The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 2.10 r ifs..,y V' .' 'r __!_________ jni^^ANTJffiWfiPAPEB OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AN-rWom^s'r^JI'm ^ ^^ *» ^ niylliPvjjto courier Blylhovlllp Daily News ~~ " — — . ^lyoirtllejieraw Mtei^.l Valley Leader __J1»mTllRVll i I.R l ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, .lANUA'RY. li. 1M5 HOME EDITION TO NAME -i _. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS - New Constniclion in Arkansas Confined to Federal Projects ..... ,,E',- ROCK, ' Jail.,: !> (DP) — The federal eovernm'ent Spent : 'pr placed; iih'dei 1 .conlrnct, more than' $^,000,(XX) In Arkansas last year, t|'ie eleventh biehmaU ; report Vpt the stats highway-. -commission, filed-wljh'bov. J. M.-'Piitrc'll today, revealed. . - - ; .'Negllgiblef'statc funds were spent for construction during-- the period February, i. 1833, to July 1, IS34, •for^.,v;(iieu -the report '\vajj made. ... > ; Coaitruction. completed or con- .tracted '(or .taring, the-.blennlum included~17 miles of concrete paving, 36 miles of asphalt paving, 10 miles'.of, medium asphalt surfacing, 21 miles of--base- courses, four njlles'of, asphalt type paving,- 320 miles of grading and drainage, 242' mile sof giuvel surfacing, 20.008 BY GEORGR CLARK- A Telling Glimpse of! Hernington's Trial , : - - -T " ---- ;- , •--»» • uv.ui^, tj.iyyfj j ' ... lineal feet of bridge ''construction, I mi, /, , . '.,.'''''••• 23; railroad crossings eliminated 6y , ' lo ." as "»>E PMK'll of. Artist Geortfc ClarK - creator ' of iwSS\ 8I Ve e c ght cross!jlgs c1 ' ,' ° CJl! » lccs >" Portrays-' for NEA Service- ami Courier miles asphalt iiun as' base and drainage 1 surfacing. . 3.182 lineal feet _ bnuge structures elimination of fight grade ciossings bj relocation and elimination of two others by structure Federal pppropnalton for 1934 -'- »67«,jttS The 1935 BDnropTi- .in a raised stand, facing Ai tornoy General David !!"?!. ° 7 !,'' lg '.. Tll f W ml . ^ i!ifti ' wh ° SR <i«ty it i* ^ " """ "ic jury, stiincls beside the jurv " ivall.'i.ri'.lhc ' J • • ^V| ^^J'^: C ! ai T>. ™ ! ' S "^ (l1 Prosecutor GCOI-RP. * -*" '"™- sr ;r ?r - Hurrine His FJousp in Order, . 1934 money Ls still under contract and some fo the 1935 funds already have been contracted Ma-,t of the 1634 money will be let on bid 1 ! to be 1 opened January 10 Operating costs for (Vic blennium amounted to $3*3 9£l Ca>t of nafntenance was $2508.929 , Maintenance costs" by counties for the period Febrtarj^l 1933 to Juli 1 1934 included MIssl'alppI co\ml> $30815 Cralgnead coim- U $19980 PWA Ban on Louisiana Loans Is Withdrawn WASHINGTON Jan a (UP) — Struned relations between Senator Huci P Long (Dem La) and (he idmuilslratioii appealed cased 'omewhat loda\ bj aiimimceineiu lint an order holding up about $11 000000 in PWA loans to Louisiana had b°en withdrawn Fedeial loans to the state for construction projecis had been lield up after" (He slute UigLslntiire. at Longs fllrioilon hnd [>awed i dobl moratorium law. Die PWA Ie 0 al staff announced Hie tntutt did not ntlcct I>WA loans The order was ^ItMrawn afler President Roosevelt had mU- ten Oov O K Allen asking him to claiifj Oic stales poliu on fid enl debts Crawford Will Leave for Little Rock Sunday Ivy W. Crawford. Mississippi county representative elect \ull leave tomorrow tor Little Rock to attend the 60-day session .of the •^nte legislature, opening January Mr. Crawford plans lo spend the M, , , precedi "S the 'session fnm- illnrbinE himself with proposed legislation. Mr . Crawford as rep- r M M t 'w-o'wt Ims devoted considerable time to „ stud of ures to be oftere ( l (or several months. He succeeds Curtis J. Little iiis Mississippi county's lefLs- lator in the lower house. Still; Smiles. With .'Ijfe; at Stake Halve Thorn Cool .Toward .Proposal; Favors : Delit ^Reduction Plan >, ";.