The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 6
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PACE ItX (AnK.) COURIER NEWS Truman Assails Lawmakers For 'Jumping at AMA Whip' WASHINGTON W> — President hospital workers: Truman, In another speech lam- "And there are I "Ajid guess what- — the lot of others propriatlons bill Hie House ap- who roll over and play deitd when (won't cvcu firovulo «woUh'li money anybody yells .socialism. After an. j to opernto all din hospilnl ljuds (he busting Congress, said list night a lot of lawmakers Jump when the American Medical Association ]. . . this is nn election year." I Veterans Administration is goimj cracks the whip. I The remarks were beamed nil to bave. . . . Can you imagine He told an audience of 1.200 vol-IHouse rejoriion Moml.iy of n bill iinyllikig ns absurd as- Hint?" untccr Veterans Administration "> Increase payments umlei old !i«ej Triimnn suid he asked Congress —, ,—, , _ and survivors insurance. Sponsors to meet n bin deficit in the I'osl- said Die measure soui/ht nmontf] office UcparUm'iu "by mnkitiif lite other things to protect social sc-i people, pay who are beliix subsl- cmlty rights of nenmincntly ills- di/od by the. mails to cnrry some ab]ed civlliiui.s and persons who left tlielr Jobs lor military service. , The imasurc, at first apparently unopposed, was defeated nflcr [be American Medical Assoi'iUlon attacked tl as containing ".sociali/cd tjH'dicino" features. Truman's speech at a meeting of the National Advisory Committee of Ihe V.A. Voluntary Services, comtnU'.Hl his criticism of Congress. S'pr.lks As A Veteran He said lie spoke as a veteran Pair Buzzard Flight Men Seek (o Find Out How Bird Uses Currents Efficiently STATE COLLEGE, Miss. f.T, soft-spoken scientist nnd a yo THURSDAY, MAY Jt, HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Kd Iliimpton, Jr. from Cape Oirnnieau College where IIP ha» completed hl» ttm «rm. He Is riiajorirtg In biology. - ~ •• Mr. and Mrs. Joe LosUir, accompanied 1)5' Mrs. Gcitls Lester of Poplar Bluff, were In MiirJou. III., Sntuniay and fiimdtiy visiting Mr. and nrrs. Joe Unvld Samford. who .nth small open cups. Aft-1 ou a center table Into whir:!' etch!''!" ""-' '"'U.'briitiuii, a party of seven join her. Mr. iUld Mrs. Henry Ncal mid on, Bobby, accompanied b.v their to o f'v ll I}r. Ausmt Raspet, bead of the A^rophysjcs Dnnnrlmmit ut Mississippi State Co'lese, and nick Johnson, gnidiinto student nnd world's distance lilieholder in soar- in?, are teamed in a series of unusual experiments that call for everything from trained buzzards to a bicycle aircraft. Sailplane enthusia'.sls and newsmen watched Johnson as he tailed a wild buzzard across the sky yes' lerday afternoon. BiujMrd Is Efficient Because the buzzard glides through Ihe air with half th<? resistance or drag of man's most efficient sailplane. Dr. Raspet ami Johnson wanted to find out how he does It. There ts. they decided, only one way—to study the bird In flight. So Johnson, 29-year-old aeronautical engineering student from Pabn Springs, Cal., goes up In a sailplane and plays tag with the buzzards nnd radios information to Dr. Raspet on the ground. This system of following the birds worked fine for preliminary test« but the team In now ready for deeper scientific delving. That calls for a,trained btizzfird that will fly around. Central Mississippi's pastures and cotton fields, carrying a barograph and other instruments. Finding an amiable buzzard that would co-operate In the tests seemed quit* a large order until Raspet found naturalist George Carter of Kendelvllle. Ind., something of a bird, psychologist, who trained one. Bnxunl Chokei But Just when the buzzard had ' learned to fly at hl» muster's whistle and carry the necessary Instruments, he choked on a chicken bone and died. Now Carter li training, two eqllAdron.t of buzzards, one to fly In wind tunnels find the other in free flight. Meanwhile, Johnson will continue tracking wild birds across the iklea around State College. •Johnson and Dr. Raspet also are K'orklng on a Navy, research project for the Navy Is one of Die only sailplane or motorless (light experiment stations In the world. They are designing a ship to fly as slow as 15 miles nn hour without Dr. Raspet plans to design a fihlp that can be propelled by a tingle man using his feet tor power. He says-the blcycls principle will be used. for Miss Wanila Siunford's pie. adding: j ••( don't know what in Sam Hill"And I am not goin,^ to run for they are thinking about," be do-; ————«—^______^_ President any more because 1 want! dared. | to «rt out and .say some things! Cnn-ress in 1951 voted three 'Couple Save 25 Years and do some thlir;s that i can't j prirr •: •i'v." It) p.vr cent Increases] v \jj . t say or do when 1 am President." In .v.