti i •- .^^, —^-7 __. VlS&S ^..-JWJyww!} h»'termed ( , During every Spamsl, m, his molli/r- ,^ C , ' C ^. 011 s . P"-^ 1 ««<••' til > six bulls and' nbOi 1:25 Hoi" Woore. Mrs. SSS^g&'Sj? 1 -^™ 0( A '»- «"'er: wounded mbrt«,,or , --..M. TI » *j. iVIUOlU MrS • •.•,"."-: — r-' -.-*»».•«, vt _ ^Jlll- Hawthorne who.has been oiiltc'ill 9™* 11 rami 'J'.h'fc of. Ihc year, Ur- will remahv-witli h, :i . mother ijii-.- 5 M!a.Pai-rptfs "There's Always - til Clio is. better. ; Mr. and Mrs. Quinu spc'iit yes- -crday In Memphis. . <°o Cotton relur from outright in the--ring. bulllieht, -orscs are inbrtally or killed Life of Henry VIII," to '(lie screen in her first American;film. Tlic story by. Ursula Parrotl, pictures two years in ilic life of i'. iypicui Amcritrini faiher o[ fivo children whose solo fiincfioji seems to be that of a 'meal Uckct.' The ia "sbeen visiting his sister Mrs cln!llln S "«™oiid wife l'i)iii : Fcrgi,soi, and f'mlly f vlr " "' ""'"' Ccittonwood Point Man Dies at Decaturvillc, Tenn, ' CARUTHfRSVILLE, Mo.—J. A. Svyadorri, 50, C|ilonwoo;l Point resident... .was • buried today: noar DecKturviiic,- 'renii. Ho dicc'l thwo Ihuisnay morning'-'iil Ilic home ofi relatives. • ' "Mr. SwafTord had gone thci'c! on •i short visit,, when he was strick- rn. Bcrvicsj were held al'a community cluirch .nboul tour miles from Dec.alurvillc. with inicnncnt In Iho chureli cemc'teiy there; »R. N. I, CISSELL GRADUATE VKTERIXAftH Located at Bob Harris' Sales Stable Phone : «0 . BIythcvillc, Ark. I .A'Oir Loc-a(eii at 101 Nprlli Second '• , i ADDING MACHINE & TYPEVVRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAItDS, Proprietor 111. makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Wdtaf Machines and Calculator/ Repairing—ratta^BibboM . ' holidays with theh- u i u ' El Uobiiiion. Ur. ox ; re- weeks t:KUQlJH;i\OLE OIL GUAKAiNTKKD WAVES Si Lp - - None Bcller ^'hiscr Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop I.asl House on No. Slli OT€L

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