- Alignments • foi; .11 sale:; lax'•-' figlil are .becoming, inore.'-deflnlte'.- among , legiRla.lnrs.nsihe 19M. general as- sfinbly .riears. .'-' - . , Rep- '..Harve Tliorjj -"of "Pbinsctt i. countjvwhp .will., \>s. speaker of tlie house;-said at Jonesborq.'that he miihl vole for a 'sinall 'sa'li><; lux lo . replace. Ihe'' fhrpe-niill ' sluts school, levy.. lie. still favors, however, his.p'wn solu.llon'for the depleted school fuiid.".''problem. . He would .refinance school dis- tricts-nl .50 cents on- the dollar with an RFC loan nnd 'reduce Ih. tcrest .rales oil the new honris -,o per will. Thorn emphasized he would not endorse any additional- tax: burden. Senator R. R. Thompson of Eu- ickx Springs told the United Press correspondent- he would reluctantly favor n sales |ax. His decision was nn answer lo n-leltei received from n township leader who advised [hat 00 per cent of the residents were opposed lo 'the sal"S tax. "I nm opuosed to a sales (a\too," Thompson said, "but I am more opposed (o seeing our schools and our other Institutions closed for lack of funds." Rcilly Pomls fiiigei of Suspicion at "Jafsie," Bcity Cow and Otlicis NEW YOUK Ian 5 (lIP)-Fd- ward J. nciily chief coim el foi Hnino Hnuptmnnn today an- he would name livcmnt, iext TliuVsclny UK; four riersons-r* wo men ami taoii omen- lie Is convinced kidnaped , niul 7iiuul=r- cd Charles A Llndfiergh Jr HttiipLnmnn will Ixfjdie first wit- OA Vn nefense at : his milrdei trial R'tlly Oioso cvpett wltnrse> nl'o me expected to content) Unit Hnuptmnnn did not Write' HIP' Lhi[!b°ii!h ransom nntej picviomly had indicated his him of defense hy casting suspicion on vnrlmii IJiJ'ons In HIP course of question Ins witnesses at Hauptinann's trial nt Plemington. Tlio defense Lonnsel hns ],y In feicnce iU»niutwl lo question tttc iieliviii-s of Di iphii r Onfslej Condon innsom Intcimcdlir^ on- vn Wlnlely butler nt, the Lmrt li house now dend Violet Slmrp- n maid nl the Morrow home who committed suicide it ml Miss Ti-tty Ciow Hie kidnaped child s nurse •> mill flliiinm rtin llctM tlPmM Calls Prosecution \ nm s EMINO1ON N J v jjj, r ( ) — An expert In "analj^mg Oeimon script \\ill prove | thnt Bruno Rlolmtd Hnuptmnnn coutd not possibly Havo wriltcii the ttcmannlns raawm fiom A ^Lindbergh a, mcm- 1 slatt for ffi-> ':• •.:' 1 . : i-.•:•- .—. -'- •.•'> .LOS •AHOEC.ES, , jaVi'.;-p (iipj— oilf major nill U10V6 that the entire Ci'e igUnst Hflupimann la one of . pctd ncilng ;m\ -Inforiiiatlon tlirit 'a. • lifrh- H 0 i ofuseH to r»« , t ly ,o%nl«d ^.nulgliiigVband, 'op- nn.uro c a S OiX o ' d eratliH (roui.L6s/A 1 ig ( sl C5 ,- l4 ii clll . bu | llld | C!lt( , dS ^* l $"• of d -SDllnfe mw:e,,tha; ,400 machine conic, on [],c crccHWIttv nV n is to Mexican ^rcyolut-ionarles In John F >o don the 7raml S'f ' ' , Eight /lar/e automobiles, each 'containing . 15 machine guns, .left .Uc. 1 e on I he city lMi : >igi,t, -bound, for Ihe cm najniens Void j border, officers were Informed. |ij "k to ; that , , , 'his «r7 Approximately , 300 other ma | chine ? uns .were said (o be hidden in n. 1.03 Angles warehouse nivalt- It uns \oukl The ™u«lm were offere,, ^700 ning eneh ; for (He vapid nre gims. de Jafsie was liveved across the borfer. Aggre bers of the Prowculor ^ !n maf( . that j held ill technical-custody. • Search for the fleet of cars cen tered in the Imperial valley. , Armed with rifles, United States • border guards, stale highway' pa 1 trohnen, and Imperial county "pease- aulhoi-ities patrolled all roads lead Ing to the border. Succeeds to Job Held by Victim of Bandit CHAPPBE, Mo.