-.-olul-ctass mail n-.tcs. apply-j »f QtCn Truman talked at length about j im; lo ne'.v.spapcr.s. inuKnx nus and i what lie called the "laughably | other necioillcnls.. It set the dates uul t 1 . 1 ' members of Co lo reduce the administration budget niul twisting" ofiuf these increases as April l of mqrcss who want; 193'.', 1983 and IBM. The first of the for the fiscal year sturtltiy July 1. As examples, he cited coiiKres- siona! action Involving the V.A. hospital construction program, the liirrensos, estimated to increase publication mailing charges by three to four million dollars a year, has already taken effect. The rresKicnl has said lhal Postoffice deficit and veterans j these, and oUier postal rate in- medical services us well as the. creases voted by Congress, are in- socia, security bill. "Damned Over Nation" A few years hack, he said, he was "damned from one end of the country to the other" because lie refused lo mid 1,000 beds lo the V.A. hospital program. '•You would have thought 1 was the worst enemy Ihe veterans ever had," hc said. "But we stuck to our guns, left out tho 16,000 extra beds and went ahead with the others. adequate. Truman said he hones the Senate will restore 75 million dollars cut off the veterans medical services budget by the House. If U does not, he said It will be "Just loo bad" for veterans in need of medical care. He said he wanls lo see veterans of Korea get "exactly the same treatment and on the -same basis, without the mistakes, thai the veterans of World War II received." 3 Held in $700,000 Holdup Of Air Station, Singer Included BOSTON MV—Two former civilian employes of the Quonsel Point, R.I., Naval Air Station were arrested by the FBI last night for a bold J100.000 armed holdup of a credit union there last March 1. A New York night club singer was taken into custody as a material witness. The FBI reported one of the men was carrying bills Identified as part of the loot but declined to say how much of the money was recovered. . , The FBI Identified the trio as: Howard Hlldabratidt, 25, who worked at Qlionset for two months during World War II, and afterward from December, 1946, to May, 1051. Since then he 1ms been employed Intermittently as a private detective nnd a guard for an armored ear service In Rhode Island. Robert Roger La Plante, 27, a helper and airplane mechanic who went to work at Quonset Feb. 10. 1D47, nnd gave up his Job only last week. He was on the payroll Ihe day of the robbery but did not work IhiU dny nor the preceding day. March 0. Gloria II. Fazztna, 30, Jersey 6 DAYS FREE TRIAL! Vie)) msliill. absolutely FREK in vnur office or home « Fngldiiirc Window Model Air ComlKioner. Kit joy cool comfort for C. days nnd if you're nol completely satisfied . . . you're nol obligated to buy. Your Bedroom Can B* For a Few Nickels a Day! Window Model AIR CONDITIONER HALSELL & WHITE Moin & Division FURNITURE CO. Phone 6096 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant— Promised Land City N.J., known professionally as Glorlria Dale. She was born in New Britain, Conn. Hildebrandt and Miss Fazilna were arrested in New York City. La Planle nl hla home In West Warwick. R.I. Hildebrandt also lives in West Warwick. Hildebrandt and La Plante. both World War II veterans, are charged with armed robbery on a U.S. Government reservation. None of the money was government funds. La Plante will be arraigned before a U.S. commissioner In Providence. R.I., while Hildebrandt will be arraigned before R U.S. commissioner In New Ynrk preliminary to his removal lo Rhode Island. The FBI said Miss Dale was held Up in Trash Blaze DAYTON. O. IJI'i — When Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. White wer« wed 25 years ago. they decided to go along with Just Ihe b.ire necessities In life. Roth worked. Neither smoked nor drank. They had no car. Movie* were A luxury. When they counted up their jav- Inss last week end. they had *4J.