-E. P. Olson of Ncodoshfi, Kans., has tnkcn over Ihe work of J. Ii Xfumtiin as us- sislant siiperlntefinent of the Frisco railroad's river division, with headquarters here. Mr. Mitnima, who was shot and wounded j,, B holdup at Blytne- yille, Ark., Dec. 5, Is not recovering satisfactorily hi Frisco Hosul- tal in st l,ouis. The wound in his chesl lus become Infected and Mr, Kfumnin hits failed ( 0 roily properly. His coiullllon wns called serious a few days ago, bill now is slightly belter. Whether Mr. Olson will be kcnt permanently in this division could not be learned, ••^••••^•••^^•K^BVH^^^^^^ There'll be no half-hearted gaveiing on the speaker'., rostrum of * House of Representatives'If Josfpli W. Byms „. > m ^ m mmunv , in the vigorous mood n, which photographers found him when Imposed for nils picture. As nominee of the-Democratic majority In tlw House. IDs election, was a foregone conclusion. of Bruno ilaiiptmann,' re-.,... „, o t ..,uv, „,<. „„„ • f . , • - - ' Sfnis '" lhc tou'Hroom' to diaries B. Gregg of Jonesboro In:,-,, ™ L ' 0|li11 ^ lllto ! 'lm.. as he confers with his atlornev 'V^."!" 8 . lo a civlc """•1^ MJ '. BC%< '"' thD " >ml " tlo » w«nly ™irt «b«rv. Reillr,' ' """ " 1IOnd ' bi «- f ™»«'- aiul corrcclly dreWcl for Ihe role, heads the do- fense stall of lour. will be in favor of a pro;j- -wles (ax if it will passenger cars. lid yiK nrn nriiT Or 43 rtn bLilll Figures for 1934 Show Sharp Increase Over I Oulpul of'Previous Year DCTROIT. -J^vTs. (UP) _ The r year .1934 showed n production per- .spot if, v, vm p ccntngc- Increase In automobile and ' bv order of' fflrenl? Ir er OI wr «'»t •153.800.01)0. Motorists in the. United Slates ami Canada used $2,- "SO.pOO.iMO worth of gasoline. ~ Tiiere were 24.840.000 motor ve- Report Sutfgecfs icles registered in the United I - "^SgcsiS vor of any tox Increase." Rep. Leo N'yberg of Helena H tax. H would drive business from t Extern Arkansas cities to M»m- phis whet-c there is only a nnc i:er cent lax, he said. Railroad Street Cafe Closed By Court Order report of the Ul (to Gov. j. M. Putrell. For Rate Control Body ! I'lTTLB ROoTjan. 5 (UP) .. Rnt^^'^tT ~" '•-"-- in IIS IB it I Sheriff Wilson and Deputy Jackson Leave Today for Arizona ed lo question tlic pnlr concern- intoxicating liquor. ing nn unsolved klllliiR on the Arch Llndscy, deputy scrlplloji of Wftslbrook's Sheriff's Deputies Raid Fletcher's Midnight Inn Sheriff's dcinitics swooped down on the old Midnight Inn .stand on Highway 01, just, north of the Bly- thcviltc rom*fr club, yesterday^ nnd »i'»u,> ui iTiovuiuvrv.i iiiHumu?, LIIUVJUU i-uuirvj) uiuu. ycstertiny nna Before leaving for Arizona. Sher- arrested Hnrplelchcr, operator, on iff Wilson said that he also want-'a charge of illegal possession (if river south of here/ Issued LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 5 (UP) — Kherilf snid that about a case of liquor ivns rclzed and glasses nnd nn open botlle were found ou h-'eouu- , . — Requisitions were .issued by Gov. Fletcher has n record as ii: liquor J. M. Fntrel today for the. return !»«' vlolalor. • ' of John and Fred Berrjinan from Novajo county. Arizona, to roubeo' charges at Osceoln. face The robbery allegedly was com:., Jan. 5. — Hale'milted December 2.i. Sheriff Clarence' Wilson, of I , (to Gov. J. M. Putrell ' ^ Sheriff Clarence Wilson, of!„ A Railroad street cafe, between ' No slate body now'has ™:i,or. g'!;;" evlll o. 'eft this morning for Ferdinand Ppcnra Slflfo/? Main and Ash slrepts rpwrvilu rip- tv In oct.hii.i. ..!