- 550. which Mrs. White kept pinned to her slip. They Intended to bank the money Monday. But. Mrs. Willie worked late and the banking was postponed. Monday night the money was gone. The couple figure their life savings dropped Into trash Mrs. White gathered and burned. NOTICE OP FILING OF AI'I'LICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that the served with coffee and iced drinks. dnys last week at, her daughter's. Jlcrclve Decrees Mrs. Dorothy Harris, in Perryvllle. Attending the final exercises at' Mo - ln tlle Harris home this week the Slate Teachers College lu Cape ! al>e Mrs - H - '•. Methvln and sons, Olratdeau Sunday and Monday at] Jlmmle and Franklin, of Trumann which two members ot the Harris : and Mr. anil Mrs. Benjamin n. Har- family. Patrick F. and Bennle Joe received their degrees were: Mr' r.f, also of Trumaiin. Week-end guests In the home of Mrs. E. T. CrUdle nnd daughters. find daughter, Rene* Dan*, H of Cameron, Mo., left early Saturday for their respective homes. Mrs. few days here with Mr. and M«, Crldclle and family were met In Moble Capchart. Mr. Capehut, Kansas City by their husband and reserve Marine pilot, will re-ente» that branch of servlc* oo hi* r»il Mr. and Mrs. Piiiiioll Capelinrt GLENMORE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON and Mrs. P. K. Harris, Sr., parents; j Mr. and Mrs. Virgil CarnaU were Barton Harris; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. i Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arvitt of Selenls, Melhvln anil sons of Trumann. Ark.; Calif., who left Monday after a va- Mr. and Mrs. M. S. My rick; Mrs. ration here with relatives. undersigned has filed with the De- I cago. Mrs. Conjolka is the former partment of Alcoholic Beverage Miss Irene Wilferd Control of tht State of Arkamws Pearl Stewart ot Steele; Mrs. Jeanne Miss Lorctta McDantel left Tues- Boolcer; Mrs. Dorothy Harris and daughter, Christina, of Perryvllle, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. P. K Har* rU, Jr., of Poplar Bluff. Commencement exercises were Monday morning at which Patrick received his bachelor of science de- gre« and Bennle. Joa a bachelor of sclpnce In education degree. Another Holland scholar was Mrs. James McDaniel who also received her BSE degree. Personals In Cape Girardeau Tuesday, Mrs. Charles Cohoon. Mrs. Noble Capehart. Mrs. Elsie Flsk, Mrs. L. Berry and Mrs. Byron Holly attended the i St. Louis annual Methodist conference where they heard Bishop Ivan ' Lee Holt. At Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Keulcy's during the past lew days were Mr i -iiui Mrs. Prank Conjolka of Chi- day for Miami to attend the wedding of her brother. Pic. Leroy McDaniel, to Miss Helen Johnson of there, The. ceremony, to be performed Saturday at eight In the evening, will be at the Lutheran church. Mist McDaniel will return Sunday. Afler a. veek here at the home of Mr. and Mr». O. B. Samford, Mr*. I.eila Sandford of Chicago and for a permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at. retail on the premises described: 112 S, Division, Blytheville, Arkansas. Application I* for a permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July. 1932. and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1953. B. S. Simmons, Applicant in the Women's House of Detention In New York. She was described as a divorcee and a Ringer at Tony Pastor's night club in New York, where Hildebrandt wns reported to be a frequent visitor. Also in the Kenley home were Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Workman and daughters of Portaseville and Mr. i and Mrs. Alton Pierce of Oakland.! Calif,, who visited the Lester Wi!-j, fords and the Jnmes Wilferds. ! Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McCIain of i Boone Tei re, Mo., came Friday for ' a few- days in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cohoon and family. [ Monday guests at Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Utley's were Mr. and Mrs. ! Krcd Coplin and Mr. and Mrs. W. j T. Oakley of New Madrid; nnd Mr.! and Mrs. Oale Harmons anti chll-' drcn Billle Gene and Dorothy of] Slkeston. The Harrisons were tak- i ing Dorothy to BlythcvlUe to & j clintc there. j Among students returning home.; Ray Nunnery arrived Wednesday' FOR SALE Co««-ete ralrrrU, 12 Inch lo 4» Inch, plain »r reenforred. Also C.Bcrtl« Blildinr Block] fheip- tr than linker for b»rns. chicken h«Ma, pimp hlijsei, tenant . . Call u* f.r trie ritl»*te. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. GLENMORE DISTIUERIES COMPANY • LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY ^ Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MAR S H "FABULOUS '02AHKS-"/lF,f//«r Toarists Huge Lakes fer Kecreatifi! Arkansas folks anpraclat* our I've been through our Arkansas Ozarks scores of times ... but each trip renews every thrill I ever felt traveling through our modest but m'agnificent mountains. The air up there is like a toriic; it makes me turn each successive curve. intansas folks appreciate our vacation wonderland, too, just Hk» our out-of-state neighbor!. hor» also appreciat* the fact that they can drink a Rne glan of b««r or ala in an establishmJnt kep't clean, wholesome and l.v.v.abiding by the Brewing Industry's volute This last trip T started playing the gome of counting auto licenses f _-_ c= if o r i- ---^--- -• from other states. >rom Spring- teer Se «-Regnlation Program, dale to Berryvilte I counted 30 different statei. Most If the can wero loaded with families—all apparently folks who were poing to vacation awhile in Arkansas. THURSDAY,. FRIDAY.. AND SATURDAY Teamed For More Economy Ca Arkansas Farms! I*'-' .;'•" %t&^?j£$&'--'-' i ^' t ys fin the R D lltt»lir«: frirm at R A .•'!' a;-, t ;iri:i \liin; i n I , n-. 5;«> ,s hi? ' C'.i 1 ' t'i'?ar u 4 ("rarln (n!i<iVo? atmvet pulls n 4 tif Hum pknv and r vi rs up la -1U ttciT,-; a dav ot h^;ivy rtollo (• irubn 1,-tnrJ . . ami u (Eh Ihr H>d:a(l!ic 'i .oi ll;n yon cnn sl,vt v«uu unv nl Ihf Tfnrp I in iiiKl hnvr no waited i;i unnn ''--loirh^nd P \vrtrr i lia rt>r nad onK pluwctl 1'5 ycrcs a t, .'v Vk-ith a i,i houoni plow. ECONOMICAL A\ rrncp claiiy con^uniptinn furl h.i?: hc-cn only 1>3 jjallnns of furl . . . ap;-, iffjy S:UK) tor a lull days \xvik ' l);ni\ "^.intc- ri'-ncr i't"~'.$ arc no finue ttuin U(KC! truct- ors," syys Mr. Humphreys. D-4 TRACTOR TOOL BAR ATYACMMENT miles anci nout. VERSATILE Th'« "Cntrrr'Unr" D J 1G -f> di^r nl an pasy r,. POPULAR Mr Humnhrrv? <av?. "1 wonHn't lakr nrv- wH;>t n 4 IVa-'tnt wi»«n it hronkihs land, and ail- tnm<: for thr Ca comrs to di rnunrt farrn \ Yon ton will find thnr A (.',,!crp[l!,-c Tr.-r- (or cfln «aw von lnho ( n mr nn[j money. CipL Hie s today. complete Contact J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO. "CATEHPII.I.AH" SALES AND SERVICE FOR ARKANSAS 424 E. Third LitOe Rock, Ark. Fort Smith McGehe* West Memphis Mall Coupon For DelMI* J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO LiW« Rock Ark. P Farmer D Student Srnci tw full osrlinil.irs ?hr.\u thi> Calm-.iip,, D-4 Traolor and the Tool liar. Ha explain to iv.o tmw » t'slrrr- Plllar Trartor can h<-lp solve mv farm Drnhipmj. ^ o obiiga- tlon, of course. ORANGE SLICES Large (rue-flavored or- ungc jelly slices. Tasty and they arc strictly Full pound bag. ASSORTED PLATES hveryda.v dinner plates that are full 9 inches in Assorted colors. BATH TOWELS 18 x 36 Inch. Pastels, riceplonc.s and plaids . , . . double thread. Full I8\3G inch *iie. 39c value. RAYON PANTIES $ 4 FOR Beautiful pa Kiel and wliltc run-resistant ray- ons with novflty Inoe ribbon panels. Women's 1 NYLON HOSE RAYON HALF SLIPS G».—IS Denier. Cnra 'nylon hose, ex- sheer. Assorted siimmpr shades. Sizes to 11. Sizes. SZ fo H. Beautiful p;islel ant white. Lace trim Ijollcm. Special at UNDERSHIRTS Swiss rib white cut tun kni| athletic undershirt In siies 26 to 4fi. A 3Dc MEN'S SHORTS 39 SanforJ7ciJ cotton, cy fast color pfints with Dripper fastener, Pane) fronts. Kl.isdr Inserts. Sizes 28 lo 12. Mam* RAYON SLIPS LAWN CHAIR 1 88 rtocker type F.awn Chair, harchvoort frainn, color ful CJ covrrs. Limit 3 to n customer. Women's sizes 32 In I..H-C Irirn rayon crept- snri sadns. WhUffft an: pastels. $1 Assorted pastels n.nrt whiles, double scat. A TRAINING PANTY ' *"•*•• Slm 2ND & MAIN BLYTHEVILLE -*_

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