_. ." as n " l( '" r ' Holbrook. At}? in v«;,ir,, v,-J =^j « «uiuaim f etora OiateO Federal Reserve Bank Of St. Louis Names Officers ST. LOUIS, Jan. 5. (UP>-Tlis fantn tic elreim The entile strntegj of the dc"- f ,^n e "r t0 *"• to f " «<> <=""n c Hi" Ibsiie he suit! A thou- Cnm tt "" css r cmll(lnl - P«»e that runo Haupfmnnn dfent ha\e the ransom monev Figures Show Cains in."Railroad. Traffic WASHINGTON, Jan 5 '(DP)J' Ballrond freight traffic hsis Increased substantially over the de- prcsshm . lows but passenjer rev'-' enue,s have not- kept paee. iiis In-' tersiate commerce commission re- rented today In Its annual report. The freight index Increased from W In March,. 1933. to 01.7 whllo Ihe. passeiigcr revenue ; lnri».v od- vanced froin ,25.7 during the bank 36.1. • - -o Five Held in Burglary Of Railroad Freight Car Corli» Davidson. Avon Anderson, L. v. Wheeler and Bnril Davidson truck manufacturing of 45 per cent over 1933 in the united Slates and Canada. Tile National Automobile The order was granted nt- the ST. UJIMS, Jan. 5. (UP)— Ths , '" —The federal reserve bank of St.i llerp ' TyNHIC (jV^Ql* nnnmtn/inrl i\._ «T H0 have been arrested in connection with the alleged thelt 01 ^,...i_» from n freight car on a M, T^nMo H, itv In «t. W 7T y ])0ff !las n """' r ' Holbrook Ar , .n .-,, T, I I rerainanU rCCOra Sated |-T"<> ""Icral reserve bank of St. ets, recently de- «J lo establish lemporai-i- rate *e- ? i, „ ' " z " lo le '"ni Fret and T D ,. v ". I LOULS today annouiicetl HIP rvt u tl»o "toxehwl *«»*»» while the tribune ,vrs- f*" D * I T>™"' '" «hta coumy for To Be New York Justice' lowing elec'Hons o° tancl dlw- padlocked loday tlgatcs proposed rcducllons. ihc highway robbery draws. .- (tors: »>«»ca mrtc It Judge G. E. report said, mafcliin' «»<«• not..11, rrx- « ... .. . NEW vnntr .ion « fiioi_ r.^. i Xfpmntiic uvnr,r,v, t »r 'AU ^., •---. -\* t^rwMLllul vo^iita™ I- mRk1 " 8 ' s « cl1 - ,..._. „-,,-„ A i !! utllitj*. have held no WWfim r ivr^t 7, " *«.n/i w , tuimtr coun^et 10 *f^\-K, t^uy, nrK. t ciirec years, ana ss^SES yy-S&sex ^A-^^f^^^^un^r^S^sM& The Berremsuu arc nllceecl lo MKEV ! YORK ' Jnn - 5 ' <WP'-Ffr-1 Memphis branch, J. W. Alderson. ave.held ,'up William C. West- ^" a "l.^^ ' orm , er c ™««. » ^ st «*.*«*•: "-«c years, and „ - produced 2.885,000 cnrs nnd (rucks rtun'ne the unsl year. .Of that, total 2.296,000 wcro pas.sengei- cars and 589,000 were motor trucks: Thc combined wholesale value of Minnlt rlti- id oun officers combining in tho move to close the cofe, operated by K. J. Howaixl. nnd located In ihn'shedad Abrahain building. The cafe has teen the seme of to set u i ,.,„ .„,., . K *"" aw \ K ™y i" near Wilson.laic In Decem- t^H^fv^^sssrsssK mi.. ".. . re P° r '- Itliein 0 \femilhis hi VVocHu.~ib'. , J '' ce ' tllB slal " *-ui into l^-'.'.iiH ll^t —.n..^. i^vvn iyi (iuill r UWV n II-IIUIO, be appointed a Pine Bluff, thres years ,and A. P. aiuam- . ,< them (o -\ emi ,hl 1. 1 wffi . r 1tlclTCrt s P«.ibt'.ou car. In Overton park ui t0<iay '" a>llllorlta t 1 ve circles. victims out'o! , , court. , Bailey. Little Rock, one year. «»• In Manhattan, it was said T! 'e following were " appointed brunch directors to succeed op- pointees whose terms expired December 31, 1934. 2,500,000 Little 'Rock branch. Moreliead Railroad special agents were quizzing tli» urlsoners at the county Jnil today. ' ArkansAs—Partly, clolidv. wurni- er toniglit. Sunday partly cloudy, worm or in, south and east portion*, Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy nnd warmer . tonlzht. Sunday warmer, possibly light rains. TUe maximuni temnerph"'* h^re , minimum 21, official, weather observer. '

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